Tillamook herald. (Tillamook, Tillamook County, Or.) 1896-1934, May 20, 1913, Image 4

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From Kntorprlse:
t . 1 1 h. - '
O. K. Knichl receive! R
ItaV.r. eiunetl t nreeeedlng
moot ns xwtmtr fer the Nebawen fpr tJ ihiibmi; of a wenlct
pvnlfVr this week and t nnr bun tw Hgn,,, m.
rngaced inkinj; an inventory of the 0nkBto r efwnetl
Mo band before Inking charge aft o to art Jwdje l
the otlice twt.ter. cvrv the cttj- erseiha.
Mi'r. Hurley Morten ami Arthur uim lac et school yr W
Evnut this re for J'orttend nrr,H. )vot UI hav 8w H
Sunday morning hw Uxy intend to ,chrtbws 10 i hi the uelehber
rrmain inoennmeiy. mm or
th 1 Vet land Kirenvrn's Bond, mm- be
ing urrnird there and ko ervr act
ively a are ngbtera. taVlng thei'
place or the hook nd ladder brig, t
w tih others bead enhted In the er-
Free:- eh K. BluU-ar. Who
hestre er T
' "ie Foienth&l IV turn at the Sur
l.i-rn Mi j-22.
From San Frarosco i.
th- i r t crowds tnat ever asembled
st tl (;. V- .-! w there to
w u.'- . ;" im Roe
thai picture. Before the opening of
the doors at 1 o'clock the sidewalk
were Hned with people waiting to get ;
in. Capacity houses ptevaj ted bt
niciit. The pictures proved ucosualiy
trtrftir. beiajt vry and w
rxpUjoed ti every detail br Mr. Blaek
adar. Tb fo!iowiti)f pictures wvre
exhibited: Hettaan Rownlhii the
Metropnt H Jtl. ner w.vk t-. -r-ft ,
was K-rawttsd ; M. Ros-i-i! w.fc
of the aau.-ire -. ganv : : -e R
tha n- rii? t'' was med as a cam- .
bHsg few ; Lieut. Becker of te N Y :
Ptolice leyt., ws n prison, hki or
a charge .'f the '".urVr of Rtwentna; .
the gray a-Jttcobiie that carried the ;
assassin to tin: . cvne jf the cn.iv? f j
aided tbe -Uurdiirers U t-caiw ; Si.-'
piro. en of the owrsr -f Vi aaU-: J
. j: hW m an afww
pju ; a scene outside of the CONMM-r V
ctMirt. also an interior of U
roart ; two of tae reward eircoUr
ismed hf the poJiee aad acot aii orr
the L'oited State for the captnra of
these men. The following parson
beahowaaad expiaioed : Jack Rom.
fo Frank, Rose Harris alia Gordon.
a woeura of Use wtderworld. Harry
Borowitx alias Grp the Blood. Sam
Pawl, Harry Fa i Ion. Lieut, Webber.
Deet. File, Dect Wm. F. Bum. Po
lice Commiasioner S. Doufherty.
Police CommiMtooer Wakia. Wm. J.
ShieflVn, Fraak Matter mlut Whit;
Lewis, Dis. Attorney Witman, J.
Kelly, known as Honest J. Kelly the
gambler, and many other interesting
slides. These pictorvs will be exhiN
ited Thursday night. Owin to thv
fact thai they are in wh ereat de
and they could mt be arranged to t
exhibited more than one nifht. Prices
10 and 15 cents.
Oeora Measiaxwr. h has Imm am
trial la thr etrciitt cewrt of ia
couatj eaarted IUt hue f estU.
was roead rnt? by trial Jury.
With the arreai at rrak J- AU.
with Iftia orth ef opteai kta per
Cu, Jolly. , bwrW at McOsre". 'J"
cai "I Hector. i - TlZ. arhoo,
I r accident Mooaa, mn, wh.W , Jjjj Ti-
alo frattnnmt the bone -bore lb .,,lUMU
,.nt. Me wM taken to the Bay Cu, 'iVf lrraaulari...
, , , l who were rreeted recentry fr
rx-OK vd entirely in oroer to proven j ..k,k,K.
