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4411 21J'i' I&IU W W I 'i-iyijl4i UylMJr-i I ?j liJESDAY AND FRIDAY. J
VOL. AS NO. 52
lord Roberts Proposes Invading
Orange free State, j
frightful Death Rat la tho Beleaguered
Town During Dmubfr-lnmiM
! s torn the BritUh Army.
i .
LONDON, Feb.! ij.Lord Roberts
has gathered 35,000 men, with whom,
according to the best military opinion,
he purposei turning the left of the
Magersfbntein lines necr Jacobsdal, en
H'riK tle Free State, compelling Gen
eral Cronjcj to raise the sxge at Kini
bcrleyi, and thus making his first step
toward likeinii)ntein.
i Vesterdayj Lord Robert announced
the appointment of General Sir Henry
Colville', hitherto compander of the
Cuards - brigade, to the command of
the ninth division, which is being form
ed and will Consist probably, to a great
xtent, of colonial troops. General
Iville will be succeeded by- General
Reginald IVJe-Carcw. , '
Lord Roberts tells correspoijJents
that, when j he gets' down to business
they "will have ample opportunity to
send news, j Ilis ch ef ; press censor
yesterday issued, new rules end in the
future '.all written communications are
to go unchtcked. Only telegrams will
W censored, For the rlcxt few days
little iuws j is likely to'.Srt tbrough,
but later there "will be nM'e freedom.
Thus says the censor, and the last clause
may be inteipeeted to mean that some
thing is going j-to happen.
Kimberely, twenty miles away from
the -Modder iver posittcn, is in sore
straits. 'Details of the December death
rate show that in a population of 14,
000 whites and 19,000 blacks, the mor
tality was sixty whites and thirty-eight
blacks, - per,1 thousand. : The infantile
deatTi rate was1 671 per thousand among
the whites and 912 per thousand among
the blacks, j Enteric fever was preval
ent. -This Frightful state of things in
December cannot have improved much
if at ' all, since then, and the fighting
power of Ihe garrison must have ben
greatly diminished. .
Mearrwhile the bombardment of the
r.ocrs has increased, and there is im
minent danger of the town falling
lndcr thej' very eye of Lord
Roberts, j It is believed in
circles, close to the war office, that he
will move at once. Scouts have au-proached-
wi$h;ng 1000 yards of the
IIoat trenches at. Magersfontein, Tliey
ha-c found .hese strong.
London, Feb. 12. The house uf com
mons was) crowded today in anticipa
tion of a statement from George Wynd
haiu. parlinientary secretary of the war
ffice, in Jregard to the army measures.
' The government, he r id : had not
even considered tfic qui ..on of com
pulsory service, which' was entirely
unnecessary' ; in view of the cfTective
recruiting j of the auxiliary forces.
During the spring and summer the vol
tuitetr corps would be fotmtd.f , The
Acts gentlv on the ;
KiDNEys, Liver
arti.lery ; service and j the to-pi ofC-n-gineers.
; necessary for two additional
army corps, would raised forthwith,
namely thirty-six field batteries and
ieyert horse batteries.! The speaker also
11 uecn ueciaea to raise twelve
additioncl infantry batUlions Wynd-
mhj, 111c enisling cavairy 1 orces
would also be expanded by several reg
iments, ; and- that commissions would,
be offered to militia f officers, to the
the colonies and to s universities. At
present the speaker farther pointed out,
there were toy .000 regulars in the coun
try, .and the increase; was anticipated
to be 30,000.. There! were now 328,000
men in the auxiliary forces, and it was
estimated the increase would bs 50,000
men. So, altogether the country would
soon have at least '517,000, men, and
Wyndham anticipated that the num
ber, would be nearer 600, oco than 500.
000. ; ; -: i ,
RensWrg. Feb. 12 Hobikirks and
IJastard Nek, - which; the Boers took
possession of on Saturday," have been
rcQccupied by the British. The Boers
were shelled ouL 1
Asserts That lie Will Not Take Sec
ond Place on the National
Ticket This Year.
NEW YORK, Feb. 12. Governor
Roosevelt today gave; out: a statement,
relative to the vice presidency, in which
he declares he will' not accept the hon
or under Jany' circumstances. His
statement follows: ' !
