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5 eta. a month by MaH
Prepaid in Advance.
No Papers Sent When
Time is Out.
Associated Press Daily News
paper Published on the
Pacific Coast.
.$3.00, n Ycnr.
VOL. 6.
NO. 197.
Jit -ettBr,,
The New York Racket
Still occupies their old position in the State Insurance Block,
333 Commercial street, and still oner
In all lines of goods which they carry. Their fine ladies and
misses Dongolia shoes, are away below what they can be
b mght for generally, and every shoe of the better class war
ranted. The same can be said of the better class of men's,
boy's and children's shoes. In all lines of goods such as boy's
and men's fur and wool hats, wool, black sateen, and gents
light dress . shirts, white laundried and unlaundried shirts;
Ladies, gents, and boys underwear; pants, overalls, jackets,
glove, bed-spreads, lace curtains, embroideries, laces, table
linen, crash, towels, pocket knives, buggy whips, and a large
line of all kinds of notions, all sold at
We buy all our goods for cash, at the lowest possible
prices for good material, and can afford to sell at low prices for
H. W. .COTTLE & CO.,
General Insurance Agency.
Representing the following well-known and reliable Cempanies:
BXATE INSURANCE CO., .Etna Insuranoe Co.,
Traders' Insurance Co., dun Insurance Co..
National Insurance Co., Weutohoster Rlre Ins. Co.,
Lion Klre Insuranoe Co., Imperial Fire Insuranoe Co.,
London & Lancashire Fire Ins. Boc, London Vssuranee ( orporatlon,
Alliance Assurance Co.,
31dest and Leading Firm In the City
w-k 3 .! Kl..1niAHAj1
itecovens ttiiu repuira uiuuiiuicu luiunuio, xjuujj jjja.jciicuvu vav vv.v
enables me to turn out first-olasa work. Samples of coverings. No trouble to
K'VU eSUUiaUS. DWIW 1Iuibui uiwpb,
Ed. C.
CHURCHILL Pumps, PimpsfPiinp
sc ' ioa
BURROUGHS State Street.
Fi L nrtflli TAILOR.
Lamoureux's Stables,
At the Commercial street bridge near Willamette Hotel. Newtek and ve
hicles being added constantly. Only the best HMnimPDProDrietS.
rigs uor poor horns. , H. L. LAMOUBkUA, rropnetor.
West Printing
do better work than ever,
883 Commercial St
Insurance - Agent,
245 Commercial Street.
American Fire Insurance Co., Phlla.
Home Insurance Co , New York,
Va.Ia1i TTtn Tttt V4 T.lvorrWil-
i Palftiiue Iuburaoce Co,, Manchester.
Over One Million Dollars Debited With State Treasurer of Oregon for
Protictioa of Policy Holder in Oregon only.
' All Louea Adjwtad and Paid Thrwgh Salem Aeney on f olicles Written
L in Marion, Polk, Yamhill and Linn Cow)"-
Also "Write Life and Accident Insurance la Best Companies In the Worw.
Norwlon Union Fire Ins.Bjc.
Devoted Exclusively to Insurance,-
.tkltnw T.nm1?vnnilttnAA In Vin trarla
iuumoncm ouctu
Wholesale and Retail
Dealer in Fresh, Salt and
Smokqd Meats of allKinds
95 Court and
110 State Streets.
Haa just received some
latest iaces or iod
type and is prepared to
Country orders receive prompt at-
BaUu, Oregon.
Western Assurance, Toronto, Canada.
Lancashire, Manchester, Eng.
,itk.ia. narmurio
Hamuurg-wnucuui k v. -""
Home Mutual, San Francisco, Cal,
Cleveland Democrats
are in Control.
In Awarding the Committee
Looks Yery Muck Like a Free Sil
ver Committee.
The Chairmanships.
Washington, Aug. 21. The speak
er announced bis chairmen of bouse
committees this merning: Ways and
Means, Wilson, West Virginia; Appro
priations, Bayers, Texas; Judiciary,
Culbertson Texas; Coinage, Weights
and Measures, Bland, Missouri; Bank
ingand Currency, Springer, Illinois;
Iuvalid Pensions, Martin, Indiana;
Pensions, Moses, Louisiana; Blvers and
Harbors, Blancbard, Louisiana; Agri
culture, Hatch, Missouri; Publlo Lands,
McRae, Arkansas; Indian Affairs, Hol
man, Indiana.
