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.Itemized Account of Doiogs in Cily and
Landseekcrs Still Pouring Westward
Let us Attract a Portion of
this Human Tide.
The Ellensburg (W. T.) Capital
quotes a citizen of that place as say
ing: "The immigrants who are
passing through by the hundreds
every day to the Sound, aro very
anxious to obtain information regard
ing Washington Territory, and
somo means should be adopted to
furnish them information about
Central Washington. They go to
the Sound, and failing to find a
country ready for the plow they
are disappointed."
About the passage of hundreds of
immigrants daily there is no ex
aggeration. A friend in Missoula,
M. T., (a Northern Pacific station,)
writes this editer: "I often wonder
where all the people come from who
pass through here, and where they
goto. Long passenger trains with
twenty coaches, and half of these
pmierant sleepers, stop here on their
way to the Sound; tho cars as full as
they can hold, and most ot tne
Dassencers going to take up land."
This immense passenger business is
no accident. The people in Wasn
ington Territory have spent money
freely in advertising their resources,
in the east, pamphlets have been
scattered with a profuse hand, and
"boom editions" of their best news
papers have tilled many a score
mailbag. Agents for tho Northern
Pacific railroad have taken advan
tage of this liberal use of printer's
ink, they have circulated through
the western and eastern states
setting forth the lumber, fishing,
mineral and agricultural resources
of our neighbor territory, their im
agination supplying many of tho
facts they so temptingly displayed;
and tho result of their enterprise is
the steady outflow of population in
the direction of the Sound.
Tho people of Oregon know that
these thousands of homeseekers
have been started on a wrong scent.
In Washington Territory tho towns
have been boomed till they are
overdone. In Seattle, "Tacoma,
Spokano Falls and other places,
building lots are dearer to-day than
they aro likely to bo five years from
now. "A country ready tor the
plow" is hard to find there; the
fishing, lumbering and mining in
dustries are in the hands of rich
companies, and a settler with the
proceeds of a a small farm in his
pocket had better use caution before
he invests in any such undertakings.
In Portland, Salem and some
other Oregon towns, the people have
awakened to the fact that they have
lands and climate to offer tho settler,
which rather "overlay" the best
that can be found in California or
Washington. While our neighbors
havo been in the field shouting, with
stentor voice, to tho whole world to
come, our landowners havo been
lying back in easy indulgence, feel
ing that they havo a good thing,
and selfishly grudging the advent of
strangers to divide up nature's
bounties. Some feel like tho Ken
tucky backwoodsman, who moved
out when a settler came within
seven miles of his cabin, because he
wanted elbow room.
But they now feel that the !rntl
ful resources of nature aro beyond
their power to utilize, and since pop
ulation keeps up its unceasing flow
westward, they seo tho wisdom
of diverting a portion of the current
in this direction. Henco we have
money subscribed in this city and in
Portland, and pamphlets and folders
printed which aro now being cir
culated through tho mails. This
must be kept up with unabatlng
activity. It would bo very useful
also to send two or three good men
east to talk Salem und tho Wallam
ette valley, to distribute our adver
tising literature quite liberally, and
also to got up excursion parties, pro
curing special rates to Salem and
The opportunities for successful
settlement in this uasurpassed valley
80 far oxceed anything to be found
in Washington or California, that it
J a duty wo owe to che human race
to tuako them known, and no en
deavor should bo spared to dlfluso
the knowledge In every direction.
We would like to see the board of
trade intensely stirred up over this
Subseribe for the Journal.
"Ladies underwear at Bridges &
Bozorth's new Bank block.
Painless dental operations at Dr.
T. C. Smith's, 02Stato street.
Just received a full lino of John
B. Stetson's hats at G. W.
A fine lot of new millinery just
received at Mrs. A. H. Farrar's,
will be sold cheap.
Icecream, soda water, milkshakes,
candies, oysters, meals at all hours
at A. Strong & Co's.
The largest stock of clothing and
gents' furnishing goods in tho city
at G. W. Johnson's.
A. Strong & Co. aro selling out
their largo stock of Key West Im
ported cigars at cost.
