Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1896-1899, June 12, 1899, Image 2

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F . j
A merciless cut in prices
A backward season, and consequently a more or less
slOg gisli business in spring and summer clothing ne
- eessrtates this move.
To clear out every spring and ' Summer suit -in the
next 30 days and
Prices will do it.
These suits are all new goods and our spring sales
have taught us that they, are good values at regular
prices, 6.50 $7 $7.50 8 $8.50 and $9 Suits.
. w. Johnson & Go..
MONDAY, JUNK 12, 18W).
Dally, Ono Year 93.00,1a Advnnoo
Dally, Tout MonUw 91 00, Itf Advnuoo,
WSdy, One Year 91.00, la Advance
Asylum supplies for nix moiitliH nru
being udvorliHod for. Tho law fu HiIh
innlter in very reluctantly complied with
nt tttiy of tho ntnto lnutitutiuiiH. Wlion
it in coin piled with it Ih dono in n half
hearted, ltiufllciurit wny, ami probably
tho larger part of tho Hiipjilluu aro loft
for tho ollloiulu to buy whom thoy plunmi
"in tho opon iiinrkot." In udditiou to
tho ohnnccH for Rcoiilntioii, tliuro Ih in
tho eourwj of tlioyonr nlwnH a ulmnro
to handle tho warranto, and tho olllclaln
of eoino iiiHtitutloriH hnvu niiulo a regular
practice of dcnling in tho warrantH, At
tho hifit meeting of ono of tho IxjurdH to
ndvortiso for iiuppllcH, tho manager o(
ono of tho itifltitutionH hogged, pUiad and
instated that tliu udvortlHlng nhoiild bo
placed in u curtain pniier Ihwiiiiho it
needed (lnanolat hoi p.
With tho editor tho iiinuiiKor of tlio
institution hiui iiwicKHod nil tliuumployi-H
in tho lastcompnign and of courxo hiiuIi
wirvicoR had to lie recogiilwdl This re
ducoH public biiHlncHH to a fnrcu, Im
caiiHO every biiHliiouM inun who contrl
butcd to tho cainpulKii fund or voted
tho tiokul ran nlaiiu to Im cmlmrriiHeed
ilnunclully and imk to furnlidi Hupplhw
for tho nauio mason. When it Ih re
called that ono Marion county commit
loo inunmiyn f 1800 wan niioiit at Kalntn
on election day "when tho mdooiiH aro
cloned" and tho roHt of tho committee
djclaro largo hiiiiih of uioiiny aro not
ui-countcd for, It will bo noon that such
party mnmtgoiiiout van go to any longth
in bundling oven tho purulutHo of mip
piled for tho unfortuuato iiiHiim. ALL
aupplloH should Im publicly mlvortircd
for and ax widely aw pomdblo, iih a llrnt
Htop for houorablu and uprlitht donllng
with tho public
MariJn county will pay dearly for
placing incompetent men in charge tif
.iwusalUK property. Ono abstruut linn
in already engaged to correct diMicrip
lions of proHirty that In to Iw wild for do
)liHiient tuxes. How a description can
bo changed after it In made an olllclal
record and tho tax levied on it Ih a
" Tito llrnt bloyulo luilh from ftihim
north Ih not n vory witUfdtitory plww of
,work. It Ih wldo enough but rounded
;up to sharp u ridgo that no ono but a
scorcher run ride, nud only oxmrt riders
'can ptuweiu-h other. Tho cycle jmth on
S. S, S. Is tki Only
Ustluti Dlsiasi,
la equal to any blood trouble, and never falU to cure Scrofula, because' It
KOM down to tho aoat of the diteaae, thui ivarinanontly eliminating etery
miin mum
The terioutoonsequenoea to which Berofula aurelr leads
houtd ftnpreu upon tkoae afflicted with It the Tital Im
pertanee of wasting no timo upon treatment which can
net poeelbly effect a cure. In many caaea whero the wrong
WUaen that been relied upon, oomplioated clandular
welllfw luve resulted, for whloh the doctora insist that
s si any ro we aurgloal operation Is neoeasary.
Mr. II. K. Thompson, of MIUedgeTllle.Ga,,wrltwi "A
bed eae of SerofuU broke out on the glands of my neck,
wftvlek kd to be lanoed and eauaed me much suffering. I
wee seeeted for a long while, but the physloians were un
s44e to euro me. and my condition waa as bad aa wheu I
SMsipM Mteir treatment Many blood remedies were used,
km wltiioMt effect. Some one reeommended 8. 8. 8., and
Xsusjsn improra aa soon aa Z had Uken a few bottles.
