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    f0mwimKmum?m .,
Capital Journal Publishing Company.
Kntercd at the postofllco at Halem,Or.,a
necond-clftM mutter.
Seo fourtli page for terms of subscrlp-
1 Advertisement to Insure Insertion (for
the wtme dny) should lie handed In by I
Correspondence conlnlnlne now; of In
tercut and Importance 1h desired Irom all
part" of tho stale.
No attention will be paid to anonymous
"KSSfiiaiilri the CAI'ITAI. JOURNAI.
nerved niiiicir lions ram "-";1! "i ?'
i mrii rfMimvt. or bv word leu at tn
ial card request, or by word left at
Hneclmcn numbers i!iit freeonappllcn-
Ofiic, corner Court and Liberty Streets.
TiTk telegraph iiiinoiineeH tlmt at
KIlenHbunr (i few diiyH niro a uuh well
was Hcr.oiisly Mint l.V a body of
workin-n who wuso Heiireinuj,' r
black tllnniomR
Amohninh PV" I .Ualottft be
cnUHO ihi JoUHNAii advotaU'H the
mntnr line. You wont niiiko any
thing by railing people fool during
your little ruge. Keep e.iol. hcuii
logo'H advice to Othello.
ogofHtlcal that people are fools
"unwise" utiles they uK it wnai
thev rIiiiII nay anil when they t-hall
hiiv It. Pull', itnll"! What next?
Squelch 'em, we HtippoHc. The re
portcrHofthatHhei.'t would bent read
Top'n FahleH.
Thk Idea of nuvur Milling the
lands of Wellington, but keeping
them awn perputunl fund lor com
mon hoIiooIh, groWH Upon the pop
ular mind rntildlv. and It Ih now
qulto certain that a nyHtein of leaw
Ing lands will be adopted and kt-
Thk newnpajn-r In properly the
dally norinonl.eH as well as gossip
and Informer. It advises and re
proves and ought to do no. Not
that the writer thinks hhnwlf or
herself exempt from the very faults
denounced by the paper any more
than the preacher assumes he Is
any better than other sinners,
"(iod holp and bless us all my dear
hearers," said a good old reverend.
"I need this sermon as much as any
of you," and ho went on preaching
to himself as well as to the rest.
And the true news-writer as well as
tho true preacher addresses himself
on all occasions, especially when
delivering homlletlcs.
Till'! Dallas Itcmier Insists that
the fanners of that county shall
assist In the construction of a rail
road from Halein to Dallas and to
the heavy body of timber that lies
In the Coast rmigo to the west of
that town. No doubt this Is a good
scheme for Dallas, and the country
now needs such roads to develop
local resources. The time hasconiu
when lumber Is high and timber be
coming scarce. The IhH of llr that
bordered the streams and occupied
prairie stretches, arc used up and
thu supply for the future must come
from tho mountains where It U
seemlsgly Inexhaustible. While It
may not be advlsublu for farmers to
tnko stock In great corporatlons,lt Is
to their pemoiml Interest to develop
thu resources of their Immediate
neighborhoods and they should aid
home enterprlM's of that nature, says
the Oregonlau.
You lmvo troubles, your feelings
are Injured, your himbaud Is unkind,
your wife frets, your friends do not
treat you fairly, and things In gen
eral move unpleasantly--well, what
of UV Keep It to yourself, A smoul
dering tire can b found and extin
guished; but when coals are scatter
ed you can't plok them uii. Ilury
your sorrow. Tho place for sad
things and disgusting tiling W un
derground. A cut linger will not bo
boiK'lltted by pulling oil' the plaster
and oxxwlng It to everybody's eyes.
Charity eovereth a multitude of sins.
Thing thus covered arw cured with
out a war; but ouco published and
coutlduil to meddling friends, there
is no end to the trouble they may
cause. Troubles are transient and
when a borrow Is honied what a com
fort It Is t say: "No one ever know
It till It was oyer."
thk vtoiti.it-UANtit'Aiii:.
Hardly any phllusophlo linguist,
dejhmau philosopher, attempts to
forevaat the future without Munodls
cuaslounf tho dtstlny of KuglUh;
and Do Caudollo calculate-, tint
within UK) yarn KuglUh will be
upokon by 80o,tiX,0V of men. At
present thupopulatlous,olllur poak
lug thu EnglUlt language, or under
tho domination of Kugllsh-spcitkliig
people, liumhcr inoiv ih.iu SIs.vMS,.