Fit your children with shoes at
Wm. Brown & Co's. An immense
stock from which to select.
Bock Mountain restaurant, op
posite opera house, quiet, clean and
neat. No Chinamen employed.
Scriber & Pohle can not bo under
sold in their line, quality of goods
considered. Just seo if they can.
Saratoga Congress, the very latest
in Hanan's make of men's shoes, aro
among tho attractions at Wm.
Brown & Co's.
The deaf mute school examina
tion commences to-day, and will
close Wednesday morning with in
teresting exercises.
Hon. John Halsey and J. W,
Kaybum, two well known attorneys
ofCorvallis, are in the city attend
ing tho supremo court.
Fresh cakes, French bread, milk
bread, Boston brown bread, graham
bread, hot buns, coffee cake, this
morning at A. Strong & Co.'s.
John Wanamaker spends over a
quarter of a million a year in ad
vertisingit is all newspaper ad
vertising, too. A word to tho wise
is sufficient.
Those well-dressed gentlemen
who aro sporting elegant, well-fitting
summer suits, bought them at
G. W. Johnson's clothing store,
Commercial street.
A noisy altercation occurred on
the street to-day between S. Ramp
Sr. and Tom Townsend. Money
matters seemed to be tho cause of
the dispute, but no goro was made
to flow.
Mr. S. B. Watkins has opened the
Rocky Mountain restaurant, just
south of tho Journal office, where
you can havo a nipo meal served at
any hour, and pay from 5 cents to
23 cents for it. Call and see him.
Many of our state exchanges are
announcing tho publication of a
pamphlet by tho state board of
agriculture on "The Resources of
Oregon." This is premature. It
will be two or three months before
the work is published. State Printer
Baker has been sending around
some advance pages, but tho typo
for the entire publication is not half
set yet.
We learn that Uncle Tommy
Warrlner, of Zenn, Polk county, Is
lying very ill at tho residence of W.
A. Pike, where ho has been removed
that he may bo cared for. Ho has
been living alone in his cabin for
many years, and has grown old and
feeble, yet has persisted in living as
a hermit until his present illness.
Kind neighbors have now removed
him where he will be well cared for.
The Venture starts out on a scal
ing expedition to-day. Seal are re
ported very plentiful a few miles off
tho mouth of tho river, but much
more so on tho forbidden grounds of
Behring sea. There will be a great
many vessels engaged In seal hunting
tills year, and from presont indica
tion there will figuratively speaking
"be razors in the air," as somo of tho
sealers have aunounced that they
propose to hunt where they please.
Astoria Pioneer, the 20th.
Scotch Entertainment.
Our readers are requested to bear
In mind tho entertainment in Reed's
opora house on Friday evening, April
27th, for the benefit of tho Congroga
tional church. It will consist of
Scotch music, Scotch costumes will
be worn, and the manners of that
country illustrated. A military
company will appear In Highland
uniform. Portland talent has
kindly volunteered to take part. A
unique and prontahleontortalnniont
will bo afforded.
An Absolute Cart.
OINTMENT Is only put up In large
two-ounoo lin boxetr, and is an
absolute euro for old soroe, burns,
wounds, chapped hands, und all
skin oruptlons. Will positively
cure all kinds of piles. Ask for the
MENT. Sold by D. W. Matthews
& Co., 100 State street, Salem, at 36
cmta per box by mall 80 eenU.
Grange Meetlmg The Roil Law Discussed.
Tho Salem Grange held an Inter
esting session on Saturday, tho road
question being the subject of discuss
ion. It was shown that our road
laws aro defective lu many ways,
among which may bo mentioned tho
manner in which mortgages escape
their just portion of tho road tax.
Polk county is moving ii this mat
ter. The' people thero proposo to
placo tho care of a county road in tho
hands of a commissioner who is to
havo entire chargo of tho roads
through tho county, and who is au
thorized to appoint deputies for the
different districts, having tho samo
powers as tho county supervisor.
