Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, December 11, 1903, Page EIGHT, Image 8

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The Universal Providers
Stockton & Co.
There is Another
That Sells Good Clothing
If all the clothing iu this world wna made
in ono place and sold by only one firm you
would wtur just what that particular firm
chose to sell you. But there uro many of U8
in the business and wo think w are just as
able to supply the proper article at the propor
prico as auy ono olso.
Wc are Modest Btrt we are Right
Wo place on sale toduy many Btyles in men's suit at the
We will give you a very fair suit this week for $3.60
Wo will give you 88.60 euits this week for 85 00
$10.00 roducocl to f 0.50
812.50 roduced Businesseuits for 88.00
$13 60 BlacK Diagonal suits extra good va1us for 38.50
$15 00 Suits Reduced to 0.35
820.00 Suits Reduced to. , 813.00
822.50 SuitB Roducod to 15.00
Theso suits are on display in our window at Nos. 298-300
Commercial Street. Call and Bte them before you buy. Com
pare our prices.
, Stockmen Happy.
Tho stock and shcepmon of Baker
county aro Jubilant ovor tho long
continued spoil of lino woathor. This
Js perhaps one of tho mlldoBt and
moot ploasant wlntor openings East
ern Orogon has soon In many years.
'When a llttlo Hurry of cold weather
comes In Novomber and n fow lnchos
of snow fell Htockmon wore depressed
CTor tho prospoct of a long feeding
season on top of a small liny crop,
and tho high prico tlion prevailing.
During Uio past two or uiroo wookb
tho gross In tho pasturo ban bo-
. . . . . .. i
como groon, and stock agnln turned
uuu ijiiiio ur iiu iuuuiuh hud ui-uu
done, and It Is now stated that, rc
gardlcss of what kind of wlntor may
follow this, thorb will bo plonty of
food, and no particular 'hardships arc
oxpocted In any part of Eastern Oro
con. Dnkor City Democrat.
Chicago, Dec, 11. Wheat, 80(079.
Gold Dust Flour
McU by
Sldrvty, Oregon.
Made,, for family uso. Auk your
grrooer.for It. Bran nnd shorts ol-
yr&t on band.
A. T. Wain, Agt.
Cdward 8111s.
144 BUte t
Potatoes, Potatoes,
Call and see as before yots
sell yotr Crop
James M. Kyle & Co
The Up-to-D&te Holiday
Stock Has Come
Our bright sparkling line of Christmas gifts is ready for
inspection. Our stock this season is four times larger than
ovor boforo, and with prido and confidence in variety, wo in
vito you to look through our up-to-dato line of Diamonds,
Watohoa, Out Glasa, Silverware, Jewelry, Clocks novelties.
There are hundreds of articles that we have not space to enu
in era to.
If you want to buy rsght, if you want to bo treated right, gj
mako'our store your headquarters for Christmas buying, if you a
5 aro at a loss to know what to buy, we have clerks who will
5 show you our line, and you will find our prices right. Our
diamond plan will interest you, as you can't loose anything--
on your luvtwuiium. u muuer
nup rlifYnrsmt linfii
our different lines.
I Jeweler and Optician,
And Defendant Appealed.
Attorney J. H. Digger was In Wood
burn yestorday, where ho dofondod
W. P. Mlllor, In n suit brought against
him by C. S. Andrews, to compol tho
dofondnnt to dollvor 176 bushols ol
spelt so3d, undor a contract, nt 25
cents per bushel. Th plaintiff also
sued for 75 conts per bushol as dam
ages. Tho court awarded Iho plain
tiff $75. and tho defondant nt once
gnvo notlco of appeal.
