Tillamook herald. (Tillamook, Tillamook County, Or.) 1896-1934, May 21, 1915, Image 2

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    Cfce Ciltamook herald
fc. Cromly Gdiior
.ssutA wwUe a Wee Custv sd Friil.tV
Ki t. -. 1 womt-oisM m.itt.'r Mat 17, I'M . at th no oifwe at ViUamook,
Oregon, under the aet of Mairh S. 187i." I
SI'BSvKIP.loN St fin A Vf K IN AOV ANi'R. !
t .
In m.
nil f r '
Kv. Kow,
,t . i.(iiii i ur
. . -i anrenlo SiTrtii n
i ittins, iwkIit.
Hd i :im Rate
'. .;
, r ll
r tin
t inn, line
a- vosr
It.'i.i I a
ot the ailit -
En-h Mi!-tj,irnt i:-crtii"., line .OS
Kto'iitit'ii of ' lodolonee and
LodilO Hot, 00. )K.T llllO - .01
BiS'iross Jfr Professional csHs.mo, 1.00
fisplay Advertisement. ir inch ,M
At L Jiicp'rtV Ail must Ur in this of
, , V-dav ttitl Thursday Morn-
. h i, i i-Mire I'.ctt". in follow
. T o to..t KtuUy issues.
. . u- s an- imperatite.
W '2 . liK"
' -, ". A '4 'ill fth
!. m t! wherever newwiirv
v' i,. lo to a pr (M r level
isLir'. fvr the layii'i of
If ary of " ir
hsd it ll ,.
istr i- i t
ah.' i' ! hnvt ,. '
of ; o State '':
lul -l iils .'!.
points to th i'.i
Oreevr: are :
now a thoy I
-t . . ;wtl I. 1
i 'Ut
i i n t' .
,-i r
. .! -o. J h. i
:. iluTt- i
ct t;.t the f.t:
.ii. to their
r w erv.
. I !'. t'
. t!l-
'".H tnir
l!,.it i'.e
i ligation
r-i crs of
nu I
.01 i
l io .
Following are the teacher employed
(or next vr In glutriot Nr, V;
W. Untbank. Suot.
Ptttr 0. CKWlict, EnHh.
JvataiB H. Cwnl. 8eiii-P.
tin. H C Hton, Hiurjr.
MM LiwU MMttiio, lltn nd MUi
Mitt Piiultne McKlvnln, ComiMtefal
mid (irmnn.
Min KmntK UeUrtd. Domwtlc Selm
a:iM Art.
IK H. Rt, Mmtunt Tn.-,i .
Mim iiatut MoKumii, Muie wnl Spte-
ial work.
MiMClr Pryh, rth irrml.
Mi KvtU ftrnith Mh grtiif .
tuy meat mamci
John Danniftls, Prop.
On StV Mi.l , l;;iHi. In William MM.
A liw I RtiH ..! hWOKEO WEATiwl I ISM
Mim Matnil T. Ci. vn, 4h ni'd.
' j Miss Harriot! I'mjdont, Jul wmde,
n motion tr r,, i!ur!, iitne
i . u.-nninHMisiv that j Krtf. Ut r!.
f.r! roror. I .-.wnt. 8th t.ki UU wti
m i.:i:-j. ct iii. . - iv 1 th' h p,ifck that . uitional
i of .u ii nr? on tho marv terhir will hi. ,t(W.
T"v State (t- ,
W.ishi-izton !
ini'H'tv.l a v- -y
win.- j : . oiTi-
1.0 of tho !tjite of
its riven! n.ot'tsnc.
vc.'.s liie r;'v iluli.m,
.o.ansi trin tH-l'.ire
.iition Bi:i t.i
I.: o U' is. tte.i
U h - I,
-.r the
to a vcti
.is a i". 1
of t!,i
to a;, t.ie b .1 H'i j niaKo thv Hiti-riiiiv
anJ Horiforo .iro o ritleil to i voice lit
the p..i!tiT. Ar-.trer ;vi i- itcistjon
has t bm mailt i- nction vith tf-.i
ida ;ti il that w t tho elTvot ttistt
those Ah' sate f r .ur !ioUi.i t t tv
ones called upi :i nrt to
1 .TirKi f fo- t-f. Tin io km ivnsi.lwr- ,
aUU .i,?c ,vo:i i;s nfjr it ! t Un mattiT
.'Ki('u' jovvathttf . i t'mt?i!t swned !
