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NO. 2
< <ui**ln<< li**n
< lu*rg*'
< Utility .IwH'wHr Ix-e Ilan A hhu MMNI .*
Pe*-ullar Position A h an
«•on*** l»*-Bnqu<-nt Water lliglit
Hill llr Can<v*ll*xl
The thatg*' for th<‘ maintenance < >
ihr Irrigation system in th» Klamat.i
Project li iih boon fixc*l for 1910 by th*
Riulaiiiatioii Hervlce. unit It I m to be
th*' until*' i « h It wm Inal year, 76 cents
per acre
For th** pant several days
there bun been n rumor ulloiit to the
<-fT*-«t that th*- malntenanc«' < harg*
wu. to be li>*i*>iu*ii Io 9l) c**nte <>* I*,
but thin liM** pint* n to l*<- u inlslnk
an evidenced by th*' unnouncemeu*
jnnt made by th** ffcrvlc«
Oiii< of th*' mutters that In to *uu»<
considerable trouble this year will L*
that of the payment of th** $.1 pc»
acre for liquidation of th*- constru*
lion * bulge
In every project thi
Government ban >nfor<'*'d thia ruh
without variation, except In •■xtruor
■llnury raara. Where th» farmer has
xbown good faith, and through to
fault of hla be ha* failed to liarvod
bin crop and the ahuttlnK *>ff of the
water uould work Irreparable Injury,
then th« Government han made an
inception, but In every ca«*» the rea­
son haa had to bv far beyond th*' or­
dinary. Whether such exceptions may
be mail** In the Klamath Project li
problematical. Under thia project
there la a alight difference, the land
owner having Ix-en given one full
year In which to meet the payments.
It will be a question that will only
ire decided after It han reached the
Secretary of the Interior.
The method of procedure, where
lb** farmer find* hlmiwlf unable to
meet the payment, 1» for him to r^sAe
application to the secretary of the
Water Users* AMoclatlon for lenien­
cy, accompanying such application
with the rvaaona therefor
It will bo
■lavlvaa for anyone to undertake to
get auch an application approved un­
ion he can furnish good and »uffi-
dent reaaona therefor, ns It will read­
ily bv recognised that the Govern­
ment muat handle the mutter Impar-
* lull .
Application* for leniency ahould be
made Immediately. It la not expected
that there will be many of them, in
view of the fact that <be Government
la to be very atrlct In the matter
the q neat Ion la not dlaixmed of when
th*- water right becomes delinquent,
then the land owner will be unable
to get water until the matter Is
Anally settled.
a* It
will require a considerable time for
It to work Its way through the vari­
ous stages It will be aven that quick
action la Imperative on the part of
the lad owner*
The following nolle * haa been sent
out by the ccrotary of the Water
Itaera* Association:
items enumerated ahould become d*
llnqui-nt on May 1. 1910. Under the
by laws of this association, however,
It was Impossible to comply with the I
requirement! of the Secretary of the
Interior as to the time in which slid
amounts ahould become delinquent.
Under Instructions from the Secretary
of the Interior the board took the
matter of time d**clarlng the said INVITK k HH o LE FAMILY TO BE
■ mounts delinquent up with Mr. New-
Il. dit* ■ tm nf lb. I 8 It. 8 , a UM
following telegram will show.
"Klamath Falls, Ore., April
F II. Newell. Director, U. 8. It. 8.,
Washington, D. C.:
The board of
directors of the Klamath Water Italians Continue to Pay Illg Tribute
Users' Association will meet In ad­
to Their American
journed meeting April 16. The rules
and regulations providing for the
levying und collecting of calls and
assessments will be adopted at that United Press Service.
meeting, but some changes are neces­
sary. The by-laws provide that ’No Th** German Kaiser has again demon-
assessment shall be declared delin­ st rated bls high regard for Theodore
quent within less than thirty -days Roosevelt as well aa his desire to
after levying said assessment.' Sec­ pay honor to the distinguished repre­
tion of your letter of March 25 sentative of the American govern­
should bv amend**! so as to provide ment. who Is about to clasp for the
that water rights shall not become hrs! time the hand of the man he
delinquent on or before June 24. and has so greatly admired. A personal
the first day of May «if each succeed­ letter received here today from the
ing year,' so aa to comply with this Kais*-r urges Mrs. Roosevelt and the
provision of th** by-laws. Your no­ children to be his guests at the palace
that Colonel
Ice arrived too late to permit of our for the three days
complying with order therein drafted. Roosevelt will be entertained there.
Mr. Roosevelt and Kermit started
"Washington . D. C., April 9.—
Advise before April 16. John Irwin, for Venice this afternoon. On Thurs­
day morning they will start for Vi­
Klamath Water Users' Association. enna. but Mrs. Roosevelt will remain
Klamath Falla, Oregon:
No objec­ here until the Colonel reaches Paris.
tions to changes In dates suggested April 20. where she expects to rejoin
In rules and regulations per yot-r him
The populace still continues to out­
teleg-am 6th.—Newell."
