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Superintendent ' Calbreath Orders Coal
Grating for One of the Furnaces at
tne Asylum and (Will Experiment
Upon a Car Load of Coal-May Be
Adopted Permanently. V;; f
' (From Saturday's Daily.)
As a direct result of -'the aetion
tie state board of trustees of the asy
lum, penitentiary, reform school, . and
cottage farm, in invi tings bids for the
gdpplr of wood for these Institutions
for the year 1904, -7 -which developed
cither a great shortage in the visible
npply wood for fuel purposes, in
the country immediately contiguous to
Salem, or at least an apparent disin
clination on the pf-rt of the owners of
wood to contract at the prices named'
in the bids accepted by the boards,
t3J50 per cord for old fir, the boards of
trustees lor xue.. institutions naraeu
have resolved to try an experiment,
which, if it proves successful, will Solv
the fuel problem, so far as the state in
stitutions are concerned, for all time to
come. J
The experiment alluded to is as to
the adaptability of coal and oil as fuel
inr hpatinm cur roses and as a substi
tute for wood and to compare the rela
tive cost of these two elements to that
of wood. In accordance with their re
solve, the members of tlie." board,
through Superintendent Calbreath, are
bow negotiating with several large coal
Companies for figures on coal and no
doubt these will be submitted within
thecourse of a few days. SHeprintend
ent Calbreath went down to Portland
en Thursday and ordered gratings wita
which to equip oie of the furnaces c
the main building at the asylum for
burningcoal and he has also asked for
prices upon a car load of coal for the
purpose of making, the experiment
There are over twenty furnaces used
, for heating pun poses at the main build
ing,, but only one of them will be used
for the experiment, .with, a view of
changing oil of them in ease it proven
that coal can be. used at an advantage
over wood.
Estimates have already been submit
ted by two companies as to the prob
able cost of the. coal, and. these range
in price from $5.80 to $7.50 "per ton, ac
cording to the. quality of the. coaL
These are only rough estimates, how-!
ever,' and the exact figures, which will
L no doubt much below those quoted,
are exje-tel soon when the board will
,. determfh? Whether . the change from
wood to coal will be made. TH-3
Holmes & Holmes Coal and lee Com
pany, of Portland, and the. Pacific Post
Company, of the Tuget. . HUnd cities
- ar the .principal ones which arc carry
ing on 7egotiat!ons with Dr. Calbreath
as to the. supply': of coal and it is ex
jM'tited that someivtry good figures will
bo submitted between the two- compan
ies, for the cometition promises to be
qiite kt!n as it is- generally recognized
that the one which eetires the first con
tract will stand a good show of secur
ing it for a .number, of years.
Representatives also of a large fuel
oil company, of California, have been
trying to interest the board in the mat
ter of equipping one of the furnaces
with oil -burning apparatus and the
lxard is inclined to view the matter
favorably and it is quite possible that
fuel oil will also be given a thorough
test as against wood and coal in- the
It is claimed that a ton of good
I'ugct Sound coal is equal to a cord and
a half or more of good fir wood, and at
the prions which arc to be submitted,
much cheaper .than wood at $3.50 per
cord, .Wsides being much easier hand
led and stored and more satisfactory in
many respert, and it is thought after
one becoming adopted, will transplant
wood permanently.. The furnaces,
should they be equipped with grates
for noal burning, will, also be adaptable
for wood at any. time it is seen fit to
ns them for that pur pose and the state
s will then be at the riierey of no particu
lar combine so tar as its supply of fuel
is concerned. '
Although the experiment will )e ear
ned on at the asylum building it will
be made for the benefit of all of the
state institutions, and ifTitia found to
be successful, nl of the institutions
will bo equipped for using coal and oil.
This movement was brought about
principally through the fact that it
has been impossible for the asylum to
procure the required amount of wood
to supply it for the coming season, the
amount needed being 4,000 cords, whJe
p to tho present time only a little over
2,0w) cords have been eontraeted for,
and it is coming in in small amounts iof
from 150 to 200 cords, so that it is riot
certain whether the full amount will
be obtained at the adopted price. The
adoption of coal as a fuel at the state
institutions will have a tendency to
fully and the present almost ! prohibi
tive prices will be destined to suffer
precipitous decline.
Attorneys For Emil Graber CIj
There Are Two Causes in One
(From Saturday's Daily).
