Klamath republican. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1896-1914, November 24, 1910, Image 1

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KLAMAI'II I lit .N I i
♦ ♦♦♦♦•♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦
'•» i III« Ind Bruvvly and Without
Inhering—4 uc |M m - Wu» liurled
Io Qulikllox-
the Intti-r ve»»el drew Into the harbor
at Montreal Inspw tor Dr< w, dingiilH>-<i
na n pilot, boarded the «twiner mid
placid tin- doctor and ML. l.< hiv - uu
dor arrest. They were placed In h
Canadian prison, mid on Aiigum 20th
started hack to Englund
On October I Sth Dr. Crippen WUM
placed on trial for th« inurdi-i of hlw
wife, aud on the 224 of October »■«-.
convicted and eontenceil to be bunged
on November INth. The execution
was stayed, however, und Dr. Crippen
did not stiff r th<- penalty for the unit
dor of his wife until today.
Dr Crippen confessed that he pels
oned his wife In order that he might
marry Miss la-neve, and that he hur
led the body III the cellar of his home
where It was found by the police
Miss l.eni vn was charged with be
Ilig mi nc< i-Hsory to the crime, und her
trial began October 25th. There was
not much effort made to convict her.
however, and the jury returned a ver
dnt of •"not guilty.'' after tH-ing out
but a few minutes.
NO. 34
Conn has relatives. Conn's body was
i found near Silver Lak«» in 1904. and
it was at first thought that 1«4 had
j b«en murd'-red. but it was afterwards
decided that he had committed sul-
I "ide. The remains were disinterred
and brought here, where Earl Whit-
* lock prepar<-d the body and placed It
in a casket, and Tuesday «ent the
SINTERS OF NT. FRANI IH Will, ANK Ml KU INN HERE TO JOIN corpse to Roseburg, where- Conn's
I relatives r«nide. Conn was 4 4 years
of age at the time of hi« death, but
! nothing is known of his occupation.
Are to start for Olii Ma-xico at a Given
IU-n uncial ion of Property by the Phil­
Mignal anil Join The R»-I m -|
osopher f>-adn to Quarrel
The liquor «uses were heard before
With Relatives.
Justice of tbe Peace A. D. Mllley on
V. -dnesday. and It did not take long
I.ONIMiN, N«,v 23. This morning
HAN JOSE. Calif , Nov 23.—Man­ to dispose of them.
YAHNAYA, Poliani, Russia, Nov.
Sister Aloysia, Mother General of
The case against Wllliam Duffy was 21.— With pomp and ceremony Count
al ',i o'clock Di Hawley II Crippen
the Order of St Francis, with baad- uel Sal do and Manu«»l Gonzales,
■aid til« (tenally fui th«- min dur <>f
quarters nt Glen Riddle, Philadelphia. revolutionary lieutenants, arriv'd ^i-nilxs* 4. a* was that against John Tolstoi's body was laid in a costl)
1,1« wile when he «a» hung In the
P.i arrived in tb«- city on Tuesday ben» last night and Ix-gau r«»cruitingi Stewart.
casket and will be brought home to­
J. L. Poole was fined 1200, which day for burial tomorrow at the foot
<ourl)crd of l*«>nton ville jail III«
Kin was uicompanied by Mothei Mary 1 for tlx- rebel army. They made
u*-i k was broken bi the fall ami death
Kilian of I’etidleton mid Sister Octa,! speech«« to railload se«-tion laborers, he paid.
of "Poverty” oak. wh*-re his peasants
was lll«lulltu IK'ilUS lie met hl« end
Joe Yoakum pleaded guilty, and congregated. There will not be any
dlr* < t»*r< -.*« general of the schools of who pledged the rebels that they
bravi’li anil did not miter nor break
church ceremony. Count Tolstoi re-
tin «unii- ordei The object of their I would start for Mexico at h given «• ntence in his case was postponed.
Bill Fee was fined 250 and given a fusing the Greek church's offer to
down, ii«* d«N'.lliii’«i ih« breakfast
visit al tills time I« to look over the i signal.