Tho most radical chaugo proposed
is thnt all road taxes aro to be paid
in money, and no one be nllowcd to
work out his tax, as under tho pres
ent law. Salem Grange has taken
hold of this matter in a business like
manner by appointing a committee
to examiuo into tho subject, and re
port at a futuro meeting. This with
a view to preparing a bill for tho
action of the legislature, with useful
suggestions to our members in that
Wo hopo they will bo successful
in procuring tho needed modifica
tions of our present road law, as it is
a well known fact that it is at pres
ent very defective in many respects.
Oliver Joky.
Salem, April 23.
Archbishop Seghers' lteniains.
Somo time agoHisEmiuenco Car
dinal Gibbons wrote to Mr. C. S.
Fairchild, secretary of the treasury.
in whom tho authority is vested, re
questing him to authorizo Captain
Healy of the Revenuo Cutter Bear,
cruising in Alaska waters, to convoy
tho remains of Archbishop Seghers
who was murdered a year ago whilo
performing missionary duty among
tho Indians, to Victoria, B. C. Sec
retary Fairchild graciously and
promptly acceded to tho request. In
replying to Cardinal Gibbons, Mr.
Fairchild says: "In reply, I have
respectfully to state that tho vessel
referred to will probably bo ordered
to cruise in Alaska, at an early date,
and Instructions will bo issued to
her commanding officer in accord
ance with your request." Portland
Who Owns the Grip Sack?
This morning Mr. Jas Aitkin, of
the Grange Store noticed a grip sack
or small hand satchel drop from a
buggy passing east on State street,
Before ho could stop the owner, ho
had passed beyond call. A china
man in Tong Ling's storo ran out
and grabbed the satchel, diving
back again with a smile childlike
and bland. But Mr. Aitkin was too
quick for him, compelling him too
acknowledge the possession of tho
article before a witness, but allowing
him to retain it until tho owner
should call for It. Mr. Allklus be
lieves from its appearance there was
considerable money in it.
'A Grand Perforation."
The Astoria Pioneer gives a three
column report of St. John's address
in that city, and says ho closed his
lecture "with a grand perforation."
If ho perforated the ears of his au
dience they would go homo with
something to think nbout; but If ho
perforated their minds, it may lead
to a diminished expenditure In tho
dram shops. When Touchstone
wanted to win tho heart of tho rus
tic maiden Audrey to his suit, he
prayed that God would make in
cisions in her. This perforating
business in a public lecturer is what
A Second Xast.
All who witnessed tho unique en
tertainment of this great artist in
Salem were delighted, and many
who failed to see and hear him re
gretted that ho did not appear u
second time. But Rollo Kirk Bryan,
said to be even more versatilo than
Nastand in somo things superior,
has been engaged by the W. C. T.
U. for Reed's opera house, Wednes
day, May 2d. He draws his pic
tures with both hands at tho same
time, using colored crayons. And
his descriptive remarks, witty, wise
and pointed, are most excollout.
Kenevs Iter Youth,
Mrs. Phoebo Chesler, Potorson,
Clay Co,, Iowa, tolls the following
romarkable story, the truth of which
Is vouched for by tho residents of tho
tewn: "I am 73 years old, have been
troublod with kidney complaint and
lameness for many years; could not
dress mysolf without help. Now I
am free from all pain and soreness,
and am able to do all my own house
work. I owe my thanks to Electric
Bitters for having renewed my
youth, and removed completely all
disease and pain." Try a bottle, 60c.
and $1. at H. W. Cox's drug store.
King O'Ualley Exposed.
Tho Oregon City Courier, under
tho caption "King O'Mullcy Expos
ed" says regarding tho Individual
well known in Salem and tho other
valley towns as "Tho Wild Irish
man:" "Tho Home Life Iusuranco
Co. of Now York has sent out print
ed slips stating that King O'Malloy Is
no longer agent for tho company and
that ho is not authorized to collect
money as such. Tho company has
no doubt been fully Informed of tho
questionable dealings of O'Malloy.
For instanco lu this city ho and his
companion, Mr. Dunphy, placed
policies to theamountof tens of thou
sands of dollars by misrepresenta
tion. Tho victimized ones dropped
their policies when they discovered
the trick, but their money was gone.
