The Daily journal. (Salem, Or.) 1899-1903, January 19, 1903, Page PAGE EIGHT, Image 8

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wHiiwH-t'"''''" - - v-mv a c ! .
! -20
ggggggBB -
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yHtTT? e&V
aiaaer" " i
ilOur Clearance
! ! W,'ir, it. hundreds of reduced
! t rl.. malrea Salem's Best Store
disc, makes Salem s ucsi store more uy -
; Shopping Center of Salem. In our desire to close c
goods in season everything is marked at what u
judgment it will bring. Everything is whittled cto
W., ...-
: .4Mm. . hrinv. fcvcrvtmn& is wimuca uoww
! he littlest ooint possible, a
; ; giving can be had when they
; ; iundca ior any aissausiatuvui.
. mtt.A- J i:... 1C
DiaCK 1 ailCW, pooo quality, j
Every piece of silk included
p 'ilrAf .1.
- - - , ,.--- u i-j-i
! ! much as possible before mven
! ! tery time wc will sell Famous
! ! Black Cat Stockings reg. 25z
! ! values for 19c, We have them
! ! coarse ribbed far the boys and
!! finer ribbed for the girls.
! ! Triple knee, heel and toe, a
! ! stocking that is guaranteed to
! resist wear and tear as bravely
! ! as eood material and work'
! I In order to reduce this stock as
; ; manship can, An or partunity to buy good stockings at a
; ; great saving, Notice our Ccurt street display,
i ! The Most Wonderful Bargains in Salem.
! Will be found in our oids and ends window, everything
! cut to onchalf oricc. In our large show window on
! Court street you will find a display of the articles. Look
them over,
Eyes Tested Free,
Consult Us before Going Elsewhere, it costs you no more
to have your glasses titled correctly than by some inexperi
enced in this particular business. We have the best and
latest instruments for testinir your eyes and in case you need
glasses we will sell them to
ones are so d eisewnere. uur
not equalled outside of the larger cities.
?S ywars practical exMrhitee
sa State Street. Next Door to Bush's Dank.
Flrxt-olaM lustbM tt1 at the now
Noble lutttn tMBtr at all hauri, day
r night We will waVe a alal
ty f MmlA'tchiM, Hr kraut, aHU
wUnwuntt, ikw c)r,; and
In fait all that 8hm to make up a Anit
elaw iHMh. We tilie u oall es
pcoial attentkM to the tMetatM wen'i
luneh that will be terred (aUy (rttw tl
a. to. until 2 p. m. ,
ALEX. 00RN0YKR Prop.
fitcivt die til
Edward Elll.
144 State St
Ja 19, -Vwit.
irfade by
.f , ,Wney, Oreaoiu
Mt4 for family ua ik yoar
Tocer fer It 13ran aad
" ooj Winayp VU AefeJBd v HtJ
a. r. mm teen$
mwm aiwaya on aaad.
;' ' .1 .
:' V.aLoiaiaial-Ht
j - - k
prices on reliable merchant
more truly than ever the
,.! !. .. -ill
in our oesire to ciw&t wm
in our
.J A -- ia
better idea of ihc values wc
arc seen. Your money re
These Silks at these prices will
surely be closed out quickly.
Good Colored Taffeta 68c
A better value, best quality 81c
Best Wash Taffeta, all colors 72c
Ext r.i aualitv Peau de Scie. 36
inch full Slfev Fj
Better values 5112 to SZCO f
!..U UM t
um ". w.-
in our ckaraocc saie paces. J
ou at a price lower than interior
lacumes anu experience are
How lit" I'ormer OMnlnrU Soiiik Cl
0nl Uy l lie I.ntler.
Am KugUtiliHMit Iwh JuM h(l a very
mrteun Mprlwic', myu tlw Immlon
T4Krrit. He ImiI lent a Turk Mime
MOhr. ut the man wmn uimttli to
iwy awl oh hi tlMthiHNl lahl a wr
rlrnlar eharjte an hk wife awl cUII
ilreit to weot tlw iltt Tli llt koii
w UMkln- wrrHttKeMH'tttit aitontlnc
ty, but alM dlwl. awl U, lou, Iwgxetl
ble fatnlty to my tbe mny n mhih
I tlM? fOMbl.
