The Daily journal. (Salem, Or.) 1899-1903, January 17, 1903, Page PAGE TWO, Image 2

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Ma mo Jlifa awtanaww wwwyyf
Cherru Pectoral
Get well before you have to
think of weak lungs, bron
chitis, pleurisy. .&
Member Northwest Afternoon N
paper League.
Dally One Year, H00 In Advance.
Dally Three Month, $1.00 In Advance.
Dally by Carrier, 60 Cents Per Month.
Weekly One Year, tl.00 In Avance.
There are sereral raurus proposi
tlona before the Oregon legislature,
but they are not American.
There ) but one American caucus
and that In where a dimple, plain un
conditional majority derides within
the part?.
Mr. Pulton's proposition to.hold a
raiicm of 40 IlopuhllcatiH would leave
tho salaotlan of a naimtor to a bnro
majority of U IUpuhllcanH.
The plan ndoptotl In closing tho
minutes of the Marion county Repub
lican, convention of enforcing the
three-fourths majority rule In wrong.
That Is the old Democratic conven
tion rale that required threo-fourthu
at the mmribens of a convention to
make Its deliberations binding.
That was an Invention In the Inter
est of the slave-holders, and was en
forcing; party slavery, and making It
poselhl for a small minority to dic
tate. The Ile)Hil)ll'Rns or Oregon should
Insist thai every member of the lagls
latiir elected as a IteiHiltllcan go Into
a Hepuhllcau caucus.
They should Insist that they go In
to caucus without signing up any can
didate's scheme, or agreeing to any
qualllled caucus.
Where a condition other thau ma
jority rule la Imposed that condition
may be broken, and what right has one
limn to impose a condition on another.
Majority nil Is good enough for
any decent American oJUsw. If we
can ho longer abide by the decision of
a majority, simply because there is a
great deal at stake.
It it be known to the world Utat
deliberate barter and sal of votes and
signed, sealed and delivered deals In
politics! futures are made
lu a plain. American raticu on
man counts fur as much as another.
All are equals, axcenl as (7d has en
duwed one man with more brains than
aiwUier. and that Is more h theory
than a Thol
fume men have leas principle than
others. Soma are wore uoarrupuloua
tbag other The state and party nd
protection agnlast tgegi.
Ik the plain American majority rain
raaana then. Is less ckanea for barter
and sale of vote, and leas onortuul
ty for deals than In auy otbr.
.Mr. lotion's plan may work all
right. The Marion count) plan of a
tarae-fourth majority may work all
Hut we know Ikat majority raucua
Is all rtgjtt Hi the ng rua. It ia the
eualotti front Urn Jmmoniorlsl. n is
now generally mwd.
It glrwa wtber statea good atHuttor
Way not cut the gurdlM knot, sad -
wonaa ia rtgftt p-wtntont iu this
Why thall Oregon Kepubll.ans i.
mala among the political pariah lu
UtW rMpeott It b Anmrirana and
adogi a dment custom
Owe w ei4y kerpsa with whimm
WlU Thir ruvqpuc bonis-Iovium
women who b r - of il v
legrUMlr.ittK. mi.1 uuc Hut MimKth
el sill hiii ukt the put, trregt i ul
l-f Hut iivu'i Rrj a aft) ,
srB3Ka ajfed iin
K. jrt lo will be
many of them In any ago. Thy arc
the salt of the body politic. .
One such leader 1h worth a million
mere "Caterpillars of the common
wealth." as Shakespeare dubs them.
0 '
New York News Letter.
New York, Jan. 17. If Tammany
Hall, which sems to be growing eo
nniiiiv in nower that It Is very likely
to come out winner at the polls next
fall, returns to power, It will have an
unpleasant thorn In It side, according
to present Republican plana. The re
port that the latter will, during the
present term of the legislature past a
bill Increasing the term of the police
commissioner's office to four or five
years, meet not only with credence
I but with approval, even from man;
uemocrau. uenerai ureen maKes a
The leadership of the nation Is
pan.lng Into the hands of a newer
generation men of Ideas and convic
tions. Thar have been none too plentiful
for the past ten years.
President Roosevelt la setUng a
nacre that in some reaoectt is devel
oping character and positive qualities
In others.
