Evening capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1888-1893, June 18, 1889, Image 4

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One ear by mull-- , - -Wffi
Ml uinritlm liV lllllll .. f
Thrro inoiilhtfhy iimll.....-.-.
. j'or week, delivered by oirrlcr.....
1 2.".
one yrnr liy tnnll.
i ?i m
Mix month by tnnll...
One inr,lf paid In advance I "
Six ttionttiw, If paid In advance w
Tor ndvertlnlng rate apply nt thh oHlce.
who do not Mur their paper nuularly
will notify till" olllte, kU line RUdrram, nnrt
the matter will be attended to at once.
Olilrc, corner Court mid Liberty HtreetH
ii. :
mifvrlKiV 1TTW. 1H. 188!)
lUIWlv-' - - '
All Hi" World Wolidircd.
Tin. iMiMti-rn nvoiilc road
nnmzCinent tlie wonderful stories of
Oregon's inainmoth fruit and vegc
tiililu growths but their greatest ex
IM'o'.atlotis meet full leallation
wlien then- same peojile come to
tlie laud wheie rolls thu'Oie
gon and we for tlieuihelvcs thing:,
thrlee more wonderful than any "I
Which they might h.ie ever dicam
ed. In speaking of cherries the
JoUiiNAL asks eastern people to
noli' tin- lollowlng f"t 'l WIT
Tcwliiy nt (hoclieiis when tlie tlmt j
had arrived for loading the mg can
non, the artilleryman dUcoveied
tlmt no balls had I u si'i-uied. I li
nt oiil-o sent out mid got -mc Itoyal
Anno' cherries, which, alter trim
ming down, were forced III the can
non's mouth, and tlie peil'onuance
was siiccesl'iiliy concluded.
-Jim LiniibrrliiK Inti-mit".
Tliopiojectlon of the Oicgoii I'a
elflc railroad Into the f.irest legions
of the Ninth Santlam has awakened
great interest in that legion and
opened up a country that hasalmost
unlimited resources for luinbeilng
purposes. Already mills niu in prog
'tchs in Hint section and lively work
Is being accoinpllslicd, but only a
ooinmuuci'incnt has been iniide. 'i'he
bolli-f lias been coimnou aniung the
residents of tlmt vicinity that local
mills only could be supplied with
logs from the timber lands along the
liver and In tliuadjacent inouutal.is,
but coniK-teiit and experienced
men have looked over the ground
ami navo eoneiimeii nun wim nine
Iniprovonu-nt tho North Sautlain
cult bo Hindu an excellent and per- t-dncolidatlon of elicits, menagerie
fei-tly safe slream for running logs Lm hlppodromo Is hero to-day in
Into the Willamette, to supply all UU Its glory. Tho parade this morn
mills below, as well as the local j,, ufL.r u pleastiralile anticipation
mills adjacent to the timber, says j 0f HUVeruI weeks, was viewed by tlie
tlio Albany Herald.
Ilooil Will- fur TmiiiI.
Parlies in Balem yesterday fnuii
upon tlie Kuullam say that there
are more trout there this year than
ever heforu and tlmt tlshlug this
season when It opens up well will Do
boiler than has been known for
years. At .Mehania the saw mill
men lmvo heeded tho warning and
are nrenailng to burn their sawdust
Instead of dumping It ill tho stream.
Sawdust Is death to tiout. Tlioj
.Ioi'unai.'h Informant took tho j
t rouble to examine a half doon
trout found dead and the gills and
stomach of each llsli was llllcd with
A H'rlli-ii of Siiliur
Mr. T. l Hcilly, representing (lie
St I'uul Journal of t'oiumereo, Is In
Salem looking over tho city and 1
country, with a view to giving an
extensive wilte-up of tho resources
of tlio country and advantages of-
fen-d to homesrekors, Tho Jouruiil
of roniiuen-o Is a widely circulated
trade lmpcr of much ciiiuuieielal Im
portance and what this gentleman
way say of Salem will bo of untold
worth. Descriptive letters of the
Sound country have already been
preimred by him.
