Evening capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1888-1893, August 03, 1889, Image 4

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One ye nr by mall.. ..two
Hlx month by mull....... .- 2 fio
Three months by mall . ........ 1 2.1
Per week, delivered by carrier...... 15
Ono car by mull.. ....-..
Hlx month by mnll
One your. Ifiuld In advance
Hlx months, If lld In advance..
1 S)
1 0 i
"For advertising rates apply at thin ofllce
who do not secure tbclr paper regularly
will notify this olllcc, giving address, and
tho matter will be nttende'd to at once.
Office, corner Court andjLlberty HtrectH
A Oolilen Opportunity.
To bo euro vou will wish to hear
from Salem every day while you are
nt the neap iile or lu tilts inouiitnuiH
and If you wll leave you roVder here
tlio daily Capital Jouknal will
be furnished you at ouly 11 fly ent
per month. Jlemember this and
before Hturtlng to the coast leave
your order.
At ii Hmruicr Itcnort.
Seenu Yaqulua Hay.
Time Arrival of hU ainer Klchurd
won at Newport.
I'usHengerrt are hurrying U) and
fro, eager to land. In his hurry one
man shoulders his tent and, grip in
hand, starts for the gang planlt,
when the Captain forcibly detain
him to extort an additional two bits
for tho privilege of landing his bag
gage. The pleasure seeker imtuially
objects, and while unwinding- his
wallet, by way of Information, nskf
of the Captain tho time of day and
course of the wind. That w rthy
makes reply, at the same time say
ing: "four bits." Again the stranger
rebels, but Is informed that ho must
piyforthe time the Captain de
voted to him In conversation. And
of such lstlefatoof the tourist at
tho Hay.
Wlui 'limy Arc,
Considerable interest Is being
taken In tho young culprits now in
tho county Jail with gloomy pros
pects before them, on account of
their rash act in tampering with a
Hwltch that caused tho loss of a hu
man life, says thu Democrat. Tho
Itolfo bovs aro sons of J. A. Itolfe of
Sweet Home. Fred Is twenty-two
years of ago and was married about
a mouth ago; Herbert, tho princi
pal criminal in the matter, isslxtewn
years of ago. Their father says Her
bert Is a good boy and tho pride of
his mother. Hill claims to bo from
Astoria. Ho Is about twenty-four
years of age, and many think he
was most to blame. Tho three to
gether being lu thu same boat stand
u good chance of sinking or swim
ming together.
Why Not ii Taper Mill,
Farmers complain of having to
bundle too much straw with their
grain. And when it is considered
that nothing makes liutter paper
than straw, the (jostlon arises why
would not a paper mill bo a paying
investment lu Salem? Tons upon
tons of wrapping and tho co.irsor
grades of paper are used In tho val
ley every day, and thorn Is no mill
lu this region. 'Huoli au enterprise
would bo an assured success, and
no better location for such a mill
could bo found than right hero lu
" '
A Colin lileurn,
Many years ago, at his home lu
New Uedfoid, Mass., Wash. Sthnp
son, who has made Salem his homo
for a number of years, heard tho
wonderful story of Mr. Holden's
captivity and suffering among the
barbarous Islanders. Upon his ar
rival In Salem at au early day he
chanced to hear Mr. Holden narrat
ing his story and ho then know he
was In tho presence of the hero of
thu Massachusetts tale. .Mr. Sthnp
.sou is now nailing the story as nuli
lishcd In thu JnriiNAi, and finds it
deeply Interesting.
An Attromimlriil DUcoivr),
A new star has been discovered lu
thu firmament. It was seen last
nlghl by parties at liutt'ktudouc-c,
and was located lu tho northcaat
heaven and appeared to bo nearly
uIk)vu Salem. Tho discovery sovins
to bo of a star of thu second magni
tude which Is of a peculiarly bright
hue. Thosu who saw it wonder what
It could have boon; as (ho twltik-
ler varied Its position by it few de
gree while tho discoverers watched
it. Tho same sight was witnessed
on Thursday evening, by parties In
Halvm who loouto It to tho northeast.
Wheat Coining In,
Fanners aro beginning to bring
their wheat to the mill. About i'y
(KM bushels per day ore now being
brought lu and the pricv lias ml
vancvd ono ivnl per buxhii, It Is
now bought at ttt cents, ThU Is
a hotter prio than has been tnitl for
mouths and Indications now are
that tho list will continue.
