Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, August 01, 1905, LAST EDITION, Image 1

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- . - "laT-SDITIOHr 3.'30i
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Long Line Waits AH Night at
the Land Office to
Make Filings
- Wants -
LEAK .;..,.
UnM4.r 1
hfiVliCnerai muuuy iu
M ' ww i 1
ies that wo Laws liayei
Been Yioiaiea -.
rBr. N. Y. Aug, 1. Attornoy-
I ifoodr consulted with iho Pre
loty, wB on tho Dol?nl
, dedwo certain transactions 11
it .1i rnA(l fflinAn,,ah ft
(OBXinueii iu.uuu, ""'
.A to bo wrong it doos not nccos-
olloff that any lawB havo boon
Tie itatutc, unfortunatoly, do
sr si! classes of wrongs. .
feford, Sweden, Aug. 1. A
i ural boat, wbllo engaged in
twi todaj-, struck a (submarine
! wis blown to pieces. Seven
be IMcd and eight wounded, '
Mrs. Fslher Sumner Damon
ucts Paid for Husband's
.Services In Revolution
uiiupoiicr, vt., Aug. 1. At Lor
horao In Windsor county, this stnto,
Mrs. Esther Sumner Dnmon. tho Inst
er the "n Investigation nor on rtho roll of fodoral pensioners as n
dtoreWMrBucaip wl(ow of tJ0
V anytning xor puui.c- ,.,, . , .. . "
JjToodr. "Tho publlo is too ' ' """ "" "evynrsi oirtu-
"AUnt Eethor," ns sho Is familiarly
known, is tho widow of Noah Damon,
whoso sorvico as a Revolutionary sol
dier Is shown by tho records In tlin
Bureau of Pensions to havo boon as
follews: Six dajfc from April 10.
Q 1 I ' 177C, In Capt. Tucker's company; 25
OAli ; da, from April 17,1777, In Capt.
com numnor'a company, Col. Bonja
min Gill's regiment; two months,
flvo days, from May 15, 1777, In Capt.
Moses French's company. Col. Jona
than Titcomb'a rcgimont; two months,
twonty-throo days, from December 10,
1777, In Capt. Thomas Whlto's com
pany, Col. Edward Proctor's rcgimont;
two months', Awcnty-flvo dayji, froirt
April 9, 177ft, In Capt. Benjamin'
Lapham's company, Col. . Jonathan
Rccd'o reglmont; ono month, eeven
days, from July 20, 1778, in Captain
Nathaniel Clapp's company. Col. Ben
jamin Ho wo 'a rogimont; nlno days,
from Pobrunry 5, 1770, In Copt. AU
ner Crano'fl oompany, colonel not stat
ed; ono month, ono day, from August
Keat Dealers Morgo. .
Bapids, Mich., Aug. lyUn-
ligni go astray tho convention
1 wieners begun Hero touay
iH in an amnlganuttlon of tho
Retail Butchers nfcd Men
Protective Association and Uie
EeUil Butchors of tho West,
re Kparato organizations, bar
boo alma and purpose. Tho
Miatioas whom united wiB
3 of the strongest orgnnizn-
bujiness limn In tho United
nd it Is Lellovod will boin
') (o otituln many uuucvbmIuuh
ie benefit from tho railroads
k the so-callod beef trust Tho
on, which has its headquarters
liTiagston hotel, will bo In
tliee or four days.
Salt Lake, Aug. 1. Eight hundred
and olghty-two people were In lino at
midnight at Provo, Utah, awaiting for
tho oponlng of tho Uintah reservation
registration office. Mrs. Isabcll Miller,
a' widow, was tho first in tho lino, and
registered at 0 o'clock this moraine.
aftor which tho long lino waltodi its
turn, and is boing increased ranidlv as
tho day advances. Orders woro rccolvod
from tho interior departmont to allow
all registered persons to onler tho res
ervation through Strawberry vnlloy, to
soleot tho homes to bo filed on August
Claims He Is Certain to. Be
Elected Commander of
: , t the Grand Army
Washington, Aug. 1. "Corporal"
Tanner Is confident ho will bo oloctod to
succeed Oeneral Blackmar ns command
er of tho Grand Army. Ho savs ho hoi
tno unanimous support of Now York and
a majority of tho Department of tho
Potomaci. Burrows, of New Jersey i
Brown pf Ohio; Burton, of Missouri,
Soyal Arcanum Protest.
N. Y., Aug. 1. Tho grand,
council of tho Real Arcanum of Now,
York atato assomblod in special ses
sion hero today tot protest against the
now ratos of Insuranco recently tab
ulated by the supremo body of tho ox
d)er. It, 1b itho first timo in 28 years
that a grand council of tho Boyal Ar-
Olovo WorkerB In Convention.
Chicago, 111., Aug.. l.-Tho Interna
tional Glovoworkers' Union of Ameri
ca assomblod in annual convention in
ChicaCTO lodnv W-ltKi ilnlntrnlna .M iKin.l
from varln nn. t !, TIU CM.. I CIUmm h?8 mt ' VM BCSalon.
