Evening capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1888-1893, November 24, 1888, Image 4

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Complete llecita! or llio Day's Deeds
and Doing?.
The rroluble Assessment.
The afHC88inent rolls of the differ
ent counties show the vnluution of
taxable property in the Mate to be
nbout $00,000,000, as compared with
584,888,580 hmt year, an increase of
over 55,000,000. The total tux will
be about 3.3 mills, of which 3 mills
will be forstivtc purposes, two-tenths
of a mill for the militia and one
tenth for the University of Oregon.
!LaBt yeur the state tax was 4.0 mills
and the lniltia and university taxes
the same as this year.
The three-mill tax will give $270,
OOOfor state purposes, the two-tenths-niill
tux $18,000 for the militiu and
tho one-tenth mill tax $0000 for; the
. -
Another Quarantine Affair.
Judge Shaw yesterday evening
appointed N. B. Todd, justice of tho
peace nt Woodburn, as quarantine
ofilccr there. Tho people aro ex
cited because Ainadi LaChapelle
passed u night at th home of Albion
Chamberlain before lie was taken
down. No danger is apprehended,
but an ounce of precaution is not a
bad tiling.
Hllverton About Converted.
Ill .the secular debate between
Underwood and liraden tit fill verton,
T. V. Davenp.irt of Portland Is
grund chief moderator, with .1. W.
Jlealo and J. M. Humphrey as
ansistmits. Utieh evening the large
city hall Is filled to hear these gentle
men. Uraden is tho religionist,
Underwood the infidel and the die"
ciiHsIon has but fairly commenced.
Thanksgiving ami Turkey.
Thanksgiving in the United
titiitvs is universally observed as a
day on which to oiler up turkeys.
Next Thursday is tho day, and tur
key and cranberry sauce is tho com
bination. Anyone who contem
plates stulllng us with a big fat tur
key is advised to also furnish sugar
to go with the cranberries.
The (loud leuiilars.
Capital lodge or this city will be
oUlclally visited to-night by Orand
Chief Templar J. W. Webb, who
lias been visiting and lecturing for
those at Turner, Jell'erson and Jlar
rislmrg, Increasing tho membership
at each place. The bulge in Salem
Ls doing well, several initiations
being expected to-night.
Now .Notaries CoMinixsluueil.
To-diiy tho following articles of
incorporation were tiled with the
secretary of state:
John Huston, Jluttovillo; Chas. A.
Bchultz,01ex;.I.AV. Honnett.Marsh
Hold; L. A. MeNury, Portland;
II. it. LoFloro; lleppner; W. II.
Imus, Salem.
Mrs. Thomson t'rostrntfd.
Mrs. Thompson, whoso son died
two weeks ago in Portland and
whoso husband died but a few days
ago, Is prostrate over tho loss. At
Brownsville everyone is being vac
dnnated, and no other cases have
yet developed.
More Steam, lie Cried With Jo).
Wlleat Is 77 cents In Salem and 70
hero. What's tho matter Hint that
down the river city is allowed to
overreach us one centV Tho llrst
too this year. A little more steam,
please. Albany Democrat.
Two More Iumuinj.
Frank Hnuco and Henry (llninn
were brought hero and committed
to the asytuni to-day. They are
from Malheur county.
An Ah.olutr t'urr.
MNT.MK.NT is only put up It. Iart,
two-ounce tin boxes, anil Is an
ulwoluto cure for old soivs, litu n.-.
wounds, chapjH.'d hands, and !'
kkln ortiptlous. Will jusUlvclr
cure nil kinds of piles. Ask for the
MKNT. Sola by D. W. Muttliuwa
&. Co., 100 State utrcet, Salem, at 6
ituU per box by mall 80 emit.
Tho Orogon Lund Company's ten
acre lotsnro selling rapldlv, 40 havln
been sold hIiioo the 8t h of Sept. There
is no probability that 10 acres of
good laud within four mllesofStilem
will ever again be olleivd for $80 por
ncre on winy terms. Tlieru aro now
Ave housoln prowofiHmstructIon
on lots already sold mid roads are
being ojkmkhI and bridges built bo
that the value of all of the lots is
U'lng nipldly euhauceil. Any -Mrlshlng
to iniy ten aercn of good
laud for much loss than the price of
a city lot will do well to look at this
prtMMrty at once as there Is linilouut I
but that it will all bo bold inside of,
tlilrtv duvit. Cull nt Mm tiftlm nfllm i
Ortgou l.and company on Com
merelal strwt and you will Ih shown
the property free ofohtirge.
