Tillamook herald. (Tillamook, Tillamook County, Or.) 1896-1934, February 09, 1922, Image 5

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since mo
Eilitor and Pub! toner
MKWrlHIwi IIM far Year In Advanr
A4ftHMf RatM Ma Known Upon, Application,
KiUwwIm i-cmd Claw MaR at th Post Officii at Tillamook, Oregon.
Buy it at home.
Spak a good won! for thu local indmtncH.
Send your attorn friumlH a Tillamook eiiecje.
Paw the paper to your neighbor. He might like it.
Decide to buy more in Tillamook thm year. It will
help build up the community.
Springtime i checHctimo in Tillamook. Hobin Hed
brewfi haa returned nud I ,e PutwywiJIowH are bursting
forth. It must be that Spring is near, cheese and all.
Some Aspects of the
Farmers' Problems
(Reprinted from Atlantic Monthly)
Illiterate Boys and Giris forced
to Study,
Now Hint Hit' farmer nro ntlrrlnif.
thinking, mill uniting n never before
In crndlenie. these IiM'fjtitilftlfw. tbe
nre subjected In morn eriinniulc lec
tures, Mint nre met Mllli Hip jiiTitsallnti
Ii ttu injtJ"if in the other Mil",
which" U In c"- repair.
We Jm Irn.'-i"!) n lone way from
tin1 iilil fiitici'i'M ti t gnneriimcnt a
merely n defctnue and pollrtiig agency ;
and reguliilhe, corrective, or etliinll-
lluit (lie): tire item tins, imil Hti I lie iris iFglalnlliw, which apparently In of
recipient of, apt-ilnt prltllefcs, I A
ll (if.- what privilege Hie K"emmcnt
has conferred mi Hie fnnnem Much
has been iimili! of Kef (Inn I) of Die
CliDlmi ,ii.'l'rniil Ait, which pur
Mirllil In permit Ilieiii tu combine with
Immunity, under tertnln conditions.
Admitting lllllt, IIIHItlflllll), this
riuptb'li win In llie nature Of n special
privilege.- -though think was so In
apiieariitire mtlier llinii In fart, -we
And Hint the courts tuive miUlfled It
by Judicial Interpretation, Why should
tin! Hie farmer lie permitted to ne.
riimpllKh by cooperative method what
It special nature I i.fteti of fbe roost
general benefit l.ii i-nusefiiienceii. I5ven
Hie llml Congress ,iiiel n tariff nrl
Hint was n'veii) t-r lite protection
nf manufacturers tint n protective
tnrlfT nlway bn heen defended as a
moons of priori. nn the gem-ml shh1
through n jwrtl' ulsr ttpinirh ; and
the statute In k urn llld with net
for Hie benefit f shipping, commerce,
unit liilnr.
fienemer flimnce. '.In rolling mill. !t prilTniirr t-n Ani.nk
lul.e mill nn.l ollmr rnnniifaurlnir bENTENOED TO SCHOOL
prore(K Hint nrit rnrrlnl to Hie IiIkIi-
ct ilesrri ot flnlhiil prtKlnrijon com
pMtlMe with the Inrgn trmlr It ha
built tip. All thin U generally conceil
ol to Ii; to the nilvnittnxo of the ron
timer. Nor ile the utrel rorporntlon
liiconildrrnteljr iliimp ltt proiliictn on
tlii murker On the contrnry, It no
net Hint It In freipirntljr n stnlilllrlnic
Infliienie, a In often tin; rat with oth
er large urgnrilxntlmx. It In mmtur of
Itn i1ltrtiijt!ort im well ni of llx pro
1 iltietl-n. If prlre are not natlufnctory
J the proltKU nn' held hnrk or prixlnc
, tlon n redueeij or (JperiiJil. It In not
compiled to neml a yeiir'n nrk to Hio
mnrkel at one time and take whatever
It ran j:ct under mjeh ty-wanrer
It ha oni) nHllne pillrjr and Itn own
export department. Neither are the
crude and qnnlltlei of uteri dtfermln
ed at the raprltc of the huyer. nr d'K-n
the latter hold the nle. In (hh aln
Kle lnte;ratlon of th uteel rorporatlon
In represented ahout 10 ;t-r cent of lh
uteel prMliKtlun f America. The rent
la miMtl In the hands of t, few Inrce
companies. In unlliinrr tlmei the
II. T. HolU Gm. r. WtaMhA
Advcrtifllntr DOVh: it isn't necownrv tn rln -i u-Jinln lot I """"r U",M;'' mnwm that
U 1111 I i V . MIOie 101 1 cM.p..rti(li.n In the form of lne..nirn ,tmiHi W i,,,,, ,
or it dui wnai is (tone must op made clear and undemijind-. uui it it he proper r.)r men to ronn. iMiMllll Ihtff iilHtr i lira)
able. AdvcrtiHC in a newspaper f irat. then vou can trv l ""l"" "f '"lU,,,":1 nitoii or ,,rov.ni ,tt i. diirii,t:n2 ami
HOmethlncr 1m t vnt. ulih i )u Ulll U. . ,llrwl,r, lturn,Utn that controls KHInsr.dnlloti. ma, In, .iimmnrlx
BOTTlCining BIRO II. JOU V, im. Hm entire prductloii of a eommodltr. f.,iow:
Non. lttit l ih fanner asVInc?