to ! tho etft'.-t thitt nil r.ittle whiih !
wtT- N-n'if fHttt'ii-4 f. r toi f should b i
irv' t -.-u so that it ii.tiM not ho id i
that t.,o lannvr wort selliuir infceUsI
metit. l iiii th.Hiiiht n followed up I
witii tho uiea thai if it gomi to i
he ?o pnrtu-ular aNut niaU, why
iihotilii .mi the farmer U' at (uirtieutar j
.);,.:'. h milk amt see to it that all
hw i o s .in' inswoteil. The fact waa j
iiKMiio roi! that t'sore werv !aw ifiv-
tTnii j: t:ns matter, but that th same
or.it. i. 1 1 hail :ut bon cnforevtl a,
tf.-iii us it mtff.it h'lvc !.en. Tho!
vo-.tin'o-t of thi mwttri; ci-mi..l to b
very n . hin fivur "f a rirfiil inf'0
Ik m .'f Sioth ilairy ami lioef cattle
l!u- Uk'r...,it tho h ile eo'inty.
tne !utit iui.j..ct to coniv up for dis
ui4Hin A.is the hirt-iu of tireek ami
11-lUn laborer by contractora who
are inn! milt our nv ro.tils. Tliia mat
ter a diotj seii iro awl con to con
siderable extent. Those agaioat the
fureiKn labor contended that our citi
zfti who tre out of work should have
l has. Kunze is oTerint; avmie iro-il
premiums, the same t . tie ifivon at t.ie
county fair, to the trirI- oxhtottii't; tin
best sne'-imen of darning on stockings
and the tet soecimefi of pater. K.i.rk
on oanu. This is a ate; ato-. ;r.i.-tL-rd
lines and in to be commended. Many
a ?irl ha been taught r.ew fancied
ideas in great numbers, who. when it
comes i.) the ordinary, practical things ': the first consideration, and that it
is found sadly in need of the proper j not a stood policy tt hire men though
training. Of course we expect that J they mifrht work cheaoer, who were
our stand pat frienda wilt say that thin are to take tit money out of the eoun
is ali ujelt-is because there will be no t try. It was also pointed out that the
need of atoned panu and darned socM foreigners were Utking work from
when a change of administration take many of our amall farmers who went
pi ice, but regardless of their argo- just t?fcttiuK a start and needed the
menu it i our opinion that th girl, work on the roads in order that they
and especially the girl on the farm might the better V.eep their families
vU is trained to do the ordinary things and be enabled to stick to their farms,
well is the t:irl that is a real help in! Those taking Uie ooposite view da
the past a.,. will always be a real help j dared hat the matter fthouki be con
in the future in the lifting of burdens. ' isdered from the taxpayer's stand-
-. i. J point or from the standpoint of the
FAJRVlr W HR AMfTF Hfl! n! I man who was desirous of getting tho
Leo Tittle and Jevsie Smmona were
married May I4tu by Rev.. Ward at
the U. 8 paraooafe at Hearer.
The president of i'Mlumath Cdlegw
preached at the school house Sunday
Ralph Blum and Walter Brown made
a trip to Netarts after clams last week.
Miss Phillips wilt finish her school
May 25lh.
Verlin Brown waa at Sandlake over
H'v. Ward cloaod bis year's work as
pastor last Sunday.
most for his money, and as the con
tractor who hired th j foreigners bUl
,, nT. ,. , . ,., , . ; nesrly one half less in some inttances
On rhirj-lay alternoon the Fairview , ,. ,, . . ... . .
i me roiiuwis. uuring uiis pnase oi
' the discussion it was uuite freelv in.
10 ! timated that a good deal of "soldiur
ing" had been done on Tillamook
County roads in the past rind because
of this our roads had coat us a great
deal more than they should have.
