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SScts. month by KM
Prepaid In Advance. .
No Papers Sent Wkws
Time Is Out.
Associatea rress uany News- v
paper Published hefi .JlJP
Pacific Coast. ' m I 7 . m I
$:MM n Year.
VOL. .
NO, UC4.
he New York Racket
Still occupies their old position in the State Insurance Block,
333 Comuieicial Street, and still offer
Im all lines of goods which they carry. Their fine ladies and
ims?es Dongolia( shoes, are ,away below what they can be
b iught for generally, and every shoe of the better class war
ranted. The same can be said of the better class of men's,
boy's and children's shoes. In all lines of goods such as boy's
and men's fur and wool hats, wool, black sateen, and gents
light dress shirts, white laundried and unlaundried shirts;
Ladies, gents, and boys underwear; pants, overalls, jackets,
gloves, bed-spreads, lace curtains, embroideries, laces, table
linen, crash, towels, pocket knives, buggy whips, and a large
line of all kinds of notions, all sold at
We buy all our goods for cash, at the lowest possible
prices for good material, and can afford to sell at low prices for
General Insurance Agency.
Representing tke following well-known and reliable Cempanies:
OTATE INSURANCE CO., Mtna Insurance Co.,
Traders' Insurance Co., . Sun Insurance Co..
National Insurance Co., Westohester Jflre Ins. Co.,
Lion Fire Insurance Co., Imperial Fire Insurance Co.,
London Lancashire Fire Ins. Boo., London Vssurance corporation,
Alliance Assurance Co., Norwlon Union Fire Ins.Soc.
Oldest and Leading Firm In the City Devoted Exclusively to Insurance,
Recovers and repairs upholstered furniture. Long Experience la the trade
enables me to turn out first-class work. Bamples of coverings. No trouble to
Kive estimates. State Insurance block, Cbcmeketa street
Ed. C.
& 103
BURROUGHS State Street.
Lamoureux's Stables,
rigs nor poor bore a. H. L. LAMOUKh.UA. rropneior.
Ill I r A" A Has just received some
West Printing Co
do better work than ever. Country orders receive prompt at-
203 Commercial Bt.,
Insurance Agent,
245 Commercial Street.
American Fire Insurance Co., Phllo.
Home Insurance Co., New York.
NorwlcbUnlon Ins. Qo.. Liverpool.
Palatine Insurance Co,. Manchester.
0er OneMUlion Dollars, Deposited
.rrotecuou 01 jruucjr ---
All Losses MlM1i Pl rc WfA8eHrMPUC,M WrittQ
in Marion, Polk, Yamhill and Linn Counties.
Also Writ. Lift Mi Aoatrteat Iaeuranc la Best Companies Id th. World.
t. barne:
Wholesale and Retail
Dealer in Fresh, Salt and
$moked Meats, of allKinds
OS Court and
110 State Streets.
Balatn, Oregon.
Western Assurance, Toronto, Canada.
Lancashire, Manchester, Eng.
namburg-Madeburg. Germany.
Home Mutual, 8an Francisco, Cal.
With State Treasurer of Orego. for
Steamer Carlos Driven
from Brazilian Ports.
Commercial Prospects Brighten
ing Everywhere.
Great loss and Slanj lives En
Do Great Damage in New York
and the South.
105 Cholera Victims
New Yomc, Aug. 29. A cable from
Rio Janerio says tbe steamer Carlos bad
arrived tbere, and tbat one hundred
and five persons aboard her bad died
from cbolera on the way. The steamer
was escorted out of tbe harbor by a
warship and ordered not to land at any
Brazilian port.
Beach Hotels Born.
New York, Aug. 29. Rockaway
Beach, the famous Long Island sum
muer resort, was visited by another
conflagration early this morning. A
fierce gale was blowing at tbe time and
the flames spread with tbe utmost ra
pidity. Daly's hotel was next to go.
Guests had barely time to escape in
their night clothes. The Reynolds
hotel followed, 'then the New Seaside
bouse, tbe largest in tbe place. A
heavy rain began falling then and tbe
fire ceased to spread. The damage is
heavy, as the structures were all new.
Financial Improvement.
Kansas City, Aug. 29. A statt
ment by the National banks of this
city, shows that since the height of
the financial flurry, July 10th, deposlte
haye Increased $2,000,000.
Denver Resumes.
Denyeb, Aug. 29. Tbe German Na
tional bank re-opened Its doors 'his
morning, and received large deposits.
England Easier.
