Weekly Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1900-1924, January 08, 1904, Page 8, Image 8

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examination of your eyes here. All the latest scientific optical
instruments, dark room, - besides thorough practical judgment
to -assist you,.are at your service. fWIij-not step in and talk it
over? "". . -
, A block of lots 1500 x COO,
Gooil location; . One Mock from
car line in a fine residence part
oi the city. : 50 Jbot lots adjoin
ing are telling for $1 CO each:
You can buy this block for
$1050. Sec it. today.
Do jou want a good corner
a few . blocks north of the
capital. 100 x 105, an eight
room housn, citj and well water,
large bam, fine fruit and shade.
This property- is well worth
$2000. To sell it soon we will
price it for $1000. It is renting
lor enough' to' pay 'good, interest
on the investment..
I have good bin s in small
properties, on the installment
Exchange of all kinds.
Houses for rent.
Jloom 3, over Fliotie Office
In all its mtn-'t. '
Ely's Crean? BalnV
rmmen, snoilm :M beats
1 1 tntf cal (u-rli iir4 3r'. wa
away a cold In the head
- Cream Ttalm is ptaccilinfn the nostril. ireal3
orcr the nicmliranc ami 1 a'.r!pl; "Kelief Is im
anil a cun- foliowf It U nol drjJnj d'iea
Hot protliiife ncing. IJirge Size, 60 ceate atbnig
l?Ut or hi otai! ; Triai Rise, 19 c-uu. f
KI.V XlROTUKIwH,'M Warren (Uott.Ker'Tork'
viuDR. JOEQAH'S o.
r "ff incdiim Af Rnilnnu
iSjll CI. Ut C k Tii, 8. r.
r Uimtl tttt4allirUL
m 1 I sr tram mv m u ma w-
X nK.ioiinAM.pKtTATr.ii,:A)lf
. lliiiatel
imi .
n$ ji Hi..,v rmr rrKir i
Vriwr. n. ffcil
k t JH rMiu.
DCJOKDAS C., IOM ttarketHk&F.
A Sm. Cwiw -ww aw -jiium
nil lltt'l T fill, ff'- Srl p,, I'M!
,iNnkit -in r I., ,11.. t.iM.toS lb,
tkr k riw. If, uni((aOM
Sold tn Salem by 8. C. 3ton. "
White PINE and TAR JflStas: I
Grand OperaIIoase and ft; h'tate SI.
Bb Mcdanahan tbe principal in the
automobile ease, went to Portland yes
terday afternoon in company with bis
'father. -'-': ;.'..'
' Miss Laura G. Thomas, wbo has leen
visiting friends in the city, rctnrneI
last night to her home in Jefferson. .
" Jliss Kate .iones returned to Jeffer
son last night, after visiting Professor
(George W. Jones at the Blind School.
- Good vision is the sunshine of
life. Do .not have ilT fitting glasses,
scores of people today wear glasses that
are not suitable for their vision. It
..- doesn't cost you anything, to Jiave an
Corner of
State and
liberty Streets
... . ... ' : -
xue uoiaesi; weaxner in uteen earsi"; -"r?-.
IS Betas Experienced in MassachU -
..ii. n. it a '
Pennsylvania and Other - Eastern;
States Weather Is Record-Breaking.
P.O.SKTOX, Jan. , 5. The '-'--coldest
weather tn fifteen vears occurred today.
In- wmw places the mercury fell to 45
degrees'' below. . At Orange, Massacliu-
netts, the tlirmometers burst at 50 be-
1jw. Both passages, of Narragansett
Bay are close I by ice.
.; V ' j
Samewhat in New York.
NcwYotk, Jan. S.-Iiecord-brealcin?
cold occurre to-Iav. At' some noints
toIay. At some points
the thermometers registered 20 to 30
WIovv. " In Northern 'New York it. hna
hvvn not less than 12 bclojr sind haj
gnio as low as 4,0 below during the past
iour rays, in -central anI western
Xcw York the average temperature is
i, oeiow. . .
Also in Pennsylvania.
I?hilaIelphMi, Jan. 51 New Jersey,
I'cnnsvlvimia and Delaware experienced j
sens , wiiiie au uver new iur,erowfrs is as Tollows
iut eoinesi weainer in rears today. JiillurJ'
tho mountain regions the mcreury went
as low as 36 below. ,
Rutland, Vt., Jan. 5. The thermome
ters registered from 40 to 4o below to-
liy. i
TJticn, X. Y., Jan. 5. At several
points north of here the mercury went
to 50 below.