Experience is ono of tho most ex
pensive of luxuries in tho world.
Mr. O'Malloy's zeal in the temper
ance cause helps him in pulling tho
long avooI over the eyes of tho sheop
ho wishes to shear."
By Sal. llapinsky .
Stato Supt. E. S. McElroy is in
recept of the proceedings of tho De
partment of Superintcnco of tho Na
tional Educational Association
which met at Washington, March
1517, 1887. A paper on Education
in Alaska, appears in tho report, and
among tho Illustrations given is ono
of tho buildings used by tho United
States public school, at Sitka, from
a sketch from tho skillful pencil of
Col. Sal. Rapinsky, formally of this
city. Tho house is a rough hewn
log affair, situated on a side hill and
would bo a familiar sight to a good
many of Oregon's sons who attend
ed tho district schools of thirty-ilvo
years ago.
Uroke His l'ctella.
Bert Hatch, former niato of tho
steamboat, Wm. H. noag, was un
fortunato to break his kneo cap
this morning. His first accident
happened early last month, and tho
last two or three weeks ho has been
getting about on a tricycle. Yester
day this pcrambulatory machine
was used by a friend of shorter
staturo who lowered the scat. This
morning Bert, whilo fixing himself
for a ride, found tho tricyclo out of
gear, and tho consequence was a
second fracture of tho pctclla. This,
avo fear, will retard his recovery,
Soothes and Heals.
Santa Able soothes and heals tho
membranes of tho throat and lungs,
when poisoned and inflamed by
disease. It prevents night sweats
and tightness across tho chest, cures
coughs, croup, asthma, colds,
bronchitis, pneumonia, whooping
cough and all other throat and lung
troubles. No other medicine is so
successful in curing nasal catarrh as
California Cat-R-Cure. Tho enor
mous and increasing demand for
theso standard California remedies
confirms their merits. Sold and
absolutely guaranteed by D. W,
Matthews & Co., 100 State street,
Salem at SI a package. Three for
Tho Baker City Blado complains
of drouth and dust, and Is offering up
petitions for a copious shower of rain.
The- weather has been unusually
lino in this section tho last two
months, which has enabled farmers
to get their spring work forward,
and replant their fields that were
damaged with tho winter frost.
But flying showers keep tho surface
of the ground moist, and vegetation,
under the influence of the warm
sun, is coming forward luxuriantly.
Low Tariff
For groceries at S. Farrar & Co's,
whero you will find nice, crisp,
fresh vegetables early every morn
ing, genial courteous clerics all day,
choice goods too numerous to men
tion in tho ovenlnir. and a welcome
all tno time.
The printers' meeting, to arrange
the details of the annual picnie will
be held In the Vidotto office, ut 7:30
this evening. A full uttetidunco of
the printing craft Is requested.
Queer Filaland Starti.
The fits und start tulng thesol words
In their literal moaning of tho nervous
people often strike tho beholder as ludi
crous. Tho nerves of hearing of suoh un
fortunates aro painfully acute, and Imping
ed by abrupt, unexpected nolMM, loud them
sometimes to perform antios worthy of a
jumping-Jack. At the root nfnervouanew,
In most Instances. Is non-assimilation of
the food, and consequently Innutrition of
the nerves as of the other tissues of the
body. This prolonged Is, of course, produc
tive of serious nervous disease. The rem
edylls Uostettor's Htotnach Hitters, that
Invigorate the stomach and enable it to
perform Its functions iproperly. Boon af
ter commencing u course of It, It will be
found that the nerves grow more tranquil
by day, nightly repose becomes Jess Inter
rupted, and appetite more vigorous and
MtUsfylng. These are the Initial Indica
tions, followed by the complete restoration
of nervous vigor. The bitters also cure
fever and ague, illver complaint and constipation.
A Former Salomlte's Political rrospects.
