Weekly Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1900-1924, May 13, 1902, Page 8, Image 8

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to carry over the Bummer season, no we
making an extra low prlce;oir4ueni.
1 . We are selling i'w WaIUf"
knives ami fork at $3.85 per dozen.
This Is au oprtonlty you will lo
last this month, next month it will he 4.50 again, s . . '
' -- Ban's Jewelry Store j
Ccraer State asd liberty Streets:, i r leaders fa low fricei
' 1 , " '" 1
Chicken-10 cents per pound.
Spring chickens 12',, to 15c;
Kgg 13c cash, j U . ' i ;
Portland. Or., Mty 12. Wheat, Wajla
Wall j, c; i'lueniem. 7e. - I
Vasli,. May 12. Wheat,
Bluest em, C6c;
Club. .5Vif,
Ran Francisco,
rash. $1.1 2 4.
M.iy 12, Wheat,
Chicago,. May 12. 'Wheat, opening,
7iU"!c: closing. 754rjf,iv liar-
ley, 472e. Flax, $1.4; Northwest'
ern, -$1.78. "' J
Liverpool, May 12.-
WheatJuly. s.
The local market quotations yester
day were as follows:
Wbwit 55 cents, i
Oat- Nominal at $1 .03 per cental,
Hay Cheat, $; xlavsr, $5f7; tfm
pthy. 9fJ$10 wheat, $. '
Klour 75 to 85c ; per sack; 12:60 ' to
tl U'r barrel. j .
Mill Fei-d-Hran, $18.!; short. 220.50;
."Butter Wjtic 1 per lb (buying);
cr-oery. j . .. i-.i
Kkxs 13c cah. .' .
Chickens 0 .cents pr pound, f
Spring chickens Vi. to 15e.
Pork -Gross:, tliSMci dressed, Q
t cents. ' ,
Beef Steer::. 21('ie; cows, 3V6c;
good heifers, 4". i
Mutton Sheep, MtVfC, on foot.
- "Veal JtfC4e, dressed.
Potatoes- per bushel.
Wool- 12H3e. i " ! I '
' - Mohair TiV-i cent.
& CO.
Buyers and Shippers Of ,
realers in ,
Hop Growers' Supplies
Warehouses at
Ac graham,'
207 C-ojttHj,Ecil ft.,, Salem."
fix of tub leading,
fire insurance:
companies. '
Theri la a vrry Rood ike on a local
nw)ip'iir that Is t Kupporttng Cham
MMn In his ambition to be Governor
of Oregon. The pair aforesaid prints
a rolumn article from "Nicholas . E.
Kegg.'Vof McMinnville. undor i "three
time" heading, fh article purporting
to rnm from a. 'Yamhill county voter.
It Ariinitpire ttrit th Yamhill county
votr is an Inmate of the Asylum for
the Insane, whether occupying .the
violent ar.l or some- other deponent
"ay.Vh n.t. It Is ,te!leved there has
been no general caavasa of the wards
out there lo. nsrerlaln the prefereacm
of the other paticrtLs.ln matrra iolil-
cal. Once upon a time this me Kegg
' Jurrtpexl out "f a feiitnl stnry winikiir
of the-.: Willamette Ifotel - mnA 'fell
through the glast.roof of the. conserva
tory. ;
Thy are Kood, .excepting possibly In
case of ItaHin prunes; but you can
f visit OR. JORDAN'S ahcatt
f rn iosiiiuRsi.,iiimicuci,ciLf
W - World. W or Miy nMiKNif
rTTV kM y.-ly iril hf-tlw lil A
J If Vrsat SmiwIt rMUiti i
W IV lBMwH1lltlSlHM, T
7li -n R -' mhi w
ri II v fidioi m- rw tm. riM..
0 1 II rtoMta, k, ur. Jimm'i ( f
A CHraHkllMi rrM m4 ttrfrffr mtwu. TwUM M- A "
mt kr A T mmm
M mtonikM. VnH M INt. rSIMMraf at)
V atamtcn, iiaiuu rt.M MiwUa m I
!' .- '
0 on. jowpsw aco. i oi Jg r-
:get canned fruits and canned things of
:every description at the popular : gro
cerj" store of Rrsneon A Ragan.
