Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1896-1899, January 24, 1896, Image 1

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VOL. .
- NO. ?'4
' Here if
, II I L iu Vjk
t,'''zJiLML. til N WW
Kraussb Bros.
are leaders in their
some big reductions,
single pair lots we will follow the crowd
land call in at 275 Commercial street
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it'll Be
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Really it will, to let such a chance paw you for buying
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next fifteen days at our
the room at 115 State st, It isn't
iois or uungs, uui
Agent Mortgagee.
New York and Now England
the Victims.
Heavy Sleet Storms Throughout
the Canadas.
Sew Yojik, Jnn. 24. A severe
storm of wind, nitn and sleet Is pre
vailing In tho East today. Telegraph
comniuntcatlon between this city and
points In Now England Is entirely
suspended. Along the coast the wind
has a velocity of 40 to 00 mlle9 an
Storm In Cinada.
Toronto, Jan. 24.- This city n cut
oft from communication with all tke
rest of Canada and the United States.
It has been snowing terribly. An
awful bIccL storm has rendered tele
graph wires useless. It Is not known
how far the trouble extends through
After Murderer Brown.
RosEiiurta, Jan. 24. Yesterday
morning two suspicious looking men
were seen near tho 19-nillc house on
the old Coos bay stage road. As soon
as they were observed one of them,
who was carrying a rltle and a bundle
on his shoulder, Jumped down the. low
grado and disappeared In tho timber.
Tho othor came to the house, ate
breakfast and bought a lunch to carry
with him. He answered the descrip
tion of Andy Fool, brother .of Jim
Peel, who was convicted of robbing
tho train at Cow Creek Canyon July
last. Andy, It was thought, was
hclplug Murder Sam G. Drown, who
escaped from tho county -Jail Decem
ber 30, and has since been nt large.
District Attorney Brown, in working
on tho case this weok, discovered a
plan to take Brown to Coos county,
where his parents live, and had men
on the lookout.
Jim Laird, Jim Moss, and two oth
ers kept the man supposed to bo Peel
insight. He went slowly, presum
ably to allow his companion to keep
near him, as ho appeared much
fatigued when ficen in tho morning.
Peel would whistlo at intervals to
warn Brown, who remained under
cover of the timber, whenever any
one was in sight. At 11 o'clock last
night all reached a point near Dora,
In Coos county, 42 miles from ,Roso
burg. Laird and Moss made a detour
and hid in a barn. Brown and Peel
6oon appeared in company, and were
allowed to pass the barn. Then they
were ordered to throw up their hands.
Peel promptly did so, and is now un
der guard at Dora. Brown Jumped
over a fenee,and Moss tlrcd'twice.
Brown fell, but beforo his pursuers
reached him he disappeared in a thick
clump of brush, where he is now sup
posed to be, possibly wounded.
Albert Peel Arretted.
Roseduro, Or. Jan. 24. Albert
Peel recently acquitted by tho federal
court for complicity in tho Cow Creek
train robbery of July, 1895, was ar
rested this afternoon charged with
assisting Murderer Sam G. Brown to
escape. A preliminary examination
will be held tomorrow.
Panic at a Fire.
Chicago, Jan. 24. A tire in the old
stock exchange building, at tho north
east corner of Dearborn and Monroe
streets, today, caused a panic among
tho occupants. All escaped with but
slight Injuries.
Wants to Be Qovemor.
On. Tinto "Inn 91.Tn fin nrun
letter to Dr. Pretorlus, editor ol tho
Westllcho Post of this city, Mayor C.
P. "Walbrldge has announced his can
didacy for the Republican nomlna-
tlon for governor.
The Salem Statesman makes a mis
take In Us warfare on Geer and Her
mann. Gccr hits foeon loyal too loyal
for his own goid to the machlno
whence the Statesman derives Its sus
tenance. But Mr. Geer Is gentleman
of brains ahd Intelligence, and great
ability as a campaigner for the party.