U'lOiotti Lrftrnc (a rMtalirtte tlio re.
hare Iwn u-
the prlnHpat pn-
Mrtctly ou Hit? luv
inmnrlziij as
Growing old gnivioiwly, ia the finest thing wc know
; or a larec purt or It. wiiy Is It not ; nm: lflrBw warbute for cot-
proer for n Crmip ..f farmem to tmlte ' ,,,, wwti ntM ii w, .nu elevntor
f..r the tmulietlun t ther common i tar smln. vt num. lent mp.vltj- to uwet
or. It intipiring to nee men aged in veai-s but young in i,r,-,u'-t- '" '"'' r in rCrai i tb mnimum demand 0n them at the
spirit To feel Bomethinc of the buovnAv of vm.th niinu--1 !T'l!.nl .""."r,"?l .. J! ! ,"" pl The
f,- ..M 111 ... nV. , . " " ' ' . " . 1. " T. l"ln" ! 'r tWnfc. that ..Jther prtv.te cnpL
shareholders to dlroet a or SO or 40 w, ,, furtt,., thne facilities, or Hk
per ceni i an muusirj. a' n njE jor ita,e WIM ,w . own .,, eI,,,.,.
V V ni.b.l t:h i. mi i ,,..,") "n'mJ tlmuwimi nM.mtive , ml f.-j,.,
. n. uiavnaiiui wj i MiiuiHHJH, KJIV., Will DCglll OlllCiai i mrmem tu n.iitroi it no iiirjrw pr"Ir- sflti: wiAtb njc and
UMJng in February. Mr. Blackador has only three pure-' "" "f c",, or col,on- or
U-J T i...t- i. i ......... ' ' any other pro-luet I
any otner pro
The DeiMirtiiieiit of AcrleuHore Is
if 1 I'll (token of as a wNral eomilofl
to the farmiTN hut Hi Its wmimrrrlat
rvtil. )t of n iech benefit to the
Iiiijith ami roiiMimer of asrlcoltural
pnwiucts n to the proddf-em, or evoti
I I. U ut. I ill mure, i uo noi iitjKse iuai niiyone
i ivivauiuy it uenujiy aim cuniinenuauie winier 81)011 ' pH.te the benefits thut the rram
both from the nlaver S nnrl KtHcL'itnr,ii el'iiulnninf ,' ilrrhe from the educational and re-
bred Jerneys, though he has a good herd. He wantr. to!
know junt what hia cow.i arc doing. Oregon Fanner.
o :
City and country communities alike all take to basket
ball for relaxation thoje fag day of winter. Basket ball;
search work of the department, or the
hrln (hat It sires them In working ont
Secretary of tho Treasury Mellon has made work improved euitumi methods awi pmc
more difficult for the jokesmithv-.he has simplified the 1
income tax forms so that the ordinary citizen can make! in intr.Hiueinc new vartnie. from re.
out hia report without help.Thc jokostcra will have to find j rl
a new SUbjeCt dlUon. nml In deUsins prortlcnl mens-
q tires for the elimination ''f wntrol of
mt. I i j i . ilanseroui and destructive nntinot nnd
The lumber industry is again neanng normalcy. ,dm,t du.-nes. insm Pets. ami the
Astoria mills are running! full blast, Willape Harbor mills m- a" "'"'f "wnnvaii, tend
are operating at capacity! Brighton mills nmning; Wheel-1 iV!KJS XJSTri
cr mm planning to rommc cutting; Tillamook nulls all
ninning'and Bay City mill has pust purchased 10,000,000
feet of timber on the Nehalcm.
