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    :ly o.uigo:; srAT::s.iA::, .Tuesday, july, 17, 19-0.
from CANTor,
LI Hang r.ftang Will Await Action
: by the Powers !
Ha Directs the Operations of Friend J j
Vieeroys and Controls the Tur
- balent Elements.
IX)NDONf July J-I .The scanty cable
dispatcln-s received today add nothing
to the knowledge, in London, of the
Chinese situation. It Is stated posi
tively, from Canton, that IJ Hung
Chang will remain there until the al
lied troops hare defeated rrince Chji-
an'a forces, ami will then go north to
lend his powerful aid In arranging
terms of; peace, co-operating with
Irince Chlng, Yung Iu and other pro
foreign viceroys. For the present XI
Hung ChWng considers that he can
best control and1 direct the viceroys
front Canton, and also keep In check
the turbulent province of Kwang Tung.
AH foreigners and missionaries have
evacuated Wen ichau, and have ar
rived at NIng r& 1 : i I
The Daily Mail's St. Petersburg cot--
, respondent snx8 t,jat ,a ne 1381 si
hours' liattle outside Tien Tsin, the
Cossacks captured six Krupp guns and
killed numbers ot fleeing lexers. The
Chinese lost 3XK kIlled, including Gen
eral Kek. ; I
San Francisco, CaL, July 13. TJlie
;."tranport..'. Hancock arrived ; tonight,
.twenty-four days from Manila, via
Nagasaki. She brought 101 general
passengers' and 47 soldiers. Five
deaths a mil two suicides occurred ou
the voyage. . ' r j
Consul General Ho Yow, represent
ing the Imperial Government of China,
in this city, has sent to the Chamber
of Commerce a communication express
slve of his regret al the outbreaks hi
China, which have broken the cordial
relations of the two i (copies, j
? London,: July 13. Lord RoltertA las
sent nothing 4 further concerning tne
Nietral's Nek affair. I 'retoria dis
patches, however, sliow that the Lin
colnshire lost half their officerst in
cluding Colonel Rolierts, who; was
Wounded , and taken prisoner Strag
glers continue to arrive at camp,' but
few further details can Ik gathered.
The British fought stuhltornly until
nightfall, when the cavalry turned
their horses loose.
The Boer . report of the engagement
places the British casualties at over
.. In the lMrdepoort affair 'the men
In the front rank of -the Boers won;
khaki uniforms and helmets, and t)io
dragoons passed them unsuspectingly,
under .the impression, that they" were
Hussars. The mistake was not dis
covered until the Bocrs opcncd a heavy
fire when the dragoons were 4X yards
distant. . i
Hints that Action Heeeutly Brought
'Apilust Him ror Damaea Is a I
Political Scheme. J
POKTLANI. Or July 13-Kx Sena
tor II. W. tJorN-tt retnrndl toilay from
rveaKiue, ror the jiarjw 61 filing, Ids
answer to the Kuit brought agaiust him
for $lmi,nfio damage, by K. B. Iter
on for the alienation of hi wife's af
1 ftHtiona. Mr. Corliett wiid: I do not
! winh to prejudice the cam by publicly
i disf uwing It Nre It U heani in court
and can only repeat what I have said
before, that, while I am willing to con
tribute to charitr. I Will .lof-sn.t ;r
nelf against blackmail to the bitter
' . - ' j. . j
"I am In receipt of numerous lettem
from different part of the -fate, all
expressing the lielief that thl attack
!on my penotMi) character Ih a gam
of politico, and 'lar gotteu tip for the
purpose of affecting me politically?'
The lormer Secretary of State
. ChargiMl with the Murder of
Win. oeteI.
