Klamath republican. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1896-1914, April 28, 1910, Image 5

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Who Laughed
"t'ommon daconey ts <-li««s|> abroad."
sald the tiian who had Just returned
fruut bis tlr»i trlp lo Eurupe "During
iill the time I waa oti llie culitllieut I
WUB «UllJ«-'l>'<l lo «llwourteay Ill
«me luatum e and I tlilnk I got I uwny
wltli II Iben. ul tiltil
"We were rroaaing one ot tbr 8w I ms
pasaes tn «llllgeuce. <»r i iwich u lid
si<>p|H*«i oft lor luuebeon at sotns llflle
It was hot. mid I »up-ow I
mnde rather n coinhul sight hi a».>
shirt sl«*eves and black glHaaoa, with
ii lnindkerrlilcf m i*i my vollur, ita I
»t«-|>|u-«l out of I lie vohb'le Io the road
I auppoa«.*. too. that the brand of
French In wlilrli I trtwl to u»k qm*»
tlotis was pretty tugged
"Anyway, n group of young l*reti<ti
umn waiting in n earring«- while their
teniu wu» changed »aw th me tlu-lr
long I omi ortglmil »< renin, mid I lie wny
they iaugli«sl was convincing, if nut
I'bey ««*r«-n't luickward
ibout polutlug out the rent, rncy bite
In th«- pl< lure either, mid they only
iiiiigli<*<l linnlet when I glared ul them
Auotber Atnerti-an and I
trutlgwl off fol luu< Ii. mid when we
rninv back I Item was tbv tiuncli ready
to take up tbe bowl at me again. I
looktal at my compatriot nud be nt
me. I don't think either of us put
t ho Idea In wordn. but we tingan
We fell Into
"We begun to laugh
each other'» «rm« ami laughed
held each other up and laughed
laugli«d till the tears rolled down our
We laughed till we couldn't
stand. Wo rolle«i Into our coach, still
laughing, taking Inspiration for <>ach
outburst from a glance at th« French
"WelL air. tbat buneb of Frenchmen
just wilted
First they dosed their
mouths; then they loet their grins;
then each uliu began squinting at the
other, trying to make out what was
Before we'd been at It two
minutes they all dl*cover«*<1 they used
ed a drink mid atieuked off to tbe little
We laughrd till we saw tbe
last of them and ttwn we laughed at
tbr way we bad turned tbe trick.”—
Chicago Tribune
And. as Usual, Thoss
Last Laugbad
Some Old Fashioned Notions
That Still Obtain Credence.
A Drowning Man May Bink Not Only
Thrloo, but a Doaan Timas, and Still
Sa Rsscuad-—Congastiva Chills and
«ha Merging of Disoaaaa—Law Points.
Pbree plij »icluii» were »landing In
a dowulowu ding store the oilier day
w hen nm vv ho hn«i l»*eu looking ul
an ««viilng paper, exclaimed' tlrvut
CgMuir, hero It u again! I unv it In
the pa|a>rn al trust twice a mouth."
'Wlmt’s thalF* nskod one ol Ilia nth
"It's that popular fallacy nl»>ut u
drowning intiu »Inking for the third
lli-i«, it »ay», Just us In, hi *
sinking fur the third time be wasMV««d
l>y the timely arrival,' etc The next
time I ae« thia third time busluess II
prolmbly will t<-u«l. lie »auk for III«-
third Hum iM'foro nl«l could bo had and
vm dniwned.*
"Why will pnofde got Hint fool Idea
I tun aiukiiq for ihs third time must
iioud» be filial io n drowning muu?
Why, bloaa you, I »aw a man sink a
half dozen timen before lie was res
cend alive
Au uncle of mine, wit-
i.unnen said, never sank but once, and
he was drowiiwl Tbe number of timan
» tun sinks tins nothing to do with
his drowning lie may sink but ones,
and ho may go tmneatb the water any
uutuber of timas It all dependa upon
tbe pornon who la drowning. Ids phys-
I'Wl condition mid bow quickly the
i'inga nil with water."