We have all been good-road"? boosters from Maine to
California and hundreds of dollars of the taxpayers mon
ey have been spent to build what would have been consul
ercd perfect road' five years ago.
Today our hardsurfaced roads are being torn up by
truck traffic just about as rapidly as our macadam
road were torn up by automoblio traffic from 7 to 10
years ago.
It is a question of how far the state is going to go; in
providing permanent highways to be destroyed by over
loaded commercial vehicles long before the bond issues
which built the roads, have been paid off.
Lumber is today the cheapest building material. The
recent reduction in freight rateis helps west coast timber
products in reaching the eastern market
In order to hold the nrice of lumber at tho lowest do?
sible profitable level- progeusive sawmills, such aj he
VT-ll ?l W 1 i -S C TT
muionai Lumoer ae aianuuiaciuring uo. oi noquuwi',
Washington, are urcring lumber dealers to point out to
lumber consumers the advantagas of buying and using
ine shorter and cheaper grades of lumber whero possible.
The National Lumber Co. poinuj out that selling lum
ber is like selling meat There is a certain amount of ma
terial in a log and thern is a certain amount; of meat in a
steer. If the public refuses to buy any but tho choicest
cuts of the beef or anything but the clear timben out of a
log, the coit must be proportionately higher to cover the
waste which Is not used.
Due to the varied diameter and lengths of logs, there
is of necessity many short pieces, side cuts and knotty
wood, all of which is perfectly satisfactory for many build
ing purposes.
Sawmills re urging lumber dealers over the country
to pointy this out to. customers and show them that by
using these cheaper grades of lumber, great savings can
be made In construction cost' at no detriment to the build
ing. Thus by using every scrap of the log we will accom
plish true forest conservation, equalize lumber prices and
encourage home building.
Wliv Day the nrice of n new. car, when yo can
buy a cor in perfect condition for 1-3 the money
Chevrolet Delivery
Chevrolet 490-1918 Touring
Overland Delivery
And many more to choose from.
Drop in and- seo for yourself
iVUf tlny's Garage
! It Is complained that, wberen the
law restricts I'edcml ltoene bank.
. to three months' tlnm fur commercial
piiT, the fanner Is allowed six
months on his notes This Is not a
special prhllece. but merely such a
recognition of ImMiuwn condition? a
makes It possible for country tinnka
to t hneliiefin with country people
The rrup farmer hns only one turn
over it year, wiiiie lite merchant nnd
iimniifrtrliirer ham ninny, tncbteiitnl
ly, I ti.ite that tho reiloral Hiwrve
Itimrd tins Just authorlmt tho Tod
ernl deserve bnnka to discount export
paper for a period of Mx mouth, to
conform to the nature of the btil
ness. The I'nnn Iinn bunks re pointed
to n nn Instance of upcclnl cn em
inent favor for farmers. Are they not
rather the outcome of laudable effort
to ispmllre rurnl tun! urunn condl
(IniH? And about all the Koverument
does there In to help .et up nn ml
mlulstrntlve .Tk'nlilinllnii mid lend n
little credit at the Mart. Kvcntunlly
tlie fiirmers will provhle nil the capi
tal nnd curry nil tho liabilities them
selves. It Is true (but Turin 1 .0:111
bonds are tnx exempt; but no 11 re
bonds nf municipal light and traction
p!nuts. ami new liutislny U to bo ex
empt from tnxtttlon, In New York, for
ten yenrs.
rradlnc of
aartctilinrnl pr!ncts. and ewtlflcntlon
tberimf. I be d- ne by Impartial and
dislntcreM! pu IK In aped on (lids Is
irmdy actHrtnj. wio-i i.. ..hic extern
by the fedi-ra! II eniltijc of wishers
ih! cradrrs). t- elliiilnate underpay.
IttK. overchaixlne. and unfair sradlnjr,
and to facilitate the ulllUntlcii of the
torel products as the bHs of cri-llt.
