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Ml. A
Daily Capital Journal.
FRIDAY, MARCH 27, 1890.
Altona and Ramona
Portland, 6:45 m 9100 m
Salem, 7MS 0. m. 5S "
Independence, 6130 a. m. 0:00 a.m.
ftck time, regular service and cheap
.. rates ...
Al. 1'. BALDWIN,
Agent, Salem.
! ''.Jl" rM
VI k
9 ffiffiss E A Stewart
W ft so" v . " V J
?iW ',r''l
94 State St
is undoubtedly tlto best comic com
pany that will appear in tho capital
city this season, therefore n large
liouso will undoubtedly greet tlicm nt
tliclr pcrrorninnco nt tho opera house
on Thursday evening next. To Bccure
good scats you should cull Inimcdlately
nt Dearborn's bookstflro and get them
Next Tuesday evening the play,
"Twlxt Love and Duty," will bo pre
sented nt Reed's opera house under
tho auspices of the boatd of ofllcers,
O. N. 0., In that beautiful drama In
live acts.
Special scenery. Sixty peoplo on
tho stago. Full orchestra. Now mu
sic. Gallery 2.'c. Reserved COc. Scats
on Palo at Putton Ilros. or by tho lwurd
or ofllccrs.
Tho appearance of tho famous spirit
medium, M'do Bcauscant, at tho
opora houso Sunday nlght,Miircli2uth,
Is altrnutlngn great deal of attention
among Hint very class or peoplo who
nlwnys like to dcnl with tho super
natural. M'do llenuscnnt'fl cnrlv
success was niado In England, whoro
alio for three months withstood tho
searching Investigation or tho Royal
Sclontlllo Society, tho account of
which was published In tho Quarterly
Tournnl or Science, and which Is In
every puuno library throughout tho
world. Recently M'do Jleauscant has
made a tour of tho world, whoro sho
has again met with tho samo success
as on hor previous visit, appearing In
Rorlln, Vlonna, St. Petersburg, Paris
and other largo cities throughout
Europe, before tho nobility as well us
iiiosciciiiuio societies, who acknow
ledge hentH handling the subject she
represents In a thorough und nblo
manner. Showlll no doubt meot.witii
1110 same success us In other
cltl03' .
John James' Kstatk.-Ih tho es
tutoof Johij Juiues, deceased Febru
ury 10, 1800, who left a widow and a
daughter aged 10, loiters testamentary
wore Issued todtiy to Alleo James, hla
wife, as executrix iiumed In tho will
Property is loft to tho amount of
about .WOOO.
FiNNUiANH Hall-AL Reed's opera
on next Thursday night Isonooftho
runniest shows on earth. Don't miss
It, Scats on sale ut learboru's book-store.
IIkukmiiihi-tIio emigration meet
ing nt tho council chamber Monday
mght, nnd bo bui-o to attend.
The U. S. Oov't Reports
i w ReyMt Biking Pew&r
- aiMrkte fe Mil BtkHS.
Proceedings of Their Session nt the Opera
House, March aC and 27.
fin rmler of bus ncss: II. A. MUr-
phy, G. A. Snnford, D. E. Swank, O.
Huffman, C. I. Stcnrn.
On platform nnd resolutien: W. J.
Simmon, J. C. Young, R. S. Graham,
J. S. Cain, L. A, Ward, W. S. U'ltcn,
Frank Williams. J. W. Jory, C. II.
Dr. Hrookhart, Dr. Emery, Win. Far
sons, Geo. Rceder, W. II. Spaugli,
John Olll, J. T. Johnson, W.J. Ho
wards, L. Henry, J. C. Luce, J. S.
Smith, II. Denllngcr, 0. P. Ruther
ford, W. It. King, Chester Skcel, A.
O. Hrown, Mnrtin Qulnn, J. 13. Grir
iith, J. C. Oliver, A. Baxter, G. R.
Huff, II. Caldwell.
On party organizatien: F. Helnst,
Ira Wakcllcld, Chas. Fitch, J. J.Stnr
glli.O. Teal.