"That cyclo of three," ■uggrstrd an-
other of the d«M-torw. "la carried along
l>y those who lnal»l that a |<ersou dies
In bis third suggestive chill, Hut thia
la not true The aatne rule bolds good
In congestive <-bills as In the case of
'I m > drowning man A |>ersoii may die
In the first or ho may have a «losen
*nd still llvo The rule of three does
not obtain there either."
Tbe first ptiyalctan. with groat dis­
dain. then told bus many ignorant
imuua would swear Hist "If ye git
th' malary an' It runs Into typhoid
^tvar an- It runs into newmony Il's
• boro death
"Then-'» Hint aam«> old rulo of three
»gala." he «-outinued almost angrily.
"First and foretinwt. one dlacan» d«M>s
t.o< run into another There's no such
thing as a <-olll»lon betw<*oti dlaeaaee.
as many believe If one ban malaria
ho baa that utid that alone. Tbe same
thing Is true of typhoid fever and
Each one is a separate
and distinct trouble, and a doctor with
•ny acuim »hould be able to diagnose
Ms mala«iy from aytnptoma which arc
always present In each and entirely
From popular falla« lea |u regard t<>
medicino the conversation drifieii to
fallad«*» regarding the luw A lawyer
present wan calh-d upon b> explain
first ouo thing and auotlmr. when on«
of the bystander» said:
"1 made a bet the other day that »
i*rson bad oo right to touch a d«*a<1
tody until the coroner arrived, nud I
"Who d«*< ided the «luestlou for youF'
vsked tbe lawyer smilingly.
"Well." »aid the man nbceplahly, "It
was a bartender, but he's an educated
fellow and In a good judge of th» law."
"Y« mi S|M'gk of the law as If It were
»omdblug to la* judge«! Ilka cattle at
• fat stock »how." replied tbe attorney.
"There In no law ou any statute book
tn any state In the Unltisl States which
»ays one may not touch a body tM»fore
rhe arrival of the coroner
"In case of murder tbe old English
,*ommon law um*d to require that tba
body of tbe murdered one be left just
as It lay until viewed by one In author
"That was doue. it can plainly be
»sen. for th«« purfasMi of preaervlng tba
surroundings Intact so that whatever
evidence might I m « I here would not be
disturbed. In case of a murder today,
'«pacíally If auy mystery were cou­
nseled with it. common sense would
Mach a person to leave everything In­
tact. not alone for tbe coroner, but for
'he police officials an well. Bui should
rhe body of a murdered man t»e mov««d
there I» no law covering It unless it
oould I m > prov«««l that tbe («arson who
mov««<l the laxly did It with the Inten­
tion to destroy evidence. In cases of
suicide or d««ath by accident there
esuld be no objection to moving tbe
body anywhere In tbe city tf done with
humane or some other proper motive."
"I'll tell you what la tbe law," said
a atoop ahouldered. long armed man
who had l>eeti listening long enough
U» get the gist of tbe discussion. "If a
fellow »era a murder through a pane
of glass he can't lie a witness in the
• "Oh, piffle!" exclaimed the attorney
"Um going to lunch. That's tbe limit
1 wo» waiting for some yap to aprtng
tbat. If that was the case and a mur
der should l»e committed In this room
half n down of us could not be com­
petent witness««». If your statement Is
true, because we are wearing glaases
Glass Is ghisH whether in a window or
on the nose There Is no such law as
that. That's foolish."
"! heard ray grandfather nay that,"
Insisted the long armed man, “abd he
know'«! law too."
"Yes" retorte«! th«« exasperated at­
torney. "and he no doubt gave It out
as law that n m.in could stand with hla
back ngalnut Ills own house and kill
any one who came within a certain
distance of him But he would hang
for U nnlcss he had mighty good de
fenac. All of those thing» are what
w«« call 'chlmne« '«rnef law.’ but they
won't hold In curt"-Kansas Gity
Th» Proc»»» 1» Blmpfo, Though It Put­
tied tho Nogro.