Ou day tlM UnnlUUwaii rf..4t'tJ a
lait fruui a iutuilxr f tho fuiutl.v.
who aaU that thrrv w-r uom fuiu
HM'ttilx-m of It left, a ltd thev io
efedj Io Hi), 1U fin- nf tbe dniiglitera
rpru ti MiiMtriu urr aoare, Hiswr
Im that Ik uhmmj- waa vtt mittjr
Wwl 1tu MImvh, however, wlatunl to
Mtth' tli aiitlKH'. and If tbe KiurlUU
mmii wnM t-ouw to lfcH haweii It would
tw aireuawd. "Hut," lUe THt added.
"If you hpo tUr la any 4tltklt jaet
.i ttutt j ou liHtvt It ! t ofitkil In
h. ii. t wofWr'
Aistmlluilj Hi KiitlilitUttii wt'iit to
llu' kouee i i lir riiHHtinted tliuc and
uut the faiuH) In llu imvwiuv of a
mollob, Ia iuUM bflUK ImIUimI a
ettwii. Tbe nulla h Ivumi li Hklnv
if Im bad truly lent the wot', how
aiu'h It aod If Iw nuuhl take my
leva, ( of that WUMMNI IwMpI kottt
aliiirlriMllarmtMl T tuftfeov
hikm Hwm lnhtr4 that h hd leeil tto
itiaui v . that In had Hot eafcwl for H.
iliat iw)t hd toltl uiM to tM uud
. t It inui If ibejr illd mn uiit to uay
u ! vnlt Wil the iiutttfr io ho mt
1 11 I l 1 1 IKXt UWl.l
Thv e Mia ed aHouvo tor m fvw uh
iiuhiIk, and tlt4i Ik wuueN calle!
ib.-ir ttroiUrr, uud ' paid her aoarr
iihfirt a word It m the wHieiH
of tueHsi the (other iu the other
wll Atthout havlog eorried om( bla
wlelit too twrfcMja g thtaja; to favw.
IN.MI.1, niet
Mat I d.t te why Ut. a
4 Vuug Km
It-lUel tm i tM u
uv lb ik iui . iy
a, n j i in- ,4tl geiitiMMia)
Qhjfe!rn Cry iw
FUtcher't CattOfta.
1lP yr.l ptJiE n I
IfJeSgfASCTiTlk.. IN O I
lEftAriKlaSJrtJ -t3l
ki fa
He 1" a
Tillman 'Has Nothing
to Say
Matter May Assume Serious
Talk of Lynching Renewed
and Mob Violence Imminent
Columbia. &. C Jan. 19. Editor
GonzaleB, of tho Columbia State, died
at 1:10 today, as a renuu 01 noma
bot on Thursday by Lieutenant-Governor
Tillman, nephew ot United
States Senator Tillman.
Connection Will Be Completed
By Spring
Taroma. Jan. 10.- Lieutenant Glbba
leporta from rtanijmrt that 300 mllos
of government telegraph lias uoon
completed up the Tanana river. He
will complete the connection to Val
itc, In the aptiiiK, placing the ontlie
Yukon In telegraphic communication
with th" world.
Commerce and Labor Depart
Waalilnaton, Jan. 19. After n pro
longed atriiKKle tho Houho pnssed a
tulmtltivte to the Senate bill to ostab
Huh ft deiwitmeiit nt commerce nnc
labor. -"w.
The vote stood 1ST to 40. all the fie
pubUcaiia and SO Democrats favorlni
Uie bill. The aubatitute, aa paaael b)
the Hoiiee, place the life aavltiK er
vice, iiiKrine hoapital aervlee, ateam
ahlp Inauectlou aorvice, bureau of nnv
IgaUon aud ililpplng commlaelone
under tho control of the treuury de
iwrtment, but auUiorlxe the Ureal
dent, In hie dlecretlon. to tranafer the
other bureatie for tho collection ot
state) and Interstate commerce com
tnloslon to the new department.
