Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1896-1899, June 20, 1898, Image 2

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ST iapM! "'" -
MONDAY, JUNE ao, 1898.
Brfy, One Year 3.00, In Advance
DftBy, four Months $1 00. In Advance.
Weekly, Ono Year $1.00, In Advance
Wbcn the tprcsent editor or Tub
journal came to Oregon In 1880 ho
found tho leading Republicans were
blmetalllsts, and In 1890, tho flrBt
campaign wo took part lu, the party
adopted a platform of free coinage at
the ratio of 10 to 1, and gave Its rea
sons therefor. It was a little queer
to our taste, but wo got accustomed
to It all the easier when a Republican
congress passed tho bill to coin all the
sliver then produced In tho 'United
States, four and a-lialf millions a
month, and President Harrison signed
It. McKlnley made a speech in con
gress In favor of free coinage.
The uejit fall wo were in North
Dakota, and found Senator Hans
Urougb, a Republican, making free
silver speeches, and wo uiaae argu
ments there against tho Populist
party, saying that the Republican
party stood for bimetallism and was a
free coinage party In Oregon.
And this continued until 1890, when
we helped make tho light for Mr.
Mitchell's return to tho senate on his
sllyer record. Ho encouiaged the
Silver Republicans of the state to do
that, and wroU, them that not for
fifty elections to tho scuato would ho
compromise his silver views. Then
ho made his deal with Mark Ilanna
and cauicto help carry Oregon on tho
St, Louis platform, which ho declared
was a sliver platform, and tho Repub
lican parly was as good a Ellvcr party
as It had ever been, and that was
good enough for him.
Well, tho sincere Silver Republicans
did not bcflcve that, and refused to bo
caught on that kind of bait, but
went out like men of prlnclplo and
conviction and supported Mr. Bryan
opeuly, rather than bo parties to a
fraud and stultify thcuiEclvcs and
vomit up all that Mr. Mitchell and
tho Republican party had taught
them to belleyo was truo and sound
on the subject of bimetallism, oven
though Mr. Mltnhcll might do so,
and then turn around dog-llkc and
eat his own vomit
... r,n nwif.nna
And tuo sincere owvci iMii'm""
and sincere ellvcr men, though they
had been pledged to support him and
v 1
ipp.t, him United States sonator, ic
iiardlcss of party.showed Mr. Mitchell
that they could not bo bartciedund
sold, and neither could Iholr princi
ples, and they Joined with Ula sincere
gold men and saw to It that- such a
double-faced fraud was not continued
In the United States senate.' Now
that is tho history of tho assasslna
tion of sliver in tho stato of Oregon,
and Its deathblow was delivered by its
most loud-mouthed advocate. But
ilver will havo a resurrection.
tLanglols,. Reporter, (Pco.):It has
been said by a great political philoso
pher, that, "Patriotism le the last 10.
fugeofa (political) scoundrel I" and
the campaign Juut closed In Oregou
developed about a multitude and a
half such patriots. Towards the
close of tho cad'ass these latter sort
practically abanoned their "sound
money" nlogan und thereafter aban
ioned themselves to hysterical appeals
to tlie voters to hold up the hands ol
lh Republican administration In the
throes of u foreign -war I They
dwelt with well feigned pathos upon
assumption of their own manu
facture that Republican defeat in
Omoa euld ho accounted a rebuko
to McKlntey for his war against
Kftin. Their -appeals coupled with
Ike MttieM&g away of the Oregon
to t tfca beat of tho campaign had
gP()YerUeUting Influence over the
MMdt T'1 United State caonoV
yowdbly togue in any war that will
BO! be popular with tho American
, fppple. JJt U within the memory of
twy t II vlojf , that opinion to
wr all hwlL Ml
n. w, iMwtMt, mum sum
ui nmu.a ,
iin.1 a
MUf, k.
out iwisi merit
ft, waif Aw I
f Urvnri'
HiHh 9
the Mexican war consigned tho old
Whig party to the sleep that knew no
The Federalist party was llterallj
wiped from tho faco of the earth as
rtho price of its antagonism to the wnr
of 1812.
