Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, December 28, 1903, Page TWO, Image 2

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1 Great Inventotv Sale
& gaaBHroEsgS33tnvaraisrcKaEgu
xlL jl
nation Sale 1
Ever hear of one?
Wo call it i Determination Sale because wo aro
determined to carry ovor no winter goods, if cut
priceB will raovo them. Profit is lost tight of, This
is your month you get the profits. ' Don't think
about this sale too loug wo can keep it going but
a short time.
A Thrifty Man's Opportunity
Cut prices on all suits and overcoats and we aro
determined, fully determined, that Winter wear
ables must go. Come, got your sharo of tho good
'11WW1 'ic9iaPW9:wfftTffaffi tffixznwi
will continue until Dec. 28. Of course you con stay from
this sale if you want to, but you will lose money if you do.
Note a few of our prices. Everything CUT.
ff$JO Stits ot Overcoats teduced to $ 7
J250 Stfits o Overcoats reduced to 8,
15.00 Suits o Overcoats teduced to 10.00
i 7.50 Suits ot Overcoats teduced to i 250
. 20.00 Suits of Overcoats teduced to J5.00
25.00 Suits or Overcoats reduced to J 6.50
RememBer you have the largest stock in Sa-
2 lem to select from. Don't miss this opportunity.
In solocttng appointive offlclals mon
should bo found who aro in sympathy
with tho spirit of progress as mani
fested by tho people.
With the problems of Greater Sa
lem to face, tho now administration
will be forced to use tho utmost econ
omy In every department
There wlil be no margin to raise
salaries above what waft paid tho past
year, if iho Republicans hopo to keop
within tllolr rovonues.
With twice the territory to govern
and police, (ho city cari'.rbt be run as
cheaply as If has bean the past year.
But the city will havo moro reven
ues than ever before, and it Is hope-1
It will be possible to accomplish
fonethlng for the new wards.
JLeIb iyl J& JLJL
257 Commercial St.
papers would not, if they had it In
I tin !r power, pass such n bill ns they
are saeutlli g lonrs over.
8crlppe Neyvo Aoooclatlon Telegrams.1 'The avsrege succoeaful politician,
(ln the Republican party or out of It
I would not antagonize tho gamblers foi
a momont "not on his llfo."
Dally Orw Year, H00 In Advance. The special effort of somo of thos
Dally Throo Months, $1.00 In Advance, nowspapers is to Impute tho dlsnp.
Dally by Carrier, 60 Conta Pep Month, penrance of the gambling bill tc
Wookiy One Yoar, $1.00 In Advance. President Brownoll, of the senate.
"" mmstanmammm I jn tno fnte 0( tna fnQt tnat jt wna
JOURNAL SPECIAL DELIVERY, last ltnown positively to be in the
Cno Wook $ .10 hands of Chlof Olork Jennings, thoy
One Month $.35 QiinrKe tho low to a man in whose
tAlttJirSmce: ,1'00 "'' ' I- o . that it ev.
At Dauo'e Qrocery, South 8alem. wa
At Boworsox Orocery, Yew Park. In no tourt of Justice would such
Asylum Avenuo Qrocery Store. ni-cuwlona be tolernUHl for a mo
Electric Grocery, East State 8t ment Ijut portInml nowBpn0 cnn
J (n tllB m,j,n0 what they please, and
L'l 1 1 4 II i 1 1 1 JiL'' ' '''" tlii public must swallow it.
rnwwjMKWfA. ' President, Itrownell Is ndmltted to
5y5g!f7 e nn uncom,uon'y nu'9' but nt saint-
jgg$ m , m m m ' Hk. politician. Ho may be consld
1 1 1 1 14-1 1 1 IW 1 1 1 1 I H-H-fr ere1 ng Bhnri, nmi trloky as they make
OREGON COMINO EVENTS. I Uut h, ,mg thU oom,mrnui0 morli
National., llvoatoclc, convention, over mid above tho hypoorltee and Uie
Portland, January 12-15. j Pharisees who are attnoklng him. he
Angora goat eho-y, Dallas, Jsvnu ailmlu thnt he la no better thnn any
nry 1415. j other common, ordinary, tricky poll-
Tho Weather. tlcjnn, morally speaking.