"In view of the continued statements
in the press, that I may be urged as a
candidate for vice president, and in
view of the many letters that reach
me advising for and igainst such a
course, if is proper lor me to state
definitely that under no circumstances
could I or -would 1 accept the nomin
ation t for the vice-presidency. It is
needless to say how deeply I appreci
ate the honor conferred uponme by the
mere desire to place me in so high and
dignified a l position, j But it eems to
me clear that, at the present time, my
duty is here in the state whose people
chose, me to be governor. Great prob
lems have been faced and are being
partly solved in this stateiat this time,
and if the people so desired I hope that
the work thus begun may help carry it
to a successful conclusion." '
The governor, in giving out his state
ment, said:
" ""And I am happy to state that Sena
tor Ptatt cordially acquiesces in my
views in the matter."
Millions Given Away.
It is certainly ; gratifying to the pub
lic to know of one concern in thp. land
who. are not afraid to be generous to
the needy and suffering. The propri
etors of. Dr. King's i New 9 Discovery
for Consumption, Coughs and Colds,
have given away over ten million trial
bottles of this great medicine; and have
the satisfaction of knowing it has ab
solutely cured thousands cJf hopeless
cases. Asthma. Bronchitis. Hoarse
ness and all diseases of ; the Throat,
Chest and Lungs are surely cured "by
it. Call on Dr. Stone, druggist, and
get a free trial bottle. Regular size
50c and $1. Every iottle guaranteed,
or price refunded.
Several Men Wanted in, the Clark Case
: Not Be Foqnd.
Washington. Feb. 12. --At the open
ing of the Clark case today. Senator
Chandler again brought up the question
of the whereabouts of ""Swede" Mur
phy..' who is wanted as a w itnessi Chan
dler also wanted to know thei w-here-alxvtits
vf E. P. Woods and D. G.
Werner. He desired them all-su.nmon-ed.
Hartman said he understood Mur
phy had returned to Butte, and the
other two men ' were in California.
President Peeler, tf the First Nation
al bank of Kalispell. was the first wit
ness on the. stand today. He "as
questioned concerning the bank account
of State Senator Geiger, but was unable
to throw much light upon the subject.
He confirmed Geiger'a statement that
Geisrer had borrowed $2300 at the bank
giving a deed to property, as sccufiv
the witness was unable to give date,
when the various Joans had been made,
and was taken sharply to task by Chan
dler for failure in this respect- He pro
tested he was not trying to conceal any
thing, but was simply unable to re
member. ': :' -': '-; . .'
Cross-examination brought out the
fact that Geiger, had previous to the
legislature always given endorsed notes
forHniall loaas of $200 or $363, where
as, after election, notes of $500 to $1200
were taken without endorsement.
New York. Feb. 12. The 91st anni
versary of the birth of Abraham Lin
coln was celebrated in this city today
by patriotic services of republican clubs
and social organizations.""" Business
was ' generally suspended. Exchanges,
public schools and most of -th courts
were closed.
Chicago. Feb. X2- The building ma
terial trades' council, with a member
ship of 20,000. has announced that it
will support the building trades coun
cil. No material will be furnished ton
tractors employing non-union labor.
Twice-a-week Statesman, 1 a yw.
A former Army Musician Com
mits an Awful Crime.
The Muderar Served fa the Fourteenth
Infantry In. the Philippine Dor
, Ins the Late War.
TACOMA. Wash.. Feb. 10. Mrs,
Louise Boycej casliier in Shuh i &
Ryders "doniestic"i bakery, was shot
by her husband about 6 o'clock tonight,
and died shortly after being taken to
the hospital, j ! '
'Tlie couplel came to Tatonia, a few
weeks ago fr4m Seattle. Prior to that
time they reslided in San Francisco.
The first shot, apparently,, struck tilie
woman in th arm. She started to ron.
wlien Boycei shot her through x jhe
lungs. The woman threw up her hands
and fell backward to the floor. Boyce
fired two other shots, neither of whkh
took effect. (Then he dehber'ately bent
over the prostrate body, and fired a
shot directly into her chest. When
Boyce was arrested he handed the re
volver to the policeman saying:
"I had to! kill her. She 'blabbed too
much. I sliot her." ; J
iltoyce served as princtpalfmttsician in
the Fourteenth' United States infantry,
and went to the Philippines with that
He was discharged in Ma-
( - -
American Navy Has Raised the Flag
i Over New Islands.
