Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1896-1899, April 13, 1898, Image 4

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Wetwre Jt received a nice line of
the newest spring novelties in ladles
tktrts, consisting of Ottoman platds,
fogey check, storm serges, brocades,
etcwell made, latest cut, very stylish
MHiisive general satisfaction. The
prices range from 82 to 110 each. J
Pretty ti&es of Summer Dress
the Yard op
3 !
FfK "., f
New Gloves, w
Tut;receivcd for the Easter
- trade, "A swell line of shades
in sizes from 5 1'2 to 7.
We are still selling "Mignon"
'gloves at 51,00 and "Virgin"
- ia"at St50, although prices
have advanced,
vj, jr, jdajfcyuupi'b sl co.
have yoar notes and packages
delivered, to ccllect a bill, to go on
errands for you. Ask for special
rates en merchants' packages.
Charges reasonable. Bicycle ser
vice. Ring Blue boxes or telephone
40- . ,
Lockwood Messenger System, Central
office No. 208 Commercial street.
The Weather. The air Is tilled
with song of birds and perfume or
blooming orchards. Forecast for
Thursday fair, and cooler.
Miss Carrie Paine returned today
from Eugene
Mis. O. P. Terrell has returned
from Mehama.
Prof. Z. M. Parvin returned to Al
bany today.
Montague Lord Is visiting Corval
lis friends.
Mrt. M. L. Jonei, of Brook-., re
turned home today.
Mrs. B.E. Ford Is visiting rela
tives at Junction City,
Mrs. J. A. Scllwood and children,
returned today from Turner.
rion. John B. Waldo and wife, were
In Salem seeing friends Tuesday.
Itev. Arthur Lane, of St. Louis, was
the guest of Rev. J. S. White today.
Hon. W. R. King loft today for his
home at Baker City on the afternoon
Editor George Humphrey, of the
Review, and Constable W. L. Jones
returned to Jefferson today,
Walter Manning arrived in tho city
today from Nicaragua, Central Amer
ica, on a visit to his parents, Rev. and
Mrs. Wm. Manning.
Mrs. F. Oberg, of Oregon City, who
has been visiting her parents. Rev.
Thirty Salem Ladies
who have thoroughly
tested the famous
declare it superior to
any ever used by them,
124Statoht. Telephone Dl.
'Hreee (Soobe !
15c a Yard,
20 different etyles In changeable effects, cheoks und fluids.
20c a Yard,
Plalu serges und mixture, 22 inches wldo, grout value.
25c a Yard,
Indifferent patterns In handsome novelties, 40 Inches wide.
s29ca Yard,
' fidltfercat styles 40-Inch novelty dress goods, worth 35c u yard,
50c a Yard,
8 pieces, 38- rich novelty drees goods, worth 00c a yard.
$600 a Pattern,
8 yard potteriM, silk and woo), high novelty dress goods, worth W a
Mlk a wool,
WW U illu, Mk
m. rrn fwr up
We are showing some excellent val
ues In short or blouse walnt. The
newest thine in fancy plaid ginghams,
lawns, percale, dimities, organdies,
batistes, etc. The styles arc prettier
than last season The materials are
more substantial and the price more
moderate. Nice waists with detached
collar from 60c up.
Dotted Swiss, the Very Latest
the Yard up,
Braided wire girdles,
Jeweled gun-metal girdles
Turquoise and cerise velvets.
Latest veilings,
New trimming buckles,
Everything to make the new
Easter gowns most attractive,
and Mrs. J F. Royal, returned home
Hugh Goodell, of this city Is the
latest to leave for the northern -cold
fields, nis destination Is the Copper
rtlver country.
Elmer D. White, of San Francinco,
was in the city today, appraising tbe
loss by lire of the Thos. Kay Woolen
mill at Waterloo on Saturday last.
Rev. J. Bowersox, of La Fayette,
and Rev. U. L. Pratt, of this city, of
the United Evangelical denomination,
went to Portland today to attend the
annual conference of their church.
The City Council Enables Some Exten
sions to Be Made.