Whl.U) uikI .MIiioi.
Thognmd Jury yesterday oyeulug
rj-turned ,ruo bil.s agaii.t twopa,
'.tliw-vlui tire ehiirgi-il wth either1
Having soiu or given uiiuor to nit. ,
nors. Thoy aivJaiiib Itlugmaii of
Oervulrt and Kd, Soguln of WihhI.
burn. Tho former 1 aroused of bell
lug liquor to tho latter, ti minor, and
tho latter with giving it to other mi
nors, 'these imrtlos wore unvoted
and guve IkiuiLs in the miiii of fct0l
-M-h for their tipiK-aramv for trial ,
W Illiln a day or so.
m I
1 hit I'lonni; ul Si liool
This U the hist wtvli of thu pulilli'
soliiHils of Sale in for the sc.imui of
1KSS-0. (It-ui-nil -.iiiuliiiitlotm ru
U-lni; roiluotil this week uml the
bchool yem will lmvo mi uuspl
cIouh cIivm. The teiiohers lmvo In
lirenumUon nu eutertidnlm; nro-
Krnm to Ih rvudeixsl hv the scholars '
ThU will Ik) public mid to nil u inu
dial Invitation will!-extended, that
tho jiroirrv of the scholars durlm:
t... v....r .....v. 1.. ..i.mI
- t "v iwiii. v i vpnuiviin i ft iwr-
"TTrr.".'.. .."J , im: the mini's. Ho thinks the futun-
Prof Hurry Lorndne, or hctterlf ' ' 'V T U, ' K '' m" lTm,
known W Prof, llurrv Hurt. tluV,,m ' ,ml .Um,,H ,,mU " .W fiM,ml
nrliuxspf mut'lotiud mu.l iiUis.',,,1 , ' V. 1,,",,V,,W ,w "
wvenliiK, Jutui Sl. 'I ho piixsowo
riiT ftil!tiV.IIIS,ll i!il!;14'iul",vt , n.n; u u,v uni' ii you ,,pM&
lillll. tiV tin- old hOldlel h Kooil iiui Ki-liit-iHxl wiimrvi UUNilfortho ilhWil. 1m and IniitU. imUu-M-Jjou-rf
. buu.ll Mint of tw ont.v -llw wm. wVT" 'VUl ,"H,,," w SJ,, U
The Ac I nf li CoitHnl.
Not paying it word nhout the
Joi'ii.val or offering nit opinion
itself on (lie Jk-nrdsley cupc, a more
or k'.i esteemed morning paper
UiroiiL'li fear of result or on uc-
count of Hiibiidciico purch.'ied liy
the defense at a Iiiindnoinu ligurc
hides behind the Oregoiiiau anil
r.il .1 .
ok,..,,,. .Bii -,.., ...cf.tP.1 thl-.
nvnniiiir iivu iiiralilvn Htiitement in
i:sffi7iha ,
"" n -.r-l .v.,.- :..l
alleged in the recent trial in which !
H....-.I..I t. ......! Tim lv.ilt
editor of the pnpor wasn witness in
" .?"!..t.,i." s:"!",tjr. :,::;':
itriiniHiuy nun cil-uh-u. - ..-v....
coll)ilu, out win them. The
I article claims that on the morning
,,r fl... lslllliwr Mru I'.lxirilwIeV llOW-
". " - """"" ""v. . :.,?,..,. ..,.,. I
imi ino icponer a roeit ...;.. ".
I'liitmi'il was tin; rock thrown by
I'erryman, nnd that it was not like, I
in kfnd orsle, the rock produced in
The wonder is easily explained,
when It is stated that the discovery '
was not made until the trial was
over that there was a difference in
the two rocks exhibited. The stone
alleged by the defense to have been I
thrown by Perryinan at Peardsley
was not shown to the jouk.nal ic- ( S((itu vs ,lk(. j jg,nnll pleads to
poiters while on the witJicss stand, i morrow.
nor were they asked ir they coulil
Identify the stone. There should
. t i... ..,..,.. r. ... tii.n.tiiliiK ft
II t HMII'I in: J iM III I It" W'Hluti.
iiiiiii.i.iH,iiMM:iiiMi i-akir.