Another, short chapter has been en
arted in the dog case entitled George
Kayne, plaintiff, vs. Kmil Graber, de
fendant, in which (he defendant is
harged with shooting Payne's dog and
tied for $, the alleged value of the
""g. Kicbartlson - & Kiehardson, the
.attorneys for Graber, argued a motion
to strike out the amendment to the
"mplaint, . for' the 1 rcasor that it
fkanged the cause of action, j The
smeaded complaint ehargeS Graber
with purposely, wilfully and malicious
ly killing Bayne s dog, thereby f darn
ing him (Bayne) in the sum of $25,
d that the defendant agreed to pay
tb reasonable worth of the dog. "
U is contended by the- defendant
ihat the plaintiff had changed his cause
f action from contract to tort, or
'om an endeavor .to. enforce s contract
'or paying for th dog.'to suit for
2nages on the ground of civil damage.
The defendants claim it to.be a ques
tion of durdicitv. being two causes of
action set forth in one count, .Justice
Horgaa took the matter under advise-1
rnent, a nja will render decision upon
iuwuun Hi iu o-ciocjc this morning,
at which time the ate for trial wiU be
set. , 6 - -
' Euin "For nis'recj. :. ' :
1 lu II. MeMahan,4 the- attorney; yes
terday feegau suit in the justice court
against A. II. Damon, the drayman, to
collect the'sum of r $50, alleged to be
due the plaintiff for drawing legal
papers and.-for jrf essional. counsel and
advice: ia liisTreeent liUgatioa. The
plaintiff, Mr. McMaban, is represented
by Attorney fjhas. L. MeNary. Justiee
Ilorgan set January 29, as the time for
the , defendant , pa-appear and file - an
swer to the complaint. j ' 7 .
. An1 Action For Money. ' .
On behalf of their client v t- i-.
Attorneys Riefaardsou u Kiehardson
yesterday commenced - a ciTil action
against Geo. Irwin, the hop buyer, by
filing 4 complaint- in Justice Ilorgan 's
court, in which judgment is j demanded
against .thy.lefendant for the sum of
fiiz, aiiegea to be due the plaintiff. In
settling up a business transaction, the
plaintiff alleging that s their acconnts
differed to; the amount of $20, -which
he claims is still due bint. . j
January 28-was set as the time for
the defendant to V appear and answer
the compLalnfe '
Refused to' Tix'tfie'&esponsibility for
the Firs Upon Anybody, While Man-
' ager Powers Blames Everybody Con
nected With, the Theater But Him
self at the Coronet's Inquest.
CniCAGO, Jan. 22. Will J. Davis
and Harry, J. Powers, managers of the
Iroquois : Theater made their appear
ance before the coroner's jury today.
Neither of, the gentlemen was disposed
to aceept the responsibility in connec
tion with the defective construction,
faults of management or the neglect to
provide proper fire protection.- Powers
placed the responsibilitv for the man
agement of the theater upon "Davis, who
was active manager, while he was but
Eassive in the conduct of affairs. The
lame for the fire, he put upon the em
ployes, who, he said, -did not perform
their lull duty. : .
When it came the turn for Davis to
testify, he refused to plaee the blame
upon any particular person, but said he
had confidence the employes of the the
ater -would attend to their misiness
properly t and he also, believed
the Fuller ' Construction Company
would erect: i the building . in
compliance with the city ordinances.
Personally, t he said,r-lie knew nothing
whatever what the laws aemanded in
the construction of a theater.
Fitzgerald Proved to be Insane and
. .j. was Committed' to the v-
." (From Saturday's Daily).
James- i itgealiwas xarnineil as
to his. sanity last evening and commit
ted to the asylum. Tfte 'examination
was made; by Dr. Wl If'Byrd, in the
presence of City Recorder N. J. Judah,
who acted in tho capacity of county
judgo in theabeuce '"of Judge Scott.
Fitzgerald was;arrested by the Salem
police on Tuesday evening and locked
up in the' citF jail on a charge of
drunkenness.-, .lie was sentenced to
serve two and onealil; bays in the
county jail for the offense, bnt upon
his faithful promise V-Iejjve the city,
he was given his liberty yesterday
morning. Shortly after, noon, however,
he got into difficulty1 iri i saloon on
Commercial street and being ejected
from the building was again picked up
by Chief, of Police Gibson and lodged
in the eity jail.
About 7 o'clock;; last evening the
prisoner began. to show unmistakable
signs of insanity, apd as soon as Chief
Gibson became convinced that the man
was mentally. derangel, he swore out a
complaint' charging him with insanity,
with the result as stated above.
