Evening capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1888-1893, August 17, 1888, Image 1

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    ..,'. I - V
VOL. 1.
: w
repairer. AH work warranted.
store, State street, Salem, Or.
Artt-n nrflprs ni l. lucr. I'uuuu s uuuiv
delivery. Win. Rennio having bought
the express buslnoss of Walter Lowe, Is
prepared to deliver trunks, valises, pack
ages, and any thing else that ho can get In
his waiion to any part or the city, quicker,
safer, better, nnd neater, than it can be
done by any body else,
Leave orders at
Fire nnd Ma
rine. JDS. ALBERT," Agent, - Salem, Oregon.
Scientist, anthropologist, physician and
surgeon, will open an oiUco In tho New
Bank Hlock, on Jlay 1st, for the treatment
of all diseases of women, and all other
chronic cases, on strictly hygienic and nat
ural principles. Medical baths, oxygen and
electro-magnetism used. Charges strictly
modcrnte. Address bes: 176, Salem, Oregon.
First National Bank
- - President.
Vice President,
- - Cashier.
Exchange on Portland, San Francisco,
New York, London nnd Hong Kong
bought nnd sold. State, County nnd City
warrants bought. Farmers nro cordially
Invited to deposit und transact business
with us. Liberal advances mado on
wheat, wool, hops and other property at
reasonaoie rates. Insurance on such se
curity can bo obtained at the bank in
most rcliablo companies.
l I
Mil ui
OK .
Capiia! Paid up, - - 75,000
Surplus, -.-- 10,000
R. S. WALLACE, - - President.
W. W. MARTIN, - Vice-President.
J. II. ALUERT, .... Cashier.
V. T. Gray, W. W. Martin,
J. M. Martin, R. S. Wallace,
Dr. W. A.Cusick. J. II. Albert,
T. McF. Prttton.
To farmers on wheat nnd other market
able produce, consigned or in store,
either in private grannrlesor
public warehouses.
Stale and County Warrants Bought at Par.
Discounted at reasonable rates. Drafts
drawn direct on New York, Chicago, Kan
Francisco, Portland, London, Paris, llerlln,
Hong Kong and Calcutta.
Importorsnnd Dealers In
'loots and Shoes !
Latest Styles!
Leading Lines!
Lowest Piuchs!
Otne ral Agents for Oregon of
W. a Forsythe's Infallible Corn Care.
243 Commercial Street,
(Geo. B. Good's old itand.)
SALEM, : : : : r OREGON,
TaVe Note of Tbls.
nl5,.l,nPved garden land, within S
" ot Batem. Good road to town ibe
JSlrJUBd. UuUdlng good. TlNE YOUNG
JJCHARD and exUnt gram Und. Thl
abargatD, and wlllb bM onlr a abort
31 ngurai. Call, and we will
Ton Ihm itronartv.
Opera Umue. 8atw, Of.
The Capital National Bank
Bank Block, Three Doors South of 1st National Bank.
Scriber -:- and -:- Pohle.
The Mexican Land
CAPITAL STOCK $1,000,000.
Full Paid and Non-Assessable.
a bonus of FIVE ACRES of land to each share are
offered to immediate subscribers at par of five dollars
per share, for the benefit of the Treasury.
This Company havo acquired an cxcluslvo grant of bovcral million acres of land
from t,ho Government of Mexico in tho state of Tamaullpax, bordered by the stato of
Texas ana tnouuu 01 jiexico,
lundsyhmmense forests of vnluablo timber, nndopportunltles for vast public enterprises
in tho development nnd settlement of n territory almost as large us tho state of Penn
sylvania, with a good population, n healthy, moderate climate, and amnio rain fall.
!-. 1M1JMI, 11U 11 Kuult 1UJMIUIU11, 1. UUUllllJ , lltWVti:itltl- liltimil, llllll IIIIHU lillll lull.
