Evening capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1888-1893, January 29, 1889, Image 1

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VOL. 1.
Real Estate Bargains.
lS?tBCr' 6mcs from O 4 C do
pot. Good house, bam nnrt
tlvatlon. PenCed' nnd'ncul
J2,000 SO ncrcs, 4 miles from Rw
uood rond to town. Improve!
ments fair. Fine fruit laS5
. acres 2V miles from Knlfm
ni? ?.Un"dLDe3-,. Splendid land,
nil fenced. Slake a desirable
2,50Q 00 ncres 4 miles from Salem. Im-
provements good. Fine youne
...m "J? hard, and garden land.
W.180 190 acres. 7 miles from Salem.
Hill land, nnely watered. Sell
in iois oi w-acrc tracU at 823 per
675 acres, 8 miles from Salem.
Excellent Brass nnd fruit land.
"Joining Willamette rlrer.
Will sell In tracts.
51 acres, 4 miles of Salem. House,
barn nnd orchard. Largesprlnc
at the door. Good soil, and
Plenty of timber.
120acrcs, 5 miles of Salem; good
roaa wen impreved: stream
NO. 2S1.
ft Oregon Land Company
$300 ..
K.,nnlH 41. . . .1 t
400 acres (4 miles west side O A
C It It) good house, barn nnd
orchard, 120 In cultivation, bal
ance oak grub pasture land.
10 acres, 1 mile from Salem, ad-
no Improvements.
81,200 40 ncrcs, 5 miles Salem; all In
cultivation; no buildings; near
Rchnol house. Excellent fruit
9 1,000 370 acres, 6 miles from O & C It It;
all fenced; well watered. House,
barn, nnd small orchard; 150
ncrcs In cultivation.
$2,750 Slots, with gooanousennd barn,
East Salem. Desirable location.
Wo have besides this a largo list or city
and farm property. Buyers would do well
to call and cxamlno our holdings before
making their purchases.
Opera House, Court St.,
9-26tf Salem, Or.
I am prepared to sell you good
farms nt
Is a corporation duly organized and operated uiuferlthejluws oitheState
i uiesuu. u Degau ousluess In March, 1SS8, wilha capital
stock of $20,000.
The First Sale Made By lis Company Was in April Last.
t aw mum
m mm
Whero you will uavo nil the advantages
nnd HAILKOAD facilities without being
overburdened with high taxes simply lor
tuo privilege of living near a town of n few
thousand inhabitants. A residence of 33
years on n farm in this vicinity gives me n
thorough knowledge of this country.
During the nine mouths which have sinco elaped it lias made 107 salt's
to 104 different perbons. Of the purchasers 8-3 have nought fanning lands.
It has also, during this time sold 01 i evidence lots in Salem. Of thoso
tiiirMinsiim hut ".") worn rosiilonts of Marion county nrior to mirchaslmr.
Tho remainder were from tho following localities, viz: Jackson Co. 1
Polk Co. 3 Multnomaii uo. l uiacKamas uo. i luniiuu v,o. i .Mon
tana 4 Minnesota 4 Kansas lu Kiiginnu uoiorauo :: vwisningiou
Territory 7 Iowa 5 Dakota 3 Indiana 2 C dlfornia 8 Nebraska 7
m,in aVlanmisln 1 Missouri 1 Illinois 1 Pennsylvania 2 Unknown 7,
I V among us. The business of this company is constantly increasing More
thanhalfofitssalesliavebecnmmicwun.il un v - ',.'
though this is a season of the year when sales are (Mia ; "
company hnsfrom 15 to20n.enco..Stantlvcn.p.ojcoiw.M-r'
on Puget Sound. Itluis three men in lor an -;, '"Z --, ml
entire time. Rev V J. btraye, '"--'"",;,,,, tUstlll(Utmg
grants into "'"ZMny. lie will start to this
advertising iia'r.uuiucAw""j -- . -
Stato with his first excursion on tne im m M "
This company is now spending more money to adveitise Salem and the
surrounding locality than
This is to say for live or six weeks
I was troubled with a very severe
headiicho, If headache it could bo
called, for It was unllko any head
ache I ever had or ever heard of. It
weakened mo to such a degree that
I would frequertly stagger, ami
nearly fall as I walked along. It be
camosq Intensely severe that I began
to fear it would soon end In some
thing serious.
I was advised to consult Drs. Dar
rln at tho Chemoketo hotel. I did so;
the lint application of his hands and
electricity gave consldernblo relief,
so has each subsequent application,
nud now I think my head is nearly
Tho doctor has also very much
benefitted my arms which were bad
ly affected with rheumatism, ho has
also greatly benefitted my goneral
I tun cheerfully recommend Drs.
