Evening capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1888-1893, April 17, 1889, Image 2

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Capital Journal Publiihing Company.
;r.lifd at the f-tofflor l .l-tn,Or.,iw
eonod clam malK-r.
1 , j i.i 1 1 IT i v write In fuvorof
ucoiuiuilxon lif- liiMirniircfori-viTy-
Imh1-. Tin- ilaii
runMHHhUliunr.KXCKi'THi'Ni'AY. women Alike, a won im they are old
enoufih to work fora llvlnjj, to we
(fin to jmy to the state an annual in
surance fee. Tin- imyineiit wonM
continue up to the tlmotlio tmyer
was rixty-flve years old. Then he
could retire on his jk-iic Ion and live
without work the remainder of his
day, if lila payments had heen
large enough. At any rate he would
receive a regular fixed amount,
which would prevent his iKWining
a public burden. The stale would
invest the funds paid in, and get re
turns from them, as private insur
ance companies do at present.
There is In Uennany n law requir
ing the Insurance of the lives of
factory operatives. There Is nlw a
compulsory accident insurance, In
which all nermann are Included.
These laws were favorite measures
with llismarek.
Do ion Knun?
l'-.r chapped hands, roughness of
the skin, pimples or blotches of any
Ho w.u know him Imulmi emlffniK- kind 0n the face orotber parts or ini
in for men and, To thin world of bilhl and Umn! inxlv. apply Dutard's Speclflc.ii
There's eer boat lit im neavenn niK-" wor),g nn, mHgic aiul is warramej.
mm. fourth page fcfttmnaof wtacrlp-
"Aawrtl-Mneiit. U 'T"LSSS?u?lM
the mm daf ) nhoulrt lie bMWeo In oy I
o'clock. f
uwreafondencr taloln neyjor In
teract and Imntnm- In amrtv rroro an
'SutrnkJ'ill hf paldtoanonyroouii
lrirti Ui-lrniK Hii' -'"LAL.T. hvLJ
M.-ved at tlHlrli..iin awjirjU by pm
tal card r(iiel, or liy vurd left at mm
"tfJSllmcn uuinlM-n unit free on aiplt-
Office, oofiicr Court and Liberty M1ntfti.
WKI1NJWI1AY, AI'ltIL 17, J8.
Kjeejtl the ctwKwnt moon,
Do they it sail In the new moon's boit
The aunwt bare abore.
With never a mil bnt th sail called Hope,
And ncveran oar but Love?
Through seas of ether the rilvery boat
Drift on to this far-off land:
llut the baby la Mfe, for the mystic helm
In ftrrard by an angel' hand.
Iiv the druggist.
Sold by I). AV.
'I hi fiiiwrmir 1'roelanmtlim.
lliurnwh a the wnlennUil atinlvemn y
of thfliMtifiinifloii of lire Wwhlnglfii
a flirt irvldent of llie Inlicd Watniwll.
iMcuron the Wthdny of April, Anno Imhh
ImI, lsW, which dy ha been ( P"rt '.'
Mtartofponit'ivii on a Kmcrnl liolday fr
the people ol tlw whnleinmntrj .
Wow ilK-n-roi. I, Hu''r linnojer,
K ivarnor oT UrvRun, b vlrlurc of tlnaii
thortiy mnfiTn d upon ii-1 iiniwtini
Uon of the Miitr. do hen by dccliirr lli
ntbraaalil Tumdu), April JOth, Ml', UiIh
legal helldiiy: anil I do miii'l Hint It hn
bewiiitaerwd lij lhcg'Bl pMiplciif till
omimonuiiilll . And, lniiiiin-h an flu
Inipreailve net of Inauguration, which i
purred at noon, wn pniidi-d ntHoVIm I
In the moriiliig by prayer in an tin
ebuivlim nl tin- ity, for (lnd Mt-wliu
un Ihc giccrmiii-nl to bo liutriirtnl,
would furtlit-rn-(iiitil. In i.iiMlleiici'lomii b
h worthy example tlml pniyii nlinll l
lield at iilncoVliH k In tin- morniiiinirn. h
holiday In all imri-lninhii-tollii'ind Mm
llm liletflliijx of ilnl limy Ih- Miiuli'iifi'il ti
iMirgovernm-iit fcrnll ii n-. In vtltniw
M lii)f, I lmc lii-rciiiiti ! m luind and
(WUW'll Mm-xi'III nf I III' 'Mil' I" iM'lllllklll
thin HNIi day or April A l. Hwli.