The examination revealed the fact
that Fitzgerald has various hallucina
tions. Hj imagines that i is body "is
paraly zed j from the waist down and
that his ribs have been turned wrong
side. out. Nothing is known of his past
history, but he claims to have been
born in tho state of New YoTk, and
that he is 37 years of age, and was for
merly a sailor.
The demented man was taken to the
asylum by Sheriff Colbath and Chief of
Police Gibson at a late hour last even-
ingrr.-..::t-:' ' " -
The Middle European Economic So
ciety Was Founded in Berlin
. j 7 . Yesterday.
BERLIN, Jan. 22.-T Under the presi
dency of Duke Ernest Ouenther Zu
Suchleswig-Uolateln, Emperor 'Wil
liam's brother-in-law, the Middle Euro
pean Economic Society was founded
here last night.- The president declared
the society was, formed to defend Ger-.
many from an overflow of foreign
poo. Is, and above all to meet American
competition. . i .- - -" .
' BEDIX)RD, Ind Jan. 22.-Thc body
of Miss Sarah Schaefet, teacher o.
Itin in the Bedford high school, was
found inja carriage house today. , She
had been 'assaulted and robbed, am.
the bodyi mutifajtetlf k The appearance
of tho siLiadiuU.l struggle with
her assailant. There is great excite
mentcnd bhlhOTmrhrrrritr be given
the sctnt. !
- t i
WASHINGTON, Jan'. . 22. President
Scotty of .'the. E position committee, left
for 'home today. II found, that,"' it
might be impossibieto-frame the Lewis
and Clark bill until the last of next
week and he could not remain longer.
Mr. Scotti feels 'that everything is an
very good shape here for-favorable ac
tion, i. I i- ' ' . : " ;
Ihi Kind Yoa Mais AMnys was
GOOD MTritfTtT!i?jrrrrp i
Several .Prominent Members of the
Salem ' Club : Attended I and Added
Great Enthusiasm to the Meeting
Which Was Largely Attended By
Local Eepublicans Officers Elected
(From Saturday's Daily.)
There was a large gathering of Be-
pubUcans in the A. o. U. W.; hall, in
Brooks, last evening, upon the ocea
- .,.. . w ,
nwxx ofthe organization of a Young
Men's Republican Clnb. wmcn was at
tended by quite i number of Republi
cans from. this city, who went down to
assist in the work of organizing, and a
most enthusiastic, meeting was the ulti
mate result, beside the forming of a
eiuo oi aoout twenty members . and
twice as many more promised to join
at the next meeting, which will be held
at the same place two weeks hence.
Among those who went down ; from
this city were: II. D. Palton, president
of the Salem Young Men's Republican
Club; J. G.. Graham, J. C. Goodale, Jr.,
E. Hofer, John W. Reynolds and W. E.
Richardson, The meeting was called to
order at 7:30 o'clock by Homer Gou
let, and MV. John Reynolds was chosen
as temporary chairman, and Clyde Har
ris as temporary, secretary.; Mr. Rey
nolds then announced the object of the
meeting and the" work of organizing
was immediately begun. '-
H. D. Patton gave them a brief ad
dresswhieh consisted principally of
outlining the method of; organization
and j the work of the Salem Club. A
committee on constitution, composed of
Al Jones, Homer Goulet and . Bruee
JoneS was appointed, and the constitu
tion, i which was much along the same
line as that of the . Salem Club, was
submitted and adopted without discus
sion,! and ' tne Bam of the new club
was jilso adopted as the Young Men 's
Republican Club, of Brooks, No. 3. The
election of officers followed which re
sultejd as follows: President, Al Jones;
vice president, G. T. Moisan; secretary,
Clyde Harris, and treasurer, Britt
Aspinwall. Upon motion it was decid
ed that the election of the executive
would bo deferred-until the next regu
lar meeting, which' was set for two
weeks from last night.
At the elose df the business meeting
a number of those present were called
upon for speeches ant among those
who responded were: "E. Hofer, L. R.
Stinnon, W. E. Richardson, J. G. Gra
ham, 'J. C, Goodale, AI Jones and E. W.
Chapman, all of whem, except the two
latter were from this city. Each of
then- gave- a short and interesting talk
and was heartily cheered by his audi
tors. ' Although, there were only eight
een signatures to the membership roll,
them were quite a number present who
were "above tho age limit' and quite a
nuin'er of those who. 'were', unable to at;
tend last night's meeting sent in their
nanv's, and greetings and expressed
their desire to become members as soon
as tliey could attend a meeting. The
meeting closed 'ith, three rousing
cheek's for President ' Roosevelt, the
Brooks flub and the Salem; Club. It is
projJosed to organize clubs of this kind
all over the county before the June
campaign opens. ' .