He has not agreed with us on tho
money question. We did not agree
with his vote to repeal tho mortgage
tax law. But there Is no man wo
would go farther o help Into a public
position than MrGccr. Ho deserves
well of tho Ropilhllenu party. Llko
other Republicans, he has to take his
chances on his record and on his views;
but ho Is a talented man and it Is an
honor to tho party, to have such ti man
In It. nc has never made money out
of the party. HeVis not an unprin
cipled hireling Hessian. I To Isnclcuu,
honorable party man. We do not
know how any party could get along
without soino men In It with more
brains than a mosquito, or how it can
got along without giving such. men
offices onco In a wiille.
The Statesman's1 abuse of Hermann
is all dictated by tho old Portland
ring. Ho is in u position where ho Is
worth millions to the state of Oregon.
Ojngrc&s Is no longer a deliberate
The 300 members, all representing a
multiplicity of interests can only
transact business under tho prcbcnt
rules by placing almost autocratic
power In tho hands of the speaker
and a fow committees. A new -member
from Oregon would bo lost llko a
needle in a hay stack. He would get
no chairmanship, no second place on
a committee and onto very few com
mittees. Hermann is the only Paclllu
coast couferco on the river nnd har
bor bill, and will bo worth millions to
Oregon river and harbor Improve
ments. Why shouicTtho old ring and
machine orgnns llko the Orcgonlan,
Telegram and Statesman make war
on Hermann and belittle his influence
If they have nuy regard for tho Inter
ests of Oregon ?
The Republican party of Oregon Is
made up of men who have novcr yet
been dictated to successfully. They
have, when nrouscd to tho truo inter
est of the party nnd the people, tliuo
and again overthrown dictators and
can do It again. Wo do not mean to
nay that no man is good enough
to be a candidate against Hermann.
Wo bcllovo Marlon county has
ssvcral men who would in time make
a? good, or oven a better congressman
than 'Hermann. But tho way to get
them to the front Is not by abusing
nermann. The Journal will cordi
ally support any Republican who is a
fairly representative man of tho
people and fairly nominated, and wo
believe none other will bo put up.
Tho editor of The Jouhnal Is not a
candidate as Is represented by some
Salem papers. In the absence of an
active well-supported Marlon county
candidate It prefers Mr. Hermann In
the truo Interest of the party and tho
people. Ills ten years experience nnd
acquaintance with public men and
the departments at Washington
renders him nn almost Invaluable
man for the people of this state. Be
sides, he has broken away from ring
dictation nnd control and stands with
tho people.
A Salem correspondent of the Rose
burg Plalndealer replies to a Rose
burg correspondent of tho Orcgonlan
as follews:
"Republican" should kuow, If he
understands the situation, that tho
next congressman from this district
if he be a republican, will bo nomi
nated by a utilon of the elements thut
were In opposition last winter. And
the next senator if he be a republican
will be elected by those who supported
Mr. Dolph and thoso who opposed him.
In short, by those who can do what
"Republican" seems lncapablo of do
ingsink their past differences and
antagonisms for tho honor of tho
party and good of the state.
Tho Orcgonlan and Statesman are
carrying their fight too far In abusing
men like nermann and.Gcerand read
ing them out of the party,
Turks Permit Miss Barton to
Assist the ArmenianSi
Tho Cuban General Cannot Llvo
Sixty Days,
Keller Permitted.
Washington, Jan. 24. Owing to
the energetic cllorls of Minister Ter-
rlll, Miss Barton and party will bo
permitted by tho Turkish government
to distribute relief to tho'dlstrcssed
Armenians, nlthorgh tho Red Cross
will not llgure in the work.
"Washington, Jan. 21. Senator
Lodge, In a canvass of the city on tho
Monroe doctrine, has been able to
ilnd only eight votes against tho Davis
An Armenian Resolution.
Washington, Jan. 21. Call offorcd
in tho Hcunto n radical resolution in
demanding either through peaceful
negotiations or by force of arms that
the Armenian atrocities bo stopped.
Tho resolution was defeated without
division. A resolution reported by the
committee on foreign relatives passed
Gomez Dying.
Havana, Jnn. 21. It is stated up
on excellent authority that Gonl.