But there was no opposition In this
campaign anywhere to the war
against Spain, In fact McKin!y was
forced to take forward position by the
clamor of Democrats and Populists
against tho opposition ot Reed's
House;. yet, tho war had a great
Influence In favor of the Republicans
in this state, lest, as stated above, a
verdict ndyersa
to the Republicans,
should be construed as
a condemna
tion of the lnaugeratlon of the war at
all. Therefore the Republican vic
tory on Juno 0, is In no sense a
decisive endorsement of the British
gold standard by our people.
It Is especially to be regretted that
Lyman for stato superintendent
though running far ahead, neverthe
less went down in tho late polltica
landslide. Tho "American Book Co."
rejolces.of course, Langlols Reporter
Mr, Ackcrman, the Republican can
didate for state superlntcndent.strcn-
unusly denied that he was In any way
the representative or candidate of the
American Book Co. Tho cx-rounty
superintendent of schools, and County
Supt. Jones of Marlon county de
clared during the canvass as Republl
cans that If they thought Ackcrman
was an American Book Co. candidate
ihoy would not support him, All the
Republican papers of tho stato, and
oven tho Orcgonlan, which has always
fought the American Book Co, and
probably always will fight it, declared
that Mr. Ackerman would not become
their representative if elected, Mr,
Lyman as the Union candidate forced
this fight and deserves credit for
compelling tho Republican lctdcrs to
disown tho trust and its methods.
Mr. Lyman aroused interest In this
question among votcra of all parties,
whether Oregon Is getting as good
textbooks in her public schools and
and getting them as cheaply as your
sister states, It remains to bo seen
whether tho Republican representa
tions as to Mr. Ackerman prove true
or false. Tho best element of Repub
licans want tho textbook business run
In tho interest of the common schools,
and not the schools for the bencflt of
tho trust.
(East Oregonlan, Dcm:)
A ljcky star has hovered oyer tho
Republican party since early in 1890.
.LMrst, victory came narrowly to It In
tho fall of that year. In power, Its
every act has been glyen strength In
unexpected ways. The party passed a
after a drought laid wasto tho
tariff ibill. .favorlnjr wool and soon
ranges of Australia, sheep in that
country dying by thousands and thou-
m 4 ,.,.,. rhnrn tuna fin In-
sands. At onco there was an In
creased demand for wool and better
prices, and tho whole result was at
tributed to tho "benellconco of the
Republican tarluV'by all the shccp-ln
tho United States, as well as by a
large number of people.
Then caiuo famine and pestilence In
India and a stronger demand and
a good price for wheat Inconsequence.
The Republican party was given tho
credit for the result. It was "such a
good thing" to tho American farmer 1
This was followed by a "short crop"
In all wheat growing countrles.oxcopt
In the United States,- whore tho crop
was novor better, Tho prlco mounted
up, tho farmor pocketed largo profits,
shared them generously with other
peoplo,and prosperity spread from one
end of tho land to tho other. The
Republican's "advance agent of pros
ily" at onco appe?Twd upon tho scene
and, with the art of Merlin, mado the
people belle vo that -It was all duo to
McKlnley, the grand old Republican
party und tho gold standard.
When on top of this came tho war;
lots of government monoy to put In
circulation, and patriotism and seutl-
mont woro added to luck pn the Ito
publican banner, and all tho benefit
flowing from the trinity were claimed
astho frultsof putting Republicans
only on guard.
Tho result was to bo cxpcctcdt tho
people In Oregon bhut both eyes and
voted for Republican "wisdom," us
glyen expression to tn national affairs
by that party's statesmen, lnclun(ng
Mark Ilanna, who paid tho full
market price for u senatnrshlp re
cently In Ohio.
' John TojrTW ujiPjBakor county
luilDr. WIS VHIpri In It fa titlnn aa
1 Chicken Greek, Hear Wcatherby, some
I I--, nil. .. t..l .. . . m , t.
iv. -j. iiu uwijr wan iuui.h vveBeay,
Toy was working lu tho mine, when
wn iHwciiw nave way toa uiousaa
of Uhh cf roeki eum daw upoa mIm,
i ...