PW for hfe. 3ir. Jolly is bt
Lars of ae and h., Jied tat JwTrIuaac."
Jcka,., year. It wy rein j trttiT Tl ,n
! svcV.l montte t,m before he w be ,JL!f
aw to wr ataln. i (h, na, o the aad clerk.
J. A. Jensen Started up his MW !0 the rceea etecUon and aa 4dltol
aill at ft'bceler Monday naaramr; fer
the ftrst tine an-coneidorabJ t. treat
ws aaanifeeted by tioee who watered
eperatioM at the plant, the aiN Is
of daiir capacity and 4tt e-
ploy about IS men bvde those wort-
nm of ItM for aweJe Nrmlahed the
Cowwtf Jw4e W . orda of Kl
aaath FrnJla has pKMahMd ia harden
kind of a RsJht aaataat the opponent
who are seeklnc hi i.3l H t
I I 1 1 " . "
I ii f m i :
i v i ii 1 wa. a. n i ii whh' i '
I I I kl I ki aTfllMrw II 'waw ' I f
L JMV'k b'
I I l Mahs. .iiaaj I ' ' 1 - ' nempj
i CjT' 1 1 Ar irv t i
tft lirtHMFrJ
n: 4 I llMifef
lull II M , r II II - I I
wilson Rsvi-R irons.
Hemlock, Ore,. May 11. 1913. J A bout a year a this
To the Editor of the Tillamook Herald :
wao an atteamt to eet a mat oAm
ii" i : j I : - - I: , . t - ' - . .
" ' ' jr Kivc m a uuiTpn cUUMbd in OUT saklat. bat it
in your columns in wnim w ;epi an utmed down by the P O
aructe puoitsiiea in ine nsiamooa , tae feton riven, not
HeadJiaht of Feh. 20 titled "The Some of Ue settler
Blasphemous Catechtem rasite to ?et their mail and
lle purpose oi Mr. itaser seems w thetn not haviny horses it is
be to dieminate an artieie batcatS up
in a capital'-:i: e 'ex for the i or
pie of w .r.tting aad iltfyir?
the S- - : at lsre. i have
bee , 'the Serial-it Partf
for:--. -.- -f'-en yaaue and had
at- -'id I would certainly - .
hci- ,t before this and ! -
e the whole thina; a -fabn-.-tioo
whose only object : - t
creo'T -ani vilify the Socialist Party
Ann I farther aert without fear of
successful contradiction that the Socia
list Party b&i no more to do witft pea
pie's reliioos beliefs than ha the
Decorratie or Republican Parties,
ur.le it be to advocate the teachings
f.f Christ more than any other circular ,
papr.- last ! hare ever read. In- fact i
.f Mr. Baker will produce as meeh of
! n ttirajk"vnatt in mil tk iibii ! k M
hit mm lotndrf tt t Am Vi in, t n '
he if iosen copies f a Socialist pa Mi-1
A'.bn I wilt treat hist to the beat din-'
.cr -tu.
oawdh iiosera.
havt: to so 25
nmay of
net eery
pieaamt. If the authorities want tiMae
kotsv . ralieys seulei aad improved,
the - ild civc the people who are
' ' a suffer a pioneer's lneonves-r-
tnc eRcouraeocrt. A (Wfrt
t x aid not at first be revenue
;r--: . e.- fo.- L'ncie Sam but it -roc Id
-: ,,-reat deal in ;ettinc his land
. I and.podncing. Thi is a gwi
sjestion for rommereial ctuba fa
Tillamook and Portland to consider.
v m. Dieu of ieooaiioe. '.Vis., spent
several daji in this vicinity loekiwrj
over some lands ti!! subject to home-1
s Uadinu, ir, a few rarxte that ace
for sale, and was piloted about by Len j
Rush who is familiar with eery inch t
of these woods. Mr. Dieo has traveled
extensively, !wa with a diso-mn-;
eye, arvj assured tu that we have the
here and would experience a
as foon kk our!rnail and triVelin?
facilities are better. He expect to I
be conveyed in aatotnobtha to
dewtina ion. ta an eoJeaver to Com a
orter and wore satisfactory tush
Uian by goinr througn Neaaam. We
doubt eery much if the plan will pr w
cceesaf ol at aii but they are deteras-
ined to. nuke the effort and it w y
them to try it ouc
From Courier.
