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"EPTKMRKK 11, RVrt."
President M. I Jones Confidratlj Predicts
Higher Pricw-OtteLotaf Late v
Hop Sold.
(From Daily Statesman. Sept. Ki
M. I.. June. pivsku-ut.of he Oregon
Hop iruwi-ni' Association, was a "a
fem business visitor yesterday. Mr.
Jones is ntbiitatU- regardin;s: the
outlook for a jjimk! hop market, and in
discussing the prosiet for remuner- j
alive, price yesterday, and the condi
tion of the yards, he savid;
"Fur several days -the growers have
lieen energetic in harvesting .the hop
t.rop. Several of the smaller 3-anl.11
have finished picking ami a few lots
liave been haled a ml an ready for
. market, and. all samples shown so far
are choice. ;
"One iut of twenty halt vtrns offered
lor sale in. Salem ulay. j Then- Is kttn
mi 1 liilon to purchase at over 13
cent. It looks like this was to he
growers' year and that the dealers will1
have t w.-ar mil kIm liMilur t find
gni.wcw who are willing to sell. in-
ii-ad of growers falling over ea-li
other to find a buyer vviliitig to make
an -offer.. '. j
"The latent to format ton from Xew
Vork i that sriMVt rH are firm ladders
lor "JO cents a poind. With the Ore
gon growers. Who have Hot yet con
tracted, firm holders, (here ""seems to
Ite no doubt hut that they will realize
from 15 cents to IM cent for their
crop. . ,
"Kepurls justify the conclusion that
tin it- will Im. rather less than Lim.iMl
hales f hops' grown in the I'ni-ted
States; with the average Furonan de
mand of from 7-"M to l't.i hales,
tliij-ic wiii not In- near enough Imps to
;ro .1111. 1. Should Kiudaud take
7.".'" hales, which is ,- minimum
while -l.e lias an average crop, there
wi.'ild 1 ;i very slmrr supply for the
A ectiea 11 il-fli.-l!l. ! Fifteen ceuts uT
,1'iiiinl is no more jthan a reasoiiahle
priee at any time fM" the grower.
"Til' consumption of tin brewers"
prodi.et having increased pi per eeiit.
and lite erop in thejj'tiited States and
laiglatid lcing short more than l"t per
eeni. Ihe growers are justified in ex
ecting from 1T tojiSI rents for their
top. !
"liealers are already making offers
of 1T cents 011 round lot's from turo to
Tin lost lot of laic hops was yester
day .sold in tliis city. It consist-.! of
tuU-nty Imles :;7." ' hmi nd urtr.Tii hy
m! Siit'itioiis. of t!t; Salt ereek distrU t.
in I'olk eoiinty. and was of an exeel
lent quality. T.; A J 1-i vesley Co.. of
this eily. piiretiasetl the lot at III eents
it -pound, anil liiive tie hops stored.
a.aitjii'4 orders.
Ve-ierd.iy's. heavy shower interferod
whh the kinir of the erop in the
wi'ley. iin.l .i.i;!il t.lie rain storm eon
liniie any lentth of time, there is a
pi.ssihllity of some damajre h.-in done.
The rain of Thursday in..ruin was ji
vieal K-iietii. ; as it- washed the hop
without doiiijr danrasre. Pii-t a lorir-eon-t
tuned rain, sneh as set in yesferday
leoiniiisr and mil inm-d all day. would
.ooi rdnee the quality of the li.H.
The went her report -.x-k nijrht imli
caied ImproViHl eoildilions. liowever.
and it is likely that the rain will he
of short '-duration, in whieli event the
loss to the jrrowers will not 1m jjreat.
Many "of the p'ukers from the hop
y.-nos ise:ir S.-ih-iu -iiine t tlie eily hist
niirlit and' will remain until the weatli
er settles. Ihejr eatisps ln-iiis somewhat
A new market for Imps, in a plaee
that was leasi eMs-tel. has re-ently
l-eoti.e knoMii l dealers. A nnnilxT
of wealthy Chinese of Shanghai,
China, are ereet in; Jarge 1revitiir es
t.'il(lisiiunls will tequire aloitt
to.iHHi or ir.io l.ihs of mr hops to
Mipply. their wants this year. Yesler
.tt-iy a hale of the l-si variety irrown
in Million eoiinty started from Sal.-m
l.i Shiinhai. ami it is eonlidently le
h -l liiat iht i-ntiri amount consum
ed hy tlie-e iireweries will ! taken
I r
this s!-ne.
Tiiefe :le pr;icti.-allv IIO llOfis lis.-d
ill tile ttriei't Ht the present time, IH1I
ii will dotilitles Iterolite. ill a few
.Mats, a lar' eotttinier and if it does.
1 re K01 1 hop growers wiil prohahly siip
.1 iheioarke-v Should the IMI.ooH.imO
I'iitllesi take kindly to tin use of the
pi odllel's 1 of Vmer iean hops, there is
every reason ti ln-lieve that the jrrow
iier of hops , will lKN-Miie one of th;
11-10st.prtditai.de industries of the I'a-
iti- i-o;tst.
Alitor VVm. J. C!arke. in this week's
issue of the ,ervais Star, fjives the
following eouqueln nsive n'lxirt of the
hop harvest, and the eondition of the
"The hop sitn.it ion. twith a to priee.
quantitv and quality, here is all that
eoiild Ik desire-I- The priee is strong
1 A Wnoderful Mcdidoe.
r. Bnr-.. m.A K'ramii DinondfTH. such
l"id .nd HiiB ia tbcStomacb. Sick HeJ.h.
