The Daily journal. (Salem, Or.) 1899-1903, November 24, 1903, Page FIVE, Image 5

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The Connoisseur in Cut Glass. '
vmrrw I'ww "
. Uiooses Hawkes, in preference to any other. There is a
daintiness of design, a clearness and beauty and brightness
about Hawkes glass that is not found in quitethe -same per
fection many other brand.. And yet it costs no more' than
others. Of course.the price depends largely upon the elabor
ateness of the design. We have, for instance, fruit bowls at
all the way from $6 to 20; bon bon dishes from 52 25 to S8-
SJSWPershakeis and salt cellars from
5c to2.50 each: and any number of other superb table
pieces in wide vanety of price and design. For wedding gifts,
what could be better chosen than a piece of Hawkes Cut Glass.
Frank W. Waters and
Henry B. Thielsen
Petitioned for
Hal Patton Gives the
School a Splendid
A Flow of Language In His
Speech That Made the
Dictionary Rustle Its
Corner State and
Liberty Streets,
ij., r
W'H-B 1 38 Ml H-frM"M-friHH I4 and ia looking after matters connected
Social Realm!
In thA
f-frl'B 1 1 It IHHW III 8 1 1 it
i . j.
H ft. Sapplngton, of HUlsboro, Is In
Fred Van Fatten wont to Gorvals
this morning.
Willis McBlroy was a passenger for,
Bugono this morning.
O. L. Starr, of Dallas, Is a business
visitor In Salem today. s
Dr. J. L. Hill, of Albany, was n Sa
lem visitor this morning.
Dr. Smith, of Jefferson, was a Sa
lem visitor this morning.
Roy. Wm, Coney returned last o&
enlng from a visit to Albany.
Mrs. C. H. Hingos went to Portland
this morning for a brief visit.
"W. Brundy, of Sprlngnold, is in tho
city for a short business visit.
Mrs. Edward Martin, of Tumor, is
visiting friends in Salem today.
S. T. Burroughs was a passongor for
Gorvals on this morning's train.
Sheriff Colbath wont to Sllvorton
this morning on offlclal buslnoss.
nobt. Potter, of Mncloay, has boon
111 several months, and Is not Improv
ing. I Samuels, of Portland, is visiting
tho local agoncy of tho Equltablo Llfo
Geo. F Mason, of South Salem.
who has been 111 several weoks, Is im
proving. J. P. Soronson, of Portland, a land
dealer, Is In. tho city, on business at
tho capltol. '
Clydo Fulton, of Astoria, a brother
of Sonalor Fulton, Is In tho city on
legal business
Judgo J. C. Moroland, of Portland,
arrived in Salem last evening for a
short business visit
W. H. Rlnglo and I Muollor, of
HUlsboro, arrived In Salem last ov
enlng on business.
Judgo G. P. Torrell was In Salem
last evening, from Portland. He
wont to Mehama today.
Wm. Fabor, of Portland, was in Sa
lem last cvonlng, going to tho north
end of tho county -today.
Col. C. A. Coggswoll camo up this
morning fiom Portland, on business
beforo tho stato land board.
J. F. Stoiwor, of Joffereon, camo
down last ovonlng for a visit with his
mothor, Mrs. Frodorlck Stoiwor.
II M. rtranson returned last ovonlng
from a two wcoks' sojourn on his
homestead on tho Sllotz reservation.
Hon. J. M Hansbrough, of Rosa
burg, arrived in the city last evening,
with tho special session.
Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Homyor leave
this afternoon for a Thanksgiving visit
at CorvaiHs,
J. D. Dohannon, the monument man,
of South Salem, wont to Stayton this
morning to erect a couple of monu
ments, among them ono over tho
gravo of tho lato Mrs. O. G. Schcll
berg. Hon. and Mrs. F. I. Dunbar returned
this morning from a visit to Portland.
George Richter, of Portland, camo
up this morning for a few days' visit
with relatives, and to eat his Thanks
giving turkey with his mother.
