Evening capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1888-1893, November 22, 1889, Image 4

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One year by mnll . .... ..$ 00
six month by mull - " V)
Three month by mall. 1 2.
Per week, delivered by carrier. 15
One year by mull . . 51 5
Hix monwm uy man . i
One year. If paid in advance I 0
Six month, If pnld In advance ... Q
Kor advertising ratcH apply nt thU ofllco
who do not sccuro their paper regularly
will notify this office, giving address, nnd
tho matter will be attended to nt once.
Office, corner Court I nnd Liberty; Streets
CohLKKN 1J awn. The attendance
nt tlio opera house Inst nijfht was
the largest of tliCz-Aveelt. Tlie de
cided lilt of "Lonif Strike." na plny
cd on the previous evening, mic
eeeded In drawing out n largo at
tendance. The 'great Irish drama.
"Colleen IJawnj" is a deep one and
to understand the play well a per
son wns cntnpllcd to-put his entire
mind on the play. Alls Virginia
Snow us "Tha Colleen Jlfcwn" won
the admiral iini of the audience. Her
acting was cll-verly done liml she
pustiilned her purt well. Vlis. A.
Devlin, as ".lyles," roiilplclely
raptivated tlie audience. j'Hhuie
then and .Jjtmes is n great boy."
Arthur Sumeiland, in hU iil'
fluiilt part imt "Kittlier Toin" was
looked upon lAt 'Vi nine a tin ac
tor of much Vblllty. Nop a few
time.- In his pan was lie nrfpluudcd
hy theaudieiii.r MIv Minnie Has"
quelle as "Slireikh" wi ulven a
diuut role hut hW amy tflustercd
It. Miss Snow earned of the hon
ors of tho evening. The company
to-night produce "The Diamond
Mystery." This pl.iv lias always
proven a success and delights the
theatre goers. Don't tall to be pres
ent to night as "Devlin wants to
show ou the law ou It."
BusiNESsXcirANQE. This morn
ing, Mr. A. T Yeaton, the Commer
cial street furniture dealer sold his
entire stock ilf furniture to Mr.
Huron, late of Adrain, Missouri.
The change wnspno wholly unex
pected by anyon'e iu(he business
circle. Mr. Yeaton, has been an ex
tensive dealer In furniture for the
past twelve yenrs, Ail during that
time has built up. A handsome trade.
The new proprietor, Mr JJuren, Is a
gentleman offifteen years experi
ence in the furniture business, und
the JovusAu in behalf of the busi
ness frutofnlty extends to him a
cordial -welcome to our city, lie
comesvith a high recommendation
us a business man and a worthy citi
zen, and will no doubt meet with a
cordial welcome.
The Tus r earless Lost; With All on
Hoard ut the Month Jbf the Uuip-
qan Rive
. A Skiihws MistakK. Walla
VaIIu Statesman nays: ThuAStales
ninn made u very grtevouerror in
Ita Thursday's issue, In wlfich it bald
"V. O. Biifth, it Thuron county,
has been for mrty-flvoyyears '" the
penitentiary." Jt should have read
"W. O. Bush, oiTmirstnn county,
has been forty-flvoi years in the ter
and glfdly
Our yfiroof-;
beg Mr. Hush's
this cor-
tlte error of the lync, iiut his atten
tion was attracted to souiethlug else
at that inoiifent, when ho returned
to his sheey he overlooked It. The
typo and trie proof-render Intend to
draw straws to ascertain which shrill
go to the "penitentiary for forty-live
Ti:km Exi'iitKi). Three prisoners
were released from the penitentiary
to-day. They ivereKd Schmeedtzcr,
one year for larceny; Ah Lee, u
Chinaman, three years Jfam Mult
nomah county, and Frank Brown,
one year from Multiumlah county for
larceny. The lastnanVd prisoner
is only 10 yciirsof age He will
leave on the evening trainfor Cali
fornia, where hi9.purents live. A
ticket was purchased Jjy his father
and sent to the son aiid he will re
turn home and try and lead a dif
ferent life.
Social Would. 'IWrrorrow the
Jouhnal will puuhshfu list of the
doings in the social world of the city
for the week past, if "Njcro has
been a social galherin.tr, a tt party,
a reception of any kind or wlythlug
in the line of aHociallevent At your
home please notify the society editor
who will look alter thc-viiurftcr. All
news in this line should bo handed
in not later than. ten on to-morrow.
