Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1896-1899, January 18, 1896, Image 1

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Populist National
The Cuban GonoralCampos to Be
St. Louis, Jan. 18. The work of
the representatives of t ho different
cities, working to secure tho national
Populist convention, that will meet
July 22d next, was resumed this morn
ing, when the national commlttco re
assembled. Fulwalto, of Arkansas,
spoko for Chicago. He was followed
by Dr. II. Taylor, Eugene Smith and
W. J.Schcutts intimated that at lcat
$20,000 could be raised for the Popu
list cause, If they were given suffi
cient time to collect It. E. S. Hclslcr
and Jos. II. Schneider, who spoko for
Kansas City, Kas., said they wcro
prepared to erect a" tent 150x300 feet
square, large enough to scat 20,000
people, within a block of tho court
house. Hurry Tray, D. E. Lcidy and
Mayor Holton spoko in behalf of
Dallas, Texas. When they finished
tho committe went into executive
A rcsolurion to refer the selection
of the place of meeting to the execu
tive committee, to report within ten
days was adopted without a dissent
ing vote.
The Flying Squadron.
London, Jan. 18. Tho Admiralty
informs the Associated Press that the
destination of the flying-squadron of
British warships now off theSplthcad
has not been determined on oven by
the Admirality. and that it Is n cer
tainty that tho warships arc not going
to Bermuda or anywhere in tho
American waters at present.
The-Cuban General.
Madrid, Jan. 18. Tho cabinet has
unanimously decided to supersede
Captain-Gcnoral Martinez do Campos
and his lieutenant, General Ardcrcus,
owing to differences which exist bo
tween them and the political parties
in Cuba.
General Martin and General Pando,
who are in command of tho Spanish
troops in tho province of Santiago do
Cuba, will replace General Campos
and General Ardcrcus, temporarily.
Havana, Jan. 18. Tho anxiety felt
over the situation paralyzes business
so that many commercial houses
closod their doors long before tho us
ual hour. Groups of people gathered
on the streets, discussing the situa
tion, but were dispersed by tho police
or military authorities on tho ground
that they were violating orders by
congregating in public thoroughfares.
Everylhlng possible Is being done to
keep tho city quiet.
Washington, Jan. 18. When Gon
zales Quesada, the secretary of tho
Cuban party In the United States,
was informed of tho intended ap
pointment of PolavIJa to replace de
Campos; lfcfcxclalmed with enthusia-
ism; . ,
'Good; that is worth ten battles to
us. This Is considered as a confession
of the fate of tho ppanlsh government
in Cuba, for General Campos was tho
first military chief in Spain and also
one of the ablest politicians.
Havana, Jan. 18. General Carapoo,
who has resigned as captain general
of Cuba, will sail for Spain Monday.
German Celebration.
Berlin, Jan. 18. Throughout the
German empire today the 25th anni
versary of the crowning at Versllles
of King Williams, of Prussia, grand
father of the present emperor, as tho
emperor of Germany, and the conse
quent re-establlshment of tho German
empire, was celebrated.
Children Cry for
fltohr' 0f tr!.
H6uso Concurrence- In Qsnata Amend
ments hover Rocorded.
The houso Jotlrnnl of tho laxt legis
lative assembly, on which n commit
lee of live Inpored assiduously for
weeks after tiro adjournment of the
Session to insure accuracy, Is now out.
It contains 10o pages, besides a 17
page nddondunij Tho Journal nlwunds
In conundrum! It Mmw members
voted on the rjyo and no sltlo of tho
same question.' It records members
as absent and voting at tho entno
time. One tiling it docs not show.
which, to suyithc least, Is a danger
ous omission; that Is. that the house
concurred In thoVscnnte amendments
to house bill tfl!n82. Tills was the
general approwlatlon bill, mid was
amended In tjuj'.senate hill among
Other things as follews:
Between linesc3 and (15, page 3, In
sert the follewing: "For salary and ex
penses of railroad commissioners and
clerk, $26,000." ?
It is said (lie 'house concurred In
tho above-named amendments, but
the Journal doosfoot show It.