, A'fllENA, Or., Jan. 22. One of the
largest deals In real estate that have
beer made here in years was closed
yestrday, when bamuel Purdey sold
his ItSO-acre farm to ienry Koepke for
$22)00. The property is located two
milejs east of here, and the priee paid
is considered a good value. The prop
erty is considered to be , in the best
who it-producinv sec.ion of Umatilla
cour ty, and last summer, which was a
poor year ior wheat, the land of this
district yielded as .igh.as C3 bushels
per acre. Mr. Koepke at one time
owned property north of i-endleton, but
he iiold out and moved t California,
where be has been tor some time. He
returned from the South just a short
time ago. " '
rENDLETOX, Or., Jan. 22.
second annual tournament of the -Pendleton
Sportsmens' Association, which
ad tn nil utartml - ttiia - mnrninir
with forty-five shooters present. A
vrvrA will d was blowing which caused
number of low averages in the first
three events. At noon J. Forber, ' of
Spokane, was in the lead, with 95 per
cent. -
A. J. Winters, F. S. Rogers and It.
Caldwell are here from Portland, and
Sheriff Storey is expected to arrive this
evening. . .. :- , ' , ..- : ;
Portland sportsmen, with those from
Malem, George anl ;II. Palmer, have
formed one squad. On tho first four
events they had 86 "per' cent.
. GROUND. . : :
SPOKANE, Wn,:Jan. 22. A Wash-
ington dispatch- states that
man Jones has introlucel a
bill . pro-
viding for an appropriation of $3fK),000 taryf J- M Kingo; treasurer, lw V. Kil
to enable the Secretary of War to pHr. j or; conductor, Wm. Sloperi warden, C.
chase a site near Spokane, containing , M- Dilley? preceptor, ASiedler; trus
some 20,000 acres, to be used as a per- iw Wra- Wicke., President Wiiiman,
raanent - camp grounds for the instrue- Wm Wicke and Secretary C. F.
tion and maneuvering of troops of. the
Regular, Army and National Guard.
The site proposed to be purchased has
been examined, and .rejorted favorably
upon by General Randall, acting under
the direction of .the Secretary of War.
Passed Away Suddenly at the Home of
Her Daughter, at
Wilbur. ; k:
' f (From Sunday's Dily).
Word was received in this citv last
! night that Mrs, P. D." Prunty diet very.
suddenly at the borne of ber daughter,
1 Mrs. A. Benoit, in. Wilbur, yesterday
afternoon. Undertaker W. ,T. Rigdon
t was notifieil at "a late hour last night, !
; and; forwarded a casket to Wilbihr inl
which to encase the. remains, and ther
are expected to arrive in this city to
day.' At that late hour no particulars
of the death could be obtained. De
tails of the funeral arrangements will
bev announced later Deceased; was h
wife of the late P. D. Prunty ifcej pop..
i-L',1f.rtErti0,lf orjmanjm . the Southern
jl'acinc iiaitroad, who died aaout one
year ago. ,
monster panther ' that - was - prowling
about the Rutherford farm, on Grave
Creek, of Northern Josephine eountv, a
few. days ago,' -while Mr: Rutherford I
Rutherford. . The big eat ventured near
the house, evidently in quest of some
thing better to eat than it was able to
find in the mountain depths. The dogs
gave chase . and treed it toot far from
the house, and then Mrs. Rutherford
brought down the big game.
. HELENA, Jan. '.' .Ib. the appeal
of the Boston & Montana Mining Com
pany from the decision of the lower
Irourt, awaruing J. J. .Mc,IIatton and
jother iayers $50,000 attorneys'
fees in the Boston m Montana- receiver
ship case, the supreme court today dis
missed the appeal and affirmed the
judgment of the lower court.- , .t .
- WASHINGTON , J an. 22. Morning
and afternoon sessions of the cabinet
were held today. It can be said on au
thority no aetion of serious importance
was taken. '
Requests President to Inform the Sen
ate When and Under ' What Circum
stances the United States Has Used
' - Military Force, in Internal Affairs of
Colombia Other Questions Asked.
WASHINGTON, Jan. 22. The Sen
ate today adopted the resolution of in
quiry concerning the affairs in Panama,
introduced on the 5th inst. by Gorman,)
and listened to a" speech' on the Panama
question by Doltiver and another . on
the subject of recess appointments.