London, Aug. 29. Stocks are buoy
ant in view of the large majority by
wbicb tbe Wilson repeat bill passed yes
terday. At tbe close American railway
stocks were higher.
Stocks Improving.
New Yore, Aug. 29. The effect of
yesterday's action In tbe house on the
sliver question Is apparent In stocks to
day. Tbere is a general advane.
Storms In New York.
New York, Aug. 29. A storm
which swept over this city and the sur.
rounding country last night from mid-
night till eight tbis morning was like
ono a few days ago wbicb originated In
West Indies but Instead of following
the coast swept more Inland. It reached
out In every direction for a distance
of over 1600 miles as almost all ttle
grapblo connections were broken and
signal service unable to give a complete
report of its course or exact direction,
but local observations Indicate that It
probably made IU way to sea tbrougb
tbe Bt. Lawrence valley. Tides In tbe
bsyhere were unusually blgb, owing
to the southerly wind and angry look
lng waves. Vessels found difficulty in
making headway against them.
Rising Breast
"mirars mmmisjssjss&
ttni ehUd-bearlnr woman. I bate Uaa a
Ud-wtfe tor many jeara. and In each caw
here "MatWa Frko4 b Jf1
baa aoootaplUhed wonder and rtlWrad taocJi
suSerln-. It la U boat remedy for rUUf
Mia Wut knvwn. and worth tU prtaa lot
tfeat aJooe. MM. M. M. BsiwtTaa,
Sent by trcpnu, chare, prepaid, on receipt
f pjaee, $lMfr Unit,
mmABfftM HfUtATOH CO.,
Storms in the ast.
Augusta, Me., Aug. 29. Sunday
night's storm did Incalculable injury
to the farming Interests of the south
east. No communication has been bad
with Charleston, Savannah, or Jack
sonville, since Sunday afternoon. The
wires are broken by falling trees. The
damage to crops cannot be estimated
for some days. Several buildings In
Jacksonville, S. C, crushed mill dams
and washed them away. Cotton is ter
ribly damaged and tobacco devastated.
In Waysboro, Ga., the cotton Is greatly
damaged. "The storm was very severe
la Soreven eounty. Great damage was
done to bouses and crops.
Storms In the South.
Washington Auk. 29. The storm
did great damage to' tho shade trees
here. Tbe electric light and telephone
service in Alexandria and Georgetown
Is badly crippled. Telegraphio com
munication "vlth tbe West waB broken
at 7:30 last night, and with
tbe East abmt midnight. This
morning a partial communication
was restoied to Baltimore. Communi
cation was also cut ofl south of Lynch
burg, Va. Iuteuse auxlety prevails
for further news from Savannah and
other pbints further south. Rumor
comes by wlro from Richmond tbat
trains from tbe south report Charles
ton, 8. C, under water. Signal service
Indications locate Charleston right in
the path of the tornado.
Locusts Innumerable.
Tunis, Aug. 29. A swarm of locusts
so immense as to obscure tbe sun three
hours passed over the city today.
Probably Cholera.
Jersey City, N. J., Aug. 29. A
woman said to bo suflerlng from genu
ine Asiatic cholera was taken to tbe
cltv hospital this morning. The houte
was fumigated.
World's Fair Award Oommitteemen
Have Charges to Answer.
Chicago, Auk. 29. In tho meeting
of the world's fair commission yester
day Commissioner Mercer made a vig
orous denial of any connection with
the alleged bribery case. Ho demanded
of tho committee that au investigation
be made. Beeson of, Oklahoma also
made a denial nnd a committee was ap
pointed to investigase the charges.
Then Chairman Tbatohor of tbe
awards committee came forward with
affidavits from ofllclals of the Cary
Safe Company charging tbat D. F.
Hlgbeebad demauded $22$) for secur
ing a favorable award. Tbe commis
sion Instructed the committee to tako
up this matter. Hlgbeo aroso and de
clared the charge absurd. He said he
would bring an action In the courts for
Ten of tbe commissioners said Com
missioners Beeson and Mercer have In
terested themselves in the appointment
of morejtidges than any other two mem
bers of tbe uatlonal commission. Mer
cer was vehement In the denial that
he Is guilty or any wrong doing. He
claims to know nothing about tbe at
tempt to squeeze $10,000 out of Wolf
scbmldt, tbe iluwlan whisky and wine
exhibitor, to Insure him tbe first prem
ium on his exhibit, beyond that wbicb
he has read In the paper. "I never
heard of Mrs. Harmon," be said, "un
til she was Introduced to me Saturday
In front of the agricultural building by
Beeson. Beeson said she was an old
friend of his. An hour or so later I
learned she bad been arrested for trying
to obtain mouey from an exhibitor to
secure an award In bis favor,"
Tbe total number of admissions to
tbe fair today was 100,009, of wbicb
120,488 were paid.