Grange held a special meeting for tne '
discussion . f hard surfaced roads. The
afternoon session was thrown open
the public.
At the request f the master of the
Grange, Wm. .Maxwell. Mr. F. D.
Bt ster read a report which bad been
in connection with this part of the
discussion, which miuht bu even rnoro
amusing if it were not for the fact
that these samo incidents have in Uiu
pant cost Tillamook county taxpayers
many a hard earned dollar.
Last Thursday's meeting was on
of tho host (!range meetings it has
been our pleasure It) attend. Subjects
were discussed in an intelligent manner
and much good and useful information
was brought to the surface.
received from the .Multnomah County 1 .Some amusing incidents wore recitwl
Pomona Grange through the courtesy
. ! I T . .r .,... l r.
u4 u. u. u.iiiia.1.1 ui .nuibiiuinan iounty,
pertaining to the late inioection which
a special Multnomah County Grange
committee had made in regard to the
ditFerent kinds of hard surfaced roads
in the State of Washington. The re
ports also included findings on the
subject from other parts of the Unitod
The report was very exhaustive and
interesting and gave much valuable
information from a decidedly disin
terested standpoint.
It seems from the report that tho
cement road has by far the ho3t of the
argument. It ii by far the cheapest
and most durable, giving the beat
general satisfaction for country roads.
It is very essential, however, in the
construction of cement roads, that the
proper material be used. The success
of the cement road lays to a very large
degree on the shoulders of the man or
men who have the work in charge, who
trust see to it that the material put
into the road is juHt right.
The reading of the report was fol
lowed by some discussion as to whether
our present macadam road foundations
could be used in the construction of
cement roads. It was brought out that
they could be and to very good advan
tage. It seems to be the intention of
the road engineer to use our present
Union Service at Christian
Church Sunday Morning
Gloria Patri Choir
Invocation Rev. I). A. MacKiinzie
Response Choir
Song N'o. 1 Congregation
Scriuture Lesson. ..Rev. Kdward Gittins
Song No. 191 Congregation
Prayer Rev. I). A. MacKenzie
Anthern, Remember Thy Creator
IJaccalaureale Sermon
Rev. II. A. Van Winkle
Song No. 102 Congregation
Benediction Rev. Edw. Gittins
Changes in County Fair Premium.
Rule i (vcikc i), ranged to frail a
i..llo - Nu r!uluor of Hvr stock
v,.a!I b-. allot rd to make more than
'.'i cntm in any one lot.
Role jo, page 71. vhaoge to provide
r two Rirl it will .i Iwo boys to
,!-nt to State l"air. The State Fair
.'.card has provided a girls camp as
.v.-Il as a boys camp and will enter
..in and care for them during the fair
week. The County Fair Board pays
iheir railroad fare to Salem and rt
Add to regular list in school division.
Cross Sritch, Water Color Painting
Chas. Kunac offers the following
special prises.
For Oirb Under to Yeats,
nest darned stocking: first prize
J.j;o, Second prize $i.Jo; Third priae
hest patch on overalls: First priae
;j.30, Second prize $t.5o; Third
; ne $i.oo.
School children having crcdiuldr
xhibit conforming to the general
classification in Premium list will be
granted free admission.
In Grange exhibit fourth prize will
c $jo.oo instead of $io.oo.
Farm display: 1st prize J.30.00; tnd
prize $20.00; 3rd prize, fl$.00; 4th
prize $10.00. rf
Premium list will be mailed to any
address on request.
cut tins out and suck in your
premium book.
No thw-w eer H( 1. Joe mfw'd wU lH t
vti u eM J. KiMd 8f. Na
" . . t tZlik , W ss4i lite
hf t omlr
til ? ww 'i ro.I rM.;v for Imnmoa
m U,i will m-lmf t . aI oails 1 f lmJ Hi
Cut In Meat Prices
A oat grass ltd catH now tt&6)- for I be
mrk.tt, we at ttukiag the ollowtog prictt on
our meats, lor c.iht
8f Pot Ronr.t 12 I-2c unci 13 I-2c per powm!