Bound OvEii.-Mr. Brown, the
gentleman of North Salem! who was
arrested yesterday! for shooting a
cow, was given his preliminary ex
amination this nmrtiing before Jus
tice Goddell whrfsaw lit to bind the
accused overlo thegrand jury in
the sum of S7.j whlcliSho promptly
furnished. t
'Assuming Siiau:. It won't be
long until the new urick store rooms
on Commercial stmjbf between
Court and Chenieketivjvill bo ready
for occupancy. The' Workmen are
busy putting inilato glass and
doors and fitting up the interior.
The rooms will be handsome when
The sad mjws of the loss of the
steamer tug FeKrlessrenchcs thecity
to-day and is as ftdhjws:
The tug Fonrlessojf Coos bay, Cap
tain James Hill coinrHaiidlug, ran
on to North Spit, atl tlic-inouth of
the Umpqua rlver.Tuesday evening,
and soon went to pledes, not one of
the crew or patenters esciiplng.
She was on her return trip from
Astoria, where she hall to go to take
a lot of Chinamen, lately discharged
from the canneries on Coos bay.
At 3 p. m., Tuesday, she was seen
oil Upper Ten Mile, steaming
slowly down the coast outside the
brcakers,.which vre ruuuing very
nigii, anuit u ociock tier wnistie
was heard oiV the mouth irtvthe Ump
qua. At u quarter to seeu she gave
tnrce suarp w-nisties.f wlilcli was
the last seen or heard of her until
the next nioriiiugheu her pilot
House witn tlie end wore in, a small
boat, the stern, one ide-f her hull
and numerous smalrpiecesxere dis
covered coming tin the river" with
tho tide. T.he stciuner Juno at onco
steamed down to tue mouth of the
river and put a searching party
ashore and the bctu:h was partrollcd
for miles to the south, but no bodies
were discovered. Qther parties who
came down the coat from tlie north
reported that they had seen no
bodies in that direction. The gener
al impression of seafaring men Is
that she had sprung a leak, and that
tho captain was attempting to get
into tho river in order to save the
lives of thoc on board, and either
miscalculated his position or was
blown out of his course by tho-heavy
wind pre'ailing at tho tiufc. The
uumuer lostr saiu to ue inoin ten to
llfteen souls.
plneu i
She was
by Simp-
Tneuiir.i: at Noutii Sallm
School. Quito an exciting time
was tho scene at tho North Salem
school house V Wednrsdny. The
teacher untlertoWj to tHrash a couple
of small boys iorXsonie misbehavior
and one of tho yivall boys older
brother eoneludeiriio would'nt seo
his younger brothyr thrashed. He
went after the tciycliWaud ran him
around the school hoiyse taking the
stick away s'rottr hlmid breaking
It up and throwing itiway and
threatening ho teacherXthat ho
would wrltilils name ou a piece of
imper and put it ou his list and paste
it on his nose. Tho scene created
Home disturbance but the big brother
now wishes no doubt, that he had
staid out of tho fuss.
A Haud Kid. At Portland last
Wednesday, Charles Mahwherty, a
child only nine years old.-'oti com
plaint of his mother, was'oxamlned
in tho police court as an Incorrigible.
His parents can do nothing with
him. Ho Is dlshoniwaud has stolen
from his cmployccAon more than
ono occasion. IIyviiihl leave his
homo at night, sfeallnk out of the
window wlthynt his parents know
ing anything about It. His last
aehlovenieivf was wherein ho stole a
watch anii'sold It fur renU. The
judge made an older that tho child
bo turned over to tho Hoy's and
Girls' Aid Society.
Ilouitii) CnossiNfis. The street
crossings arc in a moftt horrid shape.
iUtid ami siusn cover tlieni iroin tlie
drntli of from one jo thfeo inches
I deep. Something sliouldlie done in
regard to tins mattc as,(nc citizens
are surely not going flrfie compelled
to wado through such streets, dur
ing all tho rainy season.