Ivliinuith Fall« Women Arc finding
Relief nt lutai
! wlllle, NWH of HWH of Ber 10-2 4-1
'», <300
Arthur L Go.»!Willie to F P Hlx-
A special meeting of the stockhold­
!on, NWH of Sec. 10-24-9; <10.
ers of tbe Klamath Water Users' As­
Richard L Anderson to John Calla
bau, EH of SEH *>i Sei 3|, and
NW H <>f SWH of He«-. 32-40-1 1.
Enterprise Land A investment Co.
ito Burt E. Hawklna. block 10», Mills
Add. to Klamath Falla; <1000
It does seem that women have
more than a fair s I ihi «- of th«- aches
and pains that afflict humanity, they
must keep up." must attend to du-
ties In spit« of constantly aching
Nliuk«- Into Your Ntioes
liticks. or headaches, dizzy spoils,
b< nrlng-down pains; they must stoop Allen's Fool-Eaa«-. the antlM-ptlc pow-
over, when to stoop means torture, i der. II « urea painful, smarting, ner-
I hey must wulk and bend ami work vous feet, and InHtantly takes the
w Ith racking pains urn! many aches sting out of corns and bunions, Il's
from kidney Ills Kidneys cause mor«- th«- greatest comfort discovery of the
ifferlng than any other organ of th«« age. Allen'a Foot-Ease mak«*s tight
!t Is a cer
K«-«-p the
kldmyr well and or new >*h«M*a feel easy
th«- kldm-yi
ii'-ultb 1» «•asily
«-asily maintained
Read tain cur«- for «weatlng. callous, swol-
Always use*
of a' t< in«««ly for kidneys only that ten, tired nthlng f<*«-t
helps xml cur«-s th«- kidneys and Is It to break In new shoes Try it to-.
i-iulorsed by iH*ople in thl« locality. day. 8«>ld everywhere. By mail for
Don't accept any
Mrs VI ll Roiimltr* > . ot Jackson- 25 eta. hi »la tn pa
For FREE trial package
villc. Ore , »ays
But ka<
mad«- substitute
IB«- a burden for a l«mg linn-. I suf- addresa Allen 8 Olmstead, L«-Roy.
f«*r* <1 so severely fr«im dull pains In N. V.
my loins and hips that I could hardly
get mound
I felt tired and worn
out mid had n<> ambition to attend
One bl.uk thoroughbred Percheron
to my ordinary housewoi k
It I at­
tempted to stoop, shin p twlngi-s dart- stallion In good condition. Call or
id through tn«- and I was also sub- address
ject to spells of dizziness
I used
Box 296, Klamath Falls.
many remedies, but obtained no re- 4-26
lief until I procure«! Ikiati's Kidney
of their use wí-re KEKTOIC V||<>\ OF PIBLK’ MM*
Pills. The r<-sults
better Ilian I ha«l hoped for. I Im-
] am prepared to furnish blue
proved from i th«- first and when I had prints showing all vacant land» aoon
taken th«- contents of three boxes I to be r< stored to the public domain
»us completely cured
I <annot say in Klamath County, also all town­
too much In praise «if Doan's Kidney ships in the l.ak«-vl«-w Land District,
at $1 00 per township.
For sub- by all dealers
Price 50
Lakevl«*w, Ore.
<< ii X m . Foster-Milburn Co.. Buffalo, »,
N«-w York. s«de agents for th«- 1'nlted
Remember the name Doan's and
take no other
Notice is hereby given 'hat the
Slat«- Land Board will receive sealed
bids until 11:00 o'clock a. m , August
1. 1910. tor the following described
lauds, to-wit :
All of Sec. 16. T. i a a i ■
Mason A Slougb
WH of
Klamuth Ixidgc No 137, I O O. NWH and EH of SEH of Section
F . to Odd Fellows' Hall Assn. of 36. T. 37 8„ R 13 E
All bids must I m * accompanied by
Klamath Falla, lots 3 and 6, block
a regularly executed application to
18. Klamath Falls; $1.
Henrietta R Scroggins to N. 8. purchase and at least one-fifth of th«*
Merrill, lots 34. 36 and 40. Sec. 2-41 amount offered.