Uearttattidf the remedy, I waa toon cured tvermaoentlr.
aa4 hve wr had a sign of the dlseaee to return." Swift' Bpwiflo
t the Mly remedy which can prosoptlr
sal dfeeaeee. JBr relrlnst unon it. wid
m aenaa ti, etc., au aunerem from uiooa uoublea can be promptly cured,
fast i ml t eurlM year of auffarlBg whlah gradually but surely undermlius
tew acnslinUoi. H. g, 8, It guaranteed purely vegetable, and never fails to
- - - w r. m - r -
SMNMMtue, jaeeenia. cancer, Knetiuatun, tnigious jtiooa i'olson, noils,
r, jrwaMee, Bm, u leers, etc insist
jsaesw mm shows shhi wm wiaeasee wiu w naauea ire to any aaareu vj me
m Isjiaeiie Oeawgewy, AtknU, Qeorgta.
tho north Hido of WHImou avenue Ih still
tho best model path ho far.
The Hayseed town of Jcffursou wanted
to build a Hchool Iiouho ami levied a
twonty mill lux to pay for it. Tho
more fashionable city of AHhland will
build a new school Iiouho and create a
now bonded debt of 112.000 atfl or 0 ncr
cent intercut for futuro generations to
pay. The Populist plan of creating no
now lionded debt Ih Iuhk liuiiurliilistlu
but more business like.
Tiio citizens council hIioiiM maintain a
linn stand agahiHt further piungiug thin
city in debt in the Intercut of an electric
light company, giiM company or any
other inturoflt. Thexo compauiuH aro
tlieuiHclvcH largo projiorty ownerH and
heavy taxpayers. They will welcome
and Hiiport a olicy that will build up
tho financial Htanding of tho city and
make lower tuxw jossiblo. On the
other hand If tho city uses electric lightf
tho corporation that Iiuh a franchise and
largo plant established huro Hhonld bo
given the first chance to furnish the
mime. Tho lights that tho city can af
ford to have and to pay for uliould bo
paid for at a fair price, The Hitimtion
should lie mut in a spirit of fairness and
conciliation on both sldoH,
The press of tho Htato Ih taking up the
Itcconl of tho legiHlaturo iih presented in
tabular form by Tin: Jihuinai, and by
comment and reproducing partH of the
Hinne laying it before tho people of the
Htato. Tliuro Ih n determination that for
once a lot of lawmaker all of whom
broke their promlHUH more or lew, shnl I
bo held to accountability, Tho micoud
table, will prcHcnt the record of the
muiato for tho HKclal huhhIou. Senator
John Daly wiih In tho city Hutunlay and
cominuniled the lalwirH of the Tin: Joint'
nai,. ltut, McCulloch of Halem iIoch
the Hiimo. TIuimo gentleman are ltepnb
Ilea iih, but they can nee that hiicIi a
Hhowlng up of tho record cannot but on
lighten tho people and uiako the
future legislator inom careful. Tiik
Jouii.vai. again dlcclaluiH all intent or
Intermit In making a record fur or
agahiHt any man, or party, it gooH
farther and will wiy that certain mum
burn agivluHt whom the Hhowiug may lie
very black, hh the providing olllcerH, or
memlHirri in charge of Hcvlal incanureH,
are not entirely to blame. Tho present
MyHtom iHirmitH no imiu to do hlniNelf
fulljiutleo. TnidiMtu further IckhiI or
wrsounl iuturentH are made and uiiIonh
by an educated publlo Heutiiiiunt a
hlghur standard eon lie rained, tho leg-
Ulator of the future will do no better
than In tho ust. All wo ask of the
prom U that It lay the record More the
ptKiple and lot them jkism upon evury
niiHisuro theuisolves.
MIhm AMco Manning and Mleti IVnirta
Daniels, of McMlniivlllo aro the gueots
of Miss Kmily Thatohur.
There aro doieni of remedial iwoomraeudfxl for
Borofula, lomo of thorn uo doubt bolng blo to
Afford tomporerr relief, but 8. B. 8. 1 abtolutely
tho only reinadr which ooranlotely cure it.
HorofuU done of tho mo4t oUtuiftto, depieted
blood diioMes, and it Ixnrond th reaoh of the
many coclId purltler una tonlci because ome
tllllll mum Innln l MnlilrA.1 hum
reach and oure obstinate, deep.seat4
not exnerlmentiBcr with the varinu
--, - -r- w r,-m-w,w
upon B. H H. t nothing eaa take its place.
There In noth
ing which
drains energy,
ambition and
endurance like
Malaria, Fever
and Ague.