Gorman's. resolution. requests the
President to inform the Senate, when
and -under what -Circumstances the
United States has ; used military 1 force
in the internal affairs of New Granada
or Colombia. " Whether ' the United
States Iras ever been asked to interfere
by armed force and by whom, &nd the
dates and what was done by the United
States. -"..: "-.
In which-of the disturbances, refer
red to in the President's last annual
message, has the United 'States used
military force there' solely on its own
initiative and uninvited by the govern
ment owning the isthmus. The Senate
adjourned until Monday. (
Is a Model Little Home '
C. F. W. Brown, tne painter, has just
finished a job of painting' a brand new,
eight-room cottage for Mrs. M. J. At
wood, on 15th street, between Center
and" Chemeketa. Mr. Brown says that
Mrs. At wood 's new home is a model of
neatness and convenience and the style
of architeture is beautiful "and most
modern. "It cost in the 'neighborhood of
$2000 and is a valuable improvement
to the neighborhood in which it is lo
cated. New Marion County Corporation
The Guiss-Beebe Mercantile Company
filed articles of incorporation in the of
fice of the Marion county clerk yester
day. The capital stock of the corir
ation is $20,v0, divided into 400 shares
of the par value of $50 each, and the
principal place ,-of business. is Wood
burn. The company proposes to carry
on a general merchandise business, own
and operate warehouses, and buy and
sell farm produce. S. I.Guiss, G. II.
iieele and C. 1 Whitman '.arc the in
corporators. The Principal Event " ; ) j ,'
The oratorical try-ont for Willamette
University will . le ., held, on Friday
evening, at the chapel. l!will be'ne
?of the principal events - of the school
year, lhe contestants will be W, j;.
Winslow, Miss McCoanell, 'lia. . Skid
more and Ray. Andrews, The winning
orator on Friday night wiU represent
Willamette University in the state ora
torical contest. ' There will be music" at
the contest on Friday njght, and an en
tertainment of a high order. The par-
ttcuiars will be announced later. ' f
( Painters Elect Officers j j
At the regular annual, meeting, held
last evening, Painters' Local Union
elected the o. lowing list of officers to
serve during the ensuing yean Presi
dent," Frank Wiiiman 7 re-elected; vice
tary, C. F. W, Brown; financial secre
tary, C. F. W. Brown ; ..naneial serre-
jrowu were rnuscn'H virgir9 lir iuc
central eounciL
The City
Will Break the Record 7, -f 7 ,
i . Two marriage licenses were issued by
County Clerk Rolana yesterday which
makes a total of five for the month,: and
as there1 are but five more,days ta go
on,-it begins to look .like the month of
January was out for the 7" booby '
prize. It is almost certain. that Jano
ary will break the record, for -the least
number, of licenses issued .during a sin
gle month in the Marion, county clerk's
office, f The permits issued yesterday
were as follows: , . George C. Ritchie
and HekriettaOreene; D. L. Greene wit
ness. - John' Zimmerman and Minnie
Titze; B. B. Colbath wUies V-? !
Going Some '7 j- .
C D- Mintcn, manager of , the jjfort fa
west Poultry Journal, ; published f rom
the Statesman, building, arrived, horne
n Sunday morning f rom jVanconvcr, B.
C.-, He haI leen alwent three weeks,
attending j'the, poultry shows, at Seattle
aaaJ YietoriaB..,C, and Vancouver,. B.
t ft - .- ' . S '- f .. '. ''bt f .' . 1"
" " - ' -'..' f '
C. -He wss hre Iot? r""""h to eo to
churtrk and tniadliiy tcuovi-al to get a
clean' shirt and look, over some of his
mail, and pulled out yesterday after
noon for Salt Lake City, where be. r!
attend the Utah poultry show, opening
today. . He' will be back in Salem, Son
day evening or Monday morning next,
when he will 7f pmll 's, out for the Walla
Walla poultry ! show and some other
poultry shows ln-4he Inland Empire, be
ing away two iweelfs more. The man
who runs a poultry paper in' this region
has to go some at this season, in order
to be able to hit, even the high places.
(From jsunday 'a Daily.) J ; 1 r
Win Be Cremated Today
The funeral; of Wiliam Faber, who
died in Portland on Thursday morning
last, will be held in that city this morn
ing at ; 11 o 'clock from , the residence,
a,nd the remains w?ll be sent to the
crematory for! burial. 7 Mr. Faber en
joyed the acquaintance of a large circle
of people, especially, in business circles,
and the funeral "will be largely attend
ed by people throughout the valley, es
pecially from Salem an u Albany. A
nnmoer of hop sealers from this city
went down yesterday for' this purpose,
among them being State Senator Squire
Farrar, Leonard Krebs, John i Krebs,
Don McCarthy and John -Carmichacl.
