The Daily journal. (Salem, Or.) 1899-1903, January 22, 1903, Page PAGE THREE, Image 3

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i Juicy Morsel for
Breakfast .
0! dinner you can enjoy from one of our
wider arid deliciouB meats, steaks, Iamb
r mutton chops, voal cutlets or pork,
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ind onmoatcattlo, and wo tan snpply
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ttolfltotne meats 3t bed rock pricpa.
Phon 291
That are not found on llnon fresh
from this laundry aro rust stains, Ink
ulns, fruit stains, and especially
'Korchers" from overhented Irons.
r tot's what wo particularly guard
i&Mit. Fleckless, flawless, Immnc-
Uto whlto as whlto can bo, or as
ftrong of color as when you brought
it if originally of a color pattern, your
f ashablo apparrel Is returned clean,
'! washed, well Ironed.
Salem Steam Laundry,
Colonel J, Olmstcad. Proprietor.
Dorous d. uimstead, manager.
Pnoneill. 230 Liberty Street.
JflHEfClTH oj
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rustee $
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JMitcuro employment.
Usi aIavaii VAa rm tint Alia
Lina aepHttment after flrt completing tbo bu.iuwH course. byt liuatuo nil took position
a7J iu j l" K(uuaio. ii coeiv uui imiu uj tveuro
&eud for catalogue
OrlirTI Knd ;
1 lirnutnA.
fr ClllCUlMTKifH li.VMI.ISU
I ... rfiltM.
kiIIm. ft.k nnirrlit
13 1U.H Ol (Jolll fe.LUlf UlU Mllkl
i tiM nktxa 'laLcuoutlxr. Ueftu
I'ai(rrnai " d IntU.
Uub. littw ;., UrvfcLl kmi4.ta
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' Christmas Yule tog
that welcomed Santa Claus In "yi
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splutter was always tho host thai
could bo found In tho forest. Ever
plank, board and lath, every Joist
beam, shingles and shakes In our yard
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ing of this beer warrant a much high
er prico than others per caao of a
dozen bottlos; yet that's tho prico of
our beer.
WORK8, Mr M. Beck, Proprietor
Are not held by
vAltntf vr r lias nJna taA fum vit iHaH
uwuic ouuckuou comparea vo wc ucuenv
1 , r c
(.pnniUHT SS?' c
W. I. STALEY, Prlnoloal, Salem, Oregon.
J. K. White, a 15-yoavmnn, escaped
from tho Btato penitentiary late Wort
nosday afternoon. Ho has beon act
ing as assistant druggist at tho prison
for some time. Whlto was received
from Coos county lij 1899 on a 15-year
sentence for burglary.
at 10 Per Cent Below Regular Price. This
new Patterns as Well
Bunchgrasser Who Rears and
Because That Section
Been Ignored
Salem, Ore., Jan. 21.
Ed. Journal. Has Eastern Oregon
any rights, which Western Oregon Is
bound to respect? This question Is
pertinent; nnd I bellovo few people
realize how much so. Eastern Oregon
hns two-thirds of tho area of tho stato;
It ha? nearly two-fifths of the popula
tion, nnd It produces much moro
thnn one-half of all Oregon's products.
Todny It has has no citizen of Us
broad acres holding any otllclnl posi
tion either stato or federal, in Ore
gon. True, it hns a congressman, but
he wns nominated by Western Ore
gon vote, largely Multnomah. Mult
nomah county has with one-fourth of
the population, and only n trifle of tho
area of tho state, both senators, gov
ernor, his secretary; U, S. marshal,
U. S. prosecuting attcornoy, and, In
fact tho wholo thing. Eastern Ore
gon don't want much, but while tho
taffy pulling goes on It would llko tho
chnncc to lick the pan. Tho legisla
ture nnd tho govornor, may woll look
to Eastern Oregon, for any appoint
ments In their power.
J. W. Morrow, of Eastern
Oregon, to Succeed Geer
Governor Chamberlain, late Mon
day afternoon, appointed Hon. J.
W. Morrow, of Heppner, Morrow
county, stnto land agent ta succeed
L. 11. Geer, tho proaent Incumbent of
that olllce. Tho new land agent
served his county as a member of tho
statu senate during tho bchbIoub of
1897 nnd 1899 and will nnsumo chnrgq
of tho land offlco on April 1, next.
Until recently Mr. Morrow wns on
gaged in tho hotel business at Hepp
eor, but sold 'out lnst Julay. He Is
onn of tho best posted mon on lands
In Oregon.
