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saijBM, pRBGoyr, Wednesday, july si, 1007.
NO. 170.
aiFa Million Dollar Train Wreck in Tennessee
hundred feet, "and a box factory and
store caught fire and were complete
ly destroyed. A hole ten feet deep
was blown In the ground. Loss half
Killed, Thirty-Two Cars of
lit Destroyed, Box Factory and
fought Fire From Explosion
b.Tcnn., July 31. An engine
Blllnois Central banana train,
iinnlng CO miles an hour, ex-
last night near here, killing
ir Moloney, of Chicago and
Henderson, of JackBon. The
! and two tramps were fatally
and tureo other train men.
bars of freight were deBtroyod
batch at noon says: "It Is
ported two more tramps wora
making eevon. Conductor
and Flagman Emerson wore
atty feet, but wore not sorl
Bjurcd. A carload of sewur
scattered over an area flvo
Vill Fight Itullng.
San Francisco, July 31. The
Southern Pacific contemplates fight
ing the ruling of the Interstate com
merce commission ordering the rall
toad to desist from charging coast
Hue shippers an extra toll of 50 cent
a ton. The ruling goes Into effect
August 25th. The railroad, won't
wait for the date, but nsk an Injunc
tion immediately.
Some Low-Grndc Honors.
Oxford, Eng., July 31. L. H.
Gibson, of Idaho, and B. B. Wallace,
of Minnesota, are among the six
American holders of Rhodes scholar
ships who gained class honors In the
finals of the school of modern his
tory. Wallace won second class hon
ors, and Gibson third class.
Wage-Earners Incorporate.
Albany, N. Y., July 31. The wage
earners' cnpital alliauco was incor
porated here today, with a capital of
$10,000,000. A majority of tho
stockholders are wage-earners. The
object of the alliance is to lift labor
ing men.
Taft to Chase Fairbanks.
Washington, D. C, July 31. Tatt
will Bpcak in Seattle September 9th,
and on route thoro will probably
Bpcak in Tacoma and Portland.
rices Slaughtered
I Summer Goods
ou want to buy now tho biggest bargains you over bought in
Hlfe come to tho Chicago Storo and see tho prices wo are offering
per goods at away less than cost. Read en:
&0 yards pretty fancy lawns
Mmltles, 10, 12 and .15c
Fy now.
5c yd
invisible plaid dress goods
tho latest Bhades an styles,
19c yd
$20.00 silk rubberized ladled'
coats in all tho now shades,
now $12.50
GOO ladles' white India llnon
shirt waists, handsomely trim
med, prices now 45c
Ladies, Coats, Suits and
Going at small prices.
Both Boxers Arc In Good Form and
Each Confident of Victory-Odds
Are Today 10 to 6 In Favor of
Miic Owners in Minnesota Copy After
Colorado Operators
Nnshwauk, Minn., July 31. Ore
mindrs, meeting in their own hall,
were driven out by Sheriff Hoolihan
and a hundred deputies all heavily
armed last night, At the point of
rifles the strikers were driven from
tholr room. No resistance wns made,
nB the strikers realized they would
bo killed. They are angry over this
action, as tholr meeting was peaceful.
Governor Johnson promises to In
vestigate it. The situation is moro
serious than ovor. . .
Selecting Their Own Judge,
y Georgetown, Ky July 31. Spe
cial Judge Bobbins, whp wns nppoint
JlRl j i
sit In tho Caleb PowerB trial
for the murder df Governor Goobel,
today announced he wquld no Iongor
resist tho attempts of the defenso to
remove him. Ho vacated tho bench
and notified Governor Bcrklmm,
Tho nttorneyB will select nnothor
men prominent in Now York, Chica
go and Donvex with tho girl's death,
but no names will bo glvon out, pond
ing tho inquest and arrests, If tho
testimony warrants.
Colorndo Springe, July 31. THHo
Green wns arrested today after tho
telegram from Cooy from 'Chicago
waB found In hor possession, saying:
"Will meet you at train; keep your
own counsel." Tllllo said at tho In
quest alio thought MIbs Matthews
committed suicide, fearing Bho would
bo murdorod by Rumbaugh. She de
clared two men in tho hotol Sunday
morning heard Rumbaugh Bay to tho
girl: "Glvo up Cooy, or I'JI
Authorities PuZZlcd OVCr thO MyStC-lmurdor you," and said arrangement
rlous Shooting of Laura Mathewlhttdboonnin,,ol)ynumbn"Bu t0 mar-
Followed by the Suicide of Her
'Suitor. Amos R. Rumbaugh.