Tho list or delegates and proxies
were imported for feats In the con
vention as rollews:
Uakcr-W. R. King, T. II. Huds
peth, F. A. Rowen, by J. J. Sturglll
proxy, M. L. Olmstcnd, J. J. Sturglll
proxy, II. E. Courtney, by J. J. Stur
glll proxy, Fred Duncan nnd W. N.
Oardner. by J. C. Young proxy, J. U.
Young proxy, .J. C. Young, L. M,
Ronton C. A. Skeels, Jas. Culvert,
C. M. Vnnderpool, James Bruce, John
Whltakcr, by Calvert proxy.
Coos--Jas. Matheny, .T.J. Stanley,
W. D. Marshall nnd Win. M". Hull by
Jas. S. McCain proxy, J. S. McCain,!!.
D. Sanford, Dan Giles by Sanford
'Olatsop-N. J. Svlndsoth, Silas B.
Smith, J. K. Hcckard and Clius.Mort
Inson by S. R. Smith proxy, John
Swing, Thos. Qhlnn by Svlndscth
proxy, Patrick O'llara.
Curry J. H. Upton, John Clawson
by R. D. SanTord proxy.
Ciacknmas II. Kruso, J. C. Suiter,
Geo. Drown, Geo. Ogle, M. K. Shipley,
J. R. Abbott, J. Evcrhart, D. W.
Smith, G. Lazuli by J. D. Stevens
proxy, W. II. II. Wadp, T. R. Hawk
ing, W. S. U'Ren, James Shaw, W. A.
Mills, C. A. Fitch, E. C. Cooper, R. T.
Dribble, C. 11. Miller, G. W. Grace.
Columbia -G. It. Hlgglns, II. T.
Cruell by R. Sessman proxy, S. M.
Rice, Geo. Fowler, R. Sessman, A. S.
Graham, Ira Taylor, G. 0. Fowler.
Douglas Carl Hoffman, M. Lemur
by Carl Hoffman proxy, L. A. Kent,!.
C. Kent, and A. McCall by L. A. Kent
proxy, II. Martin and J. Green by A.
P. Rurkhart proxy, A. P. Uurkhart.J.
T. Gazelly nnd Joseph Ryson by Carl
Hoffman proxy.
Gllllam-W. J. Edwards, Louis Mil
ler nnd R. F. Mooro by Edwards.
Grant J. C. Luce, Henry Murphy,
E. 0. Olllccr, C. S. Dustln by J. C.
Luce, J. D. Kirk by Henry Murphy.
Jackson--S. II. Holt by Ira Wake
Hold proxy.J. A. Jeffrey, S.M. Nenlon,
Ira Wakefield, Geo. A. Jnckson.Frank
Williams, W. II. Rradshaw, Ruins
Cox.G. F.Smlthllno, A. S. Rarlus by
Frank Williams proxy, J. W. Wiley
by Ira Wnkofleld proxy, J. W. Marks
bury, J. W. Thomas, E. E. Phlpps, by
Marksbury proxy.
Josephlno-A. Axtell, W. C. Ed-
wnrtis, Jiugono Jlorrlll and N. Rey
nolds by A. Axtoll proxy, D. W.
Mitchell, F. 0. Day by Win. Alfred
proxy, Win. Alfred.
Lnko-S. P. Moss aud L. A. Caustor
by J. 0. Oliver proxy, J. 0. Oliver.
Llncolu-J. W. Parrlsh, Thomas
Stukely by Parrlsh, II. Denllngcr, A.
L. MoFudden.
.11111 11. F. Rump, 11. F. Chllds, J.
A. Mcllrlde, J. J. Heard, Thomas
Thompson, W. R. Wyatt, T. M. Holt,
J. 0. Clem, J, F. Hendricks by Ramp,
John Bryant, 1). W. Harding, 0. 1).
Stein, J. S. Smith, T. L. Dugger, M.
Downing, A. G. Prill, J. L. Hill, R.
Laue-R, Robertson, W. II, Spaugh,
1. C. Sparks, Geo. 0.. Knolls and
David Eby by R.p. Caldwell proxy, J.