8outh Salem Personals.
Mrs. W. H. Armstrong and llttlo
sons, Carl and Edwin, wont to Albany
today, and will spend Thanksgiving
with Mrs. Paul Schmidt.
Mrs. J. H. Robnott, of lone, and
llttlo daughtor arrived In tho city to
day, and will spond a fow days with
her slstor. Mrst Frank nrowtv nrwi
mother, Mrs. Sarah E. Murphyv Hor
husband, Dr. J. H. Robnott, was re
contly appointed physician at tho asy
lum farm, whoro thoy will llvo.
For the People.
Not wishing to see the producers of
Eastern Oregon robbed of their only
hope for lower freight rates the port,
age railroad at The Dalles The Jour
nal proposes to expose the scheme to
sidetrack that enterprise.
The grain growers of the great Co.
Itimbla basin and the Inland Empire
will get no relief until they get a state
portage road, and there should be no
fictitious or unnecessary delay about
their getting it
..Read, The Journal exposure, and
send the paper to some one who
should be enlightened on Mils Im
portant matter.
Hundreds of copies of this issue go
to business men and legislators and
newpsapers all over the state, and we
would like to hear from them. If
The Journal Is mistaken in this matter
It would like to be shown.
If there Is another side to this mat
ter let us havo It, and we will print It
If the portage bill Is repealed a great
permanent Injury will be done to East
ern Oregon, and the whole state.
Last Spring J. G. Graham, of this
city, while at tho warehouse of bis
Arm at Pratum, conceived tho Idoa
that tho local Bch'ool should bo pro
vided with an American flag, and con
sequently, at tho closo of tho school,
he formally prescnto' a beautiful flag,
9x12 feet and this was hoisted with
appropriate ceremonies, Mr. Graham
making tho address, nssistcd by Hal
D. Patton, of this city. Tho latter at
that time promised on sorao future oc
casion to present tb tho school a dictionary.
Accordingly, a fow days ano.
Messrs. Graham and Patton ncaln
drovo to Pratum, and after a short
visit to tho school, Mr. Patton nro-
sonted to the teachor, Miss Marguor-
ito Potorson. ono of tho latest Wob.
stor's unabridged dictionaries, in tho
best binding. Mr. Patton mado n
handsomio speech of presentation, and
the children choorod him to tho echo,
fully enjoying tho valuo of tho big
volumo to tho school. Mr. Graham
nlso addressed tho school, and those
Additional Candidates For
the Position of Aldermen
in Several Of the
Last night two petitions woro start
od for Republican candidates for
mayor beforo tho Republican primar
ies, to b$ hold Wednesday, Novem
ber :tsh'.
Ono petition, with tho requisite
number of namos has been filed for
H. D. Thiolscn, who conducts nn In
surance, real cstato and loan ofllco,
at 230 Commorclal streot, and resides
on Court street
Tho Bocond petition is for Frank W.
Waters, who has served in tho city
pouncil, and conducts tho Salem Ab
stract & Land Company, In tho First
National Dank building. Ho resides
on Capital street
Both gontlomen are -citizens of tho
uignosi character, and olthor ono
would mako a compctont mayor of
Groator Salem If elected. Tholr names
will bo submitted to a direct voto at
tho Republican prlmarlos.
More Names for Aldermen.
Petitions havo beon flled for It A.
Crossan In the second ward and J. F.
