Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, July 06, 1905, LAST EDITION, Page 2, Image 2

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MAY, 1004, 13,287.
Woep Not for Salem.
This 1b tho livo city of tUo Wlllom.
wtto volloy.
Tlio Journal Saturday will publish a
HaTgo frco edition for distribution at
Jtho Lewis and Olarko fair.
T3alem and Marlon county, and tho
tadjoialng countlos of Polk nnd Yam
IHI1 turo tho Pnradiso of Orogon.
'HOrey havo tho finest crops, tho prot
ttiest KTomnii, and brainiost men and
tUo ibest cities and towns on tho Pa
dfio coast.
OCn tho midst of this Paradise sits Sa
fltm, tho capital of Orogon. In
spite of somo drawback, that tlmn
my will removo this city grows nnd
A city that can on throe-days' notico
tpA up a Fourth of July colobration
wSth flvo thousand pooplo on tho
artroots and ovorybody happy, and woll
wjntcrialnod is nllvo and getting moro
truth nnd prlnciplo tnat underlies- all
government and all human relations
Why not sot tho mills of criticism to
grinding out and nscertain if possible
tho' Historical Basis" for all tho kinds
of theology in tho world! Why attack
tho historical validity of a book mani
festly not considered a mere record of
historical evontst
Tho Blblo will stand tho light of
higher criticism MUCH BETTER
only danger lios in attempting to in
terpret tho Blblo from tho etandpolnt
of a materialistic basis of criticism,
whon "tho things of tho spirit are ap
prehended by the spirit,"' according
to Paul.
Publicity to Hangings.
Thero is no donying that too much
publicity has boon given to oxocutions.
Thin nnont tho hanging sot for noxt
Tho passngo of n law that ouch ad
ministrations of tho death ponalty ehall
Aalce plaeo insldo tho prison wall was a
wtep la the right direction.
But aftor that has boon dono it is
till better to havo tho death ponalty
CT into effect with as llttlo of tho son
national as possible
It Is not tho highest complimqnt to
txmz civilization that wo must tako
wnmy human lifo to satisfy tho demands
ilf law nnd justice.
Hut whllo this concession to Impor-
Sect ooir,l conditions must bo mndo
d It bo stripped of the oxpanslvo do-
,k flails as fur in public safoty will por-
.unit. .
It '. to bo hoped that tho attondanco
ff M tirrttVll nrifl tlm maltltrtAi Inn e$ 1nai
'xtatomonts, nnd conversations with tho
2rlaonor will bo reduced to a mini
axvavcL !'l5?l
A Jocent rospect for tho living should
Reform In tho Schools.
Tho offort of Chairman Condlt, of tho
Salem school board to mako tho city
superintendent moro directly account
able to tho board is a propor ono, nnd
should bo adhered to Tho resolution
requires tho city suporintondont to
mako a monthly roport to tho board
of bis own work nnd how his timo !j
expended, and alio to makj rccommoa
tin) Ions to tho bot-rd. If proporly on
forced by tho board and llvod up to by
tho" city suporintondont, this cannot
but accomplish groat good. It is plain to
bo seen, howpvir, that such nn order
wctil I be used by mombori of tho board
at smo futuro .'me to harass tho city
superintendent, if they werj so dls-
p. fed.
In tho interest of tho Salem schools,
wli'ch should hcroaftor bo numbered
among tho host on tho Plflc coast, it
is it bo hoped nothing of this klod
will ovor devo'ep. and, in fact, tho
i-eiii iiurposo of this resolution must bo
tc o'iminato perror.nl rl.'Fcroncos. Tho
prop'o of this school district, nnd moro
particularly tho school board aro on
titled to tho fullest knowlodgo of tho
wo k bolng dono in our schools, nnd
this mothod hns a wholosomo tondency
In thnt diroctlon. Whilo it may plnco
a llttlo moro work on tho shouldors of
tho city suporintondont, this monthly
repot t also affords that official an op
portunity to bo hotter understood nnd
protect himself with tho bonrd and
tho patrons of tho district. In tho in
terest of good schools, lot us nil hopo
that this now reform will work out for
II' o best.