B. ROUSO. R. 1 Pnlilvv.,11 T rn a ......
Geo. Milan, A. 1). Burton, P. N. Koiii
wanner Jerry Atkins and J. r,. aih.,u
by J . 11. Spaugh proxy, A. M. Sweeny
Marlon-R. R.RyUll, T. J. Clark, F.
A. Meyers, J. W. Jory, B. Shaw, T. J.
muiiury, unns. Miller. Sr.. I). F.
owuiiK,iv. 1 illbbard, Henry Bruer,
Q.. Vcddcr, G.W. Dlmlck, Geo.
T. Y. McC'Iol 1111. L. W. nnia. 11 r
sharp, 1, M. Wagner.
Mnllieur-Johu Dorun by W. R.
j-n Spring Day-?-
I i
King proxy, G. J. Gray, nnd J. II.
Lamberson by John 0. Foster proxy,
and Foster by King proxy.
Morrow-H. P. Caldwell, W. C.
Metier, L. W. Lewis, J. L. Swift, all
by Cadwell.
Pelk Max Haley, J. D. Kelty, J. M.
Dennis, T. V. EnibrJo, J. K. Senrs, R.
II. Chopin, Kenneth Campbell.
Tillamook-O.R.IIuff, P. F. Brown
nnd J. W. Hastings by John Hanson
proxy, John Jlnnson.
Yamhill M. E. Johnson, M. V.
Booth, W. R. KIrkwood, B. B. Bran
son, 11. nancy, 11. it. Murray, m..i.
Wood.O. Gill, W. L. Hcmbrle, Geo,
Olds, W. L. Gllson.
Klnmath-J. B. Grlfllth, W. s- Wls-
ner, M. II. Daggett, Robt. Casey, all
by Grlllltli.
Multnomah-W. G. Balland, It. II.
Fny, by J. II. Robb, W. E. Henderson,
J. II. Robb, W. II. Roscbrook, Thos.
Hans by II. McGlll, W. C. Johnson,
S.S. Long, byL. A. Wood, A. T.
Ncnuct, II. E. Glrard, R. Bulkofcr by
Paul J. A. Lender proxy, Paul J. A.
Lender, S. B. Rlggen and R. G. Pad
dock by A. P. Nelson, L. A. Ward and
0. II. Barker by W. W. Sproul, W. W.
Sproul, W. F. Bragglns, L. S. Shorlller
byS. Lair, W. Tibbetts, D. Hengst,
Geo. Bailey, Val Brown by E. Kroner,
E. Kroner, J. S. David by E. S. Lamb,
R. Harper, II. W. Parker, D. W. But
ler, C. E. Deal, 0. 1). Choran, A. Cliff,
P. B. Whlttlesy, John Osborne, L. L.
Carter, A. P. Nelson, M. Qulnn, and
W. A. Wheeler by A. R. Reed, J. C.F.
Brown, J. White, S. L. Cravens by L.
A. Wnrd, S.E. Evans by E..T. Rlckcrt.
Sherman Geo. L. Mcadcn, O. P.
King, A. D. Cralt.
Umatl Iln Nathan Pierce, A. B.
Stanley nnd P. J. Kelly by Nathan
Pierce, Win. Carsons, 0. Teal, C. S.
Prindle, R. M. O'Brien, Geo. Pceblcr,
J. S. nay, 0. C. Hendricks, J. B. Des-
paln by J. B. Berry, proxy, J.B.Bcrry,
A. O. Henderson.
Union 0 II. Marsh, Justice Wade,
A. V. Oliver, J. E. Reynolds, J. L.
McKlnulsby, A. V. Oliver, J. C.
Chandler, J. W. McAllister, by Rey
nolds, L. Oldenburg by W.Wesslcy. J.
V.Woodell, Chns. Ncssley, J.W.Whlto
by B. F. LcwIb.
Wallowa J. F. Johnson, J. A.
French, J. A. Burleigh, S. F. Pace,
Win. Green, J. B. Olmstead, all by J.
F. Johnson proxy.
Wasco L. Henry, J. M. Roth, J.
II. Alrlch, Scth Morgan,!). C.WIngle,
Robt. Black.