Plated Knives end forbs
have eoneluded to reduce the utoek by
and MS 17 Roger Bro. triple plated
- - t, '-'
well to look Into, this price will only J
Interesting Session and the
.1. r i i I-
ElCCUUU ui. ur
The falem Woman's Club held a very
Interesting meeting in the J reception
room: of the Willamette Hotel yester
day afternoon at which almost the en
tire membership was In attendance.
Several new merrtbers were initiated
Into the lub which raises the member
ship to over seventy and thejClub is in
a very Troperous condition. boaatuaHy
and otherwise. I " ;
Am It was a business meetjnjr the af
ternoon was devoted entirely to the
transaction of buslnes-. and several
amendment to the constitution were
adopted, and new officers were t-howen
to wervi durina the ensuing; year, as
'follows: .v r , r
v President Mrs. Jgabelle T.I Geer.
Vice-President Mrs. Ina C. Hean.
Secretary Miss Carrie Ogle. C
Treasurer Miss Jennette Meredfth.
llrectors Mrs. Clarence" H. Hamilton,
Mrs. Alice 11. Dodd. and Mrs. Ituaeli
i'atlln. ' - i :
' Calendar Committee.
Literature 'Mrs. Dr. C. L. Rristol
Science Mrs. Wm. llrown.
Art JUr. Myra A. Wiggins.
Kdiifvition ami Lhj nty t i c Science
Mrs. Florence Irwin. ?
Current Events Mrs.' Geo. W. Jones.
- Wedding at Srlvsrtrt.
.Quite a refty i homo wedding was
-l-lrated In Hilverton last Wednesday
evening, when Mls Temperance E.
McfTorkte.. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. X.
II. McCorkt becam3 the wife of Mr.
ieorge H. Iti hej, of that city. The
ceremony was performe .by Justice of
the 1'eace It. '. Rnmsby at the home
of the bride's paren't Jn the presence
of only the Immediate ie!.i lives and a
few Intimate ' friends of the popular
young couple.-
' The Mcl'orkle home had been l?au
tlfully decorntej In Ivy, Oregon graoe.
smllaxt anrl w hite lilacs In: honor of the
hapi'V r (H-casltm. Mls Stella Welch
played tho wedding march promatly
u.t X o'clock, and the young couple en-
tered the paii'lor where Judae R. O.
Uainxby rronounced the Impressive
ceremony. Congratulations were oi-
fered and the party irtook of an ele
gant wedding irertast. The bride wore
a cotuirM of rich gray silk trimmed
In, applique and carried white carna
tion.' Iteing naturally an attractive
youuiC woman nhe appeared doubly
Nweet and charming on this occasnlon.
The gnom Ij the oldest son of Mr., and
M-k, T. W. Ith'hes. postmaster of that
city where' he' is well and popularly
knovrtt. Mr. rul Mrs. lllhcs will 1
at hmie -after May 211 on Went Main
ifiireet.-Wlverton, vhere thFy have le-
guii housekeeping In a cozy little cot
FUO M A FO 1 1 E IG N V I E VV. '
According to Austrit-Hungarian ofll
al Vi-ta,' grea t progress wa's made In
th puclfWfittlon of the Phllljvt)lnes dur
ing the year 1SH1. Civil administration
ha .for months been Introducedi, -in
thirty to forty irovlnpes, while thoie
parts the country where the revolu
tionary movement hasxu yet lieen
completely nuprensed are ' left under
military government. The latter com
prise the lagoon regions, Hatangas In
Luzon, and the inland! of famar anl
Mindoro, to which the military operas
tions, of late, ben almost exclusively
conflCnedJ The nature of the country
In the south. ;of Luzon may enable the
Insurgent l force their way into tne
neighboring irovlnce. but even that
would not Involve a revival of the rev
olutionary- splrlt.The natives are
gradually aumlng a less dubious at
titude a the hopelenes of further
renlstence ' Is becoming mor clear.
There Is consequently no reason to
fear u recrudes-ence of the revolution
on a scale calculated o Interfere with
trade and commerce. The pronpectors
who have heen exploring thJ country
tn alt directions are Agreed a to the
existence o metals and minerals. The
question Is whether it will pay to
work them; and that can only be ascer.
tained -by practical experiment. There
la a superfluity of valuable timber of
various kinds, ihe demandfor which
increased - last year In consequence
of grater activity in the building trade,
particularly in Manila. London Timer.
