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Canital Journal Publishing Company.
Entered at tho postofflce At Salem, Or., ns
second-class matter.
See fourth pago for terms of subscrip
Advertisement!! to Insure Insertion (for
he RAine day) should be handed In by 1
CorrcHpondonco containing news of In
terest and Importance Is desired from nil
parti) of the state.
No attention will be paid to anonymous
Persons desiring tho Capital Journal
served nt their houses can secure It by pos
tal card request, or by word left at this
Specimen numbers scut free on applica
tion. Office, corner Court and Liberty Streets,
A aoo many people are firet-clnss
christians until tlio contribution box
comes around.
When a woman can wash flan
nels bo tunt they will not shrink,
ho knows enough to get married.
The legislature should seek among
those hlgh-moraliet of Seattle and
Spokane who offer ?25,000 or MO.OOO
to get the Sullivan prizefight, for a
clerk to the committee on Public
The Texas legislature Is trying to
pass a law to eliminate that favorite
untensil, the six-shooter, from Lone
Star state Biciety. If it succeeds
there will bo n big emigration from
Texas, as many of her people won't
be able to see what else there can be
to live for iu that state.
"Pooh?" ealdJodcs to a young
man who was complaining of his
Jack of worldly goods. "Of course,
But think of the great men who
have come to the city worth 50 cents
uud died worth millions." "Yes,"
answered the wise young man, "but
I would rnthor come to the city
worth millions and die worth fifty
"UNitKQUiETKi) love and suicide"
are becoming ho frequent that it
looks as if something should bo done
to bring into uso again the old time
"lovo powders," which were said to
make peoplo lovo one another under
the most unfavorable circumstances.
Still, however, thoso who commit
suicide for lovo are generally fools,
and perhaps it is better to let nature
take Its course.
That distinguished olomcut of
society which over claret during
meals, champagne a little later and
brandy to wind up on, Is still having
troublo about tho proj)onslty of tho
masses to indulge In malt liquors,
and it in still discussing the mlvlsi-
blllty of removing from the path ef
. tho common citizen tho allurements
of lager beer. The moral suflorlngs
of that distinguished element are
even painful to contemplate.
Even In Conservative England
the times aro Indued changed. Tho
cuno hH always been considered ns
necessary, a part of tho school
master's possessions as tho spelling
book and corporal punishment pre
vail there to an extent that would
not bo tolerated here. A school
master was recently sued by the
father of a pupil whom he had un
mercifully beaten by caning him on
tho hand, and tho magistrate
gave Judgment against the
pedagogue on tho ground that can
ing on the hand was attended by a
risk of injury, and there wero "meth
ods of corporal punishment quite as
available, eflacaclous and not necos
harlly attended by any risk, which
the defendent might havu used.',
Now. that the question of ships for
the new navy has been so far settled
an to mako it certain that wo can
build vessels which arc fully equal
in all respects to those of other mar
itime powers, publlo attention be
ing directed to tho armament for
our navy that is to be. It Is not
generally known, perhaps, that the
government owns and controls a
process for hardening steel which
makes tho peuetratlvo powers of our
heavy ordinance projectiles superior
to that of any other projectile yet
manufactured. Tho process Is a
secret one, but tho result has already
been alluded to by the European
writers on military allhirs. Com
modoro Sirard, chief of tho Naval
Jluronuof Ordinance, has Just Hied
his annual report and It contains
many ('matters or general Interest,
among others a reference to armor
piercing shells.
Tills report states that during tho
past year the six-Inch armaments of
tlin PlifirL'iitfiii Viiiltiiuii .....I
- w "- I . ... mitt
Petrel wero completed and sent to
tho vessels, and thut the armament
for tho J Suit I more is ready. The
eight-Inch guns for the Charleston
and Uultlmore will be ready within
tho current year. The armuments
for tho Philadelphia, lieuiilngtou,
Concord ami Ban Frauc'.seo will bo
finished us soon us tho Vessels are
ready for them, io
Tlio estimates for tho Naval
reau of Ordlnnnco for the ensuing
fiscal year amount to $5,545,724,
which is certainly very moderate.