The land offered with tho stock and for which negotiable ccrtlllcntes will be Issued, will
prove a choice Investment of Itself while each share participates in the -holo enter
prise. Rased on tho lowest price of Government land in tho United Slates tho shares
will have n value many times greater than tho price nt which theso forty thousitnd are
ollcrcd to carry out tho objects of tho Company. Subscription will bo accepted ns fol fel fol
eows: 23 per cent, cash, balance In equal payments nt Thirty, Sixty and Ninety days.
broker. Prospectus and full Information on
uemiL uy JJrau, uiicck, r.xiircss or hckimctuu i.cucr. uuuui ur uirougu any onnKor or
T - lS -
r6 moj.
Svia nR. CHjClt-A
6 I TT HIP M f""n L
2-- TO 'n't-' ,r21 . IT--
P- f-J OH
r V J Mi
.- - . y -A
SAVE YOU A COLD IN TUB HEAD which does not set better? Havo you nn ex
ccmIvo secretion of mucus matter In tho nasal passages? Are you troubled by
king, spitting, weak nnd Inflamed eyes, frequent soreness of tho throat, ringing or
roaring lu tho ears, more or less Impairment of tho hearing, loss of smell, memory Im
paired, dullness or dizziness of tho head, dryness or heat of tho noso? Havo you lost all
scnseofsmcll? Is your breath foul? If so, you havo tho Catarrh. Borne lmfj nil tlioso
symptoms, others only a part.
California. Cat-R.-Cure
Restores tho sense of tnsto and smell, removes bad taste and unpleasant breath, result
teed by D. W". MATTIII
ing irum miHirru. wihv imu initicuui iu ueu,
10 IV
: Co.
CAPTAIN CHARLES L. DIMON.of New York City, formerly special ngent of the
l'hronlx nnd Home Insurance Comnanv nt San Francisco. Cnl.. kiivh- "I imvn linmi
troubled with Chronic Catarrh for twenty years. A friend In Woodland, Cnl., recom
mended your California CAT-U-CUHK. I procurded ajar, having but littlo faith In Its
curative preperties: but I must say, after using t hreo Jars, I am cured of that disgusting
disease. Inclosed lind So for which send me California CAT-It-CUUK for some friends,
who nro sufferers."
106 State St., Salem, Or
SNELL, HEITSHU & WOODARD, Wholesale Deoot, '
Graduates Students In
Classical, Literary, Scientific,
Normal, Business, Law,
It Is the oldest, largest and leot fPn
slve Institution of learning in the North-
Whool opens Hrt Jloaday in September.
Bend forentalogue to yj
1-, Salem, Oregon.
FWg Sws a Specialty.
Shop oa tbe altar, ooM MlBtoi UtJ
ryMaM,flUfa,Or. I
A fine line of hacks, buggies, carts, car
riage, buckboards, etc. Roth our own
make nnd the best eastern mado buggies.
Every one Warranted!
Call on the undersigned, wagon nnd ear
riago makersand lilacksnilths.JNSX.'Sl'J
and 3H Commercial street, Salem.
and Development- Co.
F. K. MORELAND, Financial Agent,
No. 57 Broadway, New York.
lm - du'
tup n MLY
cure rem
ruuuw uirccwunts unu u euro is guamn
Now In poselon of a new dteoorerr in
medlelne, which U purely a local uniwiUittt
Ic, and now almcwt lnntuutaneouBly on the
snrroundtne tltwued of the teeth. It lulu
no way Injurious nr unpleauint to the
taate. The manufacturer of It olulm that
IU equal has never been known before, and
by applying It to tbe nenaltlve or wire
teeth, they can be cleaned and filled
without pain. Ho all thoe that want all
kind! of dental work done without pain,
would better call on Dr. U. Hmlth. Teeth
extracted for 0 cent,
JIanutoeturer ot
The Standard Combination Fence!
No. 260 Commercial St.
All Styles of FeseiBg Made U Oder
. j; I 1 rJ
r .
sf . -Lrjvzyuuurii
Trjliij; to Itrform tho World.