Darrln toall those similarly aullcted.
11. Vam 1'ki.t.
Salem. Jan. 20, 18S0.
Short Sketches of Our kw Makers
And Prominent Men.
To tho public:! have been suffer
ing with the asthma for over lour
years and the last two of them, I
have been unable to do any Work,
could not walk two rods without bo
lus choked, mid most of tho time
prevented ino from lying down at
night to sleep. In this condition!
came to l)rs. Darriu for relief. Now,
after four weeks of their Electro Mag
netic treatment, I reel HKo a new
man. no to bed and sleep without
any trouble, havo commenced work
again and consider myself about
WS lilWllwiiv ...
Salem, Jan. 20, 18S9.
Hon. J. T Atmerson. republican,
from Clackamas county, is a gontle
mnii loner nnd favorably known in
tho legislative councils of this state,
Ho whs born In Honklusvlllc. Ky..
December SSI, 1634, making him 5T
years old. Mr. Appertain has been
a ' YVebrbot" for forty-two years,
making him one ofour old pioneers.
He served In the Oregon Volunteer
Cavalry from 1S02 to ISM. In tho
year 1870 the people of Clackamas
couuty elected him to represent
them In tho House of Representa
tives, after which ho served two
terms as sheriff. In 1878 and 18S0
ho served as a senator for his county
nnd in Juno 1888 ho was again chos
en as a representative. Mr. Apper
son is a farmer, living near Oregon
City, and has for many years been
a member of tho board of managers
of tho state agricultural society, and
has also served as president of tho
alio vo society. Ho has been con
nected with the state legislature for
nineteen yearn, a very creditable
showing, and lie Is to-day consider
ed nno of tho foremost representa
tives ofour state.
or liUHi-
Two or
Move Families The Salem Board oi Trade and All Oilier Agencies Combined !
iwirinn. to locnto near each other will find
lttotUeir advantage to call on me.
Correspondence solicited and descriptive
list of farms for sale sent on PPW
Real Estate Agent, Aumsville, Marlon
county, Oregon.
To your money until
01 ItlO oaiguiiio ... ----
tnte oilercd by
97 Stato St., - Salcm
One-fourth block nnd ni ".
dence on Center street, only W
Ave and ten acre lo tetwomlte from
Salem, clean PJn & , m
nnd lot in block 43 only !,
property in till parts of tho clt mm
country. . -, nq
Fine residence property in Los
Angles to exchange for propertj
(tor Ifci loW and Twenty-Five Dollare,
ry.'!5 ""
tho Willamette Valliy is now m i
r.,,mstruted fifty l.agc pamphlet. Wo S
ee.y in our J( ZZ "& W
whom we most do, re to JJ " SW wry w.
JXSES" aavertl-l In more than
in in" " -
, wnsUTii buyers for tho &mt bulk of our
In the East, ytt2ZlHT our advrUnU
patronage. Durin Jo n wi mmmT,
1 ,..tni.n road by millions oi reHuoin H),
""...... ... "inui in . rect conimu.- ,
Vh0,:? Z,e to this will come t.cKet. - -
nonny aii"
orru-K nouns and i'i-aci
)rs. Damn can bo consulted free
at tho (Jhomokete Hotel, Salem, Ore
gon, for a limited tlmo only.
Daily transfers furnished tho
n. ....- i. JdiiitNAi. by tho Union
Titlo Abstnict Co. ollice, Btntoln-
urancebuildlng :
Addle M. Scrllier to G. StoU.
Lots 1-12-7-8 in H. 1 Myors add. o00
A. It. Flint to J .W. Borllxir.
H. 1. Myor'sadd tiuu
W. WhltlocktoA. Mcclain
LandlnSllverton -"
J. ) I. Scttlemlor to 11. M. Duinlok
Land in Woodbum 6
C. V. Morho.nl tor. i. jiiiii'ij
Lot Ulllock 00 N.Salem
I). T. Jonos to F. M. Miller.
l'JO aoros
ki'i'KKiit. t'umrr.
We have several sums .of W to
Loan on good Real Lstaiu.
Security for a series
Of years To
wit, . .t.-. eiooo 1
ONK 1'UItSE OF 5100'
Apply booh to
Willis & ChamSSi1,
U-l; d w lm. 0M
n will find It t" tlMilr Uuwi i
tor . Vowr
Por tliotc wm i-- , ..,,.