Giddioe, Fulness and Sweilms at-tr mtn s.
in(s of Heat, Lsa of ApJclitc, Shof'JW of
Brrath,Jostvencss. EKMCtieswa ire1?"'"
lurbed Sterp.t-'ncNiful Dream,anJ all Hervm
nd Tremblini ScBsarioBt,etv.; These ailments
all arie from a disordered or abused condinuo
of the stomach and liver. 1 ,
Bcrchtm's Pills will quickly restore rfmiin
ta fAfflnlrM luwlrh Th. nmfltntlv ItWOVt ftlf
obsiructifHi or irresaUrity of the ystvri. f or a
Weak StoMtach, Impaired Digestion, Sick
HeadaclM. Diaortlcrcd I jver, etc.,
fcey act like magic a tew dos will work woc
dera apoa the VuaJ Orja; Strraaihcaiog lle
Mescalar Svateat, reslwing I he loag iosl CMn-
piCTion, tKinfcinf aaca tne iccitocii-ki:i"--l ,
Mmalth thm whm tttyloml awrerfjy 1
off favora ttrmy rm rMjr -PPWIsrf.
Thct arc "facts" aumtitrd ny
thatasaads, la all ctas of soc'cly. and mte
of the best Kaaraatecs to the Nervous end
Ifehiiitated is that S.-echam'a PiUs bve the
Largest Sale of any Patent Mediciae ia the
arid. This kas bea achieved
Wltboot the pubticatioti of tetitnonU.te.
Beecham'a P1U htve for tnaay yean Leei
ri-e popaiar family medicine wherever tKe
E ar.uah laagaatje ia spofcea, and theyjow &taad
without a rirak -
10 teats and 25 cents, at til drsc stores.
I ' 1 : - - -
and inerrasln?; the .inantltr wilt nrr.
a?e with former fear Tr. i4iii.un
hales-amJ the ptalKy Is excellent.
The hurr, however, isVnta!! hut nolhl
ami full of lupulin and iinseru.ently
weiirhs more to tht ntx tvlien drieL
lu a nuniher of eases, where : -yards
have Wen eompteted. a larger utuulier
of Uixes have ls-n ftatliertil ransing
from ,5 ti 1 per eent aver last sen -wot'
erop. . . . 1 J v
"A simple examined showed "up a
greenish -olor hut was rieh ja lupulin
aed is pronouneeil by esjrts to W su
iei ior to any samples phown last year,
yet it was pUked too preen. Tlere is
a diversity of lo alitUs as well as soils
hi re and a eoneinent nunder f ri'e
and u:iriie yards, yet all are picking.
I'leklDjr is now general an.l prtigress
h under favorahh weather tondi
tiens. not witiisiandin-jr a lnavy rain
tha't prevailed Sn this seetion last
night, which did not stop the workers,
tmt rather made the cundit'ons more
favorahh for the pieker. j.
"""iris uuitt-iNiii :ire kijiii
etnrs per iss, ami came to the priee
without the neels of a strike to hrinsr
ii aiMtut. which was in prosecf and
wo.ild have uudoui-neilly occurred.
'1 iM-re an not too many pickers and
flowers are Keinnin to s it that
way. OKI pickers claim tkat they are
not aide to make as much pi.-kin? hops
as formerly, and lay it to the small
horr and lighter crop. The efftH-t of
under cultivalton Is shown hy the
small hurr. and there are many such
yard this s-as.n.
"In a uiniiitt-r nf cas.s dealers have
Imiilit fields out right, pa.vius as much
as foo er acre and allowing the own
er P.- cents per jkmiikI to harvest the
crop, additional.- This hrinjrs tlu cost
of the crop up to fully P cents per
pund. There are a namlier of deal
ers renting lare a re.'iges-herealmuts.
and it is not felt by 1 lie farmers that
this tieetl cause apprehension as to fu
ture prut s as at lhse tipures f cost
dealers mi sit 11.1t ed must from neces
sity lecoiiie slroii; Iiohlers if they ex
pect to come ont whole.
"Th're lias htt n a fevvv.eass where
sliort time otions have heeti taken at
l.' cents jM-r pound, iutt S4 far no ac
tual emit tacts have r-sult-d there
frttm. -It is not too Iiih to claim- that W
tn 11 jn-r cent of Us- Marion county
i rop has Hss-d from tirst hands and
now contracted hy speculators at
prices rallying from s: to l'j cents per
Mnuid either hy contract or sale.
"A dealer calls your correspondent's
.Mi ntioii to the fact that while a nun
cultivated hop may Ie lesser in yield
and smaller in size of huir, yet it is
almost - universally richer in lupulin.
Not having fully invest igafvd this
point it is given for what it is worth,
with the added remark, that this sea
son's crop largely liears out the obser
vation of the dealer rcferreit to
J'he foUowing retort was fient out
fiom Xorth VakPna, Wasliinglon. un
der dale of S.ilentiier (Uit. reuarding
t in situation in the yards of the hop
district surrounding tttt citv:
I loppii-kiug has begun in nearly all
of the late yards in this valley. The
acreage is not so large a last year.
