Evening capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1888-1893, April 13, 1889, Image 1

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A. EV IS k nsic
-Tli Term Ate Met IlensotinblcSt
SYou will bo well pleased with lt.-
YOIi. 2.
STO. 37.
First Natio
Ill JJtl
john atom, -
- President.
Vice President.
- Cashier.
Exchange on Portland, Han Francisco,
Now York, London and Hong Kong
bought and sold. State, County and City
warrants bought. Fanners arc cordially
Invited to deposit und transact business
with us. Liberal advances made on
wheat, wool, hops and other property at
rensonnme rates. Insurance on such se
curity can be obtained at tho bank In
most reliable companies.
in va
Capital Paid up,
- 10,000
Surplus, -
R. S. WALLACE, - - President.
V. W. MARTIN, - Vice-President.
J. H. ALBERT, .- - - - Cashier.
' DlRtCTOnSl
V. T. Gray, W. W. Martin,
J. SI. Martin, R. 9. "Wallace.
Dr. W. A.CusIck, J. II. Albert,
T. MuF. l'atton.
f To farmers on wheat and other markets
able produce, consigned or in store,
either In private granaries or
ipubllo warehouses.
ESlalfland County Warrants Bought at Par.
Discounted at reasonable rates. Drafts
Idrawn direct on New York, Chicago, San
iFranclsco, Portland, London, Paris, llerlln,
Illong Kong and Calcutta.
New Store, -New Goods.
las opened up a fresh and clean stock of
arid in fact everthing kept in a first
class Grocery store. Cash paid for
Butter and Eggs. '
The nubile In ceneral Invited to call and
Bee us. Atl goods delivered free.
state Btrcet, room iormerty occupied uy
Jugan Bros.
Fresh bread olways on hand. Feed of all-
lads kept constantly In our store.
fin tho Bank Block, treats all Chronlo
diseases or
On strictly sclcntltlc principles. Ills new
Icdlcated vapor iiatns, Jiiecincny una
!lmtm.Mnirnprlsm. Pure and ComDOUnd
Oxygen are not to bo had at any other lnstl-
llttton on mo rncinc siopu ur, unuurt
uses only
nfflwi nnrl rooms esncelallv fitted far the
accommodation and treatment of ladles
vith ladles bath incaieofMrs.-UIIbert. ur,
Gilbert, confines himself to ottlco nractlco
and Is, therefore, always on hand to
wait unon his nntlents. Sneclal atten
tion given to diseases of women and child
ten. Terms strictly moderate.
Consultations Free,
l-d w
For sale cheap for cash or upon
tho installment plan. Far. particu
lars call upon
No, 367 Winter Sired, Salem, Oregon.
Proposals Invltetl,
II Oregon BttUe Insane Asylum Invito
died proposals for heating tho state In
ane asylum with hot water. Plana and
peolncutions mi)t be furnished by the
piaaer. xians or tho building will ue nir
suiied upon application to Pr, Hurry Unie
neaical superintendent, Snlein, Oregon,
Proposals are also Invited for an electric
light plant for tho asylum of 500 lights of
It) candle power each, Incandescent system
to do wirea compicio ana rpoily for strviop
and subject to rigid test. The right ;io nw
Kect any and all bids ree$rv4.
Bids wl 1 be opened at 2 o'oloak p, in. on
CuetuUy, May 7, 18s8.
OKO. W. MeJJRinB, ' '
Board of Trust
W. A. MVNLY, Clerk of Bowd,
TheCapital National Bank
LEO WILLIS Notary Public.
18 B S I
Mi Estate and
We Buy and Sell Real
. Transact a General
OPERA HOUSE, Court Street,
wi is ana
We have on our list a great variety of very desirable property for
sale, and as our business is not altogether confined to Ileal Estate trans
actions, we are able to furnish purchasers theso bargains without claiming
unreasonable commissions.
Our long residence in this country and familiarity with its condition
and peculiarities render us competent judges of where the best lands arc
to be found and purchases made.
Wo have faith in Oregon of its future greatness; and especially this
section of tho Willamettee Valley Tho man who invests hero in real
property'runsno risks, it will be more profitable than bank stocks. Our
soil and climate are not excelled, and people are finding it out. Now is
tho time to buy.
Wo are situated so that parties making investments, if desired can
secure loans on the most reasonable terms.
The following partial list will show some of the properties
we are offering for sale.