Is a Grandfather .: , .
Perry II. Raymond, Assistant Post
master, was yesterday , elected to. the
high and honorable position of grand
father, for the first time. It happened
at Oakland, : California, and the news
was conveyed .by wire that Raymond
Luper Spangler, weight 8 pounds, had
arived, much to the joy and satisfaction
of M. L. Spangler and wife. Mrs.
Spangler was formerly Miss Myra Ray
mond, of this jcty. Mrs. Raymond has
been in Oakland or some weeks, and
was present' at her election as grand
mother. Mr, Spangler is electrician
and draughtsman for tha new steel
works .at Oakland: . 7
(From Saturday's, Daily.)
Is Dangerously HI 7
Mrs. C. N. Spinall, an old and highly
respected citizen of Marion county, is
reported dangerously ill at her home
near the Clear Lake school house, north
of this city. Mrs. Spinall is 76 years
of age, but it is hoped by her many
friends that she may recover from her
present illness and' live to enjoy many
more anniversaries or her birthday.
Voters Should Register Soon
A number of voters appeared before
County Clerk Reiand yesterday and,
completed their voting qualifications vy
having their j names entered' upon the
register. The work in"this department
of the clerk s office- is not getting
along as fast as was "expected, and. it
is hoped the voters bi Marion, county
wi-1 not neglect this important doty,
but call at the court house as soon as
possible and ; have their names added
to the lists, already entered upon the
registration books of the different pre
cincts. : - ; y.
Looking After Crosswalks
Street Commiss.onir II. C. Tarpley Is
unable to accomplish iaa.h -tUese- days
in the way of street a ad laiilewalk 'im
provement, owing to th' faift'Hhat the
city's lumler supply is exhausted, and
also on account of the inclement
weather. The city council at its last
meeting instructed the city fecoHcr to
advertise for bids for 50,f)O0 "f ef f of
bridge and crosswalk lumber; which
will le done at once, and by the time
the weather grows more favorable the
street eommissioner hopes to have suf
ficient' material on hand to begin the
work of improvement in earnest. In
the meantime, he is devoting his tiaje
in looking after the .muddy crosswalks
and making a few repairs where ms
needed. ; -j . - . ; T"
Pretty Bad Character
Sheriff E. il.' Parrot t, of Douglas
county, sad two -deputies, F. M. IlopT
kins and II. C. Slocom, arrived is the
city' last evening, having In custoly
five prisoners, which ! they delivered
'over to the I prison authorities at the
penitentiary to serve sentences upon
conA-ietion of - various felonies as fol
low: Bert jBiee and . Harvey Bice,
horsestealing; six ami two years, le
aped ively; A. ft- Brbwn, forgery, two
years; Frank Randall, larceny,' one
year, and James Bramlett, a negror as
sault with a dangerous weapon, one
year. Bert 5Bice, who will serve six
years for horsestealing, has been in the
penitentiary twice betore this time up
on different crimes, once from Douglas
county and once from Lane, and he is
regarded as a very bad character. ;
The Annual Meeting
The state Tboard of the Christia
Woman's Board of Missions, held . a
meeting at the hsome of Mrs. - L. R'.
Osborne, in this city last evening, fat
which time ihe future work for the
yar was discussed at great length and
outlined plans of their campaign for
the raising of funds for the saving of
souls in foreign climes. Among those
present were!: Mrs. Elba Humbert, of
'or vail is, president of the board; Mrs.
Albvn Essoa, secretary and organiser,
of Portland, f and 7Mrs. L. R. Osborne,
vice president ;of this city. Mrs. M. O.
Ilimes, of Spokane, it is announced, is
soon, to legin the work of state organ
izer, and tb4 Chinese Mission, of Port
land; is to be taken as a special work
for Jhe yearf . The ladies are vM-y en
thusiastic in their work and hopc to acr
com plish "tnuch in their line in the, fu
Murphy Injured '
1 o'clock this morning Jack
Kearna, an employe at the Club stables,
entered? thej TVVhite House restaurant,
and being somewhat under the influ
ence of liquor began to raise a disturb-'
ance. : ; He was ordered to leave the
house,' but . fef used to .o so. ', Officer
Murphy happened ia. about that time
and being unarde to quiet. Kearns, pro
ceeded i to place him j under arrest.