At a special meeting of tbe city
council last cyenlng the mayor called
to order, with Councilmcn Lawrence,
Legg. McGrew, Furkhurstand Gra
ham present.
Miss A. M. Parker $2 00
A. II.Forxtner&Cu 1 CO
Burcn& Hamilton.: 5 00
A. J. Basev 1 60
Salem T. & D. Co 7 20
Georire Tuwnscnd 2 76
J. F, Ollmore 140
J.F. Gllmore GO
L. J. Vlbbert 3 03
A. W. Peebles 30 00
Buren & Hamilton 150
The ordinance extending the Salem
City Water Company's franchise
from thirty to iifty years was brought
up and after third reading was passed
with but one dissenting vote. The
purpose of the extension Is to enable
the water company to secure further
capital for the purpose of building a
crib In the sand bar oppDslte tho pres
ent crib. Tills improvement will be
made during low water next summer,
and will consist of a crib 20x80 feet
ahout, 15 feet deep, with the top be
low low water.
A government permit must first be
secured und many other details
worked out, hut President J. M. Wal
lace expects to have everything In
ship shape us soon as the water is low
enough to begin operations, and push
It through at the earliest possible day.
He anticipates by Introducing this
nutural filtering process to glvo Sa
lem tho purest water of any city on
the Pad lie const,
New Notauies. Joo Haiumcrsley,
Gold Hill; J. U. Colcord, Newberg:
J. T, Fletcher, Gales Creek; were com
missioned today.
Incorporated. The Portland
Seining Co., stock $0000, to conduct all
kinds of lUhlng operations, filed
articles toduy.
44-laek novelty draw tjwMto, vrortU
art UUihm-1 ww. I WtiMt
- to wu-e tooww;
The Senator From Baker County Well
Received at the' Capital.
Senator King of Baker county, was
given a most hearty and cordial re
ception atSalem, Tuesday. He could
not go two blocks on tbe streets In
less than three hours. It was a con
tinuous ovation from personal friends
of all parties.
Mr. King really came tto Salem to
complete the proper lillng of the state
ticket of tbe Silver andReform forces,
and this was satisfactorily completed
before he did any visiting.
ne was Introduced to hundreds of
Salem people In the afternoon and
his time was taken with other lawyers
untlf a late hour at night considering
the law points raised about filing tbe
nominations. He was unable to at
tend the South Salem Bimetallic
club meeting for that reason.
Mr. King will be In Salem again,
when the campaign is more fully en
tered upon, and the intention is to
meet a many people Jas possible loan
Informal manner.
The Statesman Ignored the presence
of Hon. Will R. King In this city. He
was not even "given the cuilomary
courtesy of a personal item. The Re
publican managers do not like the
way King Is received by all classes of
people and hardly know what to do to
check the tidal wave of good will and
friendly feeling shown toward tbe
young leader from east of ithe moun
tains. Tbe Man From Ireland.
William C. Dayles, tbe famous
Irish story teller with Jerome's Her
ald Square comedians in their latest
laughing success, "A Jay Iff New
York," is without doubt one of the
fastest talkers today on the American
stage. It is impossible for him to
talk slow; nature timed him to go
sixty miles an hour, and be is always
strictly true to time, ne is always In
nigh spirits, always traveling at a
break neck pace, and be tumbles one
good 6lory on top of another so quickly
that you arc always wondering what
is coming next. Then too he has a
pecular appreciation of things funny
he has humor that takes hold of
small things be will work round on
trlylal points that other people would
pass unnoticed, and he will dwell
upon and develop that point until
what was originally a side Issue, turns
out to be an immense big joke. Opera
bouse tomorrow night.