No bid tor less than <7.50 per acre
10; <10
W. E. White to J H Holland, half will I m * considered.
The right lx reserved to reject any
interest In lot 2. and EH of NWH
all blds.
of Sec 2, and EH of WH of Sec.
Applications and bids should be ad­
16-39-10. <5480
Fre«l Jan *.‘en to Uh«-»ter L. Hovey, dressed to G. G. Brown, Clerk State
Land Board. Salem. Oregon, and
NH of lot 3. Bee 4-37-9: $10
Fr«*d Janssen to f'beeter L. Hovey, marked "Application and bid to pur­
chase stat«* lands."
HWH of NWH of Sec 4-37-9; <10
Fred Janssen to Chester I. Hovey,
Land Board
tim her on SE «4 of NW % "t Bor
Dated April 22. 1910.
4-37-9, up to th«- y«*ar 1960; 110
A oalltMiat lu which were a white
tn an atxi oev«*rsl negrueo bad just left
tbe wharf near an ice fac tory at tbe
root of Mnlu street. Annapolis, aud i
was t>cad«sl out tbr moutb of Severo
river, toward a point oo the Cbeaa
“Ye c th. thlr,” an old time colored
man waa llaplng. "1 like to git a
job workin' round tbat air Ice plant
and see 'em make Ice with tire."
"I’ll tell you bow It 1» done. It you
would like to bear my explanation."
said tbe white idid
"Yre tb. thlr. I like to hear 'bout IL"
"Well, In the first place, they have
a tank of ammonia, to which a small
amount of bent la applied It does not
take much beat Io «-ouvert the am-
Fred Janssen to Cheater L. Hovey,
moula Into vapor, nod even tbat beat
Is used up In caunlug tbr liquid to ex­ timber on SH of lot 3, Sec 4-37-9
pand Into a gaa. or become latent, at up to th«* «ear 1960 ; <10
It 1» calle«! so that tbe temperature
Mary Janssen to Cheater L. Hovey,
la out materially aff««cted
timber on lot 2. Sec 4-37-9. up to
"Now. aupfxtae tbe ammonia gas oc­ the year 1 860; <10.
cupies a butidrvd time» as much Bpace
Ioik«-Hid<- Co. to Rudolf Klina. part
ua lb«- liquid
ll ta evident tbat the
SEH <«f NEH and NEH of SEH
liquid contain» a certalti amount of
14 1-11: BiBB
beat, which 1» nftcrwart! dlxtributed of s-
May Walters to A. W. Sutherland.
over a hundred time« tb<- «pal'» brat
A cubic foot "f tbe liquid Iwglnnlng at NE c«»rner of Terwilli­
lM*cou>e» a tinu<lr«xi cubic fret of gan. ger Add to Merrill, running thence
and It la plain tbat a cubic foot of E 645 fret; thence 8 660 feet; thence
gas will contain only one-hundredth W 645 fret; th«*nce N 660 fret to
part of the beat originally In a cubic place of beginning; $10.
foot of liquid: lienee the gas la much
Lakeside Co. to Antor Krypaka.
colder than the liquid
2 •
"Now. thl» gaa or vapor In allowed to SEH of NEH Of Sec 7-41-12; $600
T Me-
flow ihruugli pl(»ra covered with Bait
water. Which becomes extremely «-old. Masala, swh ot nw ■« ot 8 m IS
but d<xsi not frees«, owing to tbe prea- and NW H<’f NEH of See 21-39-8;
eoce of salt. The fresh water desired also SH of NEH and NW *4 of NE H
to be froecti la put Into large metal of Sec 23-34-8; $10
cans aud placixl tn tbe cold salt water
Geo L. Davis to ti W Dineen.
and allowixl to frrese.
SWH of SW H of Sec 11-27-11;
"There la nothing myaterloua about
of SE Hof Sec 3; NWH of
tbe process It Is. Io fact, very simple swh
Do I make myself clear? Do you NEH of Sec 10; NWH of NW *4 of
| Sec. 24-28-1 1; SH of SE H* of S««c 2;
understand my explnuation?”