Annual Sales over6,d00,00O Boxes
such as Wind and tain In tho Stomach.
Giddiness. Fulneni ator meals. Head
ache, Dizziness. Drowsiness. Flusnln
of Hoat. Loss of Appetite. Oostlvoness.
Blotches on tho Skin. Cold Chills, Dis
turbed Bleep. Frightful Droams and all
Nervous and Trombllnff Bonsatlons.
will acknowledge them to bo
BEECHAH'S PILLS, taken na direct
ed, wlllqulcklrreatoro Females to com
plete health. They promptly rcmovo
obstructions or Irregularities of tho sys
tem and euro sick Headache For a
Weak Stomach
Impaired Digestion
Disordered Liver
Beocham's Pills aro
Without a Rival
And bar tfa
ofanr Patent Medicine in the World.
35o. at all Drug Stores,
Tells The Journal How It Feels to Lose
Eight Millions.
As we used to know Joe Letter, of
Chicago when he was a kid we
thought we would Just like to know
how It felt to Ioc clgijt million dol
lars a day so we asked him by wire to
tell us all about it.
A, gre it many men know how It feels
to lose eighty cents, or a pockctbook
that contains the rent money, or to
lose a friend who has your name on
his note for a couple of hundred and
hear the minister tell of all his wdd
ierful virtues after bejias gone where
you can't gctserylce on him.
But Joe says to lose a cent a bushel
on 24,000,000 bushels of wheat means
jilO.000 at a Jump. It went down ten
cents In ono day and .foe says he could
Just feci the money going out of him
like greased lightning to tho tune of
42,40O,GO0 In 24 hours,
Joseph In Egypt wasn't a circum
stance to this Joseph of Chicago. The
famous wheat deal recorded in the
scripture with the Pharaohs wasn't
done on wind, but wat an actual de-
llycry, in-slght, spot cash or go-hun
gry affair. Captain Potlphar'si wife
sympathized with Joseph in Egypt
and wanted to give him a lift. But
Ip the Chicago case Mrs. Letter came
homo from Washington, cancelled all
her engagements, pawned all her
diamonds und all her daughter's dla'
morula and helped her husband in tho
But It was no use, says Joe. "I
dropped 88,000,000 between the last
3ay of May and that unlucky 13th of
Juno." We Immediately wired
smypathy.collcct,and offered to extend
the One Cent Daily a month on
tick to our old friend In his deep
trouble, Ho wired back: "No exten
sion needed. 1 never saw tho wheat,
never had It; never saw the eight
million, novcr had them; so 1 don't
feel the loss so badly as another man
would to loco his dinner or a two-bit
Speculation Is funny business. You
make what you novcr seo. You lose
what, you never had, and you own
what never existed.
The olllcial vote of Curry county,
which was received yesterday, shows
that J. Iluntloy, Republican, was de
feated for Joint representative from
Coos and Curry counties by E. S.
Platts, tho Fusion nominee. Mr.
Platts received 239 votes In Curry,
and 1072 In Coos, a total of 1311, Mr.
Iluntley received 311 in Curry and
012 In Coes: total, 1223. Tho politi
cal complexou of the 00 members will
be: Republicans, senato 21; hnuso42;
total CO. Fuslonlsts, senate 3; houso
17; total 20. Domocrats, Benato 2;
house 1; total 3, Populist, senate 1.
Fifty men and teams aro working
on the Yamhill locks below LaFay
otto and the contractors expeot tho
work to bo finished before high water
sots In in the fall.
Extremely Weak
Doflelent Blood Causes Loss ef
Appetite and Final Break Down
Hood's Sarsaparllla euros.