I ' , '-
SAN FRANCISCO. Jan. . 1. Cash
wheat j 1.40. i
Cortland; Jan. 7. Wheat. Walla
Walla, ,.ie; Rluestem, 79)80c; Valley,
- 1 I
. , r v. . mt'jiuii.,
$ ; covs
$.....)(fl;..;0. I
Liverpool, Jan. 7. May wheat, 6s!
Cliieago, Jan. 7. Mav wheat, opened
2 7-Hfn S3 3-He; r lnse.l S- .t-4e.
iftiirley, 43(r?5Sc.
M'lux'W l-2c; Northwestern, $1.05.
- The local market quotations yester
day were as follows:
- Wheat 68s. !
-Oatsr 32c per ImsTiel.
i Darlev $18.50 per ton.
: Hay Cheat, $11; clover, $10$11;
on4s, $9: timothy, $13i;$14.
:bwrA-$3.70 per bbl. (wholesale).
Mill feed I'.rnn, $21.50; shorts.
nutter Oonntry, 20 to 25c (buying).
Creamery, 30c. "
I'.ggs 23 cents.
Cliick.ois 8 to 10 cents.
i Ducks 10 cents.
; Turkeys 12 to 13 cents.
- Hogs Live weight, 4' to 4"ic
1 Ileef Steers, 1050 to 1250 lbs., 3c;
Hinder 105O, 3Vi to 3HAc; grass-fed steers
2!a to 2yje; Mall -fed cows and lieifers,
3 cents. -
i Mutton Sheep, 2c; choice wethers,
21 ents.
Veal 6(T)7 cents, dressed. :
Hops 22 to 26 cents.
Potatoes 45 to 50 cents per bushel.
Prunes 3 ',4 c. cash. I)
Buyers and Shippers of
De&lers In
j -
(lop GrcMfs' Supplies
- I - ---- ..- -- - .!: r , .
' ' -i - ' -. -? ' !
-' ' - "'.-". '"' ,; - -.- : ' '
" t07 Commercial St, Salem
The Entire Pool Sold on Basis of About
23,4 Cents Per Pound. Which Is
More Than Was Received Last
Year Amount Handled' Not so
(From Thursday's Daily.)
The reports of the prune market
have never lieen more unfavorable than
this year, and dire predictions are
made for the future', by some independ
ent dealers, who have been seeing their
business slowly wrested from them by
the associations, yet on the whole the
year has so far been satisfactory, and
the mil. lie will probably lo surprised to
I it i" a.
near iirat me uei price no jar reeeiveu
by the powers this vear are greater
than last, and yield handsome profits
to the growers who do the woik. -
,Th Willarnette-. Valley I'rune Asso -
I : : l. , i a l. -
cMuvn- Hits rji!rti vuc jrtrs&r n MU9int
of the Petite or 'reneh prune crop, and
a settlement will; be made with the
members next Saturday. A statement!.
was procnrtHl of Manager II. S. ailejha nmr.bfi t.. fin,nf.;.i .i,t ..e
This statement shows a very satisfae-
torr result, all that could have been
asked by the most sanguine.
uii uuiv nave mj ince wen Tery
, i . 4l' .n t x.
l15w - U - f inUlrlv 'Sti.;...ft Afi.ri.
1 iMtSlMt. vhMt w: ?irBUh, ,..
I -
I Size.
. .036257
. .030755
. .026758
. .020170
. .015502
90-100 ..
This means that the growers have re
ir product on a basis of
nn, net, which is more
;ived last year -for the
eeivol for their
Z J-"c per ponn
tnan was receivea last year -
crop of French prunes and is more than
is bow being asked for Italian prunes.
is may be seen from the hgures, the
avermge price was n
about three cents
Por pound. J-rench
prune trees are
very- prolific producers, and at these
prices are a good paying crop, such
as will lift mortgages and build up
bank accounts. The amount of prunes
handled Vv the. association was 635,000
pouniis, at iHth JSalem ami Koseburg,
and ot these 44U,hk, rkunls were
handled in Salem. This is not so many
as were handled last year, as the crop
or rrencn prunes was noi so large, nut
considering the price,- is more sa'.isiac- j
xne rmne market. I
Since the advent of the holidays the I
trade in prunes has been very light in
deed, as in almost every line of busi'
n ess, .ami tbe-market lias not yet re
covered from 'its lethargy, but in the
mean time prices have not suffered in
the least, having rather become
strengthened, as holders of stocks did
not make the fatal mistake of forcing
the market,'1-' a tid now the situation
looks- brighter '-than ever before, this
season, as stocks in tho East are neadly
cleaned up
On account of the temporary strin
troubles, and several other causes,
gency of the money market, labor
Iv u fitn i"Ti doalnra hivo mirAiinaad in trnrtr
gma i Quantities this season, and now
ii -moflrAt la .ilmncf tiaro r,f ttiio ruin.