The following Is the membership of
the Coinage cemmittee: Bland, Mo.,
Tracy, N. Y.; Kilgore, Texas; Eps,
Va.; Btone, Ky.; Allen, Miss.; Bank
head, Ala.; Baynor, Mil.; Carter, Ohio;
Collin, Wyoming; McKelghan, Neb.;
Stone, Pa.; Johnston, North Dak.;
Dlngley, Maine; Sweet, Idaho; Haye,
Iowa; Aldricb, Ills ; Rawlins, Utah.
Ways and Means Committee Wilson,
W. Va.; McMillan, Tenn.; Kennel, Ga.;
Montgomery, Whiting, Mich.; Coch
ran, N. Y.; Stevens, Mass.; Bryan,
Neb.; Breckenridge, Ark.; Byuum,
Ind.; Tarsney, Mo.; Reed, Maine;
Burrows, Mich; Payne, N. Y.; D&zell,
Penna; Hopkins, Ills.; Gear, Iowa.
Silver Debate.
Washington, Aug. 21. In the sen
ate this morning Senator Merrill spoke
in favor of repeal of purchase clause of
the Sherman act.
A Mid-Winter Bill
Washington, Aug. 21. The Benate
bill, in the interest of California
mid-winter international exhibition
authorizing transfer to San Fran
cisco from Chicago of dutiable goods
on exhibition ana or foreign em
ployee, passed. The vote on the Lee
Mantle case was postponed.
Receiver Appointed.
New York, Aug. 21. Jarne K. O.
Sherwood has been appointed receiver
of the Philadelphia, Reading and New
Eugland railroad company.
Denver Banks.
Denver, Aug. 21. The People's Na
tional and Union National banks re
sumed this morning. The three na
tional banks, which are stilt closed, ex
pect to resume some time this week.
French Elections.
Pabib, Aug. 21. Returns from yes
terday's elections have been received
from 601 dlstrlota out of 684. Re-balloU
are necessary In 143 districts. Republi
cans gained 40 seats and bave lost none.
Nobody need suffer from lang
melancholy if they take HI
Liver Regulator.
Relieved raeol a severe Blood trouble.
It has also Caused my hair to grow out
again, as it had been falling out by the
handfuL After trying many physicians
In vain. I am so happy to find a cure in
S.S.S. O. H. Elbxkt, Galveston, Tex.
UtCJmi tml flu aaoaawtU.
Jr-It U entirely yagetotto tonaleM.
Treaties on Blofxl and Bki teatted ft.
National Guardsman Diod.
Portland, Aug. 21, Special.
Lieut. Nelson of A Co., who was
wounded by discharge of a blank cart
ridge Saturday evening (Med Sunday at
3 p. m. He had been moved to Port
land. His condition became critical
aud It was thought best to take him to
his home. He expired on the electric
car as It was uearlng the city. This
tragic ending of a. gallant officer casts
the national guard encampment in
deep gloom at its close. The last com
panies went home today. Nelson will
be buried with military honors.
Lieut. Nelson was of a very nervosa
disposition and hla injuries were such
that be could hardly recovor. Investi
gation showed the discharge of the gun
shattered the two feet vertebra of his
spinal column. He was removed to the
hospital early Sunday but gradually
sank away. No blame Is attached to
anyone for his death. The men all had
orders to not approach nearer than
thirty yards when firing. No pris
oners were allowed to bo taken, and
the officer's place Is always behind the
firing line. It baa opt been learned
who fired tbo fatal shot and no blame
Is attached to any official.
inquest. (
The coroner will hold an luquest to
olghfbvcr the remains of Lieut. Nel
son, who died yesterday, from tho ef
fects of a wound received in the sham
battle at Camp Compson Saturday.
Stock Show.
World's Fair,' Aug. 21. The ex
hibition of live stock was opened this
morning at the stock pavilion. There
re 1017 horses, 1600 bead sheep, 1205
cattle, 1400 hogs. Tho Czar of Russia
has 21 horses on exhibition, eome with
pedigrees running baok 123 years. The
Imperial stablos of Germany are also
Smart Man.
