Klamath republican. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1896-1914, January 20, 1910, Image 4

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    l.<M Al. TALENT Wil l.
E. J- MURRAY, Editor
I em bers ami County S*ho«*l Sii|«eri«i
tendent Planning lor School
i'xliltHt Next l ull
The Home Ornnintle Company will
present Huxel Kirk on Wednesday,
Januar) 36. Huxol Kirk is one of
the strongest bills that Ims ever been
presented on the Xmerlcan stage. It
Is replete with good thrilling drama
of the right kind. This a strictly
moral piny and on«' that will he ap­
preciated by every on«*. Don't miss
it. The play Is cast ns follows:
Miss North
Hazel Kirk
Miss Stonobroaker
Dolly Dutto II
Mrs Kavamqigh
Mercy Kirk
Mrs. Darling
Clara (a maid)
Mrs. Darling
Lady Travers
.1 .1 ou».I
Pltta**ua Green
Aron Rodney
I,. Terwilliger
Frank Williams
Dan .............................. Frunk Williams
Joe ...............................
Wm. North
Arthur Cartlngford
Ray Atherton
Richard Darling
Duhstan Kirk
C. T. Oliver
Act I. The Millers* home. The
avowal. The father's curse.
Act II
Tlu* Imppy homo of Ar-
thur anti Hasel. News from home.
\ strange visit,
Hazel loaves her
home. Death of l.ndv Travers.
Act. HI. Mot's return. "Where a
tlasel?** Th«« brok« a h« erteti fatti* r.
Rodney’s devotion. Th«« Iron will
"Help! Hazel's drowning.'* "I ca h
not save her; I am blind.**
Act IV. Gr«*«*n an«l ix«lly
mystery. The father s remorse ThV
glad tidings
Ha?« I» saved.
iron will is broken.
Pictur«*s of the ca >t will be shown
nt th«* opera houso tonight.
The teachers and County School
Superintendent of Klamath Count)
are planning for the Inauguration of
an industrial and educational school
fair to he held In Klamath Falls n«*x
All communications submitt* ! for publication In the columns of this
paper will be Inserted only over the nan >■ of the writer. No non de plume fall, probably In October. Such fairs
are held In several counties of the
articles will be published.
State and have proven Justly popular
and a strong means of arousing more
Ines of these men ami their families? interest and attention on the part of
It is evidenced in the tight which
children in agriculture, wood work
(Continued from
some of these men are now making
and domestic arts.
ter our destruction. Tills paper Is
To make the fair a success a great
perieneeil over the pr> position to not. and never has been, published
deal of hard work must be don«*. The
change the
for the purpose of injuring anyone, teachers who ar«* undertaking th-
house. The cause of th, « xci<
its policy las always been to live management of it realise that It
at that time was the cr.’atiot
and let jive. and it will pursue this
means work, but they believe th**
new city in Klamath County.
policy in the future, It has outlined educational value and practical r«>-
new metropolis bore the euphonious its course and will fallow it to the
suits that will come from It w ill well
name of White Lake Cit
more re­ end.
compensate the trouble.
cently having been Christ
*d "Lem­
Th«' citIsens in general and th >
on City."
There is no more dis­
Mill- Nou WANT To parents tn particular should wclconi**
graceful page in the anna! of Klam­
this movement and encourage It In
ath County than those bearing th«*
way possible by their help and
history of the rise ami fall of this
Representations of Promoter to Pur* co-operation. Their boys will make
piece of fraud. The matter was ig­
ciutM* Machinery Have Never
better men by taking an interest in
nored for a time by this city, and
lieen Carried Out
raising something worth exhibiting
would, perhaps, lave been left to
or making something that will pl«*asc
meet with the fate that was in store
Stockholders In a company know i
for it without any outcry, bad it not as the Klamath Oil Company, are be­ those attending the fair.
Every teacher In the county should
been for the faei that the promoters I ginning to enquire as to what has be­
co-operate with the commit­
were carried away with the success I come of the money which they paid
is only by the help of the
with which tl y met and began the in as purchase price for stock in the
cry that it would soon be the county ; organization. As some of the stock­ teachers in th«* various schools tha*
success can be assured, Teachers In
seat of Klamath County.
holders have never b«*en notified of
each district should « call meetings
That slogan touched the match that1 any meeting since the organization, it
and tin* teacher and parents consult
set off the fireworks, and it was no is stated today that a demand is to b«*
trouble for anyone to hear the words mad«* for a report of the business of
It is not too early to begin th«*
••thieves.” "bunco men," "grafters,” the company and an «counting of the
plans In «*arnest although most of
and other such pet titles handed out money collected.
th«* work will have to b«« don«* by
on all sides. The storm was so great
The Klamath Oil Company was or
the pupils during vacation. In the
that if aroused the fear of the pt«>- ganized some three or more years ago
ICi'cotniiM'ndatIon of tlx* Grand Jury
wood work, cooking anil sewing the
moters of this scheme and the dup«*s by E. B. Hall, of this city. After the*
should lie Followed to Pro­
should begin at once. Such product­
who bought lots were taken from organization G. Heitkempcr. Jr., was
viti«* I uiids
will have to be made over again.