Hnstett c r'
Stomucti Hit
ters will SEND
them uway,
and keep
tbem uway. It
has never
failed to cure
tho worst
cases. This Is
a fact not, an experiment. Try It.
Intercollegiate Contest Again Won By
the Eugene Institution.
A Smalt Attendance, Dut Oood 3port
The Events as They Are Sum
marized on the Score Card,
Tho lutor-colluglato field day contoHtH,
held at the fair grounds on Haturday,
were not the most exciting ovontH that
ever occurred in Kalom, hut on the whole
tho day wan a fairly lively one. Tho
threatening weather doubtloHH kept
many away, though in reality It waH
much hotter than tho roasting heat
which may usually Imj expected at tliln
time of year.
The track wan not in Hhapo
for the
in the
development of great Hpccd
track eventH, and a strong
wind, wiih u heavy deterrent
in the
longer running and walking races.
The Univurslty of Oregon easily car
ried off tho honors, running up a score
of M iHilntH against IH each for 0. A.
O.aiidl'. C.and 17J for V. U.
Tho attendance was small, probably
not much over GOO at tho largest. Con
siderable enthusiasm was shown on bo
half of old Willamette, and tho south
ern end of the pavilion occupied by the
Willamette contingent wiih decorated
with u banner and the college colors.
The other institutions were not at all
Tliuro wh considerable delay in start
ing, it being nearly !l o'clock when the
first event wan pulled off, and it was
after I) when tho end was reached.
Although tho tlmo made wiih not fast
tho races wero hotly contested, and
probably iih exciting iih though they had
smashed all tho records.
Garland, of W. U., made the mile
walk a notable one. lie dragged along
behind for tho first half mile and was
far In tho rear at the three ipiarter jost.
Then ho commenced to overhaul and
Push the others, and down the homo
stretch made a miigiillicieut npiirt,
which camo with six Inches of winning
flrst place. Had the tape been ten feet
farther ahead lie would have reached 1
Ono of the most brilliant perform
ances ever seen on any track was that of
Itiissull In the 2Lt) yard dash. Starting
on the extreme outside he dropped lie
hind and took a diagonal course across
to the Inside of the track, passed the
Innermost man and took the load, which
he held to tho finish.
The pole vaulting also showed some
vory pretty work. Heater, I C. vaulted
with a lightness, otise and precision,
which made it seem that only his own
will limited tho height attained. Ho
raised the Northwestern reconl an Inch.
Tho summary of the events Is iih fob
Iowh :
WW yard run Kunworthy, 1' (J, won j
Whipple V of 0, second J Wllkins, W V,
third; time, 2:10.
Hroad jump Smith, V. of 0, won;
distance, 111 feut 1(HU Inches; Heater V
0. seeond, lt fi foot; Davidson 0 8 N S,
thrid It) feet Inch.
ion yarn uusn Davis, v oi u won;
Heed 0 A 0, vecoud ; Bishop. V of 0,
thri.l time 10 l-fi.
Shot putSmith, W of 0, won; dis
tance :iti (wit 11 Inchtw; Wagner,
U of O, MMMnd aa foot 11 Incho;
Wilson, U of 0, third, lt font 8 Inches.
Mile walk Huffman, O A C, won;
Oarlaud W U, seoond; 0 K. Heiueuway
U of(), thinl;tlmu, H inluittiw 11 hh
l'olo vault Hunter V C, won, height,
10fiHit7iuchea; Mallls, 1' V. soooiid, tl
feet, Haley, OS N 8, third Sfeettl luduw
Ito) yard hunlle l'uliuur, 0 A 0, won ;
ILtvlson, 0 S N S MHtoiid ; lluekiugliam
V U. tlilrtl: tlmo, W bfi.
Ilamnmr throw Smith, I! of O. won,
distance 136 feel 8 limbon; Wagner, I',
of O second, U7, feet; Hlgln.O A 0. mk
ond.t7fiHit; Hlglu, O A C. third. Ul
fivt tl iuehiM.
iiu yani run misou ,v i, won;
Hwld, 0 A I'. swHind; Angell, l of O,
uiini, ume, oi ii-OMiHUHls
High jump Davis, U
llllll Ik lhivld I! .if l un,.
heigtli 5 feet 6 imdiea; lhicklngham, W
l', ami New bill, OS.NS t!ol at ft I wit
J inciiert inr MH'und iilace and er de
cision of judMMri, divhUl tho throe uiiut.