Kvery chilis that travels Is fol-1
lowed closely by numberless hands
of ganibleis, burglars, eonlldeiice
iiu-ii, pickpockets ami lihl flngeied
gentry of dlifei cut kinds. The cir
cus to-day is no exception to the
general rule and for this reason the
Joi'liN.M. admonishes householders
to giurd their piemises closely or
el-e not get excited because of a bur
glary. It might also bo well to oiler
a word of advice about getting in a
crowd mound the circus and conic
out after losing your wat'eli or pock
etlmok. The pickpockets are a
shrewd set and the best of their tal
ent Is no doubt present. Then, too,
there are the swindling gambling
games which mo being coiiilucleil '
near tho cheus-theso slick fellows j
who roll greenbacks up In packages j
and sell you 10 for $. 'I hey are ,
deft with their lingers and the man
th.it bites at their games generally,
gets bitten. v
.,,, (!,,., lin,i i-amdi-
t0iH jjios. and Jiarrctts' great
hundreds who had congregated upon
tho streets. Tho parade was a tine
ouu and apparently tho foroiunner
of an cMpiislto pciforinance. When
tlio Sells Pros, conducted a little
wagon show and played in small
country towns they were good and
now since they are backed by mill
ions of dollars tho entertainment
must bo simply grand. Tho tent Is
tilled this afternoon.
'I lilt Mil) Ion llildj'.
Thu county court of latin county
ailveitlse for bids lor tlir Stay tun
bildge, bids lotuniabloJulylld. The
advertisement says sealed plans,
specillcatlons, strains, diagrams and
bids will be iccelved for building a
bridge across tlie North fork of the
Santlam liver about -00 feel below
tho Stay ton feny; said itiidge to bo
010 feet long and Hi feet wido in tlio
clear, liers tohoorsutlliient hlght
to bring tho bottom of the tloor
beams at least "-feet above low water
llt'iil i:lnli 1 iiiiiirllon.
Dally transfer furnished the
O.umt.u. Jornx.w. by the Union
title abstract cempany:
liiomas llnlnmu to II. A.
Thomas, lots I ami U in blk
-Ill rorth Nilcm.
N. Whltuov to K. ( Ha-
KlT, -M HCIVs ill t 0 S r 1 W.
..; ,'f FoHansliy to N. It.
Wright, part uliu-k lis, Sa-
-Mil) 00 I
100 00 '
ItOOO 00
JasiH-rCoiiuitou toSamuel
Coinptou, Lit acres adjoin
I iug Ninth Salem.
1 00
IXril Ilillii- II... Hi.
At last the not unexpected news
has reached hen-. Yesterday Mr.
F. J. Striker of this city received a
lottor from his old homo at Johns-
town, fa., tho scene of the teirlulo
wen-swept down to death in the
j tiw ful flood, Kmuuucl ritmyer. uu
i other tvlutlvo, is tuniini; HicnivihI.
i""- u- .viiur.. '
J- W.SIu.n..ker of the uitlum
mlnlns tuiil mlnenil iMinpjiny hus
pxietothe iMiiimn, 's claim upon
thoS.uitlnm anil williitoiuvenwiuo
I., n... ....iii-.....u.n.i... r ,i..i. .1...