It plarea under romrol of the new
detwrtment the national bureau of
staudnnU, coaot aud gomletlc survey
aud bureau of atatiatlra, cenaua, bu
reau, bureau of foreign nmiiqerce,
bureau if inimlKration. Includiitg Jur
ladli'tloii over Chiuexe Immigration
and alao nvatea a bureau of niunufar
turv Hud torpoiHtion
In Memory
Of Gen. Lee
KUhwond Va . Jan 19 The birth
ttay of Oenerai Kobeit K. le wa eel
Itnited In all tho leading cltioa of the
SooUi today by the xeloties of the
Army and Navy of tho Coufederate
Stt and Daughters of th Coated
my In this city U auttlveraari
waa otoorvod bi a eloalng of the
auto aad city public oc. a parade
of tho local rompaaie of militia, and
tho Iriag of a military salute by tho
Klchmood Howitaera.
AUaut. O., Jan.
xorcit-M wero hold
1 J. Appropriate
this morning la
tko ball of Uie
Of lPretltH
Urea in tfefwrvagao
m k blrtiiway
of XoiMMt L f
voolM VtrttUa fceletr koMi Iu
cwtogMry coMirMioav wlMai tgo o
alvorwry aUdreoa win Im oXIrered by
ThowM Noltaw Pge
SYttNk. fja., Jaa l. aokert R
Uo'a WrUiiiay wag ceWbratiMl today
by a paraaW of all to white military
of tko eHy.
.a-4lk. TttrSH H. l.-BtiaiiMoa
lango)) tMHilHlij la NaaiiHo to
ay U eoMsrsrttm of k WrtMay of
Itobort al Ue V ovemlag Otoooral
mtakuch l4 aellTor, M aWr us
r Um ttuaplcoa of Uto local sodotloa
1 Cfw-uo Votowuig, fer too ben.
Jt of ho fmi4 Utat ut Mag raised for
ttw oflettaM of a NKMiuoet t ih
Omrogoretto toMlara on (k
VTUBeMHr bAiuu iiwii,,iiIii
... .
CJwIdMn Ory for
Fietther'g CUUrU,
MONDAY, JANUARY 19, ,1903.
Cnnnccciiiifol InTPntloim Thnt Pre
ceded Howc'i. I'ntcnt In 18.
Tbe technical beKlnnlup of the sew
ing machine Industry In this country
was Sept. 10, 1840, when Kilns Howe,
Jr., obtained a patent for what grew
into tbq first really practical Hewing
machine. Only three of the flrnt Howe
machines were made, however, and
one of the" wa deposited In tbe pat
ent omre In Washington bb a model.
It was not until nfter 1850 that a fac
tory for the making of pewlng ma
chines was built, so tbe enormous liusl
licsfl of today has grown up In a hliort
half century.
While Howe's Invention marked the
bepInnliiK of a successful Industry, he
was by no means the pioneer In ef
forts to substitute mechanical for band
sewlnjr. As far back ns 1770 Thomas
Alsop patented In Knplaml n machine
for embroldtrliiK. Another machine
for einbndderlnjr In a loom was Invent
ed by John Duncan In 1WM, and twenty-five
years later another Kmrllshmnn
named Ilellman patented still another
embroidering iniu-lilfie.
The llrst reconbil nttempt nt me
chnnlcnl sewing was th" Invention of
Thomas Saint. lm took out a patent
In Kngliind In 17110 for a machine which
executed the old crochet stitch. It
mm not n success, but some of th
features of the Saint machine appear
In the. perfected machine of today.
niirthnleniy Thlmonnler patented In
I'm nee In IBM the llrst sewing inn
chine put to pmetlcal ue. Mighty of
his machines were In nsu for dewing
army clothing In 1HJ1. when a mob de
stroyed them beeiiuo convinced they
would dilve t-eamstreses out of cm
ployment. Thlmonnler built new and
better machine, but nil his work whc
npaln destroyed by angry urticans In
John J. Cni'iioiigli took out ibo tnt
(latent Tor n miwIiik machlno Issued In
the Unite il Slate's In IJH.. It was In
tended to sew leather, but was of no
practical use.
Walter Hunt of New York built a
aewlna- innchlne In 1S;W. but failed to
Irt-otect It by a patent. After Howe's
machine appeared Hunt declared It
embodied the hlca of his machlno of
ISJVI. but he was unable to establish
bis cliilin.