City llepulillcan Primaries
The result of last night's city re
publican primaries was as follews:
First Ward Aldermen, Kdw.
Hirsch, Squire Farrar; delegates,
G. Hinghtim, J. H. Haas, Wm.
Waldo, T. C. Shaw, Ed. Weller and
Ed. Hirsch.
Second Ward Aldermati, George
Collins ; delegates, ChnrlcsCIaggett,
W. F. Uoothby, II. B. Bropliy,
Henry Roger, Frank Welch, M. E.
Goodell, It. B. Glaze, E. A. Graham,
J. I). MeCully, Geo. II. Burnett, Dr.
J. N. Smith, T. T. McCuuly, Isaac
Scott, John Q. Wilson, Lot L.
I'carce, and Chns. Calvert.
Third Ward Aldernian, A. E.
Strang ; delegates, W. H. Odell, G.
G. W. Adderson, L. S, Scott, W. S.
Barker, Wm. Brown, David Simp
son, Ed. N. Edes, W. W. Skinner,
E. M. Waite, Harry Keller, and J.
H. Howell.
Fourth Ward Alderriien, Jasper
Minto : delegates, O. D. Hutton, M.
W. Hunt, B. F. Meredith, I. I-. Pat
terson, Add Dllley, C. H. Monroe,
Jasper Minto, and W. C. Alderson.
A Farewell Charge.
En. Jeurnal: One word more,
by your leave, and we will trouble
you no more about our "obsequies."
Tho great undertaker a morning
paper up to tho time of its last
issue was still puttering about on the
first 200,000 corpses (now admitted)
and comparing votes of off years
with no national Issue with that of
this year. Strange ho should heed
the "squecling pig" so much, but ho
has yet another 100,000 corpses to
dispose of and these corpses are
already blowing their own resurrec
tion trumpet. A decent burial is
hopeless and since the undertaker
has now admitted thnt "Harrison
was elected by a falling off of the
prohis In New York vote," will he
bo so kind hi tho future as to call us
"nothing but a republican annex,"
nnd to warn tho democrats that "a
vote for prohl is half a vote for the
N. B. He aillrms all parties, (re
publicans, democrats and whisky)
except the third party are happy.
Just so. Good bye.
Discontented Proiii.
P. S. Heaven bless the discon
tent. Decides to Stay In Silent.
Ex-County Treasurer August
Giesy, since his return from Cali
fornia, lias decided to locate per
manently in this city, going Into
business with Hughes, Bellinger &
Co. in tho real estate and agricul
tural machinery department. Few
young men are more widely known.
Many friends will wish him every
success, and will welcome lilni and
his accomplished wife again to the
social circle.
.Mothers Itead.
The proprietors of the SANTA
AM 13 have authorized 1). W.
Mathews & Co., to refund you your
money if, nfter giving this Califor
nia King of Cough Cures a fair trial
as directed, It fails to give satisfac
tion for tho cure of coughs, croup,
whooping cough and all throat and
lung troubles. When the disease
atl'eets tho head, and assumes tho
form of catarrh, nothing Is so eflect
Ive as California cat-r-enre. These
remedies aro without equal as house
hold remedies. Sold at $1.00 a
package. Three for $2.50.
r.taui;ellstlo Sen Ices.
This evening Revs. Kirkpatrlck
and Moody begin a revival meeting
at the Cumberland Presbyterian
church, which will continue ten
days. Row Kirkpatrlck Is an earnest
and able divine; ltov. Moody is the
new pastor of that congregation for
Salem and has but recently arrived
from tho east.
All Iteady For Murk.