Governor Chamberlain's message
to tho legislature is replete with sug
gestion nnd big with admonition. Ho
urges his point with tho art of the at
torney, and supplements his argu
ments with copious citations. Much
that ho says is worthy of considera
tion, and ho advocates some mattors
of legislation which may well be put
Into offect. Tho govornor concludes
by snylng. "I promlso you my undi
vided support in whatovor is for tho
best lntorest of tho state." In so far
as the now govornor fulfills this
promlso, it is tho duty of ovory citi-
zon to glvo him loyal assistance.
Corvallis Gazotto.
Tho Salem chartor bill should bo
carofully gone ovor In commlttoo nnd
made perfect, as thoro will no doubt
bo attompts to Job It. An unpurchas-
ablo export should go ovor it bofore it
goos to final passage Thon It can only
bo tamporod with on engrossment.
Thoy say tho dovll takes no chances,
and tho friends of areater Salem can
not bo loss vigilant In tills matter than
tho arch-enemy of mankind.
as the Old.
Free D.-livery.
Of a New Catarrh Cure.
A large and constantly Increasing
majority of tho Amorlcnn people nro
catarrh HufTorors. This is not entire
ly the lesult of our changeable climate
but because modern Investigation
has clearly proven that many diseas
es, known by other names, aro really
catarrh. Formorly tho namo catarrh
was nplled almost exclusively to the
common nasal catarrh, but the throat,
stomach, liver, bladder, kidneys and
Intestines are Bubject to catarrhal
diseases as well as the nasal pas
sagos. In fact, wherever there is mucous
membrane there Is feeding ground for
Tho usual romedles. Inhalers. snravB
douches or powders, have been prac
tically far as anything moro
than temporary relief was concerned,
because thoy simply dry up tho mu
cus secretions, without having tho re
motest effect upon tho blood and liver
which are the real sources of catarrh
al diseases.
It has beon known for some years
that the radical euro of catarrh could
never come from locnl applications,
but from an Internal remedy, acting
on the blood and expelling the ca
tarrhal poison from tho system.
A new Internal preparation which
has been on tho mnrket only a short
time has met with remarkable success
as a genuine, radical cure for catarrh.
It may bo found In any drug storo
Bold under tho nnme of Stuart's Ca-
Harrh Tablets, largo plonaant tasting
lozongcB. composed principally of an
tiseptic Ingredients, Ulood root, Itod
gum and similar catarrh specifics.
Dr. AInslec In speaking of tho now
cntarrh euro Bays: "I liavo tried tho
now catarrh roniedy, Stuart's Catarrh
Tablets, upon thirty or forty pntlents
wltli remarkably satisfactory results.
Thoy clear tho hoad and throat moro
offectually and lastingly than any
douche or Inhaler that I hnvo ovor
scon, nnd although thoy are what Is
called a patient medicine nnd sold by
druggists, I do not hosltnto to recom
mend them as I know them to bc'froo
from cocaiuo and opiates, and that
oven a llttlo child may use them with
entire snfoty."
Any sufforor from nasal catarrh,
throat or bronchial trouble, catarrh of
tho stomach, liver or bladdor will find
Stuart's Catarrh Tablets romarkably
otfrctlvo pleasant and convonlont, and
your druggist will tell you that thoy
aro absolutely free from nny Injurious
drug. 20-22-2-1
Political Hot Shot.
(Albany Democrat.)
A bill for an extra judge In tho third
district calls to mind tho fact that a
good many peoplo think wo havo too
many Judges In the district nlroady.
Hut th on offlcoB have to bo crontod for
Uip politicians.
Tho Domocrat who votes for Mr
Geer for Unltod States sonator might
as well bury all his political ambitions.
It is tlmo Orogon Democrats quit bo
Ing wlro-pullod Into settling the squab
bles of tho Republicans of the state.
Govornor Geer has always lammod
It to tho Domocrata worse than nimost
i any man in Oregon, being of tho ultra
Republican callbro; and now for him
to try to swing In on Democratic
votes Is dooldodly humorous.
Tho Eugene Register nominator
Dinger Hormann for congressman
Come, lot's havo a now deal. Klckod
out of. tho land department, perhaps
unjustly, lot's us not kick him Into
congrasfl again, but try some ono elso.
Thro is othor material lot.
Judge Howltt rocolvod one vote for
United Stntos sonator. The jirenent
Republican legislature would do thu
proper thing If thoy would give him 10
utes. He is the boat mqn on the list
for the office, beetdee being a native
Oregonlnn, chuck full of Oregon blood,
and his Intoieetu are here ami not In
Old Miner Disappears.
The disappearance of an old miner
named Wait In the mountains of Jose
phine county last week is tho occasion
of some concern to hie acquaintance.