Oorbett Declines.
Poutland, Aug. 20, Ex-Senatcr
Corbett declines to accept tho receiver
ship of tbe Porttand Savings bank oa
account of III health.
Will Marry,
New Orleans, Aug.29 F.T. How
ard, brother of Jula? Annie Howard,
has announced that tbe marriage of
Miss Howard to Mayor CVter Harri
son of Chlcaxo will take place In tbe
latter part of September at tbe summer
borne of tbe Howard at lllloxl. It is
also stated tbat tbe weddlug will be
atteoded by a Ia7ge party of Mr. Har
rison's friends and relatives from I1II
nols, and tbat tbere will be a gather
log of all tbe Howard family.
Unsatisfactory Performance.
Madrid, Aug. 20. At a bull fight at
Saragosea, tbe audience, dissatisfied
with tbe quality of tbe performance,
smashed the seats and set Are to them.
The police quelled the riot with Ulfll
oulty, after woundtug a number of the
mob. At Sau Sebastian, the audience
at a concert attacked the musicians be
cause tbey refused to play the Basque
hymn. Tbey then proceeded to the
hotel where tho prime minister was
stopping and atoned It. Troops called
out were forced to Are on tho mob, kill
ing two and severely wounding several.
Funeral of Duke Ernst.
Pottsdam, Aug. 29. Tho funeral of
Duko Ernst of Haxe-Coburg and Gatba
took place today and was attended by
due pomp and ceremony. After the
funeral banquent was given at the cas
tle and all tbe visiting members of the
royal families, ministers of state and
diplomats were present.
Chicago Labor Troubles.
CmoAao, Aug. 20. Another meet
ing of the unemployed was held on tbe
luko front today, about 8000 men being
present. The poltco arrested ono man
who was urging the peoplo to go armod
and fight tho authorities, Asldo from
this there was no excitement on the
lake front.
After tbo speeches tho crowd wan
dered In an almlpss manner along Van
Buron street, until Slegel & Cooper's
big general store was reached, here a
number of men suddenly became slezed
with tho Idea of entering the store and
made a rush for the doorway, shouting
nnd yelling. Shoppers In tho store
wero badly frightened and were hurry
ing for other exits when a force of
polino arrived and charged tbo mob
which scattered with great ba;te.
Foreign Crop Demand.
Washington, Aug, 89. Tbo recent
adyloea received by Secretary Morton
from an agent in Europe fully confirm
previous reports regarding tbe shortage
of certain crops In many sections of
Europe, which ho represents la likely
to guarantee a largo domand for Amor
loan forage crops, including com. Al
though ho does not think it likely that
much of the latter will bo used for hu
man food, bo represents tbat tbe tariff
complications between Russia and Ger
many are llablo to render the latter
country especially dependant upon the
Uulted States for their supply.
Extra Session in Wyomluz.
Cheyenne, Wyo., Aug. 28. Tbe
news tbat tbe senate declines to seat
the appointed senators revives Interest
here in tbo question of tbe governor's
calling a special freaelon of tbe legisla
ture to All the vacaooy from Wyoming.
Although Governor Oabome declared
several times be would not call a spe
cial session It Is believed pressure will
bo brought to bear upon him by bis
party and by friends of sliver In both
parties and tbat bo will change bis
position on the question and call a ses
sion at once.
Police Shot
Sacramento, Aug. 29. Special Ofll
cer Charles Wetzel was shot and fatal
ly wounded by an unknown man a few
minutes before 12 last night. His as
sailant was quarreling with a colored
man. Wetzel Interfered, when tbe
man placed a pistol against Wetzel's
stomach and tired. Wetzel's assailant
was George Clark, who is still at lib
erty. When escaping, be attempted to
shoot another officer, but bis pistol
missed fire.
Xailroat. Salaries Oat.
Omaha, Aug. 20. The expected cut
In salaries of employes of tbe Union
Pacific Is now a reality. Tbo order was
made public today and takes eflect Sep
tember 1st. Every officer and employe
of tbe road receiving $70 or more per
month to affected. The schedule for
reductions as quoted In the order Issued
today to as follews: Salaries ranging
froit, ISO to $100, inclusive, 10 per cent;
over $100 to $00, 12 percent, over $200
to $600,
15 per cent; over $500, 90 per
Prase and Stat.