Authorities oro divided upon tho
effect tho Journal Tecords may have
upon the validity of an act. In tho
case of A. E. Currle vs. the Southern
Pacific Railwaylcompnny, it was held
that where a bill has been regularly
enrolled, signed by the presiding ofll
ccrs of tho two houses of tho legisla
tive assembly, npproved by the gover
nor and filed with tho secretary of
state, It will be Held a valid law, un
less tho JournnWjf tfno house affirma
tively shows thawsomo condition Im
posed by tho Constitution on the
enactment of 1 lwh has not been Ob
it served.
- This opinion w (s written by Chief
Justice Strnhan niul concurred In by
Justice Bean, with hesitation. Justice
Lord expressed no' opinion. In the
caseof thC8talV(rfl"T3.P; Rogers, It
was held that whore It affirmatively
appears from journals of tho legisla
ture that a bill, as filed In tho office of
secretary of state did not in fact pass
tho legislature, the courts will pio
nounco itiuvalld; butovery reasonable
presumption Is to bo mado In favor of
legislative proceedings; and when tho
constitution does not require certain
matters to be entered In tho Journal,
tho absenco of such record will not
invalidate tho law. This opinion was
written by Justice Beau.
An orratum Is Inserted in the new
Journal by tho secretary of state, in
which ho says It Is erroneously stated
that tho canvass for governor was
held on tho 8th of June. It should
raad "4th of June." Tho orratum
concludes by saying: "Other errors
appearing in tho Journal are exact
copies of the housp Journal manu
scripts, as furnished by tho chief
clerk and approved by the commlttco
appointed to examo and corrcot tho
Journal." W. Lyon's Letter.
Prisoners Escape.
Portland, Jan. 18. The discovery
was mado today that three prisoners
escaped fjom tho county Jail last
night. They had by somo means un
locked the cell door and quietly
walked out. Two of them wero petty
offenders. The third one was the
notorious Con Kclllhcr, who was here
to bo taken to Salem tonight to serve
ten years for burglary.
Receivership. Tho etltlon of
Wm. Wirt for a receivership for tho
Oregon Nursery Co. wub heard Ixsforo
Judge Burnett at chambtrs today.
Beware Of Ointments for Catarrh that
contain Mercury,
as mercury will surely destroy the sense of
smell and completely derange the whole sys
lem when entering it through the mucous
surfaces Such articles should never be used
except on prescriptions reputable physician,
rs the dawe they will do is ten fold to th
good you can derive from them. Hall's
Catarrh Cure, manufadtured by F. J. Cheney
& Co , Toledo, O , contains no mercury, and
a taken internally, acting directly upon the
blood and mucous surfaces of the system. In
buying Hall's Catarrh Cure be sure you got
the genuine. It is taken internally, and made
In Toledo Ohio, by F.J. Cheny&Co. Tes
timonials free.
CrSolh by Drugglits, price 75 cents a bot
tle. The U. S. Qov't Reports
Jrw Ryat Bmklmg PBWfke
Doinands Opening of West
mver by China.
100,000,000 Taels Supplied, by tho
Deutsche Bank,
Puking, Jan. 18. The British min
ister has presented an ultimatum to
tho Chlncso government demanding
tho opening of tho West river.
hkavy chinesk loan.
Hong Kong, Jan. 18. The Deutcho
bank has obtained a contract to Issue
a Chinese loan of 100,000,000 taels,
with Interest at fi per cent., to cost 8DJ
and lie Issued at ftr.
London, Jan. 18. An official
foreign office dispatch from Peking'
saying that the British minister
there has presented an ultimatum to
tho Chinese government, demanding
the opening of Went river Is untrue.
Another Landslide.
KosKBuuoJnn. 18. Another slldo
larger than tho first occurred nt tho
west end of tho tunnel No. 12, three
miles south of West Fork, when tho
first one was about cleared away. A
largo force of men aro at work and ex
pect tohnvo tho track clear-by Mon
day. Fasse&ger trains will transfcrin
tho meantime.
Tho Altona left for Portland at 7:45
,9'clocfctUi8-in8rnlngi and will roturn
tomorrow afternoon.
Tho Bamona will nrrlvo up from
Portland this evening and will leave
Salem for the metropolis at I0:l.r Sun
day morning.