Wiml hnh-HniolL W r, won;
Hishop, V of 0. mhmhhI; lilmunds. I' r,
uiini; uiue, h a-o tooltiw,
Two mile Meyele rit-eott, V of O,
wiiii; Hradley, V. uf 0, mhwhI. Kruso
i A V. thinl; tim, minute 17 ee
uiils l.M van! hunlU lluntiir. 1 ('. w.in
I'alnur. O A C, mwunil, TJwyr, r of 0.
third time, 18 KHaind.
Mile ruii-Hwd. V ef 0, eon; WH
kins W l". MHHind; l'lokott, P C, thlrl,
tunc. :50i-o,
""The points, made by tiio svnl team
are shown as follews:
t0 anl run .
liM-vard daali
Hroad lump .
Mile vusik... .
U.O O.A.C.
.. t
. 5
.1 ft
Mwitput 8
lEU-ywnl hurdlo . .
Hummer throw . 7
410-yard run 1
High jump
at 110 run ,
yai dash .
S'luilo blkis rude.
120-yard hurdlV
Total mint Au
INmiUIo Uuivvraitv rorvUr..ve
three point, and tho Oregon State
Normal chool, Monmouth, had hb
points to its credit.
Taken altogether' the day was a suc
cess and everything went off smoothly.
As in always the case, some ' turbulent
spirits and would-be smarties. mode
more or less trouble by kicks and pro
tests, against dccislonr rendered, but no
open rupture was apparent.
The perfection of the arrangements
made before hand was due in great
measure to I'cank wlllmun, who took an
active and intullegunt part in preiwra
tions. riKI.I) DAV NOTKS.
Numlers do not nlways count for
victory, Tlio little Quaker College at
Nowbcrg, with only three men in tho
contest, carried off as many honors as
tho big aggregation for Corvallis.
Tlio track management of the college
fiold meet neglected tho first element of
pleasure for spectators of amateur sjiort
promptness in commencing and
spoiled much of its enjoyment.
JJofore exacting to command tho at
tendance of tlio general public nt col
lego athletic contests, they must bo
shorn of the elements of the jockey, tlio
tricks for advantage, tlio packing with
professionals and tho cunning nny-way-to-wln
"shirts." .Much of tho dignity
which should attach to tho sisort of our
higher educational institutions Ih de
stroyed by tho appearance of allldavits
and counter allldavits charging unfair
practices. Lot such contests become
tests of skill, musclo, endurance and
brains uhjii tho fpart of young men
who aro bona fide students of tho college
represented ; let them bo carried on with
a spirit of gentlemanly rivalry, and tlio
people will Hock to witness them and
will enjoy tlio exhibition,
HiihhoII, of Willamette University,
madotho finest run of the whole day's
work. It wiih a beautiful burst of speed,
daring.courageoiis and successful.
Young Mr. Tongue, son of Oregon's
First district congressman, made a eool
headed, well-in formed referee. Ho lias
tho genuine love of sKrt, which made
ids father a successful breeder of fast
Young Scott, sou of the Orogonian's
editor, exhibited the "got tliuro" stock
of the family in running the two-mile
bicycle race. He was supposed to be
phyHicully incapacitated for tlio effort,
but he made it just the same, ami won.
The Modern Deauty
Thrives on good food and sunsliino,
with nlentv of exercise in tlio onen air.
Her form glows with health and her face
blooms with its beauty. If her system
needs the cleansing action of a laxative
remedy, she uses the gentle and pleas
tint Syrup of 1'igs, made by tho Calif
ornla I'ig Syrup Co, only.
Sam Sauviilu ami family came over
from Dallas, Saturday to visit witli pa
rents ami frinuds ami luuideutly to take
in the picnic. They returned today via
trvitt with joj wh.th.r you rnntlnur th
ilrtkl!llnilubcraIiliIl.M(.'I.l.0ir tvmu.v. tununiri lor uiuftfro. m
outn.r.iiu.uitir.i.. vtnIBniOv-
tin., iiuriu.i aw biuuu, f
ituir, u. Kin,,
mki tou tiroov
In hfllh,nero-d
bat pi
nil IKXitt-alsm. M JtVJUO 'l'Oll AC fruii
cirtruml Uuj
"?? . 1 1 'awl 1ouf own lirurfllt. who
w: m woven ror ni. to 11 wun
wlll,ptl.ntlr,p.rliunllr On
. SI. uiu.llj iui.,i J bain, IJH),
r.nii-'.iiiarMr., orw.r.rnnil mAnfj.
f a., Cfc, lklt. IhiuiI, S.w t.rt.
Piano Uoxes,
Having sold four dozen pianos in last
three months, I am entirely overstocked
witli piano Isixom ami in order to cloon
tliemout will sell tills lot at fl.fiO each
a coml time for fewl Isixes at lieo. 0.
ill, the Music and Sewing machine
No-Tn-lma ,ur flfl CmiU.