Goodo In tho flfth ward, subject to tho
3 School doors will swing open on Wednesday aid hundreds o! happy
youths will be turned loose for tho holidays, with books in hand that wilt
not bo touched till Monday, and mladi fall of vhtonsot turkey and
thoughts of an all too short toaioa of freedom and fun. IITn't forgotten
I that bw 9H for yonr boy, hayo yon? Bitter lot hta haft It to wear p0
u ThankBlvlj,wheftOtborsar4droise(i In ttiolr beat. He'll look better
g for it, aad bo better too. Don't bettors it? Thn you've not studied these
$ boy natures. Tti, It adds Immensely to a boy's ael(-repect and dignity
to be clothed like a llttlo gentleman,
Got Woolen Mifl Salts for Boys
havo been tested (or 12 yean and in almost evtry home ta the csntraLWlU
Ismette Valley and nobly have thoy stood the test. Those who've seea
our present line will tell yoa that such an aisortnont you'll not find ho
whoro (or milee around In fact, our stock this seami Is nearly twice as
Christmas Buying
Is 80 hard and distasteful when one does tint knnw uh in
Jut when you enter our store von win find it but on easy muter
to make yourseleetions. We have presents for every member A
m of the family from the little inexpensive raeaentoes that cost 2
but a mere trifle to the richer and more excenslve gifts, besides
we wish It understood our stock Is marked at very popular Aft
" Pattern's Book Siote.
All kinds of atringB for guitar, violin,
banjo, mandolin or-any other string in
strument Call on W. Calvot, practic
al wntebmakor, 1C8 Stato street cod
Ovarian hoadachos aro not difficult
to rullovo oeteopatbically
Drs. Schoettlo, Ban & I3arr. Osteo
paths. Grand Open House. Salem. Or
two gontlomen hnvo n warm placo In
tho hearts of tho children of Prntam.
Mr. Graham on ono occasion offered
a pnzo ror mo uost composition on
Mongolian phoasnnta Tho prlzo wn
warmly contested for. Anothor prize
was offered on Mr. Graham's last vlii-
it, Abraham Lincoln bolng tho subject
of the essays to bo prepared by the
pupils, and tho contest is bolng par
tlclpated In by a numbor of tho pupils.
All kinds of repairs for musical In
struments. Call at W. Calvet, practic
al watchmaker, 158 Stato stroet eod
The Ladles of the Christian Church.
Will bo supplied with a Thanksgiv
ing market, whore tho beat can
bo obtained for your Thanksgiving
dinner. Seo D. A. White's feed store
window, 301 Commercial street. Wed
nesday only.
A clear Havana 12'jc cigar. For sale by all dealers. Aug Hucken
stein, Manufacturer, Salem, Oregon.
Time is Precions
And so Is a rollable timepiece.
Watchoa and clocks' purchased at C.
T Ponvoroy's aro always accurate
time-keepers, and roqulre the least re
pairs, with ordinary careful usage
. They can always be depended on. We
are selling a Waltbam or Blgln move
ment in a 20-year gold filled oae at
112 50 We can furnish any styfc of
, ensa.
Jeweler and Oplioikn, 3S8 Com. Sc
One little group of supplies,
Schilling's Beit
lea bUnf powdtr
ceOM fltreri( uuta
makes no trouble to you or
your grocer.
direct 'primary Wednesday.
Drlnging out Wntors for mayor
makes It nccossary to soloot a now
ma for nldorman In that ward, as Iiq
has already been petitioned for that
The Direct Primary.
Undor tho direct primary plan of
making nominations thoro will bo no
Republican city convention, but all
candidates will bo chosen by a direct
voto on tho Australian ballot plan at
primnrips hold In ench ward, tho cnll
for which Is printed In this popor. Un
der this arrangement It takes only
tho signatures of flvo citizens to bring
out any man in the ward for aldorraan
and submit his name to a nonulsr
voto. In splto of this a few wards aro
still without candidates, but tho tick
ets will probably bo filled beforo to
morrow at 3 p. m . whuu the voting
All the nominations for aldarmsn In
this, afternoon were as follows;
First ward No nomination.
Second ward It. A. Crossan.
Third word Gideon fitols, Iin Owi
Fourth ward Frank Hwersox,
Frank Hughes, Chns. Ooodale.
Fifth ward Geo. H. Jacobs. J. W.
Young, J. F Goode.
Sixth ward H. C Churchill. One
J yet o noralaate.
large as (or any prevloiB aeaaon. Ilere's tho way thoy run,:
Children's Stilts $ t. 50, to $7.50, Yootlts' Soils $5 to
rwrr Children Cxritna4rn 'oaallalseaand .'