A small army of ln outers appetired
sfter Howe's imtent had proved sue
nful nnI their genius was devoted
to pcrfectlntf every Hrt of the ma
chine. How well they have succeeded
Is pIuiwii in the $..'00 imtenls for hew
ing machines and attHchments lsued
by the United States since ISaO and In
the fact that tbe American sewing ma
chine leads nil others In every country
In the world. -New York Herald.
Cure In 'lniiiiliil (ilnr.
A dealer In ojrtteiil Instruments de
elarwl that It gave lilm rwil jmln to
mite the erulH iiianner In which half
tu.mrtrriK'lK. New orK wear Kias.
pTl Is a wonder to me." he wild, "that
they don't bring on blindness. In tbe
ftWt ila. the frauiii hhiuld always
bo fitted to ludlxldual fneen Itihtead of
being lc.kcd up indlhcrimluately with
out regiirel fm facial Mf Hilarities. The
shut-of the leiiht-. la aimlher Important
eonablemtloii. .Mont of the glasnes I
see on the slii-et are loo small. They
should Ii" ns large as the face of the
wearer will itctinlt, for n lens of good
stao not only iiifords better protection
to the eje. but Is more lKs-ouiing than
a smaller one. Amu her tilbulHtlou of
the weak eyed la due to the ntfleetUMi
from the educ of uiifrumeil glaakes.
The oyeUhheti shmild be a I tended to III
of dm- to get the best n itlis from a
mlr of iM'ctHt'ief. .Muiiy lashiw are
worn ao long that they Uriwu agalubt
the) glaaa. This l dts-ldisfly Injurious.
Now Yoik Times.
A l.omiii In lluillnlll. '
A nirbms limtance of HivliieUtl hen
ItlUilty Iu a Miwll Tuikhii town ia to
conloel by I.ulgl Vlllari In "Italian Life
th Town awl t'owutry."
A lady of ery noble birth and of
considerable wealth was giving a mu
sical iwrty It was the tlrst tlmo she
hud Invited friends to her house that
aoaiMHi. The entertainment began at
2 p. m. aud lasteel till 7. No refresh
ments were provided for the guests,
but at half Mt 4 a servant appeared
and selewHly rcsciited a cup of choco
late to the hoteh uud one to her moth
or. Thte. of course, would only be jmw-"
slide In a verj HHivliiclal town. In the
more civilised siotM excclleut ifjfreth
monts arc always offered to the guests.
A irlituriil Weiiiiun.
ClilMreti tumble lulo strange mora,.
ea when they grapple with theology.
They trip over word. Por example,
the other day a teacher at Stepney took
for the Itlbie leaaoii the Mory of Sam
on. At the end of the eon questions
were iut to teat the uudemtaudiug of
tjia Mbolar. "With what imhi did
Saliwoii atay a thouaaud liillktlMr
aa tho QtHMlon. Po, K mmmo tlwra
was tatUiMO, Tlhm a Uttle &t poke
uru, 'With tko ai of Um iwk," sue
eabl.- ImhIon CkroMkJe.
Phyltte- Harry Is tbe most eoueoiteU
nan 1 ever met.
Maud-What luakea you tbiek aof
rhylUn-WUy. he Ann mru that I
km the Hwt adorable woman lit tke
world, the mmi Uwutiful, lutolwctMi
and In overy rpoet a paMgow. ana
then be waHta me to marry ktm'
Kedd-Hvery time I go on a mcnUoh
I swear Pit never ukt anotliar.
'Iitp Why dou't you stick gttf
X4d-Becau every tlmo I any .t
hope l tow III uever do it a.gLi.
BifWy Life.
Nbdy Ukoa an eraio.
tut burnt agm OMkwtn, hmtM '
81! niay tiara WcaVM h te ,,.
UaV AtehkHHi ;iole.
Mr. Ann Ellnbulh Wnlsli of Brook
lyn has given nearly $800,000 to Cath
olic charities.
Austria's first fomnle wntclunnker,
Miss (ilscln Klfrescbltz, lins JiiBt beeu
n-lmltted to the Vienna Watchmakers'
Mine. 1'altl has reappeared In Paris
nter n long absence. She has chnnged
from a brunette to u blond, and the re
mit is said not to bo to her advnutngc.