Tin: JtH'HNAli hcreiifler, tin em Ii
Bituidiiy afternoon, will devote u
portion of Its Hjmit' to the tecordliig
of niovuniciils In society. This tic
pNrtuumt will he known as "HimIiiI
Xoles," and nil ciiumiuiiliMtlons In-
(tiudud fr It slioulil be mlilrewcd
lo "Soelety Mdltor." Tlic aim Is to
niitko of tills new ilcpailurc n
)(iriiitinent iinil attractive feature.
To in iko a HticccMsuf It, Hie hearty
C(H)IHirntliiIl of everyone Ih invited.
If n Hiity, luiiclieon or tea Is given
at your home (we mean vol'), fall
not at your peilt to so inform this
olllet). With llio iiiwUtunce of
Iho iMtdern, the .Ioi'Iinai, feels
MlU-llllllV.,-' ' """ U'lll i-rnivii
Thm Kvenst exploring lmrty,
which left for the Arctic clrclo Mon
day.conslstsof live men and Is head
ed by A. W. Kverest, the wealthy
proprietor of a large stock farm.
They go from Winnipeg to ('aigarry
and thence across the country to
Kdmonton, and then will descend
the Mackenzie river until tho Arctic
ocean Is reached ami nt the month of
that rivor they will build n vessel
with which they will try to round
Cniw Barrow, a feat which lias been
but rarely performed. They hope to
return through Jtehrlug strait alio
sea, and, skirting Alaska, lwteh
Victoria In about n year's time.
They have deposited 10,(HH) with
the Hudson Hay company. They
aro taking an elaborate stock of
wares to barter with the natives.
Tlioy fear they will meet with hos
tile Kxquimaux in the vicinity of
fane Harrow ami are making pro
visions for placating thorn by tliet-c
There wun n man In our town,
And he wan wondroo wise;
Ita xwore by all the fabled god
He'd never advertlae.
Ill) goods were ailvertlaedonoday,
And thereby liaugs a tale
The "ad" was set lu nonpareil
And headed "aherlfi" Ho."
Tiinjute iMigglng trust Iscnldto
Ihj iirepailngfor another miueeye on
tint ootton crop.
Hirr wo trust not his sliiller. liy
Iho way, bus anylKsly ever heard ot
a stiitterlug woman'.'
A Miwi lugcliloinily euiiatructed
Miuteiiiv Is this one, niM lo have
been written by the gleat Napoleon
wlilluliiipiiHiiiifd aftor Ida defeat at
WalerliHi. Thuwiiiteni'tfls the name,
Imuliwaril and ferward: "Able was
I ere I saw lOllm."
)M'lMiHiuatiiunuotkoeiy long,
long ago the big paper at the me
lroMilln paid tliu prima or the capital
t'lty hii inw'imniblo eciinplinieut,
which )(, has npK'urt-d lu liuue
of I lie M H'W of the IiihI ineiiliniieil
wiy, hueli la iKnBniK r life in
-a 'j -
('A.v Hiiytliiiignioiv dUgUHtlug be
liiMgiutNl titan (u iHiirw.iiieono v ho
Ima JiM tluialitsl eutlng aumeklng
hk llMHi.d iiiuking a sucking noiiw
with hi twill unit tongue. Your
Uwika ott gtiuil limuilerN will tell
you thmi imim uiib your mouth
r wrydlagnsiliig, jet tlieiv aiv
iwoplowltu tbiutiitltct ,ou.
A (xiiiiiiiinih:nt wrlttatis: In
view of the opportunities of ocean
cnrrlnge and of the tact thai
coal Is so very abundant in
Washington and Ilrlttsh Columbia
Lit is astonishing how high fuel is in
Kan I'ninclm'o mid Oakland. It is
at least ten or twelve dollars per.
ton, and often fifteen dollars for
ordinary good coal there. As ocean
fielghts are always so low for arti
cles like coal and It cost.s but a Irlllo
loeet a Ion pn board shit) thh high
When one consilium whul this
high price means It Is Inconceivable.
