Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, July 30, 1907, Page 3, Image 3

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Stop It, tin.". m..h wbv not? Falling hair is
our own
q knows
improved for
mula, uuicfcly stops Whine hair, cures dan
druff, and makio llic hair grow. Just ask him.
WnnubHBawiorormvira .u niiri-o.
of n our preMMllowi. .... .
YJfi a disease, a regulur disease, and y
1IV ilCSsF doctor will tell you the remedy. F.
fill A T that Aver's Hair V;.-r, new imprt
towcll, 2tit. 1
Jack Niishnuin "While Huthlug at
Long Itoach Is Drowned
Wife Wndctl by Ills Side.
Jnck Xusbuum was drowned nt
I Long Bench yoBterdny whilst his wife
tic record of all the little incidents Ln8 Wftdlng ,)y hIg sl(,0 A Bftll(ler
Lr bod's for August.
o midsummer number,
that occur in the lives of the 'denizens
of the n arest piece of woods during
the yonr, ho would have a most en
tortalning chapter."
fatality could not well bo Imagined
The couple had only boon married a
week or two and had gono to Long
Bonch for a short vacation. Yestor
dny Mr. Nusbaum decided to have a
swim, and at the same time his new
ly mado bride doffed her stockings
and wont In wading, Nusbaum got
out a little wny and was seized with
cramps. It was impossible to j)t
assistance and at the vory side of his
The World of Art.
New York is waking up to the re
markable landscape work being done
bv n hitherto nrnctlcnllv unknown
- .. l Arfrtiiltiir nn 1tt i .... .
ith color ana unci iiib .... . painter, tne storm scenes of van
nail of "ort stonoa 1Q1 vn" Hearing Perrlno impressionistic
iinimiw. rnnin wnu .. ... . ..,i. i n... .--
a. i.u"w -"- ,,, IWK cu tne must spiritual quu.uj w,f ,, .. t , - ,.. .. f
a magazine ioi soniuu. .... nml flno vigorqus technique. "Van, M, XllR,mum wnfl nlimif ,n vpnr9
entertainment, even in not (rorrine," as he is affectionately call- of ac0 nnd wn tmvonir Rnloamnn
havc not boon forgo ton no d by hlg fr, ,S( ls oninlmt,cnl,y fjjr ft c(mcorn
mnco of fiction being hap- American nninter of Amorlcnn 'i.i ..... ,..i.. no
r . . .. .1.. !.. Innlnllmnnr I .. ..... mini. noiuntui, OIUJ -o.
Inceu u mo 1,,'M- '"" cenos. lie lives on tno nignest eugo
esby Charles Edward iiB-.of the Palisades and paints them in
der the title "Wliero uw cloud and shadow. John Spargo has
tti Gentlemen? the auth- writton the interview which appears
'nato investigate the source ln tho August Craftsman and there
, of our swollen roruines, nro flno reproductions of some storm lard'B Horehound SyruD has attained
. I I -
Iglathia number wun an ac-iscen08 nmi nn excellent likeness of
tho rise of Thomas F. Ry- lno artlst from a photograph by Ger-
gcriC3 pr-mlsos to stand jtrda Kasebier. ah rtlclo of cx
ho Hat of sensational flnan- tromo significance to practical re-
tics that have appeared In formers and poltical economists, in
ailne. tho August Crnftsmnn, is "British
cent newspaper beauty con- substitutes for Saloons." The entlro
mpts James Huenkor to In- BChomo of England's public houso
Tbero an American Typo of trusts Is explained. There aro In-
Uenuty?" and tho article tcrcstlng and valuable statistics and
atcd with photographs of ' tow g00d uill8tratlons of tho charm.
tho prize wiuners. Anoiiwi ng now public houses. If you aro
i..- in I'TIm Mvatnrv nf ',-.. ... ... i i i..
uiiurusieu in iubu kiuuuiih, runu in
tho August Craftsman of how Mra.
Francos Hodgson Burnett
fcaturo is "Tho Mystery or
Ight," In which Harold Bolco
iomo nor; light on the proli
fic! navigation.
iclds Within the Artie Circle.
Abrnbain Lincoln
was n man who, agnlnst all odds,
attained tho highest honor a man
can got ln tho Unitod States. Bnl-
a place, novr equalled by any other
Uko romedy. It is a sure euro for
CoughB, Colds, Bronchitis, Jnfluon
za and nil Pulmonary dlscasej.
Evory mother should koop supplied
with this wonderful cough medicine.
Sold by D. J. Fry.
How Will Forty to One Hundred
Tons a Iny Come to Albany.