Manila. Feb. 12. It is reported that
the gunboat Princeton visited the Ta
tanes and Calagan islands, which were
omitted ffbm the Paris treatycf peace,
being north of 20 degrees of latitude,
raised American flags and appointed
native governors. It is added that the
Princeton found a Japanese flag at
Bayal islajnd, and refrained from land
ing there, pending orders. The Prince
ton occupied ' the Northern islands' un
der a government order. The report
that the Japanese flag was found flying
is not confirmed, but there are rumors
that Japani intended to take the islands.
The natives willingly substituted Amer
ican lor the insurgent officials and took
the oath fcf allegiance. .
The native4 of Samar and Leyte are
returning (to their towns and normal
conditions aie being resumed.
Unconfirmed news from native sourc
es say thalt General Pio del Pi'ar, the
insurgent jcommander, died of fever re
cently. J
Washington, Feb. 9. Commander
Richard Waimvrieht has been desig
nated as superintendent of the naval
at Annapolis, to succeed
iral McNair, who has been
sick leave.
granted a
New Ybrk, Feb. 9. Assistant Dis
trict Attorney Osborne tonight com
pleted 1iM argument in the trial of
Roland BJ Molincux, and the case will
go lo the jury tomorrow-
in cellars.
has 60,000 families that live
Eczema !
The Only Cure.
Eczema !s more than a skin disease,
and no skin remedies can cure it. The
doctors are unable to effect a care, and
their mineral mixtures are damaging
to the moit powerful constitution. The
whole troiuble fa in, the blood, and
Bwift's Specific is the only remedy
which caa reach.uchdeep-eated blood
diseases, j . . .. '. . ; , . .;:' ;-,
Kesema broke eut oa my daughter, and eoa
Hirued to rpread anttl
her head was entirely
sovercd. Shcj was treated
by aereral good doctors,
but friv varw, and the
dreadfal desa spread
to her Ueei hi.iiy.
uua to inn wwnnimi'')
health Sprlit".
eelved no benefit. Many
patent medicines vere taken, bat wltfceat re
call. nnUI we decided to try 8. S. 8.. and by the
time the flm bottle tree fl niahed, her head be
(rr to heal. A down bottles en red her eom
r leteiy and left her skin perfeetly smooth. She.
U now sixteen year old. and has a marniSent
Srowth of hair. Not a igu of the dreadfal
iee has erer returned.
.-.-( v..: h;T. Shosk, -
; ST9I Lucas At, fcL LouU. Wo. j
; Don't expect local application 0!
soaps and salves to curd Lczema. . They
reacli only the surface, while the df
tease cornea from.: within.; Swift's
Specific ,: j - ' - ; -;. - " v v . ' '
Is the only! care and will reach the most
obstinate case. It is far ahead of all
similar remedies, because it cares eases
which are beyond their reach. S. 8- S. is
parelT Tegtetable, and is the only blood
remedy guaranteed to contain do pot
tail, mercury or other mieraL s I- '
Book mailed free by Eilt Specifif
Ocmpacj, Atlanta, Geczk
1 UkLC4
Empanelled In Judge Burnett's
' Department Yesterday.
Took Vp the Time Yeaterdajr A fteraoon
Beanlt of a' CrlDalnal Action
M Docket Entries.
Judge George H. .Burnett convened
the first department of the state cir
ctiit court for Marion county, . for the
February term, at 9 o'clock yesterday
morning. During the forenoon a few
rases "were disposed of, and a recess
taken until t p. m. ,
When the; court re-convened at 1
o'clock! the jury! was called, and five
men James -Moore, George D. Good
hue, Cce . McGrew, IL G. Sonnemami
and C. A. Fletcher were excused from
.servicei '; ; s
' .District Attorney S. L. JIayden hay
ing Venjuested Judg Burnett, to em
panel .1 grand jury In the interest of
public justice, thfc fpllowirrg gentle
men were chosen to compose that body
and -examine- into matters coming be3
fore trlem: - J -:
W. J. Hadlcy. W W. Zinn.
Arthur Wood. F. R. DnKette.