EOIinETOW.-. Ky., July l.-Tlie
jury was completed this inornmg in
the case oC Cak-h Powers, former iee
retary of State channel with Complicity
in the tioelel fihmting. The first evi
dence was beard thU aftemooiu i-
Colonel Campbell, in stating the ease
for the prosecution, reviewed the poli
tical events of last fa IL Caleb Powcre
be alleged, wan the most aggressive
among those who sought to settle .the
gubernatorial contest by violence, and
to him largely was due the iuiiorta
tion of the mountain "feudists" j to
Frankfort. He claimed that it will
le pat in evidence that' on January
IUl Powers made use. of the state
ment; "that. Mr. Ooebel has not as
many days to live as I have ttngera
on my hand." .' . t
The prosecution will attempt to
prove, that the shot was fired from
Powers' office.
f.-.. -' :
San Francisco, July 13. Jack Tof-
fatt. of Chicago, got a decision over 'Al
Nelll, r California, hi the twentieth
round. - -!. v r. -."'-.
Charleston. S. G- July 13. The Na
tional Educational Association closed
its convention tonight. ' 1 .
Thirty Fruit Cars Plunge Down over
the Trestle lielow the Station
. ' at Sisson. - . : -r
. REDDING, CaL, July 13. Last
night, when a freight train bound; for
Oregon, drawn by two engines," - was
climbing the heavy grade above Up
ton, a coupling gave way, 'and thirty
cars loaded with froit .started back.
They passed through Sisson . seemingly
at a rate of seventy. miles an hoar. A
half mile . below Sisson, seven cars
broke loose and pitched over the em-
lKinkrnent, .while the others continued
on thei? mad course. At Big Canyon.
three miles below Sisson, the run
away train again parted, some of the
cars flying the track and being dash
ed to pieces, g The other ; half dozen
continued over the high trestle around
the loop, and finally shot off the rails
below; Mott, after running ten miles.
The; north-bound California express,
is detained at Dunsmuir, and i the
south-bound is at Sisson, waiting for
the track to.be repaired.
Portland, Or., July 13. The Jemo-
crats of Portland tonight ratitied the
nomination of Bryan and Stevenson.
at an enthusiastic meeting held at
Cordray's theatru. C. . E. S. Wood
and F. V. Holman, former Gobi Demo
crats,, were the principal --peaker.
They confined their remarks mostly to
Imperialism." Free Silver was not
mentioned during the evening. - i
W. P. George Will Harvest Good Crop
of Prtmes Observations of Geii- ,
k '. ial Sam Goldsmith. '
Despite the many discouraging re
ports that have tteeu circulated troiu
time to time regarding the prune crop
this year, the reporter ventures the
prediction that there will le an abund
ance of this fruit when the -harvest
shall have lteen completed otitis fall.'
W. I. George, proprietor of the St.
Elmo restaurant.- on Thursday ; visit
ed his 2 mi ere fruit tract situated near
Rosed ale south of this city and he
found conditions most encouraging.
On the twenty acres. Mr. George has
2WM prune trees, only one-fourth of
which are of the Petite vari-ty, of
which' four-flftlis of the frees will har
vest five bushels each, the limits being
a veritable mass of fruit." Mr. George
says he will have practically at full
crop of Italian prunes'.' the' trees In-iir
ing all"th.-iMie would have them ls-ar.
Mr. George's orchard by reason of
its location may have leen favored
a n I sea Md the .'ex t'iisi ve . da uia g-
some orchards sustained, and he Is
cnrret-Nudin'gly encouraged over the
prosects which have improved very
materially-during the pa st ' few weeks.
The volnmet of business transiicteil
in a community is an infallible jndex
to the general jwosperlty of that lo
cality and the faet that commercial
men. generally, report increased sales
in the Willamette Valley Indicates an
improved, condition. Sam S. ; tJold
sniith. the rustling representative of
Mason Elirman & Cow" yesterday re
inarkd that he found improve! bus
iness conditions throughout the Willar
mette Valley, which field he canvass
es weekly, ami he rejMirts Salem keep
ing abreast of all other oinis. 1I
finds that merchants are not only
purchasing more goMls bur. are doing
so more readily than they have for
some time in the past. Mr. iroldsniith
says the Willamette Valley will this
year produce a phenomenal . crop of
apples of loth the fall and winter va
rieties. He rays that in all wctions
visited the trees are so heavily load
ed that props by the 'wholesale aie
iM-iiig employed to support the ripening
fruit and preserve the trees. :
Hanese Are (iradually Bei-rmiing
I-irge Consumers of Wheat.