Tho problem of bringing 80,000 to
200,000 pounds of milk a day to tho
evolved condensed milk factory ln Albany, is
ono irom an oiu orcnaru in Kent.
, There nro beautiful pictures of varl-
llmax of Nr turn's Irony in 'ous ,mrta or thc Bnrien. Tho Crnfts-,
lo tho cotton-plnnt. wnor- nmn for August has four Interesting
otton blooms, uccinres ino nrticles on tho building of slmpio
le ls not far below. Ono nmy ; modern houses. All nro practical
far miles through neius or nnd won illustrated.
Iho whlto, nllky tops swaying
In tho nrtic breeze. Tho
13 silky, dainty, illuslvo an
of our ow.i yellow dnndp-
Tlw August Ainerlrnii.
This ls also a story number from
beginning to end. Even tho lcnd-
Its way to seed. From Juno jng article by Lincoln Stoffons Is n
August the tundra is whlto fltory. It is nn nccount of tho early
cotton plant. Unlike the uf0 0I Francis J. Henoy, tho man
if tho touthorn states, the wj10 jin3 prosecuted "Abo" Ruof and
hort and soft, having more Ulayor Schmltz in Snn Francisco and
xturoof silk than of cotton. Ul0 jand thieves in Oregon and olso-on-plaat
will, In all proba- whore. Mr. Steffons describes Henoy
e day, bo tho means of do-' ns n "fighter who has fought, not
an Alaskan Industry giving only for his life but for his prin
cnt to thoaunnds. Today, 'ciplos." In this first article of his
I, tho cotton-fields nro purely nGW series Mr. Steffons takes up
ic a splendid sweep of Jm-:jjeney as a fighter for his own llfo
i bloom In a bleak, tlmborloss jn tho wild W03t. The stories ho tolls
pogunrded by hills over hung'aro exciting, and, in somo Instances,
of deepest purple. In great blood-curdling.
it is occasionally mot in a . o-
ehack, whilo not a few house-
ather the qotton for plllow-
aghout tho cotton-fields flow-
pm In abnormal splendor, ns
a country In which tho nun
ontlnuously during summer's
ous r Ign. It Is an Intoxlcat-
far tho flower-hunter to gath-
armfuls of purple larkspur,
Is. monk's-hood, nrlmroscs.
-- f t- -
eas, beautiful purplo and red
largo as tho most cultivated,
the valley, baby-breath, yel-
&w, sage-rose, pink and whlto
nwer, gentians of many hue3,
pranhm, crimson rhododon
nd giant flre-weed, all grow-
tho hillsides to enumerate
is to reproduce a florist's
no' From "A UMhl-Flowor
tho Frozen North." by Llda
be, in the August Circle.
Caiuutt Graisp mid Interpret
It All.
ed "
jtb ,
tna r
I study, tho more I am
v John Burroughs In
I)eafncs Cannot bo Cured
by local applications, "as thoy cannot
roach tho diseased portion of tho
ear. Thoro ls only ono way to cure
deafness ,and that is by constitution
al romedioa. Deainosa is caused by
an Inflamed condition of tho mucous
lining of. tho Euetachian Tubo. When
this tubo is inflamed you havo a
rumbling sound or imperfect hear
ing, and when It la entirely closed,
Deafness ls tho result, and unless
tho Inflammation can bo taken out
and this tubo restored to Its normal
condition, hearing will be destroyed,
forever; nine cases out of ton aro
caused by Catarrh, which Is nothing
but an Inflamed condition of tho mu
cou surfaces.
Wo will give One Hundred Dol
lars for any case of Deafness (cauBod
by catarrh) that cannot bo cured by
Hall'o Catarrh Cure. Send for cir
culars, froe,
a problem that Ib already being taken
up. Thnt In tho country will bo
brought hero on wagons and tho cars,
and thoro 1b even talk of a milk train
in thc valley as there aro In many
places In tho caBt. Ono means that
Is being worked up is by rlvor navi
gation. J. B. Marvin nnd Frank Kill
er wore In tho city this morning,
milking nrrangements to put a gnso
Ilno launch on tho rlvor betweon Cor
vaills nnd Albany, tapping tho Cor
vnlils country and along tho wny,
and will do so If after a canvas for
customers enough nro secured to
Justify it. Thoy want about ten tons
of milk, nnd If obtained will secure
n boat of that capacity drawing about
ton Inches, which would run in all
seasons of tho year. Already ono
gasollno launch has been built on tho
Long Tom for tho business nnd an
other ono will , bo. It Is probnblo
sqmp will como up tho river. Theso
things suggest tho propriety of tho
factory being on tho river bank.
Albany Domocrnt.