" I lost my irppotlto and about all I lived
on was lcod lemonade. My strength was
U pono. I was no woakl oonld hardly
eross the floor. At last I was taken very
sick. Ono physiolan told me toy blood
wai all gone and be gave me modiolus bat
it did uot help me. I had pretty much
lost all faith, in, medlolnes, but thought I
would get one. bottle ot Hood's Sarsapa
rill and try it. Alter taking that bottle
I was much Wttt-er, and so I got two more
boU!a and after taking tfcw X wo WU,
bat t bo sure of H, I kept cm Uklug
Hood's gartapulUa sntll I bad d in
all five bottles. It h dose Basptakasle
goad te m m& X wish all ay suMrlsg
(tan wouU Wy K.' Mm. A. Evxbhct,
W4dtharOrgoB. Xewenbei
Kcwrs Sarsaparilla
Is tho tttln tact the Om True BIoedForlaer.
gold by all arutgtoto. fries, u U lor W.
Hood's Pilk&rXJ
Look nut for a special session of the
Is not. wheat shaking hands nilb
silver now?. , ,
The Union strength In the legisla
ture Isgrowlng.
Was tlieOeer ratification postponed
till wheat goes up ?
The price of flour Is not. quickly
affeotea by a fall In wheatas by a rise.
Judge Burnett will do well to try
the adultery case with closed doors.
Is It the churches of Eugene or the
saloons that arc lighting President
. -
The Sheriff's books of Polk county
won't need any exporting now. That
fire did the Job.
Patterson and Moores arc entitled
to a rest. Both have gone to. their
fiual reward and it Is not In good
taste to speak evil of the departed.
The Cottage Grove Messinger dis
cusses the proposition, "where our
sulphur comes from.1' From tho Re
publican party, of course.
E. V. Carter, cashier of the bank of
Ashland.'Was elected to the legislature
by the highest vote thrown for any
man on thotlcket, and his Ashland
vote was the highest over given to any
caudldate. lie has reason to feel
proud of his record as a banker.
Corvallls Garette, Rep: "Tho next
presidential campaign may be lought
out on these lines. The income tax
and the restriction of foreign emigra
tion are two of the possible issues of
the future.
The Journal can say to the Salem
Sentinel from experience that itiis
usclets to try to shame the Republican
campaign managers of this county
Into paying their bills. The only
thing for you todo Is to Join a "Sound
money" party,
Tho Republicans will have a major
ity of 10 on Joint ballot In tho legisla
ture next winter. Look out for
another hold-up. Exchange.
No Union member of tho legislature
should countenance such a proposN
We commend this patriotic utter
ance from a Sliver Republican paper:
"Whether it will bo Wm. J. Bryan or
FItzhugh Leo for president in 1900 ii
not the question Just now. We want
to lick the Spanish under the same
flag, -side by side with Republicans,
Populists, Gold Bugs, and the whole
combination of parties. After tho
battle we can agitate politics and
talk about Issues."
People's Press Albany: The men
who want bonds and the silver men
in tho senate secra to have affected a
compromise on the war revenue bill.
An amendment to tho bill has passed
tho senato by a vote ot 48 to 31, which
directs tl)C secretary of tho treasury
to coin, at the rate of $4,000,000 a
month, all tho silver bullion in the
treasury and to Issue silver certlflcatos
against It. A provision for the Issue
ot bonds was also Incorporated In
Roseburg Review;-. Mr. I: L. Pat
terson, the new collector ot customs
for Portland, was a mombcrot tho last
state senate from Marlon county, and
was one of John n. Mitchell's
warmest supporters, assisting him In
tho bitter light made in tho legisla
ture for tho election of senator.
Placing Gecr in tho governor's chair
paved tho way fcr Patterson's ap
pointment and rplleyed the "powers
that bo" In tho Republican party of a
very delicate manipulation which
otherwise would have been necessary.
' It's unfortunate that thopeoplo of
Lincoln county should bo so short
sighted at this critical time, as to let
tho control of our county government
pass Into the hands of the Populists.
Yaqulna Bay News.
Tho Republicans have had control
ot tho government ot Lincoln county
slnco Its organization and tho bust
ness has been conducted in a most
unbuslncss llko manner, and instead
of tho "Populist" county court being
a calamity to Lincoln county, the
people of Llnutcounty, who havo been
undor Populist control for two years
and will be for two years more at least
belle vo It will bo tho greatest blessing
over bestowed upon our sister by the
sea. Albany Press.