Prof. Bernard. Mesmerist and
Mental -Tclepathlst late of Paris,
France, will stay In the city for a few
days. The many cures performed by
this man are miracles or tue .Nine
teenth century. Prof. Bernard offers
8500 dollars to any person which he
can not of paralysis, rheumatlsm,neu
ralgla, stuttering, blinduess, alcohol
and tobacco habits, all chronic and
nervous diseases. Prof. Bernard can
be consulted at the Willamette, be
tween 9 a. m. and 8. p. m. 4-13-lm
Prof. Bernard. The great mes
merist and ; electric brotoglst, will
lecture and glvo practical exhibitions
In mesmerism, mental telepathy,
hypnotism and explain spiritualism at
Forester's hall, corner Commercial
and Ferry, Saturday, Monday and
Tuesday evenings at 0 p. m. Admis
sion free, reserved seats 10 and IPC.
Nominations Filed. Tho nomi
nees for state officers by the Peoples
party, stale and district conventions.
including those endorsed und ratified
as nominees of the Union, were tiled
today and the filing accepted for tbe
official ballot. It the mlddle-roaders
go on the ticket it will have to be by
petition of 250 voters.
i m i ii ii
Postponed. Mrs. Wlllman an
nounces the postponment of her
"Pupils Musical .Evening" to Tues
day evening the 10th, so as not to
conflict with the entertainment of the
Salem Band on the 15th Inst. Admis
sion 25c
Fine Remitted. The tine and leu
prlsonment Imposed on J. A. Archl-
bull of Junction City frr unlawfully
killing a Chinese pheasant, was to
day remitted by Governor Lord.
fl Great.
The Osburn Racket Store is colour
like hot cakes, and rare bargains are
being made dully. No reserve every
thing must go, und the prices are tbo
lowesi over Known,
Next door lo Albert's bank.
Very reipectfully.
An luimenso assortment of all the
late effects in best leather belts all
colors, styles und qualities.
We liuye belts at 17o good as you
ottcn pay 25o for.
Come und see,
Big Drive in Envelopes,
XXX white 5 and 6 3-4.
50 for 6c.
25c box 1-4 thousand.
, tl a thousand vr hllo they last.
That Great 3c Tablet
Still leads the van for school use.
Big stock on hand. 120 leaves,
packet sle. 3c.
Kutwer D4U4, marines, base bans,
BjfwrWittK at tctet, price for
McKInley was a dlsappointment-
Geo. H. numnhrey, the X Ray art-.
1st of the Jefferson Review, Is In town
Of course, Claud Gatch Is down at
Astoria whooping up T.T.Geer for
n ..liinnllnl.ll..n-iilh mnnil- I
niniiiKU"""",v" J"-
mental failure of the age McKInley
message on Cuba,
The enlarged one cent dally thinks
it ha9 more ReDUblican subscrioers
than any Republican paper at Salem
Jt would never aoio pay lawyers i
really do anything for the taxpayers.
Our Populist county treasurer ought
It would never do to pay lawyers to
to know better.
Such a thine as cutting tbe 20,000
a year umbilical cord between Hon.
Phil Metschan of Brandenburg and
our state government is not to be
dreamed of by the Republican .party.
It's a cold day when Geo. Grab
Binubam don't ring in a 10 per cest
bill for collecting taxes for tbe county
that would be collected anyhow.
The X-Kay man minus ne can
guarantee the old soldiers immunity
from any slams at this Republican
state conyeatlon. They are too badly
needed thisyear.
Now that the Cubans hae practi
cally whipped Spain it Is proper for
Gage, Hanna et al to demand that tbe
U. 8. intervene and compel Ithe Cu
bans to buy their own country.
By the way, who's putting up for ;
T. T. Geer's expenses this spring,
traveling all oyer the state? John Q. ,
Wilson. John G. Wright, Tom Slmms,
M. L. Chamberlain and W. F.Boothby
wouldn't do such a thing.
The Geer boom did not spring
spontaneously out of tbe soil free
gratis. It was carefully fostered and
mustered into existence, and it will
be seen who furnished the capital
later on.
The band was out, the streets were
f ull of Jpeople rejoicing, parading
and ratifying over the wonderful
outburst of Americanism and magnifi
cent display of backbone In McKin
ley's message in a horn.
John Daly of Corvallis was In town
yesterday. He says Prest. Gatch is
doing splendid work for the college.
