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    v.xthly .. onzaou statesman. Tuesday, ixshuahy i j,
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Climax of Cold Weather Was Beached
Yesterday in Kansas City.
KANSAS CITY, Mo.. Feb. 13. The
climax of the severe cold spell which
began January I, since wbiii time tie
temperature has nevt-r rien above the
freezing point, was reached at C
oVlotfk this morning-, when 21 degrees
below zero was recorded. - The weather
forecaster conccfes the low ; record of
22 below, on February 22 1399, has
been broken. : Fifteen inches of snow
lies on the. ground" and the sky is clear.
Tbe statement of conditions in Kans-tr?
City may be extended to Western Alis-
1 '
C. S. Builard, Salem No. 6
J. H. Brokaw, Salem No. 6
Russell & Crowky, .
ntf.ninw tdi'g
H. Ottenneimer, Salem
J. A; Seiwood, Salem i
G. D. Dove, Doves Landing
0. L. Butler, Halls Ferry j
LL of. the oboye have fvm
iirt-seat winter, savei M .
jrjn;. , A ; pt ftty g-jk! m-onl t lor " a iuHclim iiMnile,d lyre
(or the; firfcl time tfus SHan . Cos's h Uit more than the c m
rurtfr sorts,' btit every .mn naineI nbuvesaw the ! flert-no-,
ami many of therp haJ previous y , had exjnsiv exptrieco
with ther nakea. . J '
v o hav lst ikune s-lea owing to Portland b-irg sohl too
farah'Hd to sui'pM we being out of Orubbera a total of six
weks th's winUr. ! ' '
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lai d. Our own iraj ortatio" .
souri, Kansas, Nebraska. Oklahoma and
the Indian Territory, all these "points
reporting; the coldest weather of the
j winter, and most of them 't ho coldest
ever known. A dozen persons were re-
ported frozen to death in the south
west fn the rsaat two davs. The win
ter wheat ia covered by snow and is
no t affected bv the cold. The stock
losses are not heavy, because the own
ers Lad ample warning. The trains on
all the railroads are do'ayed by. snow
drifts, tfce wind carrying the dry 6bow
into the cuts. The temperature
throughout the southwest moderated
today, but zero temperature is general
- : '
W. J. Steele, Bueca Vista
Louis Batimau, ButtevlUe
c. E Burrighu
r M .
H- Murphy,
L. K. Page, Salem 1
- hastM th s GrubhT3 the
Taye, v!i Lmucht hi lt
opzrss qeabxkq et tttt. iic-
' -MAHAIi CH.hu.aES.
Governor A (belts Troth ef Many Etate
meats ; 2a4e ;;in Salem .Attorney
Charges ia ? the Penitentiary" Case,
Bat Says . They.. Exist :fcy 22a Order.
The joint committee, consisting of
Representative Bailev. Sonneman and
Makers and Senator Band and Baker,
i.ave heWn i tkeir investigation of the
caarges j preierrea agaiiiss
oenitentiarv! bv I. II. McMahan. of Sa-
le Thr Committee leld a sitring at this laa(l anJ ntin.', He handled the j-"" "i; their
the State lion yesterday , afternoon, 'subject without gloves and elaime.1 fus fv I
when some of the idence was siAmit- thin-s that nhowe. Tan Appalling condi- to spek. Darin- the
ted. Kepreseatative Bailey, chairman t ion la the public affairs of this coirti-; -l.v morning hours of yesterday the
w 1 , .u ,ami-1, mercury in smne of the thermometers
of the committee, was the only memWr tr. , . ' i " . ,
absent. I No decision was reached as Me ?d, that as Governor of .the throughout the dty droppe.1 dowji . to
the committee adjourned early to catch state Oregon, te would never place JO degree above zero -others stood at
rrt afternoon train The invest iration hi siffnat lire to any ineasirre that 12 and !, while soine did not go below,
V SMh,5? M;.hv e7eBia- to w"rk ft 'Til to any mnn.jH. TKe thermometer at tho asylum
X rlttrjrZn ' ' Ad ' 'onsiderinjr the bills pre- red 12 degrees above, whica was
nFflnSt mneS TWd-' to him' Bevor thcgtet I erally accepted as the correct figure.