ular fruit. The report has always been
that the world's crop was short, and
this theory was upheld by the statistics
from the several pro'ducing countries.
but notwithstanding this condition, the j
coast dealers became frightened at the I
small immediate demand, and sacrificed
prices to mako sales. Tho time has
now come when the Kastern people
must have prunes and, from this time
on, a lively market is anticipated. It
is certain that there will be no diffi
culty in selling the remaining stock in
the hands of the growers, ami as the
Association controls atxuit three-fourths
of it in this tstate, the price is likely
to advance rather than decline.
The New York-Journal r ,"ommerc
which is considered the most reliable
and unbiased market pajer published,
contained the following article in its
issue of Januarv 4, 1;m")4, which gives
a good insight into the present condi
tion of the prune market, and is there
fore reproduced for th benefit iof the
Statesman's large cirele of Readers
amoiig the prune growers:
"The Oregon prune situation is be
ginning to 'develop signs of strength
which a -Short time since would have
uecemner it was stated in quarters!
. . ..i 1 1
from which it would be expected that
nothing but the most favorable state-
ments rol.livo en.t;,;n C I
nlr ml Imim.1 u it.1
was much grumbling among growers
over the lack of , demand and the fact
that less than one-half of the 90,0 or
loon carloads of Oregon Italian prunes
produced this season had been solL At
that time it was said a basis price of
even 1 5-8 cents was not sufficiently
attractive to interest Kastern buvers.
'It does not appear that the demand
I from the East hAs materially improved j
in the interim, but other causes for the
time at least eoually potent have been
at work to give the market tone. The
most important of these influences ap
pears to have been the work of tbe
various associations in getting control
of - the stocks, "which so long as they
remained in the bands of individual
growers were pressed , for sale at con
stantly lessened prices. A nUtrm.nt
tissuing a few days ago from! one of the
most influential of these organizations,
the Willamette Fruit Growers' Asso
ciation, was to the effect that 400 to
450 cars would easuy cover' all that
remained unsold of the current crop,
and that of this quantity 75 per cent
is in the hands of the several associa
tions. This statement finds support it
the stronger tenor of advices received
from Oregon during the past week, ami
the evident disposition on the part nf
holders there to make no further con
cessions tn the way of lower prices as
inducement to Eastern buyers.
"la the Eastern market in common
with California prunes, Oregons have
come in for an unusual amount of at
tention for this time oi the year, and
as stocks here are, light tho market' has
a firmer tone.- The srarit f ,If:inan
I prunes in the East does not reflectlany
exiraorainary rtemana for 'taafTarietT
at any period"! the "season far, hut
fs attributed to tlie fact that as in the
ease of other descriptions of Pacific
eoaist.dried fruits purchases for forward
cliininrnt from the uriimtrv market to
I the Eaat were on .. an - exceptionally
I When Your Joints Are StiiT v
anil voyr muorlcii nore from 'cold or
rheumatism, when you Blip an. I sprain
I a joint, strain-von r side r itruise your
self, Painkiller will take out the wire
?ess .3"a fi .you rihi ,in a jiff' V?
have? it. with voh. anl use it freelv.
Avoid substitutes, tltere if but one
Painkiller, Perrv Davis.' Price iM-eents
ami 50 cents, -v.. ; ,'
rnm Trwa wttw vr-in wrrn
BALANCE OF $21,7880 IN
-Rmort of 'Connt-r Trwamrer TtirrA.
tl ir "
L-n Rh ,,r0 t nn
L " r - '
fiana over iast Year 51707.09 of
I Balance-Belongs to County's General
1 Pnnd The TTrvm-t.
I "Mr
Oonnty Treasurer W.- Y. Riebardson
M,rion em,n--v 'ortl.e month of De-
,, ",,r me reiHri snows a un
lanee on hand ojn January I of. ,$'2i,
7SH.a). or ..Al Tfi ...,.