Washington. July 1. ice tjonsul-j
Oeneral . .Mclean has made a reisjrt
front Yokohama, on the subject of tfce
Imistrtation of Americsin flour lot
Japan. He says that the use of flour
Is not connmnl to the large cities of
Jaan. but Is liecoming more commou
throughout that country. The demand
ror nour tnrouguout the Orient Is rap-
luiy increasing.
Bloomington, lnd.. July 13. A tele
gram has leen r-elveI by relatives,
annonncingthe critical illness of Cai
tain Coghlan. who comma ndinl the Ral
eigh in the battle of Manila Bjy. He
had an attack of pneuniouia. and hit
recovery is reiortexl doubt fuL : He is
at Colorado Springs.
"How's dat. Brudder Jackson: Yon
says you mighty glad when Sunday
comes 'round, an- ylt I never sees
yo inside de church do?" i
"IH? old woman goes, sab." Truth.
y Her rohe was ever soft.
Gentle and low, an excellent thing
woman. .!:..
' .living fear.
ts -'-''.'- -
EIj's Cream Ealra
Easf and pleasant to
use. Contains do In i
Jnriott- drnr. -
1' isttairkty absorbed. I
(lres relief once.
Itopenrand cleanses -
iuraoa; COLD h H EAD
lletla and Prokcts the Membrane.
Kestor. th BriiFes of TaMe nn-J Smell
Iarge Size, cent at. Iruggi5ta or
by mail. Trial Fire. 10 cents by mail
ELY BROTHERS. U Warren Street
New York. '
y W
. 7 A r
' in 'J
and far beyond the reach of mere local remedies. Those who rely upon them for a cure lose valuable time, meet with disap
pointment and allow the disease to take firmer hold. Only a real blood remedy can reach this troublesome and dangerous disease.
S. S. S cures Catarrh because it first cleanses and builds up the blood, purifies it, makes it rich and healthy, stimulates and
t : r .1 - - .-.- .1i. ., -. s( -It -iarnrai a rmmTit a f inn a
puuf new uic uiuj luc Biugguu. wriHU-vuh
; . i Mrs. Jowphinc Folhill. of Due Wnt, 8. C, write ? "I had Catarrh, which became so aeet
eated that I waa entir-ly deaf in one car. and aU inside of my note, includins; part of the bone,'
aloaghed off. When th disrsse had gone this far the phy siciaB gm e me. up aa incnrablei I
determined to try S. S. S. as a last resort, and begran to improve at once.' It seemed tojrct at the
seat of the disease, and after a few weeks' treatment I was entirely cured, and for more than :
seren -ears have had no sign of the disease." , . -.x
, S. S. S. is made of roots, herbs and barks of wonderful tonical and purifying
properties. It is the only vegetable blood purifier known, and a certain and safe
Cure for all blood troubles. Send for our book-on Blood and Skin Diseases, and at
the same time write our physicians about vourcase. They will cheerfully srive yon
any information or advice wanted. We
Complicate! Suit Pending in - De
lia rt men t No. 2 One Case Ite
manded , to Lower Court.
(Froni Daily Statesman, July 14.)
At the session of Iepartnient No. 2,
Marion county circuit court, Judge
BoIkc hciml arguments In a complica
ted case entitled State! L:tnI Board,
vs. Werner Brcyman 'administrator
of the extate.of E. M. Waite, Ueeeasel.
et al. At 5 o'clock last evening court
adjournal until 10 a. m today.
The tult of the State Land Ikard,
against 5 Werner Breyman. "rpresent-
ing the E. M.i Waite, and otlier lKtrt'y
defendants is In-ing very stubltoruly
contestMl. ; The case is a mplicatel
one and is dimcult to unravel and hn-
ally determine. The proierty invol-
vI consists of lots t, :7. JS, and 1) in
Fairview- Addition to : Salem, consist
ing of :ri acnt. Ou Auyus l. isiw,
E. M. '.Waite now dt--eas'd, mortgaged
the proiH-rty for 1(M to the State
land lHard. ! In rcordiiig the mort
gage, the name of one r the wit-.