“Ye-e-ltli. thlr. yo' ««splanatlon's I NEH of SWH of Sec 4-29-11; $10.
plain, but I sutteuiy would like to
Heirs of Amon Shook to David P
see 'em make tbat air ice with lire.” Shook. EH of SEH of Sec. 32 and
—Washington Star.
SWH ot SWH ot I m 33-37-11 H;
lot 1, Sec. 5-38-11 H; NH of NEH
His Quaint Suggestion.
of Se«- 10; N H of NW *4 of Sec 11*
A French mini who appears to bare
been of a thrifty turn of mind coo- 39-11H: $600
Charles Hall to Chester L. Hovey.
celvcd tbe Idea In 1X78 that too uiucb i
valuable time was be lug wasted in WH of SWH. SEH of SWH and
cleaning sardines when preparing them SWH of SEH of Sec 14-37-9; <10.
Jay H. Upton to R. L. Edmon-vtor«.
for tbe market He found n way of
preparing them without denning them, WH of NWH of NEH of Sec 1’•
anil ou this he took out letters patent 38-9; <10
Apparently be had some slight misgiv­
Arthur C. Lewis to Iva 8. Lewis,
ing ns to whether the public would be tract 40C and S 2 1-0 acr««s of tract
perfectly suited with bls Invention,
and so In hts claim he makes thin 40B, Enterprise tracts: <10.
Oregon Valiev Land Co. to Frank
parenthetical entry:
Shuler. EH of NWH of Bee. 31-
Flab put up by thia process may ba
slightly unpleasant to the customer st 36-16; <200.
first, but he soon gets used to It
Oregon Valley loiud Co. to A nton
V Stnva. NH of NH of NWH of
A Wife's Early Lesson.
SEH of Sec. 13-36-14; <2 JO.
A curious custom used to accompany
Oregon Valley Ixtnd Co to Alfred
an Anglo-Saxon betrothal
After tbe W. Holmes. SH of N H of SEH of
giving of the ring the father gave the
SEH of S««c. 9-36-14; <200
sou-ln-law one of his daughter's shoes,
W. E. White to Roderick McKen-
with which the snn-ln-lnw hit his wife
ol> the head to tench her subjectlou! zle. half interest in lot 2 and EH of I
Later on a more tnode0te (?« castlgn NWH "I S.'< 81 and E' - of WH of |
tlou was suggested, and three blows Sec. 16-39-10: $6480
with a broomstick became the custom
Carrie Nelson to John W. Hamil- 1
-•'The Months of the Year." by Rev ton. part of lot 8, block 35. Nichols
Pemberton Lloyd
Add. I to Klamath Falls; $10
E M Bubh to Bert E Withrow.
A New Scheme.
half I Interest In WH *>f NWH and
"Sinai for breach of promise. •h?
SEH of NW H of Sec 11-37-9; $10
"Yep '
W E. White to C V. Nelson, lot
"Any defense?"
"Temporary Insanity, and I expect SW H j of NW H of Sec 21-39-10;
to prove It by the love letters I wrote " <4200
-Louisville Courier-Journal.
State of Oregon to Arthur L Good-
sociation was held In the city la»t
Saturday, at which the par valn t of
the stock of the assdatlon was r«ii< d
from <20 to <30 per share. On the
matter of refunding the money paid
Into the association for dues by the
land owners of the Upper Project, It
was voted that be not refunded, .he
position being taken that the associa­
tion could not do so legally. it Is
stated that suits will be filed to test
the matter In the courts.
mitice to
In th«- County Court of the Stat»- of
Oregon, for Klamath County.
In the Matter of the Estate of Jessie
M Arnett, Deceast-d.