I amount on hand at the same trme last
I vu.,3lmMK mi; lari inai .nar
n county is entirely free fro,., debt,
" excellent sl.owmg find a fur-
1 1 li r r l
ther indication oi the prosperous eon
union oi the county anI ner ' iMopr.
Of the -balance on hand Janiiarv 1.
$17,007.09 belonged to toe icuunty's
gencrsU fund, the refiort, however,
showing $9C41.53 in the. sneclal road
fund, which is from time to time trans
ferred, an county warrants are-' drawn
only on the general fund.
Ibe treasurer s report follows:
fPn C.lt7
(p.,n haml 1 .4l
WT'ts : lkl.09
Cash on hand Jan. 1
i General Fifnd.
(!ash on hand Dec. 1 .. ..
Receipts . . . . . .
. - - 7L'5U0
. 4.3hJf.!l5
Total .. ..
- 4 ; ;
Cash on hand Jan. 1
,$ 7,4 .S54
General School Fund.
i nn h-m'.l Dec
..$ 4,41.41
.j.J J30
. 4;479j74
Cash on hand Jan. 1
Indigent Soldier Fund.
i I '
ash on hand Doe. I $
Cash on hand Jan. 1 . .
Institute Fund.
.$ 350. i:
Cash on ba.nl Dec. 1 . . ..
.$ n;i2.!io.
Disbursements .. .'. ..
Cash on hand Jan. I .. .
Overplus Fund.
.$ i7:.dr
i. ' I
drij92 Cash on hand Dec. 1
Disbursements ....... .
Cash on hand; Jan. 1 .. ..$ lis
Special Road Fund.
('ash on hand Dec. I '. . .
Cash on hand Jan. 1 .. .
. 9,1111.55
State Fund.
Cash on hand De
1..: ..
Disbursements .
.... 2.tH
Totals. ! i
.. . .$27,44 ii 6,1
. . .. :M;79
.. .:$27,(545
.... 6,97i.95
Summary of
('ash on ha nil Dec. 1 ..
Receipt ..
Total .. .. .. ..
Disbursements .. . . .
( ash on hand Jan. 1
. .$2lj"SH.50
When doctors fail trv P.unjoekj Jld
J Hitters. ;nres j(Vsjepsia, const ipation;
invigorates tho h.le syflein. j -
HART WATTKRS At the jeoontv
clerk's office, tsalem. Oiegon. j Tluirn
lay, J-inuary'7, !9(1. at 6 o'()l k p.
m.,' Miss A Ma M. Walters H I;)vid
S. Hart, Judge Arthur L. Fray.ic, of
I ortland, officiating.
The bride is a daughter of Mrs
J, M.
waiters, ot rMavton, wl;ere s
ei , has
lived during
the greater parti ijfj her
I pCe. Ami li..n imnt i nrt t in . auk.it...
Imp, an
pirfinv i
- , t j r :
The groom is a voung reaH slate
K'". " '.auy. wuere ,ue ncwiy, m:r
i . t i ii i .. . . i 'i . :
rie.t couple will make their future
! home.
sano. Washintrton. Sunday. January
3. 1K4, Miss Winnie Itumbaugti to
.Mr. lotert L. .Morris, Eev. Drumm
The groom is a young business man
of Hoquiam, Washington. The bride is
a well - known young lady of Salem,
iLE .7? -fl f. u Vt"
- .. i ,
ii'rwia n lir-i lli ucil ilitppiilieilS J tl
ner new nome. "r lie ceremony was wit
nessed , by relatives and intimate
friends of the contracting parties Mr.
ant Mrs. Morris will make their! future
linmA tit .llniiiiant WaaKinirtnii I ; f-
HARTLEY At the family home, Mac
leay, Oregon, Saturday, " Janunrvf 2.
ItMH, Mrs. Ann-EHjsa Hartley "hfife
of E. V Hartley, aged 73 years, of
- cancer." .-. , . ' :f ' ' ' t i ' :
Deceasel was an old time resident of
tbe Macleay neihborhool, . was iaai ex
cellent woman, and loved and" respected
by all who were fortunate .enough to
be numbered among her acqaaidtartcesL.
