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    ,,.. 3raLteKiaiiwy '- aM -asm -lfcj-TTrTMpjaBW-iw, JB
Salem's Chinatown Is Of-
& . ficlally Condemned
' .
fayor's Message and Stand" Committees Named
A lam grist of Important matters
itAlMfiifC U municipal affairs at this.
tfb beginning of a new year, engaged
IDs attention of inanity council at It ,',,, anna re,)0rt. Among other Items
Standing Committees Named.
Mayor uisnop announceu suinaing
commlttoos o Uic counclj for the en
suing year an follews:
Streets and public proporty Sims,
Uurrowu and Pohle.
Ways and means Cattlln, Stolr. ami
Account and current oxppnsoa
Hurrows, Walker and Hubbard.
Fire and Water- Catlln, Hubbard
and I'ohle.
Ordinances HubtHiril. Stole nnd
Health and ikjIIc Btota, larsen.
and Catlln.
Mcensei l.arnw. Walker and
Printing lfnlibard.
I. arson.
Treaiurer's Report.
City Treasurer John Molr submitted
" lll milium I cjni hi iiinuiiA wtuvi ivwhio
rSgutnr meeting on Tuesday evening. the rcport shows the payment during
Dooks Are Correct.
-The committed dh ways and means,
reported that Hecorder Judah's nn
nual report had been examined and
found to bo In proper condition. Tlio
commltteo found that licenses amount
ing to S0.3fi had been collected during
tho year nnd entered on license no
count, but not carried to cash rogIs
tor. At tho end of the year Ilecordnr
Judah liad a bnlanco of $80,215 unno
John Mauror . . i '. 1.50
Mrs. H. SI. Urown.,, .,..,, 2.26
Ed. Stark . .,.... A... 21.00
Allon Peck 1J7C
XV, II. Wos-cott . . ISM
w! W. IJasSy '.... 16.00
H. Lamar 15.00
C. h. Roger j. 9.00
J. D. Conn G.00
V. W. Msoy 12.00
.Mllo Mee 1.50
J. I'. Irvln ..... US
CJias. Weit i... 7.0
C. K. ISIgln 18."S
Want Street Lights Changed.
A petition was presented by Yew
Park people asking that cortaln elec
tric street light In that section of the
Walker anil, city be changed. After sorao discus
sion the matter wns referred to the
commltteo on streets and public prop
erty, although it appeared to be the
Honso of tho council thnt any change
In tlio location of the streot lights by
tho council will result In endless
with a balance on hand of $171.72.
There Is a balance on hnnd of about
$1500 In tho different street funds.
The report wa referred to tho com
mittee on ways and menus for exam.
Inotlou and report nt tho next regular
tneetlng of tho council. Mr. Molr sub-
the year of $6000 Interest on the city's
Indebtedness The receipt for the trouble for that body, since tho result
year amounted to $17,806.63, with .Is sure to bo a domatid for changes In
disbursements aggregating $17,033.81, ovory section of tho city.
To Improve City Jail.
Chief of Pollco Gibson appeared be-i
foro the council and nrgued for an Im
provement of tho Interior of the city
Jail. He desires that the city bnstlle
be ctpiipped with partitions, so as to
make possible th detontlon of wo-
tnon and wayward girls. Ho asks that
ment to succeed L. IL Murphy, retired. I further recommend that themat-
City Recorder Judah ,'waa directed ter of crosswalks nnd sidewalk inv
to purchase, In tho name of tho city, provements bo pushed forward during
two volumes of the new code, at a the coming year,
cost of $12 I wish 1 thank those mombors of
The proposition of E. Downs to fur- tho council who havo o faithfully
nlsh bids for tho Indigent poor of the rvcd the city during the post for
city at 1!U cents por night, was ad- their uniform courtesy, and to the
verscly reported upon by the commit- new members, I extend a cordial
toe reported upon by the committee greeting. Praying for your co-opera-
on police and fire. l," u,c "l,ut,u" " , ' "
affairs during the coming year, I am,
Mayor Olshop's Message. .tc."
Mayor Hilltop, at the meeting of the" X,A i mtlin
council last night, delivered his an- AQTPfllP A FMli
nual message to that body. Including vvj 1 JUVI r S LB.IXJ
a numuer or recommennauons wun
reference to the conduct of municipal
affairs for the ensuing year. In ad
dressing the council, Mayor Dlshop
said as follews:
In assuming the responsibility of
the management of tho municipal af
fairs of the city, wo are each and all
pledged to conduct and manage Its af
fairs within Its Income.