Maximo Gomez, commander In chief
of tho insurgent forces, has consump
tion In an advanced stago, compli
cated with fever, nmVtho'dootors aro
agreed that he can llvo about two
months longor.
Insurgents Victorious. '
Chicago, Jnn. 24. A dispatch from
Havana says:
Desplto oniclnl denials, the report
has spread hero that Macco 1ms cap
tured the city of Plnnr del Rio. A
warship left Havana hurriedly nt a
late hour, carrying ubnttallon of rein
forcements and sovcrnl light Held
pieces. Reports of big rebel dofcats
around Plnar dol Rto are being given
out from military headquarters In or
der to counteract uuoniclnls nows
and to encourage the Spanish resi
dents, In tho town ofSabanllla on Mon
day, while a party of Platados were
looting stores and terrorlzsng tho
cltlzcnH, n company of regular Cuban
cavalry dashed Into tho place and,
calling upon the mayor and citizens
to co-operate with them, captured the
marauders and promptly lynched
them on the outskirts of tho place.
From Cardenas comes the news that
a majority of tho able-bodied mon of
the outlying town of LaGulnallas, led
by the mayor, have risen agaliiBo tho
government, openly declaring for
revolution. Troops have been sent
from Cardenas to attack them.
Five Spanish forts around tho town
of Macuaga, province of Mntanzns,
have been captured during the weok
by Lu Crete's Cuban forces.
Ih Oood Health.
London, Jan. 23. A report that
Queen Victoria was somewhat seri
ously Indisposed, and tho announce
ment that a treaty providing for an
offensive and defensive alllanco had
been concluded between Russia and
Turkey had a disturbing Influence
upon the stock exchange today. Con
sols receded 1-10 below their price yes
terday. The last bulletin from Osborne
House announces the queen In good
health, but overwhelmed with grief
at the death of Prince Henry of
Children Cry foe
Pihr's Cttorl.
In Jackson's Hole.
Helena, Mont.,Jnn!24, Prlvato ad
vices received by letter are that tho In.
dlnns In Jaokson's Holo nre commenc-
lng to grow restless, nnd troublo of a
erlous n itina Is dally expected, Tho
Bannock Indian ringleaders have been
made to bellove by a man named Jack
son, husband of n half-breed wife.
that If Agent Teter could be gotten i
out of tho way he would succeed him.
With this Idea In mind, they attacked
Tctcr's house, attempting to carry
him off bodily, but railed, The In
dlans aro said to bo well armed, and a
general uprising Is looked for any day,
Tho Indian leaders are Big Keck,
Sagnwancc, Big Horse nnd Red Bear.
Chicctro Wheat. I
Chioaoo, Jan. 24. Wheat Jtimhcd
as follows teday:
Chicago time. U:30 a. in., 02 j, 021-,
021; 11 a. in., 028-1: 12 in., 02M; 1 p.m.,
CUj.'lp in., 015.
For Foreclosure on tho First Mort
gage Bonds,
Three Government Commissioners
to Adjust Matters,
New Yomc, Jnn 24. Attorney
Morrison, who represents tho first
mortgago bondholders of the Union
Pacific railroad, whoso holdings
amount to over $50,000 has prepared
a hill which will ask Congressman
Powers, chairman of the commlttco
on Pacific railroads to bring beforo
Tho plan Includes the appointment
of three government commissioners,
who shall sccurctho co-operation of alt
tho other creditors they can enlist to
bringing .about a foreclosure through
tho company's failure to pay Interest
on tho last throo coupons due, and
buy tho road at such sale. An organi
zation wotild bo mndo by Issuing now
first mortgago bonds for tho full
amount of tho debt at a rato which
tho commissioners might dccldo was
Justified by tho not earnings of tho
Broko tho Color Line.
Chicago, Jan. 21. After fighting
over a woman's complexion for 14
months, tho Chicago Woman's club
has eliminated the color lino nnd
elected Mrs. Fannlo Barrier Williams,
a well-known colored woman, to full
membership nt a'n executive session of
the club. Tho greatest effort was
made to suppress oniclnl Information
on n subject which had become one of
popular Interest on account of tho
prolonged opposition to tho candi
date's admission.