Satuuday Matinki:. The Chi
cago Comedy Company will glvo a
grand family mutinae on Saturday,
at U:.'t0. Tho beauti "ul pfcrv "Kath
leen" will bo prodi ced, and It will
be a special product ou for tfhe ladles
and children. The ndmUslon has
been placed at tlie sniu,Lkim of 20
and ,'10 cents. Children will bo ad
mitted for 10 cents.
Cluh Mi:iri'iNci Tho Salem
Pleasant Hour Society will conduct
their regulur senu-irfunthly danco
this evening at thilir h ink on Stato
street. All inenlbers imd their
friends are reqticstcu to bo on hand
at 8:30. A good tinre is anticipated
and good music will De-frrruished ou
this occasion.
Don't Pathenizi: I'ijodlkus.
01 vo peddlers the cold shake. Their
Interests ara no concern to you.
They have no business rcputa'tlon
to sustain niut aioyhiore likely to
skin out, than not There Is abso
lutely not ono HJglo advantage In
buying from pddler, therefore
glvo thu Itinerants )w shake. There
Is not an article thoysull that can
not beW)tight as ulibuply of the
dealers n your own town, who py
taxes and help to build It up, while
tho peddler -ioes nothing for us.
Trade with thoniorchaiitH and let
tho peddlers go.
Si'ixuAL Notick. All who Intend
furnishing donations for the Thanks
giving dinner at the M. 10. church,
are requested to bring them not later
than ten o'clock ou Thanksgiving
morning, as dinner will he served
from twelve o'clock noon until throe
o'clock p. m.
Boat Ni:ws. The lodoo came
up from Portland tlilsiuorniugaiid
brought about seventy totw of gen
eral merchandise. Bile went ou up
tho river to Buna ViVta ajid will
return to Salem tc-nlgut, aild leave
for Portland at fii.'IO in thriiiornlug.
"Where did you yet that hand
some dress," asked dnuumy of an
other, as they met out tho street yes
terday. "Tills Is onot of tllnso now
pieces just recelyedvajy'ljuiin it
Brown's, direct from the East.
OiriTixo lii:AiY. Lumber, ties
and all neeessaryiaterhtl for tho
construction of tlicv, Capital City
Klectrlo railway Hne'hNjeing placed
on the grounds.fuid wo-ik of con
struction will commence soon.
Tlie 1' earless Nyas no;
considered seaworthy
built on Coos bay ittiou
years ago and was owni
son & Co. X
The following named weKC among
the lest: James Hill, fcaptaiirkyal
ter Keating, and HenrV Crow, engi
neers two deck liands, lOcorgo Mai
sliall, a canuerymau.
CapUiin James Hill, was a gentle
man who was well known over tho
state. He has been a captain on
those waters for tho past 12 or lo
years and In this time has been in
three or four bad wiecks but
has luckily escaped unharmed
until tho last one in which
It is supposed beyond a doubt
that he lias lost his lite. (Jap
tain Hill whs a son-ln-la.vir'of Hon.
P. P. PaluieiVTScottVrtu'tr, Douglas
county, and hisXwife is a niece of
Mrs. W. H. ByarSW this city. The
poor uufortUL((lc vhstim leaves a
wife and three chihfrvii to mourn
the loss of affathcr.
Captain Hill was well ftojuainted
with the mouth of tho riveVviiud it
is fauppoied that thu gale was so
strong that it drove tho vessel from
Its bearings and tdro it to pieces.
Tho scene where tho wreck occurred
is a devastlng one.
dn itonducted
ihuisdny, and
!.- in-
lly con-
ich iiieels
s dis-
will soon bo hefo. B sure uuu leave
your order fo a nice fat turkey,
goose, duck, or dreesied chicken;
llsh of nil kinVls; fresh Baltimore
oysters, eggs, cliltus, cwibs, shrimps
which can alwaybe found at
Qicr & Co.'s llsh nnn poultry house,
101 Court street.
Insank Man. Aloho Curtis, of
Ashland, aged tweuty-stJyen years,
was brought to tho alylum to-day.
He is not very violenJhd refuses
to talk.
H. A. Krus one of Prof. Pnvin's
piano pupils Vlayed the chapel
march Tuesday.
.a. u . jsowersox. o; ;nc ciaw e:
h,d, Lut uow locaftdat Ji.Teison,
i;k in the city SuuiMy.