With the present facilities for man
ufacturing It is probable that no
more than this could be expended
to advantage. There will certainly
be no disposition on the part of con
gress to stint the naval estimates,
as the sentiment of the people is
practically nil one way. The de
mand for the a new navy has grown
so strong as to break down all con
siderations of partisan politics, and
democrats and republicans will vie
with each other in urging the com
pletionofan effective force of war
ships, with which the United States
may defend her honor on tho ecean
nsshe has already done with wooden
This is a short world. We may
praise It or despise it, we may love
or grow weary of it; but however we
may esteem it, its course is very
brief compared with the vustnessof
tho world to come the glory of the
endless ages that stretch themselves
before the saints of Heaven. Com
pared with the mighty possibilities
of tho everlasting state, how brief,
how transient, how uncertain is the
stage in which we live. Our life Is
a vapor that vanislieth away; our
days are swift as an arrow's flight;
time hastens on with restless strides,
and tno great, grand future of etern
ity rolls steadily onward to meet us
as wo pass tho boundaries of this
transient world.- Oh, that we who
have been charmed by earth's beau
ties, and entangled amid its snares,
could learn liow brief its story is;
bow soon its pomp shall fade, how
soon its joys shall pass away. "The
life that now is." is like one grain of
sand as compared with the wide
reaching shore, and the joys and
pleasures that have engaged our
thoughts are but motes In tho sun
beam when compared with tho en
during glory which shall fill th
eternal existence ot God's redeemed
with brightness and gladness per
petual as tho years of heaven. This
is a short world; whether it be filled
witli Joy or sorrow, light or shade, It
matters little. Hero we are to work
or wait, but soon all will bo over,
and tho eternal day will dawn; the
clouds, and shades, and storms will
pass, and oh, that we, when the
morning breaks, may, as "children
of light," be found watching and
waiting, prepared for the bright and
everlasting day.
Wonder whether really crime or
law came first. Law came very
early in tho history of 'things. If
wo remember aright Adam and Evo
were Instructed not to eat fruit in
the Garden of Eden. So It would
Bocin that law camo first and led to
crime. Would they have eaten tho
fatal apple if they had not been told
to? Thoy were found out. How?
This has beon a puzzle to thoso clear
headed peoplo who want facts, and
reason, and other troublesome and
dangerous things. Yet it is not so
diftlcult. It must have been a green
apple and tho evidence wa tho ef
fect. It Is easy to tell tho boy who
has eaten a green applo to this day.
It is ono situation iu life where
presenco of mind absolutely falls.'
And down the corridors of time has
rung that irritating, exciting and
upsetting commandment "Thou
shalt not eat of the forbidden fruit,"
aud It governs everything from
cholera morbus to social ostracism.
Wo have got so many varieties now
of forblddon fruit that wo overcomo
tho difficulty by a Uttlo careful trans'
planting and grafting.
How au EuglUli Farm Hand Fares.
What would tho averago "umi
help" iu our country towns think If
ho was required to work as many
hours as the "hand" on an English
farm? Probably ho wouldmit con
descend to think about Biich a ridic
ulous subject. Ho would simply not
work, that Is all thero would bo to
It. Hut tho uverage English laborer
Is not so lndopeudaut, aud some
Americans who havo been rusticat
ing In tho tylcnl English cottage on
a big farm, forty miles from Lon
don, this Hiimmor, havo had their
compassions greatly excited in his
ibohnlt. "Old Joe" walks two miles
from tho village every morning to
bo promptly at work by live o'clock.
Ho never leaves oil until I) o'clock,
and for these llfteed hours' labor, of
tho most laborious pott, lie relieves
three dollars a week! A slaves life
compared with this free Jlrlton's is
one of luxurious ease; yet' luxpttcof
all, "(Jul Joe" httrt inaniti-ed to cele-
ibrato his Huventy-tifth birthday. A
'"Labor tiny" would Ik a wtupendotiB
farco for this poor old soul under the
clrcumitantes.llostoii Humid,
A Directory for a I'ciniv.