. .. llll'IV III fii-ii ill.llllllll 11 III
Don't vuu foruut tlmt tho Hon
khI dieter, in whleli tho lufor-i J-T I'-H.u-ym .uiiunoiimii, weii'ilg,;;"
utloil wusi-iinvevill to lllll thilf l'i " lueii.vium nisi mni. , ifniuin uimuiii ensiuccr or mo s.-
' lillll II r ll.t 1 ! 11 ill fiiii I lia.itiLliln.i an.io
s llj;tsl mint, the wldovo of h. ' mid Hit-follow iiik pen-imsim- imnud nnd j
nr mi-iiv..i- ul" l.iliiwliivv-n uml -i-iiin. . ..in -r iiihiiiiu'ii jiaiv-e oi kiih eiei-non lo-vvil:
orMrnjor of Johnstown, uml, ., ,.,,.. .,, ,,,,.v. u.,-. J.r..n.wth. J rurk. WuiiUiwe. u K
r three iluimliters mid one son .., . . . ' ..... ' - '"".' -1 ",uv iiu: pomon n- npiHiint-1
111 " iii,ilivii. nun "ill. "'" I. ....i,. I.,,,. Vii,i,iiiMMi..iiilii.l i.ll l.-rk I.IUII M l .,,. ..ml 1 I
.Tui-diiii Vol Orlllj llnnl for fuuiilillnc
Ollit-r l-roci-i-dlngi.
John A. rtmu vs. s. P. Ry.,jry
render verdict for defendant and
judgment for iW.W.
State of Oregon vs. Willi .Ionian,
uttering a forged writing; the Jury
i returns a vcidlet of not guilty.
fi'l 1 t...... Imii IJirno llflt.
.,.. i.iiu fotinwHs
o...i .... r... -v' iv.nif neaniili.
OIIUU IB. im. ' '.&) -
j-lfntn I'M.
,"'' ith ,i ,li,"croutfl
.. . i.i. .. -i ,.....
c-. ..... .... r ,...!.. lUmmmffn
nunc vn uuiim niiiimi,"
n.,t (( (ia,rt.ros weapon.
stmov j..i.i. oiebie.-, uuii
with a dangerous weapon.
j. j. Hrown et nl vs. ElUu JJrown
. . ,. ., i ,.ln,l .,.,.,r.
CI Ul, U. r. iwueei .-u....v... B"...
i in,,,,, r Mnrlnn K. UeGecr.
,,,," "" -- "
a minor.
A. Grant, to-1
Jj. I'elt.vioiin vs
miii-mu- nt 1) o'clock for trial.
Farrar vs I.ee, for trial Thursday
at 0 o'clock. '
.State vs Win. Atkinson, gambling,
arraigned, pleads guilty and flneil
10 and costs in each cae.
State vs Hd Scguin.ple.ids to-mor-
gtate vx. Win.Sliroedor.giinililing, '
nie(, J1() )U( (.(M am0linting to'
q ,,r
Statu vs. W. !:. Hawkins, motion
for 11 continuance, special term call-
ed for July l.'dli when the case will
be tried.
Aillil'-H ill Inroriioi-iitliiii.
Articles of incorporation were tiled
with tlie secretary of state to-day, as
Washington cornet band associa
tion of Hillsborough, with J. S.
Wilkes, Van Meade, and Geo. Shul
imieh as Incorporators. The capital
stock is WOO, divided into shares or
W.OO each. Their business Is to pur
chase band Instruments.
Polk county bank with P. F.
Stanley, K. 1). Waller,.!. W. Powell,
10. Iteilwell and I.ynion Damon as
iiw.iri.iufitniM. Tln ivmltiil stock Is i
i IIII.WI iniiiii'i... .... ... .- ,
-)0)0o(i, divided in shares of $100 ;
WMjhi The piineiplebusiucs.s place is ,
Mlimol,u,. !
.... I
W.ilHlcrilll t;iiriii-.
Mr. J. M. i'ayno hasasinall cher -
ry sprig on which cherries have j
grown so cloc together the branch j
is likened unto a bunch of bananas.
The stick is but six Inches long and
on every side cherries hang as thick
jus it would be possible for them tojio Was not much utility going on
do. There aio 125 eheriles in Unit
small space and from appearance
there is room for not another cherry.
They aie of tho Black Itepuhliean
variety and are niot delicious.