Hesse's was ! omitted' and locoiuing
cognizant of the fact, Mrs. Susannah
Burton, who held a claim of tini.:H5
against ? Waite. totik a subspieiit
moitgage on the proierty, being re
presentetl by 11. CJ. Biuglisim. Alsut
Jauuarj' 1, 1KW, Mrs. Burton institut
ed foreclosure uroeeedinsrs asrainst
Waite, failing; to make the State Land
Board a party defendant, 'and -at' sher
iff's sale bid in tiie pfoiH-rty. - The
suit of the State I-uid,'. Board is now
instituted to recover issessiou of. the
proiK'i ly and very exteiKhMl argument
was had yesterday on !i he motion of
the plaintiff i,nnd ivmnl
I to strike ont
Mrs. : Burton.
part of! the auswer Of
The motion was argued at length by
M. W. ; Hunt ami It. J. Fleming-' for
the Staie lind Board and !.. .' Bing
ham ami Will.1 Hqmsey; for the-defen-daiit.''
The nirttfer was' taken.' under
advisement ' by 1 Juige' 1 Jolse. ' ' '
' In the foreclosure suit of Ada Strong
vs. 'iloix 11? .Touch., et Hi., a motion to
strike out iart of "answer was arguiil
and submitted. I : ' ;
Judge Boise also' deehfed a writ of
review in the case of Mary A. I Limp,
vs. Dans; reversing the rtilinrj
of tln ,iis1hi of the ieace for. Kalem
district' In the construction placed tip
on the- new code governing pnrcthie
in justice courts. The I case is one of
considerable imiiortauee as It affects
the practice nil over the state. T1m
new justice code reieals bv espn'ss
wonls all of chapters III, IV. V, VI.
VIII and IX cf the old .Justice', code
but omits chapter VII. This chapter
provide for the drawing of juries
from a jury lxSx, Counsel for -plaintiff.
Messrs. -Botiham & Martin, eou
tendel that -chapter VII is not repeal
ed while counsel for. defense, Messrs.
W. M. Kaiser and W. I. Slater, argued
that the im'W code repealed chapter,
VII by implication. .Judge Boise held
that chapter VII of the old 'law is
still in force and that a jury must ,1k
drawnjfronrt.be regular jury boxnn
der the old law when -'demanded.' by
cither, party ; to a suit. Judge Boise
ordered, the ''ease remanded, to the
court below for a new trial and taxtni
csts to defendant. 7 - - "-''
:' -'' :-'"' ''" "t
ieer j-esterday received a letter from
liii uin l-"r!l : I f. i-r. ' ts 'flt CsilKk
Nome. Mr. i Jeer Jr. points a gloomy
ti.i.f nr r thw Minn ill ti.nt-mnie. Mr
Brandenburg, was down 'with the
smalliHTX. which disease was preval
cnt and the writer expected to Is tak
en down with the same disease. Men
were shot almost daily and every day
two or three suicides were reported,
and no one: blaincd the ltoor nufor-
tunates. Uoveriior G-er promptly an
swered the letter, urging his sou to
return to civilization, and- not to risk
his life. or health any longer In that
desolate ...place, The young man will
probably return soon.
Vy''-' k 1j:.' - -i : 4 -,--';
The nuider . of practicing physi
cians In the German empire has in
creased during tlie hist 13 years from
l."i.82l to -21,7-Th or fv:.2." ier cent. Dur
ing the same eriod. the ispua tion
has only increased 14 ; per -eut. , In
I'russia. of !? military 'and marine
physicians, only 31 out of every JtW
now become practitioners. Formerly,
57 out of, every lint left" the service
and entered general praet ice, demon
strating that the ranks of the general
practitioners of medicine are beeomr
Ing hiore and more crowdeL The
number of midwites is not increasing
in comparison with the population.
Pressure' Removed.-'EmIHne.dIdut it
vex you to have to give the census man
your age?" "No. Indeed: Tve kept it a
dead secret so long that it was a
blessed relief to get a chance to tell
It. Indiana tolls Journal. ;
"Ma, haven't we got an old door
plate or an old brass knocker some
where around the house?.
"What do want with it. daughter?