Tho Magic No. 3.
Numbor throe la a vrondorful mas
cot for Geo. H. Parrls of Cedar
Grove, Mo., according to a letter
which readB: "Alter sufforlng much
with Hvor and klduoy trouble, and
becoming greatly discouraged by th
Jalluro to And rollnf, I tried Electric
BIttora, and as a result I am a well
man today. The brat bottle rolloved
and threo bottle comploted the euro.'
Gurantoed best on earth for stomach,
Hvor and kldnoy troubles, by J. O.
Perry druggist. COc.
I'urt of the Swimming Exhibition
Tlint Was not Advertised.
An exhibition occurred at Coffin's
swimming tank Sunday afternoon
thnt wasn't on the bills, snys tho Ya
kima Republic. Word went around
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O. ln tho neighborhood that nn expert
Sold by druggists, 75c.
Take Hall's Family Pills for con
stipation. . o
Falls City Man Appointed.
County School Superintendent H
for August, "that one C. Seymour has appointed Hon. W.
"'e cannot penetrate L. Toozo a member of tho executlvo
Jv-ble, fascinating mys-'committee of the Polk County School
Nature Is nil things Children's Industrial fair. Mr. Toozo
pitn She is ono thinir in thn ' i n mnn nf notion nnd enorv and en-
Ju 'lur to the scientist, an-'terprlso and may be relied upon to
tno farmer, still another to represent this section of tho county
EC. t anil nslii.ii.lniio inn ln r n.ii1 1 ol.l n mnnni. Qnnorln-
- .., .......i.. tut ci llftvj ill u btuunuuiu ........ m,..
1p do not all see the samo!tendent Seymour and his ablo com-
3i'4'ie we do not all have an mlttee are meeting with remarkable
1 ir yt in the same things I success ln securing cash and other
du bee tho same things, we Icontributlons and the fair will with-
" get the same imnresslon 'out doubt be a crand affair. Such
ha we see. n is onlv Imnor. success cannot be achieved by tho
lat Up Pci ,. , . ..,!. .... .1,... nnocnnB l.llf ).
c- vi uc iiujn cssiuii, nuijv ui iwu ur iuivu icieuiib, wuv -
do not see double, or. If we quires the combined efforts of all
?ng for purposes of science or concerned. Every man, woman and
child of ever section of the county
should lend a hand to mako this fair
the best county fair held In the state.
-Fall City.
h8torv, that we dn not anK
fthat We think or fnnn. fnr
e real,y see, as some of our !
fure writers have done.
own chief interpst t i ,
Phases of nature, principally
P!y of wild Hf ,.
Jt me v i.,
v,i . U'B same, one
irei far, but stav at hnmo
eP Tour er -j
-' u cra open
my have somn tr, v.i
lrl history almost . a
For cocstlpatlon there Is Bothlse
quite so nice m Chamberlain's Btom
ack aad Liver Tablets. They always
produee a plutat moyeBt of the
bowlea vltkoat any dLwKreadUi ef
fect. Prtoe, 1 Mots, Stemplee fre
swlmmor was about to give an ox
hlbtion in tho tank.
A crowd, composed mostly of
ladles, gathered to witness It. The
gentleman who was to do tho stunt
retired at tho proper tlmo to put on
his bathing suit, and presontly re
appeared through tho side of tho tent
minus any costumo at all. This
prematuro appearance wna not hi
fault. When about to put on tho bath
ing suit ho leaned against tho can
vas wall, thinking It was backed up
by a wooden support. Tho canvas
wasn't strong, and his weight split
It open.
Tho crowd scattered In groat
hasto, but the best record mado for
swiftness mado by anyono was that
of tho swimmer In getting back Into
tho tent through the unfortunate hole
that he came out of.
. o
Ttiere Are Fevr
People who know how to take care
of themselves the majority do not.
The liver la a most Important organ
in the body. Herblne will keep It in
conditio. V. O. mpkla, Alba,
Texas, write; "I kate used Herblue
for ttllhi aad Fever and lad It the
beet aedletae I ever meed. I would
sot be wkaout It It la as goood for
efclldrea uXUlor grewa-HB people
aad I reeomaiead It. It U flae fr
n-"- - nrr
Put theso good resolutions thnt
you made on January 1st Into effect
nt onco by replacing your old plumb-
lug with tho nowost Ideas In sanitary
open plumbing, and you will bo rid
of tho nnnoyanco of lenkiug pipes
and flooded floors, as well as doctor's
bills. Wo will furnish estimates for
plumbing, gas fitting nnd satisfaction J
1b guaranteed ns to workmanship and
258 BUto Street.
Phono 180.