Rnosevek declares that If this con-
ares does not nans an anti-trust law. , utrenuoua (mail or dm rino an
and adopt some measure of reclprocl-j much praise cannot bo given him for
ty with Cuba, he will call a special the work accomplished already.
Airs. Fggleston Feared Her
Reason Would Give Way
Solicitude of Her Neighbors
Resulted in the Relief of
the Unfortunate Woman.
Airs Eggleston Interviewed
A few more days we will continue our
session to enact those measures
The present congress dies by expi
ration March I, 1903. It Is about as
devoid of character as tiny similar
body that over assembled.
It has been subservient to the trusts
and tho corporations aw never wns
any body of men called nn American
Ita hands have been palsied, It
voice hns been itHled for Uie protec
tion of the grentost frauds and rob
Roosevelt will get nothing out of it.
He wilt be forced to call an extra, ses
sion of tho new congress, that would
ordinarily not assemble until Decern-
ber, 1908.
That body may be more represen
tative to Ui popular will and honent
While Itooserelt has made Home
mistake), he is right In demanding
those two Important measures.
He has tiie courage to reach a con
viction lu advance of his party. He
has the brains and tenacity of pur-
kmw to adhere to his program.
There is not a good reason why the
Republican party should not have
men of Ideas at the front, men who
think and mean something to the peo
In Iowa Oovernor Cummins has tak
en the stand for a reasonable revision
o( the tartir. He baa definite Ideas and
The Iowa governor It not satisfied
with maudlin generalities, such as fa
vors tariff revision in some Indefinite
way, and at soma unknowh time.
He la a man with allennlta program
of procedure, and he makes specific
propositions that the common people
can understand.
Without such men to lead oft a par
ty becomes a mere aggravation of jkH
wrestling politicians. Incapable of pro
gress, a bin den of nothingness.
The forthcoming celebration of the
250th anniversary of tho oatnMlnlu
ment of the municipal government of
New York City promises to be n note
worthy event. Although It was not
until 10CG thnt Now York's first mayor
Thomns Do Lavnllo was choson, it
was In 1C53 that tho concosHlon of
local government was given the vil
lages and towns lu New Netherlands.
Up until the present year Now York
has had nlnety-throo mayors and lots
In the vicinity of Hanover Square and
Broad street which sold In 1C53 for $50
and ?70 each now bring hundrods of
A subject which Is attracting much
attention nnd causing equal comment
among steamship men nnd society
folks as well Is MarconlH reported
intention to establish a dally news
paper service on ocean liners by
means of wireless telegraphy. Kn-
tlrely aside from any practicability of
the plan, the argument is advanced
that passengers do not want to hear
news from the outer world while they
are on the ocean and that the one
great incentive to ocean travel Is that
It gives tired men and woman abso
lute rest and enables them to regain
nerve force lost seeking to digest
too much uewH
Peculiarities Tint Vary But
LitMe From M'ddlc Ages
The report that the Japanese are
noon to see Shakespeare In their then-
Can One Desire Too Much of a Good Tiling?
There seemed to be a heavy
weight crushing down on the top of
my head" said Mrs. Kate Uggleston,
of No. 126 Ohio street, Indianapolis,
'ml., "and for days and days at a time
t was obliged to stay In bed. Every
''nek of this trottblo would loavo me
weak and worn out. So many excel
'out doctors troatmod mo without suc
cess that I Just resigned myself to
mv fate I lost none, iliero woro
many times whon I feared my reason
would give way.
A. norvous affliction doveloped
which affected my muscles, and I
could not control thorn. I could not
sleep soundly, I lost flesh and appetite
and waii miserable.
"A neighbor called one day and
told me of some of tho euros that had
been made by Dr. Williams Pink Pills
for Pale People, and I promised
her to try them. Relief came with the
flnit Imjx, and I improved steadily un
til, by the time four boxes were tak
en. I was iwrfectly cured, and I have
had no return of the trouble since.
Mix. Kxg teuton took a medicine that
attacked her troubles at the root the
blood and nerves. Poor blood and dis
ordered nerves are at the seat of near
ly all the ailments which aflllct mnn-
kind, and Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for
Pale People have been proven to be a
certain lemedy for all diseases arising
from this cause. They have cured lo
comotor ataxia, partlnl paralysis, St.