"Why, ma, I need some kind of stun
ning ginieraek to wear on the Iwick of
my bel t-India na pl is Journa I.
Jack Hyfly So old Millyuns is look
ing for a divorce from bis young wife?
On what grounds?
Tom Topnoch On the grounds' of
economy, I guess.3 "
o (s&noajjrjp Tdc3a
Few realize what a deep-eated, obstinate disease Catarrh is, regarding it as a simple inflammation oi
the nose and throat, little or no attention is given it., But, however insignificant it may seem at first, it
U aerious and far-reaching in its results. ii -7 . i' 'I .
f The foul secretions entering the circulation poison the entire system: The stomach, kidneys in
. fact all the organs feel the effect of this catarrhal poison, and when the longs are reached its progress
is rapid and destructive, and finally ends in consumption.;
It frequently happens that the senses of hearing and smell are in part or entirely lost, the soft bones of
the nose eaten into and destroyed, causing intense suffering and greatly disfiguring the face. While sprays,
washes and salves may give temporary relief, no permanent benefit can be expected from such treatment.
urgaxia, u-iu , uuc jmcui v,
make no charge for this, f f f -i
Yesterday. Deposit Amounted toS7751.4G
The Fi-ogrea of Tsvx
ColleetWoa. '
(From Taily Statesman, July
ShenfT F. W. Ilurbln yesterday
Made the fifth transfer Into tho comi
ty treasury of taxes colIectel on the
lt2!l roll. The deiosit amounted t;
$7731.40 and makes! a .total of! over
$1IMI,(HH that 1ms already beju ' coj
lecteti on the lKKt roll.
The colection of taxes on bist, year's
roll is progressing very satisfactorily
and the promptness! with which tin
payments are ls'ing made, evidences
an improved iinancial coiHlition in tlii;
section. The amount already collect
ed is unusually large for the tinusth
roll has been In the hands of the sher
. . ' . '
Ht ana Hint omcer is entitled to crevlit
for his I'fTcct ive kitvIci') tu t-i:iliy.ln
on the tax roll. ? :
? Yesterday's turn-over of tax" moiK'y
vas credited to the various account:!
fty Trtusurer iHiwuing as herein it
licaicd: ; f ' '-!.. . ; -1 - i- ''
;PoIls.(.... ......
City of Salem . . t . , ,. .....
Sci-ool district Xo. 21. . ..... J
i ! '
City-of Woodburu.
' School 4listric,t No.,J(;i.
Isiieclat lieep Ux. . ,
, . .
W . .4.
teneral 1um',p tax,rt,
Schsd district No. j:L
Schisd district No. 4.
Schwd district No. 5..
School, d istrit ,t Np. 1 4
ScbKI d ist rict No. ' '2. 1 ,
S hooI district Xo. :t7.
. c
.11 'AH
, .1J .2
K77 Sii
." 47
. . 7 ai
. . ....
! 1'
. . . .. !
School district No. 4S. . . . . .,4 ,
SV hool district No. 57... . ..
School district . No. tk" ., .
School district No. 70. 1 . .... I
Schoid district No. fM) . . ,
Sclitsd district No. KU......
School district No. 1H i
School d ist rict No. 11
School district No. ,121 . . . .. ' s.
School district No.l 123. .....
State, county and state school
'" I-"
'!! Til
Total. . .
. . i$77ol" 4H
Large Snms of Money Change Hands
on Boney I$oy. j i I
Chicago. July 1& Jw-key j Bnllman
kept up his star ! iMrforinauces i at
Washington Park today, by winning
the first three races,: and the specula
tors who have leen following the rid
er hit the IsMk-makers hard, while the
commission" books Were nearly put out
of business. Wads of greelKicksi inur
ed into the coniihLssiou lutuk roll ; on
Itoney Boy. Sly and Kid Cox,, nil to
win at odds of 15 to 1. .; '.,'.' . .:
In the tending race Bouej Boy got
off absolutely last, and Was pocketed,
but a furlong from home Ittuey Boy
was on even terms with the p
makers, ami Bullnmu, fairly lifting
his mount at every stride, "passed the
wire a length to the gosl. It is said
$G0,00O changed hands ou the race
Deeds reiort themselves.;
Motives kwi) people guessing.' . , ;
Expression Is native; refuresslon art.