San Francisco, July 31. Bottlnc
on the Brltt-Nelson, fight opened llvo
ly this morning with plenty of monoy
in sight on both Bides. Tho Nelson
ites continued betting their monoy ac
10 to 0, and Britt admlrorB nro kcon
to take It up. So much Nelson coin
wbb on tap, however, that tho odds
In all probability will go to 2 to 1
beforo liightfall. Both fighters aro
resting only a fow miles apart in
sunny Marin county, whoro a lols
urely walk will bring outporsplrntlon
They slept lato this morning and nf
tcr breakfast went out on tho road
for a breather, but did so moro than
to tako a short walk. They will not Tacoma, WaBh., Juy 30. In tholr
do any work, as both aro down to 'assent of Mount Balnlcr Professor
weight, nnd ready for tho weighing 'JonB, , Fi6tt,Jy'f,,thlsclty, and Pfo
feasor Gowios and a Bdentinc party
from Chicago, discovered in tho Ico
of Urania glacier millions of small
worms. Tho discovery astounded
tho scientist's, who could hardly bo
llovo their eyes until thoy had cut
into the hard ico and removed ndmo
of tho worms for microscopic oxnm
ination. Tho worms woro abonl an
Inch in" length nid tho also .of a
hair, and ' presented a wriggling,
squirming mnss in tho solid Ico. In
places the Ice was almost black with
Colorndo Springs, Colo., July ,31.
Imponotrnblo myBtory scorns to
hang about tho death Monday on n
lonely mountain sldo of Miss Laura
Matthows, a beautiful young actress,
who enmo hero from Chicago rccontly
accompanied by her nurso, Miss Tll-
He Grcon. Furthor mystory was In
jected Into tho cns today,
ry MIsb Matthows Sundny, and to go
to Now York Monday. Tho Btatlon
ngont says Rumbaugh engaged a
stnto room for Monday. Tho nurso
is in Jntl.
Colorado Springs, Colo., July 31.-
Amos R. Rumbaugh, who Is supposed
to bo n suitor of Laura Matthows,
who suicided .horo Monday, Is doad
from self-inflicted wounds.
Colorado Springs, July 31. Tllllo
Grcon, Miss Matthowa' nurso, Bnya
when .hor opinion of a cortnlh Chicago mnn.
Amos R. Rumbaugh, an army offl- whoso namo Is montloned in tho
cor, who had posod as tho avenger of story, is changed, and Hho Intends to
Miss Matthows, attempted to, blow ,rovoal somo sensational thlnKB in
out his brains Just before ho wbb connection with his relations with
nBked to testify at tho InqucBt.
In Chlcngo, Charles A. Cooy, mll-
thQ grl. She 1b frantic with grief, i
and tho authorities fear Alio will
nonnirq automobllo manufacture-, commit Bulcldo. At tho inquost this
vehemently denies thnt ho was be,-1 morning Mrs. Knox, a guout at tho.
v.uw.vu .mi ,oumj uiyuiwYB., hq was .Hotel whoro Miss Matthew Htonpod.
poBltlvo In his declaration that Mini
TIImIIm Tilw 01 Tl.n TfnldAH In.
Noted Creek Indian, mentioned . ' . ',.,. Bllhmr,o
is a candidate for United States atuut by talclng nn njr8hi,i trip In
senator from the stati of Okla
August. Ho wants to Investigate per
sonally the qualities of tho now mil
itary air shlpB. It Is reported horo
In process, which takes placo at G ho has been Jealous of Roosovolt ovor
slto white goods and table
at manufacturers' prices.
fanc lawn dressing sacques
! 19c yd
15c summer vests, now
o'clock. They aro not to como to
San Francisco until lato this after
noon. Nelson in his "Just beforo tho
battle statement," says: "I never
have been In better condition In my
'since tho latter went down In n sub
marine boat.
If 9 vM&S&zmA .
WlfnAit 'W,ii". SEiks'
testified that tho latter told hor slit)
was afraid Rumbaugh would kill hor
becnuso alio refused to marry him,
Tho boll hoy said tho girl received a
warning ovor tho telephone-. bofor'Q
sho wont on tho Inst rldo.
Governor JoKm Tckly.
Elkhart, Ind., July 31. Govornor
Hnnloy, of Indiana, addressing tho
Chautauqua auaomhly horo, said ho
did not llko Roouovolt'c method of
obtaining luhorltnnco tax; that tho
President Is great, hut not Infallible,
and that proposals from him affect
ing tho relations of tho government
to vnrlous Btaten should bo studied
and analyzed beforo being adopted
, Ho rapped tho government's action
In meddling with the affairs of statoa,
declaring tho states, and not tho mic
tion, should solvo probleniH coming
Hun fitroko on tho Hound.
Bolllnghnm, Wash., July 31.-
Whoso drawings and paintings ""; B,m HroiQ reported In thin part
- T ,. ii' 't i of tho world for many years occurred
ox xuumiw unit irouuer mo nuvo horo yoBtordllyf tho vctlr
made him a lnmous nrtist.
Street coats and dress hats now
sold at about half-prico
Tho MuGIII Case.