Bangkok, Aug. 29.-NagotUtIon
between France and S4ara are practic
ally at a standstill. No date to fixed
for a resumption of diplowatlo corres
pondence. Tbe Siamese commercial
Interests are attacked In a vital point
by tbe new demands made by France.
It to believed Hlasa cannot ascent to
them. Thereto a very unsettled feel
lmr. Tbe developments of the next
few days are anxiously awaited.
Asoiher Bask ssU-
York, Neb., Aug, 29. The First Na
tlonal bank of thto city failed to open
Its doors yesterday morning. OMcera
state that tbe assets will exeeed th lia
bilities by fftO.Geo.
Highest of all in Leavening Power. Latest U. S. Gov't Report
The Financial Pot Boiling in Both
Washington, Aug. 29. Senate-
Senator Teller objected to tbe Imme
diate consideration of tho repeal bills,
and it went over till tomorrow. Gor
don addressed tbo senate in favor of
the unconditional repeal of tbe Sher
man act.
House Catchlngs called up the re
port of tho committee on ru'es, which
tho house proceeded to debate.
Senate Tbo committee on finance
deolded to report back tho Wilson re
peal bill with tho recommendation tbat
the Voorbees bill bo substituted, aud to
set aside tbe national bank circulation
bill now, also unfinished business, and
favor tho Voorbees bill, uud to press
tbo latter as rapidly as possible. Set
ting aside the National bank bill will
require a majority vote ofthosonate.
Silver mon say tboy are Indifferent at
to wbloh Is considered first, both being
alike objootlouablo. lbey deolare tbei'
will fight repeal with all the force at
their command. Tbe Voorhoes bill wan
reported to tbe Isouato as a substitute
this aftornoon.
Bank Resumes.
Ban Francisco, Aug. 29. The Peo
ple's Home Saving's Bank reoponed
for business this morning.
Destroyed by Fire.
Boise, Idaho, Aug. 29. The entire
business portion of the town was de
stroyed by fire yesterday morning. Tbe
fire was caused by an explosion in
May's drug store. There was no water
and tbe fire burned until tbero was
nothing left for it to feed upon. The
total loss to $37,500. Insurance $9,500.
Schroder, Mays and Herron are the
principal losers.
Carlisle So Orders and Gold Will Be
Washington, Aug. 20. Secretary
Carlisle has ordered tbo United States
mints at Philadelphia und San Fran
cisco to be fully manned and tbo full
capacity of both mints to bo utilized In
coining gold bullion. Tho treasury de
partment possesses from $85,000,000 to
$00,000,000 In gold bullion, which to
part of the gold reserve of $100,000,000.
These gold bars cannot be used as cur
rency so It has been decided in the pres
ent need to coin the bullion on band,
Two Ih(Io "IVurda.
She was a gaunt, grim Individual, aud
with the aid of an umbrella she wub seen
persistently elbowing her wuy along one of
the crowded thoroughfares. As hliu entered
one of tbe prominent stores aud stepped to
the counter she quietly looked over asmart
ly dreased lady who stood by her nlde. Then
looking calmly around tho store, as if to
see If tho display of wares met her approval,
with a patronizing air she thus addressed
the pretty salesgirl!
"Will you please show me your orange
spoousf" at the same time adjuring her
glaaaeM. , ,
"Holid or platedf" qui-stloncd the girl.
"Ob, sollil," with a sniff.
"DoyouwUh souvenir or plaint" again
uVm! Mm ilrl In u courteous tone.
"I don't know, but I must have a hand
some one." , .
"Will tulioueat W betooexponMver
tbe girl continued, placing a handsome af
fair on Hie velvet.
Tha ladv in black aavs one glance. Un
a determined look beautiful to se she re
plied, with a curious inflection, -i non-i
"Then how would you like this oner" as
she placed one of neat design before the
purcbaM-r. .
"I gtiBM not. You see, Harry to so very
particular. Hut 1 said when 1 came to Hot
ton bs should have as bfautlful a spoon as
bis grandma's pocketbook could buy,
"Here to a very pretty onej surely bs
would HkotbU," but there was atlmllook
about the girl's eyes as she laid the third
One on tha counUr before the wquld bo buy.
era gaze. "It was marked from" She
never fluUbrd tbe sentence.