See Koko, the wonderful baby gor-
aonly one In America at Kllnger
block, 8tate street, every aftornoon
'ancj evening,
Christmas Sewing Machines
Somo of you, men who havo fur
nished yoursolvcs with good farm
machlnory, or good buggies, or good
blcyclos, or good horses, or any other
good thing, would do well to remem
bor your good wlfo and get a machine
for nor about now. Plan a surprlso
party. Como In nnd look over our
machines, pick ono ou, wo'll send It
ovor nnd if sho wants to exchnnge for
any other sort wo'll do it.
Our $25 drophcad machines are
groat machlnos.
Our f 18 machlnos aro worth far
moro than oastarn machlnos, and our
Whlto Rotnry and Wheeler & Wilson
thoro'B nothing In all tho world
that's bolter, Always glad to show
you through.
Implement House,
255-867 Liberty St, Salem.
Farm Machinery, Bicycle, Automo
blloa, BewInK MachUee fcwi Supplier
N. H. Burley
Sewing Maohlna Repairing.
Ot bad accounts
Prompt service, No
collections, no charges
ulte 4 276U OonunorcliU at, w
'Phone Moiu 81.
A. It, MOnOAN ft CO. Muatera
you ouy or not come la anu SCO 4
H Hinges,
88 State Street. $
Teachcre Inatltute.
An axcollont tenohorB' Institute- will
be hold In this city tomorrow, under
tho direction of County Supt Moore,
and, as this Is the opening of tho lo
cal teachers' Institute season, a good
nttondanco 1b expected. Prof. H. A.
Adrian, a famous Instltuto conductor,
of wfdo experience, and ono of the
most noted educators of Wisconsin,
will be prosont, and will do much to
ward making the Institute a success.
Supt. J. H. Ackerman and Prof. EL D.
Resslor,. tho latter president of tho
Monmouth Normal School, will also
assist in tho instltuto work, and take
part in tho day's program. Nothing
has been loft undone that can In nny
way nsslst in making tho meeting one
of the best over held In Marlon coun
Prof. Adrian was expected to deliv
er one of his famous locturos tonight,
but, owing to his Inability to roach
Salem in time for this part of the
program, the date of ihe lecture was
postponed to tomorrow evening. The
lecture at that time w!H be on tho sub
ject, "A Day In Congress During War
Time," and It Is said to bo ono of the
most lntorostlng locturo3 over deliv
ered on the Pacific coast.
Tho sessions of tho Instltuto will
bo held in the circuit court room at
the court house, and the evening lec
ture will bo In tho First Methodist
church. All tho sessions will bo free
to tho teachers nnd patrons of the
nODERTSON. At the family homo,
in Tumor, Orogon, Friday, Docom
bor 11, 1903, Airs. Amanda S. Rob
ertson, ingod 47 years, 2 months
nnd 27 days, of a complication of
diseases. '
Deceased was tho wlfo of Joseph C,
Robertson, an old-time rosldont of
Turner, nnd a membor of tho well
known Robertson family of that sec
tion of the county. For some years
the family has roslded in California
for tho bonoflt of Mrs. Robortson'a
health, but sho slowly sank, and at
last the RoberUons roturned to Tur
nor, where tho last tlays of tho Invalid
wore passed among the friends of her
younger days. Deceased Vas a wo
man of oxccllent qualities, a devout
Christian, and a gocd wlfo and moth
er, nnd her demise will bo deeply
mourned by n large circle of warm
nnd devoted friends. Sho leaves n
husband nnd- several sons and dnu'gh-
tors to mourn her untimely dbdth,
and to whom the loss thus sustained
can never again bo made up. Tho fu
neral will bo hold at Tumor Sunday
aftornoon, nnd Interment will bo had
In Twin Oak cemetery.
Change of Pasture.
"Down In my country." snld Ropro
sontntlvo Swanson of Virginia, "Just
baforo we markot our cattle wo take
them from the clovor patch and put
thorn on short grass, tq. -got their flosh
hard and firm, Everw farmer knows
that If ho leaves his cattle' on short
grass too long they get In bad con
dition. "Tho troublo with the Democratic
party la that wo have been on short
grass too many yours. What we need
Is a chance at tho clovor patch."