Clinton, III.', July 31. According
life, and will prove to tho public tho. to tho chemists who oxaminod Mra.
report that I am In bad condition as "Pet" MaGIU's organs hor death was
the result of a fight with Gana Js duo to chloroform. No traco of
false. I expect to put Britt away In strychnine waa found. Tho announce
less tlmo than It requlrod In our fight jmont of tho analysis was made by
at Colma. Britt says: "I am hot- Prosecutor Horrlok, who said: "Tho
ter satisfied with my condition than chemists' report will not weaken our
I was when I mot Nelson two yeari case. Wo contend that a sulcldo pact
. . .....,... ... ... . ... ......
ago. I havo been preparing mysoii uxmiea uuiween .mouiii ana jub wiie,
for this fight for almost six months, and tho law makeB It murder If ono
and if I don't whip tho Dano tonight, of tho persons drives another to su!
it will bo because ho Is tho bettor cldo In such a part. That wll bo our
man, and not because I'm not In lino case,"
condition; but I know I am tho bet
Matthows did not commit suicide,
nnd Bald ho did not know Rum
baugh, and had never heard of him.
Broken Sulcldo Part HunpocU'ri.
Im bolni?
Fnnk Barnlck. Bnrnlck was brought
to tho hospital In a critical condition,
but Is hotter this morning,
Killed by u Burglar.
Chlcngo, July 31. Albert Walsh,
Tho belief Is gaining ground that "Kcd 22, a draughtsman, nrouBed by
thoro was another sulcldo pact, In his sister's screams, entered her bed
whleJi the girl nlono kopt faith, or 'room early thin morning and wnu
that she was dono to death. How sho killed by tho burglar, who obeapod.
was lured to tho mountnln nnd how I
sho mot death promlsos to provo an
engrossing mystory that will create
a tromendoiid soneatlon In at loat
throo big Eastern cltlos, If It is ovr
Arid T4tml Matter.
Oyster Bay, July 31. Roosovdlt
is holding a conference today with
Clilof Justlco ICmt of tho supromo
court of Arizona, and Governor
ter man, and If I don't win I'll quit
tho game." Both fighters expect to
be pronounced physically perfect.
Tho reserved seat portion of
house was almost entirely sold out
this morning.
Boston Cheers Fairbanks.
Boston, Mass., July 31. Fair
banks, riding with Mnyor Fitzgerald,
received a great ovation along tho
route of tho monster parade today
of the civic and trades organization,
who aro celebrating tho old-homo
week. Ten thousand wero In Una.
Fifteen hundred marines from tho
United States warships In tho harbor
attracted most attention, next to
May Btnrt Copper War.
New York, July 31. FInanclora
aro expecting a fierce copper wai
tho, with Heinz, who is seeking to bo tho
I.., . ... m .. . ...
uu-jiu cruii King oi tno mining, miu
ang and smelting Industries. Heinz
is believed to bo preparing to con
solidate several valuable mining
properties in tho United States, Can
ada and Mexico. It is knwn ho
backed the recent Incorporation of
tho Miners' Smelting Company, and
that tho United Copper Company, of
which ho is president, owns 'stock In 1
the former corporation.
Ivloctrociited (ho Old Man.
Auburn, N. Y., July 31. Charles
Bonior, ngod 80, was olootrocutod
this morning for tho murder of Franz
and Jonnna Fraho. Two shooks worn
ChlcHKo Markets.
Chicago, July 31. -Wheat Slt
tCor S3tte3. oU 4.jh,ghJ), j,! Jttri invoking
Suspicious clroumctnnca It the, Curry of New Moxlco on problouiH
fact that tho nurso sent out, or hnd confronting tho government on tho
prepared In ndvance of tho finding of "d lands of thoso territories.
Miss Matthews' body notices to her
friends that sho had committed sui
cide. Sho explained this today by
tho statement that sho knew tho girl
waa riding to hor death when sho left
tho hotel. Another point which tho
authorities deem suspicious Is that
thoro aro no powder marks on the
girl's tomplo. Had she fired the shot
herself It is almost cortain theno
would havo Bhown.
Lettcra Involve Prominent Mi'ii.
Tho mother of tho girl Is hasten
ing from Kansas City to Chicago to
learn what sho can of tho girl's rela
tions with certain rich men thoro.
Sho denies that she and Laura had
been estranged, and threatens to
bring to punishment all connected
with (h dMth of her child.
The authrftlM havs discovered
' CroNK.Country Run.
In the fivo-mllo cross-country run
at Clioinawa today, William Halght
won. Tlmo 20:10; Sam Johns sec
ond, tlmo 20:38, and Low Is Sander
son, third, time, 30 0G.
Dr. J. F. COOK
'"ffT'CJll tfIJTiffiiliiii"r1TOlIT'Tr Tnr- rrnnil.n --,. ..-.