Climronti'cU tolsmni liaun ouru, iiinhiM weal
nuiiNtrniiK, blood purti 60o.ll. All tlruggltta
Decide to Have a Picnic Uut Will not
Hold It on Sunday.
Tho Solum Ministerial Association
held its usual Monday morning nicotine;
at tho Y. M. V. A. rooms. There was
not a largo attendance amino husIuosH
wiih tranwveted, lwyond tho usual do
votioiiial sorvices.
It wasilecldml to hold a plcnio by the
Ministers and their familitw Wednesday,
Juno Ul. Tho onmmlttee on arrango.
munts and program is Ilovs. Hoynl,
Knntnur uud Meh'illop. Tlio hmthum
of the elotli doservo to have one dnv of
roerwatlon in the year.
Two hcatta can make a love affair, but it
takoa tUtee. at lest. to make a home, and
one of them mutt be that of a baby The
jouiik warned couples that atart uut in life
with the idea that children ate miuanec,
ami that they do not want and will not
have them, arc the kind that you red
about every day m the ucwupapett- in the
illveict: column. A hoaie without ehitdicu
ia not a home Rod and Natuie never in
tended that there should be place called
"yw.e..,Sl. 4!Ul "ol ound li the juiter
of childish fooltepa.
Tlteic are tens of thousand uf homes
that are childleaa becuc of the ill health
of the wife aud would be mother There
air inn 01 uiouMnus 01 other home child
lea becauae the little ones have diel al
most aa aoon as they were Unti lu both
ee l)r Tierce'a I'avorite l'icHpno U
ovreiB remedy It acta ilnvetly 011
the delicate and important utKaivi that
make wifehood and motherhood poMiblc.
It male- them well, atronfr, tgoroua. virile,
and clattie It doea away uh the JiHtcra
of maternity It banlthe the utual dl.
comfoita of the eipectant petiod and
tuakea baby's advent tasy aud almost iMiu
leaa, It insures the little new comet's
health and an ample supply of nouiUh-meot.-
-Th Prospective mother piejaic
hciacll for luaternity by taking the x l.
voiite J1eMiitlon'rand Kve her child
fair start lu life tiyglvlux it a alien-and
well developed body Thouaanda of tieniM
that were childltu to day eeho with
babies' Uuchter. and ble-aa this giet me,dT
cine. Thousand of wmeu wsm were
weak, nervous, despondent invalid, air
to-aay nppy, healthy wive ai4 mathera
I 4u of this mwlidue. Medicine deal'
I era Mil it
Constipation kills lwly but it kill.
Di rteite'afteasantlMUtsifuielt
wjm avAvjaBiae
iv rai a a vai
New Convicts,
Martin L. Dobwn mid Hdward Hani
ttion, both convicted in the United
States court of passing counterfeit
money, and David Hayes, of Multnomah
county, for larceny, to serve two years,
were received at the pen on Saturday.
Are Raining lavor rapidly nanaa
limine i men and trarel- Ljpr III C
Icm carry them In rest '"" III ?
pocketn. ItdJti crry them "" I
in tun. liouiWrr aP ,,1m '" wedlelns I
Smu, frlrnd rttoinmend tatm 10 menai. ioc.
Hudson A. Davis, of MinncaiKjlis, su-
porintondent of a grain elevator com
pany, Is in the city tho guest of his
daughter -Mrs. Fred C. Ilaker.
Doa't Tolicro Spit ana Soolt Tour Uf lni.
To quit tobacco easily and (orever, bemag
nctlc, full cf lite, nerre and rigor, tattci No-To-Hue,
tho wnndcr-norltcr, that maUev treaU men
itrong. All drugnltta.tocortl. Cure guaran
teed. Iloolilct and sample free. Address
ItcrlloE Itetnedy Co, Chicago or Nc Yortt
Don't Forget.
Don't forget that tho Conductors' An
nual Excursion conies to Salem next
Sunday. Crowds will be huro from all
over the Willamette valley, and in ioint
of numbers it will be the greatest day of
the vcar. tf
Bari th ,? II" M Yw Haw Always
To cum pile, DeWltt's Witch Haze
uioves the oausk, quickly and per
mancntly. Stone Drugstores.
The Best in the Market.
The Meyers' bay tools are tho liest.
Look over tho largo, woll-eoiiipped
barns throughout tlio country for evi
dence. Champion mowers, rakes uud
hinders, the most practical and im
proved machines, up-to-date in every
thing. Handled by Mitchell, Uwis A
htaver t.;o., in lront,ot tlio Ireiglit depot,
opmsito the brewery.