W. If. Cooper, T- J Hall, Roy Witzel.
After Judge Burnett had charged the
grand jury, he appointed .W. II. Coop
er, to; act as forenran. and O. S. Pom
rroy.'of Wood-burn, bailiff to wait n
the "grand jury, iafter which that body
retired to. begin its labors, and at 9
o'clock. last evening, that body was
still .iri session. 11,
Thejcaseof E. D. Cass, plaintiff, vs.
W. Hj Egan, defendant, was the firsf
action ! called for trial, and the follow
ing jurors were empanelled to hear the'
case: C. L. Parmenter. M. R. Settle
mier, jfi; Steiner J. A. Shafer. A. Sau
vain," If red Bents. R. H. Kenady, J. R.
Jacksojn. Wm. Staiger. W. H. Hum
ohrey.iW. A. Taylor, Bruce Cunning
han. : j . '
The case went to trial at 2 p. m.; at
4:30 o'clock the arguments of the at
torneys began, and at 7 o'clock the case
was isnbmitted to the jury. At 8:8-1
o'clock the jury; returned into court
giving a .verdict for the defense. After
announcing the verdict. Judge Burnett
adjourned court to this morning.
The action was brought by the plain
tiff to recover $2050 damages from the
defendant for wrongful arrest of the
plaintiff. The latter was arrested last
Tuly VP0" a warrant sworn out by Mr,
Egan.j charging him with the larceny
of a quantity of wheat, but- upon a trial
in the- justice court at Gervais, (Mr.
Cass Was acquitted, and the damage
suit followed. F. H. and r: J.
D'Arcjy are attorneys for Mr. Egan.
and Iphn A. Carson appeared for Mr.
During the day the following docket
entries were made by the court: -
W. !H. Fletcher, plaintiff, vs. George
Applcyard et al., defendant: action for
money; motion of defendants to re
quire plaintiff's attorney to ihow au
thority overruled; plaintiff's motion to
strike out part of amended answer con
fessed with leave to defendants to serve
and file second amended answer at
once, ... " ' '
;SrUe of Oregon., plaiutiff, :vs,.,Wm.
B'irchard, defendant; rape; continued
to Jirne term, 100a t J !,
First National Bank of Independence,
plaintiff, vs. F. W; Ourbin, defendant;
replevin; settled. , . -:
F. ,11. Lcchler, plaintiff. vs. A. D.
Hall, ! defendant; confirmation- sale
confirmed. ' . .
; ' Carry Sunshine with You." ;
A bright, fresh, "sunny face is always
inspiring, t and it always denoees good
health as well as a- h3fpy heart. Many
faces it hat were once overcast with
gloont have been made bright 'V and
sunny Qy Hood's" Sarsaparilla which
cures all dyspeptic symptoms, strength
ens the nerves and tones up aftd invig
orates the whole system. ,
by al
stipation is cured by Hood's
the' non-irritating cathartic. Sold
Democrat Are Still ift -Louirville
Decision of Federal Court Is
' - --' Now Anxiously Awaited.
FRANKFORT Feb. iiTliis was
another day of unbroken calm in Frank
fort, j The republican members of 'the
legislature met at noon, and after ap
pointing committees to inform Gover
nor Taylor that, pursuant' to the erms
of his proclamation adjonrning the
legislature at London and- calling it
at Frankfort. hey had come to this city
and were prepared to transact such
business ,as ' must come before them.
The governor acknowledged the mess
age, and both, houses adjourned until
tomorrow. - There were nine members
in the senate and twenty-eight in the
house j ... . .
Th committee which was expected
to come from the deroocratic members
at Louisville, to report whether it is
safe for them to come to Frankfort, did
not put in an appearance daring, the
day. s The republican leader say that
they expect nothing new to transpire
until after Judge -TaPt, in Cincinnati,
has rendered his decision on Wednes
day. m . . ""i
lAt one time today Governor! Taylor
declined to order rt ay all of the sol
diers norw here, wltft the exceition of
a lew for a personal body guard. lie
sent for Colonel .Williams, and gave
orders for the moving of troops, but
several of hit friends urged so strongly
that the soldiers be permitted to re
main, that Governor .Taylor changed
his intention, and said that, forthe pre
sent at least, he -woukl not nave any
more of them, returned to their homes.