"A Citizen in tho Engcne Guard
asks the following questions about
tho State University:
What's the matter with tho state,
university ?
Why don't tho presldent'and faculty
attend tho exorcises?
Why dou't tho people show Interest
anymoro? Less than 60 peoplo and
only three professors 'to tho class
treo planting. Less than 200 at tho
lecture last night to hear Irvine's
excellent address. ,
Why did tho president's Jwlfe read a
novel comtantly during Mr. Irvine's
lecture ? Was that courteous ?
Why are there no prominent men of
tho state hero as visitors?
Where U tho tho glory of tho unl
Is It true as Sk ipworth said: "Col
lege Is a good place for men and
women It tho president is not, a
"How lonir. oh! how In h turn
I toyK 4HMk imir
is due not only to the originality and
simplicity of the combination, but also
to tho care and skill with, which it is
manufactured by scientific processes
known to the California Fio Strup
Co. only, and we wish to impress upon
all the importance of purchasing the
true and original remedy. As the
genuine Syrup of Figs is manufactured
by the California Fio Stbdp Co.
only, n knowledge of that fact will
assist ono in avoiding the worthless
imitations manufactured by other par
ties. Tho high standing of tho Cali
fornia Fio. Srmn? Co. with tho medi
cal profession, and the satisfaction
which tho genuine Syrup of Figs has
given to millions of families, makes
the name of the Company a guaranty
of the excellence of its remedy. It is
far in advance of all other laxatives,
as it acts on the kidneys, liver and
bowels without Irritating or weaken
ing them', and it does not gripe nor
nauseate. In order to get its beneficial
effects, please remember the name of
the Company
McMlnnville expects to celebrate
Fourth of July.
Jloard has been reduced to $1.05 per
week In the Philomath college.
Tho delinquent tax list of Columbia
county amounts to $12,000 this year.
Seventeen pupils were awarded
diplomas In tho Forest Grove schools
this year.
The disease, known as blackleg, has
appeared among tho cattle in Uma
tilla county.
A new flag polo at Alsea Is 119 feot
high on which a new Hag floats, bought
by the citizens.
L. M. Robinson, a Baker City law
yer is on trial in tho county for mu
tilating circuit court records.
Baker City's postofllce has been
raised from a,3rd,to 2nd class office, a
raise of $30d-a year in salary1.
The Seventh Day Adventlsts havo
erected a large tont at Sheridan under
tho direction 6f Elder W. C. Ward.
E. S. Platts, of Curry county was
elected Joint representative from Coos
and Curry counties by a majority of
91 votes.
A postoffloe has been established at
Cascadla, Linn county, Geo, M.
Gclsendorfer has been appointed post
At amass meeting In The Dalles,
Friday night no one could be found
who would consent to take tho nom
ination for mayor.
A tlo yote between tho Union and
Republican candidates for cuonty as
sessor exists in Malheur county, eaoh
receiving 483 votes.
District Attorney T. J. Cleeton has
appointed Geo. B. Dlmmtck of Ore
gon City, deputy district attorney ot
Clackamas county,
A pension has been granted to Ben
jamin M. Donaca, Lebanon, of $0 a
month and to Clias. B, Spencer, of
Fremont, $0 per rqonth..
George Johnson, ot Milton, drank nn
ounce of cedar oil with suicidal intent
the other day. Prompt medical atten
tion saved him,
Rev. A, S. Foster, pastor of the
Med ford Presbyterian church, has ac
cepted a call to Myrtle Point. The
Medford church Is clear ot debt and.
has added 71 new members to the
J. P. Cheshire, of Lebanon deeded,
on last Friday, to the trustees ot
MlneraliSprlngs College, at Sodayllle,
property worth $3,500. The property
Includes the Sodavllle hotel,
The heavy run of bluebacks in the
Columbia river has taxed the Astoria
canenes to their utmost. Chinook
salmon are now more plentiful and it
is expected that a very largo seasons.
run win uomaao,
Drink a steeplnc of Moklo Tea peforp retiring
at night, and see how soundly you will sleep
and how joyously you will awake In the
morning. It supplies food for the blood
while you sleep, produces a clear and beauti
ful complexion, aad cures constipation and
sick headach,e: L,unn $ Brooks, druggist.
