Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, October 20, 1906, Page 9, Image 9

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f p Especially night coughs. Nature needs a
"7T flO ""lT" lit,lc he,p t0 quiet ,he Jrritation control the
fvuvf (ti vy
bnvict's Daughter Catches
and Holds the Public's
feThis Is tho fourth season of unin-
fierrupted success of that powerful
ipkijr, "The Convict's Daughter,"
ch will appear at the Grand opera
ise Monday, October 22. Success
vays leads to competition, and
ipetltlon always benefits tho pub
Several seasons ago lovers of!
slodrnma had a chance to judge
tho merits of "Tho Convict's
lughter." It was something they
id been waiting for and eagerly
jught. Tho theaters wero not large
Enough to hold them, and its great
Irawlng powers heralded Its reputa
tion everywhere. The public came,
iw and went away delighted. They
lad seen a very meritorious per
formance, and a grand dramatic
story cleverly written by nn Ameri
can author, and acted by a capable
Tho beautiful story of "Tho Con
vict's Daughter went straight to the
heart and forced Itself upon their
memory such as no other play had
ever done. Tho opening act, Col.
Gould's home, has such an atmos
phere of love and sunshine In It that
It crept over the footlights and
; nestled among the audience. In
fact, the scene was so pretty and
realistic they did not see the np-
Iproachlng clouds that wore slowly
jut surely shutting out tho pretty
There Is only one way to appre
ciate this beautiful and startling
ttielodrama como and see It. It Is
Especially written for tho family and
presents the drama truo to Hfo In a
treat many households.
I, Seats on salo at box otnco Monday
it 9 a. m.
Sure Cure for riles.
Itching Piles produce moisture and
iuso Itching, this form, aB well as
Jllnd, Bleeding or Protruding. Piles
ire cured by Dr. Bo-snn-ko's Pile
temedy. Stops Itching and bleed
ing. Absorbs tumors. 50c a Jar, at
Iruggists, or sent by mall. Treatise
free. Write mo about your case. Dr.
3osanko, Phila. Pa.
Ill-ought to tho Pen.
Sheriff Taylar of Umatilla county
lame to Snlom yesterdny having In
hnrgo Robort Weddel, who was
entenced to tho Penltontiary for
our years for larceny from the
army' v '-'-'".-' xJ '" '' .ai'iagg
T'Ur.jmu,!,,1' , :'' l . 1-iHL
ANtfielabkPrcparalioHlbr As
similating UieToodandRcgula
ling ihtStoaochs andBoweb of
fiess andltestContalns neither
OpwmtMorpbiiie oorlfincraL
Not Narcotic.
v tfoujystMvnmcma
Jl-vJb SmJ
Ufmumtr .
A perfect Rcmcdv forCoslte-
tion. Sour S toich.Dirrhcs.
ocssandLoss of Sleep.
TacSicMk Sonata 6
wvrrYbBJC., f
-.-P,T .,
flh aa" VVi"iaB BrAajt-av.
inflammation, check the progress of the dis-
Ouradviceis -ivc the children Ayer's
nerry sectoral, ask your doctor if this is his
advice also. He knows best. Do as he says.
We hT no seoreta I Wo pnbllth J.C.AyerCo..
the formuUi ofUenrpreprtlon. Lowell,
Jefferson Myers, Oregon Commis
sioner, Will Lenvo Tonight for
Tho Oregon commissioner to the
ter-centennlnl exposition that will bo
held next year at Jamestown, Vir
ginia, Hon. Jefferson Myers, will
leave Portland to night for Virginia.
In appointing the Oregon com
mission, It was tho Intention of Gov
ernor Chamberlain to have James
town visited and a report made to
the next legislature giving tho par
ticulars of the situation and recom
mending what steps should be taken
by this state to best subserve the In
terests of Oregon.
The commission has no money to
expend and Mr. Myers and the other
members are paying tho expenses
of the investigation out of their own
Tho commission believes that Ore
gon, Washington and Idaho, embrac
ing tho Oregon country, should
erect a joint building to cost some
thing like $60,000 which will con
tain tho exhibits of all threo states.