Rib Rott t ISc per pourtii
Rib Soil t tic per poimti
SflktiBoH t lOcptr pound
Suaks nt 121 -2 to ISc pgr pound
Corn Bcci t He and 12 l2c per pound
Hrnburgr Steak t 12 l2c pr pound
Thee price xrt gtNuanUd on TittacnooU
1 i I (s
AT A I.I. t
f At "'I ,
V,M Will
HOt :.i
John I -u- .i ., .
ft. i .
Alt'tniay at I,
Tllfcimoolc Iitlc Mi
Abstrrtct Co.
t4W, Atwlfa t- I
Krv) n'. i
JW.th I
' TtU.AMtHiK.
Sirloin Steaks
Round Steaks
Pot Roast Beef
Short Ribs .ind Plate Bolls
Prime Rib Roost
Methodist Church Notes.
Sundyy School 10 A. M.
Kpworth League 7 P. M,
Evening Sermoa 8 P. M.
Notice is hereby given, that the
County Court of Tillamook County,
Oregon, will receive sealed bide for
one hundred cords of wood for the
court house, at its office in Tillamook
City, Oregon, until the hour of io
o clock a.m. on the 4th day of June,
10 is, and at that time opened and
Kach bid shall be accompanied by
a certified check made payable to the
County Clerk, for an amount to equal
to s per cent of the amount of the bid
which shall be ferfeited to the county
in cane the bid he accepted and the
bidder shall fail, neglect or refuse to
enter into a contract and file a bond
satisfactory to the Court.
The bids are to be for one hundred
cords of cither Hemlock, For or Al
der wood cut 46 inches in length and
corded in the basement of the court
The County Court reserve the riylit
to reject any and all bids.
Dated this the 18th day of May, 1015.
J. C. Holileti,
County Clerk.
.it 20c pet pound
.it ISc per pound
at 16c per pound
at 12 c to ISc per lb.
4 at 18c per wound
These prices .trej subject ojch.tnjjt:
Notice of Special City Klenmn.
Notice i hereby gitru, thi in pur
tuner el a kri- In nun 4d'spird by
thi 1, umitiun t ..until ot Tubm-Hi
,itjr. "ngoo, t.n thr 1 jib dy oi Mu,
lijisj, it iliiiul rlKitiun will (.- held
' 1 'i t Ui At.irs out to fOO- '
.'ni v.h.i nir p. o au-'
! .fll, I.JI ih. lurpint
luMitiji to n 01 fiJintninr' And o
'ri'i in, i f 3 fninptrtr -tatsr )Sito
s 1 aviri ttwik. cltttrit tr gas light
.Uiu ..r p!;, ttMr a swtr 4i'
f N0tUr 1
N"TI K !. nu
1 the uod-'rvls'- -) ' '
jt'owtt jf fu:.'.
iii : y sprulnti ti i ,
will end ll nt t
rraUr.t, Mini III a I I
' as oeh rr- il..r
I claim again t t-.
irvi afv h tv 1
thm tih p t'
j my tof in 1 uuo
Itiiiiin i m old '
' Arst publics! in '
irittatssl thw Ai f i
! "AVllban. 1 1
"t.--Ul- r '
of rttksw I TaaU"iit t J-
.1 I r
4.1 I A I IUN
III tilt? Count) court -I nt
o( Oregon fur Die v.oiintv d
I lllitllllH k
Jt the City Hlt ill liUi.,.k tity. ;' r dilnl wlr said citjr, and,
Uregon, on ihr ut tUt 01 tunc. ion. i ' Vnt " tnatniain a rwr vt(rm
a: which election there wilt b ul- k ytcti. or a trm 1 drain
mined to the quatiticd electors of ! the cit. and to make the roi f ueh ! Ii t' S4-!'rr of r
I ilUmook City, ior their adoption or i drain or tawcta, or any part throf,
fticction. a nxasurj to amcad Article a c.nargc or .i upo thr bulling
M oi Clupter III of the Charm of j ur adjscrnt prupcrlv wtlhia said dl
liSIamook t lX. Oregon, wopou j ,rk5i 4M , rttl,,rf Ht vimnrtittn ot
by initUlivc pen ion, the said mcas-; e,.,K r a , , fc
ure being m words and figures a. fol- i ..i lr ,. . ,
- ------ T - T I, "V'
row, lo-wir.