' Many can work; ew can prepare for
work. , . . '-'.'-.-. . - a , j .-j . - ,,-s.v , ;
The mor superficial a fad the more
valuable It is. i
The sucf-essful man is the one to
whom you gladly jwy a big fee..
Selfishness is. more or less bidden In
most -self-sacrifice. ; ; -
It is easier to excuse an act than to
justify the purpose that prompted it.
"You'll; never be at tie to make
strawlterry shortcake the way mother! hnrlJ,nIuf V!" nJ a fra,ue ,?tr
made hers" i s j. (uw ur, . foT .m-h hw di in-livid daily or
"Oh, I sujMtose nt.
"No. j mother
was left handed.
Deailer. - -, ii .- r. ;
Cleveland Plan
Necessity Is i
the last and strongest
. weanon.
7 " r - ; or and banish "pains
of menstruation. They are "LIFE SAVIiKS" to girls at
womanhood,; aiding, development of organs and body. No
known remedy for women equals them. Cannot do harm life
beoomea a pleasura. tfl.OO PEIt IIOX JJY MAIL-. Sold
by drusrsts. DR. MUTT'S CIIEMICAI. CO., Cleveland, Ohio.
J biViuJir,lhinwTlpuonf.f -(amntn Fron-h ptiT-hHsfr. w1tl qtri-My
imtt fHMtnr ww i tlm KMKFstir immn. tHM-ta mn S NmIwwI
; - " rmmmrwf, r.imH( itmtMft. Tsrirarri swi I4M irii.niiosi
JtstjisJI - by ctujr or nlh. i'r-VfntqiiK-n-Mof dncttorr. whk-k If Dlchckl
j-l o lp"riHiofrhx and si I th horror-r. irMP-t-ncy. f ir:iKclsneitbf
liver, the ibtiifn maA Lb uniurr drum ui ail ttr.t.ni :( st fs:w V! urMinhm
and rfwtoreg stn' -ut wvuw.
Tb- fMnn ntiirerrrs ars not !- hf TtnrtrtrmlithrrmtmmtOnrrrntmrm imnMrf sth Pr.t-mi.
CtTI'lf K.NKU onlr known Wnt Urun
rinM om n ana n-mwr rirr i ir hotn an- ixl eflcct twf mmueiit cars,
LrniA W-tH f'r rtrml-r nrwt t-tinmtitiii.i.
.UmUAVOI, MCII KKi-f.o. Hot 3078. M F rsnctoco. CL -
Iteiort Showing StesimerH ' Passetl
: Through During Last Quarter
Number of Passengers.
I- (From IailyStatesiuan, July 17.) -
The ' Portia ml General Electric
Company j-esterday " filed Its reisrt,
with fJov. T. T. -Geer, showing the
business Uransacteil at the locks in
Oregon City during the quarter ending
June Sot h. The following table shows
the vessels passed through the locks
during' the three months covered hy
the report, tbe.immber of trips made
ly ea-h lsKit,' frml the nuinlnT of pds-
sengers carried iy; each
Steamer . " - Trii) Passeu-
-: gers.
Uuth..... ...v-;.';' '..-trt . : . 7a
Modoc.. . . i... . ns
Elmore. . . . . . . . 7" ' :JP.
Altona. .i . . .... TO 1174
I'ohiou.'t-. 72 ' i:fc"i
McMinnville'.. 14 117
Bonita. .... ..7.1 tIS
(Sysy. ...... ....... 1 4
Mathloma.. ...... , . 1
Total....; ..... ..44(1 4SB)
No. horses and cattle ca,rriel, 24!;
'sheep and hogs, t)Ki; tofis of freight,
' if ni'fr ri ; '
! ..-j.
Fine printing. Statesman Job Office.