A staff building can be constructed
for that amount .that will be as large
and Imposing as" the state house.
Mr. Myers will remnin in Virginia
a month and will thoroughly Inves
tigate the situation. Ho will try
to secure a location for tho Oregon
building or tho Joint building that
will be near tho buildings of Now
York, Pennsylvania, Ohio and tho
other populous Eastern states.
Tho exposition Is already an as
sured success. Tho ceneral govern
ment has appropriated $1,900,000;
Virginia has contrlbuated $350,000
and $150,000 more by counties;
Ohio, Now York and Pennsylvania
havo made big appropriations and
nearly every stnte In Iho union will
have buildings and exhibits.
Jnmes' Qunrtcrly report.
The quarterly report of Superin
tendent Jnmes, of tho state peniten
tiary, shows tho follewing:
Number of convicts at closo of
quarter 349
Number of convicts at closo of
last quarter 379
Decreaso during tho qunrtor . . 30
Received durjng tho quarter . . 25
Discharged during the quarter 49
Transferred to asylum 1
Died 1
Escaped from road gang 1
Dally average 352.7
Tho total earnings are given as
$517S.S2 and tho sum of expendi
tures at $10,981.94.
The Tcxns Wonder.
Cures all kidney, bladder and
rhoumatlc troublo; sold by all drug
gists, or two months' treatment by
mall for $1. Dr. E. W. Hall, 292C
Ollvo street, St. Louis, Mp. Send
for testimonials. Sold by Stone's
drug stores. dw-lyr
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
Bears the'
For Over
Thirty Years
- n rvuNt miWi mw wrr,
m J- mMI
IV fff
l Alt
b aaH a
' mm
First Methodist.
Rev. W. H. Selleck will preach at
10:30 on "Christ's Promise to a
Restless World" and nt 7:30 p. m.
"Tho Wasted Substnnco and a Migh
ty Famine." This Is the second In n
series on the Prodigal Son. Prof.
Heritage will have tho chorus choir.
Mr. Charles Roth will sing a tenor
solo In the morning and Prof. Her
itage a base solo at night. Epworth
Leaguo at 6:15, Mr. Wnnn leader.
First Presbyterian.
Church street, between Chemeke-
ta and Center. Morning service at
10:30 a. m. Preaching by tho pas
tor, Rev. H. T. Bnbcock. Subject:
"Love Not tho World." Sabbath
school nt 12 m. Junior C. E. nt
3:30 p. m. Senior C. E. nt 6:30 p.
m. Evening service nt .7:30 p. m.
Subject: "Fishers of Men." Mrs.
Hinges will sing both morning and
Fourteenth and Mill streets.
Preaching nt 10:30 a. m. and 7:30
p. m. Evangelist Rogers, after
faithful labor, will closo his sorvlccs
at this time on Sunday evening. If
the weather should requlro tho meet
ings will be held in tho church ono
block east.
St. Pnul's Episcopal.
Chemeketa and Church streots.
Rev. Barr G. Loo, rector. Thir
teenth Sunday after trinity. Holy
communion, 7:30 a. m.; Sunday
school, 10 a. m.; morning prnyer, 11
n. m.; evening prnyer, 7:30 p. m.
All welcome.
St. Joseph's Catholic.
Rev. A. Moore, rector. First mass
at 7:30 a. m.; catechism at 9:30 a.
m.; high mass at 10:30 a. m.; ves
pers and benediction at 7:30 p. m.
Rev. Father Bruin, of Portland, will
ofllclato nt both masses.
United Evangelical.
Rev. M. J. Ballnntyne, of Dallas,
will preach this ovenlng. Sunday
morning and ovenlng. Quarterly
conferonco Saturday evening. H. A.
W. C. T. U.
Mrs. J. G. Hotzel will address the
gospel tompornnco meeting Sunday,
the 21st, at 4 p. in. Subject:
"Hnblt." Everybody Invited.
Central Congregational.
Nineteenth nnd Ferry streets. P.
S. Knight, pastor. All services to
morrow at usual hours. Communion
nt 11 a. m.