000, or one-fourth th Hpulutlui of
tho globe. Tho KugllidiiiMwIiiii,,
raw occupy one-fourth of the dr,
laud of tho earth, and own nitri..
two-thlrxlsof the touuuge of ship
They live in alt rvgl"iKthcy handle
all articles of tntde; l Ik pleach tj
hII nation; they couiiiisiml onchulf
ufthe world V gold and r-llver, and
distribute more than two-thirds of
the bibles and testaments. More
(linn nnciinlf of tlin letters mailed
and carried by postal service, of the '
...1 ... .i .1
by tho Engludl-Hpcaklng population.
i -r
fjurcly nothing in Pandora's box
could equal tho concoction recently
Invented and known am the elixir or
life. And despite the sarcasms, gen
eral and professional, with which
tho recent experiment made by
Brown Bequard were greeted, there
Hccms to be, after all, some eflicacy
in tiie ugly elixir vibe Invented by
tho aged and respected physiologist.
A young physician, Dr. Varlot, who
has already been successful in re
moving tattoo marks from the skins
of several civilized savages, has been
induced to test the eflicacy ot the
"life mixture." He pestled together
portions of the flesh tissues of rab
bits und and guinea pigs, diluted
them with water, and injected the
compound thus obtained Into the
bodies of the three paupers, aged re
spectively Til, 50 and 08. Tho men
had never heard of fieipiard's solu
tion, und were merely told that they
were to be injected with strengthen
ing fluid. Wo have Varlot's word
for it that his three patients, who,
iKjfore being subjected to the won
derful remedy were weak, worn,
emaciated and melancholy,suddenly
becamo strong, fresh and cheerful,
look new views of life, and, alto
gether, felt as If thev had receiv.-d a
now lease of existence. The experi
ments failed, however, on two other
subjects; but tho Indefatigable Varlot
Is not to be defeated, and he intends
to outiuue his trials, which, in
time, will be communicated In all
their precision of technical detail to
the biological society.
ft Didn't VVopk'wpll.
A Winnipeg correspondent tells of
a neighbor, one l-'armer Drown, who
is not well educated. Ills (laughter
li ih ntti'tidt'il a hoardlneschool. and
Intnl.. tlw.v rimnlviut In IlllVi. II lllirtV I
...l.J.J .v .....-..-.. ,
of tho neighboring farmers
mill I
their wives. Previous to thu party
hIio Instructed her father that when
speaking of anything, for fear of
oflendlng, hesbould add: "The pres
ent company always excepted."
Ho was late for dinner, so Jane In
vited the guests to begin operations.
"Why are you so lato papa?"
asked Jane.
"Tho Tact Is, Jane, I've been visit
nl' neighbor .Smith's pigs, and they
aro tho finest lot of of pigs I ever
seed, tho present company alius ex
cepted." With an Obvious Moral.
Ouco iii)on a Time a l.argo and
Haughty Kpoon met a Humble and
Three-pronged steel Fork on a Din
ner Table.
"What arc you doing here?" said
tho spoon with great Arrogance.
"Nothing to speak or," replied tho
Fork with exceeding Dlllldonco.
"Then you aro in no way llko My
self," continued tho Olllelous and
Haughty Spoon with a very largo
"No," said tho Fork sympathet
ically, "for I do not get Into tho
Thereupon tho Spoon was very
sorry It had traduced the Fork and
sadly and silently waited for the
first Course.
l,oiuloafi Ancient Wall.
Another portion of tho old city
wall by which London was sur
rounded has Just been brought to
light in the neighborhood of Lud
gate Hill. It stands at tho Juncture
of Little l$rldgo street, Pilgrim street
and tho Hroadway, very near an
other portion whloh was laid baro
and taken down about live or six
years since at tho corner of Little
Bridge street. If not actually of
Itoman construction, It Is largely
constructed of Itoman materials and
It prohably formed a part of a bas-
I tlou or tower at nn angle of tho
city wall. It Is about tou feet high
and twelve feet in length; Its depth
and thickness will bo scon when tho
adjoining wall Is romood, as will
shortly lo tho case.
A WIIIIru Mal.1.
"Darling," said a young clerk to
a pretty girl who.-o waNt his arm
onelrelo'l, "what do you think your
dear iapa would say If I wore- to ask
him for your hand'.'"
"I don't think he'd like It, Har
ry," she llHH'd.
".ii. h.'niihiii iiniuiv, mi m-
(bought ho Win Very iIoiim' with the1
' old uelltleinall. "WllV not?"