( Kearny Street, San Francisco, CaL To
district attorneys, sheriffs, attorneys at
lftw and private parties; Prepared o transact
all business ot a confidential and Intricate
character expeditiously and on reasonaskS
termij Correspondents all otm tto wnUL
Bears U . V Kind Yoa HjH AjlofS B3D0
J. II. Wilson, f uslonlst, was elected
assessor of Malheur county by a ma
jority of two overU, D.ayne, Repub
lican, This gives the fuslonlsts every
0 Ulcer In the county except the coroner.
Ask Your Doctor
.,.what effect alum hXttpon & stomach. Then
make up your mimi- whether you wilhput any
more low-pricebaking powder into your husband's
or children's food. ... ,:, -. .ji
Schilling's Best is pure cream Qf tartar and
soda. Notkkif ekt. m
Governmeit Instruction to Ffevene Col
Washington. June 20. Tho fol-
fowlng circular has been Issued to
collectors of Internal reyer.ue:
Theactbf June 13, '1898, providing
stamp taxes on the documents,arllclcs
'and things enumerated In schedules
A and But said act becomes operative
as to such taxes on and after July 1,
1893. In view of tho public demand
for Information relative to the
method of affixing and conccllng
satd stamps, the following lnstruc
tlons are f Jrnlsbed, with the request
that you give it the widest publicity
possible. """
Adhesive stamps ot tho following
denominations will be supplied col
lectors before July 1, 1898, for sale:
Documentary stamps under Schedule
A. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 1.0, 25, and 50 cents, 81,
$3, $5, $10, and $50. Proprietary
statips schedule B, 1, i, i, i, 1, 11, 2,
'21, 4,and 5 cents. These Statnpa may
be sold to any pereons, whether for
use1 dr resale, and when purchased in
quantities of $100 or more In value at
brio time, d discount of 1 per cent is
-Wherever practicable but ono stamp
should be placed upon an Instrument
or article, where any one stamp will
denoto the tax, as few stamps as pos
sible should be affixed.
Proprietary stamps must bo affixed
conspicuously on tho outside of the
article or package and where practlca
ble so that the opening of the article
or package will destroy the stumps.
All such starnps must be plainly can
celed when aftlxed by wrlttlng or Im
printing with a han 1 stamp the lni-
tlals of tho party or ilrm who paid tho
tax and year when affixed.
Collectors should make orders at
onco for proprietary and documentary
stamps In quantities and of the de
nomination desired for a two month's
supply. Stamps for checks and drafts
will bo lmprlnted;upon the paper or
instruments In the cities of New York
St. Louis, Atlanta and San TTranclsco,
and is expected that such imprinted
stamps will bo ready for delivery be
fore July 1. All orders for such stamps
will be made through collectors' and
forwarded to the stamp agent at the
place where such stamps are im
printed. If necessary the two-cen
documentary stamp may be used on
bank checks, drafts, etc.
Private dies for printing proprietary
6tamps will be prepared and furnished
to such proprietors as desire them and
comply with the provisions of section
9 of tho act of June 13, 1898.
All designs lor dies and applications
for stamps must be submitted to this
offlco through collectors. All engrav
ings will bo done by the government
at tho expense of proprietors, and de
posits to coyer cost of dies and the
price of stamps, not less than 2000 at
one time, must be mdde before the
stamps will boprinted.'
"Manufacturers of proprietary arti
cles will bo required to use the general
proprietary stamps until stamps can
be furnished them from their designs
Collectors will retain applications for
private dlos and stamps therefrom
under regulations prescribing meth
ods and means ot securing the same
are iesucd.
The regulations relative to the
stamp provisions of the revenue act,
approved the 13th Inst., will be issued
and distributed In a few days.
How a This 1
We offer Ono Hundred Dollars Re
ward tor auy case ot Catarrah that
can not be cured by Hall's Catarrh
F. J. Cheney & Co. Props., Toledo.O,
We the undersigned, having known
F. J. Cheney for tho last 15 years, and
believe him perfectly honorable in all
business transactions and financially
able to carry out any obligations
made by their Arm.