Tho Alice A makes hor regular
dally trips lwtwcen Salem and Independence-
Steamer Elmore will lxs up from
Portland this evening bound for
Tho Buth loft for Portland atO
o'clock this morning.
Tho Hoag Is expected to arrlvo
down from Corvallls this afternoon or
Sunday morning on her way to Cor
vallls. Tho.Gypsy makes trips betwecu Eu
gene and Corvallls connecting at tho
latter placo with tho Elmoro and
Tho river registered 1(1.0 feet above
low water mark at noon today- nnd Is
slowly raising. The river men exicct
a further ralsoof aboutS feet. Should
tho river attain a stage of 20 fot
atovo lojv water mark, tho locks at
Oregon City will bo closed. All
freight had to bo removed from lxth
thoO. It. &N. and O. C. T. Co's.
docks this morning as thoy are Hooded.
Tho following special was received by
Thk Journal from Portland this
River nt Albany rising rapidly since
yesterday morning' Stood eighteen
feet 0 a. in. Your river will rlj rap
Idly to Sunday morning. No danger
of any flood at present. Storm condi
tion and general rain over entire
coast continue.
Dakst Will Cask. Arguments
wcro conducted today beforo County
Judge Hubbard In tno Darst will case
Mr. Condlt for tho contestants spoko
about one and one-half hours. Ea
U. S. Attorney General Geo. H. Will
iams spoko two hours, ably reviewing
tho case and authorities bearing upon
it. A masterly concluding argument
in support of tho will was mado this
afternoon by Tllmon Ford who spoko
two and one-half hours, This closed
ono of tho greatest will contests on
record in the history of this county.
It will be taken under udvlscmont by
tho court and a decision rendered at
6omo futuro time. I
Much Worse. W. E. Konnoy, tho
young man south of Salem who had
his leg prokeh by a grubbing machlno
recently, Is reported much worse,
Blood poisoning has set In mid his
pcoplo are very much alarmed over i
his condition.
rain; cooler.
Forecast. Sunday,
A Short Sermon to the Tardy and Those
Not to He Depended Upon.
There Is u snylng, "better Into than
never." Sometimes Ills ciullommll
,nhU'' lmt "' rci,,ly WI,S ni -f tuorc
were times when one had better re
main at home, and done with It, than
nrrlvo late. Ono may go to any
church In any city, nnd several min
utes nfter the prcnchcrhitscommcuccd
to deliver his sermon, men nnd women
will conic creaking in In a pair of
aqucaky shoes, or rustling skirts. The
nttentlun of the wholo congregation
Is at onco attracted to tho lato comer,
to lKtth his own nnd tho preacher's
disgust. But tho lardy one Is the
only one deserving of being vexed.
Thoro probably was no reason, what
ever, for his lato arrival except that
ho failed to commence to "get ready"
early enough. Ho knew exactly the
hour when ho should bo at church,
but was too Indolent to begin his prep
arations In time.
If you're going at all
for being late, If you know tho hour
you should bo on hand, nnd If you
don't you'd letter apprise yourself
of It. If you're old enough to go any
where nlonoyour'o old enough to know
how long It will take you to complete
your preparations. If you can com
pute figures nt all you can tell exactly
when yon should commence to dross.
Don't say "O. I've plenty of time It
won't take me long." Go right at It,
and If you'vo time to spare, so much
tho bettor. You should make allow
ance for tho fact that you may have
kid luck In tying your tie, or In
"doing" your hair or perhaps you
may have mislaid something. Don't
run tho risk of being Into, or If being
obliged to skip to church mid put
your gloves cm nfter you're there.
I once know a man who novcr hur
ried until tho last mlnute,and then ho
Just How all to pieces. Onco ho was
eating awny very leisurely while tho
train stopped nt a station. Ho was
told by tho rest of tho party that ho'd
not have finished when tho tlmo wan
up.but he wouldn't hurry. So, nt the
last minute ho could'nt find his hat,
and thoy had to hold tho train a mo
ment. Ashnmed? Not a bit. Ho
only remarked that ho know ho'd
imvo "time enough."