In the matter of bonds, wo ltnve
Dr. Schoettle Takes Dr.
Grace Albright's Practice
Dr. .f. T. Schoettle. Salem's woll
sewer bonds, Issued December 1. 1889. ,nown ogteopath,Bti wlll succee(, to and take no substltutca
The Same Mistake Is Made by tl
. Majority o People.
It's n common error
To plnator tho aohlng back,
To rub with llnlmon.ts, rhoumatli
When the trouble comos from tl
Doan's Kidney Pills cure nil kldin
Hero is positive proof."
A. Ammann, ' shoomakor, of in1
Santa Fo Avonue, Denver, Colo., savi
"WJion Donn's Kidney Pills stopp(
an nggravnted enso of kldnoy cot
plaint In the summer of 899, I tnnd
that fact known to tho residents (
Denver, so that others who had kli
ney troubles In any of Its varlou
forms might know what cottrso to pm
sue to get relief. Tho opinion I tho
expressed Is tho samo today as it wn
when Doan's Kldnoy Pills wero fin
brought to my notice. I have had n
occasion to use any medicine for m
kidneys since When Donn's KIdne'
Pills affected a- cure In my enso tha
euro wns pormnnent."
For snle by nil dealers. Price ft
cents. Foster-MIlbttrn Co., Buffalo, N
Y., solo ngcius for tho United States
ltememoor ttto natno DOAN'S-
for 20 years at 6 per cent, $19,000;
bridge bonds, Issued October 1, 1880,
for 15 years at 5 por cent, $30,000;
the practice of Dr. Graco Albright, or
ratltor tlio firm of Wyckoff & Albright,
In Odd Fellows' Temple. Dr. Schoet
bridge bonds. Issued October 8. 1890 Uo w ,)0 ;oun(J Qt tho ,aUcr ofncog
an years m t por coin, i;,uuu; mini
C&unted for. TIiIb amount was do- mlttod his bond In the sum of $3000,
posited with tho commltteo, artd when with tho United States Fidelity and tho necessary partitions bo provided
Applied to Uto proper accounts, tho .Guaranty Company, of Haltlmoro no In the Jail, or that speclnl qunrtors bo
cfty'a books waro found to balanco to Httroty. On motion of Stolz, tho bond i fitted In some of tho vacant rrfoms In
was referred to committee on ways .the city hall building. As tho Jail Is
ft cont.
Will Condemn Chinatown,
A comprehensive report wns sub
mfUd by Chief of Police Gibson nnd
Alderman Stolx, relating to tha sani
tary conditions In Hlock 21, Malem's
Chinatown. The special commute
rxportml that the west one half of the
littMJk ! hi a filthy cDtulltlim. The
rnnimltU reeommended Hint the
council proceed to remove the ten
nutty of tho block dMrlbd. nnd tlmt
the iMilblluffi Ih cc-iidemned and or
derd frmoyel. Altached to the re
port of the rntfliiiltlee whs a itate
ment frowi Jim. Ilrimrdl, h pliimhlnc
expert, wbo arrontpHMleil the mtn
liMrs of the city government In their
topr of Inspection. The itntement con
tlrmiHl flit report of the coin mil tee.
and ctiorw"il the revoinmendHtlom of
that iHwly UiKiii iiiggMtluu of Itecuiil
er JudHh, the innlter wns referred Id
the rommltte un hoalth ami potlce
with power to art, nnd with Instruc
tion to Ink steps tit weurit the ton
demnntUtii of the pruiwly reported
upon. Th commit t is aittharlBed to
mil ploy kNml advice. If deemed UM-es-snry
Ilonds Are Approved,
The bnitd of City Hccorder JiiiIhIi.
Im th mm irf $ftnoo, with C. Msrah.
Otto IIhnkhi. J. J llrymple. D. J. I.. (1 Uossoiier ...
lry NH1 J. P. KrtxxHI hi uretloe. WHHUiirn IIhidIUoii
appmrwd. HlmllHr adieu whh takrnl8Niu. U.'l.l
with retHrt'me to tli ImuuI or o
OrlsWoW. an str)i ronimlMMloiin
Wie MIH or $hhi. with H Pohle. P J J , Slmpum
Uomwi nnd a. u Grey u sureties. D j. i.'ry . . .
nnd means.
