Evening capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1888-1893, August 17, 1888, Image 2

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-HV Till!
Capital Journal Publishing Company.
OlSrr, fornrr Cnrt and Mbtrtjr Strftti,
One yr, by irmll ........ To W)
Hlx mimtliH. by mull 2 W)
Three months liy nihil ... 1
ler week delivered by carrier 16
One year .. ..tl W)
Hlx inonlliN 7S
One year. If mid for In advatico, 1 00
lx month, " " " 60
"-l'ttiiHlers Hre authorized lo re
ceive subscriptions.
ICtilered as second-class matter at the
Republican National Ticket.
'For l'roshlonl,
Of Jiuliiinn.
For VIco I'reelrtuiit:
Of Now York.
1'oit PwaunuNTiAL Ki.kctoim.
Itobort Mcl.nm, uf Klaiimlli ('mint).
Win. KnpiM,iif Mulliiomah County.'
('. W. Fulton, of 1'lata.ip Couuly.
Kill DAY, AlHIUKT 17, lhSN.
iviwi.vs m rrit.wn: i!i-ii:ci i:i,
llui iii'WHiiijci'H In our liclnlilinr
territory uiv (IImmihhIiijc llio woiimn
kiiIIViiku iticHtl"ii. Wo lmvo not
M'Olt llio full ti-xt of (ho (IocIhIoii of
tin Miriiii coin t of tin' territory
proiiouucliiK llio woman hiiNViiko
luw IiivmIIiI, bin the lNwUnti'lll
Kcuctir 1h caiiillil ciioukIi to ailmlt
that all llio luw of the ciiho hinged
on tho aeeeilatlon of (ho wonl
"rltl.on." Itoth uoiirtH, (thedlHlrli't
and thomipieuio cnurta,) rule (hut
thin gunmlo noun, im iihod In the
nrgunlo aet In relation id (he
electoral fniiirliisu, Is aiilieahle
only to iiiiiUm. It will bn re
membered that .IikIko NiihIi, In the
Unmet court, In Ills endeavor to
t'HlulilMi IIiIh niodo of lvnsonhij,
unt back to llitftlcclMlon of .Millie
Taney in the Dred Scott ciikc, who
iletlned (ho word "cltlen" to moan
white male, our colored brother
helm,' merely a uhattcl. It twt an
InimeiiHo o.ioiiill(uro of blood and
injure lo Invalidate the nillnir of
that learned Jiulat; but tho price
waHjmld, and iim a renult of thU
prodlnttl outlay a more liberal rule of
conntruetloii prevail.
ThU hIkivv that (he coimlruliiK of
a word hy our Judicial tilhuual 1m
oernel moio by Hiltluul winill
tloimthHii by etymology; that the
liHcIc of the couitM la deteriuliuMl
more by cxWitliijr foot than
by exact acleiico.
It I uiulornUMxl by (bo rcder
that IheMetHorierrltoilHl lKUlluro
Htvmilijwt to the ivvUWiu ofeounrow.
Any oiuutiuont by one of tliow In
oluwU MivcrflKiitUH own IkhiiiiuIUm
by that iKMly in the mero oxmol-o
of lt paramount Muthorlty. A
woiuhii iillrato law o.l In
Wyoming, Mini In I'tHli tint women
wlultl the olwtowl Imllut. ThU
privllemi U iMiifwrvHl upon them on
tit iuHiim)itloii tlml (ho wonl
"oltlwn," liitlio organic act of ImiiIi
twrttorlw, rvfrrw to Uxh m..w.
Tliono lawn Imve Ihhui In iiHm(lon
Jimny your, but ouiigroMi low iievpr
jinnulltMl tlmm. Kvldently the
national loglalatiiiv ikh no oontUct
Mwetni th constitution ami tlie
woman mltrao hcU. ami no evil
rwwilt (mh'InI or m1UUw1) 1ihv vr
Iwwi cliMrgMl Htftlnt (heir wmrx-W.