Washington Correspondence New
York World.
The Davis Eplcode.
Constantinople Doc. 11. American
logstlon advices confirm Consul Davis'
stutoment of the assault on him by
Turkish police, nt Alexandrotta. Ho
had accompanied Attntlan on board
the steamer, when the police carrie
and orderod Atmrlau to go ashore
and be fumigated; hs was then seized
and locked up. Davis nttomptod to In
terforo, nnd was nssaultod, when hs
vigorously, but Ineffectually, uswl tils
enno. Attarlan Is still a prlioror.
Making It Our Fight
Nnshlngton, Dec. 11. A report Is
current hero today to tho offoct that
tho administration yoaterday sent a
warning to Colombia that any attempt
to Invado Panama would not only ba
rosontod, but. If necessary, repollod
by forco of arms. Tho story Is not
afflrmed at the state department, but
It is ndmittod by officials that, should
tho occasion call for a special warning
to Colombln, such would be sent.
Dig Pittsburg Fire.
Pittsburg. Dec. 11. A v tiro broko
out In tho Armstrong cork factory
.U. , .-- . ,"l
una murniuK. wnoro uuu men ana gins
are omployod. One hundred girls
were carried down ladders, nnd six
men were seriously burned. Robort
Hanlon Is supposed to have boon killed
and burled In the debris. Tho Are
was causod by an explosion of the
La Junta, Oota. Dee. 11. The Santa
Fq machine shone and sevon looomc
tlvee. werg destroyed, by Are, which
jvas beyond the- re&eh of the city
wjajer, this marnjn,gj hp. 1800.000-.
t v ' '.' ' r ,v . r
May Get Married.
A nrrlage license was Issued to Al
ma. V. Rataeburg and Robort BL Hen
derson yesterday. The girl's mother.
Mrs. Marie Ratxeburg. furnished the
necessary affidavit-
Attachment ! MJxed.
Engcno Froossnor, of Portland, came
up this morning to look after his In
terests in the buslnoss. Ho Is said
to hold a chattel mortgago on tho
stock and fixtures of tho Ncckermann
saloon, nnd claims ownership undor
his mortgage. It 1b stated that the
mattor will bo adjusted today. The
chattel mortgage waB given about the
2Cth of last month, and slnco that
Umo, it Is said, ho has been in prac
tical control of tho business. Tho
plaintiff In tho' case, under which the
saloon was attached, has been at work
In the place, cleaning up tho floors,
and It Is claimed that tho note ho
holds was given for money loaned by
him to the defendants. Other credi
tors of tho firm arc here to look after
their interests.
B. C. Judd camo up from Portland
this morning.
J. F. Albert was a passonger on tho
11 o'clock train for Marlon.
Mark Savago wont to Albany on
business todnyi
Mrs. John Lewis has returned from
spending eleven months .at Redlands.
Call., nnd Constable John Lewis Is
happy to have the head of tho family
homo again. Mrs. Lewis visited their
daughter, Edith, who Is much lm
provod In health.
. Watered Arid Lands.
When Sonntor Nowlands was n
member of tho House ho dovotod his
greatest onergles toward legislation
for Irrigation, and finally, Just before
tho close of a service of ton yenrs In
that body, had tho satisfaction of see
ing the groat Irrigation measure which
ho had fathered enacted Into law.
On ovory occasion Nowlands was
ready with an argument or a word In
favor of watering tho arid lands."
Wh n somo ono asked lilm how he
stooa on tho Phlllppluo question ho
ropllod with this epigram, which
holpod to make him fameus: "I think
It would bo much bettor to Irrigate
the arid lands than to lrrltnto tho
foreign lands."