Third: a certa n. f credit sutTlrient I
to enable the markellus ot protlucts
In an onierty mm n-r
Poorth: the H-pnrtment of Acrlctil
uro shimld c- lleri !a!uil!e, ummn
ie. and roenlarir and froquen(l pul
Hh anC dlatrttiute to the fanners, full
Infortntitlon front all the markets of
the world. m that ther aball be as well
Infonnetl of their nellins pMltlnn as 1
ituycrs now nre of tbelr buying posl- i
ln. '
I'lfth: freednut to tntesratc the bnsl
ne of aarlcoll ure by means of con
otldateil udllnc asende., civ-onllnnt-tns
ami co-operatlns In such way a to
put the farmer on ho equal footing
with Hie inrge buycru of his nnHlurts. '
nnd wit It commercial relations In other
Whfa n business nijulres spwlallied
Wen pJlrn Oejeh DJ(j Children Vfll
Be Sent to Sebol of Oppariunlty
Instead of Jjnto pro.
vide Clothing.
VM I'alia) M-h. rim. llllierar
hoy nd eirla umjer Hie
twenty w wb art. i,m Intn
Alitrilcipal rrt l,ie to rmni win
he ntrfwd o m 4 of ,.),,,.
tunity lirstrnd f jail u tl.r reit t
a mntfHMtit Miunt-tii l Menlelptil
Juil?e Jj I triii.u. former ne
IapJr paWKIier and .Ju..r, nnd Ui k.-i
by Hu Itoin dob und ther dsit
orBrilzaiiona. The X-hMrf (rf rprinurilt)r hns k
onranlterl aii tl line. ,.r ibe asiuil
public mInkJ. with a bmnl of tlirm
tmnlKta. CAAlstUir of Juov,. Jj.ri.Mn
tel conxiratlon. by example. t4NjEx Clt Mattaci r faH Kiddle ,i,d (;), ,lf
an siet-i jinces. 1; inn is ienmnn rn-o rtaitk Matt hewn
(It Is even delraMc, becaqse .(able ( itiwlntiw nnw r.v offerr.1 to torn
an1 fair prices are tse;,tlal to solid vh; .srUublo cothin stud-nt. who
and eoutlnucl prn.i-rlty) why would oiherwl,.. mlsht frel .,,,.,,.
It Im wrmig for the farmer, t ntl , ,-Tnltt, o( -n
central agencies that would have alnil. ' l:,r,nn l. ,Lin 1. : '
. - . l " n uiin.f ...
lar effects on agricultural products?
.Something like that U what tbejr are
aiming 111.
Site farmers favored by reglnitnl
compactnos nnd contiguity, such as the
rltrus frult raisers of Callfomln. al
ready have found a way legally to
merge and sell their products lnte.
grail)- nnd In accordance with neannnnl
provide trxi hook hnvaig plai-rd an
ortler for $.Vi worth nf reaoVrt. arlth
metlc. spvllirM: and writing booits,
to which vijecia U.v crur- rf titJy
will he cuiUi.ed.
Tlie yountrstera w-fi'eml to the
school will beti-ra nmnbni of rpecU!
dasiw ami will bt luitroctcsl by a
Robert H. McGrath
Counsellor at haw
Comploto lens crmdlnt: factory on
pruuiUea. Any Icn tluplicutod.
I'erman-ntly Located in Tillamook
I'rtvato offlco in Jenkirw Juwuly Storo
LattMt up-to-dnto injtruinwnU anil
'logician and Surijcon
Ollice In HiUottil h'.iit-
Funeral Dirctor and Ucn(l Einbalmer
R. N. IIKNKI.H, Mifr.
Lady AnHiUnt when duaircd
Altorney-at-Uw and
Land Office Business.
and local demand, thus Improving 'c,'r emniwjw try the city -chool
their position and rendering thn con- lM,ra- u,a " b hld In the
sumer a reliable servlco of ensuriMj c',Jr hool oitlldln? at h)rs which
iuallty. certain aupply, and reawmable ',," DOt nlct with the regular
nd relatively steady prlr-. They "a AM thf ichool, thu slria aa1
have not found It necessary to resort 'nwZ women to attend from 3:93 to
to any special privilege, or to claim
any exempli- n ' under the a.-.'i-truM
legliilatlon of the state or nation. With
out remtjvlng local control, they have
built up a very edelent marketing
agency. The grain, cotton, and to-
0:80 p. m. and the boys from 030 to
030 p. a.