West & Traux. Wholesale Druggist,
To'-dn, O., Waldlng Kinnan & Mar
yln v holesale Druggists Toledo, O.
Hair- ('itarrh Cure Is taken lntern
alb, in! i'U directly upon the blood
and umcu-13 surfaces of the system.
Price, Ik, per bpttle. Sold by all
Drugglbls. Testimonials free.
for Infants and Children.
Iko Kind Yoh Have Always Bought
J9 '
Bears the S7x sTsi . '
Signature of lf7Z-tGUc6i&i
W. G. Trine, trainer for the U. of O,
team was presented with a gold redal
In recognition qf faithful work In-putting
the U.oTCF. teakTu condition to
ffln the Intercollegiate cup. :
ill ct
r .t .
U-m C
' " " --" ' ' ' 1 1 - 1 - M"WWlMISjj
jH BTm vfliii. iiH isiB 1111111H A flA sl siiV isH
for Infants
The Kind You toe Always Bought -.
Corvallis & Eastern
R. R. Company,
This company Is now giving an exceptional
service wi'.h the steamer Albany, plying be
tween Corvallis, Salem and Portland and all
river points, and is tunning closely on the fol
lowing time sched o
Saturdays,! Tuesdays and Thursdays. Leaves
Corvahis 630 a. m. Leaves Salem, io.3u
a.m, Arrive Portland at 5 p. m.
Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridajs. Leaves
Portland 6 a. m. Leaves Salem 330 p. m.
Arrives Corvallis il.-2op, m,
The Albany has been elegantly furnished
(or the season of 1898, and includes among
its fittings a new piano of fine tone.
Close connection is made by the Albany
with C. and E. trains for summer camping
grounds in the Cascade range and for the
famous Newport resort and surf baths on Ya.
qulria bay.
C mcction is had Yaquina nith s.eamships
'or 5an Francisco.
The C. and E, Co's alrm dock, to which
h,as recently bem added a vaith g rtv m and
effice, is located at the foo' of Mate sheet.
G. MFRTZ. Agent. Salem.
When Going East
Use a first-class line in traveling between
Minneapolis, St, Paul aud Chicago, sni the
principal towns in Central Wisconsin.
Pullman Palace Sleeping and chair kcarsJ
in service.
The Dining cars'are operated In theiinter
est of its patrons, the irost elegant service
ever inaugurated, Meals are served a la
To obtain first-class senlce your , ticket
should read via
The Wisconsin
Central Lines.
for all connections at Chicago and Milwaukee
For eastern points,
tjcketfull information call on r nearest
ticket agent or write
General Pass. AgentMillwaukee'.
Or JAS. A- CLOCK, General Agent Wis.
Stark Street Portland Or.
Oregon Short Lin e.
Line for all poinlsEEast and southeast.
FREE reclining'chair cars, Pullman palace
sleeping cars, and upholstered tourist sleep
ing cars on alllthrough trains.
Agent Salem, Or .
Traveling Passenger Agent
Generar Agent;
124 Third Street. Portland, Or:
Tie Northern Pacific
Railroad still contlnuesltho popular
route for eastern travel and now that
spring Is opening up It becomes more
so than ever. The pleasant and com
fortable accommodations furnished
passengers aro proverbial and need no
mentlon.Ttie quick time made,vlthout
change of cars is universally known.
The road traverses the most magnifi
cent belt of country In tho world,
every mllo furnishing constant scen
ery attractive and interesting, so
that the traveler goes through wlths
out fatigue and reaches the journey's
end without realizing distance. All
hrough Washlngton.Idaho, Montaana
Dakota, Nebraska and tho other
states, the eye Is feasted with scenes
pleasing and impressive, while no
sand storm, suffocating atmosphere or
other demoralizing discomforts are
met with. For tickets and lull par
ticulars call on
Salem, Or., Agents
200 Miles
shorter and a whole half day qulokor
than any other line to Omaha, Kan
sas city, bU Louis and all other
1hiee routes east via Dnvpr.