Tonight and Tuesday, cloudy to' Shujmw. he did steal the gambllm
imrtly cloudy, and moderately cogl. MH puttlug It In the worst form his
' ' I enemies dare aocua. him of doing?
LEGISLATIVE HYPOCRAsV, j Wh not Oi whole nnte guilty of
Some of the greet newspaper of moral turpitude by remaining In m
the atatc iuUIUhel oy pwinluent pal sluu for over IS hour, and not a
lUciana are giving im to the theft mother's son of Uiein. ever even cull
the gaud Hug bill. j Ing up the Will, which Uey knew had
The bill Hiiikliyc gambling -a state pnsMt tae IkhimT
prison efftM. paWMl the lower hotiM .
at Die ipwlrtl smmIuh of the leflslM
Hire, and UtOtt w stolen.
over the great fraud committed on
tho moral elements or this state, and
Prosldont Brownell Is as honost ae
any of thorn, and has a little margin
to his crodlt.
Are you in a mood for a short ser
mon this evening?
This dlscourso was ' pronchod by
Lant K. Snlsbury, ox-clty attorney of
Grand Rnplds, Mich. Salsbury con
fessed to having boon bribed by a cor
poration. His sormon with liiterpolnt'lons
"If a mnn has a blggor streak of
honesty in his make-up than ho has
dlshonosty, he feels there will come
a time in his llfo whon ho longs to
atone for his misdeeds und begin ovof
A striking way to put that etor-
nal struggle in the heart of mon be
tween the good angel and tho bad,
my brethren. Yon, and the heart will
always bo torn till the struggle onds.
'Sooner or lntor," says this lay
preacher, "a man's misdeeds will over
tako him, and ho will feel the lash.
And, good God, how I havo bc-en made
to feel It!"
No solemn oxhortatlon from a pul
pit on the "wages of sin is doath"
could cut keoner than that.
0, man.
If you aro determined to do a great
wrong, be sure that the good is nil
out of your heart! For never, never
cnn you emothor the pitiful cry of the
sweet evangel that has not yet de
parted. "Henceforth" says Snlsbury, "I
will lend an honest life, and all the
money coined In all tint mints of the
world could uovor sever mo from the
path of ilglt"
Poor Salisbury. Poor humanity.
Hew slow to see things as thoy aro
Why this mnn had put on ono aide of
;'.e scales.
And he lookod on while a llttlo pal-
I f rv fn I nnf wnlfliail Hit.m nil Rfrnmm
moral .Uraublsmus.
Once more, Salisbury, tho pronchor
"Tho cnuao of my downfall was
GAMBLING. Beware of It."
"Yes, dear friends, In conclusien:
Beware of It! Ticker. Groqn cloth.
Greasy cards. Rattling dice. Wheel.
What not. Fer:
Gambling is a straight read to
Hah Viaor
Always restores color to nmv
hair, always. Makes the hair
grow and stops falling hair. A
splendid dressing. i&JlfiK.!;'
the word3 of Boscoo Conklln, "the days' "hnngman's" session of the
bright beginning of a halycon nnd loglsatiure the ?300 exemption act I
vociferous proceeding."
A polltlolp.il tofd "the truth the other
day whon ho said:' "Roosevelt ain't
got any strength outside of the people-
lis not offoctlvo.
' clause.
It hail no emergency
, Salem najds tin athletic club more
thun a religious revival.
If nothing was stolen nt the special
soeslon but the gambling bill, the
state got off cheap.
' How would It do to appoint a mem
ber of the Labor Unions street commissioner?
Repeal of tho new tax law and re
ennctment of tho old ono defeats get
ting any revenues for tho new wards
of Greator Salem by six months or
a year. Undar tho Pholps net rev
onuos would have como In by Sept-
Many a young man wont through , ember. Under the old law there will
Tim ahUHmhllng bill UABseel the
houso in tii. forenoon, and whs takes
to the 89imlt hy the ohlef olerk ot the
sir. JnHNl'ips, or Jvmn county U nn
honeM. mum and his word will not b
doubted, tltut h Jollvered it to a
yejo of the swmty.