N nl i lllirr.
The 'Ihrvo Sister arrived this I
morning from 1'ortlaud and went on
up tho river. Shu brought a good
lotul ofKi'iu.nil fU'lKlu, una muiio noon t;niuti to Irwlu S. liivrniul' Portjamli galjfij unit nthw jwJaU, " vrisui-l it'b
Koodtluw In jilte ot the low Mk .MI Belle Url, both of Marlon In comiunywltli tfirItiHmlv, ijvinanViui.
Venter. U"ty. ,'wwnvWn; ' ' " " ' .?jfSSg!5f
July Weather Report.
During July, 1889, there was no
rain. There were 10 clear, 1 fair and
2 cloudy nnd 5 smoky days. Tho
highest temperature for the mouth
was 01 on the 10th; tho lowest tem
perature for the month was 6(5 on
the 1st; mean temperature for the
month 00.0. The average mean
temperature for July in twenty
years Is Co.-!0. The. average precipi
tation for the month in the same
time Is .45 Inches. Tho difference
in the averago precipitation since
Jan 1 Is 1J.30 inches. The prevail
ing winds for the mouth were from
the north during 27 days, south
4 days. T. Peakck.
Eoi.a, Aug. 1, 1889.
Albany anil Astoria Hurveyor.
The Sheridan Courier says: "The
surveying party of the Albany &
Astoria railroad company arc run
ning lines In different directions
from here, to And a practical route
through the mountains to the
coust. As Is usually the case,
no definite information could be
obtained from tho .engineer,
but In answer to tho ques
tion whether Sheridan would get
the road, ho said: 'J can't tell what
may occur, but It seems to mo that
the indications are favorable for the
road to strike somewhere in tills
vicinity.' H states that the route
between here and Albany Is an ex
cellent one."
Ihn Stanley Propel ty hold.
This afternoon F. Levy, executor
of the estate of James Stanley, de
ceased, disposed of tho Stanley farm
at public sale. This farm consists
of,'l!20 acres and lies cast of tho asy
lum. The property was bid In by
P.J. D'Aicy,for tho state of Oregon,
ut HI per aero ami it is understood
tlie same will be converted to tho
use of the asylum, and as there is
considerable of it, tho reform school
may bo located there. This is the
same tract that was sold at public
silo a few weeks ago to Itreyman
Uros. at $.3.r, but which salo Judge
Shaw would not accept and ordered
it to bo re-sold. It Is quite certain
the present sale will stand approved.
A JHImiiiiiiiigt'il Pintnllleii.
Tills writer knows from personal
experience that tho postofllco at
Newport Is badly mismanaged
perhaps as badly as any in tho great
state. Complaint is general among
tho strangers there. Asido from be
ing inaccurate, hois cross, and un
accominodating. Iihrors lie may
make, but his snapping replies to
Inquiries and his failure to give out
mail when called for can bo assigned
to nothing but wilfulness in one
case and carelessness in tho other.
Iluriott imil (iruln Hunting.
Harvest Is rapidly passing by and
farmers have begun hauling wheat to
the mills. On Salem lmurio a large
amount of threshing has al
ready been done, and there
aro a few crops that aro not
cut and the farmers report them ro
ripe that tho grain shatters out.
Polk county's harvest is rapidly
passing and harvest will be through
early this year.
Coming to Salem,
The MoMinnvlllo Reporter says:
Thefjrmof Bishop A- Kay has dis
solved, Chas. Bishop retiring. Mr.
Bishop lias long lieeu Identified
with tho business Interest of the city
and has at all times proven himself
a reliable, eoucleutious business
man, and wo regret to learn that ho
will make his homo In Salem, mov
ing from hero about Christmas, un
til which tlmo he will clerk In tho
Tillering lh i'lly Wiitur.
The pile driver v. Ill bo ready In a
few days, when tho workmen will
commence driving piles around tho
suction of tho Salem water company
In tho river. They w ill put one row
of piles around thu suction and
about ton foot from this, they will
place another row. Between those
rows of piles they will place gravel
and charcoal. This will servo as a
filter and add much to the purity of
tho water.