From the answer of Director New­ do themselves in paying high tribute
ell It Is made evident that the assess­ to Mr. Roosevelt. Posters are up all
ments for operation and maintenance over the city carrying expressions of
and for the annual Installments of the felicitation and joy and bidding fare­
building charge will become delin­ well to their guest. The railroad sta­
quent on the 24th day of June, 1910 tion was profusely decorated with
Further It may lie added that after flowers and practically the entire
the 24th day of May, 1910, all pay­ population of the town turned out to
ments for the above charges or as­ make hts departure as enthusiastic
sessments will be made in the office as possible.
of the association in Klamath Falls,
♦ ♦♦♦«♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
It has beon announced by Mr. ♦ MOORE BRON.' SAWMILL
Patch, project engineer, that the ♦
charge for operation and maintenance ♦
for the season of 1910, for all lands ♦
A nah' of considerable in*por- ♦
under the first unit of the Klamath ♦ tanev and Interest was consum- ♦
Project, has been fixed at seventy-five ♦ mat** I Satunlay when the Innls- ♦
(75) cents per acre. This charge ♦ Clark Lumber Company acquir- ♦
Is required to be paid before water ♦ c*S the *'iw mill of C. N. A.' R. N. ♦
will bo furnished for the season.
♦ Moore, The mill will be dis* A
In order to avoid mlsunderstand-
Ing, the Itoard of directora of the
Klamath Water Uaera* Association
haa deemed It advlaahle to iaauv th»
following pertaining to the time nnd I
manner of payment of the o¡>eratlon
and maintenance for the season of
1910. nnd of the first annual Install­
ment of the*building charge of |3
which became due on the 1st day of
May, 1909, and would have become
delinquent on the 1st day of May. 1
1910, but for the letter dated March j
26, 1910, from the Secretary of the
Interior, the Honorable ft. A. Ballin­
ger, to thia aaaoclatlon. In this letter
last referred to the Secretary of the
Interior announces that all payment
of operation and maintenance and an­
nual Installments of the building
churge shall he payahlo at the office
of thia association in Klamath Falla
Ore., and that the association shall
levy amenamente Including the fol­
lowing items:
First Assessments on account of i
the expenses of the association.
Hecond Assessments on account
of operation and maintenance levied
C. P. Farrar, one of the big butch­
by the Hocretary of the Interior.
ers ofr Oregon City, arrived Tuesday
Third (’all and assessment on ac- [ evening for the purpose of looking
count of building charge levied by over the country. He is an old
the Secretary of the Interior.
friend of E. B. Hornsby, who la Ink­
It Is provided In said letter that the ing considerable pleasure In pointing
ea*l ahould he mado In time that the out the good thlngH to be found In
amounts levied under each of the Klamath.
mantle*! au*l rvmov* <1 to Sim»
pingtoii. after the logs now in
the pond 1-nve b-** * s*we*l. rh.»
will bv • serious blow to the
west shle of the river, as it was
an important factor in that end
of the city. The sale price was
not nindr public,
Grow lit of City IH'I ilhik I'' an Inervas,
in Number of Teachers
A meeting of the school board *>t
the city uchools was held last Mon­
day. the purpose thereof being the
selection of teachers for the ensun*,
A large number of applies
thins was received and it required an
extended session to enable the direc­
tors to arrive at what they believe**
to be a decision that would best pro­
mote the welfare of the educations
institutions of the city.
One of the first steps taken was
that of determining the office R. H
Dunbar should occupy henceforth
Inasmuch as there will be two schoo*
at the beginning of the next schoo
year, the board felt that he shou't
not be confined so closely to any oa
of the institutions as to preclude th»
proper supervision over the othe:.
Accordingly, it was decided that ba
should be appointed to the office cf
City Superintendent of School.*,
which position shall carry with it
full control over all schools that may
be opened during his tenure of of­
fice. In view of the added respon­
sibilities Imposed, the board believed
Mr. Dunbar's salary should be In­
creased to $1,500.
Two principals were chosen, one for
each school, whose salaries shall b*
385 per month
For School No. 1
Miss Nettie Drew was elected prin­
cipal and Miss Edna Adams was
elected for School No. 2, or, as Is
commonly known, as the West Side
school. Following are the teachers
chosen for next year:
Misses Nettie R. Drew, Edna Ad­
ams, Donna Bell. Irone Daum, Nettie
McIntire, Agnes Hannon.
Campbell, Grace Nickerson. Florence
Foster, Alice Pool, Maud Laman, all
of whom have been teaching during
the past year, and Misses Nellie
Dement, Lillian Dennison and Lucy
M. George of Grants Pass, and Miss
Josephone Donegan of Jacksonville.
The last four have not taught In
this cltv heretofore.