Caddo, I. T., Aug. 21. State Treas
urer McCurtaln fulled and the payment
of leased district money to Choctaw In
diana has to stop. He had oyer a mil
lion dollars due the Cbootawa in bis
possession. Bend only (30,000. The
Choctuws are very blue.
Grain Supply.
New York, Aug. 21. -The visible
dupp y of grain In store and afloat as
comlled by the New York Produce ex
change, Saturday, August 10, is as fol
lews: Wheat, 37,813,000 bushels de
crease 1600000.
At Oregon Oity.
Orboon City, Aug. 21. The work
upon the Willamette Falls eleotrlo
railway being completed as far as it is
profltablo to do tbe work before the re
ceipt of tbe cars, tbe company baa laid
oft lb) men until tbe arrival of tbe cars.
Upon tbe receipt of these the road will
be immediately put In sfaspa for travel
and opened to tbe public. No word
has been received from the cars since
tbey left tbe shop.
Tbe Crown paper mills will startup
Monday next upon orders, of which
tbey have quite a number on hand.
Owing to tho slack demand for stock
tbey have determined upon a reduction
of 25 cents a day on all wages.
Tbe Oregon City Manufacturing
Company adopted, without previous
notice, an innovation In the manner of
paying off Its hands. Instead ef pay
ing cash they issued time checks, one
half payable at the eud of SO day's and
tbe other half at the end of 00 days.
This is likely to work a hardship upon
a great many who are dependent upon
their monthly wages fortbelr living
each month, especially as there is no
apparent sale for tbe checks.
The Oregon City iron works are being
moved bodily to the corner of Fourth
and Water streets, where tbey will be
enlarged to accomodate tbe Increasing
btulnesa. Among the Improvements
that will soon be added will b wood
and mouldlug department.
NewYobk, Aug. 21. An evening
nanersavs the discharge of a number
nf men at the Hftveiueyer suitar refin
ery at Wllllauitburg brought out tbe
ff.t that about 2300 men had been laid
nfl dnrlnif tbe week. It Is now prob
able tbe entire force of 8000 men will be
laid of! Monday. It Is also reported
that tbe Havemeyer rtfiuery at Oreen
Pome w"s"' " "yi;dT
bsnds as the Williamsburg establish-1 . . igui,
ment, bM closed. ) twnoto .
Eapleyiig Fear TkstMMd Mei
is New Ywk.
Judge Bollinger Decides tke
Quadrant Cases AgaiRst the
Refineries Sesame.
New York, Aug. 21. The Have-
meyer sugar refinery at Williamsburg
resumed operations today, giving an
ployment to four thousand band.
Idle Laborers.
San Francisco, Aug, 21. There art
at present about ten thousand men out
of employment In this olty and five
thousand bave already registered bb
applicants for work on tbo Midwinter
The Quadrant Lands.
Portland, Aug. 21. United States
Dlstriot Judge Bellinger today render
ed a decision In the case of the TJniteo
States versus the Oregon & Callfornh
railroad company, and Oregon Central
railroad company, commonly known a
the Quadrant case. The Judge decide
that lauds In tho quadrant are Included
in lands forfeited to the government bj
the act of January 31, 1803.
A fly has 10,000 eyes.
There are 240,000 varieties of insects.
John Wesley's father was a country
At tho equator the average annual
rainfall is 100 inches.
Pigeons were employed in the mall
service in Bible times:
Oblique finger nails are an indication
of deceit and cowardice.
An ocean racer burns about $18,000
worth of coal every trip.
By sowing frugality we reap liberty, a
golden harvest. Ageeilaus.
In New York the average number of
persons to a dwelling is 18.
Tbo favorite flower of tho Prinoees of
Wales is tho lily of the valley.
Do not clean tbe gravy ladle by scrap
ing it over the edge of the tnreen.
The heaviest British wood is that of
the box tree, which sinks in water.
A woman maybe a "mother" to all
the little waifs in her neighborhood.
The longest bridge in the world, over
the St. Lawrence river, is 0,144 feet
Pronounce tbe letter r in words where
it occurs, as in "arm," "girl," "robber."
