Tillamook herald. (Tillamook, Tillamook County, Or.) 1896-1934, June 20, 1913, Image 1

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Jbgg.EgT ?Jgg4!-AT'QN of anv Paper in Tillamook County
Tillamook, Okkgmn, Jvsk 20, 1.1)1 a.
NO. .13
It ih tin iiim of thin himlr to give
lit. Ikhi ImnltiiiK Kcrviee pOhSiblc
.mil vc do ii.
It mIho our ftitn to have tlm
u best equipment, such na
1 -Irni Jmiv Proof MttiiMug
K .)tii, Fire Proof Vnuli, Mtuv
I. r Proof Safe. Modern Snfc
l. osit 1.1 ox cm and we have
if'-- in
25 Cents ia , : ,v
I I M I I I 7 I -i" 17 I I I I i I 9 I J 111. f . '
t.in l i i . i . i .i j l ii lit w iii on lit ...
llamook DrugB.Store
tjlwif.. IWH vl Mitiuili Miln igf "
.... i i I M'HIItli' ,-., , (M' .'.ill-mi i. t'
n i
ci 1 1 &.fi4i : i irrit : cji
Shingles : Plaster
Root Paint : Drain Tile
MU-urrii a ni?i? mMPAY
' . i I1
nd Warehouse Front St. between 2d and 3d Ave. We$t
,Sro''i- Tn'iix.T
Altoriif rl -w AnTftoUiy Public
i in .m rmi m k.t m -m w
I III . .... I fW l I J
(I llil I K.'VV- hi .
Tillamook, Oregon
S "SBBk.
i mill tin paa a nsajk
Gl'ndalc Institution Loses $3000
in Bold Daylight Holdup
by Lcnc Bandit.
Olrndnl. Or Headed by Sheriff
Oeorg" Qulne. of ltoeburg, a pomo of
experienced mountaineers are scour
ln the densely Umbered dUtrlct west
of 0lndnl In search of Bay Diamond,
Uim IJyparolil ilont'tirnilo, wlig la-l'l
tip ArClnK rlilr II. I. Hmlth. of Ilia
nicBiJl Hii Imiik. Montiny mornlug
nt S Vi o'rlock mill I'ocuri'd noicthlni;
over Hofw In cnul). !
Tmlmil bloodhound In cam of tbelr j
mrnuiT arrived hrn from CottiiK
5rjt. and oon nfii-r wcro nlvcn a 1
if!fi from tnlr of Dork which wore i
found In th fuBttlvn' lonoly oibln. i
Tho hound -ook th crnt nnd ularttd j
omr tlm rouRh mountain trail In a
ir4frly dfrfotlon, followed by thu !
htrlff and niMiibni of tho joi j
Tim country of Olencnlo I j
thickly tlmlwd nnd U travnn'd by I
hundrw of mountain trull. .Maiir I
j of Uifii"? trail IhniI In thn direction of
flrunt I'n. while othor furnlnh a
i dlrwt rouii to tho const.
Inquiry has ntlfled the officer
that Diamond had madn careful iiruji
nrnllon for lh" crlmo and that he Is
tr'ril to stay In th mountain for
w.k f neci-nnnry. Only a fiw day
ajto !m jiur.lianed 10 boxc of cart
rldg. nnd Miwo h crrld when hu
It 1 lUco ,ild that
ilk &&wmm.
Mr. C t. KlrKUrlifg. the Philadel
phia wonwn who itArted "Father1
Oiy" clhration.
Events Cccurr.ng Throughout
the Sta.B During the Past
IUi:roJd Take No Chance on
That Cannot (Jc Sold.
lUot!;.' KrultKroer throughout
i th" ncr'.'itt'cMit ar Mnn notlllml by
I trits:irtaHon romH(ntn that Imro
after no fruit blymnntu will be for-
1 wrdwl un! the frelnln U twld la ! enlerwl the bank
I adHiee or urnte. by wme r- J, fetly h. carried food ovr th
j ajjhMble tern or Iwnk. ! ""OUBta.n trail loading went of town
. Th-anion of the mUrofld comtiaiile , fcrveral dsya. mid ha tfce rnme
! U brouRht about. It In eold. by the fact , wf' wmo Ihobted octlon of tho
I that durlnB the irnut itenwin lnrr. ! ,len.'" Udernc within u few mile
niiifjum of frjilt did. not brine cnouith j of ,5,?3l
on the market to nay the expense of! Tllnt ,,n W,U rPf"'" In hidlnK for
trauportallon. j "veral days before nttemptltiK to
Th Krouer did not feel like divine j ' Ketaway Is the belief of the
down into hi tiooket for Urn amount onieers worKinK on me caoe.
of the fn-lfiht blll. Jn view of the fart
that he had recetvml nothing for hi
fruit, and the cotnmlntlou men felt no
obligation toward the rallroud rompan
le. u the road lot out alt around.
I They will take no chance the coming
-Urldule" Webber Stabbed In Dick.