J. M. Foksytiik,
12 2dlw Manager.
Batri the jt The Kind Yw m AImh BougH
fllenatnre 5 JSZS"
i-futfTy m(c&a
SalemPreparatory School.
Summer term oikjiih July fi, 18W.
I union per menth:
Normal and II iuhscliool. . fl 00
Couimou and Higher tirades It 00
Ilelow 7tli Clrade ... 2 50
A. J. (J .MILAN P. M. A.
fl 7 lm Principal.
Screen Doors and Windows.
Hcreur. cloth etc., Poultry
and Lawn fencing of till
kinds ami shingles.
Wai.tkr Moiii.ky, I'mp,
d.U5 S9HinteHtni't
Steam Dye Works
No. li)5 Coiumercial street.,
opposite Wllhimelte liotul.
Ladles' and gentlemen's
clothing cleaned, dyed, re
paired and pressed. Finn
blankets cleaned or dyed
and nicely Mulshed. Kid
gloves cleaned, 10c: dyed
Tlio Model Orogon Newspaper and Family Journal.
Uniting Nows, Fiction, Literary, Ranch and Dairy
and'Markot News Inlattrantlye readable form.
a niu jo
la issued Thursduy.inornltig.ln tlmu to rcviyls all tujts
of tho stata tho same week.
9.80 Weekly...
In two narUcontalns all Important FqrolRo, National
nudlSUto INews.
,. MM
An Independent Assoalated
plft, Send foi""amplos free.
1K JQUKNau has the fulll, rjDjKtlf the dojoga Uf
UiOleiliuje and state WUolaUj ag wejl at ledepen.
dentjcjear ind oouoU oramont n all public matters.
cndutrlal uocirliil8m
Tlmim JM"ri. -'--T-rrjrrraTrn7inrifrni;aT-Tii.i iwrnss
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Hare Always Bought
Bears the
Sigaaturo of
All people are hereby notified that a
tax on Knzors of 25c for retempering
is now on and can be paid nt the shop
of Sim II. White and Co. at High
street, opposite the Court House.
5-20 -t
Dr. J.F. Cook, 'tho Botanical Speci
alist, Sucooods Whero Othor9
To whom it may concern :
Tins is to certify tltat JJertiia r. uon
nor, of Mt .Angel precinct. Marion coun
ty, Oregon, lias suffered from a cancer
ous growth in the loft car for about three
years. The growth was cutout twice and
burned out once by Albany Physicians,
lut tho crowtli camo back ns bail
as over, and pained bur so badly that
she had to be taken from school. After
three week's treatment by Dr. J. I.
Cook, of Salem, Oregon, the liotanical
Specialist, tho growtli entirely disap
peared, and at this date,)four months
since treatment was begun, the growth
lias not reappeared, and tho ear has en
tirely healed leaving only the scars in
flicted by the Albany doctors.
I hereby certify that tho nlxivc state
ment is absolutely true, and that Ber
tha P Conner, the ;erson mentioned
in the nflldavit, bus resided in my fam
ily since early childhood, bearing tho re
lationship to me of niece.
II. C. Loxci.
Sub.scrilcd and sworn to before me
this eighth day of June, 18TO. W. W.
Hall, county clerk of Marion county,
We will Rhoe your horec, build or
repair your wagon or Implements
fielng lucatcd to stay our patrons
have a guarantee that our work will
be satisfactory. Shop 100 Chemckcta
street. Telenhone 2705. 1-1 tf
Tho Intor-Stnto Unlvorolty Systom
of Musical Instruction.
A National Co-otieratlre Institution which la
bcKlnnlnit to numhor its faculty by hundreds
and it ptiplln by thoiitHndi, Knibrnclng inuro
than twenty HtntcH.
For tliu benefit of
l'HplU of TrlTiito Teaclier
At Home.
( ertltioalM granted from a regularly rhor
tcnJ intitutinn.
Kxplanatlim nfthe 8tom In detail
in llirwi rolmnna
Watch (or it.
State Keptvntmifo
and Member uf tho Faculty
Hturieo over Flrit National Dank llldtr.,
One or two plarra oxin for adrunced plajera In
piano quartet.
There is only one place
in town to get a
If you are a I'tanger, ask
your neighbor, he will tell
ou to go to W.W.JOHNS
jiii uabk ol the Ked Kiont
Diug Store. 4.13d wlru
Pr$ Papa,r.for the Pe
i m
You Can Get
a Lower Berth,
With one exception tbo through
..nn nt Mm Ititrllnirtrin TlOUtC
are almost Invariably well-filled.