Kearns'showed fight and attempted to
do np the officer, in which he failed. In
the mix-up Officer Murphy sustained a
severe sprain of his right ankle,, but
'started for jail with his prisoner, .and
when -they rrived. af;'-the 4 corner-? of
State a nd" Liberty streets Kearns took
advantage of Murphy 's misfortune and
made another' attempt to best the offi
cer, the plscky policeman, - however,
notwithstanding, the terrible pain from
which he was suffering, sncceeded In
overpowering his man, after which Of
fier James Lewis arrived on the scene
and took the ruffian, to jail. The crip
pled: office-rj waseornpekUejI to retire
frjm his beat on accouat'tof the injury
houses, near business center. Inquire
at 3-4 Front street.-
piss, also ducks, sprinc cntans, and
beaa I will pay the hignest cash
' prV for same. Quonc Hlnc 254 Lib-
! erty street. Salens. Or.
REPORT CARDS Our acho: report
. cards mm print to : fit tha school
register. The rtcea are: Twelr
: cards for It cents; twenty-flva tor 20
cents: on bundred for 75 eeata.
Statesman FubUahin CVx. Balem,
Ore. . ' ,.
0,teopathJc physicians Successors
to Dr. Albright &. Wjrckoif. The only
regular graduates. Graduates of the
American School of Osteopathy- At
Grand Opera House, corner j -Court
and Liberty streets.
. If you must borrow, why -not benefit
the schools oi Oregon. 1 lie principal or
any part of it can be paid at any time
after one year. No commissions. In
terest 6 per cent, j For further informa
tion call on -I,
Attorney for State Land Board "for
j Marion Count v. Over Capital Na
tional Bank. j.
received, but it is hoped that there
will be no serious results, and that he
will soon be able to be around again. .
rront Three Counties-!
R. E. Fletcher,' a native of iMassa
chnsetts, aged .42; years, from Umatilla
county; E. L. ("oplin. of Pennsylvania,
aged 28, years, from Wasco county, and
Christina Brustad, native of Norway,
aged 50 years, from Clatsop county,
were received at ' the insane 'asylum
yesterday. 7
After Fifty Years-
' Fifty years ago Breeze ' Gibson and
hisJbrother, Gearge D. Gibson, now of
Pomery, Wash when . they were boys
on the Poik county farm in the Eola
hills, cut open a I small oak sapling and
inserted in j the center of. it la. small
stone. They agreed that in Fifty years
they would return to the spot and cut
down the tree ana see how it had taken ,
care of the stone. They found the tree
over a foot through, and it had com
pletely grown over the stone. What is
more srVange, the mud around the
stone ha itself j turned to stone. This
rdece of the oak tree, with the stone
ngeniously irabelded and grown over
is now at the Ktatcsman office, and it
will be put in the museum of the 8tate
Historical Society at Portland. : The
tree stood on. the farm that now be
longs to James iSykes.
I a1 -i -
Don't Want to Come Here 7
4 Sme difficulty is leing, experienced
by the Southern' Pacific Company in se
curing a satisfactory agent to fill the
the position in. the passenger depot in
this city. Mr. i Boyd of Whitson, who
was appointel, did not desire the place,
and refused to change, for good rea
sons. Arthur Cornegys of Grants Pass
has now 'been appointed, but it is not
yet. known whether or not he will ac
cept. The difficulty is that Salem has
corse to be one of the most lniortant
positions on the road, and being on the
main line the responsibility : is great, j
One man is eotrrpelled to do all! the Work!
while at any other wint two nien woidd j
be providel fr the same amount Jrf j
work. As it is the agent is CompelGftd
to do duty for twelve hours at a stretch
anil is o rushol with his various 'du
ties that he really has not time' to pay
sufficient attention ; to fin porta 11 1 sig
nalling and telegraphing, all of which
should le done bv the- extra man. T.
l j:-.. . 1. 1.. ... ..r ti.. 1
rnr Uir li ill. a, t ii idi T luc
t ion is one of the smallest on the road.
MSrny agents at small places wha dv not
iransact one tenth of the amount, of
business and have practically no res
ponsibility, receive more salary, llenee
it is no wonder that the company has
trouble in securing-a competent man
for the position.' Manager Kofhler
and ISuperinteiident Fields, were in the
city in their private car yesterday, and
went south. The are now att tempting
to -11 the position aatisfactorially. .