Muro Nuiv lloiita.
Several of thu river boats of tho
0. 11. A N. aro so old and their hulls
so much rotted that they will have
to bu laid on the shelf by next sea
son. Thu Occident is one and the
Champion another. Those aro both
upper river boats aud It Is not tin-
prolmblo new voels will lw built
to take their places.
Nut Much Danger.
The water works jit Salem aro to
have a ten million gallon pump. If
It should burst homu day (hero
would boa Johnstown at tho Capi
tal, Albany thinks It U "oonio
punUhis" with a two million gallon
pump. Democrat.
Sold at MierltTs Sal.
J j) thu matter of sate of thu Davis
proiwrtv ! SliorilfB Mlo thin After.!
noon, tho limil wsj IkmiIU tty J.
Itatrlii'llor for JiiSO. i
Tim Miiitui Kut. .
A itmrrltvs) Ikvnee was thh nftuf '
racking Hummer Fruit.
Squire Farrar & Co. will begin i
packing fruit nt their wareheuse:
in this city next Monday for ship
ment. This firm packs every year
nnd sends some flue fruit east. The
Uartlctte pear Is ready for packing
and there will baagoodcropofthem.
The yield in fruit this year will be
large. The evaporators also will
soon start up.
Ho I'or Yaqulna
The following were passengers for
Yaqulna on the morning train: T.
B. Walt, Mrs. Knte Frazier, J. G.
Wright and wife, Mies Ada Urey
man, II. B. Holland, S. W. Church
and wife, Miss Lena Nubcrt, Mrs.
H. Ellis, Mrs.SIattcn.WileyMoores,
Jno. B. Phillips, C. A. Itobert, Dr.
Cuslck, "W. E. Burk, Frank Baker,
Miss Francis Jones, Mrs. John
West nnd Miss Oiblctt.
Cleneral Odell Is in the city after
a visit in Portland.
Hal Patton returned home from
Yaquinn this afternoon.
Richard Dearborn is able to be
around after a few weeks sickness.
Prof. E. B. McElroy returned
home this morning from up the
Miss Halite Parrish went to
Chcniawa this morning on a brief
F. J. Strnycr returned home
this afternoon, from Southern Ore
gon. Wm. Brown returned homo
from his trip to Yaquina, this after
Mr. Brodie and family returned
to their home in Poitland this
Tho Misses McNaiy returned
homo this morning from their Ya
qulna trip.
Mrs. Frank Cooper returned
homo from Stayton on the after
noon train.
Mrs. Biisto returned to her
home at Chcmawa this morning
after a few days' visit in the city.
Q. O. Bingham and wife return
ed home last evening, after a Tew
days spent on the Nestucca beach.
Mrs. Judge McConnell and
.daughter of Fargo, Dakota, are in
thu city, visiting at tho residence of
Mrs. K. N. Cook.
Mrs. J. D. McCully has arrived
safely at Joseph. Mr. McCully is en
gaged in business there and she has
gone to Join him.
E. C. Wright arrived In
this city tills morning from
Roodhouse, 111. Mrs. Wright a sis
ter of J. L. Mitchell of this city.
Miss Oer'trudo Bryant of Bea
vervillo left this afternoon for Port-
laud. Miss Bryant has been visit
ing in this city for some time past,
John II. Smith of Astorl.ii was
to-day appointed notary public.
Independence is putting on
metropolitan airs and will open up a
new saloon Monday.
James G. Clark, who is to favor
Salem with his preenco next week,
Is tho author of some of the most
beautiful poems in (lie Kuglish lan
guage. Foil Sam:. Tho new cottage of
F. T. Monroe on Church street is
for sale. For particulars apply on
tho promises opposite tho M. K.
church. By buying of tlrst hands
tho agent's commission is saved.
C. CI. Royal, while engaged In
working ou thu jetty at Newport,
Tuesday, had the misfortune to fall
a distance of twenty-three feet. Ho
received severe Injuries, causing him
to be paralyzed from thu waist
down. His recovery is doubtful.
The wreckers arrived at New
port from San Francisco Thursday
and' they will proceed at once to
blow away the old wreck of the Ya
qulna Bay with dynamite.
The Oregon land company aro
having u well sunk In the ever pop
ular Highland park aud plonstiro re
sort. A well of good water there
will bu a groat convenience and of
Incstlmnblo value to the public.