Another occasion when you should
bo punctual Is when you make an ap
pointment.' Women aro tho worst
about this. Ono will agrco with
(mother to meet her at a certain placo
t a certain hour, and porhaps It will
l)o long afterward cro sho makes her
appearance. Meantime tho friend
has fretted and wondered whether sho
was coming or not, and whether or
not to proceed alone; sho has been
compelled to lose time, which to her
mny bo mi Important matter. You
may bo sure of ono thing; sho won't
bo nearly so pleased to see you as
though you had como at tlio appointed
hour. And what an excuse you inadot
You said you didn't think slio'd bo
ready. What reason hnd you for
thinking might clso than that she
would Iw V
One cannot retain friends and at
tho same tlmo Impose upon their good
nnturo and Infrlngo upon tlmo In
In such ways, People prize tho friends
upon whom thoy can rely at times,
oven when unimportant Issues aro at
stake. Maiiion.
Our Poultry Exhibit.
Geo. D. Goodhuo writes as follows,
from Pertland:
"Please mention In Tin: Journal
that tho Salem exhibit of fowls will
bo up on Monday's evening boat,Alto
na's wharf. Will got all scoro cards
tomorrow, The show will bo very
successful, notwithstanding the
weather has lcen very unfavorable.
Sternberg has scoring completed and
has generally given satisfaction.
Though some think ho has been a
little too severe on weights and condi
tion; but all agrco his Judging has
been Impartial. It could have been
nothing clso as ho has had no means
of knowing tho owners, and expressed
himself as not wishing to."
Who will tho Morning Mystery next
bo supporting for congress?
Inpoor BasehalLj Contest To
night at tho Y. M. C. A. Yel?
lows, vs. Reds.
Highest of all in Leavening Power.
J. M. roorman nndwlro' went to
Snlcm last Thursday orcntng to at
tend public" Installation and banqUet
of the Knight Template of that city.
Mr. M. W. Cowlpfl left for U(Ht6n
last Monday.
V. W. Scttlemler spent last Sunday
In Salem.
Miss Phoebe Yoder left cm Thur.
day mrtrntog'M local for n few dnj '
visit with relatives and friends In
Oregon City and Portland.
Mrs. L. W. Gulss came down from
Salem last Saturday afternoon. She
was met at the dopot by Members s f
Kobckah Iodgo of thlsilncc, and ml
proceeded toGorVtils to asslstlln r.
Installation of officers ofGirvals lodg
All report njolh tlmo.
Last Friday evening Mrs. ('. Iltii
sakerand Mrs. Dr.Shoreyeutertahii.i
u largo numlierof friends at Hie -soclatlon
hall. Dancing and whl'
was Indulged in till quite, it late hot!
During the evening tho guests wcr
served to a delicious lunch. Tie
Ehlen orchestra, of Aurora, furnished
the music.
Dr. L. W. Gtilss and family moved
buck to Wnodburn on Thursday. Dr.
Gulss will take charge of the dnlg
store previously kept by S. I. Gulss,
while 8. 1. Is to measure ribbon In the
store building recently vacated by A.
Welch. He expects to carry a now
and complete lino of merchandise.
From Thomao Kay.
Tho Journal received the follow
ing dispatch yesterday, too lato for
Providknck, It. I. Jan. 17, 181)0.
Thos. Kny AVoollcn Mill Co., Salem;
IIuvo Just bought ono largo set of
worsted and two sets of woolen -machinery.
Rush tho building.
Tiiob, Kay.
This Is good news for Salem people.
Tho mill will bo twice its former size
and In addition will have tho ma
chinery for manufacturing clay wors
teds, tho only machlnory of tho sort
this side of tho Rooky mountains.
r . .
- inrffniiron ri'i.n xrA... Un.b tj
publicau club met at H. A. C. bund
hall and elected delegates as follews:
John Carson, D. S. Kaln, D.M. Crousc,
O. II. Burggraf, A. W. Drager.
Mahon-Fiuslmmons Fight..
El Paso, Jan. 18. Julian unci
Oul mi have agreed on Gcorgo Slier, of
Chicago, as rcforco In the Million
Fltzslmmons light and James Lawlor,
of Houston, Texas, tho final stake
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Constipation nnd Sick Headache. For
Malaria and Liver troubles they have
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Latett U.S. Gov't Ktpoct