I ut the ipttlity of hops is Inciter, l'.uy
ers are tiuite numerous and 'offers of
l." cents n pound have Ih-cii re fit set I by
some of tl:e large growers. A great
n.anv advai'ce sales were made at In
tents, and I he Imps mortgaged to g.d
iooiiey for picking, before it was gen
erally lielieve;1 that prices would ad
vance. Now some- of those remaining
art' held at 15 cents. It is believed
that lite general shoitagt will a.ivartc:'
prices even altove expectations of the
iri owers. ,
The crop of Yakima county is esti-li-.'lie.l
at 1 1 ,,t M S l.i.l. s of choi -e hops,
pickers are ncitncrovis ami the work
will be eoiiiplet.'il .'and hops 'ready for
maiket by tleto'tM-r 1st. The iiuiuImt
0 Indians eiig.igttl ibis y-ar is ri cat
er titan for soon- season's p:isl. This
is account t-d for by the fact that the
white men :'.nd women are kept busy
earing for the -fruit, and .potato "crops
which are unusually large .a nil good
demand. ..The pickers are paid 1 -er
Imix of I'm pounds green hops. The gen
eral shrinkage in this valley is a little
over two-thirds, HM pound,' of greeu
hop making alwuit twenty-eight ' to
thirty-three mhiikIs when pn p.-irctl for
the bales'." '
'al nlitii' Iicwi. of New York, the
v. "Sera 11 liei iiier. li.ini. in his I'r.nlnc-
rs Price Ctirr.atl. says regarding t'ic
l'l.'ttl.ct uinler date 1 f S.'pleml'r 1st:
IIeeipts for week
f;e-eipis from Sept. I..
Ite. e'pts sai:ie time last year
Inputs to KuroiM for week.
l-'Xor.s from Sept. I...
K port -s,saiof tini" last vear.
Impoits for Week ....k.
finMrts from S:pt. 1.. i.....
Imiiiiils s:inii lil'ie h;st year.
11 l.tio
I r. 1.71 7
is. no
- i
l't'siiie--s on tin hwal market has
bi;-t' very 'ivi-t again I his. week, btit
the light stocks reitiaining in first
bat'ds in tliis cofiiiry an I prospts t-i
oii.-itb-r.ibh shr tii.ilge ill the i:iigl:-h
er.. t.'od t ii'.it.e it rather firm hohl-
i:: of most grades. y, .im make no
nsi i iiil change in .protaiions as t!i:
:". transact Ions. tejKilel are in thi
rr.c.'e tf these fiurures. New Imps ha -.
not aeiievi'ed on the niark'-t as yd.
The ueatjser has leeit very fat orabh
to t!ie riiening of the hops iu New
Yotb state. It now looks a if we
shall g-t good quality, ami the pt:iii
tity m;iv be a blth t!ire than hiM
year. Ilinrphrevs are tsoft being
picket! "ami are j'eomiiig down in lim
shape: siit sales of seedlings are r
I ortr't! it I f't !- Picking. tie later
crop, will general Xfou.Hy. 'i the
rat 'He co.ist the crcp h k vet gooi.
In Caliittrnia gttw ts at- pit king. Iu
Oregon they have liegnn 011 tltc early
var:7'tu-s ::;tt by September -lib pick
ing will be general. Taking tin eoa t
fls whole Ihe eiiihx.k Is fow.inr a
seieewl-at l!icr,:tsl yield as compared
with IMfi. ft w contracts have al
tcativ'le,n math, but a a rule gr.rvv
t t;s are md at present itu Ihr'd to sell.
JM Jr nrali cf p is jest Invited to In
aiuuu "P ,,,st :Tear. The Knglish
ami IVlgian erons are tJie only tt:es h-r-c'cirt.
Seven I cables from Tindoii
this week giving varying estimate 0.
-.iMHMi tt ldiM cwts.. which is con
sMertbl.- Ik1.vv- their ri-ptlremem.
Not over half a crop Is expectetl in
iviginui.' ,, '
Stale, 1.ae. choice, per lb. ... ti U
?iate. 1Vi!. gd 10 priuie.. .12 fiibl
State isre. ttnitnion to fair. .1 .H'l
Pacific toast. 'hoIv;..l.i,.A14
Iic. co.ast gootl to prime. 11l-4l-Vi
I"a oast.ls:,.. ioot to fair. T 61 11
State or Pac. coast, lfOS-.Ki 5 f !
Stale or Iac. coat, oW-oMa. L j 5
1C" CTll I r.nnuf iv r.lrer. After .-dms
XI II I liIJflllnJlg'3"11' After admission to the liar. . he
Ki ve II and red Will lie Shewn at the Fair
This Tear- More Boon Has to
Be Provided. - :
Ftom iaily Statemaiu Sept."k)
Wlw-u the ct'lttire of IM.gian hares
was inrrodneetli in Ore-ion about a year
agt it was thought that, ourshte of a
few fanciers f iet sltrck. few would
engage in breeding the little animals,
that the "boom would le short-lived,
the pritlietiou was freely made thst
the-industry Would not amount to
51 tich. These doleful predictions have
fa lieu short of the mark, for lielgian
hates are umv bred hy iiinitlregs f
tiregoti's most energet'c fietple. aiid
inau.y hundreds more ate eagerly iu-
turiring for stock with which to iopti-j
new iabbitrir-s. lN-lng anxious U
engage in the propagation of the ltcl
glatis. recognizing in this industry an
other branch for the tiivcrsiiictl farnt
iug. Thus far the breeding of JS-I-giaos
iu Oregon is con lined tr ptotluc
ing biopsied. higli-scriiig stH-k. bui
the tendency is towartl mea'i prtMbie
liou. and the time is trot far distant
Whelt the meat of the hare . Will be
come a staple article of diet in 'this
state, taking its place alongside of On
liecf, Mrk. mutton, chicken and tur
key, and other provisions, now tiiitliug
ilieir places on a well appointed table.