Wol Presrver L'ssl iy Uncle Sam
on Yamhill River Work.; I
Merlt.-is of ' Aveiiarhis1 CarlWdineum
Recogiiiz.Hl by NationalState "' '
1 and Municipal 'Govern-'-
inents.!i i '
The fame of Avcnarius , C-arSbliueiini
has slcaL"ly -extended, as tin only lsna
'lMe 'ioserver of woxxl, since: it dis
covery in (U-rm.-my thirty years ago. It
luis stood all tests of climate, ssoil and
w.uer aml steadily lived down all (pre-
jeiuHti rivals. Tof ay it Is not only em
ployed in all ctmutrh's. for tlie pivser
ya'tion of wood used for household ar-th-k's
such as houss; barns, fences,
etc.. imt tbe.mitional overiMiteut, Itoth
oi carc-ie ami America, have wxvg
nized its, value in saving public, con--strutttions
from, decay. Following their
examiI, cities an-1 -ounties have also
,adotuxl itvenarius carlstlieum for
l il lges. pnveiiicnts, etc., and the lead
ing ship .builders jiimI -railroad conipa
nics have shown their faith in its ner
Itrf Jy treating slrip timiters, cars, tele
graph sIes .-and ties wjth 1he same
never failiiu preventative against cli
inatie decay md rep;ickus votsl Itoiing
vermin lxth of Ianl and water.
- Great Ixxlies move slowly, ami only
act after mature del wcra tion. It may
therefore K -safely sta1d that govern
ment and wporaf ions 'did not eniiUy
a-venartus ca rl ! metmi until fully con
vinctM-.or its money saving as weir as
wcol prcstrvlng qualities. I'rivate in
dividual: desirous of lengl Jk iiing the
Iif-3-of wiKsl-work aiil ;it the sans time
cnrtaihng exi-nsts, need not fear to
follow 'Hie' precedents cstab.isiKl.
Itwnt "jfxsil examples proving tlie
iiuth of the Itove statements are not
wantiing. The ie-.ontruc'tcd Madimm
fftrt-t r.'d.-e in .'Portland ' has . btn
treatiNt with avenarius carltoiiiieum, as
has alsto the. '-pavement at the Intersec
tion of, four -stttcts in that city wiiere
tlie lHavk'st &Jtlet car ami wagon
traffic converge. lhe latter use of the
comixHin-l was ' made at the earnest
solid ttt!on of street car managers who
confidently look for gratifying results
Tlie .gentlemen in clwrge of the Unit-'
ed States engineer department for Ore
gon are now applying avenarius carlio!-
JrKum to the d;ms and lock work on
the Yamhill rirer, ajflatterlng tribute
to its nterits Which was certainly not
extentktil until Vnvircliing investigation
satisbetl the authorities that it was
UMflsure of practical eemomy.
With such examples before them It
would apicar that tin IiKlirilnal .' Is
foolish and the official almost culpable
who does nof protect his own. or tlie
taxpayers ixs-kcts by using this t-om-
poiiiul. thus saving from (War. and
officially rcsisinsible..
Ifher, Tlwrsen Co. of Portlaml.
Or., are sole 1'aeitlc coast agents for
arrival in carSxtlineum. and it can be
found at . R. Mr Wflde & Co., SjiIcbi,
is wtii giaoiy atipply inforanation re
garding its acconiitlighments. 1 , r
They orereomo Wealo
ness, irrcgTilarity- and
omissions, increase rig-
lM-MVCUr TOO ffcll
imS Wshw. ISMtwalA.
M ..W.li.w ,.!
lthiui nn opfUtia t l-Kttmnlla. A wrlttc-
iteyenae Cutter McColloch Ar
rives from Alaska
tie Hade Two Attemptg to Commit;
Saieide-Kiny Miner. Betnrn
K ".'' from Nome. '
PORT TOWNSENI), Was!,., uy
13. The United States revenue cuttVr;
McCulioch arrivetl today, eight days;
from Dutch Harbor. The next day af.j
ler sailing from that iort Cantain !