Several visitors bavX cheered the
school by their Dfesenck duiingthe
week. Come ajiin.
The inllltifrv comnaiiv clccicd
I'rof. Starr captuiu, Wednesday.
( jiit;tln Pyringer having rtlgned.
I'r.if. vn Scoy went to Ilalsey
S.itunlaywhere he preached Sun
day, returning Monday morning.
Max Mouserand II. Perkiiis, who
have bfenout of school several
weeks, on account of sickness, have
re-entered thAr clt-sses.
Jt is reportedVhut tho school will
have two days vacation for Thhnks
glving, to allow tose who lLvo near
to eat turkey at u)
Rev. J. S. Mc
chapel exercises
exhibited an utlus
troducing into the sc"hi
Levi Atagee ijstioei
dui'tlu;.' a writing el a f.R,
at the Univetfty after pclfol )
mKsod in tfl afterno.iii.
Prajcryfhtcctins have luen
each evyhitig tills week in the
vcreitvrbtiilding. They have
well Attended, and several
been converted.
Tho Philharmonic choral clasa
anticipate giving an entertainment
some time in December. The class
has been doing good work and will
doubtless give a good programme.
Virgil PerirWer, of the senior class,
has been eugafeed to teach a part
of the day in the Capital Business
College. He still does his school
wor!;, and leaches several classes i
th.it institution.
The University baud h
cured a room down tpwn wbI'e they
will not disturb the students who
think studying and band practice
are at enmity wheiifcurried ou in
tlie same building.
Herbert ooirprcsoiueu the mu
seum with lymib from IShoal Water
Bay. Thiispecimen wVs pi evented
for the benefit of the prent zoology
class, ylio lsi.s been disputing about
cetaXi peculiarities of IIiK animal.
Henry 'i h.imau, of Flora, Indiana,
and a brother-in-law to Prof. Van
Scoy, visited the university the first
of tho week while spending a few
days with the Professor's folks. He
left Wednesday for the Flora univer
sity, where he will spend the win
ter. Among thftchapel orations of this
week were: S. W. Stryker, on "Con-
F. H. BARNES, Pres.
H. V. MATTHEWS. Treas.
W. F. SEAVER, Solicitor.
The Salem Land Company,
Incorporated 18S9, J '
Which is situated upon high ground overlooking the city, and only four blocks from .the elegant High School
building. The horse car hue will soon be running to the school building ou their new extension up Center
street, and are headetl for this addition. The Electric line will pass within ono or two blocks of it, and one or
Dotn or these lines will eventually traverse tne mil oreautu oi jugiewoou. xuis piu-iiy boiuub nipuuy to
tug ana
which added to tho building, grading and
other public improvements, which wo propose to put on, will insure to the Investor an ample prontif he desires
i ciuwiui mvesiorg wiiu win jiut iu uisiy, suusuuiwui nuijiuvciucuio,
to sell again, or a tasty, handsome neighborhood if he desires to make it his home.
nil I 1.LI-- i .. ""
xuere is uuiuiug in tue citv
that, will oriiinl ir. Or If vnn HpalrA nnro nrnnflrf.v nnll nt, our office over the Capital National Bauk. aftd We will
show you, free of charge, the cheapest aud best five and ten acre tracts In the country, the nearest into the city
and that which will double quickest In value. We mean HAMPDEN PARK and FAIRVIEW ADDITIONS.
TERMS EASY. To the poor man with but a few dollars, this is a grand opening and should be investi
gated at once, and young men should not slight it.
If this add. should happen to catch the eye ot some one at a distance, we request that you send for descrip
tive hand-book of "Salem and Vicinity," Salem Land Company, Salem, Oregon.
ilasses ip
Just Rkci:ivi:d.
mlllnery goods justretei
i lesier's.
10 line of
d at Mrs.
Plenty of eggs at Qeer & Co.'s llsh
market, on Court stieet.
llolverhon's "ad" on first
,li:i A CALl'.-lUlO
evening train stmieka
alf In Parrish's ilddlUoi
ling ca
evening killing it.
ago was done.
tin last
No lUo'r dnin-
Natuuali.kd Cjlti:
McDonald filed papers
Clerk Babeock, dcclarii
tlou of becoming a cil
I'nitcd States.
n. John
vimi County
g ills lnteii-
en of the
Among Tin: Di.haiii.i:i). Mrs.