- Cincinnati, , Feb. 12. After hearing
the argujneitfs Judre Taft reservcr his
decision an j the Kentucky injunction
cases, until i Wednesday afternoon.
The application was for an injunetitn
against the 1 Kentucky state board of
election commissioners, and the con
testants for the state offices other than
governor and lieutenant-governor. Ex
Governor Bradley, in stating the case,
after reviewing the provisions by which
the state board of election is converted
into" a board of contest, declared that
they were entirely repugnant to a je
pulican fonn .--of "governtneivt, hich
provides fori three distinct departments.
He assertedfthat this-' board., of: 'contest
haid been nvade a, judscal body by. tlie
Gocbel law. Going into the arguments
for tlije jirisdiction of this court, he
said fhat thi action had1 Us lasis on the
provision of the fourteenth amend
ment to the! constitution oi the United
States. ' t i' - fc- ,',-'- -.- ' .
Lawrence MaxWell Jr. on behalf of
the defendants, made- a brief argument
on the two prqosiiUons, that this court
had no jurisdiction.becausethe petitions
do no presnt.the caseof equity, and do
not fall under the provisions of the four
teenth ameridment to the -constitution
of the United States He said, the
position of these complainants is in the
course, of settlement by a state tribu
nal, and that contest iieeedjng in
these cases Ure pending. . This condi
tion presents none of the features of
an equity cake.
There is no better medicine for the
babies than ! Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy. Its! pleasant tasteynd prompt
and effectual cures rnake il a favorite
with mothers and small ciiildren. It
quickly cureV their coughs Vaid colds,
preventing pneum m or other seri
ous consequiences. It also cures croup
and ha been used in tens of, thousands
of cases without a single failure so
far 'its ve hjrve been able to learn. It
not only cui.-es croup, but when given
as sqon las jthe" croupy cough appears,
will prevent the attack. In cases of
whoopiug cBugh it liquefies the tough
mucus, making it easier to expector
ate, and lessens the severity and fre
quency of the paroxysms of coughing,
thus deprivijng that disease of all dan
gerous consequences. For sale by F.
G. Haas, druggist. '
i ''-.:
! . ' ., r :
Silverton Appeal: - ' - i
Dr. Spenjser Dudley dropped deaJ
from heart trouble, while sitting in a
chair at a hotel in Lebanon, Monday.
Dr. Spenseif, Dudlejr was an old time1
resident of j Silverton and was well
known herej For the past sixteen years
he has been a resident of Lebanbn
where he has been practicing dentis
try. He was an early Oregon pioneer,
having crosised the plains in 184S. He
was a man -well liked and highly resti
pected. Tht"rcmains were shipped to
Silverton arid laid to rest in the Silver
ton cemettry, Wednesday, Eugene
Dudley, a son from Athena, and Mrs.
Judge Dunbar, a daughter, from Van
couver, Was,h.i were here, to attend the
h:neral. I" ' '
Sir Phil jt Bourne-Jones, Kipling's
cousin, relates of that author that when
he is absorbed in his subject he writes
with gfeat rapidity, and each succeed
ing line ort a page begins a little far
ther to thej rigfrlt,. so that when he gets
to the end pi a sheet there arc but two
or three wnrd3- to a line. , .
. Howeasy It is for young
?irls to go Into the Mdedine. M
hey eat less and less, become
paler and paler and can
Harldy drag through tHe day.
They are on the steady down
ward course. Iron does them
no good t strychnine and bit
ters all fail. They need a food
that will nourish them better,
and & medicine' that wi!I cor
rect their disease.
Scoii's Emulsion
b both of iheie, tk pn&y and per
manently combined. The Cod-Liver
Oil makes the blood richer, and
(his ghrb better color to the face.
The hypophosphltes of Erne and
soda act as a strong tonic to the
nerves. Soon the weight Increases,
the digestion improves and health
returns. -.'--'
At all 4nMnr! J oe. aa4 ft eo.
SCOTT St BOWNC C1irait. Mew York. -
i mi' ' i.
Senator Woicolt Sees Disappcar
' ance of Sectionalism.