Walt has been living a solitary life In
hU cabin and seldom appeared in
town, and rarely had any intercourse
or bueiiieMi with hia nearest neigh
bors. One day last week a couple of
tallers at his cabin found it without
an occupant, the old man's rifle was
gone, and it was thought he was out
hunting. However, he did not return
that night, and hae not since been
een or heard of. A search has been
institute, ami It i feared that he may
have dropped dead while making his
way tliroush the timber. Ashland
Soma igas can't be provided tor in
any utkv wajr, aad m a w omnty
or t win m etmim.
Children Gry for
Fletcher's Castorla.
Durbin-Downing Fact
ional Fight
To Control State Penitentiay
Patronage Growing Warm
The contest of tho suporintondency
of tho ponitontlory is certainly grow
ing warm, and even a stranger could
not bo about the state hotiBO or hotel
lobby any length of tlmo without mak
ing this discovery. Tho Marlon coun
ty candidates aro tho most active,
The following from tho Portland Tel
egram of Monday gives an interesting
roview of tho enso as follews:
The most serious official question
now facing Governor Ohambcrlain is
whether or not to burn his fingers
with tho political flro which is now
raging In tho Marlon county Democra
cy ovor tho appointment of a super
intendent of tho penitentiary. Thoro
nro two candidates from this county
in tho persons of Frank W. Durbln,
ex-shorlff, and W. II. Downing, a son
of Hon. George S. Downing, a former
superintendent Each 1b backed up
by a rival faction of tho -local Demo
cracy, tho fight being somewhat bit
ter and dotorminod.
Mr. Durbln Is personally more wldo
ly known throughout tho stato than
his opponent, and will probably bring
a strongor and more numerous out'
sldo proasurc In his behalf. Ho hns
the postlgo of two elections as sheriff
and of being tho strongest forco in
the olection of ono of his deputies to
succeed him. Ho is a promlnont Elk
nnd a largo contingent of that order
Is taking a hand In his behalf.
Mr. Downing on tho otlior hand,
has boon a potont factor In Democrat
ic politics for sovoral yoars, and Is n
mombor of a strong, influential fam
lly. Ho Is a practical farmor and n
gentleman of good standing In nil his
rotations. Ho was chairman of the
Democratic county control commlttoo
last spring, and mado a clean, suc
cessful canvass. Ho Is a (pilot, stoady
dotorminod man, with oxcollont qual
ifications for nny executive work.
Somo offortH nro said to havo boen
made rccontly to settle tbo dlfAcultlor
which aro known to oxlst nnd to ro-
llovo Govornor Chamborlaln of tlif
dlbagrecnblo altornntlvo which Is fac
ing him. Mr. Downing wont to Air
Durbln nnd proposed to submit their
reapuctivo claims to tho Marlon conn
tv Democratic organization and abide
Its declslon-elther ono who may be
chosen to receive unanimous support
nnd the other to relinquish his claims
Tho Information Is that this and sim
ilar overturos on Uio part df Mr
Downing and his friends hnvo boon
rejected by Mr. Durbln nnd his nd
heronUt, who proposo to fight It out.
Tho critical clrcnmatancoti ot tlio
situation for Governor Chamborlaln
can be easily recognized and tho pro-
diction Is freely mado that the logical
nnnunminnna nf n nni-tlof nnu f lin
opposition of the two factions will be
thu selection of a superintendent from
somo othor part of tho state.- Mr.
Chamberlain Is too good unlured and
(diplomats to put himself In a position
to be cnislied b-twoii the two.
Was Always Very
Pale and Thin.
Nervous Prostration
Faint Spells.
Dr. Miles' Nervine Saved
My Life.
There is great lunger m a run down ton
ditien. Overwork, mental strain, (he cares
and worms of Imuiiicm and the home, all
have a deUlenous effect upun the nerves,
which in their deviUluoii condition readily
fall prey to the attacks of ducate. Aside
from the danger there is no condition at
tended by u many disagreeable symptoms;
such as ls of appetite, indigestion ur nerv
oh dyspepsia, headache, tired feeling and
1am oi ambition together with the agony of
siecpieu nignis spent in tossing restlessly
aoeut, omy v rise exnauiteu in the
Br. Mile.' Ni
nervine is a true
nerve tonic
which, by strengthening the nerves, restores
health and appetite ana brings sweet sleep,
"for ix years I suffered almost constantly
from a complication of troubles which culmi
nated in complete nervous prostration. I
had no appetite, I could not sleep, I suffered
from indigestion and nervousness. As Is so
often the case in nervous oroitralion I fre.
qaently had weak, fainting spelh. Doctors J
did not help- me. They said my blood was")
very por, ana i Know my uce was always
very pale. The very first bottle of Dr. Miles'
Kervine I took gave me noticeable relief and
I lelt suoager than I had in years. My
neighbors in I'uyalUjp, Wash., where I then
lived will testify to this. I also iud some ot
. Miles' Kesterative Tome aad Anli-I'alu
I believe the Dr. Mile
saved my IIic"-Mm. J C. IUneimct.
t, Tne
er, utaa.
saraetse skst Ut
tm tor tree booic
on feervesM and Heart Diseases. .