But the gnwt big hyiwirltioal tear
lied by sum of the. nepapora qvr
the low of ilm UU) ace pharajaleai to
the last dtigre
Tk9 Hfiiue polltloIan-JUd news
nl.ii v- - - .. Iiatl uuuuilitiM I.
. MV Vf.V,W1n Mft IVfWVVI 114
wim nouaM, wno Knew tue mil nan
ivot "shown up" in the senate.'
The Portland detocatlem In both
Imhum kuew ther vns an Immense
leamUler'a iobU at the house to "kill
the bill, and morn than one knew It
wna mlaaing.
It any of theee alleged moralists,
and "HoUenthan-thou" styls of poli
ticians had wauled that bill called up.
they could have had It dona They
ewuld. by merely stating the faots
have had it pasted again la tea mln
But they were tllent as the grav
If tho olty c-fuclnls vlll look at tho
unsightly signs that aro put up by
non-resldont ndvertlsors on tho city
bridges, thoy can soe a sourco of rev
enue. Why should groat, fluttering strips
of highly-colored choeso cloth be
strung all ovor tho city brldgos, and
not pay for tho privilege?
Those advertisements frlghton
horses, llttor up the roads, nnd are
loft there after they are out ot date,
to mislead tho public.
The columns of tho newspnpor can
not bo rented by tho city or any bust
ness mnn unloss thoy aro paid for.
Why should tho brldgor. bo free?
Why should not tho olty got rov
onuos from tho advertising spnee on
Its scoros of bridges, and regulate tho
growing nutsnnco?
Frequently those bridge advertise,
monts aro for somo tobneco or liquor
trust, and even Immoral ' advertise
ments are permitted.
The Waters administration of city
affairs will be installed next week, and
will be observed with tnterewt In IU
ev-try step.
i The re-enactment or the old tax Inw
makes Its problems more difficult, ai
It delays the time when the new ward
would get revenues.
One of the first nets or the new city
ijovernment should be to repeal the
present incongruous bicycle limit or
dinance. The city charter and its amend
ments, aud the city ordinances, should
he compiled and published, so that
all may know what the luws are.
In tho soleation ot new olty oiiloers
by the olty council tho greatest rare
should be e&erolseel to secure the very
beM material.
The public servtoe should be kept
abqyo the demands qf partisan clamor,
and mon who are faithful offlclals
should not be removed merely to
make room for those less competent
Tho board of U. S. Englncors has
recommended $25,000 ror maintaining
Improvements on Yaqulna harbor.
Thanks for small favors, goutlenion.
Wo Bupposo that harbor can bo opened
somo day when tho groat corporations
permit. It is today the host harbor
bolwoen Coos bay and tho Columbia.
The Eugene Guard" says: Mr. Talt,
of Walker, recently delivered two hogs
to butchers In Kugene, nnd each of
tho porkers weighed 000 pounds. This
almost coin os up to the Portland
A mnn at Stevenson, Wash., having
been bitten by a dog brought suit for
dnmagos, nnd was dofeated, because
the jury determtnod the dog was not
vicious. Of courso this did not salve
tho btto, but It suggests that a man
might shoot a dog without being
arrested providing tho man is good
naturod about It.
Most of the powers huvo recognized
Panama, principally because Uncla
Snm pointed her out, but San Domingo
is too busy to use her glass on her.
A good athletic club down town
would tako many of the young men
out of tlu card room
The first bill tc roach theGovernor's
hands at the special seeeion was the
one to hang Pleasant Armstrong. In
the campaigns of Cuba and the Philip
pines only to go down nt homo be
fore "the deadly rain of highballs."
Mr. Brownoll paid The Journal quite
a compllmont whon ho said thero was
nothing to tho flat salary agitation
but a scheme- to elect Chamberlain
Somo of tho politicians interviewed
about tho disappoaranco of tho gam
bling bill remind us or tho man who
had an Intermittent memory.