Tho contractors on the construc
tion of the Salem street railway
have secured temporary olllees over
tho Capital National bank and are
now in tho city. They will bo
ready to begin active work Tuesday
Keuevm ller snttu
Mrs. Pluubo Cheslev, Peterson,
Clay County, Iowa, tolls tho follow
ing remarkable story, the truth of
which is vouched for by the resi
dents of tho tewn: " I am 73 years
old, have been troubled with kidney
complaint and lameness for many
years; could not dross myself with
out help. Now I am free from all
ixilu and soreness, and am able to
do all of my own housework. I owe
all of my thanks to Electric Bitters
for having renewed my youth, nnd
removed completely till disease and
pain." Try ti bottle, fiOo and $1. at
Dr. D. W. Cox's drugstore.
HtatMIc- -how thnt (.evenly per cent of
the people oflheViitled States are suttV'r
Itu; from the Uimw-o of the- kidney nnd
urinary organ. A lmple pwlu In the tmelc,
triilt'lHl. often run. Into that terrible
Mtwnjt, nright- iIW-hmi which carrle otr
t many or our prominent men. u yuu
are afflicted with iny urinary or kidney
trouble, no matter how Might, ito lint Hit It
on" until too lute, but )roetirin package of
Oregon K UtiMy Te mid take eorn to
tUrmUoiit li will euro you.
gold by 1). W. ilrtthev 4 Cv,
News And Notes of a 1 General In
terest toltho Westerner.
A tin mine has been discovered
near Shasta, Cal.
Hunt settles for $00,000 and his
litigation against the Oregon Pacific
railroad is compromised and settled.
A move Is on foot to bridge the
river at Albany. This would be a
good stroke of enterprise on the part
of our sister city.
Josephine county gave Harrison
seven majority. This is the first
time in the history of the county
that it has gone republican.
At the Whatcom fair there was
exhibited a limb from a pear tree 22
inches long and one-half inch in
diameter on which were 24 pears
weighing 18 pounds.
Palousc City has more than
lniibhul its nonulatlon in the past
year, notwithstanding almost the
entire city has been destroyed by
fire and had to bo rebuilt.
California solved the school book
problem by printing Its own series
of books, which areespeciallyadapt-
cd to the Pacific coast. They are
furnished to the people of California
at cost and are very cheap.
Experts who have examined the
undeveloped petroleum region of
Wyoming predict a great future for
that section of the country. Sev
eral wells have been sunk which
will How 1,000 barrels per day.
Vaccination Is made compulsory
in the Portland public schools. Any
student refusing to submit will not
bo allowed to remain in school.
The city furnishes the vaccine points
aud physicians do the work free.
A novel proceeding was witnessed
at Seattle last Friday, when some
parties went out with a pile driver
to fence in mud fluts belonging to
the Oregon Improvement company;
immediately three other pile drivers
went out and proceeded to fence In
tho intruding driver whereupon a
squabble ensued which was settled
by the chief of police and citizens.
There is demand for a railroad to
Coos Bay from Roseburg? There Js
almost a natural pass over the Coast
range mountains, through Ciuuns
Valley and down the north fork of
the Coqulllo by Myrtle Point nnd
Coquille City. A railroad through
this region would give access to un
counted millions of feet of the very
finest of tl r.bers, open up new coal
fields and would be a source of
boundless wealth to both Douglas
and Coos counties. It would give
quick and easy access to deep sea
transportations, and would add to
Oregon, Coos county's trade which
now nil goes to California.
A marriage license was this nftcr
noou granted to Theodore A. NIcoloi
and Osceola Prcssel.
O. M. Wilson to-day went toSeat
tlo to eat Thanksgiving turkey. He
will return In a week.
The Tiger Entjliie Co. has received
Its now hoso cart, audit Is pronounc
ed to be a lino one, having cost $175
at tW factory in New York.
A billiard table has recently been
added to the asylum furniture, and
convalescing patients may now have
the pleasure of indulging in a gnme.
Ben McQuillan was brought up
from Portland yesterday ovenlug
for tho penitentiary. Ho is a hard
case, and only eighteen years of age,
but will bo twenty before ho shakes
tho classic dust of Salem oil' his feet.