It Is Indeed pleasurable to deal
with a reliable husiucis house. That
Is thu general verdict of those w ho
purchase their groceries, etc., of jho
uld'CKt.thllslieil and woll-ntocked
grocery hou-eof Squlro Karr.tr A Co.
They have all goods lu their line
fresh aud pure, tf.
Painless dental operation nt Dr.
T. C. Smith's, V2 State treot.
-At Corvallls this fall au effort
will he niado to haw the kinder- j
gartcn made a part of the public'
school. A voto will have to ho tukvn i
before this can lie done.' j
Epicurean tea, plnt, oils, j
varultih, window glass and ti flue
mu Kwucnii Kiwenw hi i.iiiwi
Jttcrs-oiK. tf.
The flret tni!n ua the Orsn
California, nunl arrival In Altrtu.v
J JW0 ikiltvk, p. m., lVwmiirMh,
1S70. TJirw liiinlfwt ro)ft fha
Jt Is estimated that 12,000,000 grain
bags will be used In harvesting thin
year's crop In Oregon.
1 1 Is no longer a question of doubt
that u gang of counterfeiters is at
work hi Oregon. The country Is
nflllcted with tho presence of a lot of
men of questionable reputation, and
many bogus twenty-five cent and
half dollar silver pieces nd &5 gold
coins have been put in circulation.
The.McMInnvHlc Reporter has It
from headquarters that the Astoria
road will not come farther south
than Forest Grove In crossing into
tho valley; that it will connect with
the P. & W. V. (narrow gauge) nt
Dundee, and have its Portlaud
depot at the foot of Jcirerson street.
A party of engineers arc at present
In the field surveying for a railroad
from Eugene to the Siuslaw country ,
und before another year has elapsed
construction will be well under way
on this line. Thu Siuslaw harbor
has just been surveyed and proved
most satisfactory and the engineer
In charge will recommend a liberal
appropriation by congress to im
prove it.
It is the opinion of the state board
of horticulture that tills mo&t de
structive enemy of not ouly the
fruit, but the ornamental aud forest
trees as well, tlieSau Jose scale, has
secured a hold lu some of the or
chards in Southern Oregon, and it
is feared that it will be found in
other parts of the state. Careful in
quiry, from parties with whom the
scale Is found, develops the fact that
they have been brought into Oregon
on trees shipped from California.
The Portland Mercury has tho fol fel fol
eowing: Tho question of establish
ing a dully Democratic paper in this
city is again being agitated. It has
been understood for several mouths
past that young Mr. Hearst, propri
etor of til San Francisco Examiner,
has signified his willingness to pub
lish a lirst-class daily in Portland,
provided a reasonable subsidy was
raised by the people to show that
they were in earnest about the mat
ter. If "Mr. Hearst were interesteo.
in a paper here, lie would spend half
a million to make it a success.
A Conundrum.
A young man seated at dinner,
tho other day, said to his wife:
"Ellen, if you are good at guess
ing, here is ti conundrum for yeu: If
the devil should loso his tail where
would he go to get another one?"
Aftersome time spent in guessing,
she gave It up.
".Well," said ho, "where they re
tail spirits."
Eager to get it off, she hastened to
n lady friend with:
"Oh. Marian, I have such a nice
conundrum! Joe just told me of it.
I know you can't guess it. If the
devil should lose his tall, where
would ho go to get unother one?"
Her friend Marian having given
it up she said:
"Wheio they sell liquor by tho
Marian didn't see the point of the
Early In tlio Field.
A theatrical manager was one of
tho first persons to visit Okluhoma,
expecting to establish houses in the
new towns of Guthrie and King
fisher. Ho found tlio towns had
grown In a day from nothing io
fifteen thousand inhabitants, with
but few of tlio necessaries and none
of tlio conveniences. He at once
built houses to fill, or rather, re
lievo his great want, and, being
eminently fitted to conduct them,
was sure of success. Ten cents ad
nttcsloii was charged, tho tako was
very large; but on tho third day tho
people demanded a reduction of
rates, allowing at least three for a
quarter. This being refused, the
population roo as onijnan and ex
pelled him from tho country.