Riding throughout the county
astride his faithful old horse, with
tils knapsack swung over his shoul-
■lers, is the Democratic Patriarch of
Klamath County. Practically every­
man, woman and child in Klamath
County knows Capt. J. P. Lee, county
assessor and best political campaign­
er in the State of Oregon. He is a
.man wh<-•• kindly pe: tnality and
: homely cordiality has » <n for him a
; warm spot in the hearts of the people
of Klamath County. And some of
his warmest friends in and out of
the Democratic party ar»- deeply
grieved that he should be so misled
by false friends Into making the one
great mistake of his life.
Knowing as be does that he has
' the respect and confidence of the
' ,-oters of the county. Captain Lee
should long hesitate before lending
himself to the work ot their ene­
mies. Tbe i erald believes that tn-
I as done so unconsciously ; it believes
that if he really knew what was back
* f their plans he would quickly wash
his hands of the work and join
hands with the people of the county
In demanding the removal of the
court house to the site offered by the
*li*.S»E«'lN FoR TH IK
Klamath Development Company. Cap­
YEAR HERE NEVER BETTER tain Lee. of al) men in the county,
knows the burden that taxation
Klamath County II»' at Last < om*' places upon the shoulders of the land
Into Its Own
owners and homebuilders of the
county; he knows, o* at IttxJt should
Never iu *» ^latory of the Klam­ know, that tne <lr«t*?e io the new site
ath basin bare conditions been more means $90,000 to these burden laden
favorable for a good vear than at taxpayers; that the new site will be
. present. A representative of the Her­
beter suited in every way for the
ald bad occasion a few days ago to purposes of the new court house and
make a trip through some of the best that not one of the arguments ad­
Improved farming districts tributary vanced by the opponents ha-i any
to Klamath Falls and Merrill. Every­ foundation or truth back of it.
where the farmers were in the Held
The man on horseback may be all
turning over the rich soil. All seem­ Hgnt as asse >or; he is a persuasive
ed pleased with the outlook. Men. talker and has the confidence of the
who have farmed in this basin for people, but he should not seek to be­
many years, expressed themselves as tray that confidence by endeavoring
being better satisfied with conditions to fool the people on a matter in
than ever before. New settlers, in which they are so vitally interested.
every instance, were highly pleased His work of assessing should occupy
with the prospects, saying that the all of his time and should not be
spring has been ideal for getting the used as a cloak to cover up another
fields in shape for seeding.
game. Everyone knows what effect
One of the best indications that the the appearance of the assessor has.
Klamath country is coming into its and how prone they are to listen to
own is the fact that the man who has what he has to say. Nevertheless,
farmed here for years under advene they are not going to forget that he
circumstances is beginning to feel
is the man who sets the amount they
that for him the Klamath basin is no will have to pay in taxes; nor will
longer a camp ground, but a place
they fail to take advantage of every
where he is willing to make his home.
opportunity that presents itself to re­
It is a noticeable fact that during
duce that sum.
the past year many land owners who
When Captain Lee started on his
were anxious to dispose of thei-
work of assessing he left this mes­
farms have withdrawn them from the
sage with his friends:
"Now, you-all
market. The reason for this is net
watch me. I’ll go out and talk to
that they are waiting for an increase
the ladies, kiss the babies and assess
in price, but rather because with the
the property, and when I come back
advent of the railroad they have be­
the court house won't be moved."
come satisfied to live where they
True to his promise, he is talking to
heretofore considered themselves iso
the ladies and kissing the babies—
and no man in all of Oregon is better
It is also noticeable that all new
fitted for the task—and Is sending
houses being built throughout tl.t
back messages that the farmers are
basin are substantial and of a better
opposed to it everywhere. Poor
grade than many of those heretofore
Captain! The Herald is sorry to see
erected. Improvements are being
you so keenly disappointed.
made with a view to nermanenc.v,
which is indicative of a settled com­
ARRIVE IN THE CITY Bodjr Ridded With Bullets in Run­
Are Ship|*‘*l Through This City to
Reach Work to th«- North
A car load of mules arrived in the
city Wednesday and were unloaded
and started north. Ordinarily a load
of mules would attract no particular
attention, but these mules carry the
Northern Pacific brand on their left
hip. This is the first of a number
of ether shipments to be made
through this city. In a short time all
of the equipment that is to be used
by the contractors In huildinq the
Oregon Trunk to the north of here
will be shipped through this city
ning Fight With Polio-
United Press Service.
SEATTLE, Wash., April 12.—An
unidentified negro was riddled with
bullets and killed at 4 o'clock this
morning by officers in a running bat­
tle in the heart of the city. Th*
negro attempted to hold up a Jap
who, instead of complying with the
command of the highwayman, turned
and ran. The negro opened fire on
him, the shots being heard by the
police. They chased the negro, ex­
changing shots with him at a dis­
tance of ten feet. The officers en­
G. I. Cole Is a recent arrival here gaged In the fight were Christenson,
W. P. Drum was here Wednesday from Palisades, Colo.
Mr. Cole is Donald and Hooker. None of them
from his camp at Modoc Point.
looking over the country.
was injured.