V undrrUnd it to tn h mlt In
JurirMdMrt tlmt 1 1 wwirt i
Ukc coguliwiuv of the ixklltlml ww
JHJou that Uwr on Um cmim t
iatw, ThU rul hihiIUhI to (lit m
in uliuii would lutvu KhI tho
MWIWMitv txMirl of iMir itttlnhlKM- ttrri
lr,v to uaUlu Uw Uw, Ih U-4(
mn-l of (ougnwM lwvlnjr alrvmly
iwii dvu. Tlw U( WtrUUturv of
IUimmii outift.rml iiiuuM(MlMiltVwipi
iii Ihf woiiHit of Um( lls It Mitjc
uiulemniutl tluti tin luw U UuUUivt.
J f tkU iwrtUi ttKvM4Ui h irlu wai,
tliWr vlKrt.mil piviuipaivv will I
liwuk' cHual HiiU tluil of uten.
TliUcluiuiyp In tif iullUoU auiite
uf wuiufii U "iu tb lr." An a
mMilt f hr iiutUMVtHl auoUoiuU
feriliUo, ud Imw iMrniMiailtitcty
ulaTKxl nocUi ibvr', Im auftar
mx fwl Uwir Hlit to ctUaMtdtip,
niul n llMy uiakc liu IumuI ii k,
fruiu a kue of rtUt aitU )u4ko-,
hImI tlutti.
The 'iwt-lllttlltgtUorr UtfrtVxtW
aiaiiio that iinit lui liai) MMrbt
on the supreme court in the follow
ing captious remarks:
AVoman BUliYnKC lias proved a
practical failure in Washington Tcr
rltorv. It lniH accomnlished notli-
Ing in the way of public or prlvnte
giKMl. There Imve been no moral,
social or political reforms as a conse
quence of it. On the other liana it
has made dimension and trouble
every where. After n fair trial Its
most uncompromising opponents are
among the women themselves. As
a rule modest and good women have
not voted at least not the second
time while vicious women and
women of the coarser class have
been vulgarly conspicuous at the
This Is simply ex parte; it Is the
talk of a mini who is evidently
prejudiced ugalnst the innovation.
The charge that woman suffrage
has accomplished no good Is a mere
conclusion, determined by how a
nerson views the matter. It lias
had no fair trial In that territory,
and tho lime Is not yet to pronounce
on its intrinsic merits. That old
chesinits, mouldy and worm-eaten,
that modest women do not vote, has
had its rottenness expo-ed in tho
ycal and elan shown by our fair
coiinlrywomeii In several states
when the authority to take part in
elections has been accorded them.
In Kansas "modest and good wom
en," to use the limiting adjectives
of our cotcm, brought out dilatory
sisters to the register's olllec, and
when election day came they estab
lished their headquarters contiguous
to every polling place, and dining
tho day hnd their vehicles plying
wherever n lardy voter was to be
found. Reactionary politicians mid
uewspaper writers may miumj fric
tion and discord, but (hey will have
lo give way lo the advancing tide of
reform. The progressive people of
WashliiKlon Territory demand to
keep up with the procession, and
old fogies and recaleltranls cannot
much longer defeat (heir will.
oici:no.N .iii:ai,
Press dispatches u few days ago
tell of an unfortunate condition of
crops In Northwestern Iowa and
Southern Dakota. In Jowa, wo are
told, tho small grains will average
less than a ono-thlid yield; In many
counties the rust has ruined the
wheat, and oats In more than half
tho fields will not bo cut. And In
Holds where tho grain hud grown
well It has been twisted and beaten
down bv violent stornw. Kansas
and Nebraska have fared Is'tter
than In the two or three years
preceding; the small grains have
been saved In good condition, and
several copious showers through the
hot mouths have brought the corn
along finely. Hut private letters
from KaiiNis tell of extreme boat
there, and the fear Is exprewed lost
the corn nitty sutler from scorching.
This is In vivid contrast with the
luippy condition of things In Oregon.
A heavy grain crop harvested,
abundant jKisturo, and a supply of
fruit, of all klnde, that taxes the
reouroenof shlpporsaud evaporators
to get awnywlth. Our geographical
Hl(tou ensure unnilling mlus at
lie light season, and when the warm
Ki'usni conic and vegetation setsotit
lo grow the earth has a supply of
nioUtiiiv tti mm iv a bountiful yield.
This oh u ls given as an unvarying
rule, Ikvhum the experience of old
settlors, dating nearly half u ccntury
lwek, Is not chequered with a single
unfruitful kwmui.