Notice la hereby given by the un­
dersigned. adminlNtrator of the «-state
of Jessie M Arnett, deconsed, to the
creditors of, and all iiersons having
claims against, the said deceased, to
exhibit them, with the proper vouch­
ers. within six months after the first
publication of this notice, to the said
administrator at his residence in the I
City of Klamath Falla, Klamath |
County, Oregon, the same being the
place for the transaction of the busi-
n«*ss of said estate.
Administrator of Said Estate
the Stockholders ot Klamath
Water Users' Association
You are hereby notified that the
following amendment to tbe By-Laws
of the Klamath Water Users Associa­
tion will be submitted for your ac­
ceptance or rejection at the next an­
nual meeting of stockholders of said
assiMiation to I m - held in the Houston
Opera House, Klamath Falls. Oregon. (
on Friday, the 3rd day of June, 1910,!
at the hour of 2 o'clock p. m . to-wit: [
That Section !. Article III. of said
By-Laws be amended to read as fol­
"The exercise of the corporate ¡low­
ers of this Association and the man­
agement of its affairs shall be v«?sted
in a board of seven Directors elected
to serve one year."
By order of Board of Directors,
Klamath Water Users' Association
Plymouth Rock eggs for setting, at
Farmers' Exchange, or three miles
southeast of town on Midland road
Klamath Falla. Ore
In tbe County Court of the State of
Oregon, for Klamath County.
In the Matter of the Estate of James
M Arnett, Deceased.
Notice la hereby given by the un­
dersigned. administrator of the estate
of James M. Arnett, deceased, to the
creditors of, and all persons having
claims against, the said deceased, to
exhibit them, with the proper vouch­
ers, within six months after the Irst
publication of this notice, to the laid
administrator at his residence in the
City of Klamath Falls, Klamath
County. Oregon, the same being th»-
place for the transaction of the busi­
ness of said estate.
Administrator of Said Estate.
Notice Is hereby given that the
Btate I^and Board will receive sealed
blds until 11 o'clock a. m . June 28,
1910, for the following described
swamp Inada, all in in T •5 *> •» s„ R
7H E
lx»t 1 of Section 2; lots 1. 2 and 3,
NEH of SEH of Section 3 all ot
lots 1. 3, 4. 6, 6. 7 and 8, except the
NWH of NEH of Section 10; all of
lots 1, 3 and 4. except the NEH of
SWH of Section 9; all of lots 1. 2.
3 and 4, except the NW H«f NWH
of Section 28; all of lot» 1, 2, 3 and
4, except the SWH of NWH of Sec­
tion 29; all of lots 1, 3, 4 and 5. ex­
cept the SEH of NEH of Section 30
All bids must be accompanied by a
regularly executed application to pur­
chase and at least one-fifth of the
amount offered No bid for less than
<20 pet acre will be considered.
The right to rej««ct any and all bids
is reserved.
Applications and bids should be ad­
dressed to G. G. Brown. Clerk State
I-and Board. Salem. Oregon, and
marked "Application and bid to pur­
chase swamp lands."
Clerk State Land Board.
April 14. 1910.
10-19000 ‘ K A M
AND ENTRY.—Department of the
Interior, General Land Office, Wash­
ington, D. C-, March 30, 1910.—No-
tice is hereby given that the Secre­
tary of the Interior has vacated de­
partmental order ot withdrawal in so
SALE OF TIMBER —Portland. far as the same affects the withdrawal
Oregon, April 21, 1910.—Sealed bids for irrigation purposes under the act
of June 17, 1902 (32 Stat.. 388), for
mark«*d outside ' Bid. Timber Sale use in connection with the Klamath
Application, April 6, 1910, Crater." Project. Oregon-Calif., ot the follow­
and addressed to the District For­ ing described lands in the State of
ester, Forest Service, Portland. Ore­ Oregon and by his authority such of
said tracts as have not been hereto­
gon. will be received up to and includ­ fore finally restored and are not oth­
ing the 28th day of May. 1910, for erwise withdrawn, reserved, or appro­
all of the merchantable dead timber priated. will be subject to settlement
standing or down and ail the live under the public land laws of th«-
United States on and after July 2.