M and Youths' VCTCOatS nCU nrlcea
Salem WoolenMill Store
0. P. Bishop. Proprietor.
Seventh wnrd A. Vass, Fred Hunt.
Other petitions aro still out.
Tho Republican city committee
meets this evening, and will arrango
for printing a ttakot for each ward.
Say, Misses, Don't You Know
That you can't gel a good Thanks
giving dinner unless you havo rood
grocortos. Now Just go to IJranson &
Ragan's and seo what thoy can do for
If your watch needs repairing bring
It to W. Calvot 168 State street, prac
tical watchmaker, who will repair it In
on artistic manner. cod
Oysters 1 Oyotera!
For oysters go to Strongs RosUiU
Two diamond glass cuttors.
to llrown & Lehman.
Put In Your Order For
Pumpkin Pies for Thanksgiving
At the California Bakery.
CytanaslBB, Baths. Resilosr Roots. Library ia CoofltcHaa.
Y. M. C A.-CoamercUl aad Caeaeketa St$. P&one 2081. Catalog tout
Have You Seen
The Bargains
At the groat salo, Mi) Slate Street?
They Ate Waiting Fot You
Ovorooals that wo warrant jjlvoyou flood wear
Punts Kuarunteod not to np nor tar,
Fringes and pawomntrie, jot Irimmiog and lac,
Anything from a pin to a droso suit caso.
UmbrollaK and gum boots for the mud and the rain,
Dollar shirts for half, sweaters at iho same,
Uatsand tluosuiU that will lit you bo noat,
Corseta for 15, good underwoar otioap.
One rnoro short month and wo olose thia great aalo.
Why not bo wise and the bargains availT
Whon there are goods that you nood in our line,
Just follow up Stato Street to 140.
S. Friedman
Don't Wait Until
the man offers to
BUY your land; get
Title Straight
8hot at tho Danker,
1ondon, Nov. 24. A man bollovod
to bo Insano mado an nttorapt this
morning to nsBasnlnato Konnotb Qra
ham, socrotnry ot tho Unuk ot 15ng
land, tiring four Ineffoctlvo shots. Ho
was arrested aftor a norco tight
Tho attack on Graham occurrod in
tho library ot tho bank, Tho assailant
Is y Londoner named Robinson, Ills
Insanity tnkoa tho form of roballlon
ngnlnst thu unequal distribution ot
J. W. MoKlnhuy, of Tumor, wan la
tho city today,
11. W. Smith, ot Tumor, is spondlng
the day In Halom.
Miss Miller Dead.
Miss Maud Mlllor, daughtor of Mr.
and' Mrs. A. A. Mtltur, on ftoilth Liber
ty stroet. who has boon un Invalid for
throe years, dlod at noon today.
And this la Gotham's nineteenth
annual horse Bhow. Ape does not
wither or custom stnlo Its yqruo.
' MM. " "H'lJ
Then there is no de
lay when you want
You may THINK your
title is PERPECT.
Do you KNOW il is?
I Salei Abstract
i and Land Co. l
1 F.W. WATERS, Mgr.
4UgStOC(MgH)l(t)f 3
! Wheat
; Flout
i Only $t.t5 per sack;:
j The famous unexcelled
; Peacock Brand of (lour. '
! The finest flour ever sold ; ;
r in the city. Try it once, 1 1
We will sell to you again. ; j
f D. A. White
Bt Son
t Feedmen and Seedsmen ! !
301 Com'l St. Salem, Oregon. ; ;
- ;;
mustifrtu t 9t
( lH6lf KfMT'f f lf lIOHHg
ji A Grand Clean-up
I Our entire stock of Shoes and Rubber goods to be
sold at sacrifice prices in order to adjust o.urnew
goods. Bargains for all. call early and get the
cream of it.
P. Manfred
I Successor to Jacob Yogt 265 Commercial Street
-Mi. Ju