It wu« learned ftom them that the jail sentence of ten days, but tbe jail rescind the sentence of excommunica-
Unit «us offered him, und when tin­
proper!) of tin- order lu this county,
LONDON, Nov 23
Ml*s l.i-ni-v<- so that wlieu matters pertaining to United States bad been divided Into sentence was suspended.
timi i urne for the execution In*
Horace Manning was tbe attorney
mounted the gallows unti stood firmly «alli-d for New York on th«- liner Ma Itili city are und-r consideration by ¡districts, and that two lieutenants had
Fearing that outbreaks will occur
been assigned to each district. They for the liquor men.
while the cap wus Ix-ing adjusted ll<- lesile this morning Sin was regis­ tin- community
the police are gathering at tbe place
say that 5.000 soldiers will be re-1
had notliitig to «ay about bls eiv«u tered as Miss Allen.”
will lx- able to
of interment. Troops will be «ent
thin, and tin- trai» wu« sprung tirompt-
ostensibly as a mark of respect, but
ly nt !• o'clex'k. The corps» wan ut
Th« arrival of the sisters caused a have been working south from Port- i
really to preserve order. Ii is reported
»•««»• burled In qulikllnie under th" IIBEE CASES SEI FOR DECEMBER 8 rumor to spread that they had com«- laud. Salx-do and Gonzales get their I
th?t anti-churchmen prevented Count
tlagstom* of the prison grounds
for the purpow- of making arrange- order« while in the United States!
Tolstoi asking forgiveness for his acts
Before Dt Crippen died Io* «*n>
■ni-nta t<> open a hospltaf in this city, from a junta who«.- headquarters Is III ItGLAR RIFLFX < ANTEL'H < AHIi against the church, and the church
tiruc»-<| religion.
■ gliti-inth street. St.
There are two conditions, however,
has decided that It will not act after
Tin purported «-onb-sidon Is doubt
his death. Count«-ss Tolstoi swooned
j that must b«* overcome before such an Louia. with branch offic«»« at 717
-d Th* London Times Invi ta that
Institution can lx- opened in Klamath Avilla street, la»s Angeles and at No­
when informed that the requiem
th» doctor gave It to a fri» nd before
would not be rung
Falls by this order. Th«* ranch prop­ gales ami Douglas. Arizona.
X-cun-s #17, But Overlooks Two
he wan executed and that lie relate* •luMl«<- of (I k Peni«- Arraigned This erty owned by th«* order, anil located
The signal to start for Mexico will
Already there is talk of legal com­
Gold I*i«-e»->—Huspect Is Ar­
th» "confession'’ In Un- tlilrd (nrson.
a short distance from the city limits, be a telegram printed an an adver­
over the count's estate be­
Aft. moon on I barge Growing
rested by Officers
Miss la-nevc. Attorney Newton and
tween .M. Tchertkoff, Count Tolstoi’s
must be «old In order that a building tisement in all the papers, reading
Out of ilw Price Caar
the prison officials den - that Dr I’rlp
British representative, and his fam­
fun«l may be created. The s«»cond ' Friend sl«k, hurry South.” It is
pen mad»- any confession, and say
condition is the ««-curing of «l«ters to reported that Miss T Z. Gonzales is
The cash register of the soft drink ily, regarding the possession of Tol­
thut the doctor claims th«- body fount!
Th» attorneys of th«» city were at conduct th«* hoMpital. Not withstand­ secretary at the St. Louis office, and parlor operated by Tony Castel on stoi's manuscripts, including an un­
In bls basement wus one that he bad tlx* «ourtbouMi Hnturda) urrauging ' ing that there about 1,000 members that Desldlero Gomez is on«* of the I West Main street near the bridge was published novel. M. Tchertkoff holds
dissected nnd then attempted to burn,
of the order, thx number is Insuffi­ principal backers.
broken open Monday night about 9:45 j the manuscripts and asserts that Tol­
but as he rould n«>t bear th«» smell he fur th«* act ting of their cas«*s for j cient to meet th«* demands. This has
and robbed of 147. Two $5 gold , stoi bound him to give them to the
tiiirl«*«! the body In th«- basement of trial at th«» next term of th»- circuit 1 been th* principal reason for the de­ REIIEIZ* AND FEDERAL
pieces in a compartment in the back world.
court, which wll) convene th»- first
the housi-
TR<MIPS IN FIERI E ILVTTLE part of the drawer were overlooked
Count Tolstoi renounced his prop-
lay In the nlKter« coming her«-. The«
Monday in D»«ccmbvr. The cane of have not opened a new Institution for
•rty rights in copyrights, land and
tbe State va. York«» will come up for
over four years while five hav«- been Rviiifortviiw'iitH An- on the Way From in the register
Be-sides thes»- the money. He wished his books given
IliMory <»f th«- Crim«-
trial on account of the taking of depo­ dosed Ix-caus«- there were not enough
M»»nt«-n-y and Mexico City—An-
robber dnopj»» F* «•alt uo.iur on tbe j to the w«-r’^:. without ^rnftt to himself.