Regarding the political prospects of
John L. Boone, formerly of Salem,
and now a patent lawyer in San
Francisco, tho.San Francisco Argus
cruelly says: "John L. Boono labors
under tho delusion, It is said, that
ho will receivo tho republican nomi
nation for congress in tho Fifth
District." In nnothcr placo tho
same paper puts tho following words
into tho Webfoot's meuth:
Argus. What Is your show for
tho nomination for congress in tho
Fifth District?
B. I havo got a dead sure thing
on it if I want it. Yes, I do want it,
but Charley Fclton Is my friend, and
if ho Is anxious to go back again, I
can wait a couple of years. Yes, I
feel sorry for Solomon and Barbour.
They aro nico gentlemen; but thoy
aro only wasting their money in
working for tho nomination.
Worth Knowing.
Mr. W. H. Morgan,inerchant,Lako
City, Fla., was taken with a sovero
cold, attended with a distressing
cough and running Into consump
tion lu Its first stages. Ho tried
many so-called popular cough
remedies and steadily grow worbo.
Was reduced in flesh, had difficulty
in breathing and was unablo to
sleep. Finally tried Dr. King's Now
Discovery for Consumption and
found immediate relief, and after
using about a half dozen bottles
found.himself well and has had no
return of tho disease. No other
remedy can show so grand a record
of cures, as Dr. King's New
Discovery for consumption. Guaran
teed to do just what is claimed for
it. Trial bottle freolut II. W. Cox's
drug store.
new aivi:ktishm i:nts.
For Books, Stationery 4 Fancy Goods !
Tissue Paper of all Shades, and Materials
for Paper Flowers.
Roberts' Rules of Order,
For Fruit Grcrwers :
IN -
Set Dickens, 15 Volumes, lialf Hussia, Usual Price $32.50, Our Price $20.00.
Set LyUon, 20 " Cloth, Gilt top, " " 32.50, " 23.50.
Set Thackeray, II " Half Morocco, " " 22.50, " 15.00.
Set Waverly, 12 " lialf blue Cair, " " 32.50, " 17.50.
Set I P. Hoe, 15 " Cloth, " " 22.50, " 18.00.
Set CapL 31. Ueid, 10 Vols. Clolh, " " 15.00, " 10.00.
Fine Line of Papeterie in Latest Styles,
AT -
118, Stato Street,
Tho candidates on tho Marlon
county republican ticket will address
tho public on tho political Issues of
tho day at tho following times and
places, and respectfully invito op
posing candidates to participate In
tho discussien: Marlon, Monday
May 21, at 10 o'clock; Jefferson,
Monday, May 21, at 2 o'clock;
Turner, Tuesday, May 22, at 10
o'clock; Aumsville, Tuesday, May
22, at 2 o'clock; Stayton, Tuesday,
May 22, at 8 o'clock; Mehama, Wed
nesday, May 23, at 1 o'clock; Whlt
eaker, Thursday, May 21, at 10
o'clock; Howell Prairie, Thursday,
May 21, at 3 o'clock; Silverton, Fri
day, May 25, atl o'clock; Mt. Angel,
Saturday, May 20, at 10 o'clock;
Woodburn, Monday, May 28, at 2
o'clock; Hubbard, Tuesday, May 29,
at 10 oclock; Aurora, Tuesday, May
20, at 8 o'clock; Buttovllle, Wednes
day, May 30, at 10 o'clock; Cham
poeg, Wednesday, May 80, at 8
o'clock; St. Paul, Thursday, May 31,
at 2 o'clock; Brooks, Friday, Juno
1, at 2 o'clock; Gervais, Saturday,
Juno 2, at 2 o'clock; Salem, Satur
day, Juno 2, at 8 o'clock.
Chair. Republican Co. Central Com.
The people of Spokano Falls havo
subscribed Sl'5,000 of tho stock of
tho Seattle, Lake Shoro aiid Eastern
railroad, tho entlro amount which
tho officers of tho road desired them
to take. It is now reported that tho
contract for tho first sixty nillo sec
tion of tho road, from Spokano west
ward, will bo let In a fow days.
Enterprise on this liberal scalo is
bound to win.
Salem, Oregon,
.. MJ.A'l.-frI