Dr. MUesTlcdieal Co, Erlcbrt, lad.
and Heart
A u mess
a t
Scores of people ate flock- t
; : fng every day. Looking t
'.', over tlie remnants we x
; are selling at greatly rc
:; daced prices. Only a
': few days'feft, so yoti had f
:; better nurrylfcefore they I
: : are all picked over. . . .
Rub Dry
i The new bath towel, t
I Something entirely new.
t This is the bath towel i
t they are making those -T
t pretty waists ot
5oc each
:j Dahymple'si:
I'lin lH-fH-HH-4-if
Another factor which may have In
fluence In tho selection of n mnu
from soma othor county Is the fact
that thdre Is a man belonging to one
of tho wings of Mr. Durbln's local
support, who would llko to bo warden.
Itoforenco Is mado to Mr. John II.
Lewis, constnblo of this district, who
Is a closo frlond of tho I Inline peoplo,
and who wtw a farmer nt tho penlton
tlary under tho Ponnoyor administra
tion, when George S. Downing was
suporlntendont, Tho wholo situation
prosonts an Interesting study.
'Sick Headache absolutely and per
manently cured by UBlng Mokl Tea.
A ploasnnt horb drink. Cures Consti
pation and Indigestion, makes you
eat, Blcap, work and happy. Satisfac
tion guaranteed or money back. 25
cts. nnd HO cts. Wrlto to W. H.
HOOKER & CO., Buffalo. N. Y., for a
froo snmplo. D. J. FIIY, Druggist.
There's trouble In the stato houso,
And thlngH nro getting queer
With Fulton gottlng 28, '
And something loss for Geoiv
And Wood, ho of Multnomah
And th" lending DumocinL
Is whooping for HomibllcniiH
Initend of standing pat.
I6 '"" '" Sciuuhmmki,
And ho fioni Skookum Chuck,
Art sizing up the loumbup,
And are down upon tholr luck.
For they'd like to kuuwi tho winner,
And got on -the uppor tdo,
So when the wagon coiiim Hloug
Thoy'd get a chnueo to ride.
iThe t ''' " ticking
j lJ" " "-"inuent nnd w high,
,T,,0' ma ho "'""latin tho
I AbllOllleil C.f the ly
And, guessing of the winner
Isn't any smt of uso
Kor each legislative sinner
Says he's "sound upon the gooio.'
If you are troubled with Impure
blood. Indlcntod by soros, pimples,
hondarho. otc, we would rocommond
Acker's Dtood Elixir, which wo soil
under a potltlve gunrantoo. It will al
ways euro Sorofulous or Syphilitic
poisons nnd' all blood diseases. EO
eta. and 91.00. D. J. FRY, Druggist.
O i
CoiiKieesman Williamson Is tho one
member of tho legislature who refuses
to dlecuse the senatorial outlook. He
considers the matter too delicate for
him to havo opinions ipon, as it In
volve sevural of hie constituents. He
no doubt line Ideas of his own, how
ever, and tholr oxprveslon will come
in the way he votoe
sunif cure" Fon'TiLiis
Itching Piles produco moisture and
caus.o Itching, this form, as well as
Dllnd, Uleodlng or Protruding Piles
are cured by Dr. Ilosan-ho's Pile Rem
edy, stops itching and blooding. Ab
sorbs tumors. COo a jnr at druggists,
or went by mall. Treatise free. Wrlto
me about your case. Dr. llosauko,
Philadelphia, Pa. Kor sale at Dr.
Stone's drug stores.
Pendleton is to have an Importn
tlon of lady barbers from Mlesotiri.
They almost come within the scriptur
al Idea: "They shavod others, them
selvttti they could not shave."
The Sure Way
to prevent Pneumonia and Constjinp
tlon Is to euro your cold when It first
appaars. Acker's English Remedy
will stop the cough In a night, and.
drive the cold out of your system. A I
ways a quick and sure cure for Asth
ma, KronrhlUa, and all throat and J
lung trouble. If It deea net satisfy -you
tlie druggist will refund youi-r
money. Write to us for frej sew pin .
W. II. HOOKHR & CO.. ?, r.
Y. D. J. FRY, Druggist.