Mrs. Elizabeth Cady Stnnton re
cently told a story about tho way in
which she began her work of reform
ing the world. Wlion she was a girl
of ten or twelve, she used to see her
father, Judge Cndy, administering
law from the bench. She noticed
that the Judge, in laying down the
law or giving his decision, always
referred to his law books for guid
ance. She set to work in Ids libra
ry rending these books, and as she
thought he could not bay anything
but what he found there, she care
fully tore out and burned those pages
that contained principles or decisions
of which she disapproved. How
could he, while on the bench during
a trial, make application of anything
not to beseen In the books by which
he was guided? She discovered a
great deal that wasoll'enslve in every
law book that she inspected in his
library. Out came the pages, which
she cast into the lire until the book
suited her, and she felt sure that her
falher would bo compelled tocontlne
hhttselt to such law as she left. She
kept on at this work for n long while,
until she was caught at it; but by
that time a great part of Judge Ca
dy's law library had been spoiled In
her cllbrts to reform the world. New
York Sun.
nurkltu'R Arnica Salre.
The best salve In tho world f.
cuts, bruises, sores, ulcers, salt rheum
lexer mhos, tetter, chapped hand-,
chillilalus. corns, nnd all skin erup
Mous, nnd positively cures piles, 01
no pay required, it Is guaranteed
to j-i e perfect satisfaction, or inoiie.
refunded, l'rico 25 cuntH per box
Kor sale ' Dr. H. W. Cox.
When Baby w as nick,
We jtVQ her Cnstorla.
When she was a Child,
She cried for Castorlo.
When she became JIIss,
Slio clung to Cnstorla.
When she lind Children,
Sho gave them Caitorla.
The Verdict Unanimous.
W. D. Suit, Druggist, Itlpptm.
I ml., turitlllea: "I etn reconiniuiui
Elcctrio Rittvra us tho very bent
remedy. Every bottle Hold him
given relief In every ease. One man
look six bottles, ami was cured of
Hheuinatitim of 10 years' standing."
Abraham Hare, druggist, Hellvllle,
Ohio, alllrms: "The best sellinir
medicine I have ever handled in
my 20 years' experience. Is Electric
Hitters." Thouwuids of others have
added their testimony, so that the
verdict is unanimous Unit Electric
Hitters do euro all diseases of tho
Liver. Kidneys or Wood. Only u
half dollar ii bottle at Dr. IL W.
Cox's Drug Store.
From lllrtb to tkr (iratr
Wo curry with us certnln pliyHluil tmlln,
iiM o ilocortaln mental chnnictcrlHtlw. In
Koinuch that psycholoKlHtH Imvo Ntrlvon to
dcHlgimto by Kcncrlo tltlex curtain tciiijxir
nmcntH stho IiIIIouh, the ihtvouh the
lymphatic. Tho Individual with n sallow
oompU'Xlon 1 set down uh bilious, often
rlKhtlyho. If tho miIIVoii In tlio huoofhU
8kln Is tnteeublo to bile In the blood, Its
presence lu the wroni; place Instead of the
liver, will albo be evinced by fur on tho
tongue, pain benetith tho right rllM mid
throuKh the right shoulder blade, sick
headache, constipation, llntulcucemid In
digestion. For the relief offhts very com.
moil, but not essentially perilous com
plaint, there is no more genial and
thorough remedy than Hosteller's Htom-
nch Hitlers, which Is also a beneficent
tonlo and strength promoter, and a widely
esteemed romedy for nnd preventllve of
fever, and ague, rheumatism, kidney nnd
bladder troubles.
A Ckolff Inmtrarnt.
Tho Mexican Land und I)ovolo
ment Company, of No. 57 Uroad
wny, New York, have acquired ii
gnint of public laud in tho state of
Tumnullniw, Moxlco, covering hov
eral millloa acroH. It covera tho
most fertile section of land on the
Continent, with a hoII ho rich and a
cllmute bo porfect tlmt three cropn of
some eerealH are produced in one
year. I ts forosU are also imnussable
with tho growth of rare and valua
ble woods. The standing timber
alnuo more than warrant the cap!
tillzatioii of tho company controlling
the grant, yet in valuo It represent
but a fraction of tho worth of the
inilllona of acres luoxhauiitlble iu
furtlllty and productiveness. A
limiteu amount of tho Company's
stock bi ollored for wile at & ier
8luire. "With eaoli uliare i given a
certificate which entltlen the holder
tonveaerwof land free. Kee ad
vertUoment elsewliere.