Her voice, howevcr.-is still excellent.
Mary Van Dyck, a Boer woman who
Is known us "Mary the Itlllewoman"
nnd who states that she fought with
the Boers, Is creating a sensation In
the smaller towns of Austria by giving
exhibitions of marksmniiBlilp.
Mrs. Carter II. Harrison, wife of the
mayor of Chicago, ban written a book
nt fnlrv lnl.,3. It has been known for
some time that she had some literary (
work in hanii, but sue ueprccmeu u
suggestions that alio was "un autnor.
Mrs. Krnest Thompson Seton, wife of
the we known naiurnnsi aim iccuir-
I devotee of big game hunting,
.... . -..i... i... i..,ui....wl mi lila
sue ni'coiiiuiit;n mi Hiinuiui.. . ......
trips Into tbe big gnme country nnd
beltt hidk take photographs and study,
the hablth ot animals.
Mi Mareartft Ablnitt of Chicago
has been tttknl "queeu of the golf."
At the opening of the tournament nt
La Houlle In Tarls Miss Abbott out
played all competitor. Mls Abbott
has won some little fame ns an lllus
tratoV and Inventor of children's
Lady Henry Somerset expects to Mill
for New York on Sept. LU Unable to
reiual.i long In this country, she has
ulis L-ed hei-M'lf o few engagements
. . .. .. . .... ...
beyond the national convention of the
Women's Christian Temperance union
ut Portland. Me. She will visit Mont WiiMliliiirton ii ml Boston. In each
of which cities) she will deliver uu ad
dress. nullum of the Slntc.
Who builds Uie state? Not he Kho
ltootU In wrong. In rld Intreiul.fJ.
Mahs hlni Oik regent of the heur:
The eternal llsht cannot be nueiiotieil.
This shall outlive his little ln:
Shin ilorce upon eaah tainlwd scheme;
Sliull show where shame biota an in
The treachery In the dsMlliiB dream.
He builds the stale who builds on truth,
Not he who. crushing toward his aim,
Strikes conscience from the throne una
To win ii dark, unplteotia fume.
Not he. though master anionic men
Kmplre anil sues all his thought
rl......l. II1U un ..o.?!.. li hid kn:
uviH'i i.o .. n-- ---: ..
Down io tlm grouml sliall all
c.. 1.M 1 t.i.t.l un.1 hlillll fur nvo.
Till liMtvtn wnUs denth, that they whe
rial on two bleed ot UraUwra, they
8itl liarvH Mti and want and woe,
rr-..- .... , rlli'u ilruiil nnonteB '
Wherto thy aitaeet mtliefr hour
And all the unhmJed tears awl crle
They caueed In lut of lawletw power.
it.. 1...11.1.. ih alato whn la I hut task
Ilrlngn atronir. clean hands and purpose
Who wi'ars not lrlu as a mask;
IU builds the stale that shall ondure
The state wherein each loyal son
Hold, as a Ulrlhrlaht from huh Mres
Treasurra ef honor nobly won
And freedom's neer dlng fires. .
-itlrhurd W NUon tllldDr.
In tbe iiiipiiy ltuukN.
Can't bf' iiia roamln" In Ihe valleys o'
tho May:
Any swn o' wwthvr. so wn'rs happy or.
the way!
Same sky bends above, ua, or whethei
blue or gray
Nlghi Is always drlflin' to the mornln'!
Cn t ha always roUIn" in the wealth thAt
will nut stay;
Poverty what I It If we're happy on
the way?
Sweete.1 song for .Inula'. swlet
wr4 to say.
Night ia ulwii dtdftln' to the mornln'!
1'or all our little bleoaln's, n heart that
thrllla with thanks.
We're rroaaln' o'er the country in the
hnlMula ranks
An' alna-la' songs of happineen on Jor
dan' stormy bank.;
Night la always driftln' to the mornln'!
-Prank I Stanton In Atlanta Constitu
tion. (n alder.
Consider well yaur actiens:
What' done you ean't recall.
No use io null the trigger.
Then try to att the ball.
-Oeoree Hyde In IJpplnoolt'e.
It Mlrs tlw Weed In an old man's heart
Airtt It RMkrw Ma puleea fly
To catch ike thrill of a happy votee
Aad the llpht of it pleaiWnt eye.