Police Judge "State how the
trouble originated." Accused "Wo
wus holdlu' a debatln' society and I
had the tloor aud he called me a
liar." Judge "What followed?"
AeciiHHl "From that time until wo
were anostod we both had tho tloor."
MnkiM the llcn of many people mUorable,
uml ortoii KmiU to fctlfrlcotructln. We
know of no remedy for d periila
tlnui lliHHt'n S.irNtparlll:t. It nets gently,
) et surely iiud elUrleutly, tones the stom
ach mid other organ, remove the fulut
feeling, oreatesu good uripotlte, curva head
none, and rcfrfthe the burdened mind.
(ile IUhhI'h SarNirmrlllu a fair trial. I
wilt do on glHHl
To-morrow belnjr August 4th
thocoloreil jHHiplo will generally cel
ebrate tho declaration of tho procla
mation of emancipation by Abr.i
ham Lincoln.
I a KtMt attraction for u restaurant.
Tho coilcedruwu from Hcllenbrand' Pat
ent Coffee receptacle U one of tho many
Onxit Attructlou Of til fitting parlor.
ThoiiyAiUiorciirwof hi excellent code
nrolaewr) week. And nt fur oj:i'r
and iiimU lie lannot bo eqiulrd lu the
Vile. If.
' ' O ii i
A sn o tuikt tike 1 um mt Inferior inn
trirkv. rluNi ilyrrli tooth oaii eh
htUUIlflll u l.il.t lttli unit tuilt lirtli
Sold by nil u,uflM,
Cron Curt) uncxiuttle dfar
ehroulcicoutlu and cold, mid
M i nir, i',nx. rm
This new plat just puton the market Is the most desirable nowofTcred
in Salem for building lots. They have no equal. The whole plat is In a
fine state of cultivation, seeded In clover, with a good turf. No grubs, no
stumps, no rocks or gn vel, soil good, elevated and level, has n fine view of
the city, surrounding country, the mountain ranges nnd snow-capped
peaks. Pure cold well -water. Is twelve blocks south of the Chemeketc
hotel and postofllco blocks. These lots aro ofTcred by Jones & "Watson ou
Installments, one-tenth cash and one-tenth in quarter yearly payments
without interest until paid. These lots are now actually worth in cash
more than the prices named for them on long time without interest. Sev
eral lots have already been sold on which fine residences will he erected,
and a number more have been optioned. If you want one or more lots
call on JONES & WATSON, wh j will show you the plat and the lots.
Corner State and
Specialties in Table Luxuries,
Pine Tea, and Coffee, Creamery
Butter, Cream Cheese, etc.
Remember the-
m i s
Success in Business requires preparation I Therefore, thoroughly master
Commercial Arithmetic, Business Penmanship and Business Correspon
dence, Book-keeping by both Single and Double Entry, the nature and
correct use of Commercial Papers, Commercial Law and Business practice.
Learn, nlso, Shorthand aud Typewriting. Manifold, aud Dictation work.
All these are needed In business, nnd are thoroughly taught by exper
ienced teachers at the SALEM BUSINESS COLLEGE
Griswold's Block, Salem, Oregon.
lAtok out for JohS by Fire during tho hot
In tho lMcltloof Portland, Queen of 'Liv
erpool, Northern of London, the Germrt
nla or tho llumburg-..nKcleburg Klro In-
Biinuii-i'miiiiHiuies, representing minions
of dollars pjld up capital.
t (iraauMtcs .Students in
Classical, Literary, Scientific,
Normal, Business, Law,
It 1 the oldest, largest and least expen
the Institution of learning In the North
net. Hehool opens tlrst Monday In September
Sen d for catalogue to
. lreldeut.
Salem, Oregon.
"MIm Itmwn would b a charming elrL" ,
Insure Against Loss
I heard ayouug man say,
'Ifkhehadagood complexion and the' "
spots would go away; J
Hut they spoil her looks completely." If Houk nml CarriaM Palntlm?
Mis.lirown would only take .Sign writlnjr. Paiicr hanginK ami
Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical DUeovery litwratitlg, Wall tinttntr anil ka -
what a happy change 'twould make, "soillllllng Cxev'UteU hi the Utit
It would drho out all the humors from ftyle. l
her blood and make It pure,
Andw u! wUT compUlntU ot dl" . Experienced, Workmen Employed.