Besides a hunlmnd, she leaves! inree
sons, Rlgar Hartley, of Macleav;! Hi raw
Hartley, of Silvcrton, and Charles Hart
ley, of Polk county; and five daughters,
.irs. r.u j tower, Mac leay; Airs. 'Aman
da Iiowen, Silverton. and the Mises1 Ida,
Maggie and Jane Hartley, of Maeleay
sad a- host of friends to reodrn her
-death.": "-; , - .;? - ', . ;. ; " .
The funeral was held from the -family
home at 11 o'clock yesterday too ru
ing and interment was bad In the Mac
leay eemetery." : - - i'i'wi
. ' ' -. . . t'-L: ' ' I" -i-'
j : HAVE SOLD. : . j.
About 1500 Bales Have Passed Out sf
-Growers Hands This Week at
Prices Banging Between 25 and 26
, Cents .Per Pound Other Markets
Cleaned Up, : ;
Althotji;!, there was no lethargy in
the hop market during the j holidays
new lifej was infuse, into it this jweek,
and for a. fi-w days it looked !as though
thttre would W nn hops, left when the
Week; emlel. Ttje w iling; has Loch Ire-
mendou4 for the amount, of hops on
hand, and the eighty odd 4j thousand
bales raisel in the state this 'year have
now simmered down -to about .TOOO
bales still hen by the growers them
selves, and some autlMirities think 250O
ii lis would be a conservative estimate.
Jlermah Ktiiber, of Tacoma, tl
e rt
tensive shop grower and dealer,
figured so largelyyin the Salem ii
last year, and ffiroie.1 a rixd -for
signment to IoikIoii, has preparetl
careful statement f stocks in growers'
hands on the Pacific coast, and Kent it
out generally .over tho country. Hi
statement ind:ited Janiiarv- 1. nnd
-shows only 6052 bales on the entire
coast. These are divided autonjg the
several i states as follows: California,
14.4 I.ais; Washington, Iu78 bales, and
Oregon, J..M ales. Since Janiiary 1
there hnve been sold in Oregon about
150 bales, which would indicate that
tho alove estimate tf the present hold
ings are very conservative. 1
The i.iles made this week have been
for prices which certainly moan fat
purses for those selling', livery fjalo -of
hops which 'were anything like. Choice,
according- to present standard?, . sold
for 25 "cents or "better. In two days
4-9 ludes changed bands- tributary to
Salem. ) K. ('. Ilerren lKMight the Jacob
son lot! for 25 1-2 cents: Rolert", of
Crowley, sold to II. J. Ottenhelmer, 200
lAiles for '26 cents; It. ,. Cavanagh sdd
35 bales to J. Car.nichael for p3 3-4
cents; (Jeorge Day ne "sold 100 bles to
(Jeorgei L. I.ose for better : th':ini
cents; Thornsbury, of nervals, sid 4V"
ales for 2 cents; George L. Rose
bought the Johnson-Murphy crop jf 113
bales for 26 cents T. A. I.iKesley
lioiight j at least 130 bales, ami 159
bales were sold, in Polk eounlVvfor
pricea ranging between and 26j cents.
Julius Wolf, of Hilvertou, sold a lot.
and also bought several .lots. fKrebs
liros. have been heavy purchasers in
the north end of the county during the
week, and besides all these sales made
by- growers -there has been an ;aetive
movement of lot,s among dealer.
Prac(ieally all, ot the hops purchased
'ar theJ present j prices' lutve bien i on
orlers,as the prjCe is consiilered rather
too hih- or s:ifc speculation jainofig
local de-.iiers, and they all have orders
to fill, f : . ' ' ' ' " - "" j
One Ipecnliarity of the recent; busi
ness has been that the sabs lmve near
ly all lteen made'iby menlwbo arejptrong
(bohlers, soine aetnally holding Ij-r the
excitement of the thing.'when thry are
really isatisfied with thorices o tiered, i
an with this temb nev, it will n t like
ly I long before Oregon is out of the j
hop milirket, so far as the growers arcj
r-oneerjpod. The nutrket svms'ti have
realied a figure which .they c usider
good oaiouph, and are readv to sell re
gardless of tho future prosjwetk anl
in thei meantime tho majrket continues
to iidVancelowly toward the 3d-eent
mark, had the speculators -dee lark' they
will never sell fivr loss, and will event
ually get that figure or letter, j ;
Other Markets. jM
Tlelast issue of the Otsego Farmer
says f the Hpcrstnwn, - Acw,. i or,
Imii market :' .
