Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, December 24, 1903, Page THREE, Image 3

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24, 1903.
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Hr9HL Sb SH IH?sB m Mi IK, fay sSSSa!SKH
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1 MT iiaWnWpnTTlmTs -TnTMlTmOT'ftlM
B nMrniTgtnMlWiifflfFTBBBBflMriir" HI HlLtilWwiiTO'1 JlliillLMjMlMlllMHtiMJ
I alfeflilis
m.. i . . "-H&i
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.... .. ujuuuuiui riui).
Shou)d Convince Kthj the Mot Skep
ileal of. Km Truth.
If there Is tho allfrhiiut .in, in v.
mlmU of any thrft Dandruff germs Jo not
exist, toeir belief Is compelled by tho
foot that a rabbit lnnoculated with tho
. germs beeamo bald In six weeks' time,
l jnust bo apparent to nny person
therefore that the only prevention of
baldness Is the deatruetlon of the Rerm
Tnlch act Is nueeessfully accomplished
In one hundred per cent of oases by
1 1 nPP'lcntlon of Nowbro's Herplclde.
' Dandruff Is oaused by the iwmo perm
, -which causes baldness and can be pre
vented with tho samo remedy Kewbro's
. Herplclde,
Accept no substitute. "Destroy tho
couso you remove tho effect."
I Sold by leading drurarlata. Send 10c. In
stamps for snmplo to Tho Ilerplelde Co,
Detroit. Jllch.
Dnnlel J. Kry, Spodal Agnt
urc 9
Mr. Ciirtlt dropped deflelencio
nnl surphtBoa, and worked on the
! problem tor hours. H Anally gavo
t as bis verdict that Ami might be
fimer is or H.
"That suits me" declared Mr. Cur
i tla. "I inn tvu dcclston. Hoth sides
an- rlRl.t." Corvalbs Times.
The Colleoe Boys
Stanford Unlverpity
It wnu ntii.M ....-.. . ..fc.. ., M.. .... -
nn.l , mi,, .., . .. '" "'" l,. i"u. P &iani(iri
-.-- v t . miifi iii ufirti i w i . iu- .
,!,ln1.n r-llll... Will 1.1. CO.. n .U . . . " ' '"-MUB IONPKP
"" - "" " "" iiiusic. mtorsporsed
dranu awn iioubo next Friday
Mine. Oiv Two, Time, Four." by'
th" combined clubs, was one of the '
with pleasln
specialties whiM, i,.,i .,...... . . '
(Christmas) night. Of their enter- npi lause Tho voices o tZ ' "' lm0Sl I111 " on the pro.
Ulnment tho Santa Barbara Morn- were well baton 5 lit CUb?rm- .. Buah and Baker wo.,
k. Press writes: ,'nf ., baIancr'1' nnd thclr BlnglnBithe hearts of tho audience by thrlt
rZZ n.8ym,)athot.and,.,nnJ ,"1!f?.fir...r V1"1.1"8- comic sc.alty, which com-
. .....ii .,...n.n,i ., " v . '. "UB" ulBl maKes "' C0eiJe blned mumslc. slnitlnK and danclmt."
n wen eiuorimnuH at tna opora glw club
iwio !a8c ovon.ng uy u.o Stanford land. Tha mandolin and guitar play- 'Friday at 9 a. m.
popular throughout the Seats will b on ai. t i nm u
--- .. ...
'rouble the New Puzzle Makes Cain
It Raised In a School Board.
Anally readied her from tho oxagpor-' filed charges against tho toacj.er al
niiii caicuiaiions just In time to
avo hor from hysterica. But these
Instances aro mild compared to tin
trouble that the question of Ann's
age mado In a Kansas town. As sent
out In a Washington dlsnatch tht
Tho age of Ann Is a v?xei! ques
tion in many a Corrallls household
low. A well known housewife was (tale runs thus:
alilng up the dough for biscuits when "Hiawatha, Kan., where tho
i neighbor woninn enme In nnd askoil 'comos from, Is disturbed ovor
ber how old Ann wns. Straightway
the two began to figure. They argued
ind figured oblivious of the lapse of
time until tho husband and childron
arrived for dlnuorto find tho two wo
oca la a hopeless discussion of Ann's
real ago, with tho flro out in the
kitchen stovo, the dough still un-
i GwBeer
I Promotes
I Christmas
leging that anybody who figure out
IS Is unfit to teach school.
The school ooard wrestled with the
problem but was unabl) to determine
certainly whether Ann Is 18 or 14. but j g
as me man who mane the complaint
hn considerable Influence tho board
was dlsjiosed to rail it 1 1 and dismiss
tho principal. The latter wrote Nep-
resentatlve Curtis requesting him to
old Is Ann?" When tha query reached
.. i
mere every man, woman nnd child in uso his lnlluence with tha school
the place, lead pencil In hand began ' board to hold him his Job.
to figure on tho problem. I "But no mnttor what tho decision."
One bright school girl asked the he adds, "I nm convinced that Ann Is
principal of the public school, "How 18." Mr. Curtis is friendly to the
old Is Ann?" Tho principal figured principal, who has considerable In
and thon announced that Anne is 18. i ftuenco in politics.
Incadcd, and tho old Nick to pay Tho child wont homo and told heri "How old is Ann?"1 Mr. Curtis
generally There- is the story of an-(father, a banker, who Is chairman asked his friends. Thoy figured and
other woman who read tho puzzlo, of tho school board, that Ann is 1-8 they advised Mr. Curtis to boo Mr.
lelied a pencil and paper and labor- "Not for mine," answored tho proud Courts, clerk to tho committee on ao
(i with tha figures until hor husband father, who had figured It out 14. lie proprlatlons, who la authority on fig
Families who llko to have a
case of bright, sparkling,
boor ot home, which will
give a zest to Uieir food nnd
to no to Uieir system, will
have a caso of our' a now. It
is a fine beer. Call up phone
Salem Buewery
Main Office 174
Com'l St.