"Washington Jos. Bucher, A. O.
Brown, 0. A. Sanrord, W. D. Hiiro,
V. B. Swlnnoy, Max Burgholzer, J.
Barnes, B. G. Lcedy, J. J. Scaton,
Ward Slope, John Zimmerman, G. W.
The committee on order or business
submitted program rollews:
1st. Tho temporary olllcers be made
tho permanent ones;
2d. Report of committee on cre
dentials; Id. Report or committee 011 plat
form and resolutions;
1th. That the manner or electing
candidates bo by ballot and tliatu
majority bo necessary to n choice;
Ctli. Nominatiens:
Supremo Judge.
Four presidential electors.
Five members of tho stnto executive
Seven delegates to tho national con
vention to be held at St. Louis.
Two congressmen.
Judges and prosecuting nttomoys of
tho sovernl Judicial districts.
John P. Robertson was n signifi
cantly silent dolegato in the state
convention or tho ghost party.
Col. Olmstead to "Senator" John
Jery: "ir you nln't got intclllcent
enough to voto on it, sit down."
"Tho Democratic- party, ir thoro bo
such n thing In oxlstonco," was a Joko
perpetrated at tho Pop stato conven
tion. Two kinds or physiognomies were
prominent, among tho politicians in
tho Pop. stato conventien: Men with
broad foreheads but narrow between
tho oyes; men broad between the eyes
but with narrow sloping foreheads.
Either combination Is inclined to bo
I. M. Wagner, the Populist cnndl
date ror county Judgo, has been a
Populist over slnco ho couldn't get
onto tho Republican legislative
ticket in 1801. Mrs. Wagner Is u
grand woman who rustics In a wnran
tiMu m uinii irucK ocroro most peoplo
uv uiu in ucu, jiio would run well.
Continued from first pace.
We, your committee on platrorni,
beg leave to subtil it the following rc-
Prfc: , 1
1. Wo reninrm tho rundnmcntal
principles or the Omaha platrorni and
Instruct our delegation to the na
tional convention to rcadlust any de
I First of the Kind.
I Clearance sales are a common
. enough thing In dry goods nnd cloth-
ll !.. I... I cn1.1mn If nvnr. lms tills
city had a clearance sale In crockery,
glassware, queonswnrc, lamps, .'etc.
Such a sale is now running nt tho
Pioneer grocery nnd crockery house of
John G. Wright nt 227 Commercial
street. The largo crockery stock, the
tails, If possible, In such rorm tnntnli;jaret cyer ijr01K,t to Salem, direct
Ke" 'V ffifir,,B im,ir Urom nuiiiiinieliireM, will bowlrt nt
farm nnil nnn nnt.lfinnl ticket.
2. Wo favor changing our national
constitution so as to provide somo
form of direct legislation, nnd tho
early admission of Important nationnl
questions to the people
J. wo recommend turn- our imuuimi
convention dcvlso some plan ror the
effective protection or American labor
from the ruinous competition or
Asiatic and European cheap labor, in
cluding ricld restriction, nnd exclu
sion, ir necessary, of foreign Immigration.
1. Wo denounce tho Republican
party ror Its entire failure to perform
nny promise it made to the people of
Oregon in tho year 1804, and hold it
wholly responsible for tho reckless
nnd extravagant waste or tho tax
payer's money by the legislative
assembly or the year 1803.
2. We plcdgo our candidates ror tho
legislature to voto Tor the abolition or
all useless commissions and boards,
ror tho salary system or paying public
olllcers, ror n state appropriations 0111
nrovldlm; onlv for the constitutional
salaries and the economical support or
necessary state Institutions anu
against any appropriations ror sec
tarian institutions.
3. Wo demand the reduction of olll
clnl salaries to correspond with the
reduction in the wages of Inbor nnd
tho prices or products or labor.
4. We renew our demand ror the
speedy nbolition or all fish traps, llsli
wheels, nnd a stringent regulation or
seine and net fishing.
5. Wo demand the re-inactment or
the mortgngc tax law.