At this y-ars Slate Fair the Helgian
1. at -ei section in tin poultry and jkm
siiwk. pavilion, the department presitl
cl oer by tietirge I . lbolhue. tiicie
pifiieises t be a lack of room for l In
hates th?.t will Im- entered for exhibi
tion and for premiums. Already ap
plications have Is't-n made for the en
trance of .";o ISelgians a nil more are
coming, and the indications are mat.
many exhibitors who contemplate en
tering their stock at the fair will be
en-.' 1.1c in find room -unless ihey make
their wishes kif fWIl eat ly. so that the
iiianagciiieut ' can make preparataus
bcftireharitl to imuse the slock.
This pic mitotic tf t!ie Itclginn iiiire
ill Oregon show to what an extent
the industry has grown in one short
year; since the .Statesman lirs! anvo
taleii tlie lireetling of ihe Hclgians in
this state, and still ithpiiries for breed
ing slot-U are being sent tti the los
Angeles and other C.-ilit'oruia rabbit -t
ies from every part of this state, and
.hutches are being slocked in every
city, town ami hamlet in Oregon.
'l'he adaptability tf the clinile in
tin Pacilit Northwest for the propa
gation of tlie Iklgians. is a question
thai lias been discussed at lenirili in
various quarters, but it is now gener
ally conceded that no other iurrt of
Hit country is. by nature, so well tittett
fo;lhe lioiue of the F.clgiau. as is the
Pacitie Ntrthwesl. A writer in tiie
Northwest Poultry ami Pets, a journal
published iu Spokane, in disce.-ing
Ihe question: "Are- Climatic Condi
tions Favorable in the Northwest -for
liaising TlieinV" says:
"Froin tlTt-ee years' experience as a
bleeder. 'I can say yes. The essential
thing iu this climate is to provide soil
able places where they can kt-p dry
ami le protected frmn the heat.
"The P-elian seems to be at Ihe
1.......I.. ..r 1.;. i...,......... t.... 1. ......
O. ... 1.. ....... .... .....
eery era wis tiowu .-i;sitn jiiui ot io.v
jsei-o. While the young Itelgian is a
great fet der. his growth is equally in
proportion. He is ml particular,
however, ill vvh.it he has to eat. He
will e.it almost all kinds of weeds, is a
natural lnitanisf. tliscarling any v ee.l
that, is poisonous. Young hares heed
some grain, as grass, hay or wt ed
are too soft a foot-4o properly sustain
them in their woudtrrTuI 'growl h.
Tin yo"i')g. P.eljrlan s h"siies is to
cat and gvovv ami he thn's boih in a
phasing manner. They .must have
water every day for lx-st result-, .ex
cept winter time, then iterhaps he, will
not drink more than once a week.
"I have bred Pclgians for the market
a till Iin.l it far more profitable than
I ton I try. I cannot agree with some
siateim-nts I have seen in print that
tin Pelviati hare does not take on fat.
I can prove Ihe contrary by the butch
ers to whom I have sold ll:i!in in Sp.i
k.me. They accumulate fat on top o"
their s!;odtlers and on tlie inside of
tl-eir bodies.- I have dressed t'.jetn
when there was. too much fat ' n tiieni
ami it hat to ( taken off: if not done
the meat Wolil.l !e too oily. I lierc art
some claims made by bretsh-rs that
should Ih taken with a grain .of allow
ance. Tht F-el'ziati can stand on his
own merits; he is h:irdy ami prolific to
a fault: Is v ry ' wholesome and palat
able food. Young fried chicken Is in
tto way his superior. 1 have lately v s
he. I .-ei 1 ie of cur Itelgiati bleeders anil
find tiit iti rill satisfied with ilw m. iu
fact delighted."
Then Has. Never Been a Strike
Against A. P. Stickney. of the
t hit ago i b eat Western.
iV. S. Ilarvvtiotl in Aiushs''s.)
"If it were possible to give a formu
la ft.r the preparation of a character
like thai of A. it. Stk klley. the Presi-
thiit of the Chicago t'reat Western
i;a:?ro.ttl. -perhaps the prescription
wo'dd reatl like this: 1 ,;
Take toe art of old fashionett. rug'
cd hot.esty. iiin part of New Ktiglaiid;
iht irt. oik part of uiinagging Intlustry,;
tne part of keen business sjtgaeity. 010?
pan of te.idfast do vol it .11 to the inter
ests of associates, one i-art justice, and
one of kin. In ss of heart. lWeii.l these,
allowing Tor the usual minor biein
ishes which Is-long to all humanity,
and you will have A. Ik Stickney. a
iriiuioe". figure among American rail
vv.tv pte.itlents.
peihas if you throw in a sjilce 0
mlacity ami a dash of obstinacy, you
wo. hi nu 1 doiiis ;mi.ss.