Gas. VVecdukrctaa act i!oarj
Leia Giet and Beit Pierce uQ )ue
Saurday fer Uedf rd tu .attend Gcntad
Lodrre. they heieg sent a tfelaga
rmtJa I. O. O. F. aaaf Reabah
Mrs. Joan Blears aad a. f sea;
Tillasat-A, vnere the guest yesterday
of Mr. Btoott'i sister. fXr. Praak
' APS f
r r.i'. cl
n -:ai
: "
. in ulamookCity. Per-" wn Purowr ot
aker would look up WP'eU'B tomtitrmer. or purchasers.!
- H E.ctiorsary be Mr. Ulingwortfi n-disfxjsed of very
lt r'trneii as to what ' near alt of his sheep, ' head to Mr.
I f r. i Ludtky the buu-hr .-f Nehalem. This j
'r' i"f rnatioo 1 wi 'A ' bai d of sheep done very well,'
f rr v -
b . ,l
tJ. f
! .; n frxn the avauy j none havin Uf 'ci-tby varmints or'
jos'-rtsvtn. dcaeaae. 11 r. 1 "-eworth is going into i
Britaaiis-: "Ethlci jeattlt-r.ore exUrr...nei as they do not!
s-.l lev ethics of Christian' j needyiu much care as 'sheep' and his ;
' . Tne tr?ncril tend- Jrefieh is better jiaapted for cattle. '
. -. ciaitstic any inter- The native are all prayirg for a let
by society in bjfi ! up in this auua-poor demonstration this
i cf:.eral it ma lv 8pr njt Sy t).,t tiusi can get at peeling j
t c..-u .rn hirk which is now ripe for the
Wi.ifc. A considerable harvest of chit
ten v'.U te gathered in this locality If
toe aeather permit.
"- 'i-Jtraf le travel from the outside
is noticed along the Wilson Itiver road,
iu corittior. is reported pretty fair with
ti.t i :. iA a f-w mrv .!., '
u . '. Zi-raa-. The eoofstv court
' j over the route a soon at
'.v3j: rmiu and will note ail nee-1
' iiri.
h- ri-.uing tibe the habit now for
; Lcr, Ku.,h to report "another bear"
j !ben n ccrtt-s duwn frorn hit Nvrth I
Furk ruh Old Joe the trOMty wule
is celled on tt pack him oat. To meat
i I'.irj tut i and tri.ut-Sind'
. r.ave a rra .t !
Mn. ('. A, Lvua and daughter fi
m- veaeit4tueu
-'H-etr b) destro
sting iaawtooi.fe- jf t'oe wori i -
fc - uditiva."
J'.'.v .'a fJriieersalCjcopedla.
ialUn t a-. - seforas , It i? '.r..
MS- iM'i. .'- the Tn.t ttri
Ml.UnsT from dh-e vicj,. to !,
socta isra iahes to pt u-i t-: arrd t
soai: means not r. a . w r-i i; Ji
iiioe but .:. a new social ur;a . z
tiuo. ' '
Clarence Vidiia, Dr. Moni aad
Brtxadhead. of Tillimooi, were ta
Clove rdai Wedweaday atteadtng the
douse IjoOs metruni; in the eeewsac .
A force af feral hrid?e hwiksaex
reached Cfeverdale .Monday, u 7-jt-
dy left foe (he point of at.'vtai
ef the bridge acroi the Little Neecanai
fee the aw cntotf reed. The ctxutm
-erV on th read it eoaapJeied uad taw
next move H the bsiidiwrje.' Um ar.
The hotto iron cnt for the eaew
abetmewu pojod thceeh here Wt
neaday and we are taf orated by Ut
commiioeor that all tie tree v r
the bridge a ta Tilbmwolt: acd m tt
iueled here ks'toMi a peaMbae. ' rt
en u. .s r-d baa pcogjr- id ewry raav
idi.. and jrithoei deed it wilt he cyge
pleted before Use Bataser St ewer.
