Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, February 13, 1904, Page SEVEN, Image 7

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Through the Anrlval of Timely Aid
She Escapes' From the Terrors
of a Prolonged Siege.
Cortaln encounters with physical
Ills rosomblo vory closely tho terror
of an attack of ravenous beasts, whlgh
crowd around tholr victim In a grad
ually narrowing clrclo. filling him
with a prolonged dread of cortaln de
struction In the end.
Tho Itov. W. A. Donton, of GIrard,
Crawford county, Kansas, tolls tho
following story of a harrowing expo
rlonco of ono of thoL members of his
family: "My wlfo," he says, "was
nssallcd for fifteen years by a combi
nation of ailments following tho birth
of our first child. Fomalo weakness,
rhoumatlsm, dropsical tendencies, In
digestion, torpid liver, nervousness,
Insomnia and Irregularity of tho
heart action woro among them. Tho
food sha nto fermented In her stom
ach, 8ho had frequent dizzy spoils,
her limbs wero swollen, hor norves
woro quite shattorcd and sho was
many times on tho verge of heart
"Physicians' gave her only tempora
ry rollof. Hor youngest sister had
UBod Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for
Palo Peoplo with benefit for stomach
difficulty. My brother-in-law had
found thorn helpful for heart troublo
and several nolghbors had given fa
vorablo roports about them, finally
my wlfo was Induced to try thom.
Sho oxporloncod Improvement almost
at onco and continued to uso them.
Thoy rollovod her sleoplossnoss, tho
smothoring sonsatlons havo disap
peared and havo not annoyed hor for
years. Thoy freed her from stomach
troublo and tho dropsical tondoncy
was mitigated. Tho. process of tho
tho rhoumntlctc affection, which had
begun to mnko hor Angora crooked,
was stayed and tho pain was banish
od. In ovory respoct thoy gavo her
moro holp than any other remedy sho
had ovor used, and sho is today la
hotter hoalth than for many yeara
"Dr. Williams' Pink Pills havo
earnpd our full confidence. Thoy are
our staple household remedy, and I
am In tho habit of recommending
thom to nil who suffer from troublo
llko those which affected my wlfo."
AH tho olomonts necessary to glvo
now llfo and rlchnoss to tho blood
and rostoro shattorcd nerves aro con
tained In a condensed form In Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills for Palo People.
Thoy aro also a specific for troubles
peculiar to fomnlos, such as suppres
sion, Irrogularltlos and all forms ofj
weakness. Thoy build up tho blood
and rostoro tlie glow ' of hoalth to
palo and sallow chooks. In men thoy
effect a radical euro In all cases aris
ing from montal strain, overwork or
oxcossos of whatever nature. Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills aro sold In boxos
(novor n bulk) at fifty cents a box
or six boxes for two dollars and fifty
contB, and may bo had of all druggists
or direct by -mall from Dr. Williams
Modlclno Company, Schonectady,
N. Y.
Became Known to the World Through
the Sale of Loot
(William E. Curtis' Luxor Letter in
Chicago Recdrd-Horald.)
. Several years ago a numbor of val
uable and Important rollcs of ancient
Egypt suddenly and mysteriously ap
peared In tho curio market. Several
tourists brought to tho museum at
Cairo, to tho Drltlsh muBoumiiln Lon
don and othor institutions remarkablo
"finds" which thoy purchased from
dealors and street peddlors at Luxor.
"IU , J,., ' , mmmm ff
Field Peas
The great hog feed. Very
short crop last season; better
buy what you need now, while
you can secure them.
The finest hay crop produced T
In the valley. You will find
our prices right
We make a specialty of farm '
seeds, and would be pleased to )
quote you prices on anything ) )
In our line.
i!D. A. White
& Son
Feedmen and Seedsmen ;
; 301 Com'l St, Phone 1781;
Tlin mnMAH . - ..
- ...... m u reported rrom one
museum to another and become, tho
subject of gossip among archaeolo
gists and collectors, and finally came
10 me attention of the Egyptian au
thorltles, who, after a brief Inm.irv
becamo convinced that tombs of tho
mnraons, unknown to professional
archaeologists, had been discovered
and wero being rifled by Arab van
dals. Tho police took up tho case and
Boon developed a most astonishing
chain of circumstances.