Paul, and Billings, Mont. Tickets
east via Omaha, you can ston off
see tue Trans-Mlsslsslppl exposition
-- uui-u..,
vjen-j agent, Portland
and Child ren.
Two Transcontinental
Via Spokane Minneapolis StPaul and Den.
vnt Omaha anrf Ksot CAtv I ....
eaitem citi't
Foi full ditaiU call oror nddress
agents, talent. Oregon
Portland San Francisco.
Steamers lcie Aimworh dock, Tortlina
April 28, May 1 4 7 10 13 16 19 21 at
t8 3
Varc Cabin, $12.00; steerage.SS.
Ruth for Portland M01 y, Wednesday and
Friday at 10 a. m. Fcr Corvallis, Tuesday,
Thursday and Saturday at 3 p. m. Steamer
Elmore for r viand Tuesday, Thursday and
Saturday at 7:15 a. m.
Transfers to street car line at Oregon City
if the steamers are delayed there. Round
trip tickets to all points in Oregon, Washing,
ton, California or the east. Connecting
made at Portland with all rail, ocean and
river lines. Call on G. M. Powers, agent,
foot Trade street.
Gen'l Pas. Agt. Portland, Or.
Southern (Pacific Co
6:00 P M
Lv...;i'ortland. ..Ar
Lv. ...Satem ....Lv
Ar. San Francisco. Lv
8;25 P
7--4S A
8.'oo p u
Above trains stop at all principal station!
bet. Portland and Salem, Turner, Marion
Jeflerson, Albany, Tangent, Shedds, Halsey,
Harrisburg, Junction City, Eugene, Creswell
Cottage Grove, Drain, Oakland, and all sta
tions from Roseburg to Ashland, inclusive.
830 A M 1 Lv. .
1055 AMJ-Lv..
520 pm) Ar..
.Portland ..Ar (4:30PM
.Salem.... Ly-i 50.-PU
.Roseburg.. Lt (7,'30A
Pullman buffet sleeper and second-class
sleeping cars attached to all through train.
Mail tiains daily except Sunday.
730 AMI Lx..
1215 PMJ Ar..
..Portland.. ArlS.'SoPU
.Corvallis.. Lv ioSFM
At Albany and Corvallis connect with
trains of the O. C. & E. Ry.
a:ko p m ) Lv. . . .Portland
.Ar) 8:25 AM
!Lv)-5:5oA W
Lv) 4-"SQ AM
730 P m V Lr. . . .McMinnville
8:30 PMJAr Independence
Direct connections at San Francisco wili
Occidental aud Oriental and Pacific mail
steamship lines for )APAN AND CHINA
Sailing dates on application
Retesand tickets to Eastern points and
LULU and AUSTRALUA, can be obtaioH
from W. W. SKINNER, Ticket Agent
R. KOEHLER, Manager.
C. H. MARKHAM. G. F. &P. A. Portland
Candian Pacific R.R.
And Soo Pacific Line
St. Paul jj
Chicago ,
- New York
and all points east and southeast.
Cheapest rates, bestsertice and acccsano
dations Through tourist sleepers to Minneapolis,
St. Panl, Toronto, Montreal, Boston ana
Portland, Me., without change,
Canadian Pacific Railway Co's. Empress
ine of steamships to Japan and China.
The fastest and finest ships on the PaciM
ocean. Shortest and best route to tM
orient. 3
Caoadian Australian S. S. ft.
To Honolulu, FijiJ and Australia Ti
shortest route to the colonies. n
. For rates, folders and any infoiroatum can
on or address, ,
Agents, Salem, W
Agent, 146 Third street. Portland, W
Disttlcl Passenger Agent, Vancouver, B U
AJAX TABUiiar"i-ir1- ,
Lt lbuiSood otlwrItiie H fiSL
t n man fn. iuJ V-bOUHCM OT 7"
taUnin tin., lh.li rJ,?S;arC;
lieifona effect a Cft,UB ,?S0TiuJar
h... cured Uwu.indi and wU I con son. ,"
for5alelnSalemOc.,bfD.J FRY"!"'1
- "v -
, ij.