New Vork -Itrldglo Webber. th
j New Vork gunman whoso tentliuony
! aided In nendlng Police Lieutenant
1 (harlp Hecker to the death houne nt
I Sing tflng. gave a new uvldenc of the
grim it plrlt of the eaat lde thug Satur
day when he absolutely rerued 'o
r.U" (he name of a man who slabbed
him In the back about 1 o'clock In tho
morning, probably In rovenge for hi
turning Informer.
Title of Settler Dttween Two Proe.
lamaticn Confirmed.
Cheyenne, Wyo. The sorernmeni
suit ngnlnit the Midwest Oil company
n test case Involving the tltlo to
million of dollnr' worth of oil land
In California and Wyoming was dis
missed by Judge Hlner. of the United
States district court. While tho gov
ernment nought to recover only 4000
acres of laud In thin suit, the Issue
Involved cover thousands of other
acres of California and Wyoming land
Included In President Tuff sweeping
order, designed to conserve tho coun
try's resources and to afford the gov
ernment u supply of fuel oil for the
United State navy.
Kaiser Wllhelm, emperor of Ger
many, who celebrated the silver annl
veriary of hi relj;n Monday.
Brief News of the Week
Seventeen-year lorunt are moving
northward In Nebraska, after Invading
the southern part of the state, and
h.ivo settled In Johnson county In
large swnrms.
Honorts from Winnipeg. Man., say
that crops In ilnnltoba end Saskatche
wan are drying up under an Intense
heat wave, reaching at many points to
102 and 103 degree.
The Servian and Bulgarian govern
mentss'iave both agreed to accept Rus-r-lan
nrbltmtlon In their dispute over
tho territory acquired during the Bal
kan war.
The federal government has filed
Wet Will Not Ctsk Office.
8alim. nfsM:o rumcr to the ef
fect thai he "would be a candidate for
reelection rid ?r.at preliminary ar
rangements 'cr hi campaign were be
ing made, Cc'.qt West positively
anncuncd here hat he would not bo
a candidate fcr office again.
"1 want It distinctly understood,"
declared the governor, "that anybody
who says I will be a candidate for re
election doe not know what h Is
talking about. I tblrh when my term
expires I will have accomplished all
I started out to accomplish and that
will satisfy me There la much hard
work connected with the office, and
the remaneratlon I net such that a
man can save any money."
Opinion of Liquor Shipments Given
Salem. An opinion rendered by At-
ttorney General Crawford hold that
transportation companies cannot ac
cept intoxicating liquor for shipment
to dry territory unless they have In
such territory an agent to keep a rec-
ord of the shipments as provided In
the bill passed nt the last esssfon of
the legislature. It also is held that
Intoxicating liquor shipped Into dry
territory must be labeled as such, and
a record must be k?pt by the trans
portation companies at the cfflco
where received and the office from
which it Is delivered.
Will Ak President to Aid Project.
Portland. Secretary of the Interior
Lane and the Oregon conservation
commission are working in unison for
a complete department of irrigation
sn anti-trust suit at Chicago against nnd water power projects of the state.
Nebraska Farmer Give Pledge.
Lincoln, Neb. To do their part In
reducing the high coiit of living, 200
Nebraska fnrmerii have pledged them
Kidvea to devote their time, talents
mid energies to Inrreaslng the prtiduc
lion of beef cattle In this Mtnte. unit to
follow tho Instruction of the unlvor-
lty experiment Million, which for n v
oral yearn has made n Hpeclal stud
of ruiHlng cattle for beef by tho bent
II M. m . . ll
aiKs, Moors. Foundations, niinucjra.
"ding BlocL, Jjptic Tanks, fctc.
MllTllAt r.r..f ik tA'rV-ll TrWHli'OR'HHHMAN .
d it in The Herald
I itnnta Barbara, Cnl.C. H. Krcnn
hrnch wiih nrrested by n deputy United
StnteH inarnhnl on a federal Indictment
(hunting him with nn attempt to trlh"
Pulled Suites Senator Works. Urcnii
hrnch wnnted tho iippolntment of. post
nuiHtur heio, and I alleged to have
written u letter to Senator Works
offering $1000 If tho nppoluttnont wero
procured for him.
lCronnhrnch'H letter wiih turned over
to thu doimrlmoiil of JuMlco nt Wash
ington by Senator Workn. Tho de
partment sent tho letter to United
RlnlCH District Attorney McCormlck
hon. The Inter presented tho nmttor
to the grnnd Jury and nn Indictment
wiih returned,
ICruiuibrncli Is n carpenter who 1b
considered fairly well to do, No one
know liu hud political nsplratloiiH, Ho
wuh mirprlned wion tho "wurrunt of
nrreHt wh orvod on him. ' He ad
mitted that, hti had written' the loiter
to Senator WorkH, nnd' uddod:
"I did not know It wns u crime to
offer to pivy u man for setting u poMU
cnl Job for you,"'
HerHld HdvertisemonU bring returns.'
California Get Batch of New Law.