The crlu>« for which Dr Crippen sitions of witneiwe« outside of th»
<>Ü ht Conflict Expected
»«Blurs to meet th»- m .-ds of existing
floor and in his haste did not stop to His family ^Djecteo. declaring it was
was liangi-d was th« ruurder of his Mat»- l>«*c«mlM*r 27th was t as the
a scheme to pauperize Count Enrich
schools and hospital« Mother Gen­
pick it up.
wife, whoiw* maiden name was B«-llc date for the taking of depositions in
El, PASO. Tex.. Nov. 23 General
eral Aloysia, when a«ked for a state­
and the Enrich Publishing house. A
Eltuore, aud »Im bud b< > n a Well Mlnuxapoll.-i aud other date* ulll b«- ment as to when this city might ex- Madera, commanding 1,000 rebels, at­
quarrel followed, which was said to
known actr«ns. On January 31st of set later. Th»- case of Welch, charge 1
p«ct her order to open n hospital. tacked Castro Ciengas at 1 o'clock about 9:50 that Mr. Castel was called , have induced Tolstoi to leave home
this year Dr Crippen and his wlf«> with th« killing of Alexander, will
this morning. The battle was raging
I fiercely at 3 o'clock, with the rebels up at the city council, of which he is ! on the fatal trip.
gave a dinner party In Ixindon. where probably hav«- to go over on account
a member, and informed that his
they had lived for son»- time, and ap of th«- absence of an lin|M>rtant state's i I *■’
time We hope to come at some fu- steadily gaining. 9.000 revolution­ place had been entered, the robber NEW BELL HAS BEEN PLACED
parently wore on the best of terms »¡tn»-«« If this wltn««ss Is located In
lure date. We must first dispose of
must have either been concealed in
with each other
tint»- th«* can«* will probably com ■ up*
our ranch here and then find sisters smelter near Chihuahua, and will at- one of the adjoining rooms or else
.Mr Crippen was th«- treasurer of af 'he approaching term.
Ito conduct the institution. ! have tack the city this morning.
have entered as soon as the place was
th«- Music Hall latdl«-«' Guild of Lon
A number of civil eases were stipu- j cob « here for the purpose of more
Dispatches confirm the reports of
the Gift of a Member Whose Name
locked by Thompson.
don. nnd on th«> 2d day of Fcbruar) latod, und will not come up for trial
Will Be Made Public at a
fully familiarizing myself with con­ fighting at Gomez palacio and at Tor­
The crash of the breaking window
that society received a letter purport­ nt thia time.
letter Date
ditions. both ns to Klamath Fails and reon aud Parral. Three thousand at the side of the room drew the at­
ing to rotnii from her. In which h«-r
The libel cases against th«« Klam our property interests here. I be- reinforcements are on route there
tention of those working in the ltverv
rtutignaUon wa» tendered nnd the nth Publishing cotrpany. growing out
A tine large bell has been placed in
llev«* that this city has a good future, from Monterey and Mexico City, and stable across the street, to the scene,
-tat«*m«*nt was mad«- that she was go of the i I’tirlhouH'* .» nioval contro­
nnd I will do everything 1 can to hast­ a battle is expected today. The Go­ and an investigation showed that the the tower of the Methodist church. It
ins tn California to see a sick rela­ versy. were »»»t for D«*cenibcr 6th.
en th»- time wh»-n the Sisters of St mez palacio was twice occupied by i I glass in the window had been smashed will be on trial for a number of weeks
tive. On the 2d of Mnrrh nn adver­ Ther«* an* two of th»*«>e to b«> tried.