Reinlniscenses of Pioneers on
Road Incidents of Two
Fast Rides
Tax tho Express Companies.
How tho Oregon leglslnturo con havo
ovorlookod (ho cxpross companies all
snuru thorn thoso dotails of misfortuno J theso years in Oregon is a mystery.
Sn Its last oxtromlty. It may nt times Thoy havo no passes to glvo out to
bo kind to bo cruel, but In this In
tstanco it is n klndiioss to nil con
deemed to omit tho cruel details that
ttend any execution.
Tho officers of tho law, tho oMcors
head off legislation.
Thoy havo escaped nlmost entlroly.
Businos9 luon who aro roadors of tho
Atlnntlo Monthly will bo particularly
interested in tho opening ortlclo of tho
of tho prlsou, nnd momburs of tho con- July numbor. It has to do with tho
demnod man's family, nro really nil rotations of tho oxprcss companies to
'who nro entitled to bo prosont. This tho railroads nnd to tho public. Its
aiowspnpor will cortnlnly try to sot n
mew pneo In reporting such ovonts us
lOxiefly att possible.
Criticism of tho Blblo.
Tho press roports toll of 101 clergy
min of tho Church of Kuglnnd send
ing out a circular for tho starting of n
mow enwado for THE "HIGHER
In response to their action ovor 1700
clergymen of tho snino church havo
algncd u document asking for tho ap
plication of tho so called historical
linols to tho interpretation of'tho Holy
Tho "higher criticism," it Is alloged
Mas nlroady boon oppliod 'with' ad
vantage to faith" to tho Old Testa
meat, and it is now askod to bo applied
ito tho Now Tostamont.
Tho declaration of thoso clorgymon
Announces in ndvanco that whntover
may bo tho issuo of tho criticism tho
faith of tho church will stand un
It would scorn that in matters of
tfalth only tho highest understanding
hould bo appealed to iu ordor to mako
clearer tho basts of fuith, nnd tho moro
suro tho foundation for tho npprchen
elan of spiritual truth,
"Tho historical basis" has not yet
boon successfully applied to sottllug
the problems Of history, nnd tho sal
ivation of souls in not dopondont on
knowing what kiud of clothos tho
Saviour wore, nor tho color of his hair.
Tho historical basis of criticism can
never bo successfully oppliod to tho
exposition of tho Scripturos, which
record tho atrugglo of humanity to got
.rtiold of spiritual truth, or tho only
nlm is to sot forth tho reasons for tho
wldo-sprond demand for greater public
ity in tho transactions of thoso com
panies. Tho nrtlclo is . writton by
Prank Ilnlgh Dixon, nn axpert on trans
portation problems.
Tho noxt logisjaturo should soo to it
that thoy pay for tho privilege of do
ing n prlncoly business in Oregon.
But will tho pcoplo bo foolish enough
to lonvo so just nnd Important matter
to tho altogothor too oaslly corrupted
Tho initiative and referendum is
tho only weapon by which thoso tax
gathering machines can bo reached.
$100 Reward, $100.
Tho readers of this paper will bo
pleased to loarn that there is at loast
ono dreaded dlsoaso that sclonco has
boon able to euro in all its stages, and
that is Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh Curo
is tho only positive curo now known to
tho modical fraternity. Catarrh bolng
n constitutional dlsoaso, requiros a con
stitutional treatment. Hall's Catarrh
Curo is takon internally, acting dl
roctly upon tho blood and mucous sur
faces of tho system, thoreby destroying
tho foundation of tho djsoaso, and giv
ing tho patient strength by building up
tho constitution and assisting naturo
in doing its work, Tho proprietors
havo so much faith in its curatlvo pow
ers that thoy offor Oho Hundrod Dol
lars for any caso that it fails to curo.