0. We favor an amendment to our
state constitution providing for the
Inltlativcand referendum.
From this resolution the convention
ordered tho following words stricken
eut: "In its obligatory rorm and un
til that Is possible, we pledge our can
didates Tor tho legislature to do all In
their power to cause to bo rcrerred to
tho legal voters or the state tho ques
tion or enacting or repealing nny state
law that is demanded by petition,
signed by 10 per cent of tho legal
voters of the state, the next session to
act In accordance with the majority
"As to any new local or special law
for a town, city or county, our candi
dates shall voto ror it to bo referred
to the voters interested bcroro it takes
"ir ten percent or the lecrnl voters
or any county, cltyor town, shall by
petition demand any local law, our
candidates will voto ror tho enact
ment or such law, providing that it
shall be rcrerred to the voters inter
ested and take effect only when ap
proved by a majority of those voting
"With each proposed law, there
shall bo printed and delivered to ovory
person entitled to vote thereon so far
us possible, a short statement of the
reasons for and against tho law as
given by Its friends nnd foes."
we protest against tho policy or
inc government in patenting to rail
road corporations lands along their
lines, or which in many Instances
mineral lands arc natnnted to uiid
corporations, to the great injury to
1110 miners or ourstatc.
Wherefore, wo demand Mint, nil
mineral lands in tho stato be exempted
rrom tho grasp or such corporations
and reserved ror the use nnd benefit or
tho miners and tho best Interests or
the state.
Tho W. C. T. IT. resolution was "re-,
Ono ravorlngsenators elected by the
licujiiu was luiupicd.
One favoring a deduction for debt
nnd a corresnondlng credit passed.
cost for cash. Mr. Wright contem
plates making a change In ills stylo or
business, and In order to do so will re
duce the stock. Hero Is a splendid
chance for thoso who tleslro to pur
chase goods in his line, to buy what
tiicy want, and save money by doing
so. The largo stock or groceries will,
during the continuance of this sale,
which will last 30 or 00 days, bo also
sold nt n great reduction. The time
to buy Is early, while the stock Is yet
full nnd complete. 27 d.'it wl
Bucklon's Arnica Salvo
Tlie best Salve In the world for Cuts,
Sores, Bores, Ulcers, Sale Hlicutn, Fever
and all Tetter. Chapped hands, Chilblains,
Urulscs, Skin Eruptions, nnd positively cures
Piles or no pay required. It is guaranteed to
Live per fee satisfaction or monev refunded.
Price 25 cents a box. For sale by Fred A.
Bargains in this line, Do not msss this sale,
Phone 112,
257 Commercial street,
l-CLfllRETTE SOflP-t
latest tiling in eastern hard soap, Try it, you will be
pleased, We still have 20 oz, World Beater for 5c,
P. O, Grocery,
The Original 25-c-nt Squirrel Poison.
-- 41 .
Keeds Upera House,
One Night Only,
Sunday Night,Mar,29
The Celebrated Medium
I Im LJIa. .... ( T)
ji a xciirie Deauseanl
Mme, Beauseant,
Assisted by a number of powerful.
(llutiiH developed lor tho Z
purpose or deuionslmtfiT
spirit power In full
-gas light.-
Materialization I
siitttfag &m
s 1 IMSn&X&'I&'v? .trJ44i555Wii!!W'
in l-pound cans. Guaranted. Thousands
01 larmers irom all over this state have
at accents is as good or better than more
expensive foie en brands of nnriin
strength. Fry's h the genuine and most re.
liable poison. ILe nn mhir v.v, ..u 1...
Geo. L. ilaskett, Fed A. Legg, G. V.
11111.1m, onunicinrr urug Co., drugistf, Sa
Chicago. March
May 61 i.
New Yc
26 Wheat,
casli foe,
3 30.
Deafness Cannot be Cured,
by local applications, as tlioy cannot
rcaCll tllC (HsenKPfl nnrtlnna tt li ..