Salaries Are' Raited.
The ordlnnnco granting n slight In
crease In the snlnrles of the police,
fire and street departments of tin Sa
lem city government was it rend n
third time nnd passed nt the meeting
of the. council last night. The read
justed nlnrles date rrom the first of
the present mouth.
An Ordinance Tabled.
An ordlimuco requiring tlmt lie re
after all fruits, vegetables nnd cereals
offered for snle In the Salem mnrkekt
be sold by weight Instead of measure
ment wu tabled.
Te Improve WJIIien Avenue.
Stoli nud Sims were constituted h
special committee to confer with Su
lierrlilng Arch I tent Cramer, of the Sa
lem iKHtlce. nnd procure pliuis nnd
peclflcntlom for the permanent hu
nt present arranged, tho pollco offi
cer cannot nrrost n woman nnd re
tain her In custody', becnuso of the
luck of a suitable place to koep her.
Tho matter was finally referred t the
committee on health nnd police, with
instructions to Investigate ns to the
changes needed, and report '"the ap
proximate coat of the same.
The matter of mnklng fuithor In
vestigation as to the street improve
menu petitioned for on Church. High
nnd Perry street wns referred to the
committee on streets and publlo piop-
A communication from Plro Chief
Johnson culling the attention of the
council to the need of a new holler for
the SlUby fire engine, was referred to
the commltte on flro nnd wnter.
Upon the recomniendntlon of Fire
Ing bonds, Issued Novombcr 2, 1892.
for 20 years at C per cent, $20,000;
funding bonds, Issued January 1, 1891,
20 years at C per cent, $00,000; fund-
horeaftor, and after February 1st will
bo assisted In tho work by her broth
er nnd sister, Frank and Anna Hnrr.
Dr. Albright will remain until their
arrival from the East, when sho will
Ing bonds, issued October S I. 1899. for (lemU fop ,cr nDW fleM , CnIlfop
10 years, at 4 por cent. $66,000; streot
nln. Dr. Schoettle Is to be congintu-
Improvement bonds. Issued January 1. aU,(, h-or ,,rjRht fllturo ftm, thc
laini. inr m years ni u pur ceni
$0181.60. making n" total bonded In
debtedness of $220,081.60. Tho bridge
Salem public Is eo.tinlly fortunate In
securing tho sorvlces of threo such
conscientious workers as tho new
bonds of October 1. 1880. became due ,., M(U Schoo(0.. 1)roUlor ftJ)(I 8g(
White Bronze.
"I can seo no good reason nby
Uieso monuments should not last as
long as tho pyramids of Egypt."
Professor of Chemistry nnd Geology,
State Normal School, Frcdonla. Jf,
Y. Seo add. d-w
The crowim! hi-nils or every nntlon.
Tlio rich men. noor men nnrl m!sir
Ml loin In paying tribute to
PeWltt's I.lttlo Knrly Jtlsi-v.
II. Williams. Sun Antonio, Tex., wrltw
pmvement of WIIImh nvinite. The Chief Johnson. George Hurkhnrt was
commitiee is initruoteil to rupoit nt elected honemnn In the fire depart
wie nwi inntMjiig or ttie council.
Ills Paid.
Pntton Hnn. s.TB
Selem Water 0 118.110
O W Putiwm .
W. . Alott. M. I),
!. StatM T. A T. CO.
Williams & aneaer ...
I.lttlo Knrly Itltier Pills nre the lirxt ( over
until In mv fumlly. I unliosltntlnRly rw
ommi'tiil them to everybody. Thoy curt
ronRtlimtlon. IlllllmiNnnM. MpV Hnn.ini,.
October 1. 1901, and arrangements ,.. .... .,..,.. , .,. ... , . r.'JrD"1.. ,,,v'r- Jpunillff. raalnrln nnd tfl
,,.,,,,.. "' '" b'iho" i me iiiiieiicuii i uiucr iivit irouuiiti i-. u. iinm, on Stni
were mnue wun a local naiiK m carry ,.,,,,, . o,..n.i... e. Htrect
them for the city until the present n
time, and n bill should be provided ( Attention, Ladies and Gentlemen.