Wo can Bupply you with tho luvn
bor you need at tho price that will
materially economize In the cot
JtiBt como nnd bco ub and look over
our yardB.
Yard Near Depot.
! -i
1191919)1 MP
4-f9-i4-9i-44494-r9Hri49-r9M-9 1 9 1 fJftfMR,
X V JM1-UB ,l,,1l,,,l,n,1 nnnnlttlnn Onnll.Tl.
I.. UIIIUUIIVU llllIll.ltlUE. llIal,
Commission Co., 2G7 South Com
mercial streot, Snlom Phono Mnln
!'or snle Good 8-room house, Sov
enteenth Btreet, 7 lots, small nnd
large fruits, would sell on enBy
terms. Also good houso ln Oregon
City, nnd nlso SO acres of timber
land six miles from Oregon City.
W. N. Munsey, 35G Sovontoonth
streot. Phono 1171. 7-29-2wk
For Sale Plenty of clover hay, flrnt
quality. Phono 157 Suburban. 11.
Walker, Routo No. 7, Salem.
7-2 9 -lm
For Snlo Ono Jorsoy cow, will bo
fresh ln Soptombor. Inquire at
290 Twenty-first street, South.
Phono No. 471. 7-20-3t
For Sale $100 buggy nnd a good
cart; you fix tho price. Como and
get thorn. C. Marsh, 101 South
High street, Salem, Or. 7-27-3t
For Sale Two extra good Jersey
milk cowb, four years old. En
quiro of J. P. Emmott, Oak Btret,
or Yow Park grocery store.
For Snle Fresh thoroughbred Jor
soy cow, calf of Loonoy'B stock.
Will be at Holsl place, at end of
brldgo Wodncadny, July 31, from
2 to C o'clock. 7-27-3t
For Sale Two Hamblotonlnn maro
coltB, now rendy to wean. Sired
by "Blacksmith." O. F. Homyor,
Routo No. 2, four milod wost
of brldgo on Popcorn road.
Timber for Sale Thirty ncros of
second-growth fir; somo old fir,
and somo big oak; 2G00 to 3000
cordB of wood on place. Two and
half miles from Snlom. W. M.
Schutt, Salem, Routo 2.
7-2 0-2 wk
M li(l Vt LkfliltAfnJuSr ISl I
Can bo obtained from our prime
tendor and Juicy beef, mutton or
pork. All our meats are solected
from tho choicest, and prepared for
the table to suit tho demand of the
fastidious. Our prices aro lower for
quality than you can find at any
plnco in Salem,
E.C. OltOS 8,
Phono 201. U70 8 to to St,
Send the Family
Washing To Us
and you'll never bothor with having
It done at home again. Time was
when every family could not afford
to send the washing to a laundry,
but tlmos have changed so, too,
have the methods and prices. Today
you can better afford to send the
family washing here than not to
Ask about our prices on family wash
ing, rough dry, or finished.
The Salem
Steam Laundry
I'hoaa 25. 180-lflfl 8. Liberty Ht.
O C. T. Co.
"ik!SlVl" Rn"' mwuVi OTMI m
,"''Ml IS ill. nut K.f.1 Jd.-jv ..,
JT8MCBALCa...).T4.UWMrt. 1.
SoW In Salem by Dr. S. C. Stone'
It to wortk sere tfcaa aay otker
bread, yet tke prlee k so kicker.
For mo at your growers.
For Sale or Rent Attontlon nurBory
mon and farmers, 320 acreB, all ln
cultivation, deep aoll, flno lmprovo
monts, convonlont to rail and nav
igation. This fnrm 1b OBpcclally
ndaptod for nursery bUBlnoss. In
qujro of owner, George O'Brien,
490 North Capital Btreet, Salem,
Orogon. 7-20-tf.
For Sale Two elnglo top buggloa,
in flrst-clties condition. Ono rub
ber tired. Apply to C. W. Yannko,
Fashion stables. Telephone 44.
Highland Store. Wo handle a full
lino of grocorlos and fresh moats
and havo lately put In a supply of
tlnwaro. Call and loavo order or
phone 496, and try us for prompt
dollvery. W. D. Wheeler.
7-1 6-1 m .
For Sale Old papers, 10 cents per
hundred. Inquire Journal offlce
ForItetit--Sovou-room house, hot
end cold water, electric light, bath
room. Inquiro of Aug. Schrelb
er, 560 North High street.
Vogrt Lumber and I'el Co. Lura-
bor .alilnglen, building matrial,
wood and cool. Low pricou and
prompt dollverles. Ono block eaat
of S. P. paseengtC depot. Phono
198. 7-2-tf
Plaao Tuuei- L. L. Woods, piano el
pert tuning, repairing and polish
ing. Leave ordors at Geo. O
Wills' music store, Salem.