M r. FUeceS Ward dd at he; awase
i Nevkowic 5anday last at the age of
64 year. She waves x insMMwd. Jsaset
D. War-:. ari three son to aawi kee
ieth. The fu serai vee. piaee Tart
nay. Rev. Clark orViauaz.
uesday. th-- ar daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Arch M r, cf Hebo, bad
the mifortun of having a jrvk-.p.- an.
chine redle r'rr. - through her anger.
The fiedW entered the Rager at tie
root ;of the .nail, striking th ne,
the point remaining in the lde of tre
finger, while the rest of the odl
was forced out through the end of the
finger. Dr. George was called and
dressed the wound.
Meit.i a Factor in Success.
The urn factor contributing to
am""'- - ' is undoubted r. J. aith.
Ithi! -k.i observed that a n.a. it
fetdum buk when hi bowels are refL
lar - he is never well when thoy are
cow ti paled. For constipation yon will .bare returned from Portland, when
rini nothing quite so good as Churnber- they enjoyed a short visit, Mr. Lyons
ain' TabJcU. They not only move k expected alwut the fint tf Jure,,
the bowels but improvethe acpetile Mrs. Wesley Sutton is spending "a
and etrengthen the digestion. Thty short time n Itsuj..ofe visiting
are soriby all dealers. friends.
rag in thewod cctting out bolta for 1 xbXiv-it tor battte that be a, offrrd
the plant numbering aboot twenty ad Xa mii tartn m getuag the rwail rlec
dlttonai men. ft is aw thaCthe t ttot tfar, th. neopS.
moolhly payroll will amount to ,t '. OtriRr"' th vJlc brought i
on ejtting bolt on their own aceovot Repwweautrve J ftartoe.
for delivery at thi. nil it it all h of 'o4tUe, lawicted on oMnpwIM at
Pmw are hem? perfected by the Teakum. a wmpteye tu
owners of the eanoua rweert .N'e- ' The Jury ww out olj
halem Beach to dtvort the n 1 1 " Br-
tneel via Fwner P nu theuc aeruM mnk Jaaw. haw lav
th. bee to the hewch where thee vrttl "- Hn tndPdee foe
i d ta arraying hope. He ha
otv4 114 ten. of to from JapM at
a rvai tn fmutbt a ion of III, aad
wm ttrgta chipping tbet at .
A cche of -Jf &aattte -mbt ha hw
tte-t:ccr! near the old Immigrant
rtW a mae wcet of Kcta The bomb
v err l$ ta number, and rack rowhrted
of a attch of dymamtte u a lead pip.
They had he wrapped aa aid
raay wrfc and 4ak t a hadgor hoi.
rtdwUy month ago.
4a effort to mrrowee a rtlaBwe that
.H exterminate rabbit lu the westeni
portwtt ef t'mtfUa count j. Or W. 1L
Little, state sheep lap;lor. n( to
Keho armed with a bottt at "culture
of aume wttk hick be Ul lapou
mt a aemher of anJavsis
Dseiartag that rabies agala ta ;
feared a 0:ion aud that the attua
' ea as Multaomah aad edxaatftx coua
t 1 gra. the state heart of health
a report t4ud for the quartrr
-nitag ta March. rfonatsM thai
-- 'log be mettled
Ta fowr retrwseatatlvet of a Ho
W enw,y ts Sfcatch an. bo
-T" -3 '.ovrias eeT Oregon lor
i tft 5u' cli i dJ for th
jjrejafc of tVM icm practkaily U
ml eol? a Una couaty They hat
S3i aewrpucutuae peer under th
of th Society of tadpont
SteAhohmri ith capita! of Jiao.owo
Tea fan.iitoe viU coca from faaadi
t '. xa4 other vtfl oikrw aoon
Tmiec ern of PoW. county b
eeraaued for the awrpoa of protccuti
db ;c-ita sa taia county frocn Rre
din the (iomuag dry eeo) W v
9Ur. t fjaUiM. a jwomiseat Umtr
aaa f the cooaty, be died iil
vnera eoaceealag the .irk of focvot
pwotectie-i. ad ait efforts by the oen
ici -rlU s-! put (aeth to leeeea th
ext of the burned district th
Tke eaee leaders and i:nit-r ciaiai
aau at Kumath " : have (.