It means literally prohibition on
most manufacturing, and gu-at In
convenience to nil Iho people. It
1 1 mum lenilieuou Oil COIIIIIKIICO 110
snips, no exports. It means that
millions ot tons of fruits, wines, etc.,
must lie unsold nt Smi Francisco
and around her gieat buy. It
means idleness and want to thou
sands on thousands of people.
An examination of a limp of
Alaska shows that point Harrow Is
the extreme northern point of laud
In ttie 1 'lilted Slates, and within
twonty-ilvi. miles of being the north
ernmost laud on the continent. The
island of Attoo, lielonglng to the
Aleut Inn group in K mint western
laud lu lite 1'nlted States, and Is ns
far west of Still rrauclseo as the
ttatfof Malnelseast. Thogeogmph.
Icul center of the 1'nlted SIiiIm is
found to lie west of San c'raneUii.
It may he jp well to state nt the
outset that the nit or dlM-ornliig
elmracter from handwiltlng, known
graphlology, H nt exact in all lis
tieuil, tuit nieivly pivtends to give
'awirrvei geiienu sntralture. Like
iphrenoliry it not only striktw the
Heavy overcoats will not bo worn
after June I.
Dtvorco fciilts will lw worn deo
lctte as usual.
Appointments this season arc cut
n In republican.
The president's mall averages COO
to 700 letters per day.
Kvery French lrk has a photo
graph of every employe.
The largest diamonds will be found
on the baseball grounds. '
I-'achlnnalde dogs will wear muz
zlln' lu July mid August.
Vermont has organized a society
of the Sons of the devolution.
No change in their crowns will be
made by the Iron kings -his summer.
Utnh is the only territory that has
not yet been provided with a new
governor by President Harrison.
Constitutional prohibition is vig
orously opposed by some ot the
prominent clergymen in Massachu
setts. The ItiisHinu newspapers have
been prohibited from publishing the
lepoils of the discovery of the iliicit
mntiufacturlngof bombs at Zurich.
It is seldom that convicts beg for
work, but such is tho eas-o at Sing
King. Owing to enforced idlone-s
there Is said to be Indications of
growing insanity.
"John, did Mrs. Clrcon get the
medicine I ordered ?" snld tho doctor
to his hired num.
"I guess so, for 1 saw crape on the
door this morning."
The slato of Kansas Is obliged to
penitentiary. Under Iho prohibi
tory law, with municipal woman
suflrago to make it eilectlve, the
number of available men in the pen
itentiary has fallen far below the
nuiiiucr called for in tho contract.
More than half the county jails aie
now without prisoners.
"Mr. Ilabbakuk P deslies the
liucklcn's Arnica Sahe.
The best salve in the world for
cuts, bruivss, sores, ulcers, salt
rheum, fever sores, tetter chapjieu
hands, chilblains, eorns and all skin ,
eruptions, and positively cures piles
or no ihv required, it is giiiuin....
(ogive perfeet satisfaction, or money
refunded. Price 35 cents per box.
For s-Hle by Daniel J. Fry, drug
gist. There aro soveral goat ranches in
.Merit Wins.
We de-dre to say to our citizens,
llint for vpnm wo have been selling
Dr. King's ew Discovery for Con-1
sumption, Dr. iung's-sew J.ne riu-,
liucklen's Arnica Salve and Eleetnc
Hitters, and have never handled
remedies that sell as well, or that
have given such universal satisfac
tion. We do not hesitate to guar
antee thorn every time, and we stand
ready to refund the purchase price,
if satisfactorv results do not follow
their use. '1'liese remedies have won
their irrcat noniilaritv purely on
their merits. Sold by Daniel J. Fry,
Hisniark has got u new dog, and
lie calls him Sedan.
Derangement of the liver covers n
multitude of ailments. In all cases
where the functions of the liver
are interrupted ordisturbed, and the
bile, its constant secretion, left cir
dilating in 'he blood, some disorder
will follow. Dr. Heiile's Dande
lion Tonic will restore the liver to
its natural duties and promote the
secretion of bile, therebyiireventing
jaundice, th'sinm-da, billiouiiessund
uuiei uiiiueuia. cum uj it, i.