; Saved From Terrible Death. ; .
The family of Mrs. M. Bobbltt.
of Bargerton, Tenn., saw her dying
anj wore poweness 10 aavs ner. - xam
most skillful physicians and every
remedy used, failed, while consump
tion was Slowly but sorely taking her
life. In this j terrible hour Dr. King '
Nsw" Discovery for Consumption turn
ed despair into joy. The ; first bottle
brought immediate relief and its .Con
tinued use completely Cured her. It's
the most certain cure in the world for
all throat and lung troubles. . Guaran
teed. Bottles !50e and 41.00. Trial bot
tles free at D. J. Fry 'a drug store, 8a
lem, Oregon, j , , 4 '
WASHINGTON, Jan. 23. United
Rates Minister Powell has. cabled the
State Department that he hat recog
nized the provisional government of
General Morales ana that Iuerto 11a ta
is now in the government's possession.
The recognition took place on the 2Uth
inst. ! . '
ASTORWvJ" 23. The' Oriental
liner Indrsshama arrived in port this
evesiar, after a run of thirty-four days
from ,nila. i Hhe brings 20OO tons o
bamboo and a 1 pa leaves for the con
struction of the houses of the Manila
exhibit at the St. Louis Exposition anl
the exhibits to be displayed at the fair.
TRENTON' N. '', an. 22. The
Brieklayers'jaad Masons' Internationa1
Uaioa todays deeioed to meet aext year
in Sau Kraneiseo.";
Thev Too eh t a Draw.
i Milwaukee, Wis., Jan. 22. Charles '
! Neary, of Milwaukee, and Aurelio Her-
rera, fought six rounds tonignr to
draw. ... ...v .
Legnl blanks at blatesmaa. Job OQee.
E. E. DAILEY, D. U. C.
Gradual Jforth Pacific Dental
Rooaw M McCnrtnuk BM(
Over Mayers fcona fetora.
Sltm, Ore.
In highland calf or vict calf, n wtlt
shoe, and the greatest value at
$ 2. SO you ever saw.
303 Cecnmercial St. Salem. Ore 50a.
j This wonderful
, Chinese doctor is
calla great be
Ks f cause he cures peo-
! Sri .tlon that are given
YSt fx to die.-He cures
iirXijio- with those wonder
ful Chinese herbs.: roots, buds, bark
and vegetables, ! that j are entirely un-;
known to medical science In this coun
try. Through, the use of these barm
less remedies,: this famous doctor
kriowa the action of over COO different
remedies which be successfully uses In
different diseases. He guarantees to
cure catarrh. . asthma, lung, throat,
rheumatism, nervousness, stomach,
kidney, bladder, female 'trouble, lost
manhood, all private " diseases; lias
hundreds of testimonials. Charges
moderate.-: 7:; ' - j .'.', 7
Call and see blm. Consultation free.
Patients out of the city -write for
blank and j circular. Enclose 'stamp.
Address The C. Oee .Wo Chinese Medi
cine Alder atreet, Tortland,
Drcgon. , Mention t3Ia paper1.'
'Awimplete stck including '
Commercial ; Fertilizers,
Hoda, Potash, I lone Meal,
Jjand Planter, (luano, t-tc.
Call or write for pric. "
Feedmen and Scwlmen
301 Coiiin.iereial Ktreet, Kaieni. Oro.
Salem Iron Works
R. M. EDGAR. Man.
All Kinds wf'MacuineWork 0an
ings, Etc. .House rastinfxs a pp.'o
ialty. Wo have a large lot oi
window 'cigna of all standard
sizes, also cost washers. Givo us,
a call. 7 ' '
Ladies, Attention
Original and onlr genuine
French Tansy Wafers for
- sale by leading drugcisLs, 12
-per box. afe and reliable.
Ortftsa, Saadal Aftaat.
Walter Morlcv . f
I)ealer in' Amerieau, IHwood ami l'ag
field foicing. All kinds of oultry
feueiag. Shingles. I. tc It. ready roof
ing, and Wall liicr. Priees the lowest.
60 Court St., Sslem, Oregon.
tii 1: v x ii 1 i;t y .vro r: t :
M Ctart tl. ,- , ; Proprietor.
II all-tones and
Tk Sat Nathlag EIm
Vcscmltc Er4:rsvl:3 Co.
.''"'.V; '7 Bra a ad
: ' Printing Plates
' 4 Matemrr . F.
,' t'l Bali COO
' 1 y" "" 1 1. , -- ,