Klamath republican. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1896-1914, November 10, 1910, Image 3

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    In her auto to llonanxu, wlior<i they
were ««ntertalned al cupper at the
bom« of Mr. and Mrs. Jim Driscoll
All are cuthballistic over the jolly
MEETS FltlENDH AT 54MI PARTY good time they had.
Arrives From Portlanil
Mrs. H. C. Dunning «rived from
Portland Sunday night and left for
her new home In Merrill Monday
Her husband recently came from the
Metropolis, and Is now established
In the furniture business in Merrill,
where they will reside In the future
TH« <¿<>% EHVMK.NT
Mias Graham Hurt in Rio t s al Botimi-
Ijeaves for A«liUn«l No«ai — Mm.
All«'iiqH«*<l to trlglit«'!! lloiiK Mlcudcrk
Wil Be Held Friday Evening ami Nut-
za ou I undUlate«' Day—Brcuks
Rufus Moore Entertain« Her
I'nm, Tlicir Claims and Sent <»nc
unlay of Next Week—Patrons
Pelvic Bone
l>i«'n«l» Tuesday
Man to III«* Insane Asylum
Art« Aske«l to Atteml
Mrs. Roy <). Walker, who leave«
non for Ashland, Or«* . wus th« guest
■if honor Iasi Friday afternoon at a
delightful 500 pnrty given by Mr«.
Charles I Roberta ut her home on
Pine street
Mrs. Roberts, uimlstud
by Mrs Oscar Shive, served dainty re
ireshments to M«*sdanies Roy <J. Wal­
ker. Georg« <’ Hill, George II Merry­
man. France« J How no, W. o. Smith,
C P. Chastain, Burn«' Mu sou, Will
Baldwin mid Oscar <’. Hhlve. and th«
MI hhcm Alice Pool, Louise Sargent.
Mo mm Hell uud Nollle Dement
Mrs. <*. I* Chastain was awarded
the first prise, a pretty china plate,
und the «-«»mmlatIon prix«* was given
to Miss Dement
A local teachers* Institute will !»«•
hold at Hildebrand school bouse Fri­
day an<l Saturday of next week. No
vembor I Nth und löth.
It will b<-
held In the evening of Friday and
during the day on Saturday. During
th« «ivenlng session several address« »
will be müde und the school < hl blu-ri
will assist In making an Interesting
On Hatiirduy school prob
It in« will b<> discussed Teachers und
patrons of the school are urged to at
Pliyaii'lmi I« Charged Utili railing
to Proihle Pr«>|H*r Att«*iiti<«n
l or Ills Dying Wife
ItufuH Moore w.i*.
afternoon at her hundsome
Perry H. Yeast
and his son Frunk, lesli« Ballnger,
.M ('. Hubbell, Emil Anderson, Henry
Hut tun, <’. Emerson. II. Thorne und
Dr. Han y Ihiff have b« • n Indicted on
a «barge of d<-fraudlng homesteaders
on V. Kti’in Nebraska land.
It is asserted they subjected the
hoDiesteuilers to u sertoii of perui cu-
ilons eliding In an armed mid.
It Is also charged that the < «inspira­
tors "rullroaded” C. J. iMivashcr, a
Iiomesl«*iider, to the inaane asylum
ft Is llk«’Wl«e alleged that last
spring thirty rutichni n rulded the
homesteaders' i«lue«-«. cut th«lr har-
nmx. tmmpl«<l til« crop« und <le-
ni.royi'd th«- machinery and threat«' i-n«'d
them with death und Injurs If they
■I k I not leave th- lr claims.
Duvaaher «•« ui< «l his r>'l<*ii«c from
the usyltim by imant of u writ of
linb«-«« corpus.
H<* then wrot«- to
President Tuft. and an investigation
resulted. The lattk-nien -ay in de-
fi n " that th«- bind is thi lftt, und that
the iiotm .ti'iidem ar«’ usurpers
LISBON, Nov. 5. Every political
A sei ions accident marr«’d the race» prisoner In Portugal has been re-
held on last Friday (candidati-«' day) leas«-d and the sentences of criminals
at Bonanza, when Miss Graham, the has been reduced one-third.
16-yeai <ild adopted daughter ot Mrs. f
By throwing the rays of pure white
Al Minks, was thrown against a tele- ■
phone pole and one of hpr pelvic arc lights on sheets of white silk over
a stag«*, a Spanish engin«K*r has found
lames broken.