It appeared' that an Arab grave
,uu' vmg among tho nuns of
ineues, discovered- tho tomb of a roy
al porsonago and rovealed tho secret
to his two brothers nnd ono of his
sons, who assisted him In securing
such portion of Its contents as could
be taken away without detection and
sold to chanco tourists. From time
to tlmo tho lucky discoverers of this
"mo or wealth replenished their
stores by midnight visits. Among
tho articles found wero writings on
i'iFiuB, Bcaraos and ornaments of
goia and sllvor, and other things usu
ally found In tombs, which threw now
bui. upon certain dark corners of
Egyptian history, and It was proved
that tho thieves had revealed a verl
tablo musoum of antiquities. When
this knowledgo finally camo to tho
government a thorough exploration
was mado under the" direction of tho
director of antiquities. Excavations
disclosed 21 tombs cut out of a rocky
hlllsldo containing tho bodies of 12
kings and 27 other membors of tho
royal families of Egypt from tho sev
enteenth to tho twenty-first dynasties,
who had been burled between 1900
and 1000 D. C.
It was tho most sensational and
tho most valuablo discovery ovor
maao in Egypt, and you may Imag
ino tho gratification that was folt
upon unrolling tho first mummy to
find that is was tho body of Ramos
es II, tho greatest of all tho Egyptian
omporors. Among others woro his
fathor, Soti I, his grandfather, Ha
moses I, and his grandson, Rnmosos
These tombs, which aro' tho most
wondorful In all tho worliil worn
chiseled out of tho granlto mountains
in a natural amphitheater at tho ond
of a narrow gorge about four miles
from tho Nile. Somo of them nro
reached by long staircases descend
ing Into tho earth from CO to 100
feet, and then extending llko tho tun
nel of a mlno, a dlstanco of from 300
to 400 and GOOO feet, with chambers
for tho reception of presents and of
forlngs. temples for worship and
apartmonts for tho burial of tho- othor
members of tho royal families and
their favorlto servants. Othor tombs
aro reached by lncllnod planes nnd
all of thom aro cut out of tho solid
granlto and Includo chambors, shafts,
tunnels nnd crosn tunnols that must
havo Involved tho labor of thousands
of men for Bcoros of years. No such
rock work can bo found olsowhoro.
And In each of tho tombs woro his
torical and archaologlcal treasures
beyond comparison, for, as you know
whon tho Egyptians buried their dead
thoy provided thom with whatovor
thoy might need in tho othor world;
woro accustomed to worship their
kings aftor death, and bring thom
trlbuto and oblations from tlmo to
tlmo, which woro stored or placed on
oxhlbltlon In tho chambers which I
havo described.
F. E. B.
Wo heard a man Bay tho other
morning that tho abrovlatlon for
Fobruary Fob. means freeze every
body, and that man looked frozen in
his Ulster. It was apparent that ho
needed the kind of warmth that stays,
tho warmth that roaches from head
to foot, all ovor tho body. Wo could
havo told him from personal knowl
edgo that Hood's Sarsaparllla gives
permanent warmth, it Invigorates tho
blood and speeds It along through ar
tery and vein, and really fits men and
woraon, boys and girls, to onjoy cold
weathor and resist tho attacks of dis
ease. It gives tho right kind of
warmth, stimulates and. strengthens
at the samo tjmo, and all Its bene
fits aro lasting, Thero may bo a sug
gestion la this for you.
Sure Cure for Piles.
Itching Piles produce moisture and
cause Itching, this form as woll as
Bllng. Bleeding or Protruding Piles
are cured by Dr. Bo-san-ko's Pile
Remedy. Stops Itching and bleeding.
Absorbs tumors. 50c a Jar at drug
gists, or sent by mail. Treaties free.
Write mo about your caso. Dr. Bo
sanko, Phlla., Pa.
Jlmmle Hlcksl
Do yoa know him? Com to the
Model Restaurant Try It once. Open
till 1 a, nx, Court street near opera
house. tiur-Mt-tf
For Infant and Children.