International IMmetalUiu, II Atwrtu, 1
Coming TH Krptibileaa rrty
j " Wilt Ilrinc It About.
WASHINGTON. F,b. is. -Discus-
sJntr h Tirvjin-i.i1 hill in thp senate to
day. Senator W.lcott, republican f
Colorado, said: ' '-j -'.,'
"I rejoice to see that there is a radi-"
cal cliangeJaking placc, not only ia
Colorado, "but in all far .Northwestern
states. Our people are tired of iua'--ing
only the gospel of hate and section
alism; we don't pay as; much attention
as we formerly did to the oronhets of
despair and doom, who are ; eternalty
warning us against the jwratli to eonie,
that somehow don't cxnie. J We are
getting a g1imnerfng Shadow of the
idea that'. we warn friendship amlpros-per-011s
communities, and capital for our
marvelous resources. I .
"It is' my sincere conviction; that in
our day. and I believe jsoon, a genuine
and united effort will be sought by the
leading commercial nations to restore
the bimetallic . system The dmeiid-
.1.- ?..r .i.
meni oeiore inc senile iiminns- i 1 o
world that we arc ready to co-operiite
If it lis accomplished, it -oan only be,
through the aid. iifchis country, of the
republican party.,. !
Washington, Feb. 12.- An imjortant
bill was passed by the- house 1 today, .
which makes universally applicable the
law, that now, permits (transit in bond
of goods through, 4hc I Unite'd States.
Goods in bond can be shipped through
any portion of the territory of the Unit
ed States toy foreign I ports. It ,is prin
cipally designed to give: the transporta
tion companies of the United States a
portion of the transcontinental trade
to the Orient.' The bill also repeals
IIIC I4W 01 toys. piujiiwiiiiiK nt .-iii( -
ment j of goods in-bond to the Mcxi-'
can free zone. r
Washington, Fe1. i2.-rThirty-five :
private pension bills, jfavorably acted "
upon by a committee of the -whole- at
Friday4 night's session, were passed.
A resolution to print 15.000 copies of
the report of the Philippine commis
sion was adopted. This being District
of Coltimtna day,-the house then pro
ceeded to the consideration of business
relating to the district.
J '. .
Government Ownership of Railroad
Advocated. ant thei Initiative in
I Legislation Demanded.
CHICAGO. Feb. it. Tonight, at
the close of the first day's proceedings
of the anti-trust conference, called by
the National Anti-Trust League, good
progfress had been'' made with the set
speeches, of which a lozen or more
were delivered. The resolutions com
mittee! was busy this- j afternoon onl
niglu, and while the main body of tlie
delegates was listening! to the speeches
at Central Music hall. ,a set oi resolu
tions were formulated ;by the commit
tee covering the following-K'm1s:
Government ownership of all rail
ways and telegraph lines; abolition of
all special privileges bjy- legislative en
actment ; the placing on the free list of
all trust goods, and direct legislation
by petition from the people.
The discussion in the committee was
carried out on these lines. An amend
ment was .offered for the taxation of
all franchises, but was voted down on
the ground that such action would sim
ply legalize special privileges.'
.... j r..; 4 .
'' -' - '-"' ' p
Farmers; Are Advised That , They- Can
' Cultivate Peas for; a Two-fold
- : . Purposed
.Since the creamery j here an as
sured fact, "a, new impetus ha been
given the dairy busihes and it behooves
farmets to begin early to make ar
rangements for feed, not only for next
winter, but for the dry season as well.
During, the Farmers Congress re
cently held in this city, the value of
peas, and vetches as ,a forage crop was
especially emphasized. ! In this partic
ular, farmers . in . this locality are very
fortunate, as they ' can contract with
the cannery here to grow peas, and rc
taiivfor feed the vines,; which are hiost
excellent either green or for ensilage.
1 hirn, if the jpeas be planted sarly, they
will . come E off in time to raise 'a crop
of corn and thus secure the greatest
amount of return .from the land,
j One of the larest canners of corn
and peas in the country, of Atlantic
City, Iowa, has followed this plan for
years, and has been universally suc
cessful. , i
The: suggestions here outlined are
submitted to farmers in the vicinity cf
Salem as worthy of consideration.
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