In Slam the king's head has to be
shaved in the presence of the assembled
The bones and tnnscles of the human
body are capable of over 1,900 different
A Chicago merchant has on exhibition
in his show window a pair of Hve Japa
nese babies.
There are one Chinese, one Portuguese
and one Cherokee newspaper printed in
the United Stales.
Oilcloth should never bo scrubbed, bat
washed with a soft cloth in lukewarm
water, without soap.
In this world of change naught which
comes stays, and naught which goes is
lost Mme. Swetchine.
The British museum has recently ac
quired a Chinese-bank note dating back
to the last years of the fourteenth cen
tury. It is tho oldest bank note known.
The Tuscan hats are very large, bat
tbey are soft, light and ingeniously
Eton suits worn at tennis at Newport
are made variously of red, cadet blue or
magnolia white English serge.
Tkere haa been a wonderful dasaasd
tkis season for blue serge or hopsscUng
eeetem, with Jacket to match, wtth a
Msaber of blonses of various sorts en
There is a great fancy thk season for
pliant anfsead leghorn bate esqnUHsly
draped with crepe Has in 4nk, yellow
or white, with many short An ostrich
sips as trimmings.
Accordion plaited or gathered ohifon,
Usee, crape or silk muslin ruttes on dress
skirts and on bodices, bretdles, sleeves
and around the necks of slightly open
dresses are very much in fashion.
At the garden party given at Marlbor
ough IIoum in honor of tbe Dnks and
Duchess of York the Princess of Wales
wam .Uut rt ral D-rav MM'jLtd kiUr.
trimmed with ecru lace, and a sttrer
Highest of all In Leavening Power. Latest U. S. Gov't Report.
M. E. Chase, who Is cultivating the
5 acre yard of Geo. O. Kelly's report tho
hops in fine condition. Ho la now
spraying for tbe third time. He ex
pects to commence picking by tbe 10th.
The following shipments uavo been
mado the last week: For Llllentbal,
New York. 132 bales; for tbe Uhlmans,
Stw York, 60 bales; Meoker & Co.,
shipped 14 bales to New York.
Some growers claim that they have
contracted at 20o, and others claim that
tbey have been offered and refused that
Some of the dealers are now laughing
it the frantlo efforts of English com
mission houses to convince American
growers through their circulars that
they had best consign to them.
Fred Templeton, representing E.
Meeker & Co., arrived from Oregon this
veek, and reports tbo crop doing vell
in that locality, with no llco to speak
of, but a abort crop. 000 bales of '0
crop still remaining in growers.' bauds.
More than 50,000 pounds of tbe new
orop of hops have been contracted here
this week by Mr. Nels, of Eugene, and
Wm. Faber, tbe Albany brewer.
Among those who sold are B. Grant,
I. C. Tibbets, Jos. Bartholomew and
Messrs. Alford. The price agreed upon
is 10 cents. Seven cents was advanced
for picking. Harrlsburg Courier.
Tbo London advlco from LeMay
Bros., dated July 81, says: The red
spider Is on tbe inorease and doing
much damage. Tbe vines bave fully
matured and the full orop is estimated'
At 100,000 old duty. Hops slow;
orlght fuggles lively but nearly all
bought up by brewers. Tbo few Pacific
coast hops that bave been placed on the
market are rapidly taken.
Vim All Spoiled.
Little Dick Did you havoa good tdmo
in tho country?
Little Johnny No; mos' died. Wo
bearded at a farmhouse.
"Wasn't it nice?'
"Yes, nice 'nongh; but on tho train a
ole lady gave mo a cent, on when we got
to the farm I found out that thore wasn't
a store within 20 miles." Good News,
Not All Dead Yet.
Mr. Stuffy Good afternoon. Is this
hot enough for you?
Mr. Puffy Ob, yes; it's just 03.
Mr, Stuffy What! Has tho mercury
gone np to DO?
Mr. Puffy Not exactly, but yon are
tho ninety-fifth fool who has asked me
that same question today. Boston Cou
rier. MatrtaaoalU Item.
Wife (a widow newly married) Do
you speak Gorman?
Husband Ob, yes.
"Well, occasionally address me in that
"It will remind mo of my first dear
husband." Texas Slftiugu.