StfZFtiTfZvTtelZhJFKd u their sour... . Party lh,.fvth him,in Commercial street one of the old
?"Xl2Lh? 11 kPln gotten and the ;bill. w.tl-.nt trKstv instrnrant3 allowed its mercury :
nt wji.ii. j " - t
teutiary.ltterment fund for furniture
which' 4 noVsed by "the families of
Thai the superinteB-Jent's. famUy has ..-.The ideal in public life is. Crstth OregwH C.ty Traafportstion com
tar on. time been sumdied with gro- of all and over all. a nubile. opInioa).Pny K at the foot of " Irada street,
at s,: etc from the commis-
rtment of The penUc-ntiary
tdmitted. - The warden' and
sary dejartment
was a.si a
Buperintendeut's families are waited
upon Cy convict a was also eoaf eased to.
Thef abio admitted that the superifl
tendent's famny had usel t'ae state
teams in going shopping and making
social call and that they used a con
vict coachman,
It was also admitted that the wifa
of Kiinerintendent James had accepted
a pair ojf -portieres from the mother of
a convict. The convict was afterwards
out oii ; double time. Warden Cortiss
also accepted a gold stick pia from the
mnthrr nt the eonvict. .Superintendent
.Tames stared, however, that he had re-
turned the portieres to the doaor. Upon
I.ein-r Questioned, he said he did pot
know whether they were returned be
fore or after the caargea were made
against! the- penitentiary by McMahan.
Governor Chamberlain stated to .the
committee that the expenditures made
out of the betterment fund and the
supplying of the families with provis
ions were authorized nv him. Mr. Mc
Mahan and the governor
tri ii 1 11 fl I I
agreed that tliesA admissions were to
l a taken as a basis upon which to esti-
mare the lesral effect of the charges,
The governor claimed the legal right
3 do as had been done, while JlfJla-
isn nrcred noon the 'committee the ne-
essity oT submitting these
io the attorney-general for
a written
jpinion. .
The governor said that the attorney
general had already decided that such
se of the betterment fund was proper.
IcMahan in answer stated that the
uestion at issue aad never been laid
before the attorney-gene-al. He also
ald that the attorney-general had told
' -iim (MeMahan) that" he had never giv
n an opinion authorizing such expendi
tnre of tne betterment fund or had sug-
edefi that the families of th?so offi-
cials could be legally supported at the
xpense or tho state- ooon aiier me
statements made by the governor, the
committee adjourned.
.. tt f A A. I .
LIVERPOOL, Feb. 13. May wheat,
. s.
Portland, Feb. 13. Wheat Walla
Walla, 86; Bluestem, 91; Valley, 87.
Tacoma, Feb. 13. Wheat, Uluestem,
91Hc; dab, 86c.
Local taaricbtb.
.Wheat 80 cents.
Oats '4l')43e per bushel.
Ilay Cheat. $11.50 to $12; clover,
$11.50 to $12.50; timothy, $13 to $14.
Flonr $4.4 fer bbi. retHil.
Flour-'rity retail selling price. 15
(it'tLiO per sar-k.
"Mill Feed Iiran, $22.50 per ton;
shorts, 24.5i.
Hut ter Country, 23 crus.
Fggs 23 ctnts.
"hickens 10 cents.
Duck 12 ,-: .entA. .
Tjrkevs.-15 c?at.
Irk Fat nos, 44a3e.
TJeef Fat, steers. 1050 to' 1250 lb.
$A(ft4; cows, 34 cents.
Mntton Choice wethers, 4ViC yer
VenI4(J6f. cents.
r Apple iy to "5c per bu.-h !.
' Potatoes 45 to 50e per bushel.
Hops' 29 to 32 cents.
ii'. -f i
Hop Growers' Supplies
Till OKS,
"' .!- - - - . " - . j" -
Manaf actcreri of J" Royal" Hear.
i --' '- !? " : ; , .. '2 ."' L.
s207 Commercial Street, Falero'
Asserts That State's tNonnaT Schools
Have Been Most Influential ia' Ore
gon's Legislative Halls Dariag Pres
ent SesJon of Lefislatture.
In an address delivered before the
students of Willamette University yes-
terday morning, GoTeraor Chamfcerlain
I dis?ussel 'Ideals in Public lafe," anaj
' 1 1 . I It T ,1 1 I t.,Ki; T ifA " Unit
u . ..aMu h t rimnli 1(1 ine (roOKCU worn
that is being carried On thronghout
merit was alwavs returne.i waaout nis
pjtn.- ;
, -Ju0 Governor, iu opor.Jng liis ' ad-
rom'pellintf t W " wnw. luot-al .obligation
in public'-as iii private life, ef a public
opinion ablo to disiinguinh Letneen the
Rpunous nua the real; in suorr, a
trained intelligence sufficiently dif
fused among the people to protect
them at lc.ift against the grosser forms
of deception.'