' Office Over Capital National Bank,
Five ncro lots in the benutitiil "Garden City addition to Salem," just east of tlio city,
iwiuliflii Garden, Fruit and Home sites ! Call early and get your choice, Wo will sell you
city and suiuirban lots and farms of all descriptions.
"Real Estate Agents.
The straits at ftiluuo, Cal., are
swarming with sea lions.
"Tho One Hoss Slmy,"
of Dr. Holmes', is full of the genial
author's exuberant humor. Its fun
IsHiipei'llcialaiid obvious; hut more
is meant than lheets the eye or ear.
The vehicle which ran for a hun
dred years and a day without a
break, typifies a healthful human
body, and represents the natural
term of Its service. If, however, a
man has catnrralial, bronchial,
asthmatic or pulilionnry di-cascs, lie
cannot live out half his days, unless
he eradicates the scrofulous humors
whose pi'eenco causes these local
troubles. The great blood-cleansing
alterative of Dr. l'ierce, known
as the "Golden Medical Discovery,"
lids the blood of scrofulous pollu
tions, and, by improving the nutri
tion, gives new vigor to the debili
tated system, and cures these dis
eases. hi! mvirj '."'"'' 11" to'" Catarrh
The wheat ciop of California for
this year is estimated at 2,000,000
tons, or double the product of 1888.
Not one pei'hon in fifty arrives at
the age of ibity, who is not troubled
with kidney or urinary complaints
in some form. To those alllicted
with pain in the hack, non reten-
limi ill' iii'lm. ii.ii.wni.) .l.il.tm.. i..
nniviuvof tl... ..,..,,, i ...J a ... .""' " ", '"""""V.' i"""-
---v- - 6"h'i" Him mi- mi iii Mispressed menstruation, we
death of his wife may bo sanctitied wlI oiler n remedy that lias been in
-minium use over twenty years.
Oregon Kidney Tea. This prepara
tion 1ms dm o more for sullering
humanity than any other medicine
in tho market. Sold by D. W.
R, P. BOISE, Jr.
r H -m'X i T" f lrZ f 1 T"
Kvynnu-M, nut give ninny minor
elionln, but at bent there Is uuieli
that euunot Ik wvn and intwt tliert-
TiiKoHiuTor nimmjier oTh fttrin
wjMtottniurn bin IimikI adroitly to
(UltVIVUt kllliia of Hlirk. nil .i,.y,
...1. .. .. . . ' I ..-.. 1... !... .
mniiy raim ntru, lit the prtwuiw f "" " " " ""witi.
Ill Itlrvd ini'ii.biu. a gat mlvuutain ' rr ""
vr the uwurr who tuiy Int u ! ' jtruJillilUmi cHinialgii or kt
bungler In (Hiiuiotf a plow, luruluir ! " eot t,uU ly 'W.3U7.0H. Of
m nirww, rfMtrluir liurw-mke, "U,M Nlw Ylrk ,H,' tntrlb-
wwliui wl, ijin,( dmlMr1!1 t,,,, ,"r,l,"' . U.lHS.ao,
Uk or ruuuliiK rwtinr. "" Moula,l Uio i-nwllti.t, ilfty
s- . iwut. Orviniu' wuitrilHitlnii u-
"Thk Caiuiai. JotH.N.vi, Inui f, u n'v"u' Ur ilwwikw
mm Utv," Iih. Uvn miM by I, ,Wi'ii"W'I'1JIn. T. l
tvwyhoAi- nmo .,Md lu ,ttHii yM
he eurtvul ytr. And tho My In ' .TT".
tewitlwli' mm, puui,,,,,, H !W r it-
Wte b(uu uu the Ut ur Maivli, WKi, ' ",,ow ,,uu," wl" .vm give tm tm
utt ttummw lit of hii olivkm, umwmI- ' ,,,U w",ftH"' kd m irtwrfy-Jouk-
v. n grow in wiu iliouimwul, ' ,M ,,mw '" lu rMuotkuiwy In the
mmay, ootmiaut. An viiImwiuvui , '' M,M l.