The Willamette Assembly of
Knights of Labor held a very inter
esting meeting lust night at which
II. S. Jory was elected nnd instulled
Master Workman, and Seldeou
Orchard, financial secretary. The
members seem well pleased with tho
re-election of Grand Master Powd
erly. A few nights since tho members
of Capital Lodgo of Good Templars
repaired to the home of Frank Davy,
lodgo deputy, and gave himself
mid wife n regular old fash
loued surprise. Ho had not
tlmo oven to gel on a clean collar
and cutis or to scrape the stubble
from his cheeks and chin before tho
host of well wishers were upou him.
Frank smilingly accepted tho situa
tion mid soon nil felt fully nt homo
nnd enjoyed n fine social time.
B-klr1 Ante. Sli.
Tho beet salvo In tho world fo.
cuts, bruises, sores, ulcers, salt rheum
fever sores, totter, chapped hnmk
chilblains, corns, and all akin oruj
tlons, and posltlvly cures piles, oi
no pay required. It U guarantevd
to give perfect satisfaction, or uiom-j
refunded. Prico 23 cents per box.
For aale v- Dr. H. V. Cox.
Mn. Editor : As the peace nnd
mpritv of a city depend upon
tho nhnracter of tho citizens, it is
of momentous import thnt the youth
be properly cared for. JNegiect our
inn' the Imnrcsslounble period of life
will be followed by dire punishment
to tho authors of their neglect. 'io
the stranger who looks through our
city, about tho first Impression that
he receives, is that of large oppor
tunity for the Intellectual nnd moral
development of the coming citizens.
Our school buildings nro commo
dious. Our corps of teachers Is as
n-nod ns can be found anywhore.
" . -
Our Sunday schools are numerous'
nnd within easy reach of all. But
there is one practice permitted in
our city as indeed In too many of
our cities which goes very far to
ward nullifying the good effects of,
these institutions. I refer t-j that of ,
late hours on the streets. Who can I
measure the mental and moral dlssi-
pat'on of boys on tho streets nt
night? From those older In years
and vice thev learn many things'
that it would bo well for them If
they never learnt, or nt lenst did not
learn until they developed good
sense. These things aivert me
thought from legitimate study,
create n morbid desire for tho im
pure, with n corresponding dislike
for the substantial and good. What
bov takes any delight in Sunday
school aud good rending, who spends
his evenings in listening to or In
repeating vileness? Aud that is
vileness which is picked up on the
street nfter night Is manifest to
everyone who has listened to the
conversation and lewd jests of these
boys as they congregate under
verandas or on the street corners.
Can there not be something done
to stop this injurious practice?
Surely the city has power to create
an ordinance und to enforce it,
which will conserve her own best
interests. By neglecting this mat
ter, we are preparing a whip
for our own shoulders. Socrates,
when accused by the council of
Athens of corrupting the youth of
the city, suid : "None but a fool
would do that, for ho who corrupts
the youth is preparing instrumeuts
for his own destruction." By neg
lecting to prohibit this practice of
boys parading our streets nfter night
wo nro preparing material that will
keep our peace-officers busy in the
nenr future, and of increasing our
burdens of taxation. Is not this nn
opportuno time to discuss the mat
ter? Pardon my prolixity, but I
considered the subject of sufficient
moment to justify the space I have
taken. Yours for peace and safety,
" My Wife Is a Terror!"
Said n mild tempered man In our
hearing. "She snaps and snarls,
aud spanks her children, and finds
fault continually. I can't bear it
any longer." Don't be too severe
on' her, my friend; you little realize
her sufierings. She has lost her
former sweet disposition, and ill
health Is the cause. Dr. Pierce's
Favorite Prescription will make her
well. Fo. female disease, functional
derangements, beariug-down pains,
and the long list of ills that make
women miserable, no medicine can
compare with this. It is the only
medicine for woman's peculiar weak
nesses and ailments, sold by drug
gists, under a positive guarantee
from the manufacturers, to give
satisfaction in every case, or mouoy
refunded. See guarantee printed
on bottlo wrapper.
For all derangements of the stom
nch, liver nntl bowels, tnko Dr.
Pierces Pellet's, or Anti-bilious
Chilblains, unpleasant odors from tho
feet and otiier parts of the body, nasal
catarrh, ringworm, poison oak, stye on the
oyo lid; eruptlro diseases ot tho skin, all
disappear nflcr using nutards Specific,
Warranted to ctrect n radical euro In every
Hold by D. V, Slnthews i Co.