ICO acres, 0' miles south of Salem, all under fence now barn and fair
house small oi'chard road by the place. Payment down, balance on
time at 8 per cent. Price $5,000.
102 acres, 5 miles southwest from Gervais, good house and barn with
orchard 92 acres under plow. 1,500 down, balance on time. Price
?47.50 per acre.
467 acres, 4 miles north of Salem, improvements first-class- 320 acres im-
. tier plow plenty ot .stocic water anu range, will uiviae land. w
per acre for improved part.
1G0 acres, 7 miles east of Salem 80 acres in cultivation 50 in pasture
rest In young timber all under fence running water good house
barn granary orchard sell stock If wanted. $27 per acre.
203 acres, 12 miles northwest of Salem on lino between Polk and Yom
hill counties excollent land and good neighborhood all under fence
part summer-fallowed. Part payment down, balance on time. ?20
per acre.
320 acres, 13 miles cast of Salem, all fenced 2 good houses fair bam
good orchard several springs on tho place good roads to gulom. $30
per acre?
100 acres, 7 miles eaBt of Salem well watered ith barn and orchard.
Tho land is finely situated and can be divided inlo two places the
' road running on two sides one-half mile from railroad. $25 per
acre, -
200 acres, 12 miles east of Salem excellent improvements all In culti
vation well watered and finely situated. ?35 ,pcr acre. - -
85 acres 00 aorcs In growing grain fair house nnd barn 1 acres
meadow fine young orohard one-half milo from P. O, crop goes
with place. Possession given at sale, Price $2,400.
0 acres, adjoining cast Salem with
Uiviueu Illiu o-i3 acru iuio uiuiu luiuiT-iunu mngiuiui i;il niu
be worth double present price soon. $3,000.
850 acres, 15 miles from Salem 300 acres In cultivation two houses and
barns with orchard plenty of running water no better stock and
farming land in Marlon county all fenced is divided into many
fields and pastures. A bargain for some one. Half down, balance on
. time to suit. $15 per acre.
075 acres 8 miles from Salem all under fence 350 a"res at onetime un
der plow fine pasturo land road along one sido can bo divided to
suit purchaser. One-Jialf down, balance on longtime. $17 per acre.
CO acres, 3 miles from Salem 1 acres in orchard iin garden 50 tinder
plow balance good pnsturo good houso and bam. A chance for
somo ono wanting garden property. $3,000.
Store and stock of inerclia.iHli.so vltIl w-arohonso worth $0000 also rosldonce
If desired, situated on p- & C. It. 11.. good location for business no
u.ettqrgraln-fjectlon in tho Willamette Valley.
Good houso with one-half noro of land, In North Salem near Btreotour
lino when extended If sold soon. $800.
Half block East Salem, on mill creek, with, Hood; liou.80 and barn.
Plenty of fruit 335Q,
Wf offer for tho first timo-about qo lots in A, , P. Waller's addition to
Salem, ranging in price from Sri0 to 800. The location is lino, upon
tho highest Tgrouud in EaatSalgm, over-looking tliB entire ty mid In
nininvlowoTiill tho State Uutldlniw. with tile 0ot and Ca(ld
Mountains in the distance, while still OKhtwerd loom up throe ever
lasting snow peaks.
Prompt Attention Given to All Inquiries
M$ & chappy
0pkra house block; (joukt st.,
Salem, : : Oregon
nsiiraiice ' Agents,
Estate, Negotiate Loans
Agency Business.
house lorn and orchard can bo
Absolutely Pyre.
'Phi--powder iieier virtc nrtncl of
puilly.fttiriwlu aniliiiU'-'imriics'. More
ceonnmloiil tlmn tbu onlin.ii) 'rlmlo, nml
cannot bo gokl In t'ompwhlim with tint
innltituilooflow tost, short wi'lfjcht nlitinor
phosplnito powdois. Sold milv In cnti'.
Hoy at, UAiyyo I'owncu (.'., l0.iVullJf.Y.
v6n hunt.
FOH HUNT.-In u lino locality, hcvcral
nicely funUhed rooms, c-llhcr with or
Arltliout bonrd. For iKirtlculius 0111110011
Win, 3. Arnold, SGT'Wlntci street.
l'Olt SAI.13
'OUS IjK A Reed pony, cart, hiincas
POH SALE A good pony, uildlonndmd-
I IIIU "111 W .T.l IHI'lllllll Vl ('tit"
tlculrti's call nt Ijunn A llrowu's htoro on
Commorclnl street.