People will boon tonne- pestering
tho drug clerk by asking Air a direc
tory. Tho person who wishes to
look up on address will only have io
goto the corner of the blorour (ep
iu front of any hotel or publlo place,
or go almost any whero, Iu fact, drop
a penny In tho slot and then read
tho interesting volume for hours f
wants to. The directory lien on
fitsHldoon a small wooden box-llko
platform. The under side is nailed
fast to the box, while a curved
nickel-plated Iron bar which runs
Into the box presses down on the
upper cover. When the penny is
dropped In a catch which holds the
bar is released, the bar can be pushed
back and the book opened. The
reader, however, must hold the
cover down tightly, for the moment
be lets go the bar snaps back and
only another penny will re lease It.
A great many of the machines arc
already in uso in Brooklyn drug
stores, and they will soon be till over.
It is proposed to put them on all the
L road stations, too. New York
Corn St Louis Ttepubllc.
The Hottest Spot on Kai-Ci.
The hottest region on the earth is
on the southwestern coast of Persia,
whero Persia borders the gulf of the
same'name. For forty consecutive
days in the months Of July vvil
August the thermometer has been
known not to fall lower than 100 de
grees, night or day, and to often run
up as high as 12S degrees in the af
ternoon. AtBahrin, in the tvntie
ot the torrid part of tills turf Id belt,
as though it were natuie's intention
to make tho region a unbearable as
possible, no water can be obtained
from digging wells 10'J, 200 or even
500 feet deep, yet a comparatively
numerous population contrive to live
there, thanks to copious springs,
which break forth from the bottom
of the gulf, more than a mile from
The water from these springo is
obtained by divers, who divo to tho
bottom and fill goat-skin bags with
the cooling liquid and sell it for a
living. Tho source of these sub
marine fountains is thought to bo in
tho green hill of Osman, some oOOor
COO miles away.
A Sad Accident.
Western Judce;"You are charged,
sir, with being a leader of a party
that hunted down and lynched a
horse-thief. The days have gone by
when citizens of this great common
wealth can tako the law into 'their
own hands, hence your arrest. What
have you to say?" Prominent citi
zen: "I un't guilty, Jedge. I'll tell
you how it wus. Wo caught the fel
ler and tied his hands and feet.
Nothin' wrongabout that, was there,
Jedge?" "No, that was no doubt
necessary." "Wall, Jedge, there was
a storm comin' up and we coulden't
spare him an umberella very well
aud so we stood him under a tree.
That was all right, wasn't it?" "Cer
tainly." "Wall, tho clouds kept
gatherin' an' tho wind was purty
high, and wo didn't want him blown
away, so wo tied a rope around
his neck and fastened the
other end to the limb above not
titc, Jedge, jest so as to hold him
and wo left him standin' solid on
his feet. Nothin' wrong about that,
was there?" "Nothing at all."
"Then I kin bo excused, can't I?"
"But tho man was found suspended
from that tree and stono dead the
next morning." "None of us had
anything to do with that, Jedge.
You bco wo left him standin' there
in good health and spirits, for wo
give him all ho could drink when
wo said 'good-bye;' but you see, dur
ing tho night tho rain camo up, an'
I 'pposo tho ropo got purty wet an'
shrunk a couple o'fect. That's how
tho sad accident happened, Jedge."
New York Weekly.
The Pulpit aud tlio Stage.
ltev. F. JL Shroat, Pastor United
Brethren Church, Bluo Mound,
Kun., says: "I feel it my duty to
ten wnat, wonuers ur. King's .New
Discovery lias done for me. My
Lungs wero badly diseased, and my
parishioners thought I could live
only o few weeks. I took live bot
tles of Dr. King's Now Discovery
aud am sound and well, gaining E6
lbs. In weight."
Artuur .Love, Manager Love's
luinuy Folks Combination, writes
"After u thorough trial and convinc
ing evidence, I am conlldent Dr.
King's New Discovery for Cousump-
won, uuiiis 'em an, ano cures wiien
everything else falls. Tlio greatest
kindness i can do my many thous-
anu menus is io urgo mem to trv it."