timber marked for cutting by the 1910, but shall not be subject to en­
Forest officer, located on an area to try. filing, or selection until August
be definitely designat«*d by the Forest 1, 1910. at the United States land
officer before cutting begins of ap­ office at Lakeview, Oregon, warning
being expressly given that no person
proximately 400 acres on the east will be permitted to gain or exercise
slope of Pelican Butte within the EH any right whatever under any settle­
of Sec. 10 and the WH of Sec. 11, ment or occupation begun after
T. 35 8.. R 6 E„ W. M.. in the Crater March 22, 1910, and prior to July 2.
1910. all such settlement or occupa­
Notice is hereby given that the National Forest, Oregon; estimated tion being forbidden:
Stat«- l-and Board will receive sealed to be 2.702.000 ft. B. M of wretern Principal Meridian—T. 37 S.. R. 7
blds until 11:00 o'clock a. m., August yellow pine. 1.313,000 ft. B. M of E., all Secs. 6. 7, 8^10 and 23 aud
1. 1910. for the following described white fir. 126.000 ft. B. M of Doug­ 26 to 35 inclusive. T. 39 S„ R. 8 E
las fir. 40,000 ft. B. M of incense 13; NH NEH and WH Sec. 14:
school lands, to-wit
All of Section 16. T. 25 S.. R 7 E
All bids must be accompanied by ' live saw timber, and 280.000 ft. B. i I Sec. 22; NWH. SEH. NWH Sec
a regularly executed application to' M. of dead saw timber, log scale, 28 ' NH Sec 29; NH, EH SWH.
W H SE H and NE H »E H Sec 30
purchase end at least one-fifth of the more or less. No bid of less than and SEH Sec. 36
T. 40 S., R. 8
<3.20 per .M ft. B M. for both live E . EH NWH and NEH Sec. 1; WH
amount offered.
No bid for less than <15.00 per and dead timber will be considered, SWH Sec 7; WH SWH Sec. 27;
and a deposit of One Thousand Dol- NH NEH - SWH NEH. EH NWH
acre will be considered
and SEH Sec 3?. T. 39 S.. R. 9 E
The right is reserved to reject any ! lars ( <1.000.00), payable to the or- all Sec. 1; EH. NWH. EH SWH
der of the First National Bank Of Sec 2; all Sec 5; NH. SWH. WH
and all bids.
Applications and bids should be ad-' Portland. Oregon, must be sent to SEH See. 8; NH SWH and SWH
dressed to G G Brown, Clerk Stat«- that bank for ««ach bid submitted to SE H See. 9; EH NEH and NWH
11; NH. NEH SWH and
Timber upon SEH Soc 12: EH NEH Sec. 13
Land Board. Salem. Oregon, and the District Forester
marked "Application and bid to pur­ valid claims is exempted from sale. NWH NEH.
For further information and regula­ NWH Sec. 17; all Sc 18; WH NEH
chase stat«« lands."
tions governing sales address Forest WH and WH SEH Sec 19: SWH
Crater National Forest, SEH and SEH SEH Sec. 28; NH
Clerk State Land Board
Dated April 22. 1910
4-28-7-28 ; Medford. Oregon —GEO H. CECIL, NH SWH NH SEH Sec 30; SWH
Acting District Forester
4-28-5-26 SWH Sec 31: NEH. EH NWH
and EH SEH Sec 33; SEH NWH
WH NWH and SWH Sec 34. T
35 S. R 7H E.. lots 1, 2. 3. 4 and
Lakeview 02956
the SWH SWH Sec 16. T. 40 S
To the Stockholders of the Klamath R. 9 E WH SWH. Sec I; SEH
Not coal land
Water Users’ Association.
Department ot the Interior. United
States latnd Office at Lakeview.
You are hereby notified that a spe­ SEH Sec. 5: NH NWH SWH. EH
SWH. SEH Sec. 6; NEH NEH Set
Oregon. April 22. 1910
cial meeting of the stockholders of 7; WH NEH NWH NEH SWH
Notice is hereby given that Frank the Klamath Water Users' Associa- and SEH Sec 8; SWH and W’_
Irish, whose postoffice address is i tion will be held in the Houston SEH Sec 9; EH NEH Sec. 11.