He Is a gentleman, a scholar, and
has sense enough to keep out of re
ligious and political controverles so
It was really liberal of the A. P. A.
managers to grab only NINE of the
places on the Republican county
ticket. Tho wonderful prosperity of
the people is so great that they will
not object to being taxed fortheparty
machine campaign management, the
expenses of keeping up tbe A. P. A.
organization, and the salaries of the
officials besides.
The Republican state convention
will probably suit even the fastidious
tastes of the immaculate Bob, who
edits the Statesman. Thcro will not
bs many "bull farmers" like Geo.
Dlmlck In that body. The bull whack
ers and cow punchers are not sweet
scented enough to associate with men
of as fine cloth as the gentleman Bob
of the Statesman,
Bob Hendricks Is at Astoria. He is
one of the leading Republican mana
gers and undoubtedly forgot to leaye
word with his young men at Salem to
show the Union candidate for gover
nor the proper courtesies due from an
opposition paper. The young men of
the Statesman bear King no 111 will,
and did not intentionally ignore his
vlsit:to the Capital City.
Salem Statesman on McKlnley's
'There was palpable disappoint
ment noticeable everywhere, and
while party opinion was expressed
with reserve and an evident desire to
make the best of the situation, still
men of all classes, In politics and out
without carping at the president or
distorting his motives, exhibited a
want of satisfaction that was almost
A Salem dlspatchsays State Treas
urer Metschan does not disapprove of
McKlnley's Invertebrate Cuban mes
sage Mr. Metschan has never been
knowu to disapprove of anything. He
is one of those sort of persons who
would not have disapproved of the
crucifixion of our Saylour had he been
The Stearns at $50,
By tho way have you noticed wnat
a lot of "Yellow fellows" are peram
bulating Salem these daya.
Easy enough tc see where the pop
ular trudo Is going at that price.
Fact Is there never his been such
valuo put Into wheels as this season,
and E. O. Stearns & Co., met the pop
ular demand squarely by putting tliolr
best efforts Into the people's wheel at
(50. No such other at $50. No better
at any price.
Occasionally an over zealous com
petitor Is foolish enough to try to run
down Stearns' quality, but It usually
reacts the other way.
Our many sales are evidence eneugh:
Customers are posted these days.
Stcarne ChainkM $125,
You'll Botlce one In constant usa on
Salem's streets these days,
other lines, Biicicesi wheels shown
at W0, tU and 40. Got style as well
as quality.
in Jerusalem but would have declared
it was done according to due form
of law.
The coneresslonal convention that
renominated Hon. Tom Tongue, con
gratulates blm as follews: "for se
curing the continuance of the work of
improving Yaqulna harbor; the con
struction of the locks In the Yamhill
, river; the improvement of the Upper
wm-impttp. and looking to the fur-
il.or Imnrnvpment of COOS D3V. Co-
nn.1 ii-r - -
qaille, Tillamook, Sluslaw and other
1 Oretron harbors; the purchase by the
'government nf tbe locks at Oregon
' city; securing liberal pensions for tbe
soldiers of the late war; furthering
the measure to reimburse the Indian
War Veterans for their looses In lay-
mg ine louuuauuu u. i... .".-
ealth, and granting them pensions,
and, generally, their faithful labors in
in.? the foundation of the common
promoting the best interests of the
1 people of this district and of the state
and nation at large "
Deafness Cannot Be Cured,
by local applications, as they canno
reach the deseased portion of the ear
There is only one way to cure deafness
and that Is by constitutional remed.
lino TViifnoca is pniivH hv an In
flamed condition or tbe mucous lining
nf the Eustachian Tube. When this
i tube gets Inflamed you have a rumbl
inrr ciiinri nr Imiwrfw.t, hearinc and
' wiion it u entlrelv closed deafness Is
-,, nrt lin,p the lnflamatlon
can be taken out and this tube re
stared to Its normal condition, hear
ing orlll ho nVstni-vwl ferever: nine
caes out of ten are caused by catarrh,
which 1? nothing but an inflamed con
ditlon of the mucous surface.