WA LLA WA LLA, May 1 2. Mike
McClellan. a member of the Tenth Bat
tery of Fort Walla Wallad led from In
juries yesterday In a rnost distressing
manner. While hitching hi hUrse t
a gun Hatunlay morning In thejrgu!r
drill the horse reared and fell Uon
McClellan. enfshing him Jerrtbjy.
breaking an uvrm, a leg anl ja rilv
crdshing hlsskull and brulsllng 'his
body. In an unonsclou conlit(on Mc.
ClelUn was removetl to the ijonpiUt,
arid although he lived nearly j twnty
never regained conselousness. :
The maximum temperature for the
21 hoars previous to 3 o'clock; p. m.
yesterday was U degrees Fahiienhelt.
and the minimum 50 decrees. 1
slssrltls . '-
The Big Furnish- Rally In
This City Next Friday
Preparations for the reception of
Hon. W. J. Furnish, Hon. C. W. Ful
ton and the party of candidate expect
ed here on, next Friday evening; are
under way. and the occasion promises
to be the biggest outitouring; of enthu
siasm yet heard In Sal em. The recep
tion committee of the two local clubs
have appointed a member each to act
with a representative of the Republl
can County Central Committee in-, re
reiving the visitors and escort them to
the hoteL -
C. A. Murphy has been appointed
to act as chief marshal of the parade
and procession during the evening, prl
or to the meeting, and he-has power to
appoint his aids. .
The nifeing will probably be held
In the armory hall, and' Governor T,
T. Geer has been Invited by the chair
man, W. J. Culver of the -eounty central
committee, to preside, and ho has ac
cepted. He will call the meeting to
order, and introduce the speakers A
the evening; . i . . -.
The rally promise- to be a big one
and will be a notable event in Repub
lican circles in Marlon county.
Young Men s Club.
At the regular meeting of the Young
Men's Republican club last evening, in
the politc-e court room of the city hall,
there was a large attendance and a
considerable amount of business of im
portance was transacted.. It waa re
ported that a If of thei standing com
mittees were putting forth their beat
efforts and realizing good results; and
that while nothing definite had been
reported, everything Is progressing sat
isfactorily, tho Club's membership is
steadily increasing and .all plans for
the Club to participate actively In the
campaign, are being formulated.
C. M. Inman, chairman of the pro
gramme committee, to co-operate with
the Salem Republican Club in arrang
ing for a suitable programme for the
reception and entertainment of Hon.
W. J. Furnish wnd other upon' the oc
casioaof their visit to this cityjpn
Friday of thij-week. reported every-
thing satlsfactoryand well under way,
bands would be engaged to tak part
In the parade, and furnish the music,
the- Hilverton. Jefferson, Reform School
and Salem hands; a grand parade is In
procewt of organization composed of
flnmnenux ' and. rymbti! brigades, sup
plemented by h he torchlight procession,
lire-works, calcium lights, etc., and nn
elaborate programme of vocal anil In
struinejntat nMisic, Including the popu
lar Stalwart quartette, has been ar
ranged for, to fill up the Intermissions
between speakers, and the whole affair
promises to" be one of- the most elabo
rate, find enthusiastic of anything of
its klndi ever attempted.
Hon. E. T. Judd of AumsvJJle. Re
publican candidate forReprentatlve,
was prescnt, and in response to an In
vitation addressed the Club with a few
.remarks of c-noaura axemen t and Hssured
the meeting that the never was a
better prospect rejiorts to the contra
ry notwthstandlng. and which nre
greatly exaggerated for electing the
Republican ticket in Its entirety at this
election than at the pres,nt. and the
prospect wan growing brighter every
day. He was accorded flattering ap
plause In conclusion.
Hon. maud Gatch and Dr. J. N, Smith
were present and added much encour
age invent to the young men in-offering
some valuable suggestions' and assist
ing materially "In the carrying out, of
the numerous details .with which their'
long political experience had familiar
ezed them, and, regarding which the
younger generation were practically at
The programme committee was vest
ed , with full power to make all ar
rangements for the demonstrations for
Friday evenings entertainment, di
rected to spare no expense and to pres
ent ail bills to the Club, and In order to
have everything, In harmony; the sub
committees, such as the flambeaux
and cymbal committees. Were instruct
ed to make their repot-to Uhe pro
gramme committee. ' 1 .' i .'