I1 all mnler Tunco mid cultivation. In the
bost rnnpo country of HuRtcrn Oreson.
Tho bet chapcti over oll'ered for a niun to
enstngo In stnok raising, l'or p.irtlctilan.
cation or addrega
W.H. KyAHS.Salcin, Oregon.
WANTED llJ lcn o u iinall biilhllnif lot,
conveiSkiirt'to buMiicHB. with prlvlleco
of purcliiiKc. Iiniulro aS t'Al'lT.M.JomtNAl.
for ".
WANTED. A I'll rt det: An eiiPrKetlc
' youiifr man to tnkou half Inteuwt In u
well-ctalillshednud Rood-p.iylm? btislncsH.
S20U Is reuuliiul. Man must bo a irood
worker. Call or nddres.3 "V. JI ." caioof
CAl'ITAI. Jouhnai,.
I HAVE somo very Korfd hpeoud-hand
buggies and harnoMithiit I will sell cheap.
Uomcuiulficothcm. Oainiw FiMiir.it.
J Ollleo In tho Now Hunk lilock. Com
merclal street, Kiilem.. Sign ol tho big
tooth. dw
1 physician and burgeon, has loented
and taken rooms over Squlro Farnir's
grocery store. Chronic dlfcoasos a speo
Talty. Consultation free. lU-i!ldw
nnd Typewriter Copyist. Wlllmako
reports of trials, etc.; copylngon tyiie
writer uecurately and noatly done. Ollleo
with I A MuniitiiL'. Conilnorcial SU Ud
stairs, New Hank llloclc.
Persons wishing to Improve their mem
ories or strengthen their powerof attention
should send to liof I,oslotto, 2.17 Fifth
Ave,, N. Y. for his prospectus post free, as
advertised In another column. No 8, Stdw
ALIVE LODGE No. 18, I. O. O. !'., meets
J lliuiiurciiuni iiiui uiftumin. loriiui
Commercial and Ferry sUeoU, uvory Kat
urdaynt7::)0n,ia, J.T, UlltAiU, JAB, WAlVlUf,
Hecietary. N. G
A (lootl Cup of Coffee
Is n- great attraction for it retnurnnt.
Thn p(iinn dmwn from irellpiiliriiiifPh' Pat
ent Colleo receptacle Is one of the ninny
Groat Attractions of his raiting parlor.
Thousands of cups of his oxcellent eorTeo
nrokold every week. Ana ns ror oysters
ond mctilo he oiuuot he euulml In tho
btatc, If.
(1?7K in ttOKH vsioNTlioBiiboinndo
40 10 CpCjU worklnjf for us. Agent
preferred who can furnlsli .v horse and
glvo their wholotlmo tothebuHiness, Hpaie
niiimenu may uo prouuiuiy Biuipiiiywi iiim,
A fiw vneniieles In luwiw and cities. II. F.
Johnson itCn,, lOuti Main st.. Iticlimond,
N. II. Ladle employed also. Novor
mind about hCiiiIliig sIhiiip for reply. Come
quick. Yours for l)lz, 11. V.J.& Co.
Gaines Fisher, Proprietor.
Corner Kerry and Liberty street, N. K. oor
from ChemeKete notoi, Haiem.ur.
GoxmI seoominodMUouM for commercial
traveler. Flrst-cluM rigs alajf m. )whi1.
ChaiKM renMiuul.de
TJiiintln,v Eronin Aprtl lWJi.
Oraml return eugMflemat of
wn. John F. Uhodes, IHuil end.
r UMwr JIenUcUi-1, Paul Htnovlna una
IMlU llluiiiciiterg it! d Mto Aunie Cm
uenltr. hd (JnluUl upK'ur here uuder the
implcj of the ( npiuil i iiy IWod fox thLir
bcntifll, KJitln li.iiiKi f ingrain
AUinlfeli'ii 1, linitiiy ) s-iii, n i nl
Mttit wltlujut ("dm rli.uge ut t'liitnu'i,
rtok Mar, nr tttuu uimiOei r the baud.
Boston pnte
C. A. KoUTt is in Portland to
day. -H. itcCrav of Woodbtiru Is in
the city lo-dny.
-W. W. BartU-tl of fyiver'on is
in the city lo-iluy.
lion. A. Ihish rclurnod from his
trip to yt'attle thin mornlnir.