Sh« was riding her own pony, and th«* most perfect simulation of dlf-
at th«’ finish of the race the unImai fused daylight, for t bea tors yet de-
«bled and threw the girl against th«- vised.
Earl Jackson was here from Fort
telephone pole. Injuring her.
Klamath on buxines« last Thursday.
An English Inventor has patented
Dr Johnson of Bonanza 1« serious­
ly III. end wa« unabl«’ to attend her, a corkscrew with a lever on one side
J. T. Lore was here from Spragu-
and Dr. John Patterson was sum- to enahl«- the tightest cork to be
River last week.
I mon« <1 from Merrill.
He arrived drawn with little effort.
hibout il o’clock and placed the brok­
en bone in a cast.
At tin- dance that night the gener-|
ous r«>i<l« nta of the Bonanza country j
iiiad« up n purs« amounting to >40 [
for th«' girl, who is not believed to b«-:
i dang« lotiKly injured. The young lady
wa« also awarded the purs« hung upi
for th« race In which ih«* accident or-
FRESNO, Calif.. Nov. 4. The d<
fens«« lu the trial of Dr. Juckson L.
Martin, who Is charged with failing to
provide proper modlcal attention to
his «lying wife, open««d today. Th«
tliwt witness was Mrs. it. Russell, n
who attended Mrs. Martin
pot: VALLEA u : hh
The foilouiiiK lint of transfers In
< rt« < i that Dr. Martin Invariably told
' realty I k furnished by th«* abstract
Homer Itobeitn und family wore In
Arm of Mason Ac Slough:
th« valle) Sunday visiting his parents, h«- left th«' Martin home. Sh«> also I..I« list I ii *.| uiii < «I of luist Vigili, ami
Wllbnr White to Wilmot Crandall
t« still. «I that the defendant on som«
Mr and Mrs. II. II. Roberts
lie Hn* Slight i liait«'«* of
»nd J. A. Crandall, part of lot. 2.’
B«*rt Moore und family left for Nil-
It« •«•over»
block 65, Nichols addition; 1100.
ver Lake Sunday, wher«« they will wlf<-
John W. Stout to Marl«’ L. Gifford,
make their future home
Th«< many friends of R. ('. Spink lots 1 to 20 Inclusive, block 23, Sec-j
Misses Kntl«« Harry. Myrth* Robert««
»Ill be surprise«! to hu.n that be Iles ond addition to Klamath Falls; >100. !
and Corn Griffith returned from th«'
at his lloill" ut Ihe point of death,
H P. Galarneaux Hr. to Joseph L. i
Fall« Bunday. where they bud been
\\ .I I Vote«) N« Ii-ntlkt un«l I orni« ill u with but a «light chance for his re- (>erst«'l. lots 2. 3 und 4. bleak 16,
«o attend th«* t«*n«'hcrs‘ Institute.
llls illnes« began Sunday, iSunnyxld«- addition to Klamath Falls;
Pii»f«Asor in th«* l'uiv«*rwlty
.Mrs, Mari Murk and daughter«
wtien he was f«ir<«-d to go to bed with 110.
of t 'ulifornlu
.•« nt to Klamath Full« Monday.
an attack of pleur««tlc pneumonia.
Elijah Denton to la- S. Deuton.
School began ut the t’pper Po«* Vai
Pro This wuh followed by a severe attack W«4 of NE%. E<4 of NWfc »ec. «-
NEW HAVEN. Conn., Nov 2
ley school hoUM- on Monda’ . with l< sor Emeritus William Henry Br«*«v of kidn«’y trouble, au«l hi- lias grown
337 's : NE % of SW % , E H of BW’i . ;
Want II. Oden as teacher.
er , k> years of ago. a member of th«* utrndnully wors. until Thru»day. when sec. 5-33-7 V»; also part of SEV« sec.
Jasper Kennett w»« In the Valley faculty of the Sheffield Hclcnttflr It wa« thought that he «muid hardlv
5-33-7'-; : >7,600
ruvsday electioneering.
live through the night. He liad been
m I ioo I. uud un ex-professor of Call
Elijah Ib-nton to Frank M. De nton.
A social dance was given at the f« mia. died here today.
uUghtly Indisposed for a coupl«* of HWU sec. 9. EH SE’4 sec. 8, lots 3
home of Frank Kester Inst night, and
wwkn before he finally r«-tlrcd to bls and 4, sec. 9-33-7 H: 67.500.
a|| report having a One timi*
BERKELEY, Calif . Nov. !.