"A nu..iirr to amend Article XI ol
t'haptei VIII of thr t 'barter ol lilb
iituok City, rg.,n. an aid Arliclt
iv.ii adoptrd tit the l'il vntr of
rilluiuuok I III at a (-( ul rlrclioii
ncid in n,ud cil) on Mjrcli .1, 141 1.
Be it enacted by the people of Till
amook City. Oregon, at follow:
Chapter VIII.
Article XI.
Section I : The legislative power of
the city is vested in the Common
Council, hut the same is subject to
and shall be governed by all of the
initiative or referendum provisions of
the constitution of thr Sisac of Ore
gon as the same is now in force or
may hereafter be amended, and sub
ject to any of the initiative and ref
erendum provisions of the Charter of
Tillamook t ity or ordinance legally
enacted under pursuance of the con
stitution aforesaid, or of any of the
provisions of said Charter.
Section j: Whenever any initiative
or referendum mrasure is to be voted
upon at any grnrr.il or sprcial elec
tion, the City Recorder shall cause to
be placed upon the ballot at the elec
tion at which any such measure is to
be voted, a ballot title and brief des
cription of the measure to
be voted on in surh form as may be
prescribed by the Common Council
111 accordance with the Chaitrr of the
Suction 3: The people of Tilla
mook City, or the Common Council
thereof, subject to the initiative and
referendum powers reserved to thr
people, shall have full power and
authority to provide by appropriate
morte) op.n ihr tfr.itl of thr
1,. U., II. ir att lr.
CIWl'. dr-raM!a m i
Itto'i . ul to a:.
Iff n ! .,', it ' av .
jOK nl'.H.'.N. ), .. ,
.' appt or .0 11. 1 1.
j ."li 1,1 1 Imgi-ii.
uo-rei.irr tt itstnog imiiJi ,tr sih-t'
" r 1 I'lll'lul. MM! !! ll lrf I' tin 1 llf.
i the cn .H-.ll ion .,t tn, tunc, rt '11, TIUm.
tiotUr ol Itlfi K t .ul.' 'lie f,,r i.ntnr. .Htafi, I)
ll.. M.if lliliilill'te tlhkilltf illri-l. r.i...l .1 tk, .....
ur the piift.oir .1 .'. (tjvmtr M, m j txmn t
dcbtritiir, rvrrd to ttic uf ' aho . an.,
(he toiii of N'iiit bmttAnd IMllart sh-ii. h-t l.
t.ooor) istlukue n inipri.vrnirnl , aull. ..ring
bonds tsurd lt anordahrt .iih (he i 'lBUrh, l:
cnaurr jf;vii..f. of Itllamook VAtt
Scciion 4- The Common Council
of lillamook City is hereby authoris
ed fo issue forthwith bonds in any
sum not to escccd Sjo.oooow upon ihr
faith and credit of Tillamook City
in such denominations as ihr nidif
mrnt of the Council, In lis drnifrin,,
may drcm esprdient, the same n. 1 r
0 j"and ncdgnaied as "(iiy H,i
Bonds, and bearing a rale of iiiirtni
not exceeding sis per cent prr
ntrrest payable semi annualty 1 Imi
upon the imuanrr of surh I .,,.1.
the same be advertised ami , !, ,,,
the best and highest bi.i-l. r ilorrfor
and the proceeds of such ulr hr plac
rd m the hands of the I ,, .,irrr ..f
1 lllnillOok City i,,,,) rf,,tllr(l ,
"Hiy Hall Fund" That murl, f
said lurid a nnly )r rirarv ,,a
under the direrlion ..f ihr t 'murium'
own". b- forthwith rxpmdrd in ihr
7rcti.u1, roiuiriHii,,,, ....I ,.,,,,,.1,.