Vitus' dance, sciatica, neuralgia, rheu
matism, nervou headache, the after
effects of the grip, palpitation of the
heart, pale and sallow complexions
aud all forms of weakness either In
male or female. Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills for Pale People are sold by nil
dc-alew, or will be sent postpaid on re
ceipt ol sn cents a box; six boxos for
$2.50. by addressing Dr. Williams'
Medicine Co.. Schenectady. N. Y.
HFUr (iicUirtty -f-nffrflQ att U&4irv ,J
out new location at No. 269 Liberty S
And so long as we remain in out psen
fnralffifl all OWCCS in CtlCCt duvnc .
-.....i. . . A rjincc-44t MnUMIvr ris-tl.- 'H
great ciiiu aywaiii wxAwy acuewillpfy
A splendid opportunity to fit out
onse FurnisMn
398 Commercial St
Store at Salem and Albany.
Next to P J
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Christmas Yule Log
that welcomed Santa nim.. i.
oldon timo" with Us cheory bhu,,
spluttor wns always th i.. .,
could bo found In tho forest. Et3
Piaiih, ooard nnd lath, every J
beam, shlngloB and slinkon In ..
nro rnndo from tho host timber mi
nnd nro of nimnrim. m.. ,.i
Bonod and free from i,n. i
Trices make our fino building' lunlJ
iiimom nn jimns gift.
Goodale Lumber Cil
Near 8. P. paj. Qt
Phone 651.
A Juicy Morsel for
Or dinner yon can enjoy Irom cue o( our
tender raid delicious moats. 8tonk"8, lamb
Or lnllttnil I'linne. ronl Milloto nr r.nrlr
Our meat are all cut from the fattoet
ami nrimeatrrtttlo, nnd we can mipply
VOtir tdlltn U-IKl frnall I.nlrlllnMB nnrl
vholefomo meats at bad rock prieiw.
Pbon 201
r . ,
women sit demurely or chattor
among thmoaelrea; the men yawn nnd
Btroteh mightily and the children run
up and down along the narrow parti
tions and oven on the "flowery way"
reserved for the actors. If the nlav
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s zz " IS
JlLI fdilo $
4. .
i WATERS, The Cit Man
When Going Out,
One's apponranco should he nn ob
ject for compliments, nnd not of nnol-
ofilee and explanation. Drosa is so
largely a matter of linen that the laun.
dry question Is all Important Dlsre-
Hard I lie thn ruin nf atilo .l a..n.. in
becomes pathetic, the ladles of thesevorely against the offender. Our
perfect work all the time at short
pricee has won us the general favor of
good, dressers; wo do nil kinds of
laundry work, from a silk handker
chief to a rag enrpet.
Salem Steam Laundry
Col. J, Olmsted, Pron.
Dorous D. Olmsted, Mgr.
Phone 411. 230 Liberty St.
iwrty disappear Into their long sleeves
or even retire from the audience to
weep unrestrained.
Acker's Blood Hllxlr positively
Cures Chronic Wood Poisoning and
all Scrofulous affections. At all tlmoa
a matchless system tonic and purifier.
Monoy refunded If you aro not satis
fied. 50c. and 11.00. D. J. Fry, Drug-gist
8tHfo for party preferment become tr make a deserlntlmi r h ......
A l-l'O faft il1ill4..- Wta-i ..vv...- f . W !";
... ,.,.. i vvny IVIUItM'
aat upstart. iaraltea and suckers.
-OH "'TV-v
av a
wngt. HIim
lb wvtglit brgtM
to fa twin, ii,
I ixinoal It U tiM (
'' ga-eml ill
' ilia in wiifa
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i . - , . . . ,
l thr
Mitugth igi
Ulldi 'illiitt
th MUlllv
1I 1 .-,,..
I jvorilc Jt
c r i p t i o n
t l '
K - -a i"l v,ra.
S , -7 - '- i-
Vr----K -"' ' a ' vl
w amiu to tw tlH-xMAgh tad praiaaai
Mcti h . 7" !"