Tho convention will last about a week,!19 0Xp0flc,1 fj "? ?f In8ur:
and will bo devoted to tho consideration an? rftt" " bo huEhlr discussed
anu aiouio oi raies aoomeu. xno sur
premo regent will bo petitioned to call
an extraordinary session of tho su
premo council at an early date to take
Defense. Closes Its Argument
Today and Case Goes to
Jury Tomorrow
Portland, Aug. 1. Attornoys for tho
dofonso will occupy tho ontlro day in
tholr closing arguments in tho land
fraud trial of Congressman William
son and his associates. Tho caso will
probably not roach tho jury beforo to
morrow afternoon.
of various quostions relating to wages
nnd conditions of labor la tho glovo
maklng Industry. Keports show tho or
ganization to bo in good condition. I
action on tho Toport.
ascll Sage Noar Nlnoty.
fork, Aug. 1. Desplto tho fact
plysiclans advised against Ma
Us jummer horao at LawTencd
'a I., Bussoll Sago today
Ha his cottngo on Lawronco
. Ho plans to stay a monthi
le insisted on coming to Manr
iinl returning nightly, physl-
. aim that ho would havo to
a the city If ho carod to llvo,
ge lias ignorod them, Tho
p nnaaclor will enter on" bis
Jar next Friday.
Eedata Wet Lands.
ob, Minn., Aug. 1. Tho Min-
wainago Leaeuo beiran its
here today with a largo
"Mauvo attendance. Tho
"M perfect Its organization
M ta best methods of drain-
Madreds of thousands of
mmp lands in tho northern
I' Minnesota.
a, inv, in uapt. Josppii juchard's
company, Col. Gill's rogimont, and
olght months, from May 11, 1780, in
Capt. Caleb Ohampnoy's company.
Damon entered tha servico as a
mlnuto man when about sixteen years
of a co. Ho was nearly 22 when his
lant recorded sorvjeos hm completed.
His period of intermittent enlistmont
covered a period of noarly flvo years
and sovon months. Tho irregular
troops of tho Continental arnw wore
assomblod and disbandod ns occasion
requirod, which oxplains his frequent
changos of ossignmont to companies
and rogimonts. Ho was noarly four
sooro yoars old whon ho was married
to Estlior Sumner, tho widow who
survives him.
Mrs. Damon has boon confined to hor
bed) for noarly a year, and has lost to
a great extent tno uso oi npr iimos.
With tho excoptlon of a slight deaf
ness, howovor, sho retains her faculties
romarkably. Last AprH hor ponslon
waa Increased by tho government to
$24 per month.
Moral Baco Mooting.
Logansport, Ind., Aug. 1. Owing to
tho attitude of Governor Hanly and the
stato authorities tho Gas Bolt circuit
Taco meeting which opened hero today
ia dovold of gambling and pool soiling.
A special Invitation has boon sont to
tho governor asking him to attend tho
mooting to seo how tightly the lid Is
kept down. Tho mooting will con
tinuo "throo days and from nil Indica
tions will prove successful.
Packing IIouso Fire. '
St. Joseph, Mo., Aug. 1. The beef
bode- in tho cattlo chuto of the Swift
Eoloaaod from Quarantine.
Now York, Aug. 1. All of tho Pro-
packing plant burned early this morn'- tus' passongcra detainod In quarantine
Ing; loss, $50,000. woro roleasod this morning.
A latfe stock of children's clothing to
be sacrificed at
Come early and get the pick
it Received Di
t Fom theFacr
The most complete line of
"Velvet Grip"
Hose Supporters
It00 h the city. Tho new "Pad Front" stylo produce tho propr
Kt front effAf . ......v j.i.... t .t-it.t. muil Tho "Yelvet
I 7tener i tho only satisfactory fastener on tho market. You
W them ... ....
- vu uBjr oiner maxo oi noso sunporior.
Two Boys in Los Angeles
Make Murderous Attack
on a Guard
Los Angeles, Aug. 1. In attemplng
to deliver SO inmates from the juvenile
dotontlon homo hero this morning two
bovu. Bvorott Burrett, aged 10, and
Clydo Gribbjo, aged 14, attacked Ma
jor Oliver, the guard, and beat blin
over tho bead) with a hoavy chair. Oli
ver Is severely wounded. Tho boys
woro armed with revolvers. Tho matron
closed the Iron door's on tho boys, called
tho sheriff from his office across the
street, and, after a severe scuffle, the
disturbance waa quelled! Oliver's
scalp was torn nearly from Lis head.
St. Paul, Aug. l.-Unlcss Hill inter
feres personally 1000 tolegraph. opera
tors omployod on the Groat Northern
and Northern Pacific systems will strike
at 0 o'clock this ovonlng. Tho Northorn
today followed tho action of tho North
orn Paciflo Monday, requiring tho men
lo accept its torms or leavo its employ,
Perhan, president of tho Ordwr of Hall
way Tolographers, wired President El
liott and President Hill for o personal
conferonco, which if not granted will
result in a strike.
lv- r . Jir0mifh . swe
.v , ,
JJ our pries ,jght' pB iytxJ lUU in ths store, beeauie our
rf lnuli
Portland. Or., Aug. l.-H. S. Wallace,
head of tho Ccroperatlvo Obrisuan
Federation, announces that if ho ia ua-
abla to purchaso tho CorvaUia iast
ern. ho will buildi a railroad through
tha Willamette valley and into South
ern and Eastern Orogon.