Saved His Life.
J. W. Davenport, Wingo, Ky.,
writes, Juno 14, 1902: "I want to
toll you I holiovo Ballard's Snow
Liniment saved my life. I was un
der tho treatment of two doctors,
and they told mo ono of my lungs
was entirely gone, and tho other
badly nffected. I nlso had a lump
on my side. I don't think that 1
could havo lived ovor two months
longer. I was Induced by a friend j
to try Ballard's Snow Liniment. Tlio
first application gave mo great re
lief; two CO cent bottles cured mo
sound and well.
It Is n wonderful medicine nnd I
recommend It to suffering humanity.
Sold by D. J. Fry's drug store.
Fined Fifteen Dollars.
The case of tho state of Oregon
against John Doyens, who was
charged with assault and battory
on John Summers, an 18 year old
youth, occupied tho 'attention of
Judge Webster's court yostcrday aft
ernoon. Tho case was tried beforo
a Jury and nfter deliberating flvo or
six minutes a verdict of guilty was
brought in.
Judge Webster Imposed a fine of
$15. Tho troublo aroso over a ralx
up which took plnco between tho
Doyens and tho Summers boys. Mr.
Doyens took tho part of his son and
while Summers was In the ofllco of
his livery stable he gave him a good
shaking up.
JoM-phino'H Awossineiit Roll.
The assessor of Josephine county
hn forwarded to the secretary of
state a summary of the assessment
In that connty. The total valua
tion of the property U $4,710,320 as
against $4,195,555 last year.
A Day Ramcd Girt.
or boy, man or -woman, is quickly
out at pain If Bucklln's Arnica
Salve Is applied promptly. O. J
Welch, of Tekonsha, Mich., aay: "I
it In my family for cuts, sores
and all kln Injurle. and nd It per
fect." Qulckett pile cure lenow.
Best healing lTe made. 25e at J
C. Perry'a drugstore.
For Sale. A small horse, broko to
lido and to work. Inquire nt
Red Front' feed barn, Cliemekotn
street. Phono 73. 10-19-31
F.or Sale Parker shotgun, hammer
less, 16 gauge; Winchester car
bine, 25-35, peep sights, both guns
nearly new. Llewellen setter, well
broke. V. E. Connor, Willamette
otel. 10-19-tt
For Sale At n bargain, n small
safe. Inqnlro at room No. 3, ovor
Ladd & Bush bank. 10-19-3t
For Sale Cheap A $300 upright
piano, nearly new. Also a Knnbo
piano to ront, and n llttlo furni
ture for sale. 1212 State streot,
Salem. 10-19-3t
For Sale. Draft team and wagon.
Inquire nt 146S Chomckctn street.
For Salo or Trade Owing to poor
health, I will either sell or trade
at a bargain my confectionery
store at 126 Sodth Commercial
street. G. W. Morrow. 10-12-lm
For .Sale or Trade. Stock and dairy
ranch of 160 acres, on C. & E.
rallrond, one-half mllo from town,
about 100 ncres cleared and In pas
ture. Now seven-room houso,
bnm, sheop sheds; orchard, out
range, springs running tho year
round. It you want a good ranch,
this Is tho ono. Apply (o Robert
Tnssell, Elk City, Or. 9-2S-lm
For Sule. Cholco Franquotto nnd
Mnyetto walnut trees. Guaran
teed truo to namo. A. E. Au
frnnc, 1809 South Commercial
street, Snlem, Or. 10-5-tf
For Rent. Furnished nnd unfur
nished rooms nt 790 North Com
mercial St. M. A. Dlco, Prop. 5-1-tf
Please Pay Up All who owo mo
will plensb pay at onco, ns I enn
not further delay Bottlomont. F. A.
Wiggins. 10-10-
At Mrs. C. II. Wiilkers 221 Com
morclnl street, you can get your
clothes dyerf, cleaned, pressed or
repaired. Anything fronf a pnlr
. of gloves to tho most olnborato
silk gown. Velvet collnrs put on,
nnd all goods paid for if Injured.