2- 9-lyr
Concrete Work. Oet my prices ob
sidewalks, curbs, septic tanks and
coment work of any kind. All
work guaranteed first-class. M
Ward, Highland add. Phone 669
Uutte & Wenderoth Fine wines,
liquors and cigars. We haudlo ths
colebrated Kellogg and CastU
whiskies. Cool and refreshing bee;
constantly on drough. South
Commercial street 9-3-lyr
Salem Iron Works. Founders, ma
chlnlsts and blacksmiths, Mann
facturers of all kinds of sawmill
machinery. Hop and fruit drylni
stores, etc. Manufacturers of tki
Salem Iron Works Hop Press.
Salem Box A Lumber Oo, Removed
from South Salem to 14th street,
sear the S. P. depot. Boxes, Berry
Orates, Fruit Trays and Perfection
Fruit evaporators. Phone 201.
Our meat market on East State
street has bees doubled la size and
we are better prepared than ever te
serve customer. Prompt service and
tke beet ef Meats ear wetto. Call
or pkoae It 9, S. . JM wards. Prop
Attention, Ladles. I hnvo opened a
parlor at 401 Court street, in tho
I. O. O. F. building, whoro I am
prepnrcd to do shampooing and,
manicuring. Scalp trontmont a
speclnlty. Children's hntr trontod.
Phono 477. 7-291m
Foresters of America Court Sher
wood Foresters, No, 19. MeeU
Tuesday in Hurst hall, State Btroe)
Loo Abblo, O. R,; A. L. Brown
F. 8.
Central Lodge No. 18, JC. of P.-
Castle Hall ln Halmah block, cor
ner Stato and Llborty etreeta,
Tuesday of ench wook at 7:30 p.
m. OBcnr Johnson, 0. 0.; E. IL
AndorBon, K. of R. and S.
Modern Woodmen of America Ore
gon Cedar Camp No. 5240. Meete
evory Thursday ovoning at 8
o'clock ln Holman hall. W. Ytf.
Hill, V. O.: F. A. Turner, Clerk.
Woodmen of World Moet ovory Fri-
day night at 7:30, In Holman kail.
J. A. Dickey, C. S.; P. L. Frailer,.
Llncola Annuity Union. Sick, aect
dent and pension Insurance; 2,
000,000 plodgod; evory. claim palA
Good agents wanted. J. H. O".
Montgomery, supreme organliert
Box 432 Salem, Orogon. R. It
Ryansecrectary, 646 8tnte Btreet.
Arthur Von Jcsscii Tcncsor of pi
ano; touoh, tochnlch, Interpreta
tion. Thorough preparatory course
Advanced students proparod for
public appearance Residence 668
Center St. Tel. Main 626.
ank M. Brown. Manufacturer or
ask, doom, mouldings. All kials.&?
boufto flaisk and hard wood werlu
Frost etroot, hot. State and Otnutii
Makf all omplalnt at the offine.
i,ou in front oi car Dura, n watcc
charm with threo sets. Finder
pldso lonvo nt Journal olllce.
mmtmm tm 11 I
CiuiuiiIiim IlroM,' Transfer CempaHy
All kinds of transfer work done.
Furnlturo aud pianos boxed ready
for shipment, Prompt service Ja
our motto. Stand nnd office nt
253 South Commercial streot..
Phone 210. Rvsldonco Phono 968.
Wfi.si AJ lturf.Pliitnri,nu tit wmi.i
and steam heating and tlnnlasj,
street. Phoae
164 Commercial
Mala 192.
M. J. Petsel Plumbing, ateum asl
gaa fitting. Suecwior to Knox M
Murphy, 220 Commercial atreet.
'Phone Mala 17.
Wanted Tcnmstor, good uteady Job,
good wages, Apply at onco at
1790 East Stato streot or call 1419'
Main. MP. Dennis. 7-27-3t"
We Ah CVufc Vwetktumm Of pol-
WankHl To borrow ?1000 on the.
beBt of real ostnto security. Ap
ply to "J, P.," caro Journal office.
Highest Cash Price Paid for chick
ens at Willamette Hotol, 4-19-tf
Formerly Raker, Lawrence Baker.
Reliable Grocer, At the Old
, ornow omr jlaxl.
JVr vfler eerriee afeJy al
E". Itonoi,a a gymDatae-
at Dr.
's Drue Store,
JawlP-.-ril,9F? -Wff..5!V? -SkWBf. H5R-T- "
rM-tA r