A man who has practiced medi
cine for 40 years, ought to know
salt from sugar; read what ho
Toi.kdo, O., Jan. 10, 1SS7.
Messrs. F. J. Cheney & Co. Gen
tlemen: I have been in the gcpernl
practice of niediclno for most 40
years, and would say that in all my
practice and experience, linvo never
soon n prepemtion that I could pre
scribe with as much confidence of
success ns I can Hall's Cntarrh Cure,
manufactured by you. Hnvo pre
scribed it ngrent many times and its
effect is wonderful, nnd would say
in conclusion that I hnvo yet to find
a enso of catarrh thnt it would not
euro, if they would tako It according
to directions.
Yours Truly,
L. L. GO-tSUCII, M. D.
Office, 215 Summit St.
We will give 5100 for any case of
catarrh that cannot bo cured with
Hall's Cntnrrh Cure. Taken lutor
ually. F. J. CHENFY & CO. Toledo, O.
B&TSold by druggists, 76c
A cvod dlgostlon vntlu on appetite and
a good nppeltte l one of the turwit ln- of
perfect health. If you are low ipTrUed.
(rrlt-bte, oil km, or have aa Irregular
appetite, t ben e advtee you by all mean,
to take I)r. -lenley1- Dandelion Tonic It
will make a new man of you.
bold by X). W. Mat hewn Co.
doing Down Hilt.
There nro moro wnj-H thnn one ofcolnp
down hill, lle-ldes rolling over n precl
pice, rushing down n tobogmn glide nnd
other methods, you mny. if you fall to
rectify nn erratic; digestion, illwlpllne ij
rebellious liver, nnd rehtoro n regular hnblt
of the bowels rapidly descend tin Incline
whose bottom It. the grave. A lallutv in
vigor, impairment ot appetite, troubled
sleep, los of llesh nnd mental encrgy
thcVo nre the InralllMe Indications thnt
show decay, nml ought to suggest repair.
The finest, sure-st, pleisiintest means of
repairing Physical energy l Ilostettcr s
Stomaclf llitter.s. Where the mineral
poisons and weak appetizers full, this bo
tanic Invlgonint succeed,. Whether
feebleness l the attendant .f the disease,
inherent In the constitution, or tho com
p.nlonof cnnvnlcscencc, often very slow
alter wasting maladies, thu Hitters hiive
ever proved a reliable mentis of remedying
It through the nipdlii'i of'mpmvud diges
tion. Tho Hltterscure malaria complaints,
rheumatism, constipation mid kidney
----lil flu m 'in !.
C. U. Mo:cnoK, .T. It. A Biii.L.
Late of tho Monroe House.
Monroe & Beil,
Gheraokete Bote .
Sample Roorns for Commerc'ai Travelers.
From Si to $3 per day.
An Examination of the Tariff Question with Es
pecial Regard to tho Interests
of Labor.
CLOTH, $1.50. PAPER, 35 CENTS.
This Is tho clearest, fairest, most Interest
ing nnd most complete exnmlnntlon of tho
tnrin" question yet mode, nnd will prove
Invaluable to nil who wish to understand
tho subject.
Tho most thorough Investigation of the
subject thnt has yet been put in type Now
York News.
The appearance of this book marks a
new epoch In tho world-wldo strugglo for
Irco trade. Henry Oeorgo has a power of
puttlnirceononilc truths in suph a clearand
tlmpid language that nny child can under
stand him, whllo the most learned man
can enjoy tho accuracy of his statements
and the uggestlvenei..s of his thoughts.
Thomas (J. shearman In New York itnr.
Whoover wuuts to seo tho strongest ar
gumentnot only against protection, but
acttlnst all tarlll's will find it here.
Christian Union.
The slncular success of Mr. George ls that
ho has madepollticnl economy interesting.
Unitarian Review.
A book which every worklngman in tho
land can read with Interest and ought to
read. New York Herald.
Henry George's Other Works.
Progress nnd Poverty, cloth, Jl; paper,
5 cents.
Soclnl Problems, cloth, Jl; paper, 35 cents.