In order Uiat the students may ha
liHllvidiml Inntnii-tlon. .inn. win r
limited to twfity mernlM-r. and wIxb
ine nanus hae wocke." ihlr
bacco fanners, nnd the producers f through a duiple xiwlil.-it; book
hides and wool, twratlse of their ntim
hers ami the vnstness of their regions,
and for other reasons, bare found
Integration a more dlfilcutt task ;
though there are now gome thousands
of farmer's co-operative elevators,
warehouses, creameries, nnd other en
terprises of one .sort and anther, with
a turn-over of a billion dollcr a year
They are giving the farmers business
experience and training, and. so fur
as they go, they meet the need i-f
honest weighing and fair grading: bu
they do not meet the requirements nf
rationally adjusted marketing In any
large nml fundamental way.
The next step, which will be a pat
tern for other groups. Is now belr.g
prepared by the graln-ralsers through
the establishment of sales media which
shall handle grain iiopnrHtely or col
lectively, ns the Individual farmer may
elect. It Is this step the plan of the
Committee of Seventeen which hns
created so much opposltb n nnd Is
thought by some to be In conlilct with
second reader ..d fr. il-ni. they will
be given dlplofnu. with all tlie cere
mony lti.li-iit to a huh'schuol cotii-m-iiei-nieiit.
Dr. 0. L. Ilohlfcld
Bell Phone Sf-2 Mutual Phone
David Fobinsor?. VLD
Pbys ician and Surgeon
Successor to Dr. Wendt
L. 0. O. M. I
Meets every Fri- j
day eveninz at K, P. 1
S-. Urodhead, S
L. L. HOY, M. D.
IMt'siciiii and Surgeon
Bell I'hot.e V.tiico 6, Kuidenew S M
Alutuel I'nor.t - Otlice and Residence
latent It I... tn tmv It ..-Ill .(, mu.-.tust i"'. ii.ou.u mere IS
fdrmers: and perlm,,, the M way for I Tv rr"r? concro" " Mnre de
tben, to g.H It would be to utllUe some ! ",lRnU " elnJ "P d"Ubt lh .IM'ln'-
of the t.resenl niaehlnerv of fl... Inr,-. ' Si..-i.r.HiU.-vrs rc not raving on
est otablshel ngeneles dealing In
farm products Of course, tf he wishes, ,
Ibe rurmer mny go further nnd etignge
In ibur milling nml other manufactures
i.f fd prulucts. In m opinion.
1 any Immunity from nntl-trut legisla
tion. They delre. nnd they are en
titled, to nvordinnie their efforts Inst
ns effectively ns the large tmsl-. ess
terests nf the country have d- ne In
i - . 1 i.t. .1. . ......
i.........r Ii.. 1.1 l. .i, . . eoniieruoii n me selling orgat U3
short of that. Public Interest mnv bo ,hp ,l "U,,M n'S (,ml!! ?Tuv
opposed to nil grvnt Integrations; 'but. ! ncorpornted Is draft Ins a scheme of
in Justice, should they be forbidden to ancln nstnimentnlltles and auxll,
the farmer ami permitted to others? "ry. d" "l.lch are Indlspens., ,le
The cortonite form of aoc!ntlon enn- ' '.hc """'l1 utlHzailon of modern
not now be wholly adapted to his ob- , ,,u,f mCt !. ,ha, ,h .
Jews and conditions. Tho looser cn. ' . U , lnl that the farmers
operntlve form seems more generally I ouW fTttin y ,w,,h ",ew
aultnMa Therefore, be wishes to be ' ,lnn'- ,nml ,a,m T f vold U',e "f
free. If he fluds it desirable and fens- j fPP'"S ' n uiarketlng mn- ,
ihln tn mrt in o,vo,r,.iinn ,.-ii. 1.1. cliln-ry. which has been so lalHirlously
fellows and neighbors, without run- i ,J"nt .up by 1 .ns, "W- before
nlng af-utl of the law. To urge that
the farmers should have the same lib
erty to consolidate and co-ordinate
their pecnllnr economic functions.