'Ili liinnd I.oiIki.
Quite a nuniber of dcegutc to the
Orand Lodge of IJood TeniplurH
lmvo been arriving in the city to
day, to attend tlieStato grand lodge.
Tho work this morning was that of
receiving tlie delegates and attend
ing to tho work of looking up tlio
ciedentials. Tho session will con
tinue until Thursday evening,
closing at that time with a grand
banquet at tho lodge looms. Capi
tal lodgo of Salem two preparing this
banquet, which wltl no doubt be an
all'alr of no little pleasure. Theio
aro already ipilto a number of dele
gates In the city.
A Wi;i-o right.
All amusing light took place at
the depot this morning, between
two negroes who work with the cir
cus. They fought with their !lsts,Mar
ens of Qucoiisbury rules, until they
w eio about iit-ed up, then they went
I at It with their heads, like goat, tin
I til one of them gave it up. A largo
I crowd witnessed tho tight, and all
I liaimrd it was very amusing.
's I
roll nt l'roln.
Circus day lu Salem this year
one to lie lomr lemenihriisl. ICnrlv
111 the illuming the town began to
ll" "P with people and by the time
of the parade at eleven the streets
wore one living mass of people, '
' '
-,",.," ""
MnrrliiKti I.Ui .
l.iiinises to commit uiatrhnony (
have been granted to Uracil (J. I
,, ., 1 ... 1, .
Hall and l.aura fc-. htewait: also to
'Win. M. Cllno and Mrs. 1 K. !
1 "- " , !
. . . . '". .. V ". .,"",,", '
1 May Mu-.miI Washington count v, ,
... . .
vuuain impiey 01 roruunu ami
sfHi-i.u Hiuce ny tne city i-ouiu-ll to-,
.l.i- i.. ...r. ,. tvl.n.. ii... ir.,... i i......
. . ..... . ...
""' '" " ' ' v l "' "' '" """
,Uter;- "l :,""', )-,,mv '. lV'
1.11.111 u-imb iimnkmi. vu : mrsMivi
'm.-"HUJi and utrwHcili. pur
I'I1,u.h.iii.. IIUo Uml . n vvtitt nctf
Inr dlgwlion. nil by taking tli.il uuwlnr
and IssHillar miilltiiui HisHl'tKirMiiikriUH.
I WUIIt PVWjlHhlj III ir)' It IflUsOdMIH." II
l sold by nil druwlcu. lll Imtntivxl ttiM
on diilUir.-
Wivlil Mirfh Tooth f-oxii wn idt
iHWitt(vr vwry Umo yu luiv a brush
XV,U " 1'r " t- " ijl
l)i Moodcl of Allmiiy '" tlie
Jim. K.Miller went to Portland
O. T. Wright of Portland is In
the city.
Hugh Hurri-on of Jefferson
t.. 1 w. i.lli
H l'"-"'
-Tho. Hubbard left this morning
. for Portland.
' mi tt .. ......i. .i... i.mriiitifr
-"VU.Jimert took the
train for Portland.
Jtev. Tower took
...nrnlnu -
train for Portland.
Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Trimble left
this morning for atrip to Portland.
Mrs. Win. Itennle took the
n.ba I
aiiurnooii nam lor ii u.i
.-... 1 i
-G. E. Aitken
returned irom ,
Turner, where lie has been on busi-
, Jtcv. Simpson, secretary of tlie
j grand lodge of Cood Templars, is in
the city.
Albert Jiltclifleld came over
from La Grande to spend a few days
in this city.
.Mr. Knox, grand chief templar,
of Albany, is in this city on business
connected with the lodge.
J. W. IJiiteiielor is suffering
from catarrh in his hand, which hns
been with him for about t,wo week.
T. A. Lord lias been appointed
postmaster of Woodburn, vice Oliver
Bourctt, removed.
-Elder W. Welborn will preach
at the Baptist church to-morrow
evening at the usual hour. All arc
Tho newspapers arc talking
about some kind of a sugar bill.