Send for list of testimonials. Address:
F. J, Chouoy & Co., Toledo, 0.
Sold by druggists, 76c.
Tuko Hall's Family Pills for con
In our Savings Bank Dopnrtmout. Intorest computod nt 3
por cout, compounded somi-ammftlly.
Amount Bated
S oenu per dr -
10 cuu per ilr .
33 oenu per dr ----W
oenu per ty
si.W per 0jr
a jer
f MS1
06 0
t 809 21
413 43
1044 0
4134 S3
90 yr.
Deposits Qf Ono Dollar or wore caw H aide at gy tlac
Members of tho Early Settlors' asso
ciation of Missouri, who, with n party
of city officials from Kansas City, havo
rocontly boon attempting to Iocnto tho
original routo of tho Santa Fo trail,
which is to bo marked, soom to havo
sottled tho location of tho road as far
ns tho old Harris- houso at Wcstport,
Among tho older mon of tho party on
tho trail tho other day an odd bit of
history enmo out, says tho Kansan City
Star. When Wcstport becamo a flour
ishing town it felt tho need of a moro
convenient routo to tho river landing,
so a rock road" was built roachlng as
far into Kansas City as Twelfth street.
In thoso days Kanmis City had about
tho samo rolatlon to Wcstport thnt In
dopendonco now holds to Kansas City,
oxcept that tho Wootport merchants
had to como to Kansas City to get
tholr frolghf. So tho big town built
tho road, a sort of toll rood, running
mostly on tho west side of tho old San
ta Fo troll.
Tho trail 'was not at all cosy for
spoody traveling, but S. 0. Ragan took
a swift trip ovsr it onco. llo was driv
ing threo yoko of oxon down tho hill
north from Twonty-olghth street when
lightning struck a troo just behind tho
wagon. Tho oxen ran all tho way to
Konsns City as fast as bIx frlghtonod
cattlo could run.
J. S. Chick told of a llttlo fast riding
ho did in his timo on tho trail boyond
Westport. Ho foil in with four Moxi
enna who had mules to soil, or said thoy
hod. "They woro drinking somo of
tholr Moxlcan drinks," ho said, "and
wnntcrt mo to drink with them. I ob-l
"Not to a llttlo whisky?" W. It.
Bernard suggested.
''I did not say I objectod to n llttlo
wmsky. i ma object to tnking tholr
Moxlenn drink with them whon I was
already sunrHoious of them.
"Tho mules woro supposed to bo out
on tho trail n fow miles In Knnsa.
Wo sot out to And thorn. Thoy woro
not wltero tho Mexicans first said thoy
woro, but thoy said wo would And
thorn n fow miles farther away. Then
thoy rodo two in front of mo nnd two
bohind. It wns nn uncomfortablo
placo for mo. Thoy know I had monoy
to buy mulos with. I thought I know
thoy woro thieves and cut throats, nnd
I soon lost interest in tholr mulo story
flouring on how to lonvo thorn bohind.
I finally got a ohunco nnd started my
horse on a run to a Gottlomont near. I
soon dlstnucod the Mexicans, nnd I
nevor saw tho mules, I don't know of
nuy ono olso that over did."
It is n curious fact that war has boon
n factor in tho making of Kansas City.
It was tho wnr botwoon Toxns and
Moxico thnt mado tho Santa Fo trail.
Commerce with Moxico was carried on
by shlpti across tho gulf of Moxico un
til that war. Then Texas put Out some
privateers that mado tho trudo danger
ous, and it was started ovorland by ox
teams. Goods woro sent by way of
Kansas City and Santa Fo Into contral
Moxico, kcoplng too far west and north
for tho Toxans to do any damage. Af
terward when tho United States took
up tho war tho trddo contlnuod to go
overland, and to this day goods nro
shipped to Moxico through Kansas
Every ono knows that tho civil war
and tho troubles that followed sent tho
Toxns cattlo trado into Kansas City
territory instead of east by water or
across Louisiana, nnd every foreign
war strengthens tho Kansas City mulo
market as well ns tho flour and moat
trade. J. S. Chiok saidhat it was tho
war botwoen Texas nnd Mexico that
mado the Santa Fo trail nnd laid tho
foundation for tho city that has helped
to outfit or provision every wnr that
has boon fought slnco in oWry part of
tho globe.