Francis will take charge of a hospital the rebels and re-taken by federal land that some person had either en­ before the transaction between the
tisement was printed In Ixmdon pa­ County Judge J. B. Griffith nnd t'oun-
troops last night. Two federal «ol-
bell committee of the church and the
and school at this place."
tered or made his exit by means of
pers an) Ing that .Mrs. Crippen had t 1‘otnniisHfoiii‘r S. T Hummers being
bell com pan j will be completed, The
When asked if it would lie possible di<-rs and seven rebels were slain.
the window, but no trace of hint
died suddenly In California.
the plaintiffs It will be recalled that 1 for her to send sisters In case a com-
bell is the gift from a member and
The friends of Mrs. Crippen were n local paper intimated that these
friend of tbe church whose name will
I pletel} equipped hospital could lx- (.«Mil» BOXING MATCH
The police arrested a man whose
not satisfied with the report of her gentlemen were unduly Influenced in
be made public later.
, turned over to them she replied that
i name they refused to divulge, and
<t«*nth, and on July hth they Informed i their actions relative to the accep-
I It was eot.
locked him up in the city jail on
th«* Scotland Yard officials of their i tanci* of th" free courthou««* nit«*, and
Th«» storm has mad»- it impos- “Young" Salivan of Sacramento and " suspicion that he is the person who
Here Front th«- Agency
tisplclons. Th«- next day th«» officers j immediately tollowing th«» publication
<’. T. Tucker of Portland Will
' slble for the sisters to visit their prop­
mill'd on Dr. Crippen, and lie in ^f flu* charge suita wer<* fil«-«I against
H. G. Wilson, special Indian agent.
Meet at Houston's.
erty, ami they will remnin In the city
1 that the coins said to have been taken Indian Agent Edson Watson and Mia-,
It l ined them that Ills wife was not th.* Klamath Publishing company for
for a day or two. so ns to permit them
dead, but that they had agreed to i IIO.OOO each. There are three other
A boxing match between "Young” ) w.-re not found on tbe man suspected. Inez Watson came down from the
to niak»> an exhaustive Investigation
This is the second time Mr. Castel Agency Monday night. Mr. Wilson
separate, and he had Inserted the nd- suits (lending In the United States'
Sullivan of Sacramento and C. F.
o< conditions here.
has suffered depredations of this left for other points on Tuesday's
vrrtlHi-mcnt of her death In order to court, two by G. X. Wendling and 8. j
Tucke>- of Portland is being arranged
avoid notoriety over the affair.
<>. Johnson for (50.000 each and on«-'
for to take place in Houston's opera ' character Three years ago a man tran.
entered his place and stole (34.40.
Employed ns Dr. Crippen’s st e nog by th»* Klamath Development com­
house December 9. "Young" Sullivan j
iapher was h lM-autiful girl named pany for (100,000. Whether these i
is well known here, while '_____ an<* "r i'aste* saV9 t*,at Dever
Home for Tlianksgivug
will he leave money in the register
Ethel Clare Lenovo. Two da) s after suits will bo pushed has not hern an 1
with unite a reputation as a
Mrs. J. Frank Adams re
.'M ll.it of Weed Has Eh-V-ll Miles <>|
• <>Ver night.
Dr Crippen hud told the (Milico that tn>uneed by th«* plaintiffs.
boxer, he having fought Stanley
j turned to their home in Merrill Wed­
Ills wife wus not dead, but that they
The case of Justice of the Peace A.
Ketchci fifteen rounds to a draw in
nesday. where they will enjoy a
claim Many Acres
had agreod to Heparatc, the doctor D. Miller was called, he not yet hav-
Spokane in 1903. If pulled off it
Thanksgiving dinner such as only th»
anti his stenographer disappeared.
ing been arraign«»d on the charge of
Klamath county housewives knov
Senator Abner Weed, th«* enterpris­ will be a classy go and well worth
The police searched the residence falsifying tho records of Ills court, for I
to prepare.
ing owner of a large body of land on seeing
County Court Has Selected Men Who
which Dr. Crippen hail occupied, and which lie was indicted during the last I
Wood River, Is building a larg«» canal
two days after his disappearance they Hoaslon of th«» grand jury. The charge
by means of which he will reclaim
troversies to b«* Heard.
Returned to Ixuigell Valley
discovered the body of a womau con­ grew out of the famous Price case.
' nnd Irrigate many ncn-H of choice
cealed In the basement. The remains Ho appeared in court at 2 o'clock this
H. G. Bussey, one of the landmarks
land which he owns in that beautiful '
Th«* county court lias selected the of Langell Valley, was in the city this
were badly decomposed, but u scar on afternoon and was arraigned by th»*
i liortlon of Klamath county.