It.iMtiM. dear," she Miillisl, "he
, . , . , , ,. 1 .
WHUlilll'l want Ills only daughter
mutilated III tlmt Planner. Ask for(
all of III., Harry, and I VOlV vague!
. ..I
lV..l' I. . . ..I.I I.. .11. ....... ... I...
N.i.l. .'(.Ill V.lll'll L'l't lll IIIVIIV '
Harry g.tvo hor a MiueeAO that
made her think fho wuk onclrx'liM
ny .1 P.d.ir tn'ar, and kw her lather,
iif ditv, In a must MiCiVjfiil man-u.-i".
-i.e. In tho art doo) DUIii't tho
o'oi I. m,v, Jim, that them two people
on that l hoie pitcher wow I'aulaiul
Virginia" He I don't rvineiubor,
....... t
whether h Ndd VlrglnlR or,
Vet VlrKlilht,
"l'mifoInK west," a mere lad boasted,
Looking proudly at Ills friend,
"Gom west to make a fortune,'
You'l see mc rich sir In tliecni
i end.
- rmgoliiK west "n young man whispered,
.................. -j
"Oolnjf west to seek a fortun:!,
-inen my love .,.-,...
"I'm KOlng west to try my fortune
TheBpeakcroneln middle life
"Here I scareo can gain ubnlntence
For my children and my wife."
"I'm going west to mend my fortune,"
Hlghcd a man with lionry head
Tho' lire's winds are well nigh numbered,
And I'll soon idecp with the dead.
Westward hoi they all are going,
HstlcK youth and white-haired Hire,
Kindling, ever, where the Kunnct
Uathe tho earth with liquid Arc.
Austria docs not propose to be
caught napping, and has raised her
Infantry force to a war footing.
"How long do mosquitoes live?"
asks a correspondent. That de
pends a good deal on tho kind of a
fellow they light on,
At school Now my little dears,
can you tell me the plural of child?
Youngster (frantically raising his
hand) Yes, sir, I can. Twins.
What is more pathetic than to see
tho simple faith with which a bald
headed man will buy an infalllblo
hair restorative from a bald-headed
Mrs. Parvenu No I don't like
sea bathing. It always gets my
hair so wet. Mrs. Quieklyrich
Why don't you leave it in tho
dressing room?
Omaha parent Well, my son how
are yon getting on at college?
Omaha youth Just spleudldly.
I've only made one error In the
last three games.
Bride George, dear, when we
reach town let us try to avoid leav-
ing t ho Impress on that we are new -
ly married. A right. Maude; you j
cuii lug tho valise. j
Smith bay, Jones, your wile is a
I I....... ..! f I,,.,IUI..M
grauiuiiu ui vuaiui, mu iuv.
.. . ... - i... .
Yes rjinitn J low many tongues
Is she mistress of? Only one, but by
Judas that's a rustler!
A Kausai man paid ten dollars to
the fund to buy old John Brown's
rlllo for tho State Historical Associa
tion, and then mortgaged his team
to raise money to pay Ills taxes.
Typewriter agent 1 called to see
you hi reference to your lyposvrlter.
Would you exchange If you could
get some Improvements. Mer
chant I can't; I'm engaged to Her.
"What dlil you save from the fire
at the hotel?" was asked of a drum
mer. "Anytningoi value. -wen,
1 should sav so." with a wink. "I '
i saved paying a two viek board
All the people now living in the
world, say l,4r0,iKI0,iMK, could find
' standing room within the limits of a
Held 100 miles square. In a Held
200 miles square they could all tie
comfortably seated.
My dear sir, can't
you assume a more smiling counten-1
auco and tlirow oil tliat jaucu iookv naeisoi gracing uuius mipiiuii. 1 n
Rev. V. V. Helh.on-Takemo as , j Xy
am. 1 need a vacation this sum-1 lllR.0 M tho certfals ia abundance,
mer, and these pictures are for dls- the yield per acre being, in sonio in
tribution among my parishioners, 'stances, tho largest In the world.
, Among the useful and valuable pnnl-
A young woman said she was, uetsof the Web Foot Stato may be
born to be a farmer's wife because she , mentioned Oa-gou Kidney Tea,
1. I... , e . which has proved a boon to tliou-
o-igaged in milking when an infant, , mlUl U11ct,w, wUll pain iu tho baCk
aud took to cradling early. Later, un,i ;Iduev dilllcultles. It is purely
she often cut up and shocked her
parents and tilled her erlb. At an
early age she learned to sow, and
had cultivated her acquaintance
with a young agriculturist and as
sHUi as she placed her allectlons
she intended to "make hay while
tho sun was shining." This was too
much for an liuproslblo'tlllcr of the
soil, so he gathered her up Into his
arms and garnered he. Ex.