J.m trial Dottles at Dam' J. Fry's
Drug Store,
Regular sizes GOo. and
Under tho presidency of Minister
Phelps tho Americans iu Berliu
celebrated Thanksgiving day with a
dinner, followed by a concert and
ball in tho rooms of the United
States legation.
irctaluma Courlcr.J
It Is reported that tho sales ot tho "Califor
nia Remedy," Joy's Vegetable Barsaparllla,
bsvo grown within a few months till they ore
now really sensational. Tho way the fame ot
thii production has spread Is simply marvel
ous. Bix months ago It was unknown. To
day it Is all over the country. It is euthorit
I ttrcljr ttsteU that they hero been actually
Citing U away In Ban Francisco to peoplo
afflicted with dyspeptta, sick fccadachw, ln
digestion and llrer troubles, not to bo paid
for unlcM It cured. Buch practical tests aro
so stsrtllnely convincing as to bo almost sen
sational. It ts stated that two ot tbo actlns
principles of the new remedy belong to tho
vegetable kingdom of California, and aro so
well kuown to us all under common names
that It would surpriso us It told them. Hut
wo are not surprised at anything Callforolan,
and this recent discovery of tho new medici
nal virtues ut IU vegetable kingdom Is but
another Instanco ot tho astonishing POHlbiU
Um of a kU sad cllattt like ewt.
a constitutional and not a local dlMM
md therefore It cannot bo cured by local ap
illcatlons. It requires a constitutional rem,
tdy llko Hood's Sarsaparllla, which, working
trough tho blood, eradicates the Impurity
hlch causes and promotes the disease! and
tffects a permanent euro. Thousand! H
leople testify to tho success of. Hood's Sana
larllla as a remedy for catarrh when othei
reparations had failed. Hood's Barsaparfllg
ilso builds up tho wholo system, and nuktt
fou feel renewed lit health and strength.
'I used nood's Sarsaparllla for eatanfc
md received great relief and benefit from It
fho catarrh was very disagreeable, espeelallj
n the winter, causing constant discharge froa
ny nose, ringing noises In my ears, and jalni
n tho back of my head. Tho effect to clesj
ny head In the morning by hawking and spit
tag was painful. Hood's Sarsaparllla gar!
no relief immediately, while In time I wal
mtlrcly cured. I am never without Hood'i
larsaparllla In my house as 1 think It Is worst
ts weight In gold." Mrs. O. B. Gibd, Mi
llghtb Street, N. W., "Washington, D. O.
Hood's Sarsaparllla
lolttby all dniGglstj. Sljiliforgi. PreptredcaQ
iy C. I. HOOD & CO., Apothecaries, Lowell, Mm
IOO Doses One Dollar'
The worklngmeu of Kentucky
declaro their Intention of preventing
convicts from working as railroad
builders in their state.
Diphtherla,which has been preve
lent for several weeJtB in Berlin, hat
become epidemic, and many parts
of the city are quarantined.
Many Berlin butchers havo gone
Into bankruptcy in consequence ol
the continued prohibition of the im
portation of cattle and pigs.
A Blrmiugton man has invented
a metel that can be distinguished
from gold only by experts, though
it can be turned out for 60 cents a
Beware of tint Threatening iMiier.
Do not neglect a cough or a ny af
fection of the luags. Delay is Fatal.
Holden's Ethereal Cough Syrup will
cure you if taken promptly. Larg,i
size $1, small 50 cents. For sale by
all Druggists.
A Paris butler won last month
the $100,000 prize iu the Exhibition
lottery. Hid wife runs tho goat
carriages for babies in tho Tuileries'
garde u .
The transition from long, linger
ing aud painful sickness to robust
health murks an epoch in the life ol
the Individual. Such a remarkabh
event is treasured in tho memory
and the agency wherebv the good
nealtn nas been attained is gratel in
ly blessed. Hence it is that so much
is heard in praise of Electric Bitters.
So many feel they owe their restora
tion to health, to the uso of the
Great Alternative aud Tonic. Il
you are troubled with any disease ol
Kidneys, Liver or Stomach, of long
or short standing you will surely
And relief by use of Electric Bitte'rs.
Sold at 60c. and $1 per bottle at Dan.