Senator Nowland's hobby now is tho
nnnoxatlon of Cuba. Last spring he
introduced In the House n resolution,
tho purposo of which was to invito
tho island to become a part of tho
Amorlcan Union. Recently he Intro
duced a similar resolution in tho
Senate, and in.nddresslng hlmsolf to
it in that body ho reached a climax
by exclaiming: tThls argument fur
nishes cvory kind of fuel that clouence
Two hours later a stenographic re
port of tho speech was handed to tho
Nevada statesman. Ho read It ovor
admiringly, as ono nlways does whon
rondlng his favorlto author, until he
ronched tho placo whero tho sontonce
nbovo quoted should havo nppoarod.
"He was horrified whon ho read:
"This argument furnishes evory kind
of food that elephants nood."
Tho Joko was too good to onjpy
alone, nnd he passed tho papor ovor
to Sonntor Hale, who, after reading It,
romarkod dryly: "I doubt If evon
elephants could dlgost It" Wash
lngton Tlmos,
Dissolution Notice.
Tho partnership horotoforo existing
between N. J. Damon and A. O. Da
mon, undor tho Arm name of Damon
nros., Is this day dissolved by mutual
agreement. N. J. Damon retiree from
tho firm, having sold his Interest to
W. W. Fawki. Tho buslnoss will con
tinuo under tho old firm namo of Da
mon Bros. An early settlement of all
accounts duo tho firm Is requested.
Very respectfully,
Bulled In Transmission.
John C. Eamee was telling the other
day of somo curious nils nkos made
In the transmission of telographlc
oulerr. Ono day this message had to
be Interpreted:
"Sond $10 sure. Robbed nnd
. Hooeed."
Tho slgnnturo was that of a small
but very solid. Ohio country mop
When the message was repoatod
the operator at the other end de
ciphered It in this way:
"Sand., ten doc. suits rlbbod and
It was an order for underwear.
. fjow York Tlmeo,
Neglected Women.
It Is snld that a man who squeozos
a dollar nover squeezes his wlfo. In
looking over our accounts we note
that somo awful good women we know
are not getting tho pressure they de
serve. Cellna (Mloh.) Domocrat
Cabinet Baths And massage treat-
,' mont- Mrs. M. H Fifor, hours" 9
to 11 x m. and 2 to 4'p. m. W. C. T.
U. hall, phone 39BL IMMwk
Hot Soup Tea and coffee, at the W.
C. T. U. hall; entrance Ferry Btrot
Hours, 1130 to 1 a, m. and 5 to 7
p. m. Phone S051. 12 11-lwk
4 Nights Commencing, t
Wednesday Dec, 9
Wiedmann's Jiig Show
In A Repertolro of The
Latest Successes.
8uperb Band and Orchestra
High Class Vaudeville Between Acts
"Oomcthlng Doing" All The Time.
Toniight tho Thrco Act Comedy
Atthe Old Lime Kiln
Change of Dill Each Night
Sale of scats opens Wednosday nt
9 a, m.
Prices, J 5c, 25c, 35c.
It Is a pleasure for me to
recommend Dr. Wright's
method of Painless Dentist
ty. I had two bridges plac
ed In my mouth, all of which
was performed without the
slightest Inconvenience or
pain to me.
Salem, Or.
RAUCH. At his homo In Sllverton,
Orcgon,( Thursdny, Decombor 10
1903, Peter Rnuch, nged 78 years,
of gonoral doblllty.
Deceased had lived In Sllvorton for
40 years. Ho loavos a son, Louis E.
Rnuch, at prosont a law student at
Ann Arbor, Mich., and n daughter,
Mrs. J. E. Hosmor, of Sllvorton. Tho
funornl was hold at Sllvorton today!
and Interment was had in tho Mlllor
That Bennett Will.
Now Hnvon, Conn., Dec. 11 Rea
sons of tho appeal from iho admission
to probate of tho Bonnett will wore
filed by tho widow In tho superior
court this afternoon. It is alleged
there was unduo influenco on the
part of Bryan.
Deadly San Francisco Gas.