Thu medicine u the great puruier or the Satisfaction Guaranteed,
tlood, aod dUflgurlng eruption, 'and , " Call anil w ti- boon von lot vnnr
Wotehea wtllpwnTmBlihwneoUlsuMd work. ""NOUr
Liberty Streets, Salem.
Place and Call.
Then..a depressed languid feeling, los
ot appetite nnd complexion. Now restor
ed to perfect health nnd vigor by Wright's
Hop Celery nnd Chnmomllo Hitters. Sold
by II. W. Cox.
A Life Preserver Wright's Blackberry
Cordial. Keep it In the liouso for cholera
infantum, dysentery nnd summer disease.
Sold by nil druggists.
I Fire nnd Ma
Salem, Oregon
JOS. ALBEItT, Agent, -
For Bargains
Family Groceries Provisions, Fruits Etc..
Commercial Street, Salem, Or
Country produce of nil kinds nlwnys on
hand. If j ou have not trnded with mo be
fore, 1 respectfully solicit u trial believing
I can suit you both in prices and quality
.51 MarketsUSan Kranclsco
Admission a cents.
Gonnd learn how to avoid
disease. Consultation nmi
treatment personally or by
letter,. on biiermalerrhn.i
orgeulUil weakness, and all
book. I'rtvnte otllce 211
Consultation free.
Geary street.
Paint Shop
No. 1254 j Commercial St.
dim Ul(l
With specialties In
Valerian China Tea Scfs,
French China Dinner Sef&
Buckingham Pattern
Of which wo constantly keep a full lino
nnd open stock, enabling us to make ut
Dinner nnd Ten sets of nny size, or sell hv
the Bluglc piece. The finest assortment 6
Ever shown In Salem.
Ot thelntct nnd hnndsomest patterns In
Glassware. ,
0-Plcae cnll nnd examine our stock.
201 Commercial Street,
Salem, Oregon, have received direct
Tho Finest Line of
which will bo sold at
Prices and Terms to Suit All!
These goods "are flrst-elnss nnd as their
stock Is very huge u person can And what
they may wfsh. Their wnrehouse on 8tato
street Is comnlctelv filled, and thev have
another enr load en route now. Lookout
lortnem; something line
Only Genuine System of Memory Training
Four Books Learned in one reading.
Mind wandering cured.
Every child and adult greatly benefited.
Great Inducements to correspondence
Prospectus, with opinions of Dr. Wm. A.
Hammond, the world-famed Specialist in
Mind Diseases, Daniel Gieonleaf Thomp.
son, the crreat Psychologist, J.M.Buckly
5,,TCl'ltor of tno Christian Advocate
. Y,, Itichard Pro -tor, tho scientist, Hons.
w . . Astor, Judah 1. Ilenjnman, and
others, sent post free by
I'rof. A. LOISCTTK, 237 I'lfty Ave., NY
Je-13-S9. dw
Uments In the State.
Lower rates than
l-nnrftat Cttr Tjm.l IllnMlf. Iw
thehtntc.n'd biggest discount. Send Mr
price list of job printing, nnd catalogue ol
legal blanks. ft. ji. WAITE,
Steam Printer Sa'em Oregon.
1 7
Havo moved to 47
,w.e,heare now TeadT tor work. All
our old patrons and friends nre Invited to
call aud Eee us In our new location. We
2fL K.!tc,r PrePwl tor work now than
eerhalng secured mure room. 10-1-tf.
nt(H iO Cnn riMtAt
." smith, has removed nls shop to
M,rnc.f Cmnerctal and Cheniekete
?verind1I,niliino.w llrcPared better than
.?&.?? ''.''ti'i'l' "flagon and carriage
i ;.i7 . S.""" Vi"a,ne; a kinds of blact
"mains and repairing, nnd a irenaral
,rL,'"?e,ng business. Hehasafi kinds
Here They Are
scrber poll
l"l l TV ATT T
' atTantiAV; ;.r..Jr "V'emino manner, special
' orH Sn,VIVS1lfn to ,u.'? construction ofwag-,SmJiSdS?rfiafw-
"emember the placo
oppoithtnte Imuranee building.
,"? I Ullj BMn. II.. U Uliwil
tM4My. x,MWHl4Ml5Ail