Upon motion the chair was authoriz
ed to appoint a committee of three,
each member of which was to receive
om pen sat Ion for his ,-rvlcesto can
vass the city and -surrounding precincts
for members. . .v
-."Upon invitation and suggestion ef
some members of the Salem Republi
can Club, who were present. It was
moved and carried that when the Club
adjourned it wquld b to meet in Joint
session with the Salem CluWon Thurs
day evening in th police court mom.
for the purpose of working in con
junction In perfecting allarrangements.
Lpon motion the Club changed its
regular meetings to Tuesday evenings
instead of Monday evenings as hereto
fore arranged.
The State Commute-, has announced'
the following addresses to be deliv
ered in the several cities-named, as in-
dlcated. i
Corvallis. May 13th, 2:30 p. m.
McMlnnvlUe, May nth. 7:M p, mi.
Forest flrove. May ISth. 7:30 p. m'..
Astoria. May 17th. p. m. y
Salerno May lth. 8 p. m. I
Oregon city,, May 17th. 7:30 p. m.
Westfall, May l&th. 7:20 p. ra., :
Vale. May ICth. 7:30 o. m.
OnUrlo, May 17th. 7:30 p. rn.
Huntington. May 19th. 7:21 p. m.
Pendleton. May 20th. 7:pd p. m. .
-Antelope. May 21st. 7:20 p. m.
- Hood River, May 23d. 7:30 p. m.
JUinier, May 23. 7:30 p. m.
Astoria. May 24th. t p. m. v
Drain. May 15th. 7:30 p. m.
1 Klkton, May Htli. 10 a. m. .
Scottsburg. Mav 14th. 7:30 p. m.
tirxllner; May 15h. 7:30 p. m.
MarshfleU. May lih. 7:30 p. m.
Myrtle Point. May I7th. 7:3 p
Ration. May lth. 7:30j. m.
CuUle, May 20th. 7:30 p. m."
Lexington. May 13th, 7:20 p. m.
lone. May ltb, S p. m.
lUrdnun, May 15th, 7;30 p. ni. .
'Eight Mile. May 16th. 2 p. m.
NEW YORK. May I. Governor Dole,
of 4 he Hawaiian Island- who is In this
city en route to Washington,! aaick In
discussing the. recent political agitation
In Hawaii: "Constant petlUona and
letter have been sent o Was4Unaton
by the opposition, but I ' don't think
they j have affected the President -eri-oasly,
for be has not at any time sent
me official notices bearing on the agi
tation; they kdmply made hi n desirous
to know ti)m better, perhap, and- to lay
plans." . ; ':: - J -.
The Pendleton Term Closed
Alter One Week's
The . Justices of the aupreme rourt
returned Trom Pendleton yesterday,
where they held the May term w ty
court for Eastern Oregon, during last
week.' There were thirty-four cases-on
the docket, but only sixteen of7 them
were heard, and"three, dismissed, the
remainder being; transferred to Salem
for hearing. This was done on stipU
lation for the reason that the attorneys
In the several cases were all engaged
in the campaign, and wished to get
away from court, and it was decided, to
hearf the rases so transferred in this
city on ori atout July 1st, after the
campaign Is done.
The Justices report having enjoyed
the trin to Eastern Onrnn verir mTich
as the weather was pleasant and th
brtgut sunshine was an agreeable cort?
dltlon after the rain of the past winter
here.'.; ., j -. :
Tne cases htard by the court at
Pendleton are as follows,: ;
Fred Nodlne, respondent, vs. the
rirai auonai isanK, appellant; ap
peal, from Union county. "
J. E. Reynold, appellant; vs. J. W
Scrrber. et " al. respondent; appea
from Union county. I
W. T. Carroll, respondent.; vs. Eliza
Nodlne, appellantj appeal from Union
county. - . : --I-"- ,
,W. A'Codghanour, appellant, vs
James ; Hutchinson, et al., rspondents,
and Jamt and Sarah Welch, j appel
lants; appeal fronts Union county.
.jovaie or Oregon, respondent, vs.