".,1 to be located andll f
.".-I. now owned by I ft" , 'J ! .
at t-. 1
.1 1 .
1. r.i .
..f So r
i Ua.
.f mn
- tiiait
iinl '
tin!, a
torn of a City
erclr on irr
t ai (if,; n.'minut
to r!l al pt,l.r
irrri. .1 rnl pr (Ti
Htuatr 111 l'ilani
to It '
I ol iiuililx-rwd oi r .
uf tho i.irthuoi 1
liurthttial ,,.....
rpiarli-r uf i ln.ii I'
oiiih. rantfi- tun il
rile Mi riilmn.
Service i.f thin t ita'
tin- hrr and devt. 1 e '
d-r.-,i..,, tirwl t nil .
t" all H-rsoilH toteri
may ronrnrn, ti w
in tlin TlllaiiiiinU Hi r .
prlnlcil and ptibliir .
County, Oregon, .j t r'
duly intuit nu the 1 1"
1U16, by tho llnrior.i'
Judge of Ihn ntmve v M
W llncss Iho lloiinlll'.lr
Judge of Ihn nlmvn ei,t 1
the unal of mild Court a'1
lay of May, Hi If,.
said lillaii.ook ( ity. and any tun, not
:. ," un rrrciion, construe
ion and comp'rilon .lull he trail.
frrrr.J to the General Fund."
ba'lot title for said measure will he
printed o said hallo. U a, follow,:
County Court
J f
t ir t
I .
-M I"'
, iuT -
,1 ,1,1
Ity Kiithleen M ll. IM"-!
Proposed l;y Initiative Petition.
i.i:ai:uai. ii ahi w a it jk
See Us for Price Before Ordering Elsewhere
$2.25 per Thoiis.'iwl
Shrill a Measure for the Amend,
n.tu of Article XI of Chapter V
f the Charier of Tillamook C ity
Oregon, as propoied by ii;tivc
! inon filed May 8th, loic. ,,
iiy. Ungon, by R,nhilio adopted
i;;-i-nac.ni; ,: "lay ,3,,,
The Measure proposed ainciiil. the'
Charter of Ta,'k City ("r , !
Yes. V, . , ' "'K 10 Article .X I f Chapter 1
.. yW acciinn am 101, ,,, ,i,i
issuing of lto,ooo.(K) of bon.l. f : 1
,r.,,l, 111 .. .1... . i "i 11,1,1-
1. . . ...... 1
minis urn rnriii iiiii'"k
hiiiiis ererieu py nxpcrii i ' -i
'liber by ronirncl or ilnv t ','
anil uNilmnti's furnished fur ull WW"
.iri...l... ...... I, r M I , laln'Tf, '
,,iivi ntiiff, . , ,,
tniii I'lioiic.
SCr rL-fi$
I V If kla1
Said election will be held nt 8
o'clock in the morning and will con
tiuiie until 6 o'clock in the uveiiln,; of
said date.
Illllill 1 111 si... . .
... ... v.,,, me procerus to hi; crrd-
UmI to "City la r,M.. ,,"; .
H'or..ng (he Co.,,,,,,,,, Co n cil o
r".f ". "K vonnriiction of n ciiu r.iwiMii un. .11 a irinn
mull tiitiii i 1 r iirii,... ..f. ..-ii . . .. 11 iiern
"'nil of Tiiia, 00k TO WTn", ' I d Pf
-..' iiiiiii iiveiiieni fcwiiiiifc vui ...
A uilui UAiie IUIINh39
Will nrit ,.!, 1 In.i.mun lilt MlFV"
(ir UILII, I.,...- rllillie l" '
ur.,i., 11 -,,iiuuiMV -
nmuvji 11 n won, niiiuy '"" Z.A
no uvoiiieu ir tho old iiarnen"
discarded In time. . .
l k 1111 I I AM
at a a a sTaU
il l'
Mark X between thc number
answer voted for. """'"
Dated this i3, day of Mriv. 1015
John Ascliii.i
City, Recorder of Till
amook City, Oregon.