"Tho party of city officials and
members of tho Early Settlers associ
ation who attempted to locate tho old
Santa Fo trull tho other day came
pretty near tho original routo, as I ro
momber it," said James Huutor, Mr.
Hunter is a notary in Wcstport, whore
ho has lived continuously for many
"I camo to what is uow ostport
with my father in 1834," said Mr.
Hunt or. "I was then eight years old,
and wo bad rcmovod from a farm noar
Independence, whoro wo settled whon
wo camo from Kontusky. I grow up
and wont to school in tho first log
sohool houso near a, spring about a
quarter of a mllo from what Is now
tho Wormall road. When J. 0.
McCoy laid outthe town of Westport
ho told my father ho would glvo him a
lot at what is now tho southwest corner
of Shnwnco strcot and Wcstport avenuo
if ho would start a storo there. My
father built tho storo on tho ground,
and wo ran it togother until 1850.
"From 1850 until tho timo of tho
wnr 500 wngons a day went ovor this
trail from May until Juno. Going out
of Wcstport tho ilrst camp on tho trail
was just beyond tho old Wornoll home
stead, noar Indian crcok. Tho oxact
routo of tho trail may bo a matter for
porsonol rocollcctlon, but wo can never
differ as to tho location of tho watering
places on tho trail. I can namo today
all tho watorlng places botwoen horo
Kansas City nnd Council Bluffs. This
was tho last settlement- in tho days of
tho wagon trains until Fort Union was
Lowia and Clark Edition Saturday.
Tho Dally Capital Journal Saturday
will bo at least 16 pages, and will bo
dovotod largely to showing up tho in
dustries and resources of Salem, tho
Flower City of tho Western Orogon
Paradise. Thoro will bo press work
dono Friday night and all day Satur-
Marlon county headquarters of tho
Portland exposition. Got. In your best
thoughts about our city and surround
ing country, nnd lot us show tho world
that wo aro olive.
Steam Gives Out in Automo'
bile on Heavy Grade,
and It Upsets
Tho past wook has boen favoraU,
for normal growth, notwlthstandiqg jt
uvoroged cooler than usual. Haying is
now general, and, although consider
ablo hay was cut and lying ltt .
fields when tho rains of ut
early part of tho wook occurred,
no groat damago ensued, nnt! tho hit
Mrs. John II. Albert was seriously ,' r--" - - ."....y n(!aTj
injured in an automobile accident last,""" "l """ 1y. U when
evening. It happened just across tho uo to, fl" " 7 t. ham
bridge In Polk county, nnd, whllo Mrs. j bp'" ln nbou- tea days or lw
Albert's injuries are serious nnd pain-1 - FnS dlwaees and Insect
ft.1. it is not thouoht that they aro,l,cstB nro moro t'oubleeome than usual
, - ,
at this season of tho year. 8prla
whoot in portions of tho Willnmotti
dangorous. Sho will bo confined to her
Mr. nnd Mrs. John II. Albert" nnd vlloy ,ls ln'"Jf pMi,b,l
Mrs. Harry G. Albert were out riding tlso " condition is promising.
yesterday ovening, nnd in ordor to "" '"" - " ungat,
test a now hill-cllmbing apparatus h'ch la causinff muc1 "PPrchcnslon
which Mr. Albert had just put on his "U"V " i'H w. orn, gar.
machine, thoy started up tho side rood donf' Potn'oc "Ins and sugar
j .... .... .. ... iiiiulh cuuLiaun iininir wnn. Mnnw u.