Manny?; Howard, appellant; appeal
irom liaaer county. ' '
IKIIIh Jk .Marlln, et al.respondentS;
vs. Kale Creek Development. Com
pany, et al.. appcjlants;'- appeal frorij
Union county. ' '
.Turner Oliver, respondent, "vs. Janies
II. Hutchinson, et al:,, appellants; ap
lal from Union couptv. - "
r.v M. Pay ton, et al., aprellants. vs.
C. R. Iiuina, respondent; appeal from
liaker county.
John .'McCourt, - respondent.-. - vs. John
I-V Ream, appellant; appeal from Ha
ke coaaly. .. ' y - ,
Wan. H. Hale, et al., appellants, vs.
George Setiout. et: al., respondent; ap
peal from Union county."" p
M. S. Crossan, respondent, vs7K. V.
Oliver". apjellant; apieal from Union
county. x
George II. 'Williams, appellant, vs.
W. II. 'Wlbsjn. et ,al.. resHndents; ap
peal from Wasco county
Oregon Iiand & Construction Com
pany, respondent, vs. The Allen litch
Company, appellant; aiipeal from Uni-
atilla unt v-.
The. Advance Thresher Company, 'ap
pellant, vs. Add-ie C. Estelmand L. A.
Efltelr, respondents; aplK-ai from Union
county. -
Kdmond D. LeClare, respondent, vk.
N.' H. Thibault, et al.. apiellant; ap-
IM-rat from Ha ker bounty. '
G. D. Sm,mons, respondent, vs. The
O. It. & N. t.o., appellants; appeal
from Union county. N
The . follow ing cases were on stlpuls-
tloh. transferred to Salem to be heard
here probably aibout July'lst. ;
H uU HotchklSK. ap!elln, vs. G. W.
Yoting, respondent; apieal from Har
ney -ounty. . '
First National Rank, of. Walla Walla,
appellant, vs. D. Mctonald, respond-.
entl appeal, from Umatilla county.
State of Oregon, respondent, vs. Al
exander fMeldrum,; Jointll' informe.1
against with Manrty Howard, apiel-
lant; aipeal from liaker county. ,
State pf Oregon.; -respondent, v.
Wm. Sally. Jr.. appellant; appeal
from Itakcr county. ,
Isaac II. Adams-, appellant, vs. J. M.
Cftorch. administrator, et al.. respond
ents; a ppeat from Mallveur county.
M. A. Iawery. respondent, vs. Hen
ry Sterling, -et ai., appeiianisi appe
from Union county.
Wi H. lOoltra. administrator, appel
lant vs. ' Jane Penland. executrix, re
spondent; appeal frofn Morrow county.
mate of Oregon, ex reL, A. w. Tur
ner, repondent. vs-. G. J. Gray, appel
lantappeal fi'om Malheur coynty. ,
Kewton Jlaover, appellant, vs. Alice
L. Itartlett. et aK. respondents; ap
peal from Harney county.. --
State of Oregon respondent, vs. is.
W. Deal, appellants;, apical frorn in,
Ion county; two cases. -,
Lina H. eUurgls, appellant, vs. W .
Baker, respondent; appeal! from Uma-
tllla county. . -'.?,-.-' .. v -
E. W. OUverarpellant. vs. Ortcon
Sugar Company, respondent; appeal
from Union county, r
M. P. Crossan. resporklent. vs. W. D.
Oramly, appellant; appeal from Union
county.- i. ' . : . r, . i - '
R. D. Ruckman, respondent, vs.
mbler Lumber' Company.' airpeuant;
appeal from Union county.
R.D. Ruck man. responaenu rs. v m.
Ormcnd. appellant; appeal from Union
county.' . ' ' '-. '' ' " ".
Three appeal cases - were- on i De
lation, dismissed ty the courC They
are: ' ; .- ' - - : ,'
Davis Wilcox, appellant, vs. C. A.
J.hn, adnvinlstrator, respondent; ap
peal from Baker county.
Henry H. Albert. -apiIIant. vs.
Thomas GrUdale. reiriiondent app''
from lUker county. ' .