Sacramento, Cal. A mother' pen
Ion act, a minimum wage commlnnlon
act nnd a so called "blue sl:y" act. tho
latter seeking to prevent wlldcnttlng
by promoters, wore nmong a big batch
of progressive measures signed here
by Governor Hiram Johnson. A pipe
line Inw, making oil ducts, now owned
by big corporations common carriers,
nnd an eight hour law for women, to
Include student nurses and omployos
of lodging hnuscH and places of amuse
ment, also wore signed.
Boston. Amorlcan troops In the
Hawaiian Island havo taken posses
sion of tho cnttor of n largo extinct
volcano situated on tho const, nnd are
working night and dny to convert It
Into a fortress cupubie of withstanding
n long siege. Ammunition nnd food
supplies nro being stared within It,
guiiH ure being mounted, u wuter'sup
ply has boon iirrnnged for and gurdon
lrnvii boon planted on tho slopes of
thu crator to provldo food and thus
roiuler the place solf-uuotulnlng In
case. It Is bosleged for un grout length
of i line.
This Information reached Bostou
from an nuthontta source In Honolulu,
nnd thu communication fur.th.or said
that AmorlcaiiB residing In tho Hawai
ian Inlands, Including troops, nro much
exercised over the Jupuuotio sltunttou.
tne Quaker Oat company. This com
peny control 90 per cent of the oat
meal product of the country, and Is
known as tho "oatmeal trust."
The women suffrage bill has passed
the lower house of the Illinois Itgls
lature by a vote of SI to 5S. It already
ha been passed by the senate.
Official notice ha been Issued from
Socrcmerito to alt railroad agents In
Cnllfornln thnt every shipment of po
tatoes must be held for rigid Inspec
tion. Tho order followed the discov
ery of n shipment Infected with tue
potato tuber moth.
Americnn troopers were killed nnd
12 wounded In a desperate encoun
ter at Bngrng with Moros under the
sultan of Jolo, according to reports
from Manila.
Appraisal of the estate of the late
John Jacob Astor, one of tho Titanic'
victims, has been completed nt New
York, nnd shows net assets of over
185,000,000, of which nearly $70,000,
000 goes tc Vincent Astor.
Ordors hnve been Issued by James
J. Hill stopping nil work on the
Great Northern railroad lines that
Is not absolutely necessary, accord
ing to an announcement made at the
general offices of the road. It was
sniu tno action wns taken as a re
sult of the receht supreme court de
cision In the Minnesota rate cases.
Secretary Lane announces that. In co
operation with the Oregon commission
he would ask President Wilson to set
aside approximately $450,000 for re
clamation service use in developing
the lands of the Deschutes valley, IX
engineers' reports are favorable.
Night Pishing Is Target.
Astoria. With tho avowed object of
putting n stop to night fishing for
trout in tno various streams in ino
county, nn organization of 200 sports
men of this city and vicinity has been
formed und ench member has beon
appointed a deputy gnme warden to
serve without pay but with authority
to nrrest offenders. Some of tho best
trout streams In this district havo
beon practically ruined by tho night
fishers, who build lnrgo bonfires ndjn
cent to some of tho drew pools nnd
ns tho fish nttrncted by tho light rush
In, they ure slaughtered hy tho wholesale.
Lewlston Goods Confiscated.
Lowlston, Idaho, The Investigation
by the state puro food commissioner
of Idaho whllo In Lewlstoii resulted
In conflscat. ; of a large quantity of
groceries and fruits.
Mineral Resources to Be Detailed.
Asfiland. In accordance with nn
appointment from tho state commis
sion of mines, Dr. Wincholl, of tho
fnuulty of the University of Wiscon
sin; L. 13. Ueber, of Madison, Wis.;
Sidney W, French, of Corvullls, nnd
C, B. Watson, of this city, will meet
In- Ashluud to prepare u report on tho
mineral resources of tho state of Ore
gon. The appointees havo been mak
ing an exhaustive Investigation of tht
various geological formations and min
eral belts of the state.
Owner Anxious to Close Channel Be
tween Lake and River.
Klamath Falls. Owners of tule land
bordering on the lower Klamath lake
have begun negotiations with the re
clnmntion service to close the channel
connecting the lako with Klamath riv
er. If this Is done the lands will scon
be reclaimed by evaporation. When
the railroad was built ncross the
marsh, concrete headgates to control
the flow of wator across tho channel
were partially Installed through the
efforts of Abel Ady, who owned most
of the land across which tho railway
company had to get n right-of-way.
Tho closing of the gates has been pro
vented by tho Van Brimmer Ditch
company, a private irrigation concern,
which gets water from the lower Kla
math lake. It is now proposed by the
swamp land owners to supply water
for tho Van Brimmer ditch from the
main canal of tho Klamath project.
The channel could then be closed
and closo to 30.TJ00 acres of marsh land
mnde available for grazing and farm
ing. Tho plan meets with tho approv
al of tho local officials of tho recla
mation service.
Chicago Women to Study Polttlcs.
Chicago. Special classes In politlrq
for women are to bo opened In som
of tho churches ns oon ns Goverr--Dim-
n t". f'e woman's suffrage bill
rnescd by (l- leg sinter j last weok.
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