ThaKy YoisHsve Always-Bouhl
Beam the
Signature of
An Interesting article which recent
ly appeared In tho Washington Post,
was entitled "History Repeats Itsolf
Aftor Two Decades." It mado a com
parison of tho political history and
progress of Prosldont Arthur and
President Roosovolt, saying:
"In June, 1880, an Ohio man, James
A. Garfield, who had boon conspicu
ous la tho lowor house of congress,
waanomlnated by tho Republicans
forfcSjPrfesldont A Now York man,
ChfiBlor ' A. Arthur, was nominated
for vice prosldont. Soon aftor his in
auguration! Prosldont Garilold was
assassinated. Vlco-Prosldont Arthur
became Prosldont. Prosldont Arthur
soon had to deal With corruption" In
tho postal eorvlco. Discord arose
among tho Republicans of Now York
state. Prosldont Arthur mado no se
cret of tho fact thai ho desired tho
nomination m 1884. President Ar
thur had tho support of tho New
York leaders. Tho convention of
1884 was callfd to meet at Chicago
In June. Tho situation In Now York
state gavo concorn to .tho Republican
loaders. Tho Democrats wont to Now
York state for tholr Presidential can
didate. President Arthur was de
feated for tho Republican nomination.
In Juno 1900, an Ohio mau, Wiljlam
McKlnloy,' who had boon conspicuous
In tho lowor liouso of congress, wns
nominated by tho Republicans for
Presldont A Now York man, Theo
dore Roosovolt, was nominated for
vlco president Soon after his Inaug
uration, Prosldont McKlnloy was as
sassinated. Vlco-Prosldont Roosovolt
soon had to deal with corruption in
tho postal service. Discord nroso
among tho Republicans of Now York
state. Prosldont Roosevelt has mad'o
no socrot of tho fact that ho doslros
Uio nomination In 1904. Prosldont
Roosovolt has tho support of tho Now
York lenders. The convention of
1904 1ms been called to moot nt Chi
cago In June. Tho situation In Now
York gives concorn to tho Republican
leaders. Tho Democrats aro looking
to Now York stato for tholr Presi
dential candidate. Will Prosldont
Roosovolt bo defeated for tho Repub
lican nomination?" Reno Journal.
Hfi-Hsvonj iaiiaiaiiciaia-
$ The Contrast
In tho linen wo laundor and
that dono by others Is all In
our favor. Wo havo an up-to-dato
equipment, and do up-to-
9 rinto work. Wn tnltn Hnivlnl
pains with all the work wo do
This Is all for your bonoflt, ns
you will approclato If you send
your llnon hero. Wo call for
and dollvor.
? Salem Steam Laundry
Colonel J. Olmsted, Prop.
Dorous D. OlmBtod, Man.
Phono 411 230 Llborty St. $
4BfH)lIPItfrH04 &
i i Garden
i i Seeds
If you want to got Boods that
will grow, Beloct from
The Largest Stock
The Purest Stock
The Best Selected Stock
in tho valley, and romombdr
tho only seeds wo carry aro
A handsomo illustrated cat
aloguo sent freo by mall on re
quost '
j Savage & Fletcher f
Dealers In
322-324 Commercial Street
44-l t i af4-e44MW'
"White Plymouth Rocks
C. F. Ruef, Prop.
Betting of 1G eggs 1,50. Breedr of
pure stock 'White Plymouth Rooks ex
oluslvely. They are good layers and
seldom set Salem, Or. l-JS-lm
JPmIV rt)z- i sflsk
1 1 m i e 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 i 1 1 1 ii 1 1 1 1 i-t
(From Editorial In the Sunday, January 17, Orcgonlan.) '
"The Salem Capital Journal has Inaugurated a scheme by which It proposes to give away to Its subscrlb- ;
ers a $150 diamond, absolutely free. The plan requires, the payment cf a dollar on subscription, which en- ;
titles the -subscriber to a gueso as to an unknown- number. The perion lucky enough to guess closest to ;
the right number Is entitled to the diamond."
-t-H-H 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 I H 1
The' Opportunity to Get a,Fee
Ring Extended to AH. Old
Beautiful Fitst Water Stone Set in a Tiffany Gold Ring
Given Away as An Expression of Good Will To
ward Subscribers
You Choice of 975 Numbers, AnyOne of Which May Be
the Unknown Number That Gets the Glittering Diamond
.No Possibility of Any Oooked Wotk.