" .. . i....i3 in mil ijui"-' - --
ploee tnr u .-- mve ,t WIMV
.rtvcou wbwroV U iW
If you wish to -,g& Uw a M-i
j iwni Plrf 'mTmLJ'f
0Br dvr,MH TVi Mwtort y,,aT L g-te
Sai.km, Jan. 20, IS-
On motion of W. Ulr Hill, J-
Carroll MeUuirwy ww Hdiuittwl m-
on eertllloHto Irom the wipwiiio
omirt of lMnnnylvanlH t pmutlw In
..II .I.- .vuirU lif III lit UU.
u,i . . ....w
Marvli. MilWr, app- v. v ..-
S. Miller, t mI. rwip.; PI1 "'""
Vmw county; Hrginxi ami .u.....-
John KlotrinMii app. w. J w
lUyw t Ml. rej; nil "'' ''
eoootiuty. Jtulg...nt r-venm. .. .
tilt) (M lIWlt(l(Ml JW Ml""'
OHnlon by Thayer, C. J.
yue riu
nrix&HoruM ww Imlf mlU from
tJlw(). I. 1C. lt.-0 Mor in enlllVM-
Uon, wllh Wr hut MHd iwru,
,ry and (Hhr .Mil IwIUIIiikh. Wiih
Mrw III WlWMt, " -l' "-"
,Wihi, iir f 'i sur:
cmilb, 1 "' ",,, fcn" uU"h'
Hfl J. WW4MMM H Bn.. I
uon. JAJiiw u. nta'NDni.i..
Hon. James H. Illundell, a repub
lican ivpresentatlvo from Douglas
county, i was born in Itrldgcport, t't.,
May 7, 18IU. At tho ago of ten he
started for San FmucNuo, aceo i.
pauled by his parents. Curious to
say Mr. Illundell never crossed tho
plains, as did nine tenths of the lm-
,...-t- . i.unuii tint Horn
II vo months. 1 lis folks Immediately
..rii.rnriivliiL'xi'ttlcd in tho mines
near Column, In Kl Dorado cotiniy,
Cal. Hero Mr. Illundell attended
tho primitive schools of tho "10's."
During tho great silver excitement
known as tho "Washoo stampede"
ho went to Nevada, In the groat
nihil, but soon returned a "poorer
but much wiser" man. In 1805, at
the cIomo of tho war ho came to
Coos county, Or., and followed dif
ferent occupations up to tho year
1871, when ho settled In Douglas
county and has since beer engaged
in school teaching. Ho is now a
nMliloiit of the town of Kiddle, was
elected to tho legislature in I8WI and
nnd was ro-o ected In lBhs
! in-iil iix ii (t'liHUH eiiuiuerator.
Mr. Illundell has witnessed the
.rr..iit niMli to California and Is
r'"- - ,
pleased to wo Oregon oncopo suen a
Htampedo, as tho jx-oplo are now
coining Into Oregon to enjoy tho de
lightful climate wo post, aim
earn a livelihood at labor and are
not drawn hero by chance. Mr.
Klnndoll oocunleM a front wmt with
in the Imr and Is always at hm Mst
of duty.
Mnrc Citblnrt Tnlk.
"WASiiiNaTON. Jan. 28. Allison
has refused tho Treasury and Now
of Indiana will havo tho place.
Tis said on high authority that
Thurston of Nebraska has liecn
clvcn the Interior and that Wana-
innker has tho Navy.
The opinion prevails that an ex
tra session of congress will bo India
nonasble. Tho ccnsiu, the wnslon
business, tho territories, tho tarlll,
etc., must bo attended to and this
session cannot do tho work.
A lllff Klr.
Dui.trrit, Minn., Jan. 8. Fire
was discovered In tho grand opera
house shortly before 2 o'clock this
morning. It was soon beyond con
trol, although tho wholodopnrtment
was early on tho spot. At !1: 30 tho
building was a total loss. A row of
frame buildings next to tho opera
house were In great danger, but all
were saved except the postolllce,
which was consumed. Tho total
loss Is $ 20,000.
ltUmiirt'k l rullliiK.
Kr.ui.iN, Jan. !M. Wlulo speak
ing on East Africa's lilll in tho relch
stng Saturday UlMinarck's voice
was unusually weak, being almost
Inaudible, except to those near him,
and gave tho linpresslsn that as ho
was slightly Indisposed his throat
troubled him. His references to tho
co-operation of Fngland with Oei
many In Fast Afi lea caused a good
I'n l- Urn Alut'iiilnii'iil,
Wahiiimiion, Jan. 20. Tho
house cominlttco on Judiciary hold a
snee lal nicetlnix yestenlay to near
. fn.il milliliters, of the
iiilmeni to mo mi-
A New nltrirlM.