Don't Go Away Back and
Cy Yotss Eyes Out
If. your Jruggst dtd not tinv what yon wnnifid
to givo to him or to hor for u Xmaa .m ont, oortSflle
your solf, by thinking ;thnt when yon got over this
spell, you will go 10 tho Palnoc Phtrmiwy whore lhuy
nmtn ntlml &.. i
"' hiuuuu yuiu.
Pafaoe PliariMu
f 118 State St,
Phone, .Wain 2541
Salem, Or?gon.f
4 eMaeoeiffaA-woaa
AAgHeVtHAfHKCM-afOe KM-HMHs4frH4tsl
For the Most Complete Stoclc of
and Nickle Plate Wase
at reasonable prices, sec
esaess axe
4 Portfolio of Beauty'' Si?
J A i ' W
i I msW hA i0
Pictorial gems, 17x11 inches in size, represent
ing eight distinctive types of American girls ;
each study is in tones of rich brown, mounted
on a plate-marked mount ready tor framing.
Each set is furnished with an artistic Port
Cover, stamped in gold. It is as dainty and
, -oiWfmn n has ever been brought out, and
iU beautify any home. Framed sin .he), are admir-
able subjects tor adorning inc wi -
cozy corner.
MAGAZINE for 1904
Its lOO 1'ages
1;. u-ritem and illustrators, and special
fV.nires are the best, as will oe seen """;
S e are making in this paper ahno., dady.
will excel all magaz.nes .P- is foun(1 in somc of the
Keading. ir o - '.
35-cent magazmc,. - from large announce-
Don't Let It Escape
When you have nt Uwt solzed auch
a good opiortunity of having your
laundry work dono In such perfect
condition, ard of such nn Irreproach
able color nnd finish as you will find
everything thnt leaves our establish
ment. Wo havo aimed to mako the
work dono at the Salem Steam Laun
dry porfect, and to keep It at tho top
notch of perfection, nnd wo havo suc
ceeded in gratifying our patrons be
yond our fondait hopes. Prop us
potstAl card or telophono, and
wagon will stop.
Salem Steam
Phonfl 411
230 Liberty St
11 1 m 1 1 n 1 n 1 1 1 n 1 h n m m-h u hi n 11 it m t n n t
Meaty Xmas And
A Happy New Yea,
Vhon I catno tp Snloni, alwut four months ago, I advertise to
oloso out certain lines of goods. This 1 havo about accomplished, tui
thoro aro fowartlclos in thoso llnrw loft. Our many patron liaow
whoro to trad whpn thoy need goods Jn our lino, ami havo taken
advantage of tho groat bargain sale, which wo lmvo been holding for
thu paHt four months. Only lost woak wo advertise! a special wdo
on Mackintoshes. Tho next day we closed out 27. Other goods bavo
gono at tho samo rato.
Whon I catno to Salem I Intended to return to Portland whon 1
had closed out certain linos, but the longer I remain In my old Jiobm;
town the moro I wish to locatu here, Many of my frlendu aro heru,
whom I hnvo known almost from boyhood. I llko tho city anil IU
surrounding). 1 havo boon tronted well, and my patronB urgo that I
should remain with thtm. I nm at present undecided whethor to
return to I"ortland or local hera If tho latter la my declalou,
I shall opon out n nice, clean, ti-lo-dnte tnan'n clothln and geatfl"
furnishing good store, which I nm sure will met with tho approval
of tha most critical, and moro than plvs my many friends. Thus
The Poor
Man's Friend.
146 State Street.
1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 n 1 n 1 1 1 11 n 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 n 11 111 1 1 11 1 1 1 11 111 1
?vrt Z! k
MA'J1111 " r ' ;j ,, of these beaut ful -Portfolios
jfs ?t? Por,fo,io bc 50,d
,ght out solely .ogive Co our subsenbers.
... .. ...,, onrtBrrinrion and forward
25 Cents
3 lbs Fancy Da'tes.
35 Cents
2 RiB'WalBUta or Almond.
35 Cents
2 lbs Ml&d Nut.
35 Cents
2 lbs oana Solid P1nppl.
50 Cents
1 Dushel of Geod A,pil-
5 Cents
1 Package Bam urn Animals.
10 Cents
1 Package Noab' Ark.
I Closing Ott
at the Fai Stoe
! !
$ Kvorythlng. Including ganeral racket stora goods ef every deserlp-
X tlon, also the largest stock of loys nnd holiday goods In Balom. J
It Ma fc.l -.1 I tinani lilialnBfltl fllllJ
. . Than all other house in naiani euiniw. -. ".
! I realizing that, while It will be a loss to me, u win m your B'. . .
be sold within two weeks.
! ; iiuslnesa olaowhere demands ray atttk. and weryUiIng must r
i I be close,! out. Do not miss the gt epponumiy io w j , ,
; ; day goods and winter supplies. The Fair Hlore. 271 Commercial Ht. , ,
O. P. DABNEY, PtopHeto.
Indian Postals and Pictetes,
Baskets, Mats, Bone Chains and every
thing for the Indian corner.
i Fuller & Douglas,
"1 Will accept yw -r .
1$am A M. Welch,
Anv Newsdealer the $u5o ! you, ,
Variety Stosf
U2SUU Grocers Phone 2281
Iff"1" ' ' alUK
gpwwB :. v-..-7--a
F - reP
-' " - - - -
... utirirrfTfrFdJJirfmifffTfaitfByffrTii