J. Fry's Drug Store.
Tho Australian legislature has
passed a law taxing all married
couples living with their mother-in-law:
$ 100 if residing with tho hus
band's mother-in-law and $120 if
with the wife's.
Bucklon's Arnica Salve.
Tho best salvo in the world for
cuts, bruises, sores, ulcers, salt
rheum, fever sores, tetter chapped
hands, chilblains, corns and all skin
eruptions, and positively cures piles
or no pay required. It is guaranteed
to give perfect satisfaction, ormonej
refunded. Price 25 cents per box.
For sale by Dauiel .T. Fry, drug
gist. Meeks & Minton
Havo received and answered over
One Thousand Letters of Inquiry
SINCE JUNE 17, '89
No charges, no commission, unless we
sell your property.
John ,A, Carson,
Member of the lUr of Ontario, Canada.
Office, 89 Stato, Street, Salem, Oregon.
lion. HlrThomns CJalt. Chief Justice ol
Common l'lrns! linn. Jim Mclennan.
Jildgeof the Court of Appeals; Hon. W. 1.
11. Street, Judge of the Queen's Uenob.
Motley to loun.
VTOTICK Is hereby given that the ex
IX pouso usscssmeut of two hundred do!,
lurs each for ftbe mouth of December,
1n, against, tho liicorimrator'a stock tu
tho Gold Mountain hud Dry Dutch Counol
ldutedGold and .Silver Mlntnr comnauy.
Is past due and unpaid on tho following
shares, to-wlt; No. 15, 1,000 share; No,
IT, six blind rod shares: No. 41 to 47
Inclusive, nulunsaioh'. So und 135. SO
shares each: Nos. -at), m and VH. 10 shares
each; Is'os.tiO.SI, lad and 131. SUi.lii.res each;
uud No, 121, GO shares standing In the nnme
of K. Kurnest Austin, uud the same will be
bold to Hiy wild uiteoasmeut nt the oflloe of
wild company, Iu Hulein, Oregon, at tho
nour oi -j ociock in lue uncrnoou, on
Wednesday. January K, IStU, unless said
The Best
In the city of Portland mid
I 11
To the city of Salem. They have at this time fifteen teams employed and the contemplated improvements havt
icarcely begun. It is intended to make tho drive leading from Commercial street through Riverside and High
and additions and around Highland Park
Of Oregon. The line of the Salem Street Railway Company runs through the middle of this addition, and no
ts will bo more than two blocks distant from the line. Highland Park will in the near future be
Lots in Highland Additon are High and Dry and Well Located; Most Excellent Drainage
The soli is black and rich. Froni all points a fine view is obtained of the public buildings and our highest
mountain peaks. Arrangements are already being made for the location of two churches in this addition, and
i number of residences are soon to bo built. Buildings only of the best class will be permitted. Residence lots
within the limits of the city of Salem are worth on an average over $1000. We can Bell you better lota in High
land addition for one-third of the money, and being directly on the line of the street railway they are practi
cally not half so far from the public buildings and the business part of the town as the majority of the so
called "Inside lots."
Buy a Lot in Highland Addition for Three Hundred Dollars,
And let some other fellow pay $1000 for an inferior lot not so well located. With the difference of $700 you can
build a beautiful cottago, or put it out at a rate of interest that will buy you nearly two thousand street oar
tickets every year.
This Space is
! !TIr.T
Dicing School.
Everv Mondnv nnd Tintraiinv t niti..)
and Children's class Saturday afternoon.
.r J,ra'Jlculrs Inquire ut Diamond's
iiuniuxiuuiromiuio JZ
t lum. and 2 to 4 p.m.
Dealers In every variety of
Lumber Delivered on Short Noiice.
Yard ot the Agricultural works, Salem;
Oregon. 1111 located four aud a half miles
nortneust from Salem, on the John Martin
donation land claim.
Slab Wood 50c Per Cord.
Call aud see us before purchasing else
where. r d.w
Conservatory of Music
Of the Willamette Unlver-Ity Salem. Ore
gon, the inohi successful Muhlu School on
the Northwest Coast. Courses In musloar
equal toKuKtcrn music schools. Yearly at
tendance Of nearly ana hnnitrl anri An
Th.nhlA Ml.n. itflnnakAn b a k-.. -.
school year will be l'rof. Z. M. Varrln.