The exception Is our St. Paul-
r'l.ln.n r.lmlfnrl On t.lin limited
thero Is usually room and to
Don't lurer that It is neither
so linn, nor so fast, as ANY train
of ANY other lino between fat.
Paul and Chicago. On the con
trary, there Is no more beautiful
train In America. It has electric
light, steam heat, wide vestibules,
the most satisfactory dining-car
service on the continent and a
lower berth for everybody,
Oen'l Agent, Portland, Or.
A Few Interesting Facts
When people are contemplfting a trip
whether on bujtneis or pleasure, they natur
ally want the best service obtainable to far
as speed, comfort and safety is concerned.
Employes of the Wisconsin Central Lines are
paid to terve the public and our trains are
operated so at to make clo'e connections
with diverging line at nil junction points.
Pullmin Palace Steeping and Chair cars
on through trains.
Dining car service unexcelled, Meals
a la Carte.
In order to obtain this first-cluss service,
ask the deket agent to sell you a ticket over
and you will mike dlrert connections at
St. l'aul for Chicago, Milwaukee and all
points East.
For any lurther Infoimation call on any
ticket agent or correspond with
General Pass, At;ent.
Milwaukee, Wrs,
General Agent,
246 Stark Street,
1'orti.anp. Ork.
Offers travelers choice of tho following
routes cast. They are all famous for their
scenic attraction,
O. K. & N, via Ogdcn and Denver
Shasta Keute via Sacramento, Ogden and
Shasta Home via Sacramento, Majirc
A daily line of throuph TULLMAN
Francisco and l.os Angeles to Chicag this is
The Short Line
from southern California
To the East,
Apply to the agents of the 0. 11- & N O
S, L., Southern Pacific, or '.lis undersigned,
for folders and descriptive literature.
Gen'l Act Worcester. MM Portland.
The Geo, M, Bcclcr
Insurance Agency
Always to the front with best
rates and policies in the leading
Employment Agency,
Do you want woric, or need help
of any kind? Apply at once.
Rental Agency,
Property to lent, Register
our ugency.
Kurtz & Hamilton
MutCOIl snn.mit., ..f .
i!ii,7 V.. T 7 ii' "" mns oi
v.!l?eI un Galvanized Iron
II- . V,K U0H Kunor nif, u mil
Hne of Pumps and pump lnw
Prompt work aud reasonable nricos
wind nil. ,rUt0Ck',l,,e "-lrMnk
wind mill. Ch uud geo us bofore
IvIuk yuur order fur mill or tank
Phone 234
FirstvClass Feed and Boarding
Wm -ULLREY, Prop.
Best Rigi for Comruercial Men
8tabU hi !nbV)k nut4 Wlslanwtte,
frieillJ?,d!?!9tWe flit.
itv",Tfr.VX.,urL"r,D? Pe
r T nnVT,r.4,',l,u "ay. week
, ... m.uuu auu utisi. nr .n l.,i..
BUaranlwd' aTt"
Southern Pacific Co,
7:00 r
7--4S A
Lv...;l'ortland. . .Ar
Ar....Satem .... Ar
Ar. San Francisco. Lv
1 8:00 au
( 7-'oo r u
5?ooTM Ar Ogden ... .Ar imopm
6:05 PM Ar Denver. ,.Lv 6 45 PM
6,40 AM Ar . . . . Omaha . . . . Ar 8 50 a m
8'IS P M Ar .... Chicago ....Lv 6,30 PM
7 00 am Ar. ..Los Angeles... Ar 925PM
815 pm Ar .... El Paso .... Ar 235PM
4,15 PM Ar.... Fort Worth. ,.,Ar 8.40 Am
7.55 A m Ar.. New Orleans. ..Ar 8 40 pm
HjIninu cars
Pullman tirst-class and tourist sleepinK cars
attached to all through tralm . Tourist cars
through to Chicago without change
I 8.-30 A Ml Lv... Portland ..Ar
1055 A M Lv.... Salem.... Lv
I 520 PMJ Ar....Koseburg.. Lv
4-3o p m
1 5o;p n
730 A M
Mail tialns i daily except Sunday.
730 A M Ty. . . .1'ortland. . Ar7 550 p m
II. 'S5 p Ml Ar.... Corvallis.. Lvf 120 pm
At Albany
rains of the C,
Corvallis con, ect
4:50 PM) Lr
7:30 pmLv
8:30 PM) Ar
.. Portland.... Ar
.. McMlnnvllle Lv
Independence Lv
I 825 .