Two amorous Sttvphons lighting
fir tliH sMiuo ladye love 1ms Ihvii so
common In domestic life that such
encounters mil to awaken Interest.
In Krainvthe rule U reversed. Two
ytmug ladles Is'longlug to good mm-
fieri IhvouiIuk Jealous over a favored
youth Hpeler to Mars for arbitra
ment. A chalUtntro was Mint and tu
copied, weonilsuttoiuhHt the combat
ants, and when th deadly weapons
were IihiuIihI Hit the duelUts nrxsl
with Mich eltVnit as to lutllet mut
ual wiHiiuU, Oiw was wHiudiMl in
(he bruMwt, tin uthw hi tho arm.
Who say imw that wmihii are not
rtt to vKtf ''
"ilany Iu one" tulf lit an luimeiu-e
po4to )ft at thU nltW, Uf UUfkal.
From tU law tHl, the mother of
the bunch, are no ena tlian lu (Wlr
alMil one yrowltif or radUUun, so
Ui itwk. It (u fhrni tlM nleii
uf W. N. duwHuts um tbp wbjp of
tua ii, and will to left nt the Oregon
lul (iiisun ' olMoe tat the In
MKrthJti ot vWUmk. It U a vriUlW
"IWiully" poUU wvixhliui SI iKMiuOa.
Tli Auwrkwu party lu (.Vllftirula
bat MitluMeU tumrsiimiu W. V.
ilumw Iter nHltx'tkMi. A aliulUr
vudunrukwl livrtliMd hy biut U
Utouglu l haw hlsd lAt
Jufau K SwW Ibr uvntar, mkI Mr.
SMurro aeMMly koow whl U Um
nast iIU thlim to ds aoivut or
Hut tboa stood
Within some r&st catbrdnl'i organ loll
While the great organ turoba. the stoae wcO
The thunder of the deep ecxtatlo baa
Trembles like earthquake underfoot, the flame
Of the bright lilienj flute ihoou heareoward,
Aod music Uke a darkness and a flame
Gathers and kindles, wrapping In Its cloud
Tho great cathedral to Iu upmost splret
Ern so, but more Immeasurably strange,
Throbb'd solemn music through Chrtstopolls;
And aU my soul grew sick with rapturous airs
As slowly to the sound 1 mored along.
Amid the shining temples, stlrer shrines.
Solemn cathedrals, shadowy cloister walla.
Under the golden roofs, beneath the spires
With fiery finger pointing up to beareo.
Far over bead, from glittering dome to dome
Flew dorcs, so high In air they seemed aa small
As winged butterflies, and mid the courts
raven with blight mosaic and with pearl.
Walked, wrapped In saintly robes of amethyst,
Procewtons of the holy, singing psalms.
While smote of Incense swung In censers bright,
Blew round them, rosy as a sunset cloud.
Robert Dachanan.
An Obsorrant Citizen's Calculation.
An observant citizen makes the follow
Ing calculation, which Is given for what
It Is worth Out of every ten average
American men, ono will tako tho wrong
nldo of tho walk, two win stand In the
door of a car If thoro Is no seat, throe will
sport n toothpick In their mouths In pub
lie, four will oxpoctorato in public places.
Ivo will carry an umbrella horizontally
under tlifttr urm In tho fitrcct, six will
cross thotr legs In a car, seven will fall to
remove their uats in a uown town ele
vator whun a ladv enters, olirht will for
get to Bbut a car door when thoy go In or
out, ntnn will risk their lives to catch a
train when they could Just as wull wait
for tho nn.tt ono, and tuo whole ten wiL
rowt all their llvos at public nuisances
without doing anything to abate them,
Now York Tribuno.
AilrertlslnR Kates of lintels,
A correspondent wants to know why
the proprietors of summor resort hotels
soldom or novor give tho rates for tho dif
ferent classes of rooms In their houses
The lnnulry is a pertinent ono. It would
certainly bo a groat convenience to thf
large number of peoplo who must study
ways and means beforo going on tholr
summer outing, if thoy could know by
consulting tho ndvertlsomonts Just what
tho rates at tho different summer hotols
are Donbtlrss tho propnotors of these
houses would bo qulto willing to print
their averago rates If thoy wero awaro
that it would meet a want. Now York
Charity of tho Hebrews.