I list of men who will act as jurors dur- ( week on business He watted until
i h<- body was exactly similar to one court, lie was given until Monda.v
He haH 20,000 acres of land in that
ing the coming term of court. They Wednesday for the weather to clear
that remained on Mrs. Crippen as the tnorning at 9 o'clock to plead.
vicinity, anil the canal which ho built
as follows:
result of nn operation which had b»s*n
up. and getting discouraged started
I Tho court set tho following cases is eleven miles long, is twenty-five
Johu Colwell, Willie Johnsou, E. R. { for home.
performed on her.
David Jones vs George E. Olson, feet wide on the bottom, and will
In th»- circuit court Tuesday lb»
Cardwell. Frank Chitwood, U. G. Gay
Search was made Tor Dr. Crippen, suit to recover money, December 5.
cary four feet of water. Senator demurrer to the indictment of Justice
but no trace of him could be found
Went to Lakeview
J. It Griffith vs. The Klamath Pub­ Weed is one of those men who never of th« Peace A. D. Miller, who is and H. T Anderson. Morrill: Levi ■
! McDouald, R. T. Baldwin. G. T. Bald­
Rumors came from all over Europe lishing company, libel, D«>«-ember 6th.
went ov?r to Lakeview
quits until he completes the task ho j
that the doctor and his companion
Bummers vs. Klamath Publishing begins, nnd that h«> will make a sue-' a public record, was overruled by win. C J. Swingle, H. C. Telford. C. last Thursday in the auto, where he
L. Kelsey. E. C. Ream. W. E. Grif-
were at various cities, but nothing company, libel, to follow the disposi­
cess of the undertaking to reclaim his Judge Noland, and Judge Miller en­ I «th. W. E. Bowdoin. W. T. Elliott, has business that will keep him for a
definite was learned until Scotland tion of the Griffith suit against the
many acres in the Wood River coun­ tered a plea of not guilty.” No date Alonzo Baiuter, John Jansen, A. E. short time.
Yard received word that there were oanii* firm.
itry Is understood by those who it now for the trial has been set
* Cram-e, R S. Moore atid Frank Me-1
two passengers on the steamer Mont-
I««ft for .Seatth-
! him.
. Coruack. Klamath Falls: J. A. Par­
test- whom Captain Kendall of that I
Honor Popular Merchant
Mrs. C. M. Pettit, who re-
vessel thought were Dr. Crippen and
SENT TO llOSEItl RG White, Royston. H. J. O'Brien. John l cently purchased a large ranch near
IsHtking for Investments
J. A. Buchanan, manager of the
his stenographer. The two had ship-
Shook aud A. L. Michael, Dairy; J. here, left for their former home in
W. A. Harst, who is here Troni
lied as father and sou, and the young- Monarch Cash Store, returned home
. r person wore boy's clothing, but from Yreka Sunday night, where he I Rhyolite, Nev., looking for Invest- Committed Suicide at Silver loike in Nichols. W. W. Finley. Fred Harpold ' Seattle last Friday, where they will
Ilio I—Remain« l’retuwcd by
anil John Stindt, Bonanza; R. C. Cow- spend the winter.
those who noticed them thought the had b«»en to attend the funeral of E tnents In land, went to Merrill Satur-
ley. lairella.
youth was In reality a girl drosHed as
W. L. Beckley and wife came over
a boy, which later proved to be th»» day. Ilo said that Mr. Leavitt was!
lexiking for an Opening.
from Oakland, Ore. on Tuesday, and
The remains of J. C. Conn were
so well thought of that oven the sn- ;
M«k«*s Final l*ro«»f.
Swan Olson and Dan Glares were will visit with his sister, Mrs. Steams,
Inspector Drew of Scotland Yard loons closed during the limo of fu-, Charles Wager made final proof to- brought here from Silver Lake by A.
tarted for America on a fast steamer neral and that many attend«^ th«- »er-! , day on his homestead In township E. Kenworthy, and on Tuesday they here Saturday from Kennett looking who lives about eight miles from
were shipped to Roseburg, where for an opening for a aloon.
1 37«, range 10K.
ii aching here before the Montrose. Ns vices.