W. j C Hindman. responlent. vs.
Phi la It. Clark. Hpellant; appeal from
Hakerrr'ounty, - ( t
The following minor, orders were
made) by the court yesterday: i
In the matter of the estate of John
W. Holman, Roy C. Holman.
et. aL
respondents, vs. Charles Holman, et
'appellants; ordered on stioulation
that 1 evidence' may be retained by
If yon are going fcomc
year, rememDer uiar, ine AUiuuuiK 1'AUiMtj leadL JLo ev
erybody'a home. - " - ; j . ) ' s
- You can go by way of St. Paul to Chicago, or St. Loia,
and thence reach the entire East and South. Or, you can go io
Duluth, and from thenS use either the rail lines, or one of the
superb LaVe Steame,rs doVn the lakes to Detroit, Cleveland,
Erie, and Buffalothe ran-American City.
Start right and y6u will probably arrive at your destina
tion all right, and, to start right; use the Northern Pacific, and
preferably the "JfOKTII COAST LI MITED V train, in service
after MAY 5th
. Any local agent wil
A. D. CHARLTON r11" t"!
Mormon SWiepi Silts
ml Mlf ttiimm, imiiium. immt w
lllty, HcacKUnntn
the Lfui a4
11.00 per year. If you bave not tUe
and mall It today:
To HOMESTED CO.,1 Salem. Oregon.
Please sf-nd the Pacific Homestead to
months, for which I agree topny XI.
b a tv
p. d.. .......
If not paid within six months.
jm )t:c
Homestead and Statesman," $1.75 per
Editor Homestead
Enclosed finil-order for $1.25 for one
year s subscription to the Homestead
and the Oregon loutry Journal. When
vour a cent called In June I ilkl not reel
like taking your pap'Vr but he wished
me to try it for three months, and said
if 1 did not like it at the end of that
time It would not 'cost me anything
But we like your paper very much ami
aetid order for ope year's subscription
from last June. Wishing success,
. - J. If. RE LYRA.
Snohomish,' Wash, Sept. 2f , -1S0I.
(Homestead and poultiy J'uin.il Is
now $1.40.)
Editor Homestead:
Please find ensclosed $1 for my
scrlption to the Homestead. I
very much pleased with your pa
There Is sd much valuable Information
cmtalned in 1L . J
J. A. IlfMlKRS.
Freewater, Or., Sept. 30, lisjl.
Editor Homestead;! r
1 like the Homestead very muth-rr
couldn't very well do without it.
Tbe articles written and reports from
different sections or parts of the (coun
try, published every week, are knowl
edge f which i is to be gotten froirt no
other source, if intelligently applied.
; -:' m"- .-V. . ALLEN. -Rldgefleld,
Wash.. Aug. 19. ml.
Alitor Homestead: '
Enclosed find iostofnre order fo.- one
dollar for one year's subscription to
your valuable paper, j I would be lost
without 1L - Yours truly. 1 '-
- , mm -e-w ' - - .
xnatcner, tr. tsov. n.
Editor Homestead:
I am much pleased with the Home
stead and Statesman; believe them
equal, to any papers on this coast,
not .better.:'-..-. 1 remain, yours respeci-
fullr. L. CltAVK.
Gales ville, Or NoY. 12, iwi-
Edltor Homestead: - .'if
Please find enclosed $1.7 for : my
uKarHrttlnn to tM Homestead and
Statesman. I am much plea sea wun
the Homestead. There Is much valu
able Information contained In It, Wftsh
Inc you success.
Mils. c. m. uixny.
Blakely, Or, Nov. , 10L.
I - A -. '". .'" i
iFrank Strong, of Myrtle Point.
county. Oregon; sends two newsub
soriptions to the Homestead ana stays:
I like the Homestead very much:
could not get along" withoutit-'
A " renewal from VL; C. ax k son. of
Shedd. Oregon, baa the following: en-
coo r a trine words added thereto: I "I
counsel until briefs a re prepared and
when sent vp tobe considered 4 If
filed with the transcript. ' i '
State of Oregon, respondent.4 vs.
James Alkln' appellant: ordered on
stlpulatMn that appellant have until
30" days from May th to serve and file
his brie
Leander Lewis. -reonlent. vs. JK
Rlackfetrrn. appellant; ordered rt mo
tUni lhftt rewnondent'a time to werve
and fila his brief be. extended 30 days.