Phono 1245.
Ilutto & Wondi'rotli. Flno wines,
liquors and clgnrs. Wo handlo tho
colcbrated Kellogg nnd Castle
whiskies. Cool and refreshing boor
constantly on draught. South Com
mercial street. 9-3-lyr
8njem Iron Works. Foundors, ma
chinists and blacksmiths. Manu
facturers of nil kinds of Bnwmlll
machinery. Hop and fruit drying
stoves, etc Manufacturers of tho
Salem .Iron Works Hop Press.
It Is wortli rrtoro thnn any other
broad, yet tb,o prlco is no higher. For
salo nt your grocor'a . -
Thomas & Cooley, Props.
At tho Old Stand Sam Cnsto an
nounces that ho is still nt tho old
Etnnd, at tho fair grounds, pro
pared to break or train horses for
road or track. Prices reasonable,
and sntlsfactlon gunrantoed. Also
flno road horse for salo. 10-12-tf
Business Opportunity. A manager
to tako chnrgo of ofllco and also
do road work In connection with
magnzlno subscription agency es
tablished 20 years, doing a busi
ness of $200,000 per year. A
person wno Is responsible and ex
pressive in meeting people and
canvassing, who will not object to
appointing agents and working
with them In hit territory. To
such a person wo will pay a month
ly salary, a commission, and also
a further lnUrest In tho business
of said territory that will bring In
a permanent return and Income.
Address Tbo Home Magazine, Box
46 Indianapolis, Ind. 9-25-ood-Gw
1 ' ''.
Krt'b Ilroa. Growers of and deal
ers In hops, Salem, Oregon. Phone
121. Office over Sates Bute
Bank, 115 Commercial street.
O, C. Douovait Hop merchant; rep
resents best flrxhi In America. Cor
ner Commercial and State streets,
Salem. Phone Mala 137.
. u
Wnnted. A place Where n young
boy can work for his board and
room and go to' school. Address
Wlllnmotto University. ' 9-24-tt
Lost Uetweon Salem nnd Sheridan
a 22 Winchester ropeater rifle.
Suitable reward for return of
snmo to this ofllco. 10-15-2w
roreswirs oi America uourt Suorwood
Foresters, No. 19. Meets Tucsdny in
Hurst hall, Stato streot. U. 8. Rider,
0. R.; A. L. Brown, F. S.
Control Lodgo No. 18, K. of P. Castle
Hall in Ilolman block, corner State
and Liberty streets. Tuesday nf ench
weok at 7:30 p. m. J. O. Graham, C.
C.j W. I. Staler, K. of R. and 8.
Modorn Woodmen of Amorlca. Ore
gon Cedar Camp No. 5246. Meet!
ovory Thursday evening at 8 o'clock
In Holtnan hall. W. W. Hill, V. O)
F. A. Turner, Clork.
Woodmon of World. Moot evory Fri
day night at 7:30, In Ilolman halL
F. R. Cnpper, C. C. P. L. Frazlor,
111 ' .' "J ,,I-J"
aiinniius successor to Whlto
Cummins, oxpross, delivery and
transfer lino. Prompt Borvlco Is
our motto. Furnlttiro nnd piano
moving a specialty, stand nt 156
South Commercial street. Phono
175. Restdonco phono 968. 8-4-tf
Musical Studio. Frank E. Churchill,
Musical Studio, nssoclato teacher
Western Conservatory, Chicago,
111., roprosontlng lutor-Stnto Sys
tom at Sniom, Oregon. Diplomas
granted upon completion of courso
In tho opora 'Houso building,'
rooms 8 and 9. Studio hours, 9
to 12, nnd 2 to 5. 9-8-tt
F. K. Newberry. Grnduato Chicago
Musical Collogo, pupil of Rudolph
Ganz, two years with Wtllamottd
Unlvorslty, has oponod music stu
dio, rooms 9 nnd 10, in I. O. O. F.
Tomplc. HourB 9 to 5. Business
hourB 1 td 3. 10-17-
Dr. E. J. Young. Votorlnary Surgeon
..and dontlst, 33 years' experience.