Dr. Kcene arrived in tho city
this i veiling from Faii'tleld.
dipt. Sniltli and daughter ar
rived in tho city this ce:iing from
a trip Kouth.
1). V, Yoder, county school sti
pirintendent, went to Woodburu to
day on bchool busliioH.
Hurley Wilson, a student of the
State University at Eugene, is visit
ing in Salem to-day.
Mrs. G.H. Chant e and daughter
of Portland returned homo this
morning, after a visit m the city.
don. Hatch, who is one of the
city mail carrictti, deported for Port
land this morning on a mysterious
William Hunter is in tho city
visiting friends and lelntivcs. He is
on his way home from Astoria, where
he has been for his health.
11. llobklrk of Portland, who
was the lowesl bidder on the new
in ick block arrived in the city at
noon to look after his interest.
J. II. Cook of the Oregon land
company left for Portland this eve
ning, whore ho expects to meet his
wife. She leltSt. Paul, Minnesota,
several days ago.
Ilev. P. S. Knight accompanied
his lucce, Miss Whltaker, to her
homo in Corvallis tins morning.
Miss Whltaker has boon visiting in
tho city for a week or si.
--J. ISorniiger and wife returned
to their home near Corvallis this
morning after a two-week's sojourn
in the city. Mr. Bormlgor owns
property hero and has been Improv
ing it.
15. 11. MoElroy, state superin
tendent of public instruction, return
ed from Eu'geiio this morning,
where he lias been attending a three
days' teachers' institute. lie reports
a good meeting throughout and
said the attendance was good at till
l.lll'Ah SU.MM VUY.
Painless dental operations at
Dr. T. C. Smith, 0-2 Stato btrcet. tf.
AVrlglit's lllnckborry Conlinl hliould bo
In overy family lor cholcia inlaliim, sum
mer (UhoiiKe, etc. Pleasant to take. Hold
by all drugglhts.
Those wishing to take a eon roe
in the English branches, book-keeping
and stenography will do well to
attend the Salem business college,
Griswolds block. Apply for tonus
Wright's Compound Extract of B.iniipn
llllals blood-making, blood-cleansing and
health-restoring, A euio for suiul'doug
and nil oruptlvo du-eunori. Bold by 11. W.
Cox and D. J. Fry.
No matter where you roam you
should not allow It to escape your
l'orgctfulnoBs that tiio place to buy
groceries, pure, lresli and cheap, Is
at Squire Farrar'b. Everybody knows-
tho place. Follow the crowd and
you will come out all light.
Wright's Myrrh Tooth Soap dentlfrif'e of
tlieage. 'Cooling, f'ntgiiinl, (tenth to turtur.
Sold by all ilingglHtH.
. A few chancon for speculation
arolefton my list. Among them
area few line corner lots In North
Salem on the line of the street rail
way, a good skiry and half house ou
church street, ttiiothoi1 good hoiino
and two lols ou Center utroet, Ifl
acroH ouUido lUooity limits a short
distance, Id acre with largo house,
orohurd, etc., adjoiningthe city, lots
in "Yew Park," "Queen Anue"
and "Unlveully additions," und
North and Mouth Bulcm,
XV. A.Mooukb,
K17 (,'otiuiH'i'eial street.
WrUrhl' Rd Cross Oiugh Cure will oille
lluit nrcsoino oougli. (Itianintwxl to glvo
uttafaotlon. gold by nil ilruggUt, I
Wo Imve two pair uf loin, very
sightly, In the amended plat of
Capital Park, near Stale street, each
pair embracing ono uoriier. One
pair fTJO, the other Wa'i; eheaier
than ever ottered before. We have
a (law lots U:ftliiMorelIth'saddlttoii,
near tlie heart of the city. Que
comer lot In North Salem near
street car lino, hiph and dry, for
only fl74, worth W. I-"ts In Al
bert's and Yew Park addition, obeap
and on easy tenn, but dii't forget
that our "drlw" toon tomi property
and mr bargain list too bib to
mention hem.
DuxoanA Booth,
IW.Htat street.
'Ha!bV Hob Celery and I'tMiuuiatrito
Hi iri inUifitbink. sDceClwr untl an.
n. iii. tevtaurMw tbi 8fciflve Mhii
uml prrrmift thruwprta. Xm IWtm
iiixjii. sld b il W I x.
faporhnl llvcnls of (lie Whole Woi-ltl
for TwfDlj-foar Hours.