They must have reference to the
national ilower, Sweet William.
Painless dental opcrationnt Dr.
T C. Smith's, iW State street.
Officer Lake arretted Nicholas
Moore and Tiios. Williams for being
ilriink nnil dUnrdeilv and irave t hem !
---- r --n-- l
two days in tho lock-up.
A large crowd came in on the
morilIlg train to attend the circus,
-,,,,, ,1 e,,r. i,...ns came in from
...-. - c-
all directions this morning which
made a large crowd in the city,
This is examination week at the
Salem public schools, but the faculty
would not permit the pupils to wit
ness the citrus parade. Of course
while tho bands were playing and
all was excitement and noise with
out. Elciihoitec, tlie man whose head
was caved in by striking a cattle
guard along the railroad near Wood
burn, while the cam were in swift
motion, has recoveied and gone to
liU claim up lu tho mountains. His
was a narrow escape.
Circus day and Fourth of July
are here or will soon be. Picnics
are all tho go, but groceries, nice and
fresh, such as can bo found at Squire
Karrar & Co's. are alwayB in de
mand. Fruits in season and every
thing always the best and purest,
ltemcmber this advice.
Hiehard Savage, who had the
misfortune to mash his finger very
bydly in Pols county on Saturday
afleiuoon, K improving nicely. Ho
was loading a large rock to be
brought to tliis city and as lie threw
it upon tlio wagon his linger -vas
caught by tho rock and badly mash
ed. Tho doctor says ho can savo it
from being cut oil. Mr. Savage has
been su tiering very much from tlie
For your meat go to Lafosr'c
to-day on State street. tf
- A HOOD ('! OK COl-VKK.
Is Kivnt iittnictlon for n restaurant.
The roller drann fuim Ilellenurand's 1'aL
ent Culli-o it-wiitai-lo Ik ono of tho many
(liviit Attractions of Ills eating iurloi.
Thiiivn.Noioupsof hi-. e.M'ellent eullee
nruMilu every wci-k. And n- for oyMrni
tl.lll III..I1I- III. .1.1.1.. I 1... Iblltlltll 1.1 lllll
stair. jr.
... , ,.7' . """,7 . . -
v ilcht a Hitl Cnw-sCuru unequuloil for
rtivut undohroiiU'iMiiKhH nnd voids, and
l lrrltalillltj of llu- nlr.lviksiiHes. slil
iy all iiruiwMs 0
..,Yrlm's l,l,i iviory uml t'hainoinllo
lUlten, nHsjininendt-d by thu 1110.M eminent
niukiriiiii. lnvii:mtini;.Miiiiiitatiiii;and
iu intovUiiting. ,sni by 11. v. nx.
- .
NurtlT 01' lUCTIUN.
'() '"l'K - ''' l,y Kl '' l't there will be
lA niirln-tloii In Ulaitht- Alert Hook and
ladder lriu-k Imiix.i nt snlein. l)r.M,in
(m Mmutio.Jiib i.Ksy.iK-tee the hour
..t n..'. 1. v.. 1 .1 .. .... t .. ..t 1. . ..t
1..-VI. t-.F.iv .i unii'r ill
!.... - ....... ... ..
Km- ih-Ii-kmun i.r ih tsilom
inent, Juno 10. li
Alti'l: S T. UirilAHiVMiv.
Pn-. 11 K. I). S. K. 1).
i-ix-n-tar.v IU P U.S. I it.
A.. S 13 1X3 WICK".
NO. OO STATIC STUUET, In the 1-aoJnoof IMrlland, Qm-en of l.lv-
leriHwl, Northern of Loudon, the Oernui
lillll ni-WlVi 1 'i fiiiimi-M . 1 . or xha -H'mibiirg-AiaKdeburg Klre In.