It Is loss than a month slnco Tho Journal's diamond guessing contost
was launched, and already ovor hnlfof tho subscriptions undor tho plan
havo been disposed of. Every poiBon who has paid a dollar subscrlp,
tlon slnco January 11th has rocolvtd a guessing rocolpt which onUUo
tho holdor to ono guoss on tho urknown number, and all guostjora ox
press satisfaction at tho opportunity and tho mannor in which tho con
test Is bolng conducted.
All nro growing moro and moro anxious to havo tho fortunato day
arrive Every porBon who has only ono guoss sooraa to throb with
that samo fooling of anxloty as tho ones who havo In moro, and, in
fact, their ono guoss Is just as good ns though It woro accompanied by
a dozen moro. , '
Scvoral parties havo mado their guosses by drawings throo figures
from a sot Just as tho unknown
ivfi; ivr imiu ti.vii tuiibiiuiuua u..
It Is realized what a multitude, of numberu aro posslblo from such
combinations ovon this process cannot lnsuro success. Tho plain fact
Is that ovory gucssor Is on absolutely the- samo ground, for thoro can
bo no preferred class and no favored fow. Tho absolute equality and
falrnoss of tho proposition Is what pleases ovory participant in tho
As a result of tho guessing contest subscriptions aro coming to Tho
Journal from many unexpected sources. Many porsons in and about
Salem, as woll as tho various towns of tho county, aro ordorlng, re
nowlng and extending thor subscriptions. All realize that Uioy will
moro than got Uiolr money's worth, besides a freo guess on tho olo
gant diamond ring. ' ' v
Ono of tho most memorablo guessing contests In tho history of this
country was that conducted by tho Frank Leslie publishing houso dur
ing Uio last Cleveland campaign In 1892. Thoy offorod a sorlos of
prlzos to tho persons who could guoss tho nearest to tho winning can
didate, and a young gentleman cf Marion county had tho honor of
carrying off tho $200 prize. Ho was nono othor than Allon Forward
tho young nttornoy of tills city, and, although tho guoss was recorded
In his fathor's name, tho lato Blair Forward, the young man mado tho
guess. Ho estimated Cleveland's plurality at 375,000 and his fathor
received a check for tho cash aftor ho returns had boon canvassed
Only ono otlior porson guessed anywhoro near that llguro, but ho was
not near onough to win tho prize Not nearly bo much Intorost war
taken In that contest In Salem as in tho ono now bolng conductod by
Tho 'Journal for tho ?1G0 diamond ring, and whon tho nowa camo of
tho winner 'being a Marlon county boy, It was gratifying to all his
frlonds. If you do not win The. Journal diamond yourself, somo of
your frlonds may, and that will bo noxt to getting It in your own
family. ,
How to Participate.
For oach receipt of ono dollar for
tho Dally or Wookly Journal, to any
addross, Uio porson to whom tho re
ceipt is lssuod, will bo given an op
portunity, absolutoly without cost, to
havo a guess at tho unknown numbor,
and tho porson or persons guessing
noarost that numbor will rocolvo as a
present and without any compensation
whatovor, and merely as an oxprosHlen
of good will on Uio part of Tho Journal
toward Its subscribers, the $160 dla-,
mond Tiffany ring advortlsed in this
paper and on exhibition at Uio Jowol
ry store of C. H. Hinges, 88 State
stroot, Salem, Oregon. Tho party
paying ono dollar or moro shall re
ceive a receipt for oach dollar paid,
and havo tho opportunity to guoaa a
different number for each such recolpt
held. No commission Is allowed to
any agent or solicitor for securing
subsoribere, and tho person bo eub
sorlblug does It with tho understand
ing that Uio Dally or Weokly Journal
Is accepted as payment in full for the
money paid.
Unknown Number How Prepared.
Tho unknown number that is to be
guessed was mado up in tho follow
ing manner. Tho ten numbers from
nought to nine wore put on separats
slips of paper and folded so as to be
unseen, and a committee of subscrib
r was asked to conduct th as-
1 1 1 1 n 1 1 n b m m m i e i-n
tin I 1 1 1 1 1 1 till I Ullilll III iH
numbor was drawn, and thus thoy
vv. t.iu .vituiww vuut uut TTUVll
sombllng of Uio ynknown number, furnishing Uio diamond, nor on the
This unknown numbor was forrood part of any subscriber. Tho receipts
at Tho Journal ofllco on Monday, Jari- for Uiis guosslng conteat will bo nunv
uary 11, 1904, in Uio following man- bored In duplicate, but tho stub will
ner: Tho ten numbors from naught bo 'only for tho purpose of identify
to nine, inclusiro, on aoparato slips of ing tho subscriber who is tho buccobb
papor, in small scaled envolopes woro ful guosoor each subscriber writing
placed In a box, shaken, and a tho guoss numbor on tho baok of hlu
blindfolded person in Uio proeonce of rocolpt oach ono making bis or hor
the commttteo drew out throo of own guoss at tho uuknown numbor.