San Francisco, Doc. 11. Wm. Cald
well, attorney, and ox-chief of nollco
of Senttlo, was found dead In his!
room this morning, from accidental
U0 Court Street.
Oysterssny style and short orders.
Oystf r Lovoj, Chicken Tamnles, Shell
FUfi.K'c 'n. fearon.
Special chicken dinner, Sundays, 25c
$ Tbnt THE FAIR STORE is located at No. 274 Commercial B
Street, and that no carry the largest stock of toys nud holiday g
goods in Salem, at prices that can't be beat. We have oxpres3 JP
wagons, hobby horses, wheel barrows, doll carriages, children's u
rocking chairs, toy trunks, drums, horns, top?, banks, tool &
chests, air guuo, boats, toy furniture, doll houses, Christmas S
tree ornamenls and, in fact, everything in that lino.
We have the best values in dolls ever seen in Salem.
274 Commercial Street
BaH4BHBE - a - HHlB - WHH
Friday and Saturday Bargain Days
Prices recklessly slaughtered all over tho store for those two days, Bt
ory article is priced down to rock bottom to Insure quick saloe. Sales now
on for Friday nnd Saturday.
7Gc Silk finished Volvetoons, yd .Kq
65e Cardinal Cashmeres, yd 33c
39c Wool Dress Goods, 40 lnchos,
wldo per yard .'....23c
3c Valonclennes Law, per yd le
7o Outing Flannel, yd 4c
$1.00 Dlack Bilk Poau de Sole, yd CSc
No. 5 All Silk Taffeta Ribbon, yd 3&c
So Cotton Dattlng, roll 4c
35c Whlto Tablo Damask, yd ..... 24c
8c White Towels 4c
12c Blue striped Ticking, yd ......9o
7c Rest Calicoes yd ,4c
39c WaXn India Silk, yd ,..25e
Children's 39a Union Suits 23c
Ladles 10c Black Cotton-Stockings 5c
Broken lot Corsets, half price.
Ladles' 75c Union Suits 4Ec
M'Evoy Brothers, ggS .?$?
I Of
s Imas
Suggestions on
display atcw? store
--Make yotit se
lections early.
Don't forget the
Great sale o
Another Talks Too Much.
Washington, Dec. 11. War dopart
mont officials doubt tho accuracy of
the statements attributed to QcnoraT
McArthur, relative- to war with Ger
many. Should It bo brought to the
department's notlco, howover, In a
formal manner, It will demand an ox
planatlon. Revolvers Found.
Donyor, Dee. 11. Two revolvers,
stolon from tho car banrs nt Chicago
tho night when tho bandits commit
ted tho murdors, wero today found
horo by dotoctlvcs. Thoy wore
pawned by Noidormoycr.
Oregon Fitc Relief
Oregon's Ore at Mutual Insuraace Co.
$15,440,588 Insurance at risk.
Safe, economical insurance fer tht
people, ncad office, McMInvlIle, Or.
H. A JOHNSON, Asrent for Marlon Co.
Salem. Oregon.
- IWHfiaBcBB
.- txWAsv ae4fte
Beet Spool Silk, spool 3c
Best Saxony Yarn, skein 'H
Fancy 811k Handkorchlofs $
Best Sana Silk, ball ic
Good slzod Blankqta l8c
Bettor Blankots very cheap
Men's 25c Silk Neckties lc
Boy's 10c Suspenders
Men's 25c 8uspondors 15c
Men's 25c Wool Sox l6
Mens 39c fleeced uudorwear . 25c
$3.50 Fur Boas, price 195
$1.65 Black Silk Morcerlzed skirts 95c
Odd lot children's 25c Underwear 10c
$5c Wool Fascinators, prico . -1'
Batter onee very cheap.
13.00 French Flannel Waists .- -l-
$L50 Fino Wool Waists 85'
Bargains In every department.
; r tats
Cloaks I