All houor to men like tJovernor
Cuwmlns, of Iowa, for iujectlua uew
life Into the sltuatloa. lie cowm a a
tiaialy aad providential aid to Presi
dent Rooaevelt la forcing a dilatory
i-oagreas Into actioa.
A aother auut oa whoaa ta oaoola at
the Weat aara a aonaftil eve is o.
graaawaa Peter Hoybvra. ol Iowa, who
agau for a caaal Mora A a MOO
faa of ta older gMeraUoa of lowu
public me, his raraar ia without a
moral blemlgg. his political -uth.
eoa Is stalafeaa
Not a move or utiin-A .it ki. .
far aa ran be g!aa4 froa the moat
crtUcnl praag ol ai tau or the ua-
iioa iu bM callH In qoaaUoa.
He aa uaaaad one rai bin ,.-k
lb.. House. Ha aaa acted la
H ha mad reports aad iwh.
hrnue iu that count r- for Interest to
Knallsh speaking folk An account of
the Japanese taa- iu iirtiu.r.,uu
Japan" Juat ubllhed. explain that
the play la that country used to begin
at daybreak aud last until mi.iif
It U now legally restricted to eight
hours, from to In t Morulnr t a i
evaalag. Th ior nr ,, t....
U dirldad up by uartltion. t .
u.-. .. " a--, vti .
There are Iota of good things the doc
tors know nothing nbout. We fre
quently cure people of disease after
the doctors have given them up. If
in disease comes from over work,
dissipation, of exposure, causing wank
nnd watery blood, and loss of flesh and
strength, we have the one sure reme
dv In Dr. Ounn1 Blood and Nervo
uihv. wiese tauieta taken- with
SJULi1 turi the food ,nt0 rieh red
OlOOd. makflie alrnnc atn,!,. n
SdJSr,fhBf b.ulWln.
,. .... ,.vu (n ui rate oi l to 3ms
per week. This means health. For
nervous prostration, loss of memory,
or a pale, sallow complexion, a better
.-...-, , neYar OT8(9 Doctors
tkh"flmffl Hlnf about thl8 remdy only
the fact that ua nmiro ...... ''
i.nv i , ", ".T""" "' we
...I i '" uu,u uu or twenty years
W8 ktlOW Olir malhn.1 !.. it' ' 7 . .
BVvDrHil,U, 8U Dr- On"-1- Blood
and Nerve Ton c for 7k .,. i. i. -1
UfkYM r.. ..:-.- "' uu. or i
!. ZT' .fnt oy mall on re-
i i,.'H.l. flKcff
liv-U-j Iheaith Sf
Is a good, wholesome, delicto
eiage, llko Salem beor. It's i
to tasto not to tho pockettat
Its price Is oxtromoly modem
excollonco consldorod. Toe
to quality of ingrodlonts. care;
lug of this beor warrant a a"
er nrico thnn nthm nnrCtM
dozen bottlos; yet that's tlrt I1
our boor.
WORKS, Mr- M. Beck, Prof
- i- kii.. " ". . . ." "- i"u- ior z.
" -w Hna ann 1H amrt- .-. -i. ' aa n n ..-j.. ... .. r -".. v . m
ia . ft- ."i" T" " l"ure i T,J ."'., "c!;. "".? r a pam
.. , B,r pt.-oa, Ti l'"I" ' 'ot thU great mad.
!jMa U a on a pivot. ,nd rvo,ve, ieXh.aAdlJr,SvDr ? ct SS
L TT t0 htt vaHa-aiDru'.orei; "'e at Dr ''
acanaa. Oa thl rotatiaa DitfAn I
AOtAM ti. .--1 W I
Z. " --ir i
No woMaa
their gorgeous eustuiue.
Daath fr K.lling PradM.
Lanalmi irh i...
a-i on tb ia. . '.... - 7. ! "" " Presen
Uklag the faatto p.lU M alii wntl.T L loa' ,nt
Mlui. ... ,. -I! ' "J11 WII Ui Uie houae todar omviH.,,. ,
jf at on the
Uklag th fnal- ,...,
iu m. ta j-; . 2 ?!!" iw
ant. Puw aoooaat advtu--. n,r!T7,,"iM17 oy Uwutlon or life
houae today providing the
rtt pi,. vmai ,jz zZ'7rr
- -! n ! IDMWlUHinMt
mUc nlaii in .k- . "-'-wm. iae Jury mv h.