WMI MCMU)', tun uuw lu Wa-uU-ttotitoluetwirtmfrojjai)'.
Hivhw, "
to liim for his spiritual good.
llion, when the congregation was
between stiiplfactio.i and explosion,
the clergyman went on with the
services at a rapid rate. Ho was at
n lam to know why tho congrega
tion seemed lo be, throughout the
remaitiiier oi the service, on (ho
point of laughter, but at dinner Mrs.
I'' . the pantor's wife, explained
tlmtll.ilib.ikuk I s.it three rows
iioni uie mint in the broad aisle
Willi his brand now wife, and he
hail reailanoldiiotleethatMr. V
had probably been using for a book
mark over since the death of wire
No. 3.
A London doctor who despaired
ofbolngabloto euiVH woman from
nn atlk'tlou of (he law and f.uv. tin.
ally wrote her that lie was at the
end or hl resoim-en, and added that
tempiifc edax vcruin ttlme tliat Hit
UIum up all matters) was the sole
remedy. UU jmtient, who was!
vocmlngly Ignorant or Utln, got an
"lowing apouuvary to rurnlsh her
with the remedy, at the moderate
price of 7s. (id. After drinking sev
tmllMttlw of Italic m t her physl.
mu in irtiiiiion.aiiit Hstonlsliwl him
by hor gratitude for the invaluable
lueiltolni' he had riHouiiueiidmt in
her. The Congrvgatloualist wlHtt
thU shiry and tuggum that porhaK
It wh a "trmigveaw of fMlth euro."
Th problem whether a umnager
MUttrcuuot eonipelrt v.icwl artM J
u wpt mt euotiro h prolwblvl
nun nvon wriouly tMttJderwl
William O'Brien, the Irish pa
triot, hits begun libel ttetlou against
Lord Sali-biu-y.
A Safe liicsliiieiit
is one which is guaranteed to bring
vou satisfactory iistilts, or in ease
oi lalluio a lelui'ii of purchase price.
w.i uu Mm- instil you can tiuy iroin
our advertised druggist it bottle of
Dr. Klng'.s New Discovery for Con
sumption. It Is guaranteed to bring
relict in every case, when Used for
any ntlectlon of throat, lungs or
chest, such as consumption, inlluiu
mation of huipt. bronchitis, asthma,
whooping eaugh, croup, etc. It is
pleasant and agreeable to taste, per
kvilv safe and e.in nlwnvs ii, .1,
iwnded upon. Trial bottles free at
Daniel J. Fry's drug store.
Bo-ton 1m not at all progressive in
the matter of street railroads. The
city lias none but horse-oar linos.
Do you ever have pains in tho
imektind loins'.' if vim .i. ,..,.,. i
to them now, don't wait, delays aro
dangerous. Nip tho disease hi the
budniidsive your hwiltli and doc
tors bills A lew dik-es of Oregon
Kidney lea will prevent Ilright's
DiM-a-e and liiMiro your health,
n"Vr",',H,,.,, '"KPPliieM. Sold liy
D. . Matthews.
AivroNGr a Great Many Choice Bargains,
imaJSS!i.1U' iMmy brlck h0Use' m andotherout
House and lot on Cliemeketa street, near Catholic church, S1G00.
&? I'n IMl.lot.103xIS1 in North Salem, young orchard. Price $1500,
House with five hard flnished rooms, barn and lot 75x150 in South Salem. Price SS00
Lots in North Salem, near street car line. imesauu.
n.anyoU,e?rclXiUgains.Wi,,gn,hllti0,,9: BiSC'S' d'. Unlvctrfty, Qi Ann and Yew Park,
!IiiHV21.,?r.n.n.d Wholcsnlo dealers in
MUhlCAI. MKItl'IIANlHSU. New York,
11 anil U Wnlkcr Bt. .John F. Htmtton's
relelimted Hu-slan Out Violin ktrln'
nn-t iu fciiu i uriu
The Salem Abstract
" Fifty tut," w tht iviUv iimi
NiwtHi iruiior- m ttt gwnueut.