Klamath Falls. Oregon, did. on the I Opera House. Klamath Falls, Oregon, NWH. NH SWH and SWH SW H
24th day of January. 1910, file in this Saturday, April the 16th, 1910? at Sec 12; NWH NWH and 8W
13. EH NEH, sw H
office his Sworn Statement and Ap- ; the hour of 2 o'clock p. m. for the SWH SEH SEH Sec. 14; NE H
plication. No. 02956. to purchas«« the purpose of increasing the par value SH SWH. SH SEH Sec. 15 Wli
WH NWH, Section 35. Township 38 of the shares of stock of the said NEH. WH and SEH Sec. 16; EH
8. Rang.' 10 E. Willamette Meridian. | association from the sum of <20 per NEH and NEH SEH Sec. 1" E‘4.
NWH and EH SWH Sec. 21; all
and th«- timber thereon, under the share to the sum of <30 per share, Sec 23; SWH SWH Sec 22. NH
provisions of th«- act of June 3. 1878. and for the further purpose of au- j NEH and NWH Sec 24; NEH EH
«nd acts amendatory, known as the thorizing the Board of Directors of | NWH. NWH NWH. NWH SEH
"Timber and Stone Law," at such the said association to levy assess-1 EH SEH Sec 27: NEH NEH Sec
st; NBM NEH Sec. 34; NH. NEt.
valu«« as might be fixed by appraise ments against the stock subscriptions BWM and SE1, Bee. 35. T. 41 S.
ment, and that, pursuant to such ap- of the said association sufficient in R 9 E.. NEH. SEH NWH. NEH
plication, the land and timber there- amount and against each and every SWH. NWH SEH and SH SEH
1; NEH NEH Sec. 2; and NE H
on have been appraised. June 14. share subscribed to reimburse and to Sec
NEH Sec 12. T. 41 S., R. 10 E
1909. th«- timber estimated at 435.-, pay back to the stock subscribers un­ SH NWH and SH Set- 4; NWH
000 board feet at $.75 per M. and the der what is known as the "Upperl Sec 6; NEH and NEH NWH Set
land al $44.00; that said applicant Project” such amount or amounts as' 9; NWH Sec. 10. T 37 S.. R. 1:!
T. 38 S.. R. 13 E„ all Sec«
will offer final proof In su|M>rt of his such subscrib««r or subscribers have i E.. all. “
1 to 12; 14 to 23 and 27 to 33 in-
application and sworn statement on from time to time paid to said asso-1 elusive. T 38 S . R 14 E.. all Secs
the 3 0th day of June, 1910, before elation upon the assessments made 1 to 15. 22 to 27 and 34 to 36 in-
R M Richardton, U S. Commteaion- and levied by the Board of Directors! elusive. T. 39 S . R. 14 E„ all Secs
1. 2. 11, 12. 13, 14. 24. 25 and 31
rr. at Klamath Falls. Oregon
of said association for the accom-1 to 36 inclusive, T 39 S . R. 15 E
Any person is at liberty to protest plishment of the purposes of this as­ all. T 37 S R. 10 E..
E . all Secs 11
this purchase before entry, or initiate sociation; said stock subscribers be- to 17. 19 to 23 and 25 to 36 inclu­
a contest at any time before patent ! in,4 limited to those whose stock sub- sive. T. 38 8.. R. 10 E.. all Secs. I
issues, by filing a corroborated affi- j sc: ’ptions are hereafter canc«-l'«d by to 6. 8 to 16, 23 to 25 inclusive and
Sec. 36 T. 38 S . R 11 H E, all Secs
davit in this office, alleging facts the Secretarv of the Interior
6, 7. 18 and 28 to 33 Inclusive. S V
which would defeat the entry.
PROUDFIT. Acting Commissioner ol
S «rotary Klamath Water Us-«r.«' As- the Gen. Lapd Office.
PIERCE, First Assistant Secretary of
the Interior