James White, who has been sick for
tho past six weeks Is, 1imv on the
road toiocoyery. Jack (liven and
son, who wro lujured by their
wagon going wer an eniban'knieiit,
aiii ieeoveiingsJwly. Jaivd Mus
ter, who had tlitViuisfortuiio to have
his hand shof oil, Wednesday, Is
some uetior io-dfty. rroi. Han.
die's elilldfen, who have been under
tho weather for tho past two weeks,
are now improving nicely. Rich
ard Sayre, who has been III for some
time, Is better to-day.
Had uo T.uc'uit Hack. -The
morning contemporary had loswal
low tlkr lull doMi of tbukleadliiK ed
itorial ptfiillshcd wonietimu.igo In
whloh tht Kildi'tlmt, "iiikcoinniii..
"K01' i!0,(a.l!,ul,U'l '" thvmS 'w lHi)ii captured and has
columns urfthtmt the nroncr namunf i,.,j .. i.i 1. in... .. i
II.. vurfi.r ,.H,,..,. D.nrM.. II ... "."" i b '"." luiKV
... -v' ... .i. .. . V M.. '. "' nuinierar' doing mat nave
vHnd to tak'er back. Tho pill was a . dw
isf in) Pi
Mr. Frank Davey
on business
Dr. Dlvon has returlld from his
trip to Portland. s
Mr. L. AVclcli rctjimtal homo to
day from Washington.
Prof. E. B. McElffly loft this af
ternoon for a trip dowiitho road.
Miss Nolllo LltchllelQ returned
homo to-day from Mor visit to
Eugene. J
Supt. George Downiugl took tho
morning train for Stuytoyon a busi-
Ltcn.NHi: 'ix) WiiD.-Av marriage
license to wed was to-day drained to
James P. Feller and 10Ue)f Garrett,
both of Marion county.
Tin: Bon Ton. Its no use to look
further, tho Hon Ton Restaurant Is
setting the best and nuvst substan
tial meals of any eating house iu
tho city.
ness trip
Doug Jones, a compositor of tho
Oregonian is m the cltoti a visit to
lll Hllllll,). jr
Mrs. F. Lotk)y returned homo
from Portland Sho was accom
panied by herlanghter, Mrs. A. J.
Gibson, wlioha8oine from tho
Mitket N .MUtuKf.
If you luivo nuulo up your mlncl to buy
IIihkI's S.irMip.irllluilo nut bo linluml to
tnUoiuiy other. ItiHia'8 Snrsunrlllt Un
ix'oulltir liioitli'luc, ptMMslui;, by Its jiecal.
tiiriNimbliudUm, proiHirtlon and )reianv
tlon.i'iimtUt! iHiwor hiiivrlor to any other
nrtlvlo of iuo kind liofni'u t lut miifi. i-'itp
all nllivtlaiis nrUIni; from impure hlixxl or
iow kuuq oi nut synu'm ii m uiioiiunueu, ne
miotOKCt HikkK
teutment." T.). Taylor on "Re
sults of Culture.'V O. F. Tower on
"Signs of the Times," nnd Miss
Victor read a goodssay on "Civili
zation offthe Jnaians." To-day
Anil ll . 1 1 r1 . .1 1, AM 1 1. . 41.M.4 .......
uuuviuui:u luciMb lun 1.140 llisb lui 1x1.
The second term orations will brj-
ginfsoon, each beingr allowea to
choose his own subject,
The Philodoiians will aiscuss at
their meeting this evenUfc the ques
tion, Resolved; "Tha1,uo laws
should be enacteoVcompeUlng the
observance of tha,fftibbath aa a day
of worship or'rest." The debate
will be opened on tho affirmative by
J. J. Fitzgerald, on the negative by
F, T. Moore. Considerable Interest
Is being takeu iu the question and
a lively discussion may bo expected.
Duration of a Lightning Flash.