Chicago Markets.
Chicago, Aug. 1.-September wneai
84 Vj
corn 52; oats, 27.
acts tnable us to undersell 'regular stores.
Like all Salem Git Is is better
tlian any otficr
The Spa,
382 Stato Street.
W- T. 8T0LZ. F. O. iUJrtata.
Russians Capture American Sailors and
Pnt Them In the Mines.
San Rafael, Cal., Aug. 1. Capt. Jar
rltt, of a San Francisco schooner, was
In the city yesterday making prepara
tions to send petitions to the authori
ties in Washington in bobalf of his
brother and four f rlondtj, who wore cap
tured by Russians in 1881, and exiled
for lifo to work in tho mint of Si
beria. In 1881 Benjamin Morso, Hoiv
ly A Long, Ohaa. Jerritt, Joe Redding
nnd Joe Smith, of this county, and two
other sailors from San Franelsoo and
Oakland shipped! on a sealing vessel
bound for Behrlng Sea. A year later
the wholo party was reported lost. Last
week a Russian exilo called upon Thoa.
Irwin, of Oloman, and informed him he
had escaped from tho Siberian nifties,
and that be was exiled with boys from!
this country. He promised! the sealing
party that if he reached California he
would look up Irwin. The Russian
states tho men were in the mine 23
years, and seldom see the light of day,
They were subject to all kinds of cruel
Welcomed by AU OMciAls and Enter-
Uined by oOasol.
Nagasaki, Aug. 1. The etamer Man
churia arrived at 7 o'clock this morn
ing. Tho governor, mayor and other
officials went abo&rxi and extended of
ficial welcome to Secretary of War Taxi
and Miss Roosevelt,
Tho party buaded at 0 o'clock ajad
lunched at the American eoxwulate.
t Baso), Switsorlandy Aug. 1. Tho
split botwoon Uho territorial rJonlsta
and tho rJonists, over tho rojoction by
congress of tho Britieh offer of terri
tory for tho colonisation in East Af
rica, is coraploto. Tho torrltorlalists
havo founded a soparato organization
cnllod tho National Jewish Territorial-
1st Longua. Thirty of tho former dolo-
gatos and .300 spectators ,havo..allIed
tlhomsolves, and aro now holding meet
ings in a hall adjjacont to tho original
Steamer Spokane Llsta at SeatUo and
May Go to Bottom.
Seattle, Aug. 1. Pacific Coast Steam
ship Company's stoamer Bpokano is
sinking at tho foot of Dearborn atreot
and, unless sho is towod to drydock
within tho next two hours, sho will go
to tho bottom.
Tho vossol was taking on coal, whon
sho suddenly listod to hor port side
and the wator rushed: In through an
open seacock. ThoSpoT5Jnearrlved in
Port yesterday from Southeastern Alas
Tho steamer OHy of Topeka eank un
der similar circumstances about a year
Dr. Robert Stuart McArthur
Rills Down and Worships
Springfield, 111., Aug. 1. Gov. JLa
Follotto'a violent attack on Rookofol-
lcr boforo tho Baptist Chautauqua
hero todays caused Dr. Robert Stuart
MoArthur, of Now York, to proporo a
resolution for adoption, deploring La
Follotto's speech, disclaiming responsi
bility on tho part of tho assembly, and
stntlng that "when Rockefeller's crit
ics aro dead, Ids namo will bo honored
as a man of itranscondont genius, a hu
manitarian, a churchmnn and tho world
will como to boo that tho lendora of now
forma of business in tho endeavor arena
aro tho benefactors of tho human
About That Bennington Explosion.
San Dlogo, Oalr, Aug, 1. Tho naval
board of Inniry in tho Bennington dis
notor is now in secret session on board
tho cruiser Chicago, It Is ropoitod
tho board liaa boforo it for examina
tion tho safoty valvo of tho boiler
which exploded. A story ia curront
that it was rusted fast, nnd would not
havo blown off at a prenuro of S00
pounds. It Wns sot to blow off at 140
pounds. Thero were no now deaths today.
Millionaire Arrested.
Paris, Aug. 1. II is reported that
Juluseotf who lost 16,000,000 franca in
tho sugar panic, has been arrostod, ow
ing to circumstances connected wltli
tho financial crisis.
Tho Boycott Bugaboo.
Washington-, D. O,, Aug. 1. Consul
Harris, of Nagasaki, cables that tho
Ohinoso merchants tliCTo havo decided
.to co;Qporato with Shanghai and other
cities in boycotting American goods.
Taka Over Sakhallon.
Tofcio, Japan, Aug. 1. Military ad
ministration over all of Sakhallon
Island waa proclaimed July 30th,
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