Tho 1ind Question, paper, 10 cents.
Property In Lund, wiper, 15 cents.
12 Union Square, Now York.
312 nnd 3U Commercial St., Salem.
Tako Koto of This.
X well Improved garden land, within 3
miles of Salem. Good road to town the
year around. Iluildlngs good. FINE YOUNG
ORCHARD nnd oxcellent grass hind. Thin
U n bargain, and will be held only a short
time nt these figures. Call, and wo will
show you the property.
Opera House, Salem, Or.
Fire and Ma
rine. JOS. ALBERT. Agent, - Balem, Oregon.
J per year. Independent. TheAri'-Ji-
circulated In Marlon, Linn and CWtck
amoa counties; has been eatabltahed eight
year, and U an excellent advertising me
dium. For term address the publisher
II, O. Uulld.S-Uv-non.Or.
ii .! n i
upnai raw up, ... .
Surplus, - - - - . . j
IL S. WALLACE. - . i
W. W. MARTIN, - VIee-PresS
T Tr AT.iin-nn. "-e.
" "" r-ihta
W.T.Gray, W.W.Martin.
J.M.Martin, R. s. Wallace
Dr. W. A.Cuslck, J. H. Albert '
T. McF. Pntton. '
To farmers on whent nnrt .. -.
nblo produce, consigned or in storil
either in private granaries. ,"
ipubllo warehouses.
State and County Warrants Bought at P
Discounted nt reasonable rates
drawn direct on New York.Cbloui
Francisco, Portland, London, Parts!
Hong Kong nnd Calcutta.
Vice Preside!
Eclinnc on Portland. San Friiflm
New York, London nnd Hong Kong
bought and sold. Stnte, County and City
warrants bought. Furmcrs are cordllllj
Invited to dejoslt nd trnnsact boslnts
witli us. Liberal advances mads c.
wheat, wool, hops and other propertjit
reasonaDio rates. Insurance on such
cunty can De oDutinea at tne banibj
most renaDie companies.!
delivery. Wm.RcnnlehavingboojIi
the express business of Walter Lowe, I
prepared to deliver trunks, valises, pad
ages, and any thing else that he can get Ii
!.. ...n.n in n nnl nT tlm .It. n.X.V
Ills miKu i twi,, HiibiL in -iij, ijuii&a
safer, better, and neater, than it canV
done by nny body elso. Leave ortei t
wtuto s stauie.
The great collection of tho most thrllllni
nnrsnnul ndvnntures on both sides durim
lhogre.it civil war. Intensely lnterestltj
accounts of exploits of scouts and spies,
rnplnHn linnnil Vllnln hMV(rV imnriSOQ'
ments and hair-breadth escapes, romaiitK
Incidents, hand-to-hand struggles, humor
ous and tragio events, perilous Joumeji,
bold dashes, brilliant suc-esses and m
nnnlmmiB nrtlnnq nn pnrtl Fide the D&
CO chapters. Profusely illustrated to the
lite. No other book nt all like it. Agena
wanted. Outsells everything.
Time tor pay ments allowed agents snort
ot iimas nna ireigni prepaid
pr..?-iirpnnnrc r.n.. !inT(B18.
11-0 lyw. St. Louis, M& I
102 Court Street, Silem, Oregon
Having bought out the remainder ot vt
chair factory's stock, wo nre PPrea " 1
sen cunirs lower man any uuu--.- ---1
Country Gentleman
Farm Crops and Processest
Horticulture and Fruil-Growing
Live-Stock and Dairying, j
While It nlso Includes oil n,nw Kf !
ments or rural interest, buuji - - -.z
Yard. Eutomology, Keeping, wgj
house nnd Gropery. Veterinary RW
farm nuesuoni uu -"-- . -- .-m
Reading. Domestio Economy, and "
mnry of the News of the week, i- -j
kot Rerrta are unusually TOmpleijg
much nttection ls paid to thel rospew,,
the Crops, as tnrowing "";."rV
tho most lmporutnt of all W0g,il
to buy nnd when to selh It Is llbersujr &
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TION In our
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- jrt titii -" "-1 "i-j--------l-----J
,,iA .,.
ih i ii irifn.t tf nfc- -a