Tho researches of Dufour, Col la
don and Trouvelot have shown that
the duration of a lightning flash is
not infinitesimal, but, that tho' flash
lasts a mcasureable time. For in
stance, explains science, if one sets
a camera iu rapid vibration, and ex
poses iu it n plate so as to receive
tho impression of tho flash, it is
found that the Impressions appear
widened out on the negative, show
lug tho negative to have moved
during the time tho flash, was iu ex
.A Surprise
Any of the following 12 Mo's, full cloth bound, gilt sides nnd back,
delivered or mailed to auy address for 50 cents per volume.
Robinson Crusoe. Arabian Nlgnts Entertainments, Swiss Family
itoDinson, tscottisii unlets, Tnaudius ot Warsaw, Children of the Abbey,
"Dftn Olltvnto Vtiwii of AVolroflolfl Tnlll on1 in..lnln nnnimnla 'Ptln.t-lrvl
Progress.Bunyan's Holy war, GullivgrkTravels, Child's History of Eng
land, iEsop's Fables, Baron Munchausen, Last Days of Pompeii, Ivan-
uoe, vvaveny, uuy juaunermg, stones trom Frencn History, Tom
Brown's School Days at Rugby, Dog Crusoe, Gorilla Hunters. Wild Man
of the West, Gascoyne, Freaks on tho Fells, Shifting Winds, Floating
uigui, jiear jaunters, lvangaroo tuntcrs, American Family ltoninson,
Adventures in Canada. Under 'the Holly or Christmas at Hopeton House,
A Million Too Much, The Two Bequests. Gavroche, The Gamis of Paris,
Grimm's Popular Tales, Grimm's Household Stories, French Fairy Tales,
Standard Fairy Tales, Norshern Lignts, Lady Green Satin and her maid
Rosette, Pickwick Papers, Martin Chuzzlewit, Oliver Twist, David Cop
perfleld, Nicholas Nickleby, Complete Letter Writer, Prehistoric World,
History Stories, English History, Ancient History, Modern History,
Orange Blossoms, Cook's Voyages Around the World, Battles of the Re
public, Camp Fires of Napoleon, Romance of the Revolution, Remark
able Events in the World's History, Evening Amusements, Modern
Classics, Travelers in Africa, In the Arctic Seas, Children's Bible Stories.
Lady of the Lake, Memorable Scenes In French History, Frontier Life,
Dairing Deeds of American Heroes, Thrilling Adventures on Land and
Sea, Modern Story Teller, Christmas Stories, Sea and Shore, Life of Na
poleon, George Washington, Daniel Boone, David Crockett, Henry Clay,
Andrew Jackson, Old Curiosity Shop and reprinted pieces, Barnaby
Rudge and Hard Times, Bleak House, Little Dorrit, Dombey & Son, Un
derground City. Tour of the World in Elcrhtv Da vs. At thn North Pnl.
Desert of Ice, Wreck of the Chancellor, Christmas books, uncommercial
traveleres and additional Christmas stories. Tale of Two Cities and Great
Expectation, Our Mutual Friend, Edwin Drood, Sketches, Master Hum
phreys' Clock, etc.. Three in Norwav. Jane Evre. T.uefln. Annprsnn'a
Qriry Tales, Handy Andy, Three Guardsmen, Tom Brown at Oxford,
LZast Lynue, John Halifax, Gentleman, The Last of the Mohicans, Adam
xeue xiuimavs Bl iUe grange, Tennyson's .roems, idyls or the King, Par
adise Lost, Hold the Fort, Evenings with Moody and Sankey,
A Batchelor's Blunder, A Cardinal Sin. Adam Bede, A Lucky Young
Woman, A Fallen Idol, Anno Grey, Anderson's Fairy Tales, American
Chesterfield, American Notes, As In a Looking Glass, A Trooper's Adven
ture, A Tale of Three Lions, A Wicked Girl, Arnold's Poems, Bag of
Diamonds, Baptized with a Curse, Beotous Bargain, Biographical Sketch
es, Bound by a Spell, Book of Songs and Ballads, Betsy Jane Ward,
Barnaby Rudge, Boy Conqueror, Boys' Own Book of Indoor, Boys' Own
Book of Outdoor, British .Female Poets, Browning Mrs., Poems, By
Woman's Wit, Calhoun, J. C, Life of, California History, Campbell's
Poetical Works. Carl Bartlet. a storv for hnva. OhhiPCA fintvi ?rv.i
Speaker, Course of Creation. Court and Times of George the 4th, Charlotte
lAnnuT?mii,GU?r.easy's:Battles:Dawntr)ombey and Son, DicKen's
Child's England, Dicken's Christmas Stories, Dicken's Character, Sketch
es, Doctor Cupid, Dr. Jekell and Mr.' Yade, Dodd's Beauties of Shake-
Bi.-ro, jjick ueveiey, iJUKe's secret, Jiconemical Cook Book, Elliot.