Friend after friend departs
Who hath not lot a friend
There is no union here of heart
That finds not here an end.
hicago Store
The Bargains we are offering are certainly Trade Wlnnera judging from tM
eeawds that uielt mm n.. a ...,. ., .
..... w, .VU1V, monoays
At 4Sc yd. volvot corduroy, all sha,l
Thb biioat for walats. beautiful goods.
regular price 75c. ; Mondays Sale
ril c.
At 49c Black Taffota Silk, fine qual
ity. Iod voithu rslar price 75e;
Monday's sale prto 9o
At 45c IiMt Proach Dannol. all the
latbtt atwdM. boauUful cloth, heavy
wd thick, ovory thread good, regular
WU T6c: Moaday'g sale price.. 45c.
At 49c Imported Entliah (vvari ,.in.
roa goods, beautiful cloth for spring
-w. regwar price SHe yd; Monday s
' ' 49c.
MCEVOY BROS.7Stlen..0r-
California and .Mexico
Scene of. Disease
Military Bill is Passed at
Postmaster General to Ac
count for Affairs
Washington, Jan. 19. Tho conv.
. - ... , ;. '
"on of tho atnto board of hoalth
clftlfl. cnllod bv tho mi ravin. ..
. . o-"f,vutin
to discuss the bubonic plague situ
tlon In California and Mexico
this inornlnL' In a secrot Hcqinn t .i.
oilleo of tho mnrlno hospital servlct
"i"w aiHiu mm 'ivrriiurini uoaro
of heal'h are represented, includlnj
California. Tho Callfornln ui,,nii.. '
...... unuuuy
In which tho marine hospital records
t-j ui-uwiu m v)&, is Hcarcoiy less tt
rlous thnn In Mexico, where, tho offl-
cinl8 claim tho plaguo is spreadlnr
Tho ,)0US0 tod d J
nmondmpntB fft ,hA ,, J
... . """' i.
' which tinrnmnn n lmir
which becomes a law
ns soon at
IlOOMOVClt Hlgns It.
A stipulation Iu n pnss releasing th
carrier from Hnbillty for negllgeiit In
juries to ono riding thereon Is held In
Pnyuo. versus Tcrro Ilnuto nnd 1. tt,'
company (Intl.), CO L. It. A. 472, to tV
valid. I
All liisnlt-nnf Kninninllnn I- I...1.1 t..
-- --..... .. .u.u.iu. ia UVIU IU,
...t.... I tit.. II
iMiiiuiiui nan i-aper company vcrsui
Coluiiibln Niitlouarbank (Neb.), 00 L
A. It. 121. to have no rlglit to give pref
erence io n eicm utio rrom it on which
tho officers uud directors nro bound n
sureties. J
A niuntclpnl ordlnauco requiring V
poratlons operntlng electric street cam
within the limits of n city to water
eiinlr IrneltB no n tn elTcetnnlW las the'
' dust Is held. In atute verua Canal and)
.. It .. P.ll I . I A 7
IJ. It. company i-.i, ov, u. v. .. u,h
to be a legal exercise of iV police pow-,
V).,C. Aglor and Win. O'Malley, well
known Southern Pacific conductor!.
aro In tlm city, attending the legUU
turo In Uiu IntorestB of their profe
Ion. Mr. Aglor's place on the Albany
local Is supplied by Chas. MlnMer.
Win. 11. Clark, of Millwood, Dougte
county. Is an nUendnnt at the leglslt
Lewis Her aged 17 years, of Butte
vlllo, thl county, was today comali
ted to the state Insane asylum
. ii
Vwo Furnished Rooms For rent, near
state c-npltol. Apply nt r.3S State
street 1 19-3t
1 o
Labor Exchange Checks.
All who havo not reported their U
bor Kxuhauue checks to Gcoree Grit-i
wold, will, within tho next 10 days, rej
port to I II. McMahan, at his offlwl
In the Murphy block. 119-Jt
LEHMAN. To Mr. and Mrs. U I
l.ohman, of this city, a boy on $
unlay, January 17, 1903.
What Shall We
Have for Dessert'
Thl mipcttnn nrtcM In the &
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