"Tlutiigh the life wink of Mr. Stlckr.
ney has 1 en -wholly Wsteru. he is an
I la istern 111a n by birth, coming from an
old Maine family. Tie was born in the
town of Wilton. -Franklin county, hn
l.s-tu. After & eoiniimu sehtud etlitca
tiou. Ire legan teaching selmol at the
age of seventeen. Iiter he enterttl
tbe-lav. office of a famous Maine law-
j r i ii l ii - i '
w m m m h ij M ' M m m . m ' ' " - - " I
vveot Yet. where be soon abau.hjneil
the law for the iarg an.I euuimauiliug
J fieUl of the. railroad.
"This in a nutshell, is the luogrnphy
of lids ia.i -a. If you should ask him
fcf details, you probably would receive
tl.tS a:jsv.-er once given by hhu to a
i -iarter who wanted some 'tiuileriah
l"No. sir: I haven't anything to give
Jt'ti. The t!me to- write a man" life
liejter comes till he is dead and not
tiin rnless he has tlone something
worthy of lieing written alxait."
"Fait liU Intimate life of tlay lie
11 ti.t easily hide, for he has vvrit
tea ii in the hearts of thousand of
l--.-4.ple with whom he has come iu
tifi !."!:. while his public life is tn-lng
w ratten ntit tlte activities of the eouu
ny iu a clear rand Inihl haml.
r It tltH-sir't nuikt any tliiTcreitee
what kitnl of a suit-of clothes a man
i:s -'on. wlietber it is the wirk of a
New York laikir and worn by the rich -esjt
man iu America, or whether it is
tla coarsest iiomespnn. black with the
griease ami tlitt of the engine, ho nian
ti:is tie get an interview wiih Mr.
Sijit km y if he has any sensible reasou
ior asking it. '
''I ids ii-mark. made to me by a
c'Ose friend of Mr. Sticknev. illustiates
admirably. tr;e of his characteristics,
lie i eise of tiie tiit'st approachable
linen in tiie .World.; If you were, to
.-tjody this man from the short range
of )iis tailroad oiiices in the city ofSt.
I aid yirti woithl see tliat the grimiest
htukeiuati 011 his railro:itI mieeis with
jifst .-is warm a welcome, if he has
bpsiness to tr::is;u-i. as the man with
oHtiy tiih-s. Mr. Stickney is esseniial
'. y 'IcliitH Till ie.
Y'Aed he is not only democratic, but
1 e is 1
... the
he is demoerjiHcail v Ji.st. If anv one
thousands of cinpl.ies on his
t.-jli!roatI lias ti grievance, or if he j-al-lyhas
none, but honest l.v believes he
it has
!'is. lie
afcs:; I lie
iiiay 1 as sure of an audience
head "of the greatest Eastern
cerpit! at ion. not a perfiftictory. Ihw-ioon-will
yoi'i-lM--tl. rough audii-m e. but
j satisfactory ' autlieiice. in vi w f
11 is. ii is not so strange that, in all the
yiats lh. Stickney has 1mcii at tiie
bead tf tl?e Cliicjigo Great Western
tiei- ltas never been a stril-. Once,
itfcrc'.v to I-.! iov the leader, there ua
asyilipalhv strike, but thel-e lievcr hits
Jiccn a strike tga ins him." -
At Bed Time
take a pleasant herb drink, the next
t.rning L ft-el bright antl niy om-
picxu.n ;s better. My doctor says
it acts- "trtt'y on the stomach, liver
an.j kidnry's, ami is a piea;u.t laxa
tivr. It is made form herbs ami
is . prepared, a; easily as tea. It is
ralk-d Lane's Medicine. AH drng
ftist .veil it at 25c. and 500. Lane't.
.Faiiciy edicits moves the bowels
each day. If you cannot get it. send
a trtc sample. Address.
Woodward. Le Roy. N. Y.
id -tit Stit km y Says t'ountry
opportunities Are Large ami
; iY. S. I iarwcod in Ainslee's.1
"IV lias long been 1 lie belief of Air.
Stickney. the president of-the Chica
go Cicat Western Hail mad. that the
II a mi lite of America has Ih-cii need
lessly sombre. He is a very earnest
:;ith tK-ate tf a foinplcte change in the
methods id 'farm life, lie is in favor
d creating a'liiile community wher
i'f'Vel there an- even a half tlo.eil farfli-;it-rs
si-atleri'tl on tiie With' Western
.'prairies. If. wnuld have these fartii
e: s t oiiie into a eoiiimoii coiiimunity.
Uiot in any sense "theoretically
01 11 1 1. 11 1 tit I. bm a community for cnlti-
for metitiil airvanceiiietif . for
social progress, for tlie .fostering of
the-. liner ami tlie jollier features of
life. He advocates Hie union of these
fanners into such a town or cominiiii
ity. each one going otil from his home
in the uiorning 10 his t.eld as a eily
laborer goes tint to his work. The
houses lie would have ..built at some
Intersecting oini. which xyould at all
limes leave I lie families of ihe farm
ers in immediate eoniaci. Not only
would' there In a great increase iu th
satisfaction of living, but protection
would be iu-itrcd in the emergencies
of sickness, lire ami tramps, lie would
obliterate the isolation whicu sepal
ajes il;e farmer from the world. .and
Which, n wo are to belie vet host who
h:i vc tnade a s:utly of the subject, does
iam h to increase insanity in rural re
"V't 011 -no point is he more strenu
ot's in ids writings tnau 11 the fool
islmess show 11 by intclliirent men In
IIK-king to the cities for when tin
oppi t uttMles in the cottniry are so
large ami temriling to the man of
char vision. Here is a quotation from
1111 -address .which Mr. Sticktiey gave
some t ime ago: .