George, Poems, Elizabeth, the Exiles of Siberia, English History a storv
for bOVS. Ellmnp. TCvll n.mllia l?vnlnrH,.,0 on,l A, li;l.. ....... TX.1.I- T.-,.'
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rints of Fate.
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leal Works, Good Measure, Grade Goodwin. ' '
Only 700 volumes in stock, very few duplicates. Send your orders in
98 State Street.
Crockery and !
With specialties In
Valerian Cliiaa Tea Sets,
French China Dinner Seta.
Buckingham Pattern
Of which wo constantly keep a, full line
and open stock, enabling us to make up
Dinner and Tea sets of any size, or dell by
the slDgle piece. The finest assortment o
Ever shown In Salem. .
Ot tho latest faud handsomest patterns la i
Glassware. " l"
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201 Commercial. Street
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Sold by all driiKKlt,
Return of the Favorites
Chicago Coincdy Company
Iu an cntln'ly new reportoire.
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.Lady Audley'n bee-ret
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..The UUmoud Mystery
-ivong birme
.Every body's Friend
A fruitful opuortuiiity Isolleivd, Nkw Aitittv;
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other inilU, ufsllaJWrlBht'. I T, (.'. Hinlth's, 00 State street.
loot I n g authors' manuscripts aud
the letters ofgivat .men. Philadel
phia Republican.
Joe Jefll'rson, the artist, encroach
es ou thotiuioofJelVerson, the actor.
Mr, GhuUtouu chops down trees,
while lllmuaruk prvfra beltxer wter,
Absolutely Pure.
This powder never varies. A marvel ot
purity, KttviiKth and wholcnomenes. More
economical lhau the ordinary kinds, and
ninnot Ix) Mild in conipeUtlon with thu
multitude oflovr tent, short welKbt alum or
hopliate lHiwders. Bold only In cans.
IwU M. Johuwm ft Co., Agents, Port
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Just Received
At Charles Calvert illlllneo' Ils'fMsrfone'
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brouht to Balrm. All good I are of the
latent design and have been brought direct
from the Millinery Ecaporlunw of Ban
The ladles of s4eiu HBdMlwiDdlng
country are lBVV,to call fHLt this
um oj mnnt.
Meeks & Minton
Have received and answered over
One Thousand Letters of Inquiry
SINCE JUNE 17, '89
Salem Co-Operative Association
M ii
Choice Groceries I
In White Granite'y Decorated Ware,
Glassware, etc, See onretockand price
Has Just received' a new line of' the latent
style of hanging lonjps which will he bow
at the 'most reasonublo rates. We also
carry a full line of Groceries, Feed, Cigar,
No charges, no commission, unless wo
-- vi'.J
201 Commercial street, ojijioslte Po..tofflce.
Salem, Or., direct iiiijorters of
Japanese and Chinese Curiosities,
And novelties as well as fine porcelain Chl
naware. Uloksnnie. KntBtimu n..., r..":
V"?;1!"88 5ilk rePe 6am! Kmbrolderiw.'
Crockery and Glassware f
Don't fall to sample our new line of con
lectioncry. No. 226 Commercial StrecCaa.lem, Oregon,
Chas. Pugh, Proprietdr..
1hvvybu, luwwMmimw; j
catling. Fine Tea, etc. Country ordew
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Two good upright pianos for reut, aUo a
flrt Class omin fnrknlit -lia.i. r.. ... ..
on the InstalTment plan. For Informntlon
"jwirou Tuweor i-urviu at the Corner.
r)-ofmuicorutliU residence. 8-l6-)m
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iJlW ' iV.
A,T,t tf&Sk-
A complete line always In stock.,
M f slock is bought new and for cash, Mb
fording me the opportunity to sell at tM
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'The best and lausstjrnprovea machinery
always oa hand. r - ,.
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