Sell more Groceries and better Groceries than ANYBODY
"esn walnuts, Currants and Wis
v y.
y. ?v
-aaHC aDiaei in tk i , r . r ... m- iUry mav rt.
kllonr of th. Jgpane, .Zr S !2f ? P"B foB, of
rltr ana
Taai ii taaaa
tU l r ..." .5 cm
Waa ae acts or iK- .1A.
talMMtod. Ta -orld f-o. .... ,- T1t " Mi
bla beart aad aal ha -. . ... .Wetor mr is veiy
laD(.tlMI cm item him. ffl " x
it voald ha a-r & ia. .r-
rwtalkm bvy oC g Mara poHtlelM
wltb a United ata- -.,ZuT
tb oncy.
Hw ta old loa a --.--
. - --
"- - au . u m easllr diverted
" " ' - I", mm l. -!, . ,.!..., Ur
br wltti tb. atorTiiJ ;.7. 17.,srw'
tetouow. .-. r.fc"r:"-r
m luUt, m b. er mot. en.rtlZ!
lit m - . ..
rv pbi amwnw arm
Charge of
wl!L2ll: 5-rL? ?.
eauaa Itcbln. .h T 7,-"i"";.. dn. w. " . . w"" Ul """
Bttad. Ml-VT. Z. ilr " wwl Z ri-iea in this city Pridav
ma auittarlng the urosldeat of the Ualtd
iBKatea or n- mih.. .
tUtag- atov tfca'.hlte ia ..;. " " C,WMt
- -1 -
veiy vlJi-
r -Mitt-
SURE CURE pod dm Co
Iteblag Plias produca molstun. j
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teVct: i j,, jv im -
' -.-. wt Hltob !k
. aa aga f ..lUM .j -
IjwcUU grM . ..,..
.u . -"- ,w U
-"- a ar
Tatv ir
ik -.!. -.;:"" top.iKkta, u: ri.o,.". woi
,?r - .r " TS TT.-'a.MiS r J." iT-
" l " ",r "i" ia iui im aj "now your e aa. r. l Y ik-- - it w "a
bb .,, .,, ..". lm , PMladali-ii. p- " . Bowko, "oagad tbe city tall .-,i . ...
tba tmu
ay and by tbfc
I!r: k,ci "- mJZ
.,n xok. .. . r-
'"" - round, aad j ,
'-3 b.u n-xt door J t itu..
iror naT hri "."". "V J-. ad will be
- .; m ,irrtvl,
;'' fnm Poffl..
an o
sutfc bim ia . . .."7" "--
uip i- . . winngiax la tn- . i..
.V,BU)- 0U. -. V. - - -, v, ,M:jlI, .lx
-- vWMW)l)B, w,u ,t ,,eiVQ ,(
tbaatar tirk-. 7 , ' pur,1 " i received a new .hin The
waatar tlckata-aends la r. a,i ' irf-r,. a. ,,. new -Wient Resu..r.
-, x. - - rHit.v.a . -- . .. .oi
r... . "u,u '"geUbles safc J
p II III . ,
The White House
AM. I fill a rutt.t. . l.
The PboBf u- jkt ord?
Wablea each h.v "" Brow,nK l popularity
artet if vuu ,,v ' W" U ,n the 8Wm
vuu take your magi, there Every
tu'ng tp to-date
Traffic at
the Lot
The Portland Genera Eltn
pony has fllod with C Mrf)
harlaln l - ' nUlTt '
ing Daoamber 31st. Ia t bJ
amount pf traffic at fro i",
locks niirlno- fli thi.O D10B'R
rll hv flia mnnrl Hi Tl " etgB? '
AK9 nrlll, UlUn nnec. nn-TS B
ntl MU7 JWO' ' - ,)
tripg Utrouglt the Iot- ,ajn"
aro ions or rratgnr, '" ""-' pd
eonatdarabiA numuet ui i---
large quantity of logf p'b8
Children Cry for