Chlltren Cry ivFitclier's Castorla
A Hoy Murderer.
FitKSNo, Cnl., Aug. 10. Yesterday
afternoon Mrs. Murphy sent her 13-
year-old son to atnku out u eow nenr
the house. The boy not returning
toward night, tho mother went out
to search for him and found hint a
short distance from homo lying on
his face insonslbleand suffering front
ti gunshot wound through tho head.
This morning the boy ralliedenough
to charge the shooting on a Mexican
boy named Enos. Enos has been
arrchted. Murphy's wound Is fatal.
Uoulilo, Murder.
Xooalks, Ariz., Aug. 10 Two
men were killed Iat night at a rail
road camp on the llisbeo road, near
Ealrbank, north of thte city. One
man, who had hli throat cut, Is sup
posed to havo been murdered for the
purpose of robbery, and tho ollloors
so far have failed to secure any clue
that might lead to the capture of the
murderer or murderers. Tho other
man was stabbed to death in a gen
eral quarrel, but by whom lias not
yet transpired, llolh men were Mex
lllll foi'dmi, Scnllclil.
"Washington, Aug. in. Tho
senate committee on military
alliilrs to-day authorized tho
chairman to preparo a bill giv
ing to the senior major-general
of the army all the rights, priv
ileges and powers that havo liven
employed by the general and lieu
tenant general when those olllces
existed. This action is taken to en
able Major (Jeneral Scholleld to till
thor-o special assignments which by
law fall to the head of tho army, and
which are not provided for other
wise by tho statutes.
A lloodler IJi's In Chiwr.
Chicaoo, Aug. 1(1. CS. Ounther
of this elly has returned from a trip
to Jiluir, on tho Canadian park res
ervation, where tho famous boodler
Mcliarlgloof Chicago is now living.
McOariglo is now partner of Dr.
Jliet lu tlio hotel business, lie Is a
picture of health and is well thought
of and quite popular. "I had quite
a talk with him, "said Mr. (luuthcr.
"Ho says that his own accounts as
warden at tlio hospital were per
fectly straight ami he delles tho
world to find anything wrong with
thorn. Ho says ho Was arrested on
tho supposition that ho would squeal
on his friends. Hut her Until testify
against them or go Innocently to the
penitentiary ho ran away.
All Old Hcoiiniln'1 Drought la Time.
WAI.I.A Wai.i.a, Aug. 10. An
old sensation was revived yesterday
by the arrest of Win. Oragg, who
ran away with Rosabel, l.'l-ycar-old
daughter of L. H. North, a Dry
Creek farmer, about a year ago.
Oragg took the girl to Waltsburg
and Dayton on foot, returning her
to her parents after three or four
days, tho pair sleeping in haystacks
during their trip. Oragg has lieen
keeping out of tho way over since,
hut on Wednesday reappeared in
the neighborhood, and win at once
followed by Mr. North, who corral
ed iilm in a neighboring house ami
compelled him to remain there at
the point of a Winchester, until
Constable DoiuarM, who had been
sent for, arrived and arrostcd him.
Oragg wiih brought to town Wed
nesday night and lodged in Jail. He
was talton before Justice Lambert
this morning, waived examination,
and wuh placed under $T,0() Ixiuds,
which lie was unable to furnish, and
was sent to jail. Oragg Is an old
man, and has a wife and grown
A Wiau'i Vltttittj.