.vhleh tber Industries In .their fields .
enjoy, Is not, however, to concede that i
nny business Integrntlon should have
legislative siinrtlon to exercise monop.
ollstlc power. The American people
are ns firmly -ppnsed to Industrial us
On the other hniul, the farmer rends t, political nutocrncy, whether at-
of plnns for munlclpnl bousing proj
ects Hint run Into the billions, of hun
dreds of millions iinnunlly spent on
the inerrbnnt marine ; ho rends that
the railways nre being favored with
Increased rates atid virtual guuruntles
of earnings by the government, with
the result to him of nil 'nerensed toll
on till that he sells nnd nil Hint ho
Iiii.ns. lie hears of many maulfestii
Hons of governmental concern for par
ticular Industries nnd Interests, lies
cuing th railways from Insolvency Is
undoubtedly for the behutlt of the
country ns n whole, but whnt can be
of more general benefit than eneoiir
ngeiuent of ample production of the
prlnrlpnl necessaries of life and their
even Unw from contented producers to
satlMled coiisniners?
While It may be cnneeiled Hint
special governmental nld may be nee-
oHsary In the Reneral Interest, wo must
all agree Hint It Is dllllcult to nee why
agriculture ami Hie production and din
trlhutlou of fnrm products ure m t ac
corded Hie Hiimo opportunities Hint nre
provided for other businesses; espe
cially as. the enjoyment by the fnrtner
of such opportunities would appear to
ha even more contributory to tho cen
rrnt Rood than In tho enso nf other
Industries, Tho spirit nf Amurleuit
einocrnry Ii unalterably opposed,
nllko to enacted special prlvllegu and
lo tlie ipoll privilcaa of unequal op
portunity that arises automatically
from tha failure to correct glaring
conomlo Ineqiulltlca. I inn opposed
to tlio Inject Ion of government Into
business, hut I tin believe that It Is nn
essential fuiietlnii of democratic, gov
ernment to I'uunll.o opportunity so
far as It Is within Its power to do so,
whether !)' thu repeal of nreltnlc
statutes or the enactment of modern
ones. If the mill-trust Inws keep tho
farmers from endeiuoilng scientifically
to Integrate, their industry while oilier
industries llml a way to meet modern
conditions without violating xucli Hint-
Hies, then It would seem reasonable
lo llml a way for tho farmers to meet
them uiiilor the same, conditions. Tho
law should operate equally lu fact. Ie
it rT" r.-1l- -
tempted by rural or by urban Indiistrv.
For lack of united effort the farmers
ns n whole are still marketing thelr
crops by antiquated methods, or by no
methods at all. but they are surrounded
by n business w rid that has been
modernized to thu Inst minute and Is
tirelessly striving for eillclency. This
ettlcleney Is due In large measure to
big InHnes. to unit est business, to In
tegrated bu-lness. ' The farmers now
seek the benefits of such Inrgeuess, un
ion nnd Integrntlon
they hnve n tried and proved substi
tute or supplementary meehnulsm.
They must bo careful not to become
enmeshed In their own reforms nnd
loso the perspective of their place In
the national system. They must guard
agnlnst fanatical devotion to new- doc-
; trlnes, and should seek articulation
with tho general economic system
rnther than Its reckless destruction as
It relates to them.
(Continued to next week)
Garden Spot tcr Bear.
Knmchutka lias more bears than all
the rest of east Stlierln. It probably
litis more bears than nny other place
In the world. They are ns plentiful
here, I believe, as buffaloes once were
on the western plains. The main ren
sou which 1 found for thU Is the fact
that bears do not eat during half tho
year. They are like grasshoppers or
. .... ...i... .... . .ii.... i - ii.. I.
Tho American farmer is n modern of : "
the moderns In the use of labor saving lu im"le''- e-v hllnrnntc for
machinery, nml he has made vnst " x ,mon h m,d are nc,lve lwru w,1'
strides In recent years In scIiMitlflc t u,rin tl,e salmon senson ; nmi salmon
Ullage and eillcieiu farm m.iiiiiL-..t,...nt "-' 80 plentiful that bruin enn live
but ns n business In contact with other I tl,rolK '"-' ''"'"u Siberian year on
businesses nglrculture Is a "one horse
shay" In competition with high power
automobiles. The Amertenn farmer Is
tho greatest and most Intractable of
Individualists. While Imlustrlnl pro
duct!! n and all phases of the huge com
mercliil mechanism nnd Its myriad ac
cessories have articulated nnd co-ordinated
themselves nil the way from tint
oral raw materials to retail sales, Hie
business of agriculture bus gone on in
much the one man fashion of the back-
the. salmon he cutches In summer, to
gether with other wu food brought
ashore In htrunded seaweed, and ber
ries found everywhere else. And It Is
because Kamchatka province has such
a ong coast nnd so tunny snliuon
streams. Nearly tho whole east Si
berian const of tho Okhotsk mni, Pn
cltlc ocean, Herlng sen and Arctic
ocean Is Included tn thla province, with
a tlsli supply as great as that ot our
American qnnst opposite, or greater.