All work guaranteed. Difllcult sur
gical operatlous a specialty. Phont
681. Ofllco nt Club Stables. Phone
7, Snlem, Oregon. 3-9-tf
neo. Ai. iinrr riumuing, not wntor
and steam heating nnd tlunlng,
164 Commercial street. Phono
Main 192. 9-1-ly
M. J. Potzel Plumbing, steam and
gas fitting. Successor to Knox &
Murphy, 220 Commercial street
'Phono Main 17.
A. L. Fraxor Successor to Burrougbi
& Frnzor, plumber and tlnn&r. Manu
fncturer of coppi? and galvanize!
Iron cornice, and metal skylight,
105 Sate street. 'Phono 1511.
vllle, Mo,, under founder of oite
patliy, Room 21 Broyman vbldg.,
Commercial streot. Phone 87. Reil
dence S90 State, cor. Church, Puont
1110. llreatB acute and ehrnnlc dt
cases. Examinations free.
Dr. W, L. Mercer, Graduate of Klrku
vllle, Mo., under founder of osteo
pathy. Rooms 25-20 Breyraaa bldg.,
Commercial St. Phone 910. Reti
denco 419 North. Summer street.
Phone 014, Treats acute and ehroale
diseases. Examination free.
bALtW Wk I &t CUMFArt 1
offiob orrr hall.
For water service apply at efflee
Bills payabla aonthly la advance
Hike all eowplalata at the efllee.
Jtist Receiyed
Ono car of American wlro onco.
Special price till October 25th. Low
est price. IllghoJt quality. Shlnglos,
Malthold roofing, gates, post, etc
Kviuis' llnrbcr Shop. Tho only first
class barber shop on Stato street;!
evorythlng now nud up to date.
Finest porcelatn boths In tho city.
Shaving 15c, halrcuttlng 25c,
baths 25c. Two first-class boot
blacks. O. W. Evans, prop. 8-9
rraiuc w, Jjrown. Manufacturer or
sash, doors, mouldings. All kinds of
houso finish and hard wood work,
Front street, bet. Stnto nnd Court,
Lincoln Annuity union.- Sick, acci
dent nnd ponslon lnsurnnco; $2,
000,000 pledged; ovory claim paid.
Good ngonts wanted. J. H. O,
Montgomery, euprome organlror,
Box 432 Snlom, Orogon, R. R.
Ryan, socrctnry, 546 State street;
rc1'. .A-'V. gECOyP-"AND. GOOD&
Now nnd Second-Hand Goods.
Bought nnd sold, also rangoa;
stoves nnd cooking utensils, dish
es, grantto and tlnwaro of nil kinds
Glvo us a call. O. L. McPook, 179.
South Commercial St. 8-13-ly;
..Machine Works:.
Machinist nud Mnungcr.
178 South Liberty St.
General Repairing Solicited
9-1 9-1 m
Vetch and
Clover Seeds v
Call on
Tillson & Co.
151 High
! in I
Use?. . .
Self Rising
B. B. B. Fionr.
Ask your grocer for it
Couldn't make nn announeenieat
that would (pleaie the public better
than when we teH them that their
laundry work will bo dose to perfec
tion and the" Salem Steam' Laundry
can't bo competed with anywhere la
tho count'y for the perfection of Its
work on linen, illlrs or woolens. We
defy competition In this line, became If
Ahore were any better methods wo
would have them at onee. Try the
Salem Steam Laundry. Prices right.
Colonel. J, ObaetttuL Ftep.
PHONE 28. 138-166 S. Libert? St.
White House
Ia prepared to accomodate any
alied crowd at any time of the
day or night.
Phone Mala 196 State St.
Meals served at all hours.
A .. C,w, Km in hnuMU VimHtim,
w.uaa .Jtf T f III K.F Mm.I telrl lUll,.
t..1i?r..i;SV !., iLhflJI. ifalMMl
P"1 e" r-" - - '
IPICt W.i T UWmMi. FaV.
SbP" eaW ai'apal PtJT 9ji sa psaPfRay