"According to this, the faithfiil pub
lic servant is only sucn to tne extent
tr.at faia ehar.ief-r i monifed and hisi
opinion inspired by a h!thy pr.blie
sentiment which drive turn to Le faith
ful aud . honV-st iii the . j.'i f-rp.!H)ee of
whatever is given lus hand to do.' i
cannot saythat I agree to tbe -full with!
such a doctrine, though
we ii'-ust all
it is "that a
eoucede its force. True
healthy public opinion will eo'upel even
a dishonest man to tbe oLservp.ntV of
moral obligations in public as v.eil as
in private life. Hut it does not fol
low alwavs that ia those com muni tics
mere are not to ne lonnn mose wa
are deflected from the correct path of
official dnty, and fad in carrying out
pnbhc obligations. One thing i ctr-j
tain, however, that where the"" publie'J
conscience is seared, and where ili--rej
t . if & - i i ..
irreguiarify and dishonesty;
io an alftrmintc extenf. D.iv
after da v. week after week. 'month!
alter mouth and year after year, comes
the same story of oi5t-ial dishonesty
from all over the eouttry. We tire of
We lcok in vain for a 'public, opinion
compelling .the same moral obligation
in public as in private affairs; for a
pucne opinion
tween the spurious and t.he real; in
short, a trained iuLelligenc saffiieuily
diffused among the people to protect
them at least aainft the grosser form
of deception.' J
The Governor referred to the investi
gations of erooT-ieduess in the several
I-.ig titica of the country; to the pnrt
oCIce scandal at Washington and to
the land fraud investigations now in
progress in this stale.
The Governor claimed that there was
no politics in the national nastiness in j
public, otfice. lie. said thoy eouid not 1
properly fce laid at the door of any
particular party. One party could not j
be Llamcd and the .other go scott-free, I
be said. "There is uo politics among'
tuicves. There is unanimity aiiiong
scoundrels. In a, Democratic p-trong-
hold, the scoundrels are Dcuioer&ts. in
a itepublican stronghold, the criminals
are of that partv :iiliation. In nation-
al affairs, te it said to our shame of
citizenship, that, the criminal are of
both parties." And the people.are them
selves to Mame for it all." .
"'Where corruption is found in the
halls of .Congress, back of the ofliclolj
who prostitutes his pLee and betrays?
his trusty -is thi'. injuenti;:! IniHinoKf
man who seels to see ore an unfair ad
vantage at the expense of the mafses.,
In our state .legislatures n Josii s-rut.-
iny of many of the measures inl rodiu cl ,
each BOn.Hj.ri witl disclose the f."lh-h
interest of some one who Ii.ts an, ax
.to grind and wluioc. not !ieR:t;ite in
I'.e i.ittne- to iulhtcuoo legislation. Who
j has nt watched the scores of lulls iu
"troduced solely for the purpose of col
.lccting Idackmail from mont yed iutiir.
ests, and proud nctit dti.i'n who ar-
compelled to. come forward with influ-i
;enee that speakrj in order to encom-j
pass their defeat f . It the Hellish!
'intercut that esjloines a bill on the cnel
j nan!, or oppose it on the other. The
.prominent business man tho bribe ;
j giver-to bnv , legislation or7to def. ut j
j The Governor said there was little .
crookelneHS in the affairs of a smail
,niunicipality for the reasoa that thij
JjoiSfials were c!os?r to the people. Pi.t j
if scoundrels were to be found in e 4 -
of larger sizes ana thy were as black'
as could bp painted.. !
At this jwint iu his speech t0vernor!
Chamterlain becatj lfupnhive aod i
spofce in the most emjihitic rannner. I
Ho charged that the four normal
schools in the state of flregon were t
more influential in politics than most!
perpl of the etate ; realized. He as !
sertnl that combinations have been ef-j
fected in this Legislature,' through aof. 4
raal school, influence, by which certain"!
bills were threatened to be held up m-'
less the schools received, the ap'propria-
tions they demandet. It was a dis1
grace - that institutioas of learmnj?
Rhoul stoop so low, to bedrajrgh their
skirts with such mire
, Passivity 6f public opinion ia' mat
ters of public irregularity," he said,
"was another element contributing to
the laxity of pnblic , morals. So long
as the rogue in a successful one, so long
its he can keep within the law, or
rather out of the naehlight of public
opiaian, he does not fare so badly with
the respectable men in the commun
ity. " - ... -. . . ,
The remed tes the .Governor snggsf
ei for, all this comtptioa were a culti
vatiaa of a healthy public opinioa, aa
the "laerease of independence amen
the electors of the eouatry, forgetting
party lines and roting for 'those men
aai measures aly. that meet with their
conscientious approvaL
is a pociet edition of
says John Burns. . the .Fnlia
labor agitator. .That, will surrrise a let
of persons who nave been .looltint o
I Chicago as the unabridged edition. -.