'To the dogs with the sentimental
m-iisense that the ''rnmiiiii'g: . process
f pie city scIhmiIs and tlte alv:titag's
of icity chtirches, .which you seldom
enter, "are all that makes life living.
and that to temove to tlie country 1
to rob your children of -those advant
ages. Lot laboring men examine the
pt digre;' ,of tlie successful busiuAss
men. the .'-distinguished lawyers, the
lead tig physicians, tiie most eloquent
chrgymeii, ambulates) Without excep
C011 tlrey re country b.ru. rearetl and
f educated. "
to ActjuiRi: coon vocabulary
Read Ottod Rooks and Listen While
Well Kdueated People Talk.
"A pood vocabulary is acquired by
rending- good looks. as well as by
hearing the talk of those who express
short roads.
nd light loads. .
rCood for everythiii'j
that runs on wheels.
..'':'' '
Sold Etrywbtr V
Mmm fcr RAVOARD Oil. CO.
themselves In the sjweili of educatetl
pijde." writes Margaret li, :iiirster
iu ihe Septeiulter Ijitlles Home Jovur-.
n I. "Thought Pes tiack '" of speech,
ami the more subjects ititerest us the
more coiumund tf laaguage we shall
tiave In widen to tU-serile tlient. They
wlitt reaI seleniitie lssiks .will have
a grasp of scieuiilie terms. They wbo
discriiuinate uietly ami use the very
Inst vvt.nl .to iy what they have in
their minds will consult a dictionary
.intl Kit- what are the simllaritiesi or
the contrasts of t-ertain-words: will
choose, as among ceins. the flawless
ruby or crysial: will not le SiitlsthHl
except with the exact word which call
express precisely the meaning they;
w ish to tuvey. The reading of trood ;
authors lifts mr vo.-abularj f rmi i
iceinuess ami u.e.-g-r,.e-.s to
wort Is which are like a lKaut!rul embroidery-
tu the garment of tt.iily life,
ami furnishes tts with allusions. pu
tat ions and phrases whicii are pict
ttresque, apfnisite or fonveiiieut for
illusiratious." " -
the dock at NewlKTj u Sunday 'even
ing. alout Jr o'clock, the ). Ii. & N.
steamer lluth narrowly .escapetl bciug
lest roved by tire, says the Hay ton
Hera hi. The mate had occasion to
look "after some article In his locker,
which is In front of the boilor antl
I'tnhTiieaih tht stairway in ihe for
ward part of the steamer: uion open
ing the locker door, he discorcred a
bale tf oakum on the 'Inside ,011 tire.
'Without ''closing the door be riishett to
the upHr tleck To give, the alarm.
In tiie meantime Johnson one
of t lie hands. seeing the un-
usual conduct of the mate, went to j but he had 110 intent iott of comjug, to
the l.s-ker tt .investigate and finding pi, k hops iu tiiis section of the state,
the Inside on tire, got tiie hose, and : When he left lit wore the same clothes
Chief Kngitieer Hrisctd and tiie lirei m w hich Ihe bo.ly .at ! the tmu-gue is
man getting the pumps to 'work aiiiressed. The buok'foiiud in his Mcket 1
stream of water was soon playing ut
tlie fire, and by that and the water description .written therein wai
gone up in smoke ami ihe officers nul piafcd 'there by Frank Morton," .of
men. tlie lire was -soon put out. The llama sen '.he . IT-' year old soil
damage was estimate at. alhittt Sl'O. If t.!ouniy Commissloiier Pit hard
was :i very close call for the steamer. Morion of Cl.o kit .11.1s comity, and was
Had the fire been discover! but a few j w rittcit In a spirit of fuiidia ving in
uiinuivs later, the l.-at Would ha ve : Hpet ial meaning. - -wt-nt
up in smoke and tlte oilicers am! j- The young matt evidently did not.
crew save themselves as lies! the.v r.ti.l work-in Portland, and' thus was
could by -swimming ashore. Notwith-. vinbicetl to come to Salem to nick
Stil Il.l iliLT 1li.it for :l .liot-t lime ttl.
"boys" were hard at work and intent
on saving iln steamer, several incid
ents occur nil; over which they enjoy
ed a hearty laugh. ; Purser "ilbert
rushed .tint of his room with his clothes
in arms re.it ly lo leave the ship' or
sink vitli-!t: other oilicers ami men
were at work in their night clothes
ami bare feet. A-stream of wafer
from tlie host, struck tht steward fair
ly in the hack and doubled him up as
if shot.
croup or a
ttift to
Word "to Mothers.
of children affected with
severe cold I iced tioi lit si
inlitiiiiister "CliainUrla ill's
Cough Remedy. It contains no opiate
nor narcotic in any form ami may be
given as coiiliili.'ntly to the Italic as to
tin adult. The gretil success that has
Miiemlctl iis ue in Ihe treatment of
colds and croup lias won for it tlie ap
provaFaud praise' it has received
throughout the United Slates ami in
foreign lands. For sale by F. tl. Haas,
druggist, Salem. Oregon.