The lup market ,s lMMrn5ng throng. i-.
out the country. IM-ally ther is ?io
great !ii mono t of I urfiiK'-ss for tjie sde
reason; that there are no sfi k fcack in
growers' hand. It i estimatoil that
there are iiot'ov.r 150 tj 200 babs
still b:i.-k in this coiurtv. , There are
onlv two lots of anv c'un'siderablo size
eit. and these tgetSer amotint to .oily
about L50 bales. In the history of the
hop in.Iustrv in Otsego ' count v iriothing
like this has ever lecn known lfore.
During the past week al "Out 250 bales
have! tern taken by I'ocal de.tters ,it
from; "t tn '.in cents.
j ( Kent i nil Observer.)
Tiiirfng the past few days there has
been a strong demand for1 bops nt fis
to T i l Js iwr cwt., but l scarcclv '.tny-
thing tt 1cm than the last wamrtd figure
was forthcoming. Jn a trW niwre days
it is doubtful if. anything will bo avail
able at less than Hi per ewt.j in new
Imps, 'aed the' whole tendency! of the
market stroajjly points to a continu
ous jajol steady riw in values which,
however, will not benefit manv grow
ers, most of whom have already sold
out. I . 1 ' . !
A i
It i
. For Infants and Children, j
Tiia Kind You Hare Alwajs Bought
! K
- Bears .the
Signature of
r. Mct.inn-ihan, who was yetertlay
acnitte1 in the circuit court j !of j the
charge of wilful destruction df prop
erty, idid not get a chauco to ir!trodfie
his testimony. tlt was charged fthatjhe
cacefl the denth'iof a f nrmt V borso
that lecHme frightened t his nnto',i
bile, last snmmcr, near this city, j Mr.
McClpnahan said yesterday t hat j be
would have shown by fcis tf-t.inii'iny
that he djid stop the nntotnobilo, .and
that H was the starting of, tbe toacbitie,
land (the nois-v 1 made thrrcbi-, ?.
frightened the horse. Mr. McClanahan
claims that he ' could have proved bvJ
nt witnesses that he showed o; nigra; of
wilfrdne,, nd that the acientcl
killing of tbe horse was' not Vroujht
about by anything like ciiim'nkl care-
bfsncsw on his part, bnt was an acci-
lnt pure and, simple, no eh ns miirlut
liaprn to the aiot carenl and consid-
eTare: wrson. iS
J, P. Prince, of Harri?! nrsr. was: in
naiem on Mimness yesterday.
.- t;....t T-? j -j.-1 " ,rrytn t xy,i wan
in the city yesterday, on" legar
i -. t r- i j .
At The' Old
Our two .UK'kH an tovtIur
nw,aud you are t-urejo -find, the
garment you are looking for.
You are bound to get U lit IxM-aii-f
we have tho mot coinixUiii
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Any Jacket in the House
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Undermtnust HhibroiderU, Laces,
I Tabb Linen-, Whito HildKHi,
An- Idea and a Device for Freservins
xndefinitely the ilafe and Strength of
Telephone and Telegraph Poles, More
Especially Fir Poles.
(George 1
Jirnes, of this citv.1
who li!M ben a resident of Salem
for '
many ycaiw, is f He j inventor 'and
tentee of d,devixK for Set 1 ing and pre
serving tejephoin and -telegraph' o1es
ind other Ryod aimed to lie placed in
the groundL.- ! I . j
i -
Mr. Johtk has just received word that
his patent
ingtoti, to
he has app
has been granted sit Wush-j
rover t?ieTiiitHl States,
led al for-patents in Croat
Hriraiu,' Cijnada, Fiance, -Germany
no I
A Eig Thing.
This ma
I't-ovnj a big thing for Ore
fir! timber will last louder
gn. Our
than almos:
:,;uv other known w'ofvb if
ran be j4'.iei tin from the water anl
he air. aii4 .'faron,'! t Im i',.eers that bore
int., it aivd
inaier lodes for tho admis
and f ater. The device, of
fion of air;
Mr. Jones
is one- for any plastic ma-
terial in vjiiifli
io sec uo poses, ospe-
.-. .V. .
tfially for ei-iMent -f-in order to keep;the
woo.l out 4f the 'croun.l. - Tin eid-f
l lie Pole i si
C!xa?d in the-cement-and
then it is
fiient part
The la lam
po air or
set' into the ground, the c,e
rojerting above .tho grounl.
of the jHb is 'pit in tod Thin
Water or inseets can get vt
any iiart i;
tso wood, and its itren:th
ami me an
iadeliuitelv probnged. The
le is tlih
k also protected against lire.