John Holm, the blHckmnlth and
hoixwhour, has reiuovod M shop
in tin oorner of ClieiliHKolo huh
CoiiimurelHl MtreotH.wliHro lm Is now
prejmrwl to do all elan or worn in
ids lino. 11b wUIiom to tto to the
poop'. of HhIhiii and vicinity that
ho Iihm mmiImI(1 with him Mr. K.
llmnnoii, a wagoniiiHker of ex
triiioe. iiimI tlmt hrMfir they
will I preimrwl to (In all work In
the Hue of wagon and oarriago uwk
Iiik, blMekttmlthlug, hiirli(Mjng,
oto. They willelt y(ir jmtroiiHgd
Mini bV hont work Mini noimsi
urt Imijw t hold It, If mm gl1'
atrial. Tliwy Uk pride In refer
ring l(ipMi work In proof of hIjHUH
and llM.uk old treiw tor mn
favow and Mk r wiiiUiHWiH! i iu
Mum. HmvwIrIiW k HKslnltjr
Mini tlmy are pretrial t furuhiii
mwl plate, trotting iih. '""
Htaiw alio, w My kind tl4rtMl.
unit ot mi liiueml
Ing tho elective franehiso to women.
"" a mi; i'k 1 1
Sioux Fai.ix, l)ak.,.lan.27.-TIio
inereiiiy fell here yesterday from M)
degrees above to ton degiisw below
zero in ten hours. St. Paul reporta a
very cold wave crowing, tho nior
eury being as high as ton degrees
above zero and a rapid full Is sure to
occur before morning.
.So llxlli'r'lliU 'Hum.
WAHiiiMi'MiN.Jnii. 28. ThoSen-
ate Tarlll lull was not oonciiircd In
oy the house and was referred to
I in. .....p .i..i-j mill iuihiiih The
1 ('flllllllllll" '. ....jr.."'
In 188(1 1 reoii,, prevails that uur govormont
IIIUHt IlllOpt HOIIIOKIIIU (II poiio i"n-
IHJOtlngthu Polynesian Islos, Hainoa,
Hoiiiuii Kmiin Slnro.
lliiiu.iN, Jan. 27.-Tho North Our
man (laettewiya that there Is no
conlllot Isitweeii (leriuany nd
Amerloa on this subject, iih It Is only
between certain olllulals In Baniou,
Ainenewiis unu uunni
A ( liuiiKnof Oiipllnl.
luwocrr, Arl.. Jan. 88. Tho
governor slgiusl the lull to remove
thooapltul toI'lKonix.
few (Wy niy.
For Sale or Kent.
hair mile from, ; jblTfor b"!.
good botUiin land. J1, T,nib I
arrert n cuiii"' 1TI1 U. Aaa ?--tlnr;
K.rt ". Pn aw'lm'
iMaford, Mywn, (jregon.
IM fl " - , M pwpertto
You are
Htrklff AflI ll.
"- h4 Nlve lu lit woftd t
i.!..Jute,,ukni,iUrbHiit fier minb, tMr, eWl immK,
.liilMalm. mrm, awl ll h rup-
tlum, Hd KMtltlvXy oun Iu w
no n riulrl. It fa gtl
u ftv$l MttefMetlM, or iMfty
wftlHdwi. Trice 86 ewiU t mx,
Ksr ! - Or. XL W. Cex.
UmU wll,
'iSuVfi). W. Methiw .
0itwl)M ' IwflkwImMt ttnr,
awl a H artick. of U(14 oytMu Mt
Mori , m mu$ u
Kouu'i Hi in o h
Ycttterday HfteriuMiii Coroner Ily
IhiiiI ooiiduelwl an lniit over the
iKMly of old Mr. (lolmlet, whit Ww
found ilond In D' ""'' iwtww'1
home near Hllvi-r Creok FmIIm and
Hllvertou. HlierllK'roisMii wmk In
formed of dm death by upoowi
mesngr and Bt once telegraphed
the coroner, who replied that lie
would attend to the Inipiwt. I He
deeeMd wmm m native of Hwltr-
laud, alHMit nfty-ight yeaw or age,
and father of Hurveyor Uolwhd, who
formerly redded In thU eltjr. It U
MipixiMod lm wmm stricken with apo
plxy or heart (IIm on hW way
home and expired.
AiUrNt imlHUic.
V. T. Klgdon, wImi recntly de-
elded t nwke his horn in Urn eaju-
Ul eity, will Mt (Hw IhiIIiI a neat
rwdleiK-tt on hie Iota lit tit Capital
Iterl: Mildlttoii. Lumltr U alrdy
twdered Mini work will b under
iMHilwiiy within a few day.
dm am l'rrUiU.
JullM F. FOX WM lHUIIlUt(tll t
Urn MevUuii thW iiukhIihc. He k
frwii UhwHIIm owiHt,y and iiMiiM
lm k (6)lwd by a Iwnd of iuh und
wMimuwln HrvtrytNK to (to him
l;ury. lImwwTfMiwifc
I .'.