1'tlY P.PRt Jb.KS.--"Two P.l ycar-i
old youths. .1. I.. A'iii:Ioio -and Kdi
Rose were arri sled -yesterday by Hej
tt-ciivcs Ford and Cordano for robbing
the house of Mrs; M. Pagan. Ss." l;ieis
i reet." says I lie Oregoiiiau of yesleiS
day morning. "Fortunately, the propi
city stolen was toil.nl ifjtoii the per;
sons oi' tiie prisoners It consislctl f
two valuable gold watches and a nug
get. . lined altogether :il sr.V Itot'l
intloni auTl Pose belong in Portland.
aiid li.ie Ucii in m.-i its of the St:iie
kei'.nm School. They will be .li
ed toiiay iii the municipal court."
I toys had been pamled fttuu the
Kcl'o-ii! Schtio). tlttriag good belt
Wintiom in ts'tx m..l l'tsi in
The State
a vioi'.
Si'pi ' . n . 1. 1 1 1 1 H. I'!. Hickers was" yes
tcniay titiiihed by the IVii'tlainI autlior
il'es of the crime toiiimiltetl ly ilie
lints iiittl went down on the aficmooii
tiiiiu ;o lei t them back to the insll
: to ion. They will probably be com
pelled to s.-rve their full sentence,
which expiies , lien tlicy become 1
years- of :ii.
Laura T. Slurp, of tliis city, has, lM-eii
visiting her .gramliiioi lier ami other
relatives at Klamath Palis. rr-Jurnitig
home yesterday. A few tlavs leftre
leaving the Kliiniiitli region, she cap
tured ." valuable specimen of nature's
itccasiomil monstrosities., it is .1 yoniig
water-snake,' about fourteen inches
long ail perfectly foi nu tl in ustial
snake Ktyle except that it has two
heads. Those grow out simultaneous
ly from ilw neck, and are seemingly
etptal in dimensions an 1 functions.
Kach head acts independently. Thcy
sometimes lie sitle by side ami some
times spread ut at right angles or
even a greater distance. Miss Sharp
brought her trophy Inum with her and
consider it of considerable money
value, ns she has beeji offered a good
figure for It already. She will present
it for Jm.iecthn to the IJingiing 'Pros,
ttslay ami it may ltccome a part of
that already womhrful aggiegation.
Bon tW Vi Haw A.'ats Baa
Citizens" Water Hitch Company: o
.Toseph, Wallowa county, fihsl article
of ineororatlo!i in the State Heparf
ment yestertlay The. ctonpany pro
poses t construct antf operate a sys
tem of water t! itches and canals, tak
ing the wafer out of the Wallown,rive
for domestic use ami for iirlgation
pttriMistt. - Joseph is tin heathfuartcr
ttf the corpora t ion. . 'The company has
a capital stock of fuoo. iPcled itit j
shares valued at 1 eac'i. J. J. Stan
ley, president, and F. F. McCnlly. sec
retary ami treasurer, are the Imor-
porators of rettitth
A portrait of the lab Walter .
Giesham. secretary of stale nndei
ITeSitlerit Cleveland, is to be given a
place of honor In the gallerh-s of the
emperor of J.ijian. This Is to lie . dort-
as a triome to Jir. iretiams servici
In r.egotiatiiig tlH" treaty Utweeii th-
Unitctl State and Japan whit h Wa.
adoptctl tluring Cleyt-laiid s. mi oik!
term. ; -: " -.. .. ' .;
"Some men lift re no Judgment."
Uor ItistameV
Tl.ete's old Mmieybag. After mh"-:
nir a milliitn beL ltecame a vegetarian
and a Iroh'.bitionist. Judge.
.; CXlltSIKIl lESIEKUiy.-
Afeother laqoMt Will ! Hl ToJay-A
i llrolhrr or th IHMid MQ
j ! llr. :
(From Daily Statesman, Sept. ..
The dead man w m was" pulled out
ot the river at Wheatland 011 Tuesday,
declared to Ik Frank-Morton, of Ham
asciis. )ngn, ty tht coroner's jury.
XVcdlleS,t:iy atld burled ill Salem oil
Thursday, "was yesterday exhumed,
atid Identified by Joseph Pillsier, tf
lkuuascus, as the remains of the lal
ter gentleman's year old brother,
Theodore Pillsier. With the result that
Pot oner 1. 1
Iiue last evenintt de-;
anuthor imptest at IU
cldetl to hold
a. 111, today. .. . . ' -
Jostih Pillstcr and Walter Ifelser,
of Iiamasciis, arrived iu Salem yes
terday afternoon, the body of thelead
liiau 'having lK-n exhumed before
their arrival. The remains had beeu
taken to the undertaking fiarlors of
Cl.mgli ..V nigthiti. ami the. ovo yotmjj:
tin 11 readily idcniilied ihe tlcad nun.
They stated that youuj; I'illster left
; ta ma sens on VA ediiewlay, August
j 21111. having Iseu taken to Portland
iiy his stepfather, Henry Troge. 'Hie
lioting nihil s plan was lo llmi vvork.
uvas' the tlead man's nroiK-rl V. but the
hops. .'Who was. his partner. Is un
known to tils friends. The young
in.itt who claimed to-have Im-cii will.
j hi in. and who is now at. the Hoist
fpros." hop yard tin the Jo ranch.