Healy lost his mind and made two!
unsuccessful attempts to commit sihv!
cide. For wveral days before leavins
Dutch Ilarlstr, Captain Healy's
Hons were such as to create, suspicion
among the. officers and crew, and as'
a result a close watch was Jicpt oa!
his .actions. ,
He came on deck and, after giving
some orders relative to the ban Hing
of the shjp, lu1 made an attempt to
leap over side of the vessel into the
sea, but before he reached the railing
was seid by several of the crVw :
anl taken to his cabin, where a guarJi
was placed over him. During the niiit
he- secured a medicine lot tie unob
served by the guard and, breaking it
us1 a pie-e of the glass, succeeding in -severing
a blood vess4 in the left
arm. Before much blood 'was lost tin;
guard discovered the wound which hf
bound up with a handkerchief and call
ed for assistance.' There ltei ug.un
surgeon aboard, Lieut. P. W. Thomp
son. dressd the wound, and uihmi ar
rival here Captain Healy was taken
to the Marine hospital and put in a
straight' jacket where he will Ik; re
tained until the department catt txi
communicated with.5
Lieutenant Thompson assumed coin- ,
maiid of the McCulioch and .brought
her to this lorL The McCulhwh pi kr
ed up the stunner Nome' City. 2S-V
miles west of Cape Flattery, and tow
ed her to this loit, she having lost
three blades from lier proitellor. Tim
Nome City had twenty passengers.
" Tlie steamer Santa Aima wliiclfem ar
rival North was quarantined on n-
count of smallpox a frivol today and
was Rent to Richmond Point ijiiarau
tiutt station! for fmuigalion.
The Bteamer Fa ration;" rrlvel. f h is '
evening from Nome bringing jiltnut
forty disgusted miuers. all of wiiom
pronounct the cjunp a failure. . They
also say that from lOOO to ir.no ni.-n
are on the I teach lieggiug for work
for Ihelr lsKinL "They ,ntnfirni 'tlie
reports of the prevalence of sniallpux
Train Robber and Detectives Battl
in Mid air.
St. liouis, July l.'L After a runnins
fight with revolvers over, housetops
in Finley avenue. In the artistocratic
V'-est Kml rsiden-e district. -lM'twceu
Cliarles M. Murray, chief of the Ill
inois Outral Itiiilway letH-t Ives, and
two men supposiil to be train roblters
tieorge W. Barnes was arrestinl to
day. John Nelson, the other in.-iu
wanted, es-apel after wounding De
tective Murray fn the nrni and fliunih.
Ih'tiM-tlve XTnriray had tract"! t liA
two men. who are susM"ctd of having
lMin Implicateil in the hold-up ou the
train of the Illinois ' Central real"
near Wickliffe. Ky.. Tuesday night, to
thls city, where it is : said, the plot
was concocted. ! .
Mike toiiley.) alias Doyle, who -u-feswMl
to Chief of Police M.ihoue.v at"
Cairo. III., that he was tne of three
men who held np the train at Wick
liffe. -said he met the others at St.
IOnis, where , the robltery was lan-neI.-
He had known the men about a
year. A nniple of weeks ago tliej
wrote him to meet them iu. St. Ioiiis,
where they arranged details of tlm
plot. Since then he has I teen In Car
ltoudaie. 111., .and other' places.
His description of one of his part
ners fits Barnes; who is tall and thin.
Sustained Injuries While Juuipiuff
from a Runaway Buggy Her
II u si hi nd Seriously Injured.
ALBANY. Or.. July 13.-Mrs. II. B.
Ramsey, who j limited from a buggy
In a runaway this afternoon, died this
evening. She was injured altotit the
bead which caused concussion of the
brain, and she only HveI a few hours.
At this time Mr, Ramsey Is uncon
scious, hut it is thought he will re-'
cover. Mr. Ramsey j was the first o
jump from the buggy, and -had they '
remained In the vehicle, neither would
have Iteeii injnr"l. :
The couple; just came from Arling
ton.. Eastern Oregon, to visit their
son-iu-law, who lives on a farm - a
mile from here. They hired a livery
rig' With dHver, and the runaway
cauel by one of the bits breaking.
The driver was not injured.
London, July 1.1. At the first' Iay'
racing of tlie Llngfield Summer meet
ing, the American Jockeys won every
As eood !h nut of the .World a oat
6f the Fasliioiu ColJey, ClMr ,