" Yim ou8ht to uIm iu h txuipU.
idalUm Miyhow, Th xwt
U of
A tTHMKNT iwnwrahb i.i..u.m. , wmnii m ihttii 1.V
! tim woriry uimwi lu ,,1 "My fri4l, l vuuWu't KlwytMi
UiwvMMntlibr. hi. MlMi f!firdoi otenxMt. it ulu't v..in
" -" ... -' - 1 I W( t
Ui-llup iue vmhMM.M
"Would ylH1 tkm fcr u f u w
"H' XHvnd't. I would Uk 5 tar
U . ll.ll. . ""
...Muunnw,, .yr . uiuiv' tbr
l. A young u' uf Hutitwn!
mnU till uht Wtntiuui m ..n
Ulrl. Kim," o Uh. J,.,v.. ...
imuu1m1 Igm mi H,- UiH ofciVMi."
uun umiui hmMi....i .. k at t a .
. .. wls,ua, 1XVWM... .,,, nnui, imv' your flr. H
iw iMMtr ' iMttHiuc out In hunt r v-.
JTrf-v. .' mitl 1 lirtiualii ii iu i.,..K..
0P'. - - "WIMM . .. ----- ----.--.,,.
M" U.k HMHHiuuk iu .., !" ! 0""y . Yon IimI
.,JJ . ' """Wi
The prident has luo,l a procla
mation appointing 0 o'olook a. m.
April St), as n hour of dlvino wor
ship In eonneetion with the euntou
niHl eMinitiitii tf Wnahi niton's in-
Our Oiiiirmilei- ii u dealer receives u
eonipliilnt, (wliicli ho belloves to bo honest)
.V?,'.'." ',".'?' ata-lclan to whom he has sold
"" ft"o MrliiEs, he is authorized by
..h,,lLBlvei '' "' '!"""-,r fctrinu without
tl linrue, and all such lo-,s wilt bo made Kood
.m.7ito ,,l'r J'UMoinere without quibble or
I'iiT.1,1"' ("ewroot Imitation.) Dealers
will iilwo scud tor descriptlve mtalogue.
trad fciiinilled at low est price.
Ihixo removed to building adjoining
Thompson's jewelry store on
Commercial street.
i' '
erto. I'lirfbruteixMrv. iu a nit., ....... auiriirMtlou
LLS.. ::. ,;-,u,i ' . .n-T' ."stcuh.
f.M ,.,, j MU auuHMKV or' lw" lMlVikUo Mri tliMV
hkUtll Ilk.. .It . . 1 . .
Normal, Business, Law,
ho liLllUitliHi of iDBrutii In the "o'rth.
17- , 1'rMilent.
l"i. Oregon.
Titles Investigated.
Money to Loan,
Land for Sale.
Houses for Rent.
A"5'?'1,6 wishing to board ntn ouiet
Cor. Chemekete and Liberty SU., Salem
Where W lect boava
jimui of
7ol Market st. San Francisco
Go and learn how to avoid
disease, ahd how ironderftil.
ly you aro made. Consulta
tion and treatment pcrs on
ally or by letter or weak
nesses and nil diseasso of
men. Send for bonk.
1'iivate oltlce 211 lienry street.
Tho PfrrEKS' GUIDE i
issujd M-,rch and Sept.,
ecch yoar. It is an ency
clopedia of uioful infor
mation for all who pur
chase tho luxuries or th
necessities of Ufa. Wa
can clothe you nd furnish you with
nil the necesstry and unnecessary
appliances to ride, walk, dance, sleep,
oat, fish, hunt, work, go to chuwh,
or stay at home, and in various sizel,
styles and quantities. Just figure out
wil?h,a rea-uired 10 do oil these thing
COMFORTABLY, and you can make a fail
estimate of the value of tho BUYEHB'
QUIDE, which will bo sent upon
receipt of 10 cents Ui pay postage,
m-ll-i Michigan Avenue, Chicago, HI.
Northern Pacific Railroad
. -- .. -.-..... j ........,-., i.inii
V "-rillliuiw lUT UN MMhi 1 1 11 1 II If OI till, l.lltflai.ll Ul, 1..1...
U U0nn. Suoh an hmmI.u. k..u. I ." ,,e '' ttlU in-u liilLiiii.l v.u; Ml'MJn .n'rnUhtd for tl .,
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