Kvery Jewish association, whether a
club, or debating society, a musical party,
a mutual lnsuranco fraternity, a business
league, or what not clso. Is by those con
corned in It deemed Incompleto if it does
not do something for charity At overy
wedding, merrymaking, festival and mo
inorial celebration, publlo or private and
even In tho liouso of death, the bos for
voluntary offerings to some charity Is
conspicuous And when publlo calls are
mado in tho synagogues for contribution
lu aid of a charity, tlio roflponses are sneb
as aro evoked nowhere elso. New York
A I'otrlflrtl Tree.
A portion of n petrified treo was dis
covered iu a solid snndstono rock quarry
at Zouoavillo, 0., tho othor day Tlio treo
Is about tho thlckuoss of a telegraph pole
and has well dotlned bark and roots It
was found whllo blasting, or Immediately
nftor n blast, fully slty feet below the
top of tho hill and was lu solid rode Ovei
It Is tho earth formation, then a specie
of shalo, thou limestone strata, followei'
by n conglomeration of stone, then somr
forty feet of solid sandstone, near tlu
bottom of which is tho petrified tree.
Chicago Herald.
Tlio Study of Astronomy.
The heavens now present an Interoatlnp
study to the relleetlve mind. Venus rise;
ono-hulf an hour before the sun, and
Jupiter sets with tho constellation of
Scorpio Kvldently the two have tpiar
fled and separated, Venus cutting bet
own kindling wood preparatory to break
fast getting, and her spouse preferring
scorpions to Ids wife's tonguo. Tlio study
of astronomy U at all tiiuus an uplifthig
one. Pittsburg Bulletin
l'lnerrlng Trlrgrupli Votes
Telegraph poles are preserved In Nor
way by tuaklug an augur hole about two
fetit from tho ground In which four or
five ouucm of sulphate of copper In coarse
crystals aro placed, and plugged In. The
elituuleal U gradually absorbed by tho
wood, until Its whole outer surface turns
a greenish bus. The sulphate requires an
occasional ronewal. and Is said to bo a
perfect (Mrttssrvatlvo- Uoatou Uudget.
A loe oil llomrbaek.
An lugianlotis New York truck driver
has taught hU trrlr to ride horseback.
In order to guanl the team and prevent
any faaiUUrfty with the horsoa. A piece
of carpet U thrown ovr the traree'a back,
so that Xhm small dog may secure better
footlUK, Uil tn rtder balaucw himself
wall ami warns to mi joy hUride. Chlosirc
Stuwnkul Aiublguou.
A Nw llampablrw YaakiM. who bad
Umh uf AaUtuf all day aod had caught
OttJy twoaisuill flkUss. was thus aoeiYttod
by a ualghtiM"
"Wal. WU. what ktH4r hick Ut ye
"Puoty ftr," wm th nly, "I kaUhed
a humlrad ur taw " Ivtrolt rr treaoi
Ouu ku.1 PnestHe.
Th VVwscii an arkiwwMfwd t havo
Us Bum( turn and proUetilM In Hbtob.
Tbsdr rsminr anell Las Umm snot tltnwgh
an arsjhtr pUi twenty Inenas taiafc. ad
smom wul wixht IU alas) point Munjttrad.
Porwica LaMor
nanl lwintial Atlvtva.
"Xw. iortor." W &, aa U JoImJ Um
aMssteaJ twill lan tn lb at, "ta tiw
mm nf a nvw who rant akwp at nlfht,
wfcat wotifci yMi a4rtr
-I wwiU 4tm hint toitMsj la th4a.
Of MalWaM OUu.
A writer hi TV. S. UaU OIom k look.
C htsMfully focwarJ u Um Uns wkw
tho waQ, tmiag and Soar of uor iU
Uw will V of tUlaahW cUm u a prtoJ
whan apMxaxtouU clsxnluiaai vctll Uj poo
Wonted to take a Hand In.
A dozen lineman were busy for
two hours yesterday in raising a tele
graph pole on Seventh street. When
they began digging the hole an old
chap came along and Inquired :
"Going to raise a pole, eh?"