"Marked down, did you say?"
"Marked down from" comrnenceu mo
"I'll take It," and not long after grand
ma was on the street, a moat satisfied ex
Eresaion on bw careworn faw. That was
owthat salesgirl earned heriuomy that
day. Uwtpn quroA,!.
tluiiiuiK tilrntto.
It urwI to Im mi amusement nnd also a
duty to me to try and show thu uaknuls to
native la'iitli'ineii when tlicy oaiue from
tbclr country s -at" to visit Calcutta, and I
Invariably lnvltd them to come with mo
to mo the oo. ( think thnt the giraffes
puzzled them most. One flno old Hindoo
nobleman, with whom I huvo many a time
been out tiger shooting on his own proper
ty, suggested thnt the giraffe vriin a new
sort of tiger, but he was comforted and
convinced when ho saw them eat tho
branch of a treo from my hand. I wish
thnt he could have been present to witness
n performance of this pair of girnffea, which
I did not see myself, though fortunately
Lord William Uercsford snw It and told
me of it.
On the morning of the queen's birthday
Beresford was riding past the giraffe in
closure when a feu do jolo was fired by thu
soldiers of a nntlvo infantry regiment,
whose quarters nro not far from the zoo.
At tho first round of tbe firing the gi
raffes were startled. When the second
roaad came, they took to their heels and
jumped clean over the fence of upright gur
ran or wattle sticks, about 10 feet high,
tbat surrounded tholr lnclosure.
When tho third round came, the giraffes
were so pnzzbd tbat tbey turned round
and popped over tbo fenco again and sought
refuge in tho house lii which tbey wero
lodged nt night. It is a great pity that a
sportsman mid rider like Lord William
UcresfQrd, who saw this strange sight, had
not a mount on ono of the giraffes. Long
man's Mngnzlno. .
Uavr to rut-Up a Clothesline.
A simple contrivance, designed tp save a
great deal of washlngduy work, can bo put
In place very catdly. It consists of a little
house or shed, IS inches long, fastened
stoutly all along one side against the outer
wall of a building, or perhaps against n
fence, though one objection to tho latter to
that tho line when stretched and hung
with wot clothes would pull upon the fence
and perhaps cause it to sag In time, A
part of the other or outer side, ot the little
clothesline shelter is made in n sort of door,
opening on hinges, which lets down, dis
cloxlug tho barrel on which tho clothesline
is wound. To this, at one end, a crank
handle is attnehed with u ratchet wheel.
In nutting up thu line, ono end of which is
tied to tho barrel, first unwind tho line and
pons it around each pole until all is in tho
position wanted. Slip the loop in tho end
over tho last polo, then go back to tho box,
turn the crank until nil the lino is straight
and taut, then fasten by means of tho
racket so that it canuot unwind. This pre
vents "sagging" effectually. When tho
clothes havo been taken oft the line, wind
it up ami shut up tbo sido opening to pro
tect tho rope from rain, dampness and mil
dew. Brooklyn Eaglei
NothlnK 5fer In It,
"I spent half tbe afternoon tbe other
day," said Mrs. Hilltops, "trying to match
a woolen dress ot my daughter's in silk,
and tho nearest I could come to it was at
least two shades toodurk, but thnt didn't
disturb my daughter a bit. She simply
spread It out next day In tbe sun and
faded it to a perfect match. She was
Inclined to tako great credit to herself for
this, for she thought It was nn original
idea, as Indeed it was with her, but I ex
plained to her that it was very, Very old;
that I bod myself done the same thing
with a faded gingham dress, for instance,
for which I desired to make a new waist or
a new pair ot sleeves; that I had taken a
new piece of the same material and washed
It and bung It out in the nun, and bad, re
peated tbis process until the new material
was faded to match the old; that in fact
this Is one of those discoveries that people
simply keep on making over and over
again." New York Sun.
Cannibalism Ainonu Cricket.
In an assemblage of many crickets kept
for certain observations in a roaring draw
er or box (enjn do berborizaclon) the num
bers diminished from day to dayi At last
only one uot a llttja fattened--remalned
by tho side ot the remains of his former
Hitherto cannibalism among the crickets
has been noticed only ainoug' captives, but
I am now enabled to state tbat under cer
tain conditions cannibalism is present
among some ortboptera in the fre state, at
all events among the locusts. Carl Berg in
Natural Science.
Inside. onUide. und all Who war tturenaa.
U h beslt Mil I toasat T
5aaBKstr r ' jOBm