We will give One Hundred Dollars
for any case of Deafness (caused by
catarrh that cannot be cured by Hall's
Catarrh Cure. Send for circulars,
F. J. Cheney & Co , Toledo, O.
gSold by Druggists, 75c.
Cm Dr. Miles' Nertc PuisrrBS tor SPINAL
WEAKNESS. AlldrncglstagelPemforgkT
Schnll, Lancaster, Missouri, widow of
Elhdge Schull would like to learn the ad
dress of her brother-in.law. Joseph Schull
formerly of Kirltsvillc. Missouri. 4 U Sw
If the Doctor
gives you a prescription for rued
iclne, you want to have It hlled
by some reliable party.
So when you want glasses,
we make a specialty of fitting
them, and have done so for years.
We have established a reputation
as a tellable house In this direc
tion, and we have the confidence
of the public.
Reasonable Prices
That's our System,
Expert Optician,
Second door north of postofflce.
Reed's Opera House.
TATTON BROS., Managers.
Phone 59.
One Night Only,
Thursday, April 14,
Wm, Jerome's Herald Square
Presenting the great laughing success
Jay in
NeuJ. York
An entertainment In three parts, by
Wm. Jerome, author of
"Town Topics."
Jerome's Parodies.
Maude Nugent's Songs.
Davis' Funny Stories.
Harry Taf fs Whistle.
Entire lower floor 60c.
First balcony fiOc.
Balance of gallery 25c.
Seats now selling.
Reed's Opera House
TATTOM BROS, Managers.
The Musical Event !
One Night Only I
Friday, April 15,
Boston Ladies' Band !
Under auspices of t t i i
Second Regiment Band,
20 Soloists vv20
Grand Street Parade at Noon.
Entire lower floor 60o.
First balcony (J0c
Iinlanco of gallery 25c.
Scats now ou sale. '
X Thursday, Friday and Saturday, A
U 1C,r.r Vitne f
Jg CVefy JfteCe OI
W We will only mention a few of the many bargains wc arc offering i
H A7n 45inch all wool black brocades, New designs, Good weight, worth 75c,
11 33c Finc Ufle of ncw mixtuf cs' 38"inchcs widC( latcst coIorin2Si
55c Lar2c assortment of ncw boucle effects very pretty.
m 47c Efcg3111 linc of raiscd
38 20c 38"incn henriettas in all shades,
53c All wool 46inch serges all shades.
W 23c 40inch heavy serges changeable shades,
A Handsome suitings in dress
If, Commercial St
R S, Lamport,
Saddlery. . .
Make a specialty of
Carriage Trimming!
Bring in your old harness and
Exchange for new.
Prices Always the Lowest,
The fabrics are
matter how extraordinary your shape we
any tailor can make
We have the greatest line of spring suitings ever brought t
this city and if you'll
Salem, Oregon.
TWqc- Goods 111 the HOUSe KedUCed
UfeSS OOQb 111 Uic
cWccls Jn a11 shac3cs
lengths all reduced, 3 ALB 3 DAYS.
f J r f9
Count On This !
. o
Prices shall be at least as low here as nnywhere else In town, now much
ower they may be depends. Holding up here aud there a bargain article is
one thing, keeping an entire stock of clothing of the highest level of qual
lty and assortment, and the lower leyel of prices Is another.
Men's Business Suits
S5, 56, $7,50, $8, $10, $12,50, S15,
We bought the suits In large quanities. We positively offer them for 25
per cent jess mouey mau utuur uuuiuis. ima tuui Diimjr mi v.,.- -
an impossibility, you neyer saw such good sultsjfor so little money. Come 10
and we will show them to yju,
is the price for which you can select a
and Serviceable
from an aggregation of over
- ioo Patterns
absolutely pure wool
to your measure.
call in you will convince yourselves
1 B, STE1M k fl)
Popular One
S, "iRIBLY, Manager
., .
ON & CO,
and fast colors, and flc
will fit you as well a(
- Price Hatters and Clothier
v f r
. 5,