Many Thermometers Throughout City
Eefgister as Zj-jt as 10 Degrees Above
Zero At 2 O 'Clock This Morning
Salem is experiencing the coldest
spell of ' weather since tae year 1S99-
i, U 3 CI liil O 13 D! Will-1 v
and as vet
mcnt. - The cold stiff breeze from the:
1 rtl. ir'r.Uk. tin. Wn MtpiaiT
nortK which has been
liiuaj toxiuwK uaa iinuo
pnee euy r..;
fo .descetiu to tli tenth p)int aixve
Etro, but the lowest point registered by
the official thermometer stationed at
and whuh is In charM,- ot H. P. Bald
win, tbo company's agent was IS de
grees above.
At any rate the- temperature ' was
loner than at any time stnee February
4, On the "morning of that date
tne thermomerers in this city registered
all the Way from 3 to 9 degree below
zero. That was probably, the coldest
ever experienced in this section,
at least in the memor? of tne oldest
At 2 o'clock this morning a number
of tie -thermometers throtiebont the
business portion of the, City again reg
istered as low aa 11 above and the ton-
doney was still downward.
Many complaints' were heard from
the diiferent sections of the city yes
terday relative to frozen water pipes,
etc,, and it is believed considerable
damage. wi result tro:ri t.iLs source.
uav u:l3 req.jested its paxronh to cover
Meters to keep them from
fc . Hamaged b, freezing,
" " -
... v i . i - v.t ' "111
i--eoanon ijans urcascrs isaia zo tizys
. Been Arrested in Portland.
PORTLAND, Feb. 13. Darling..
J "'heney ' cmith. George Culver and
! "Tom" Dunn were arrested by Sheriff
the charge of 'being, the Lebanon bank
' robbers. Owing to the fact that Word
j 'persistently denied anv knowledge of
the arrest, .news was suppressed till to-
jay. two other members of tho alleged
JiiiJ't; c a ncn aii'i sre linifvcu n v& iii
Seattle.- Darlim; attected to be intense
ly religious and marie a practice of at
tendiug Sunday school with the chil
dren in South Portland, where he had
.lodgings. Ducn was,' formerly a house
mover contractor. Smith and ' Culver
are said to be gamble rs.
ci..s'iFir:D. Ars
Unrestricted forcft rcorve" sip for
sab at lwrst market ' prices." M scrip
secures title to timbered, farming,
graziug or desert land, in any quantity,
witliout residence, or improvement. Ad
dress JI. Jl. llamiltcn, The Portland,.
Portland, Oregon.
Painless Dentistry
Wlit-n Lvinjr dett;il ,work
1 hy tut go where you
are 'cast liabl to be hurt
Itis awtH known Jact that
Dr. JB. H. Wright
performs all operation inVn
painless piiuintr, gives du the
highest grails work in Salem
and at u savin of from i
30 to S0 per cent
CROMN3 ' 3 Plate $3
Fillings SO cents
Fttssloff Boilding Court Street
"i Phone Slaili 5531, '
j riours: 8 a. ra. t- 3 p. to., 7 p. m. to
1 8 p. tu , Sunday, 10a. m to 15 m
; 'iVlli Tills Ring I Tlioo Ucd."
. Ylmt shall the ring be, Sir "; Prideroomf Shall it be one that
will remiin bright and good a whole life long or one that will grow dim
and chabbv in a few short years! We know you would not knowingly
buy the hitter sort, yet as the market hasmany of such rings to of
fer, let us tell yun of the sort the Barr Store recommends. At $3.00
to $7.50.' according to weight, we will sell you a splendid seamless gold
wedding ring uo alloy or cheaper metal nothing about them that can
ever wear otf will r'ub up" as brightly1 twenty years from now at
thev do today beautiful rings in every possible respect and worthy io
be worn by the finest lady in the land. . We have sold these rings" for
years and" know their quality. We have no hesitation in most highly
recommending them.
- - TV. . - -k'
K?m. n bv fi
'i Ui .
We have already sold a baker's dozen of jhese
harrows to hop men. V ; 1 ;
They are the best hop cultivator on the market,
especially for young hops. l
They will will work summer fallow and kill
fern. They will rid the ground of fern.
Krebs Bros; have bought seven of these har
rows, Al. G. Jerman two, Jeff Pooler one. .
V L. 131 Al BRANCH,
! F. F. CAREY, Manager,219, 229 and 237 State St.
a is
Make your "Wants" known
. ..
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! MM
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