awarded the flsal decision la the .,
draw o-it J7-14 land case. The t.m
ber Ur.da were ehaiswd by A U Inn
i "-d aaaociauns hj had
srnp oa theaa, aad also by a numi r
of ic.!ii;dtti whu prutod up on t.--Und
under the homestead and ti!r
laws The litigation has been In '"i
ress for about 10 year.
Two accidents were caused at Thr
Dull- by th explosion of Hnl.x)it
poailer. One of them may cost Krl
Corson. II yearn old. the loss ot b
eyeaikht, as he looked directly into
the fiaeh while auemptlag to uke i
picture at a campflre picnic. The
kitchen range of Mr. & K. Vic, rs
waa wrecked by the oxplclou ol n
box wbloh she supposed wa urn ft 5,
but which contained flashlight pew
dor. Prow Wblteevlllo, Mo., to I'undlcton.
r. distance of 2000 mile. Is tb Journey
oomplettMl a lew days oko by two ilr
of homing plRnon. About six wooks
ago Mrs. L, (1 Poll of ndluton ship
ped th lour birds to N. 0. Koilerk.T
In Whltosville. Ho liberated them
with his other plgeona and tluy Imme
diately disappeared. Upon recoiling
a letter from him tetllni: of hi
Over F. R. Beali' Real EtUle Office ! Mr8 ,'t'11 Wf"1 I'Iko" lofts and
fioth Phones. ,cuna 1,10 rotlr b,r,u nullng on tlmlr
All wore In kooiI com!.
tl II.... Tl.: I .,..v l lwv l.w s A r
-1 - - - ' 1
V. 1 1 It 1 1 fl l M. - LJ VI I u Jr I 1 IK
1 VI VI t r 1, ALU lillll
ri(l sun s tir 1
Ticket will lw 1 if Min ami iirm
OrejrtHI W Kl"tn ilrfili ''I n ,,r 4) ttlri-.lh
farUaiwt 5tr( ovrt. wiUm., n,.,it
Sept. 30.
Pinal Ucturu Limit Oct. 31st
Tkt),NT .
Mkl til h
fiM ll
itiiii i iii i I'lm
.... --.
Ktx l t ri.V,
WAHIIINtnON. tlC. IN.I f-i.
i..tt t-.l ... . - a . .... '
aa in tin ii im 1 1 tin ii ft in iiiiitff ami iiirna in mo i arm
hiistcrn city, tuut lif lllrnililfr Or.rnliim; tM-ttlla ! if s
' write JOHN M SCUTT, ilrm-nil l'-c hrr ,;-tn
I'ortlntut, ()rcj;im
Rheumatism Quickly Cured.
My sitei'a husband h4 an attack
of rheumatism in his bra," write a
well known resident of Ntwton. Iowa,
1 mm a bottle of Chamberlain's
Liniment which he applied to hi arm
nd oi, the tiexi morning the rheuma
tism was gone. " For chronic muscu
lar rheumatism jou will find nothing
better loan Chamberlain's I.inioiti t.
Sold by all dealers.
Dr. Jack Olson
Office Hours irom 9 a. m. to p. n.
Do You Know
This Bear?
I Ic Blnndi for
( i
The Standard Oil for
Motor Cars
Wntcli for liim. I Ic is on every
ZKKOLIiNK cnn. I Ic nmrb
tlic oil ihni frcctl the ctr ltm
Z IL R O I I- N! I- - ""ICn
. ... - V(J
Pil Up in the . '
e - uiir.ii ltl
cy toltniullemlso
111 hurrnla niwl Imlf V
Soltl v (Icalcm
i i . I.
ll ngcticics of the wv aXi"
Hubscribe for the HeralJ. It comes
twice a week.
' home roosts.
It Is not knnwn i
.... h.i;
were tn covering the distance.
With Every ash 1: ccHation to tlic