Xot in tho Trust.
San Fuajccisto April 12. This
afternoon Claus Hpneklcs, when
naked by an usseelated press re
porter if lie bad joined tho sugar
trust, as n ported in New York, said:
"I am not in the trust, and never
will be in the tiust at any price."
A seven-,car old received, among
numerous Christmas presents, a lit
tle pocket diary. The entry:
"Jan. 21, issu; be didn't," created
some surprise until she gave the fol
lowing (In a tone of injury):
"Johnny mlth" m little neigh
bor) "said he was coming over to
see me and he didn't."
Alaska's New (iovci'iiiir.
Washington, April 12. The
apHilnimeul of Lyman C. Kunpp
of Middleburg, Verniont, as gover
nor of Alaska caused considerable
surprise. Not a single paper in his
case had been filed at the inteiior
department, and the appointment
was made from the White House,
direct. Thoro was a score of appli
cants, and Michigan fully' expected
to secure tho prize, (low Swineford
had resigned, and there was no con
test overlho matter except between
The Street Oar Samoa.
Minneapolis, April 12. An at
tempt was made to run the cars
with new drlwrs. The mob Jeered
at the drivers and made a rush for
the ears. The police charged ou the
mob, using their clul.s vigorously.
Peter Henrys a bystander, was seri
ously injured.
Superintendent Goodrich an
nounced that the curs would start
on their regular dips at four p. in.,
but at that hour no attempt was
made to start the cms on tho motor
Many Ihuiilroils Drowned.
New Yoiik, April 12. The great
eat excitement prevails in shipping
circles ovor the loss of tho Denmark.
The Thing valla is probably the
largest carrying immigrant line
between this port and Europe. The
Denmark had on board when she
left Copenhagen for New York on
the 20' h of March, two passengers,
presumably all emigrants, including
the vessel's captain, It. M. ICiindcr
sen, and crew w.ilch numbered 40
men. The ollleo of tho agents of the
steamer, Funck, Kdgo A Co., No. 22,
South William street, has been
Ihriinuod with peoplo all morning
anxiously iuiiuiring for (lie latest
news of the wsscl.
Mr. Kdgo, of the firm, does not
credit thy icporl. lie has cabled
Ills Loudon agents anil has sought
by wire further particulars from tho
Copenhagen brunch of the firm,
(Jailed a Halt".
WAfeiiiNcrrox, April 11. Secre
tary Noble, lu a letter to the uUor
ncy general, has retpiofeted that the
United States attorney for Montana
bo directed to suspend action, civil
or criminal, ugalnsl the Missoula
company formeily the Montana
improvement company, and the
Northern Paelllo railroad, for timber
'trespass on the public ltunl hi Mon
tana until the sun ie' en n lie Investi
gated with a view to a dismissal as
recommended by the United Slates
district attorney. Tho amount of
lumber Involved Is over ; 40,000,000
feel, besidis a large amount of cord
wood and railroad lies. This action
is taken, It Is understood, upon in
foi umllon that It will be extremely
dllllcul!,lf not allogellu'r Impossible,
for Ilio government at this late day
to Mwiirc Mulllciunt evidence to main
tain these suits.
The (ireutest tut HamiM.
OixciNNA'm, April 12. Mere
dith BtauU-y of tills olty the well
known athlete and bridge-jumper,
who has challenged Itrodlo of New
York, yesterday made tho mst re
imirkable leap on tvooid. It was
from the famoiw high bridge over
the Kentucky river. J to height !
UVi feet. He selected water where
It wa twelve feet deep, and attired
in silk tights and slippers leaiwl
Into the air and doubling up his
body, fell Into tho water, and a
mouieut later bounded lo the sur
face, whore he was quickly seined
by his assistant In a lmt. lie
coughed blood a little while, but
soou recovered and took the train
for Cincinnati. He eMMyed with
out breaking the tkjn, mid flwlg m
wll as ever.
Agricultural Stations.
Wasiiixoton, April 12. Secre
tary Husk has issued a phamphlet
giving a history of the agricultural
experiment stations which havo
been established under the recent
law of Congress and aro now con
ducting scientific and practical ex-
peilinentls in regard to soil tillage,
manufactures, crops, stock fccdlmr.
dairying and horticulture in various
Stales. All the States and ono
Territory, Dakota, now havo agri
cultural experiment stations. The
total number of stations in opera
tion is lorty, and iucludlnir branch
stations nearly sixty. They employ
more than ;i"0 scientists and agri
culturists, and will this year receivo
."105,000 from the National Govern
ment and about 12o,000 from tho
Stale and other sources. Tho most
cordial feeling is said. to exist be
tween tho stations and the Depart
ment ot Agriculture, which is
charged by Congress with the duty
of supervising and aiding tho work
of the stations.