a t. ..i - i -ii.i- which leads irom tho wa laco roan un . . . ""
uujn u KUk uui, nu migu uu muuim jur - nro reported in tho hop yards, osnedil.
fro cdistrlbutlon nt tho Oregon and,t? tho old abandoned rock quarry P ' J
aDouc nair a nmo west oi mo uig - -
bridge. When nearly up tho hill tho tom and, P"Potlons for oxtcnslr.
steam gnve out, tho machine stopped, 'P1" havo bcon, modo wh ffl
and began to back down tho hill. Ko- bo put in operation If tho present warn,
nlizlng his danger at onco, Mr. Albert nnd htlht wcathor doos not causo their
tried to throw on tho emergency brake,' ""PPonranee. Berries aro plentiful,
but this would not work. As tho ma-,nnd othor fruIt haa mado satisfactory.
Two words. Schi'Sitig
Best; and one more that i?
moneyback stand for the best
in trade: bjst goods and best
Tur gmm' t noniyback. .
A Pleasant Way to Travel.
Tho abovo is tho usual verdict of
tho traveler using tho Missouri Pnclflo
railway botwoon tho Pacific coast and
tho oasf, and wo bollovo that tho sorv
ico and accommodations given merit
this statemont. From Denver, Colora
do Springs nnd Denver thoro aro two
through trains dally to Kansas City
and St. Louis, carrying Pullman's lat
est standard eloctrlc-lightod sleeping
cars, chair cars and up-to-dato dining
cars. Tho samo excellent servlco is
operntod from Kansas City and St.
Louis to Memphis, Llttlo Bock and Hot
uprings. xi you nro going oast or
south, writo for.partlculars and full in
W. O. M'BBIDE, Gen. Agt.,
12-1 Third St.. Portland, Oro.
ehlno wns gaining velocity ovory in
stant, and as tho road was very nar
row, ho decided to etccr it so that it
would back up on tho uphill sldo of tho
road, and thus stop. It was going too
fast, howovcr, and, instead of stopping,
mounted tho embankment, rolled over
on its sldo and throw tho occupants out
into tho rook road. Mr. Albert and
Mrs. Harry Albert escaped without in
jury, but tho eldorly lady received a
fracturo of tho collar bono, lowor jaw,
and threo ribs, besides numorous bruis
es and injuries.
Tho accident happonod nbout 8 o'clock
and a cab was immediately summoned
from tho city, nnd Mrs. Albort wns
removed to hor uomo as quickly as pos
sible, whoro modical asslstanco wns
summoned. Although her injuries nro
painful, sho spent a surprisingly easy
night, and her physicians nro very hopo
fill. Mrs. Albert is nbout GO years of
ago, and has been in very dollcnto
health for a long timo. That sho es
caped from Instant death is miraculous.
For Infants and Children.
Tho Kind You Have Always Bought
Boars tho
Excursion Bates.
During tho Lewis and Clark Exposi
tion tho O. 0. T. Co. will mako a rate
of 75 cents to Portland, round trip $L
Tickots good for 10 days. Boats Joav
lng daily.
Greatly ln Domand.
Nothing Is moro In. domand than n
modicino which meets modorn requiro
monts for a blood nnd systom cleanser,
such ns Dr. King's Now Llfo Pills. They
aro just what you need to curo stomach
and ltvor troublos. Try thorn. At J. C.
Perry's drug store, 20c, guaranteed.
O j3u J3 3? O Usi. zz j:...
Dean ths rf 1 1 11 Yol llWAh:w B03jl)t
Whon you buy Salem flour you art
nssurod of uniformity tho enmo this
week, noxt weok or noxt month as that
you purchased a weok, month or year'
ngo-unloss, possibly, it's chnngod on!r!
to bettor its quality, for wo'ro alwayr
on tho nlort to improvo our produetj
Anyway tho Salem brand is always in
tho lead of good flours.
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of Something
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as repro-
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