Preceding tho meeting there was u
lively session of tho membership com
mittee, which had tho nnmo of Mrs.
Williams under ndvlscmcnt for the
second time. Four inoiiibors of tho
committee were prompted by racial
prejudice to vote against n favorable
report on her application. Another
negative voto would have success
fully blackballed tho candidate. Dr.
Sarah llackot Stevens and Mrs. Cath
erine Waugh McCulloch championed
the causo of tho colored woman, tho nut
majority of tho commlteo roportcd
their sentiments. Tho committee's
report provallcd until presented to tho
meeting. While tho majority of the
club have welcomed tho intellectual
colored lecturer to their sisterhood, a
fow members have threatened to
resign unless Mrs. Williams dpes.
When tho cause of contention hoard
their threats she positively announced
ner Intention to remain in tho club
regardless of the actions of a minor
ity, whom she designated as pre
judiced, mean and hopeless,
Highest of all in Leavoing Powcr.Late U.S. Gov't Xtpert
A Chorokofi Indian Nsmd Ward
Cut Off Short,
Henry C, Foster Swings for the
Murder of George Wells,
Van BuitEN, Ark. Jan. 21. Gtio.
Ward.n Cherokee Indian, was hangnl
this forenoon for murdering Henry
Bacon In July of last year. Hewa. a
noted dosjicmdn and nn nil-round
A Voot-Pad Hung.
GHlTAOO,.Jnn. 21. -Henry U. Foster,
colored, was hanged in the county
jail today for the murder of a saloon
keeper, named Geo. W. WelK win i
tho latter was attempting to savou
citizen Foster had waylaid and w ;t
robbing on the street In front of
"Wells' wiloon. On tho scaffold Fost r
confessed and hoped his execution
would bo a lesson to nil.
Street Car Collision.
Knoxvim.ii, Term., Jnn. 24. An
electric car on tho Knoxvllle street
railway and n switch engine on the
Southcjn Railway collided at tho nsy-
him street crossing today. Several
persons wcro Injured, and twopcrhnps
Woman's Suffragists.
Washington, Jnn. 24. Tho nn
nual convention of tho Nntlonrl
Women's Suffrage association began
horo yesterday and 3,000 delegates uro
prcsont. Tho ropoi t of tho correspond
ing secretary, Mrs. Rachnol Foster
Avery, of Philadelphia, said that
work had been hindered by tho gen
eral mlsconcoptlon of tho relation of
tho so-called "woman's Bible" to tho
association. As an organization, this,
body hnd been held responsible for
the action or an Individual In Issuing
a volume with a protcntlous title, cov
ering a Jumblo or comment without
literary valuo, sot forth in n spirit
nelthor reverent nor Inquiring. She
urged that tho association, by resolu
tion, disavow responsibility for tho
A number of personal colloquies re
sulted nnd the report finally was
tabled by a voto of 60 to 10.
In tho course of tho report, Mrs.
Avery urged that tho success of tho
cnuso in Utah clearly demonstrates
tho ndvlsablllty of securing tho aid of
political parties through tho planks
of their respective platforms. "Wo
now have," she said, "slxscnators and
representatives from three states on
the floor of congress, all of whom
stand thoro with an ovcr-prcscnt sense
that an Important part of their con
stituents aro tho femalo sox."
Tho Kentucky Senatorshlp.
Fkanicfokt, Ky., Jau. 24. Senator
Blackburn's election seems almost im
possible, as tho sound money Demo
crats hnvo declared that thoy will net
support Blnckburn on account of his
free silver vlows. Tho ballot today
resulted ns follews: Hunter, 07;
Blackburn, 68; McCrcnry, 4; Carlisle
1; M. W. Read, 1; Bucknor, 2; Wilson,
l;Hazelrlgg,l;Edrlngton, (pop.) voted
for Blackburn, and seems to bo tin
movable. Harrison at Washington.
Washington, Jan. 24, Tho su
premo court room was tho center of
attraction at tho capital today. Ex
president narrlson appeared there as
attorney in a California irrigation
5& '
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