"Guess I'll take it in. I alius did
believe In opening the campaign
He sat down on the door step un
til the pole was up, and then, as
sonic of the men were going away,
he nsked.
"Isn't there going to be any
"We don't generally have any,"
replied the men; "but you can make
one if you wish."
"Wouldn't It be putting myself
"Oh, no."
"Nobody engaged, eh?"
"Say, you!" he continued, as he
squinted aloft, "which party is it?"
"The telegraph party."
"Oh, shucks I Somebody move we
adjourn, fori don'tvotethatticket."
Detroit Free Press.
The Second Itcgimeut band will
give a concert In the avenuo to
night, beginning nt 8 o'clock sharp
Following is the program :
Miircli, "Modern Step" Cnsey
Selw tl(in,"Il Trovatoro" Vcrdt
Clarionet solo, Second Air Varln.-Thornton
Mark lxng.
Si-hcittUclip, "Slio's Such a Love" Cntlin
m ri-nude, "To Mamie" l'ctleo
Hiintonu Kilo, llrown's Autograph l'olka,
George Mack. Cnsey
Wiiltr, "Visions of the Pant" Holllnson
Wllilx Mi'lllroy's Miircli Frank Haas
Pall Suits.
"Good goods, good patterns, good
lit, good work," is tho motto of E.
Schoettlo & Co., merchant tailors,
near the White Corner, Commercial
street. A largo new stock of foreign
and domestic goods of various
patterns just arrived for pants or
fall suits. They guarantee good
work and a nleo lit or no pay. Call
on them.
An Absolate Car.
OINTJSIENT Is only put up In large
two-ounco tin boxes, and Is no
absolute euro for old sores, burn,
wounds, chnpped liands, and nl)
skin eruptions. Will positively
euro all kinds of piles. Ask for the
MENT. Sold byD.W. Matthews
& Co., 100 Stato street, Salem, at 26
eeuU er box by mail 80 centa.
It is said that Florida promises to
become a large producer of opium.
Sixteen plants will produce nn
ounce, and an acre of poppies will
yield jil.OOO worth of opium. All of
which is so much the wots for that
state. Kx.
llHVlr.K purchiiMHl the McKlnney A
Smith wart'liouMMU Turner's, and lmlng
leaved Mesum. M. t'oekerllu A Son's ware
Iioiim at .iiiiiKllle, we are prepared to
store und handle this coming mmii
i n a 00,000 -ra
HUSI1KI.S 01 o.rsi
Sacks 011 Imnil lo Niipplv fttrmer.
In holleltlng jour trade e guarantee
you lair dealing and the
Highest Market Price.
fall and siv n U'fore making arrange
ment el-w hen1. Ytnirs truly,
WiUnntctto riiirorsliy.
Mio.1 sueoin i Oil kcUoo of Hittklc on the
northwest eoat. About
(HirxM In
llMtio, Ori(ii, UiKlnK, Violin,
llarmunv, ict Countur-
l1ioiiia on coutlthMt ot whim.
TwcIimk X. M. Pto-vUt. Kraakta 1.
Joimw, Rva Cx. Awuataat. ImIu It. Smith.
FW Mnu .begin Mostdaj-, Susaamixr
M, Ism t fir eaUtofutt. Per turtltor
uartivalan a4trM
MunJoal Mtcctsir.SaMw, Or.
litiu. d TucW f CM.
AsWuMvftMtfMtoiiiBtft. data
InMnscUcM ; oonatillalni Tfcaa. UMi
MUlsst ia
Ftncy and Staple Grocorios,
lwrtas,nMsraM Tmi.
u( isMMhn iu.i
My stork l ruUsss , a4 earvAiBr
wlaelfd. Prtrv anarkrd dua m a rash
V HO Jjr M -l U Rr Kmt
Kruit Karms!
Has now for sale twenty-five IP-acre lots
miles lrom bnlcm and near the
i illlltl., in fiiiuiii. iuum: ima uiu
, !.. n d .ilr... Wl. n 1n, w wi
Cnpltnl City, and having a grand view
The Soil is of the
For the production of FItUlT, and some of the loti are already set out to trees that are
In full bearing. Onel lot has several hundred 1'ItUXK trees on It; another, alaree
number of tho finest PLUM trees; and others have ClIKItHY nnd APPLE trees on
All Lots Front on a Road
And tho road lending lo Snlem Is now being graveled, and will bo ono of tho FINEST
DRIVES leading out of tho city.