A ForCunato Druirulil. 1
Mr, Kdwtn W. J07 for mmjr jf r and now
pnproui druggltl on tho corner of Stockton
ud Muket trli tn Bui FrmrUco, probtblj
aw Jruifil of rivaling In vrcalth tho medl.
cine king of tho ixmulrj. l)ut tartoui rumor
haTlng own IloaUng uvtu.l to the effect tbat
lie bu (truck It bl(, an foimintr rviwrlcr
detailed to unearth the cause, and after lui'Ch
dlfacnltr unraveU-d the followlDj etorr
hrlclan, a great student of botany, located In,
thU city, lilt practice ai not citecalve, and
yet the few run that came to htm attracted no
little attention. Ilia anccrai aecmed to be In
the treatment of liver and kidney dlaorvten,
and vlUited blood. In fact hit ability to coie
with theae common compltlnta w marvetout
He rm.l almoet Infallible, and hit ante!
T til a. t aa iiilkila eit.l ktel a11 -V ift a4 vrm a
" .. M. .- -m., -, - - .
M much a myalery aa hlmaelf. Aftcrhl.de-
parture about a year later Mr. Joy determined
wf.lhom the eert, and copying all the pre.
criptiont h. hu mw i ib. doctct
he began a tyatemaUc asalyala. Ih hie eiam.
,nUon he diapered running all through the
rrcrlptloni for liver and kidney troubles,
vltiateu blood and stomach disorder a couiJe
if Bda.l.klaailMali ln.llK.nAna t, i 1 1 .trtil k
v " " . ..mv- ,v....-.-.
so simple and so well known under homely
every day ns nice to evtry school boy aa to en
tirely dissipate the saaptclon that they vere
the active principle Involved, So certain,
however was llr. Joy thai he bad discovered
the secret, that he eaj bodied the new elements
In a prrpareUoo of Rereapaillla to disguise the
Usle.andpot It before his customer under the
modest name of Joy's Vegetable Sarsaparilla.
Immediately the name marvelous storlM came
lack of It utonUhtng effects, and the mystery
was solved, and the talk It ha created has
Jt eusea it to step mw ,"&.
ar.4 v1h In .lallw fvallM atl Ask thai rrtkt
""- '7- IZLrLZ:. "ZZ
Aa4 thus sjiotan CkUferaUladatt7 lp laU
sjilee,-, f, Vifrr,
The Chief Itrnaon (or U10 great SB
tess of Hood's Sarsaparilla Is found In thl
article Itself. IMs merit that wins, and thl
fact that Hood's Sarsaparilla actually ac
complishes what Is claimed for It, Is what
bas glTcn to tills medicine a popularity and
lale greater than that of any otner saraapa.
I !..: 4. li:nl rllla or blood purl
Merit WlilS ner before the public.
Hood's Sarsaparilla cures Scrofola, Sail
Rheum and all Humors, Dyspepsia, Sic
Headache, Biliousness, overcomes Thai
Tired Feeling, creates an Appetite, strength
ins tho Nerves, builds up tho "Whole System
0ol'i Hnrunpnrilla Is sold by all dm
tlsts. Jt; six for S3. Prepared by C. I. Hoo
Co.. Apothecaries. Lowell. Mass.
Ono of tho severest cyclones ever
experienced visited a portion of the
West the other day, but no property
vas destroyed. Eastern men hold
such heavy mortgages on all the
farms In the neighborhood that tho
cyclone couldn't budge em.
It should be generally known that
Dr. Henley's Dandelion Tonic in
sures a hearty appetite and increased
digestion, dispels nervous depression
and low spirits, overcomes lack of
energy and wakefulness and will in
fuse new life and strength into tho
weakest invalid. Sold by I). "W.
U)e tmMe q
wlmt naUoimlItIe8 ttrc
C0M(IU(.ling K1ioons in Seattle. It is
fm1(i tbat out of ono bundled and
twenty-live license Issued previous
to tho fire, three-fifths of the num
ber are German, tho remainder be
ing made up from Swedes, Norwe
gians, and Irish, whlio there is ono
Scotchman, one Welshman and but
two or three Americans.