"Another wonderful discovery 1ms
been made and that too by a lady In
this country. Disease fastened lis
clutches upon her and for seven
years she withstood Its severest touts,
but her vital organs were under
mined and death seemed imminent
For three months site coughed In
coHsantly and could not sleop. Bho
bought of us a bottle of Dr. King's
New Discovery for Consumption and
was so much relieved on taking first
done that she slept all night and
with one bottle has been miraculous
ly cured. Her name is Mrs. Luther
Lutz." Thus write W. C. Hamrlek
A Co., ofHhelby, N. ('. Clot a free
trial iiottle at II. W. Cox's Drug
To-morrow the republicans open
tho campaign in California by sixty
speeches In various places.
A new Catholic church In Cole
man, Wis., fell in yesterday, killing
ono man and crushing sevou others
several of whom will die.
The now law of Now York, abol
ishes hanging for all murderers con
victed in that state after January I,
1SS1), and substitutes death by elec
tricity therefor.
Word conies from Washington
that the house unanimously agreed
to tho fortifications bill. That will
give employment to many and tend
to reduce the surplus a little.
ltertholdl Uroenobnum 1ms been
arrested iu Chicago for $20,000 short
age, lie was agent for a California
wine company, and sold their goods
without accounting for tho money.
lMg 11 res are raging In some of the
agricultural districts of California.
In the long ,dry, hot summers vege
tation becomes dry as tinder and Is
eisiiy ignited but with difficulty
Mrs. Iiiingtry and Kreddio mil
liard! wore so disarranged by tho
rate railroad accident at Port Jervls,
N. Y. which killed their car load or
horses and injured their hired men,
that It Is uncertain when they will
resume their journey to California.
At tlio great state fair at Columbus,
Ohio, a separate day Is to bo set
apart for a parade ami speaking by
each of the political parties. Hlalno
and KIsk havo already slgnllled
their Intention of taking part and
no doubt tlio democrats will also be
on hand.
Want the I.iinil.
llili.nvA, Mont. Aug. 1(1. The
people of tlio upper Teton section of
the territory, mostly in Chotcau
county, are agitating the question of
Jumping an Immense Tirea of desert
land claims, which have been hold
by non-resident capitalists for specu
lation font number of years. This
non-resldont ownership is prevent
ing tho settlement of tlio country
and retarding its agricultural devel
opment. There are thousands of
acres lu tills condition, and there
seems to bo no disposition on tho
part of the holders to rolcaso them
from their clutches. Tho bona lido
settlers and business men are getting
tired of seeing this vast body of
laud, which Is valuable for agricul
tural and grazing purposes, lie Idle so
long, and there Is n movement on
foot to take possession of It anil test
tho matter iu Ihecourlslf necessary.
The claimants are not residents of
that part of the territory, and they
havo never Improved tho laud,
or complied with tho laws
In any other respect, except to go
through the form of proving up.
For non-residents to hold such laud
for speculation Is a direct violation
of tlio law, and thofo who are lu
tlio movement to test tho matter
contend that such claims should be
Jumped wlion required for settle
ment. Slierrod Williams, eldest son of
(inn. Tho. II. Williams, died lu
Jlorlln last week. Ho was well
known lu Astoria. He leaves a.
willow residing lu tills stale.
CallfuriiU, (be Uinl of DlwerrrlN.
Why will you lay awakeall night,
coughing, when that most eHectlve
ami agreeable California remedy,
Haiita Able, will give you Immediate
relief HANTAAIJIK Is the only
guaranteed cure for Consumption,
Asthma and all ilrouchlal Com
plaints. Hold only lu large bottles,
at tlOO. Three for $2 60. D. W.
Matthews it Co., lOlHtato street,
Salem, will lie pleased to supplyyou,
and guarantee rellof when used as
directed. CALIKOilNI A CAT-ll-CUHK
never falls to relievo Catarrh
or Cold In the Head, Mix months
treatmout, (1 00. JJy mall, (I 10.
I have sold my Photograph Oal
lery and entire Interest In the photo
graph business to M. K. Bporry, of
Ohio. All lMirsous who owe me for
plotures, will please call ut the gal
lery and settle within sixty days
from date. All unsettled account
after that date, will be placed in an
attorneys lianas, for collection.
W. V. Johnson.
Halkw, Or., Aug. 13, '88.
tL "-, '- -i.f -r