It Is gcuerally conceded that Investment In FItUIT LANDS at tho present time
oilers a better assurance of largo returns than any other lorm of Investment. Prices
now belug paid for fiult tn Salem by tho "Willamette Valley Fruit Company!
Insure, at a Low Estimate, from P3 to $500 per Acre!
Tlio close proximity of Mr. "Wallace's lrult farm of 1J0J ncrcs to these lots Insures a
Fruit Cannery, nnd thus ajcouvcnlent market, as soon us tho trees aro old enough to
Call on tho
Oregon Land Company
Hank Elock on Commercial Street
State Fair!
The SStli Aniuiiil State
held on the Fair Ground",
commencing on tho
I'ulr will be
near Salem,
And continuing oue week.
Amount of $15,000
Will be awiiideil for Agricultural, Meehan
leal und Stock ehib!tN, works of art and
(Hncy work, and for tl lain of speed.
The preiiiluniH ottered havo been In
creased In many cai-et., and new ela
hae been added. No entry fe charged
In division. J, K, I. and Q.
A miigultteent Held ot hop-es entered,
and then- will be splendid contests of run
ning and trotting each day.
The dim-rent transportation companies
will make liberal reductions in fare anil
Seelal attention is called to the premi
ums ottered for county exhibits of grains,
grasses tuul Irulls.
Kntrles w 111 Ih received In the secretary's
ottlee In Salem, beginning six days bole.ro
the lair, and on the thir grounds from Fri
day before the fair. Persons desiring to
exhibit in dMslons J, K. O, I'and Q are
re.iueiel to make their entries on Frl
itav and Saturday before the (hir if possible.
All entries close on Monday, September
17th, at T:S0p. m.
Coupon ticket Airmen (six days) Kl
(uion ticket for women (tx days) 1 00
Day ticket for men ro
lay ticket tor women , . ft
Ticket, to the grand stand at race
track for malax over lit years 36
I-adle to the grand stand lree.
Those desiring to purc!iae booths will
apply to the secretary.
SSendto the secretary atSalemfcra
premium list. J.T.OltKCJO,
Kaw a flo Moak of
Will Taper, Mm ami Cwiters,
EtMCsirS, m4 aM Lb s PtLtUBS.
1 M . . - . .
Mat r mutMv ( all ii. ta (art
I thing rUr that cna b ttKHigUI u
Come and See for Yourselves
on the west side of tho river, from 3
150 - acre fruit farm owned by Mr. it. s
nz in
tin iiii..ij puutiicu tuiuiu HIKUt OI ine
nil Ixifl.. I.iin.n ..tI.1I ..I I- .
of the
snow-capped peaks of
Very Best Quality
Evaporated Apples,
Evanorated Peaches,
Evanorated Nectarines
Evaporated Apricots,
Evaoorated Pears.
Dried Peeled Peaches,'
Dried Peaches
Dried Apricots,
Dried Currants,
Dried Apples,
Dried Grapes1
Oregon Petit Prunes.
Imported German Prunes,
Smyrna Figs,
Persian Dates
Weller Brothers'
Commercial Street
Wall watered and plenty ot timber. Two
iMMistw and two barns. Good oreliard.
Meadow and WO acres plow land. Fitly
lad oTealUe with ttte plaoe If wanted.and
Iwxvtw etuHich to run lu Within (lve miles
of depo mi the O. & tV It. IU A bargain tor
Enwiir at OfTice of Caoital Journal.
Urgnst Stk in the State, Rest Disrwnt.
a tor aHatasjue, CaU tor prieas Ibr Job
ftiiHtwt towmTii ontgoa.
L H. WAITE, Sal, Of.
UMs' 8k, ki Fanry and Mat.
mor n pumokd.
Teclierof X'lusio
nJ drai. r luM kinds ,.r iluu-l Iasiru
m.nlw iftlcv im i iniu.nul ,in-ri lu
trull t UM 6 111 . tl I I). IDslAllIlt 1.1 l'!U