This is tlio season of the year
when the raw, cold winds create sad
bavoo with tho hands and complex
ion. Soft white hands and a clear
"neaehv" comnlexion can be as
suredly preserved oy
tho frequent
amilieation of Dutard's Specific. II
LO. 11
rubbed into tho skin well it
no trrensy suriaco.
The skin
p. win J
rbs it.
Sold by D. W. Matnows.
Do you realize, sir," said the
g-hahvil p.is-o:igor, "that there
is one who wo smd hear.-, all tliat
wo do, who cm wilvu our inmost
thoughts, and bei'i ru whom wo are
but crushed and bruNel worms?"
"(live us your hand, stranger," re
plied tho other, "1 know just how
you feel. I'm married uivself."
Oregon is one of tho most produc-
llo.i uKild In rlti. IT.itn.i Ttu VtlMt
,iuri ivuious contain uold. silver.
copper, iron, and coal, its iniineni J
of vegetable composition and never
falls. Sold by 1). W. Mathews.
Sydney Smith said of Maeauly:
"Ho Is a book Iu breeches. Hols
eertalnlv moro agreeable since his
return from India. Ills enemies
may have said before, though I nev
j or did so, that ho talked rather too
j much; but now ho has occasional
1 Hashes ot sllonco that makes his
I conversation perfectly delightful.
How's This?
We oiror 'One Hundred Dolliirs rowarA
for auy mso of oitnrrli tlmt cunnot Imi
ruml by taklnc UuU'h Catarrh Cure.
K J.Chi'tioy ACo.. proprietors, Toledo, O:
Wo, the uuderxlKiieil, lmvo known K. J,
I'lieaoy lor the Inst 1ft years, nutl believe
Mm ivrfivtly hoaomlile lu all bunlnrt.
Iriiit'ietlons and ttimnclallynblo to carry
nit any olill-atloim timito by this tlriu. '
. et A Tritnu, wholeialn ilniKKl"t',iTole(lo,
K. II. Vim 1Iihmmi, Ltuhltr, IVIeilo Mat.
luuui iuiiik, iiueuo, ii, .
Wttldlng, Klnmin A Murvln, wholi-Kile j
ilrnssUK.Toleilo, O.
lliiU's Oitnrrli 1'nro U taken lnteruMly,
iiollin illtvctly uH)ii tlio blood und tnuciu
nrf.icM of tlio yhtem. TvotlmonlaU aent
fni'. lVIco T.V. jht bottle. Sold by nil
Tluf W.ti an DncBtDj;.
"I have lust completeil a collegiate
tnlucatl ut and dodn to dovoto my
Mlf to woiirnallsm," iemnrkel Uie
pile, Intellectual man, ns ho stopped
Into thciHlltori.il prvsonet without a
tremor, "Haw you an opening of
which 1 might tako atlviuitagoV"
"Coit.vily, tvrtaliilv," qtioth the
busy etlltor. "The- oiHUiiug U right
behind you, whorv jou in.o in.
Please shut tho door tn you Kiut.
A Title of l)Utluetl..ii. lYuohor
Now, Hetty ean you toH me the
meaning of iirnfxsor? Hetty Oh, I
yeum. froii-jsaor! i inem w
1 a. . .!...
nueoii iur m.e . in v.
and foe uilu hl'om
The Best Residence Localities
n the city of Portland and other DrosneroiiB towns are tjoso oed by men or corporations who
have the disposition and ability to impi ore tuein.
1 T
m u ,,.coinm rpi,vi.vnt tbla time fifteen teams employed and the contemplated Improvements ihaye
SrceK ff His iSSed Jo maknearivleailing Commercial street through Riverside and High
land additions and around Highland Park
...... . , -r. .i s-. .... i,,.,.l. 41, mtlillnnr tlita nddlttnn. and no
Of Oregon. The Hue of tlie Salem
lots will be more tnan two diocks uisiuui, irum iuc uuc """ - " -
Luis in Highland Alton arc lligli and Dry and Well Located; Host Excellent Drainage
HiTuXf residences are soon to'be built. Buildings only of the best class will be permitted. Residence lots
w thhi tho Imlta of the city of Salem are worth on an average over 000. We can sell you better lots In HHgh
Ian d add E for one-tbird of the money, and being directly on the line of the street railway they are practi
eally not half ho far from the public buildings aud the business part of tho town as the majority of Uie so
called "Inside lots."