Leona Willis, .Mix Eva Cex: assistant
r -7 ,. . 2 ""mut
joiunB, minituiu M, Blllim, ansa liully
IX.vl.ll nH tile. Ia...Ia ll...tu
'acners.MUsi.ulu.il. Smith, Miss Hully
arish, and it is Mamie l"arvln.
UruachesUught are Vocal Culture, Fluno,
rgan, Violin, Pipe Organ, Harmony,
lunterpolnt, and Class Teaching.
...., mmu 'iijw .j.u.i.ib urv.u.
rVlittl tsrki-ili. t
Diplomas given on completion of course
Bend for catalogue and circular.
Z.M I'AIivnj. 7-SM3ra-wlm.
New Express Wagon.
Jlas started a new exuress wucun nod la
now ready to deliver ooggago to and from
.i.. dennL un.l m niivuirt r .i.. .....
ot" "fivi
other prosperous towns are those owned by men or corporations who
the disposition and ability to improro them.
And this Corporation is determined
lost Attractive Mil
Reserved for
Kansas House,
Corner ot Court and High Sts.
E. M. LAW, Proprietor.
We have taken a new name but
will continue to serve ourpatrons with the
best the mnrkut nftnrd. Hv .i, ..
cordial welcome to Our Home. Terms
reasonable. Give us a call and we will do
you ood.
No Chinese employed.
Loans negotiated and closed without de
lay when seeurlty Is satisfactory and
Title Good!
uEl,nclE?1 an.d Merest payable at our
balem office. Loans made on farm prop-
Money Ready Wlica Papers Completed
orTi?Sh!2S..'2,.Bi .for 'mprovemems
2?em,,Ohrenn.Can B00'"'
New Fish Market.
Allen rthfMlpfl linanctnl,llBY,A ...
Market on Statestreet. and be keepsa cood
supply of tUh, poultry and game. S
ove Wm a call und your order will be
promptly attended to.
For tutresa si f ks
At.. Salem, . . Oregon.
A. P. AaMrrmoKo.Mngr. K. L.Vitr, Prfa.
Business, Shorthand,
IJrritU, rsamstU, u uxb btirtault.
Day sod evening Session. Students sdmltted
Single lots and acres. One half mile West
of Salem P. O: Good loll, all clear and la
fine condition. All ready fer planttnr
fruit and shrubbry at once. Kaon piece
fronts on a nice street, and no eity tax.
Salem's Popular Job -Printer,
-State Insurance Uailaing, Cor. Com
mercial and Chemskete street HU
Teachers' Examination.
VTOTICK Is hereby given that the next
J.1 regular quarterly,examlnatlon of ap
Pllcant? for .teacher's certificates will, be
held at the court house In Salem com
mencing at 12 o'clock m. of Nor. 37,1119.
All applications tnurt be present at the
opening session on the 27th.
County superlatendent of schools for Ma
rlon county, Oregon.
Carries a select line of family groceries and
provision that are sold at reasonable rates,
country produce; such as apples, fruits of
all kinds, potatoes. Yerat&ble: at., always
on band. Call at IOO flnnrt .lr Ralam.
Salem Music Store
Headquarters for Chlckerlng A t Son's,
Steinway. Haxleton. Colby and Eassnoa
Pianos, Wilcox White Orgaas. Cs r
94 State Street, Patton's Block.
204 Commercial street, opposite FostoAee,
Salem, Or., direct importers of
Japanese and Chinese Curkitks,
And novelties as well uflm nnnxtlala Chi.
nwre, Clossonle, SaUusna, Brosuw. Ivory,
JiatUnr. Pine Tea. W
. t.i si "P6! o"8!
Country orders
nK.Hl ...r. . . "-
wuiupuy uiicuaea to.
Wholesale add re-
meau In the Bute, Lower rates tkaa
... ri!n.d uipMt stock Legal Steaks 1
toebtate.a-'d hlit ji...Tn sudlu