Malting Allowance.
Mr. Oldboarder (going on bis vacation)
What do you think of this bathing
Landlady Isn't it too big?
Oldboarder Oh, I guesa nst. I ex
pect to fatten up in the next fow days.
Clothier and Furnisher.
Near tbe KootllfhU.
Usher (at the Church of the Iloavealy
SplreV-Can I giro you seats, sir?
Old Oavbov (fonrettlna where he is)
Yes; irtt or second row; on the aisle, if
you've got 'em. Brooklyn Life.
Net a Lawbreaker.
It was in tbe public garden. Two
pretty little boys were running upon the
edge of a big flower bed and jumping
off, only to run np and jump off again,
while a nursemaid salUd at tbera en
cowsgtogly from a bench under a tree
nearby. After they had wade tbe bank
Uhs border very ragged, several of tho
oan!Bara cams bv. and one of them
atnnnad In renrova tho children. "Bee
hero, stop that," said the man. "Go over
there ana piay nnaer tno tree.-
"Why, we mustn't plsy there," said
as of the little boys with dignity.
"Can't you soe that sign there to keep
est tbe grass?" And, entirely aitisaed
with bis own deference of law and or
der, U went on jumping on the flower
bad as soon as the gardener had passed
TUTT'S PILLS Bold all over the
Bakeksfield, Cal., Aug. 20. An
anti-Ctilneso mass meeting held here
was largely attended. Rumors were
ourrent during the day that a turbulent
element would predominate, but exact
ly tho reverse was the cause. From
first to last overy sentiment expressed
was In favor of ridding tho country of
Chinese, but doing so only in a legal
way. A committee aopolnted Tuesday
evening reported in favor of calling
upon tbo United States marshal at Los
Angeles to furnish complaints enough
for tbe arrest of Chineso residents here
who are not registered, tho number be
ing estimated at 1500. This action was
Indorsed by tho meeting, and the re
quest will bo forwarded to the marshal
at once. Soverul strong addresses were -made
by business men, laborers aud
others, ail fuvorlng only legal steps.
An tho Btiuso of the mooting, tie
following whh adepted:
'Resolved, By tho citizens of Bakers
lipid und Knru county, in mass meet
ing assembled.tbat whllo ull urn strong
ly iu fuvor of legal measures looking io
deportation In accordance with tte
Geary aot of such Cblueso as may be in
our midst, we aro, as a people, unalter
ably opposed to auy measures In viola
tion or laws, and will frown upon any
hucu action on tbo part of any person or
persons whomsoever."
Pasadena, Cal., Aug. 20. Goveini r
Markham, who is at bis homo here,
said tonight in regard to tho requett
for troops to quell tho expected
antl-Chincso uprising at Bakersfield,
that ho bad wired for Information to
Judge Conkllu at Bakcrfield aud had
been informed by him thero was l o
immediate necessity for troops. He
has notified Judge Conklin that tbe
local company of tbo National Guard
at Bakersfield can be called out if neces
sary, but that the step must be taken
with discretion.
Saorambnto, Cal., 21. Sheriff Bov
ler, of Bakersfield, haa telegraphed the
governor, asking that company G, of
tbe Sixth Infantry.statloned at Bakers
field, be called out to suppress an ex
pected rising against tbo Chinese. The
governor is at Pasadena, and Bovier'a
telegram has been repeated to him
Driven Out of Selma.
Helma, Cal., Aug, 24. An unarmed
body of laboring men waited on the
Chinese restaurants In town and de
ported tho proprietors, sending them
out of town quietly, using no vlolenoe
whatover, and today their places of
business are closed. This action was
not taken until one day after tbe time
speclflad In tho notice given them to
close by the Autl-Ghineae league. The
Chinaman mado no eflort to suspend
business aud excitement was running
high, They made no resistance when
tbe last moment came. Tho wash
houses aro preparing to closo by Sep
tember Istj
Nobody will suffer with liver or kid
ney disease If they take Simmons Liver
tnalde, ouUlde. and alt the wjT thrue),
TliUareat Temperance drink: """
U it tiouUUful Tm U Jlent. Try U.
Leaveorder at 0tUa-r knant Btoekeew
I Xt