There Is only ono way to euro dear-
ness, ami mat is by constitutional
remedies. Dcarness is caused by an
11 miiuu comuiion or the mucous
inliiK or tho Eustachian tube. When
tills tube gets Inflamed you hnvo a
rumbling sound or Imperfect: hearing,
and when It is entirely cloied dcar
ness Is tho result, and unless tho ln
lainmatlon can bo taken out and this
tuuu n-aiureu 10 us normal condit on.
hearing will bo destroyed rorover
nlno cases out or ten aro caused by
ii... i ' ' r ,a "UL"'ng oui nn in
llamcd condition or tlio mucous sur-
Wo will give Ono Hundred Dollars
ror any caso or dcarness (caused by
catarrli that cannot bo cured by
Hall's Catarrli Cure. Send for clr
culars, Irco.
Kv.iil c"enney &Co., Toledo O
3TSold by Druggists, 75 cents.
The United Evangelical church
will holds Its annual conference in
tills City. TllO SOSSlnn cnnvnunatlm
mucr part or next week on
ork, March 26 Silver,C6cj lead,
ban Francisco, March 26. Wheat, 1.07V
Vvooi..Oreeon. chntrv Ji.n. i(..i: '
5c, valley, otic. J
Hops Quotable at 3sc
oiatoes (to to 90c per sack.
Oats Milling, 7Sfi2.
Portland. March 2c Wlirnt -iiu,. r..
Walla Walla, 57. ' " "'
Flour Portland, i1.1i;: Benton ,n.
l.IC' nMhflm A. .
ji " "'"i ,u3 ui'iinc, z 2c pcr bl)i
Oats-White, 2426c;Erey,2233; '
in bags, J4.2SS.25. barrels' Y.i&l-, .
cases, t.7S
m vl0er ' ?ew RfoeB0n' '53oc per sack.
Iiay..Good, 5(38.50 per ton.
wool.. valley, 9,ocj Eastern
M'tuni..Bran, $ii.5oI3ooj shorts,i2
.n1inul!ry,J.Ie."si sc.! rocslers & Per dez:
TO4WAiK, um,er
.v,.,. .Oregon, 4 10 oc, according to nual.
iir 1 ,ImPortan to Farmers.
m. . . 1 S(l,rrcl Exterminator
tho original and only article or it,
kind giving complete satlsraction
Now reduced rrom CO to 30 cents per
(f;n J 8fi? Htclncr Drug 0.
Linn & Brooks and G. W.Putman,
balem.Orcgon 3I4.1 , '
rn. ,ChCaP Rate3 t0 isCO.
nnd n?!.ra,tes of fl.vo dol,ars cabin
n 1 V;iIfty 8teer.aB0 including meals
nl F? 8tl" ln effect on the
in.i - o 9S 8- steamers from Tort-
.wmi ku (3uu i'mncisco,
oteamers leave
Portland every live
3-0-1 m
icy creamery,
fair to Reed,
, Uutter. .Oregon fane
lancy dairy, 30
common, I7&C.
Cheese .Oregon full cream, uiOA
Eggs. Oregon, 9c per dor. iA'
ioi:.Cw-e3.oo3.aS per lb; fair
dre&7aAafc:WC5COW, 2A2
Mutton.. Pest teef, 2.ooraa'c' rhn!
ewe,, ,.2S; dressed, 4JSSc. S' "
Ilogs..Chotce. heavy, 3.250-i.co' llohr
and feeders; 2.75i Am&. JtSV&hf
eai,,bmall. choice. efSifJi. 1. .'.
II. " JV"I '"igc, 3(,
per lb.
"T T
u cry tie portment and the
eii 11s iiiq lowest prices,
' t 1 1 -r
lest l'iwIu i.
uwl exacting servlco. as
our store popular.
H. M.
At the old J, A. Van Bon store,
Not a C.i)iUATK,-Tho report or
thO Popilllst COUntV COIlVnnt Inn v..
.i,... ...,,. .: , ""'
.v.,.,, n.jK.rivii 11. a. jory as a candl
ditto ror county recorder, it should
have been II. p. Jory, as his undo, H.
b., was a candidate ror no oftlee.