I5y this jievice
n ciithteert-uich pole
ean Is m
t h reo f et
ground in
(V. to iln the wirk of , one
in diameter, se in the
the ordinary manner. Its
st renth
and. resist a nee are alike in-
sides us dur.iMliiv pro-
hinged. . .. ! . ., ;.; ; .-. -
'In Two Ways. I
The pa lent ;( covers two tliiigs.; the
idea and t he ; device for applying (he
t-.-ment applying ,t (('nouitieall v and
in such ma nner t hat no iitirt nf 1 1...
l otloiii of the pole is exjoy-d to water
or air or ai.seta.
The tort of the ground is the place
where th'rt
ordiuary 'wile. rots. That in
the plat
requiring the greatest
s.t rengt h.
The pole et,cao-d in cement.
an i ainte. fro-iy that point up, will
ilH ritl. I '
scheme IS admit ed - nvcf
the. count -y, o the thousands and thou
sands of miles of telephone andi tele
graph Jines, as it will probably . bo, it
will increase indefinitely the market for
Ongon iir, The Oro"on fir timber
makes 1 hf h:ind.mest pole in the I'nit-
ed Staten. It carries its size' belter
than any other .timber' that irrows. It
is a Htiidoth when tlu bark comet,
off asi if it were i.r.xlu.-f ,r
a iL.i -..-- 1 . . . -
'""""K ipino. H P as straiiiht as a
emtio, ad wher, protected projierly it
w,il lapt indefinitely. It has notj been
..-.,, y v-wiini i usinniety valve wrmiw the lluid to run
rotting i4 the ground It takes paint back into Ibe tank.
as well as a planed board, and in every I
a ijiinn ,ocai poie ot commerce I
... . ... n,.n , ,,.,i, iiu-iB iias iM'n I
""'"o-n-'i am. inTcnieu a device toinonm at a Rtrclcli and wont coin
jiroim ,. iifc an,f gtrengtu ind. fin-1
That! Mr Jonen will make a " not full
of money f' out of his invention. TiC it
Womes njniversally adojited, goeu with
m raying. . leierrapli and tcletihone
poles cost la high as f!0 each in. kari
on, wnnnij oi cue country ana none
of them are an gooband durable as will'
oe the Oregon fir itole treated irt the
manner indicated. A very small royalty
... .iii.i niiiM- it rry iariro ioriune--ani
there are! enough Oregon fir. poles to
uj'lit- iur t. uiifii. relates.
Mr. JonctfSnterdav left mo.trt tf
WIS jnventuof-nt tho Kin teaman r.fll.i.
f - . iwVSl . - J ---------
where it ii attracting- much attention. '
j ', ,' i
Originally the spectroscofe -was! p
plietl onlV to cliemisfry, and in that
limited field, proved itself: an invalu
able aid in scientific, analysis. -'By hold
ing in, a Ibinaen flame a platinum wire
moistened j by contact with- the skin.
the presence ofa few grains of j salt
swallovredl a1! few minutes previoiiRlr
can be detected with tho spectroscope.
Indeed, so .wonderfully refined is, thei
f WorK. of tlie Kiieelnlfieor.n lmmi,f 4V.o
on ran iiriiTcr ia a suostanco tlio prcn
bmsi-'ence of one three-millionth jr." a- Sraln
11 ;: j
White Comer
' - r - ii
OOlyanl.i of these U atitiful and 'rHpura
ilks will le pla,t I on sale at the !lrikiiig
lric r.f 37! yard. AH tbe latest patterns
iii"Indhis whiUv Kvity prie hparkbs
values ! -
The licw wuits for spring are tit
t? f'th Klon htyh-. Sboiit
ja4k-ts r the ragi- to-lay mifl
WH iir selling th-ii, fad.