anil presented to the legislature, now Ladles, try tho fnsomassoee vork:lt I
In mnmIoii. giving the city the nuthoii- I no fake, but one of the most beau
ty to fund them, and I would suggest tlful treatments n face can have; re
the popular loan plan as the most sat- moves wrinkles. Gentlemen, try the
(factory. From $80,000 to $100,000 of Dnndrufflne for dandruff head and
those bonds have been Issued to take bnld heads. Sirs. W. A. Dunce. State
up deficits In years past, which Is now street. Solem, Or. T)ox 1. Upstairs In
Mil Interest- burden on the taxpayers IJnyne building. l-17-0t
making not less than $B000 a year In--,'
terest thnt this generation of taxpnv- . Smith has brought an action
ers Is receiving but little of any bene- "' Henry Frank nnd J. N. linker
fit. I sincerely trust that In the future '" lvo"ver nbout $70, nlleged to be the
no new bonds wlll will be issued, ox- "amnp " o" n promissory nolo for
cept to provide for those above men- """ I!row "d Wrfghtmnn are the
tloned ns they become due. nnd It Is """ for the plnlntlff,
my opinion
thnt some special levy
should be mnde to apply only on the
! payment of a small portion of them
each year, thereby gradually reducing
the olty's obligations.
Referring to (military affairs. I
think a vigorous campaign should be
H comtltntlonnl illMsia,
It original! In iiTofulom condition ot
Ue blowl and deHnl ihi thnt condition.
T ... ..... ...
.v im-m inuiri iHiauamA Mill (llulliei.1. m(i .. (ho.,, ii,.-, ... , wnllll .-,
tmpnlM the (sale, Finrll nnd liesiiiiir - ' ' ' wo1"" ""'
tcil the viM'al orvnn. itutnrli ii.n (... ..i.
It It nlwy radlielly nd iHirmaneiiHy
eurrd tiy tin- blood-purirylug. .nttentlve
lid tonii- a.tioii of
gest that our charter be so amended
n to permit us to have a sanitary com
mission to serve as do members of the
leoundl. without nay. ami that thev
have full nnu-.i- In nstmtml u..t..w .....
'Mil. up.., .1 , j ..... ,-.-.... ... .....,.-, n. -win , uir
" :.'-'?. '"'""" nuNwrougiii uienitfrt .lni.i r..., nr .Q.. i.
iriyiiisriii mi wau i.r an , ...... . .. -- --.-.... i(m ii r nniri i inn-
i Oil ; . """' 'i uiwi'i uerH-niiiiii; i I
, on scrofula or th . r.ifiiioiiD habit ietx and all matters pertaining there '
l.wi Soot)-, I'ilu m u un MUurno. ' tu
" n u.i rr , , . . i
H v a. wiggiiu ir iiooa s j arsapanua
To Sleep Well
get your stomach and liver
acting right. The easiest,
quickest and safest way to
do it is to use
Sal Kfirwlitrt In Ioim U. bJ 'JU.
Invisible to all but the experienced
Are on many teeth. Thoy enn bo felt
unloss the warning Is heoded much
Buffering and tho ultimate loss of
somo teeth Is the result.
The removal of ulcornted pnrts and
Of cnvltles wlll ntrost tho decny. Our
j filling Is the most perfect yet Invent
mi. It Is very lasting.
Rooms 27.29 l etctllco Block, Salem, Or
Jmm' BBW IHi V fJP
It doesn't soM reasonable doe5 it? Bt it's so, nevertheless. In our north window you may see a lot of them
dressy shapes in black, brown and other shades. They were ' '
$2.00 and $3.00 MS NOW REDUCED TO $1 So
Om- s,l salt i, t, ta ,acl iMa to d b
Period. How do we accost for it? WcII, to yotf thc scwct, lJJZ
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Ts- onw samp(es of the many Mas througaoBt oM s(ocfe ako
Vf . JitJ 7 JL JZiFC fi Hi 1.
. m 1. .. u.. nro c.Ke w ut colettl um. ilih " " VJLF SHIRTS
USS?& DifiS'SctMiJSf SUM! W0UK, iMTS AT 1ULF MHCC -, . . J ' '
CA V 1-W W W W - "" 0I U'11"S' &" ' C""" " "" "" " S" a CO-SWrtl. COAT 10
riPDOCTTr? r a nrhi -- . .
HeadQuarters for Salem-Aiado Kit.f. ci . I 1NATIONAL BANK
mmXZJSlL Flannels '"dian Robes. Men's and Boy's ClotHin, ,ri , , c
! uama; I