Tho Discovery Saved nu T.if-
IUMtt?.'. Cn ''i0,1' versville,
111., uys. To Dr, King' New Discovery I
Wrsflff iawftaysB
Ucovery in my store I sent fw a b?tfk and
get be ter and tfttr usine tliree h1 ?
,UA"1 bout again. ItfswcSh lu i"S
ia gold.
H' .. .
IK HlHI 1 iH llnm . I. -..
oat I) ' f!. - ,-' .TV "I. ow
lCC' Drug Store.
t VredA.
Highest HonorsWorld's Fair,
Medal, Midwinter Fair.
iMost Petfsct Mi.de,
Oatt",iVS3C P"bU" marketfinn'
Hay.. Baled, cheat, J4.5oS.oo; timothy,
Hour.. In wholesale lm. , .
bran, hulk , .' , re,a,.
. , 'r: ."::, i. 1
"vj.jj cnop feed,
ouiiry..v-nicKens, 3.ooa7.c0
ducks. ii.Kot rn.'-.r.ir?:50
keys, o,oc; dreKedrii',
VoaI..Dressed, 4. V-M-'C
Uve Cattle.. 22J.
Sc; fancy creamery,
Treasurer's Notice.
County Treasuhek's OPFifaE, )
t, Salem, Or., March 25, 1800. f
&lti horcby plve that i,lo un
erslgned has money on hand to pay
warrants issued and outstanding
up to April i, 1895, and Interest on
tho samo will stop on that date.
., o- o Jap Minto,
3-2o-2w county Treasurer.
OLD MANURE-And plenty or It.
Salem Truck & Dray Co. 3-10-3t
Reed's Opera House,
Tuesday, March 31,
r doz.:
6,00; tur-
p..i.ive. 2.co.
Wool.. Best, I2fic.
Il0M..Best. Attic
EKSS..Cash. Sc."
nutter.. Best dairy.
20c. "
Cheese .i3Mi3c.
tarm bmokecT Meat sBacca 7c
4jo; shoulders, 5c. ' ' ?c
lotatoes. Kcperbu.
Onions., t Jc.
Spirits ily through tlie air. Thtj
aro seen by all persons. They cot
verso whii you as in lire. ThersuK
hands with tliclr friends. A table
arises four or live feet In mld-ilr.
Spirit hands and races are plalnft
seen and recognized by friends. A
guitar Is played and passed around
tho room by lnvlsiblonowcr. Flower
nro brought and passed by the audi-
onco by liands plainly seen. Mi in
rung. ITarps aro played and otber
tests or spirit nature tako place Ii
tho presenco or these wonderful ra
diums. Spirit Brido Leveo, startlltf
and bewildering. Bell without belfry
Transit or tho tambourine. A pl'
carpenter. Gravitation Is Ignored.
Wonderful holding test. Pbllosopb-
ors mystilled. Scientists astonlswa
Clergy amazed. Scholars are dnmfj
founded. The unexplained wonder of
tho nineteenth centnry. Marvels
spiritualism. Comprehensive thiw
ors baflled. Doors open at 7. Seana
opens nt 8. Tho expenses defrayed w
a small feo for admittance. 1
Reed's Opera House-
One Night,
Thursday, April 4
Tho Twentieth Century
Presenting that whirlwind of
Irish fun
u.l..ul..UU.tt I
A medium
sited blacia
leather hand
crip, containinr. Un. ." ,
W!li2;fcJS"!-l, 'o thisoffice!
Under tho auspices
ouicers, o. N.
or HlO board nf
uiaiuu in nvo
t pay lileral reward.
Twixt Love and Duty,
tlSSSfi. SSS7-.SlxtJ People on
sic. Gollcrv S rjno ira-, ew "
on sale it bitten Iw80rvcdWc' Seats
board of offlceS B?03 or ie
wSs Jis Jm J. Jyt J J A T T
TheBamum ofJJAL
Farce Comedies,!
A bo Itching bovy oj 'emlnlnW
A cotcrio or clever comedian,
A contingent of dazzling dancer
A bunch of jolly spubMttea
And fun from start to flniw
Seats on salo at Dearborn $
mm m
Dealars ia all kinds of fresh MdW
-JtMfe fL