I 4-5o
825 a M
1 A M
Direct connections at Mn tranctsco with
stearrship lines f.i HAWAII, 1APAN.
TRALIA. For through tickets and rates call o- W.
W, SKINNER, Depot Agent, or C- D.
GAIIR1ELSON City Ticket Agent, 232 Com-
mcrcial ht. Salem Or.
R. KOE11LER, Managei.
C. MARKHAM G. F. & P. A. Portland
ton From rortlatut.
"Fast"" Sal" Lake,"T)envcr' "ft"" Wo'ft U
Mnll Omaha, Kaiuaa City, Htif'pm
8 p. 111, LoUlB.l'hicagoand Enst,
Siio Wa"lirVValla""HpoVane",yiliiT" Hio-
kanc apolls, Mt. Paul. Uiiluth, Mil- kane
Flyer wnukco CIiIcsro and oust. Flyer
2.30 pm .t
a. m.
8 p 111. For Snn Fraliclacu, 4 f. ts
Bail every llvo dnyn.
i'p.'in'. COLU"MTriC"Ilfvlli
ex. Huu HTKAMEItS. 4 p. m.
Hatur- To Astoria and way tendings, ex Bun.
10 p, in.
Leave " " ArSa-
Salem WIl.LAMETTK UlVEIl lem
7JS am I'nrtlund, Ncwberi,' and way 0 p. m.
(Tils Uiidlugi. Monn
Thu Wed
hiuI Hat Fri
10 . in. Tu
Mon For Daytuu Tliur
Wed Sat.
Fri 3:30 pm
Ar Bn-
I.cavo I WILLAMF.TTK ItlVKIl lem
Halem ('orvnlllH Albany uqiI Way 10a. m,
'l"u Thu l'olnti. ,Mon
Hat Wed
3 p. m 'ami Fri
Daily boats to Portland as above.
Transfers to street car line at Oreg City
if the steamers are delayed there ound
trip tickets to all points in Oregon Washing
ton, or California, Connection made at Port
land with all rail, ocean andrivcr lines
Gen'l Pas. Art, Portland. O
G. M. POWERS. Agent, Trade street dock
City Agent.
CoiuioctliiK at YAQUINA with the
Klrt-class: in every re ec. The above
teamer Is due to sail from Yaqulna
every eight daw.
Shortest lloute"iictweeu
Between Ysllej Points and San Francisco
Fare: Albany and Points West to San Francisco
hound Trip...,
T F. 4 P. A.
J. TURNER Aftent. Albany, Ore.
Captain Geo. Uaabe,
Olint.lllf lltL.An 11.-., I J n ...
.t..VUi: . Tr"". i aim lorvanis,
topping at all way landings.
DOWN-TiieKlays, Thurwtays and 8midays.
Leaves Corvallis a a. ro
Leaves Albany "T"T........", " 7 a m
Leaves Uueua' Vista ZZZZZZ2 B 2. "a
leaves Iudeeiidence....... o a. m
Leaves Salem ..... .10a. m
Leaves Newbere :so
Arrive Portland . . i:so
Ur-Mondays, Welnesdayi and Fridays.
Leaves Portlaml. a .. m
Leaves Newherg I0i30 a. m
laVAS NiAin
Leaves Independence '. .
S:Mi. m
.. 6:00 p. in
...-. 7:30 p. m
.. M p, w
I.eava,t llm.n.. VUtn
i.aaves Airwiiy...
Arrive Corvallis
THa lliainr h.B luf,n
equipped with flm-
claim accommodations, lucluaing au elegant
Unsurpassed (or carrying both freight aud
Dockr-Vootol State street.
O. MAERTZ. Agent.
Salem, Oregoi
Altiauy, Ore go
Oregon Slion Line Railroad
The Direct Rome to
Montana, DUb, Colorado
aad all Eastern Poi'dIs
Gives qhoice ol two favorite routes, via tke
union Pacitio Fast JIall Une, or the
Ulo Grande Scenic Line.
Look at the thne-.
i ,, . .... .
t "ayf io eon Lake
21 Days to Denver
31 Days to Chlcaso
41 Days to New York
Fre.R.eH1,,BluCn,,r Cr. UphoUtared Tou
1st Skwprng Can. and iMllman PaUci"
bleopers operated on all trains.
For further information applysto
BOltiK 4 BARKER, trcnts. Salem.
W. E. CQUAN. Gsh'I Agent
C 0. TERRY. TT4T. Pass. At
, 121 Third 8t Portland
ExluiuUon smd break dowa foDows Orta
rnvtnt U by using Dr. MiieV Neniac