Pro bed, but at no time was his condition
John E. Landers to Ella M. Lan­
Loosen Roas went to the Falls on feesor Brewer wa» one of the wld«*»’ considered serlou« until Tuesday.
ders. S«4 of 8V4 of SEH of SE% of!
Mr. Nplnk is one of th«- b«*st known sec. 75-36-14; SI.
known pioneers of the geological sur­
Albeit Mark wan a visitor In the vey. and was th«« author of a number busines« men In the county. For aev-
N. G. Hyland to Mary Griffith, undi­
Falls Saturday.
of clcntlfl« works.
Mount Brewer, ■ < ml years h«- operated stor«»s In the vided half of 8W% of NE%. SW'4 I
on«* of the hlgh«wt p»*nks In th«* Stor­ Indian reservation, and throughout of NW>, and NEV* of SW t* and lots!
ms. twars bls numF. He was a mem- the county. He Is a genial, whole- 7, S. 9, 10, 11 and -2. sec. 36, and
INDETERMINATE NENTKNt E iwr of the forestry commlttc«* of th« souled Individual, and his illness will lot 5. sec 26-36-7: >10.
till with regret his many friends in
¡«cademx of M*|cncee
Ludw ig Sterxl to William l’hr-1
th«' county.
Jury I* Pn.lMtItiy Now IN-u-iiuinlug
manti. S'i of BE«4 »ec. 23-36-11’4:
th«* Fate of ••French Ixmi».’’
W. H. Copeland to H. Ellis Win-!
Who Kill««! Jack Barry
IS TIIE IMPF.lt! M Vtll.lt
nard BE Hof NW’i EH of SWV, I
Dl«lrl«t Attorney l> V Kuyktndu I
Lakirvlew Nuudav
• venlng. where he hud beea attend­
ing th«. Lake county term of th«* cir
< ult court.
While there be arg^. d
th«’ case against B«*rntird Kuhl, who
was charged with horse steullng.
Kuhl was found guilty anti given an
Indeterminate «entenc«».
The <««<■ of lxiul* Voysadde. known
ua "French Louis.” was argued by
him und Judge Benson, and probabtv
ibe jury lias th«* fate of that man In
Veysadd«« killed Jack
their bunds.
Barry, a bartender In Mike Hart’s sa-
Icon. som>
weeks ago during a
Presidrnt Taft umi Secretary of tin*
Interior Ballinger conferred with
Southern Pncltie railroad, and a plan
i I to be devliUHi for co-operation be­
st w« i n th«’ railroad and the govern-
m< nt to prevent the annual flood In
th«' Imperial Valley of California.
I,rt’»id«,nt Taft will confer with the
Mexican ambassador before publish­
ing th« details of th«* «inference.
t oiivh tion of a Soldier for Nth-king i
Ibiyonrt in n Man Is Cause
of th«* Trotti»!«’
und WH of 8EVi sec. 9; NE’4 and
( H'liisew in U liiili Ai-ropluu«*« Are K«*|it E'.’/ of NW «4. aee. 16-40-14: >10.
It. Ellis Winnard to E. A. Fleet,
Art* Blown Down and Mn-
SE‘* of NWIi, E’i of SWV4 and
■ bin«** Badly Damaged
of 8E*4 sec. 9: al*’ NE'* and
Owing to
th«* damage by wind, snow and sleet
last night ther«* were no aeroplane
flight« at lialethorp today. Th« for-
<ign hunger was blown down, burying
DeLesseps'. Radley’s und 1-athanF*
machines. Th«« American hanger col-
lapied ut midnight, damaging the
aeroplanes belonging to Willard, Ely,
OLI'TION IN BARI KliONA Drexel and .McArdle The damage to
the machines will total over. >50.000.
EH of NW*4, »«>«■ 16-49-14; >20.
Paul G. Cochran to D.H.Golden, lot
t *. block 9. East Klamath Falls : >10
D H. Golden to John A. Pappin, lot
K. block 9. East Klamath Falls; >10.
I'nitcd States to John Scott. NE*4
sec. 28-24-9
I’nitcd State« to Jaim-s Fitxpatrick.
NE’» sec. 13-34-9.