thoie ton numbors, marking Uio first As boou as tho rocoIptB aro all sold
one, tho second two and Uio third
three In figures, and thoy wero thon
placed In a largo envolopo, sealed up
and placed with tho diamond on exhi
bition In Uio Jewolry store show win
dow each day during the guessing con
test, and will not bo oponod until
Uio contost is closed, when tho dia
mond will bo glyen to Uio nearest
gupssor. Tho unknown numbor. will
b formed by putting together Uio throe
numbers in Uio order as marked, ono,
two, three, on Uio envolopes in which
thoy aro contalnod. Tho unknown
number will not bo assembled until
the guessing contest is completed, and,1011 t0 hlr B"08 n tho w)m
publicly announced to subscriber., raannor' "f 0,l,ta w,n h mtt,,oJ
thom, and thoy can return tho sam,
The Number to Do Guessed At I with tholr guoss written oa the back.
There it l, Boalod up In an onvolope ,n a "alod onvelopo plainly marked
In tho window with the diamond, and "Journal Diamond Guessing Contot,"
there it will remain until Uio diamond ani thoy will bo deposited in tho box.
is given away to tho lucky guesser. Tho Iderod tin box will not bo cut
Written across the faco of a largo, Pn vaili nl1 tuo raoolpta in Uti
white enveloDe are the werds: "This B"oi contest are sold 975 r-
envelope contalus the unknown nunv
i m i h 1 1 it m 1 1 m 8 1 n 1 1-
- M - M 1 M I III M 1 1 I I I 1 1 1 1 1 l4
$J50 Diamond
and. New
bor in Tho Capital Journal Diamond
Quosslng Contest." This numbor wns
formed In oxact pursuanco of tho plan
advortlsed In Tho Journal, by a com
mittee of buslnoss men and Journal
subscribers, who camo. into tho office
Monday, Jnnunry 11. Following Is
tholr 8lgnod statcmont on oxhlbltlon
at Mr. Hinges' show windew:
The Unknown Number,
Wo, tho undersigned, wero present
at The Journal offtco January 11, and
assisted in tho forming of tho un
known numbor, accordlug to tho plan
publ,8noa t0 bo U80d m Tho Capltn,
Journal Diamond Queslng Contest
'Under Uio rules of forming tho nunv
hot, It Is lmposslblo for anyono, not
! oven 'tho membors of this committee,
I tho publishers of Tho Journal, no.
tho Jowolor who furnished tho ring
to know what the numbor is.
(Signed) N. J. JUDAII,
" J. O. GRAHAM, '
Limited Competition.
Tho numbor of recolpts iBsuod in
this contost will bo II ml tod to tho
numbor of guosses posslblo in tho
rango of Uio numbers botwoon 012
and 087, as tho unknown numbor must
bo composed of a flguro wllhtn thoso
limits Tho unknown numbor cannot
bo loss than 012 nor moro than 987.
To bo a porfootly harmless and in
nocont, and amusing gnosslng con
tost tho numbor to bo guoseod at
must bo and romaln absolutoly un
known. Thoro must bo no chanco
for any crookod work on Uio port of
Tho Journal publishers, of tho jowolor
, tho ruoaslne content will hn nvnr nnrf
tho nearest numbor awardod Uio dia
mond. How the Guesses Are Made.
On aocuring a recolpt for ono dol
lar or moro, tho person wishing to
guoss will writo bis . guoaa be
tween tho above numbors on
tho back of tho recolpt iu Ink or In
dollble pencil, writing only ono guess
on each receipt, and depositing the
" ,nTtho 8?ld"red t,u ox Irov,llod
T ,'""""""" UIUU ,ur " Pn
Subscribers out of town will bo al-
ceJPU ,ln all,