Buy a Lot in Highland Addition for Three Hundred Dollars,
And let some other fellow pay $1000 for an inferior lot not so well located. With the diflbrence of $700 011 can
build a beautiful cottage, or put it out
tickets every year.
ovnn H,000,000 $& '&
of tne largest and1 moet isliable houie, and they nae
Ferry's Seeds
acknowledged to be the
Largest Seedsmen
in tne won a.
tire ana raoea
rnr IBM
'wm be mailed Hit
to all aDDlicanta. and
to last Tear's customers
without orderins! it. J.rolu.
larll.rt OanlUnrsr I Oarden.lld or Flower Seeds
tn sxliteace. I should send for it. Address
O. M. FERnYS. CO., Detroit. Mich.
"Who is H. H. Warner, ef Rocke
sr, N. Y whose Safe Remerllea,
pecially Warner'; Safe Core, have at
tained such success and celebrity al
homo and abroad?"
The question is inspired as much by
affection as curiosity, since through
his instrumentality hundreds of thou
sands, in both hemispheres, have
been restored to health and happi
noss. Hon. H. H. Warner, then, is s
leading and honored resident ol
Rochester, not only, but a prominent
and influential citizen of the United
States. On several occasions chosen
by hia party as a National delegate to
nominate a President of the Republic,
he has been a member of the Repub
can State Committee and of its Exe
cutive Committee. He is a member
of the American Institution for the
Advancement of Science; President
of the Rochester Chamber of Com
merce; a successful and upright busi
ness man. He has given away for
tunes in charities. The celebrated
and costly Warner Obsorvatory ol
Rochester was conceived, endowed,
and is maintained by him. His
munificent prizes for the discovery ot
comets has boon at once the wonder
and delight of the scientific world.
The yellow fever scourage in the
South, the Ohio floods, the fire dis
asters of Rochester and othor cities
awakened his profoundest sympathies
and in each instance his chock for
from f500 to $5,000 swelled tho several
relief funds. Vhero other wealthy
men give tens and hundreds, he gives
hundreds and thousands.
His charities are as ready and
magnificent as his enterprises and
public spirit are boundless.
Tho world has need of more such
411 incident led him into the manu
facture ot medicine. Solzed some
twelve years ago with what tho ablest
physicians termed fatal kidney dia
base, be was miraculously restored to
health by what is now kuown as
Warner's j?afe Cure. At once he re
solved to make known the merits of so
potent a remedy, and the consequence
is that to-day he has immense labora
tories and warehouses in the United
Mates, Canada, England, Germany,
.Austria, Australia and Burmah. Sales
- . .. .. . . ....
. rnt, J'.r; i. jmJ I
01 iu t-aie Kentedies are enormous,
The merit of a production ii in ex-
act keeping with the character of ita
Ai honest .nd reliable
,)f f. w.... u-
man himself,
Hll rl 1 1 rltf"mM.
Sft S5M Si? .?l"&ffl""---;,
sienal eflicacy and popolartty.
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A Bargain For Somebody ! !
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! Importers nnd Wholesale dealers In
43 and 45 WnllcerSt. John F. Stratum's
, Celebrated Bu -Mian Gut Violin strings, the
! Klnewt In the World.
Our Guarantee If a dealer receives a .
complaint, (which he believes to be honest)
from any musician to whom he has sold
any or these strings, he la authorized by
us to give him another string without
charge, nnd all such loss will be made good
by us to our customers,, without quibble or
question. (Beware ot imitation.) Dealers
will please aend lor descriptive catalogue.
Traa j supplied at lowest price.
Boys and. GrirJls.
The school will open on sthe 131th
of September. Thorough. Instruc
tion in the primary Tind
advanced '
English ranches.
In course. 1
'xERMS and further Information may be
had on Application to
Cor. Cbemeketa and HUteHt.
Northern Pacific Kailroad.
And all points East via
The Northern Pacific railroad li the only
line running PasMnxer trains, becondchua
sleepers (free of charge) Luxurious Day
coach, Pullman Puluee Sleeping Curs,
falace Dlnlog Cars, (meals 75c) from Pon
land to the easu
e that your ticket read via the Northern
lVcinc railroad and avoid the
change of cars.
Leave Portland at So. m.aud & p. in.
URllVUrriV. at Mlnn..iv,ll. ip U Uui.l at
ftOS p. m. '
i'aciiic mvisiox. Trains leave Front
and U strin dully at HAS a. m. and 8:W
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