Wm- Dempf. administrator. aiiel-
lant. vs. Edward Helms, administrator,
respondent: orderedl on stipulation
that the pending motion to dismiss the
atrreal be heard 'with the argument on
the merits.' nd that respondent have
until AugtPTt 1st, to. serve and filei his
j brief. , I
Salem Light tc Traction Company,
".'t. ; : -"
t your tTiildhood's home this
name rates.
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to Mafrrl i-yc o tTFl' Virlcocoit,
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A mmmrm9ma. V, k .
dollar, cut. out and sign this coum.
my address, as given below, for twelve
OOwlthln six months from this date,
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Wlll -Mff v
year cash, or If paid wMhln six months
like iheJiomestcad as well as cvej
r and
would Kot
ln; ymi sii
like to be-without
"U you sueeess.
J. l.' Marl In, f Vancouver, V
Ington. says he 1lkes Ihe llohir
Wm,- IV Stewart of ShohorVilsh.
Washington, Wishes the j
great success.'
V.-E... Williams, of. Outlook.
;. Wash-
Ington, thinks "the lli.ineslead Is , k.M
"I like the I'aciflc. Homestead fine
and think It. IS the Jm-sI farm paper I
have taken," says tl. AOoerlg,- of
WfMxll.'ind, Or. i -
J. W. Keller, of Waterloo, Oregon.
says: rind em-ioneii i tor in years
subscription to the Homestead. Hav
ing recently tome here from Hauford.
California, have failed to get several
copies of your. excellent . pn per. arid
ave missed them very much.
I am well plea set with the paT'er."
writes it.. Kariey. or sionroe.- iri
grnditt tl. C. Berger, of Avon, Wash -
IngtorV ;- ' ' .; :'.' ' ' k -
Frankv Collins, ofXAuburn, Washing
ton, sayst We llkeNyour farm paper
very inucnV better thnn any farm pa
per we ha vexever taken." n1
t G. W. , Tertipleton, of Marysvllle,
Washington, thinks ''the Pacific Home
stead is o. k." ':' . . Y'.V . , -'..;''.
James fjauder. o I TacomaX Wash
ington, expresses himself In this way:
"Would not be, without your papeX for
ten times Its price." .
F. F. Inhale, of ftegher. ' Oregon
says: "W ouit not w without your
pr any longer, never missed, anything
so ;u h." - ' y
J. M. Fisher, of Welserl Idaho. In re
newing his subttcrlptlon to the Home
steadsays he "is well leased with the
paper.".-- - '. i
W. D. Patch,, of Welseri Idaho, takes v
several farm papers, "but likes the
Homestead best of all.." - :, . 1
Dr. A. Sklpton. of Payette, . Idaho .
likes the Homestead very7 much and
thinks "any one Interested in farming
should take It." - y ' . -.; -
Charles Coyle, owning a big wheat
snd stock ranch twd. mile west of
Walla Walla, says -the Pacific Home
stead Isthe best paper on farming l
everread. '--. - ':'-'''.- '. 1
R-B. McNeaI.r having a beautiful
farm aeven miles wrest of Walla Walla.
on7 Walla Walla1 river, is.-golng Info
dairying and' diversified farming. 11
praises the Homestead by saying "Juxt
what I need.
: The paper of all paper to- send to
your Eastern friends., for It gives a
more, thorough Insight than any other;
publication Into the farming and I-
dustrisl conditions of th Nortnwesu
Legal Blank at Statesman Job OfT.u
respondent, vs. R." An on, alpel
lant: .ordered on stipulation that res
pondent' time to serve and flleyU :
brief be-extended' 30 days. ;
tf. S. Mortgage Company resprin
ent. Vs. P. L.7 Willis, appellant:: or
Jered on stipulation that this cause le
determine tn' the bf lets without oral r
argument. . , '.- - i ' .' "
' 1 '; ;.'.
St. Iiouls. Mo., May 12. St4 Iul
2; jNew York, 1; " .
Chicago, May 12-Chlcago; Rrook
lyn .-.' - .;. ;
Clnrmnrttl. O., May 12-C3nclnnatl,
5: Philadelphia,
Plllsburg, Pa, May 12PltUburr.
Boston, 2. ;
Cleve1inl. O., Mayj 12. Oerelandfl ll
BL Loui( 7. ..isiisUsI
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