County Judgo Scott has a mnnla
for good roads, a pretty good subject
to have wheels on.
There Is talk about oxportlng tho
flnancoe of tho Citizen's' administra
tion. As Shakespeare seys: Who
wduld "pry Into tho bowels of un
welcome truth to save a half-penny.
It Is said of a young womnn In
Kontucky that she makes a very hand
somo bank cashlor'to look at nnd no
man has been able to ovorroach her
In a business way.
In Groator Salem something Is go
ing to happen. "This will not always
be tho town" where nothing over ha9
happenod and nothing ovor will hap-
So far as tho Presidential oloctlon
Is concornod, tho Domoarnts hotter
got In good 'Shape for 1008.
Boy's don't havo to go to Stanford
to lonrn to play tho mandolin. Thoro
are bottor playors right hore InOr-
gon nnd plenty of thorn.
Lot mo soo, wasn't thoro a bill in
troduced nt tho special session pro
hibiting anyono from being called
Judge bosldos tho actual occupants
of tho bonch?
Mistake number ono of tho throe
be nono until 190G. All tho tax-dodger j
clamored for the old law and took
snap Judgment to got It.
Tho Baronoss Cederstrom, wh;
many many yoars ago, when Venus
was an ovonlng star and grass butter
was scarce, long before tho era of
Sockloss Jerry and Carrlo Nation or
Susnn B. Anthony, nnd remotely an-
torlor to tho birth of Ann, mado hor
'stoenth farewell tour .ns Adollna
Pattl Is going to sing In Portland. Ami
thoro aro hundreds who will still cash
hor long ovor due notos.
Dowlo ought to have known that
the vicinity of Chicago was a had
location for Zlon. It was a case ot
"extremes meotlng."
Dowlo going to Australia Is only In
keeping with tho original Elijah He
has tnkon a "cruise."
Gold Bricks.
A idiow has been around this week
delivering the now famous boolu
costing $18 apiece. It Is the greatest
graft ever workod In this section.
Somo havo taken the book and paid
for It, while othors are determined
to take the mnttpr Into court If need
be. Aurora Borenlls.
The Excitement Not Over.
Tho rush to tho drug store sltll con
tinues and dally scoroj of pooplo call
for a bottlo of Kemp's Balsam for the
Throat and Lungs for tho euro of
Coughs, Colds, Aflthmn, Bronchitis
and Consumption. Kemp's Balsam,
tho standard family remedy, Is sold on
n guaranteo nnd novor falls to gtvo en
tiro satisfaction. Prico 25c and 50c.
Tho girl with tho high forehead
should wenr hor hair low ovor hct
8r the ? The Kind Yoa Hats AUara 8eu$
""ST C&tfStxS
Doctor? never
heeitaU in pres
cribing the Bit
tere in cases ol
Chills Colds
and Malaria.
They know it
cures Give it
a tral alio get
a copy of onr
1004 A 1 m anao
from your drug,
giat, It la tree.
Getting Ready for Invoice and want to clean up some
lines entirely.
Mackintoshes for ladies or children, all this fall stock, S
20 per cent reduction.
g Knit Shawls for 25c, the best you ever saw for the
Ladies' Hose fleece lined 12 l-2c a pair, best value in
the city.
Towels at 10c each, bleached with colored borders,
look like they are worth 25c.
2 General Redaction on all goods in the store except i
5 snnnt cntton
i Rostem & Gveenh&vm
5 302 Commercial Street.
The Entire Stock
Of Boots and Shoes and-Rubbers
; We have purchased of Jacob Vogtmust j
! i be sold at a sacrifice, Come early and i i
; ; get the bargains.
s Successor to Jacob Yogt. 265 Commercial Street J
::::::::AGENCY OF:::::::: ?
Oats For Sale.
HOP GROWERS SUPPLIES. Crude and stick Sulobur.
Sin A)Mrinm Unnf
j . m uxouam, iiguui, 207 OommKial St.. &lm. Ow. 5
. .. -- i - m