. . . ,.,.. iiiii, villi I lilll
All klmUm luilr Muck, liHlrvli.inns void
ebariiw, .livU.. mtf,. btuw. aujUUnz
)o imiy iti-lrvlu h.sUiv ,
,,. .I, ... ,, , : GEORGE WILIdiM' -Ha.r
Work Always on Hand, :x;oL &$$&
HollUM OVHTl thin, It lft l.l. I1A Av.
itK Ue him a mil ami iu alii ttll
This new plat Just put on the market ''-'ira
, Salem for building lot. They have no e, J n0
line state of ciiltivai
' i ..- w-.M'u rf
8lUIIlI-, "" '"""'"
th0 clty, surrounding
peaks. Pure cold wel
imtni nun nosiuiueu uiuv
? . . . ,..i l.l....
I '
i insta inicnis, ohu-iuiui.
1 without Interest until paid
tirPrlecs nlfortl,e,n
eral lot;
ijii1?.. i." -
,ts have already been sold on wh.cn .me ---"""-,,- ,ot ' .
and n nu
i ..,nr Imvo lvn nntlonCU. Jl "" " "" ,
JONES 4 WATSON, wh will
call on
Corner State and Liberty Streets, Salem,
Specialties in Table Luxuries,
Fine Tea, and Coffee, Creamery
Butter, Crea.m Cheese, etc.
Remember tlie Place and Call.
1 J KRY 1 MSsf eri!
Success in Business requires preparation ! Theiefoie, thorouglily master
Commercial Arithmetic, Business Penmanship and Business Correspon
rciai Aritnineuc, isusiness i.-eumaiiiup mm ju-'iiis-j uuuwi
Sook-keeping bv borh Single and Dnublo Kntiy, the nature
is,, nf ('nmineieiiil Pnnoi-s. Commercial Law and Business pracl
dence, Book-Keeping v uorn single aim iinuuio j-uuy, iuu uumm nu
nnrrnct us,, nf ('niiiiiici rial l'nnors. Commercial Law and Business practice.
n. also, Shorthand and Type-writing. Manifold, and Dictation work.
these aio needed in business, and are thoroughly taught by oxper
d teachers at- the SALEM: BUSINESS COLLEGE
One Mile from Amiisvillc
?ni Too to Forty lores,
Several fruit growers from the east have declared their intention to
locate with us and there is room for several more. Sample No. 1, 20 acres
more or less, high land gently rolling, deep rich red soil, all under plow,
sufficient fence. Price j-10. Sample No. 1', 20 acics, more or less, partly
under plow, partly covered with willows, gently inclining and level land,
both red and black soil. Piico.?22Uof:!0. -
Purchasers can pay 8 per cent, interest on half for five to seven years.
mi Salem take train to Tinner and thence to Aumsville on Thomas
Bros', hack line, and call on the owner, Mr. Win. Shaw, one mile north
of depot, or for fuither particulars address
J. J. HARDEN, Stayton, Oregon.
hre! hire! university
Ixik out for los by Klre ilnrlns the hot
Insure Apis
"V'.i.'.Kt """.".""" il'rt-cnuiiB million
"i ii.niiirs imui
of dollars Mld iipeaplial.
On IJbertv stnvt-'ai-nw 11... 1..11.. 1
v.;r.v . "Y.Jir?' the bridge In
1 g i L. La
ZT igoo devatedaudleveLbasntlnevlewo
graLi, Mn b . .. mill miow-canned
pountrv. tlie inouiiiui" i
county, in Chemekete
1 water, as i. "',, :mna ,. Wnton on
ks These loti ore oiieien u, "-- -
,KS. IIJIV. nnvniniltS
...i. ...i nuiUniitli in (itinner .-"". i"v-
lotmire now actually m """""
i ..! tit ..noil
on long time out h.terest ,ev;
show you the plat and the lots.
Griswold's Block, Salem, Oiegon
Jffi vzrttsrtararTVfimxi-j ximausniga
and Ten Miles from Salem.
(initliiutex btiulenti. in
Normal, Business, Law.
It i the olde.t, largest and least oxpen.