?was cvIdetiiTy ttuly.a chance actpiaiut-
ii nee. He is unknown to ine tinm
man's relatives. He was seen last
evening at the Hove ranch. : and said
that he came up. the ...river, with young
Pillsier. .that "ho .had owed. Pillsier $l-".
which he paid to the young, man. hav
ing found Him short of -fit itt Is. Thai
he last saw Pillstcr near Lincoln on
the slcamenpugeiitvoii Thursday .eve
ning.' August 1 :ioih. The young . 'man
hail been drinking, but was not in
toxicated when Ihe iwtiv fr'ctids went
to uleep on the tleek'of the steamc,".
That w lide he was lyiug rolled in his
t.laitkets. I'illster arose nd left him.
and (hat he had not seen .the young
i:m since, and beliei c. the yontig
feliew h.i l fallen overboard, lie senn
et I io be Very tlllfonceined abnift llit
" lte of ii'ts frielltl. Tlie .story of I Im
payineni tif the $15 is not credited by
'in tle.id man's -relatives.
An etTort will "e made at the ' In
piest this moriiing. it i said, to secure
the evidence of the df'ad tii.iti's whiim
fricml and I r.i fling companion, which
uliould Hot le ilrtlictilt.
Miss Nellie- '-Pillsier and Mahr
WiiUe Pillstcr, brother ami sister of
the tleceast-d. spent the p.isi week ut
Moulsoii's hop y.'ti'tl near Pixie, and
they were last evening brought to S.i
lem. The sister leaves for home 011
Ihe Albany' Idea! this morning.-' w hile
the younger brother ' remain' for the
impict. The family is. much shacked
hy the s.-hI fate of .-their .-young broth
er, who list always borne a jro.d repu
tation. .Tliis is tin .second sudden
deaflt lnitle of a few years, iheir
fallt'T having sdeeiiniln'il fo heart di
ni'.Kc four year ntro.
The remains' will Ik taken lo Oregon
City this afternoon. .1 ml will be inter
red fit homo. 1 ,
T'he relative of the 'tleceasetl are
nslttu to have a thorough Invest i
g.ltlou made, and if -there Is evltlem-,
of foul tilay. they wish the guilty
parlies brought . to justice. The fain-
Hy utand high In Clackamas county,
the county oflh-ers'at Oregon ("i(y
vouching for the respectability-and hi
te:riii.V of tht peojilc, iind no efroils
will be sjiaietl to see that Justice is
i'ine printing. Statf.mair Job Oflier.
A I S I R f A-Il PN S A RV.
More llaletl Than in Any Other
lean Couiiiry,.
iCyt us f '. Adam In Alnslee'sf
'There is more tleimuci;i I ion of
ti-iist in . n stria Hungary than in
ii'tiy other country of Ihirope. lull
mil her. talk nor laws have harmetl the
system. The Anstriaii. Miliar triirl,
lo Im sure, was tiisstdvetl after a-short
exislcllf',. 'ttt Im-c.-MIsc Ji W;t: lliliipll-
lar. though tlie. price IS.vetl tin its com
ln iil'ty !ifi I made il inasiy f-meoles, loif
becau," ttf disscii-con aiming l( meiii
!'!. SiiP, p ests have 'not . cv leiid -.l
; r'iidl.v in Austria 1 1 unwary a .In
tJermany. and. llV-re is stror:gef sciili
11. -nt in favor of resfrlctlfig tra!"
ceiit'iina lions among Austrian lcgi
lator th. 111 in the Oerman Parr.imcol.
A bill was iutrtsliiccd'a w'it'de agt in
tie Au-iiian Rehlii-iittli for govern
trt ut sj!erv isi.,11 of frud engaged In
Llhe protlucti-m of brainlv. lteer. m.ti
-tral il ainl oilier iirticles thai tire
iU'bjcft to excUe. but tiothiug i-iime of
It: and the oijti-r law t.f IkVj d clariti
!dn-'tl i ll ( Olllbillilt loll iile'-'al "H
long uw.t icc.ihd.. Atrrcitii-iit :ind
t rt 1 acts tit raj-ie the price t.f com
tc'itdii ie . or Injit-rlottsly P ,nfcc ihe
Ifjieiesfs of Wt.rkllrg fiit li are Vi.i.1 by
'aw: but ne'ihe'r ltd imr any other
legislation agaiusf-' trust In. Austria'
h;.s cvr r.prevenv ipf he formation of .1
tttsde comliiii.t Ibe- h is' iiif -rfercd with
it n fkit5,."
la U its Ura tbete
rh'mld tta clejiiil.oO'S. .
Elj'f Crc cm Iialm
t,!iM ; txtliie rs! Ii t. !
tlie 4:ael nn-.sriike.
ft enr t rrh Mi4 tlrit 1
ay eoitl ttt U Uc&4
Cream "Batns '.s pineal tr.to tiv nottrl'.d, tpr&a J
over th ntaVtn and i '.tsn',A-L l..iii:ii
BrliileelaC'Me!oUwe. R i iiot (Irjin fi
ot fOi'occ n&ee.iii". l".re irl. tJtiiK &t U;uj.-.
M? or by wkli ; Trial ftivxv If n-u' Ur t-miL
VLi tltomElii.Sti Wairu S:teel.Iiw York.