woods of the first part of the nine-' Frederick McCormlck In the Los An
leentli centurv, when the farmer was gejes Times,
self sulllclent and did not depend upo
or rare very much, what tho greut
world was doing, Tho result Is that
the agricultural group is utmost us
much nt a disadvantage lu dealing with
other economic groups as the Jay farm
er of tho funny pares In tho liniula ot
sleek urban contldenco men, who sell
him nereago lu Central I'arUsor tho
Chicago city hall. Tlio leaders of tho
farmers thoroughly understund this,
and they are Intelligently sti'llu' to
Integrate their Industry so that It will
be on mi equal footing with other busl.
As nn esnmplo of Integration, take
tlio steel Industry, In whleh tho model
Is tho I'nltoil Stntea Steel Corporation,
with Its Iron mines, Its coal mines, jts
Inko and rail transportation, Its ocean
vessels, Its by-product coke ovens, Its
Bird Lore.
Tho color of birds can bo changed
within llvo generations by keeping
them tn a white room, with white sur
roundings nud attended by persons
wearing white. Scientists say It Is
) nature's way ot taking cure of tho
turns so tnnt tney win Harmonize with
tho tmekgrouiiil in which they live,
lints, It has been discovered by no
Italian naturalist, have a small sense
organ situated on the middle wall
ot tho tympanic cavity of their ears.
Tho removal of thU organ destroys
their sense of balance. The scientist
concludes that It Is by means of this
orgun thut the bird Is nblo to deter
mine the density ot the air through
G. A. R.
Corinth Post, No. 35, Dept. of Ore
gon, meets on Second and Fourth
Saturdays of each month, at 1:30 p
m. in the W. O. W. haU. Visitors wc!.
Commander Adj.
NO. 57 I. O. O. F.
Meetd 2nd and
tth Thursday ol
each month.
S. A, Brodheso
I. O. O. F. Lodge Nc.
91 meets every Tues
day eve. S p. m.
nesday eve. 8 p. ra.
NO. 18 O. E. S.
Stated communications first and
third Thursday of each month in
Masonic ilull. Visitors welcome.
Repaired While You Wait
One trial will conrine superior
workmanship. Parcel post given
prompt attention.
When you think of Lifei
Insurance' Think
See W. A. Church, local!
Regular meeting nights first and third
Fridays of each mouth.
NO. 89
Meeting Every Monday
Evening. Visiting Bro
thers Welcome.
Alderman ISldg.
W. R. liould, C. C.
C. U. Coe, K. R. ei S.
$ H. T. Doits, Pres.
Attorney at Law
: John Leland Henderson,
Secy. Trcas,
! Attorney-at-Lsw. Notary Public
Tillamook Title and
Abstract Co.
Law, Abstracts, Keal Estate,
Both hones
A. F. & A. M.
Stated Communication
Second Wednesday
month. Visiting
Brethren welcome.
By order W. M.
Lcslio Hurrison Sec.
which It moves and regulates Its wing
blust furpn.ee". Us open hearth uad tPiovimeotjiecordUigly,
W. R. C.
Corinth Relief Corps, No. G4 Dept.
of Oregon, meefi on First und. Third
Friday evcnin;:s ot each month, at
8 p. m. in the W. O. W. hull. Visitor
MARY WILT, President.
Pythinn Sisters meet cary so:oud
and fourth Tuesday of each month nt
the Knights of Pythias HaU, at 8
o'clock P. M.
Excellent Chief.
M. of It. and C.
Tho PythUn Sistera Club meets every
1 1
. .
Shoe Repairing!:
Laces, Oil, Polish,::
Grease etc., CaK:
t ::
on. i:
The Shoe Doctor.
Todd Hotel Bldg.
h sssss
I Photography
Ipth in portrait and I
commercial work.
Alio the lest of framing
may be found at the
Ovo Studio
a i "