, blve Institution of learning in the North
vrot. School opens nrt Monday in September
Send for catalogue to
1 , President.
S.ilpm, Oregon.
Pariu for ale
n!?ra S?& bSSSSM'XS&riPu oomSSJ?
falrbarn and other out bulldtngs. Good'
grain, grass and fruit lands. Sightly and
smaller fruit farms wlih mirAnri,.r..,i.
OllCllll. IWlll'l mmibuv irlth il.A ..
inn. nnVniv T..,:..i :.J.. " ".." V". i".'.v
ivir.ii. ii. ,UM: " ,,u
.-!..; ."-".'-. vv " "mj um
mu noining 10 slay
in rwtauble. for pi.lculun, see
riiurl.e n..i.n... .n!.. w.i."'
ctatai uiy. sd-BniscRIBEIlAPOHlB
1 ItBVJ acres. 7 miles kouihwi ..r s,,i,., ! horseshoelng.buslness.1
.. fc... . ,
ln..,.i.m .... t.u, , . ... " orshoes.steel.trolting.lian
fenced l'u in V l.'vA, lv . "".SC ?"? L? eKWq.
Crockery and Glassware! 1
"With specialties In
Valerian China Tea Sets,
French China Dinner Sets.
, . , . rx ..
Of which we constantly keep a full lino
nnd open stock, ennbllng us to make up
Dinner nnd Tea sets of nny size, or sell by
tlieslnglo'iiieee. The llncst assortment of
Ever shown In Salem.
Oi thelntest nnd handsomest patterns In
rff-1'lcnso call ana examine our stock.
201 Commercial Street.
Salem, Oregon, lmvo received direct
From Eastern Factories
Tho Finest Line of
which vvJU bo sold at
Prices and Terms to Suit All!
Tlieno goods 'aro flrst-class and as their
stock is very Uuroii penon canllnd what
they may vi h. Their w arehouse on State
street Is cuinplctely. lllled.nnd they have
anothPi- ear load en route now. Lookout
for them; fcomethlng lino
Only Genuine System of Memory Training.
Four Books Learned In one reading.
Mind wandering cured.
Every child, and adult greatly benefited.
Great Inducements to correspondence
Prospectus, with opinions of Dr. wm. A.
Hammond, tho world-famed Specialist In
illnd Diseases, Daniel Oreenleaf Thomp
t.on, tho great Psychologist, J.M.BucKly
I). D., editor of the Christian Advocate
N. Y.. Richard I'routor.thesclentist, Hons.
W. v. Afetor, .Tudah I. Benjaman, and
others, bent post frco by
I'ror. A. I.OISETTK, 337 Fifty Ave., N V
Je-13sS9. dw
ask nv Tltte T.ATlfrt.T ESTABLISII-
Uments In tho State. Lower rates thau
Portland. Largest stock Legal Blanks lu
icouni. oeuu iui
and catalogue ot
price list of Job printing
Steam Printer Salem Oreeou.
1 Have moved to 47 nnd 19 State street.
where they aro now ready for work. All
I our old patrons nnd friends aro Invited 10
1 call and m.-o us in our now location, w e
1 are better prepared for work now than
ever having secured niuro room. 10-I-tf.
Blacksmiths, have removed their shop to
tllBrornprnf r.itnmprf-liil and f!hemeket6
j sis,, where they are ready ,to serve the
pauiic iney are now preparea ueuur "
ever lo do all kinds of Vinson nnd carriage
making nnd repairing; nil kinds of black
smithing and repairing, and a general
manner, bpeciai
' o'l0B,ttt fwumnce building.
- - '
'' W U AHVMW ym "
ftlfUall.SocnerlBd Mimwi BiMHyi
UnminKni, ij.ii.iOTtm4rrtlj.
iil,.t,.i.m.. u. I.i.i.aiuli4
. SUJUBBB, ffi rllli,
Bsr"- Wj- M. -Ba .J&SBtmSffiBm