The Paris department of public
hygiene has been equipped with sev­
They Ire Puwtlng Away
eral automobiles carrying large metal
What will a person say now when tanks, in which household articles
h«> wants to say: "You enn no mor«’ can be placed for disinfection by for­
BARCELONA. Nov. 4. The Subu- do that than fly.
del striker« today v«»t«»d to march
«gain«! Barcelona tomorrow in an at­
tempt to «tart a revolution
betwiH’n the strikers und strlkcbreak-
• r« lire occurring hourly In llarcelonn
and Sabadul.
Thre«* non-unionist«
were «hot to death last night by sym­
pathisers with th«> «trikers.
I ight*. Occur Hourly Between Strik
«•rw uud Strikebreaker*—Three
M«n Art* Sh«»t
DALLAS. Trx.. Nov 7. As a re­
sult of the conviction of Sergeant
Manley for bayonetting a man during
Presldunt Taft's visit here four ofll-
ceru of the national guard have rc- i
Migned. Captnln Klnm.rd of th«« Dal-,
la« company lit.« usk<*«l the adjutant
general to mmiter out his entire com- :
pany, «aylug that he cannot order the •
Cover* th«* Flfty-Tw«» Miles in
men on guard duty when they are
Hour and Ten Minute« and Car-
subject to the civil anthoritiee for
ri«*s Silks Willi Hlm
conviction for obeying military or-'
Aviator Par-
mal«*«’ landed her«* at 11:50 thls
WITH PKIJCAN HAY morning, having flown from Dayton
In a Wright biplan«?, carrying a con­
S.UI Francis«*«» Capitalists Believe This signment of silk from a Dayton firm
He left Dayton. 52 mil«« away, at
Part of tlu* State III«« a Great
10:40. making the distance In one
hour and ton minute»
Th«* part) of San Francisco cap­
Try'i»g Work
italist« who went up to Pelican Lodge
.i few day« ago, returned 8undaj und
Thln-halred Man What! A shill­
left for th« Ir home« Monday morn­ ing for cutting my hair. That’s out­
ing. 1’hoHc who went today wer«* H. rageous!
1». Oliver, F. A. Houston. W. J. Fer-
Barber But, tuy dear sir. the hulrs
guHon un«l Jo««' Costa. They all ex- on your head are so far apart that I
preaatid tlicmsclves as more than have to cut euch ou«' by itself
pleased with their visit here, and be- Bits.
lii’Vi’ that thi« purt <rf th«' stat«« hn« a
great future.
l><H>kli>g After Hi« lui lol
Mr Bond and Mr. Vawter, th«* Chi-
H. D. Anderson came up from Glen-
«ago «apltallsta. ar«’ still at the lodge dale, Calif.. Thursday, and 1« stoppfhg
ut th« Lakeside. He 1« extensively
An Automobile Party
toreated in lands near Merrill, anti
Friday afternoon Mrs. (lus Melhase here to look after them.
look a partv consisting of Mr«. Goo.
Il W Truesdell was down freni 111.
Morine. Mr«. M. Hoagland, Mr«. Alex
McDonald and Mrs. Levi McDonald. Kk.mnth Agency Saturday
Looking Backward
Is a great deal easier than looking
It Is easy to see the mis­
takes of the past, and they may be
used as guideposts all along the fo­
ture way.
Instead ot wasting your
opportunities, why not turn over a
now leaf and make the beat of then.
In the future? It will pay you to care­
fully Investigate the opportunities for
investment right here in the Klamatl
country. If you are a stranger in th«
city you owe it to yourself to see th«
surrounding country before going
You should not take the word of any
man when you are near enough to
see for yourself.
Chllcote is willing to show you all
kinds of city and country property
Call at 432 Main street or phone 461
I Closing Out Entire
at the
Cash Store
<'rackets (e-.tmi), regular S3«
Flake Dati, and Wheat, regular 15c
Table Fruit, regular 35c
Tabi«- Fruit, per dozen. asi>ort«-d ....
< rram, diim * can«»........................................
s ice's regular 15c cans......................
Roll'«1 Oat«. 10 pounds for......................
Pear)« of Wlieat, |«*r package ..........
. •. .
. • .
....................... 35c
..................... r¿.25
....................... »5c
....................... 15c
’s and Boys’ Clothing
Itcgular SUO and S22.5O Suits ......................................................... gl 4.00
Ib-gular 017 Suita................................................................... t t ..................011.00
i tegular 93.50 Pants................................................................................ 02 25
Other Prices in Proportion
A Large Line to Select From at Your Own Price
Produce and Eggs Taken at Market Prices
Same as Cash
No Goods Delivered