Sexliiplcts in .Minnesota.
PmtiiAM, Minn., April 17. A lit
tle over a year ago a Finnish woman
at New York Mills presented her
husband with four children. This
fact aroused a good deal of comment
at the time, but a report comes now
which, if true, goes it two better.
Tho story as told, and It comes
from a reliable source, is that Mrs.
Andicw Thurbcr, a Finnish lady
living near New York Mills, gave
birth a short time since to six chil
dren, three of whom are alive, "and
three born dead.
.Mu. 'tier and Suieiile.
Los Anoulks, Cat., April 12. A
murder and probable suicide took
place here on Aliuedu street thl's after
noon. Chas. Scott, n blacksmith,
called at the room of a woman
known as French Mary, and had
some trouble, when Scott drew a
icvolvcr and shot the woman In tho
right car. Death was instantaneous,
cott then placed the weapon to his
temple ami fired. . Jealousy Is tho
supposed cause.
K. Howell says hols go'ng to
open a dentistry ollleo In Salem
An orchestra will assist tho
Unitailan choir In their services to
morrow evening.
"Itobert Klsmere and his Crit
ics," is the subject at tho Unitarian
church to-morrow.
Tho rain yesterday and to-day
caused a number of carpenters
throughout tho city to stop work on
the outside.
D. F. Wagner is confined to his
bed with a severe attack of rheuma
tism. His friends hope to see him
around again in a few days.
Rev Rollins returned from
Kiigeno this evening and reports a
lino time. Over 760 were in attend
ance last evening at tho lecture.
Mrs. M. Hastings arrived in tho
city this morning from tho far-a-way
city of iioston, she is a sister of T.
J. ilabcock and a sister of J. Gray'a
wife. Mr. Ilabcock and Mrs. Gray
met them at Portland.
IIoi.inixs MilriTljJa--Sundiiy afternoon
attlo'eloekal 115 WgU street.
Hand or lloi'ittfumlny itlternoon nt .'I
o'clock In tint W. O. T. U. Hall, Court.Ht.
stteut, Itov, II, V, Moody, pastor. Sorvlcos
rihudny at 11 a. m. .and 7 p. in. Sunday
Koluxil at 10 a, m,
EVANdKi.iiui. Ommcii. Itov. K. T. Hoi
linger, pastor. I'ronuhlngul 10;1U a. in. and
7:80 p. in, .Sunday suhool at H!iw. All aro
cordially Invited.
UtiirAKiAN fjaciHTV IloKuliir service
Hiinday morning at 10:80 u m at their
hall, corner of Court and Llburty stieets.
upslaliv. (iuimnil Invitation, Seats free.
Chiiistian council Elder 1'. It. Ilur
null, inuitor. hurvleesat lUt.Wa mnnd 7 P
m. Humbiy cciiool ut 1'J m. l'niyur meet
ing Thursday at 7i90 p m.
CoKUKKUATloNAl, Cliciicn Hervleos nt
10-;Ja m. Huuilay tuhnol nt Vi o'clock;
Christian KmlBHVoriuiMitliigiit U; uvoulng
servloaut 7. Itev. Ansluin II. llrowu, pastor.
I'liKxiiviicuiAS Uiiuiicii Hev. II. A,
No well, pastor. 1'rsAclilngnt 10:20 n muud
7 p m. SkK-loty of Christum Endeavor ut
H p in. Mubuutli school ut 12 m. I'niyer
meeting 'i'lmivlsy iilng ut 7 p m.
Catholic Cuuhoj! Clitiuukcte mid
Ootwgu street. I)v- nuiss ut Vtti u in.
High mitss und swmoiiut 100 a m. Him-
sulinol ut X p ui. ViMpvm, sermon beucHlle
tlon ut 7:' ii in ovsry Kuiiduy. J, H. White
M. K. t'liuacil tirvl(WM Sunday morn
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til ui. Young peupls metlng nt 0; bible
reudlags und oonfriio Monday ovwiliig.
at T. I'rayor lasfUug 'lliunulay evanlng"
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