$12.), f 1.1.50 V15.00 HaU
,lllfl to
: f2000, ?2i3'i; ?25.6 Suits
lllKHll tO '
While -Di,s:m fhssly, White Hi Ik'
everything ju.'d s its w hi'e
tti wiLiU UfcJJJT TO AD- i
Protest WillBe in the Form of a Brief
Embra:ing he Testimony Given at
the 'Hearings--Majority Cbiima Ob
jections. Shcjuld Have Been Made
When He Was Up Before, i f
M .fIII., llrA, .lafl. .1. J lie view;
ot the iniiioritynf .the' Senate oiiitniltee
oh military .-iir.iirs, pruti-v'tinir :i";iiiist-
the .(iTifSr!iiati' i. oi ;'.( era t Li'iJnard
Wood tti be T(iajor luV.tl, have "been
prepared - tu tbe form ot a .ii f! tn be.
used wlieir t tnj" reports of. t lie ..i.uuit. t e
are p resell tedf for- t ho urliutl .)" the
I j Senate in i xejciitive m-ssihu. Tli' brief
loiions tr,e !
tlliloilV Kit roililreil' b
fore the Sena
O oiiim it tee ill ns( i.-il ion
attention of t h-;S-iditors
dileitjilg the
t .H;ig.-5 i the t "t imoiiv and
the phasiin t lie. lia rgeH'-'H,a.de I efori
It' is lb lare.l t h;!t moi4-4'f tin
prtai.t initters Ij'oiiu'iII .Tilt
ini the
heuri'ii;- eame.-t,,- the pifbii.-i K ioWHeiL' '
.Kiibs-j'iiei,t to (;e,Mral V.V"ls i.ruiuo
tio'i-to Lt ..brigadier g-,irak These as-
KerlloiiH are m.-iite fof the Plill.osii. ,;f
luct-tiug'tho .rgintient. f Se.uaior -.Fore-'
ker that the obie.-tioiis to (;,ii,r.,I
Wo-.J's adv.-ine, inetit sllouiO-Jiavj- Ibeeli
made when l'reid nt 'McKitil.yy had
tjinb-r cnusi.bnitioii tho-matter 'of! i.ro-
UlotiMg him 'f be br;ig:idief ein r.,1.
Mrs. W. P.. Il';,,,,, of Med for. it"
."!' '.
W -- is
it iiig fri tids iif the eit v. i
Wrrtv Sibool Superintendent H. j(.
Slarr. of al;,s, parsed t l.trM!!i1eiii
l.Kt fiitrlit. eiironle to foliage I-fTove lo
visit hi iio h. r. Who is ueri..iistv Ul.
AVe hive n.iitri ver s.r;,v-l",iffll
Wilt- it; re : .-. , rv .. b ud an. I
mail iu O'is i. ji '
it of ; twit bnrt.e imu'i'r I-'fiir.
H.nibs... M t-4 I ..iM.iiiie Knifine w ith
Mvver jjiii4, :jp 1 PvHlier with largo
tank. Liioiiiit ifiMi nn inn wins-led farm
truck; Tlo- tnt' k have titled with .
tbeX reach, ( I4i:it IkiIIi axles swivl,
making tho nhuru ?t turn jxiHsil.le nnd
Itorniittiug tl, driver lo turn among
llio tree or hoiuxdes wilh liimmiiiit v
an the lihid.wbei lH truck esaelly will,
the front. I j
ThciSiipi.ly l.itik contains n nalr of
paddle airitaiors tbt revolve in a. r
horizontal piano at the Ih.I tui..f tb,;
tank Hum koepii.g tho mixture thor-i-
oughly tirreil, instrring an evi dis
tllbutioilrof the poison pii tlie foliage.
lbo-piinip is fltUsl with a image and -
safrty valve, and haHHuMieient power
to throw the sprav through four nozzles-
at a pressure of 12-3 lbs. When Hie
operator winhes to , trso the nozzle bo
d.Knpt need tostoi, he engine, as the
The gasoline engine nover g U fired
and Uoes not newl !to stoo and spit on
lut iianin. 1 1, w jii pump hpray lor ten
plain about get ting it in it's eyes.
The fact Ik, an orchard man or hop
man who has many aercs to spray,
cannot aflord to get along with roan
ower ou the nuuin. When he nts N
pray and lots of it, its dollars in his
fiockefc to get Hie n ixtnre hdii tho trees
or viin s on lime, ami he will not only
nave on find cost, but jw.ildy save his
crop. , ;
fall and see our outfit . . We can sell
tllein to1 you complete ready to run,
or can se ll 3 011 the engine, pump, agi
tator, reara, .etc., and you mount it
yourself. ! I
l 235-S.-7 Liberty SL
farm M2 thin pry- Cicyclcs, Aulcrrro-
biles, Sswiog Machines 2nd Supplies
Kewing Machine lie-pairing.
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