Keno to the scene of the bilking, for elected president and E. B. Hall, man­
What a fine thing it will be If
fear that they might learn the truth ager. It is said that G. W. Whir«*,
The Jury In the trial of E. E.
twenty-five boys plow and sow halt
in passing through Klamath Falls.
then president of the First National
an acre of grain and s«*lect their Lyons for violation of tb'*lo<al op­
Th«« history of that town is quite Bank, is the treasurer of the concern.
exhibit sheaf from it. or If a hall tion law, falling to ugni', was ti la-
familiar to the people of Klamath
A number of people in this count)
hundred boys iais«* some fine veg«* charged at ll;30 Tuesday night The
Falls, although some of them seem invested in the company, among them
table gardens. We may expect sev jury stood eleven for conviction :ir«l
to have forgotten it for the presen«. J. F. Adams. W. C. Dalton. Mrs. M.
« ral hundred girls to be making th * one for acquittal, This Is the second
It is referred to at this time as an il­ McMillan and a number of others.
bread and taking charge of the farm local option case In which the jury
lustration of the senselessness of the It was represented by Mr. Hall that
dairy, that they may learn to niak** has disagreed during this term.
outbursts of fury that will sometimes the company held an option on th««
The re-trial of H. E. i’eltz, who
some fine, white loaves out of Klam­
carry level-headed men off their feet, Horton ranch, and further that it. was
ath's celebrated flour, and show som * was indicted Jointly with E. E. L;.
as instanced by the manner in which the Intention to purchase certain oil
fine yellow butter that would maki* <»na, was <-*>m>u>-m - d on Wedn«*«- lay.
some joined hands with the Hog well machinery at Medford, and that
one hungry for a week to look at it. The regular panel of Jurors was ex­
Combine in its fight on the Herald wells were to bo drilled and tests
While teachers and parents ma hausted and it wns nt*c«*ssary to issue
It is beginning to dawn on these made at once, This was the induci -
advise and encourage, all the actual special venires for twenty-four more.
men that the court house is not eve y- ment offered to prospective Investors,
work must be done by the child. This IL H. Manning, attorney for the de
thing that Klamath Fails needs. That and many put their money into the
should be honestly observed by teach­ fondants In both cases, ask«*«l lit.-*
its removal or retention means bu- company with this definite under­
ers and parents so that each child they be tri«*d together. This was . («•
little, and that if the money sub­ standing.
may present a statement to that ef­ ject«-d to by Kuykendall, on th«-
scribed for the founding of a new
Some time has elapsed since then
grounds that they had insisted on
newspaper was devoted to securing a and nothing Is known of any attempts
The committee appointed to begin separate trials, In the first place,
manufactory for this city it would b«> made to drill for oil. It is stated
the plans has prepared a list of th«« against his wishes.
more productive of results in a busi­ that the option on the Horton ranch
The failure to secure conviction In
things that it will call for exhlblta.
ness way than half a dozen public has since been sold for several hun­
Th«« amounts to be offered for prizes these local option cases. Is another
buildings. Even the most radical dred dollars. As no tests are knu vn
can not be determined until a (inane,« evidence of the need of funds to la-
will admit that a first-class hotel to have been made or expenses In­
used by the sheriff in lnv<*stigalit«g
committee has taken that part up.
would be far better for the center of curred, the stockholders can not x**-:*
Two prizes for each individual ex­ these ca“**s. They arc costing the
the city than a court house. If a why there should not be considerable
hibit will be offered, one for those county an taimens«* amount of monov
business block with large, commodi­ money in the treasury. If this is the
over 12 years old and one for those and there should be some way of
ous store rooms on the ground floor case they are anxious to get back
knowing that th«- evidence justific'i
under 12.
and well equipped and furnished what they put in.
the expense of a trial. If attfficlen*.
Following is the list of exhibits:
rooms on the upper floors replaced
proof can not be secured the comity
The best decorated school booth.
the court house it would bring more
not be put to the expense of
people to the center of the city, have
a trial. The recommendation <»f he
a better effect on the homeseeker and Grand <Hd Man lias Served Tw«« i*nty- I
celery, onions, parsnips, sugar beets, Grand Jury should be followed < n«l
investor and produce more business
Five Years in the First
cauliflower, head lettuce, sheaf of funds appropriated for this purpose.
than the court house. A public build­
oats selected from one-half acre, the It would be much cheaper In the r>n«l
ing is a non-producer. This fact ,’s
The resignation of H. K. Hanna, I same of barley, same of wheat, same
so well known that no well informed Circuit Judge of the First Judicial J
of rye
man will dispute it. That being true, District, composed of Jackaon an«l |
Wood Work
why not cast around for something Josephine Counties, was accepted by :
Bird house, piece of furniture, sic 1.
W. G. Fort maun, representative of
that will be a • roducer and let it take Governor Benson Thursday. Frank !
Aachen ami Munich Fire Insur­
the place of the court house?
M. Calkins, of Ashland, was appoint-!
Bread, jelly, canned fruit, roll of ance Company, Is In the city from
Thousands of dollars have been cd by the Governor to fill the vacancy, i butter.
San Francisco. Mr. Fortmann was
subscribed for the founding of a new The news of the resignation of Judge ,
I’lain Sewing
in Klamath Falls two years ago and
daily paper. How many of the bu si­ Hanna came as a surprise to the
Hand mad«.* apron, hand made says he can ace a wonderful growth
contributing to *hi3 people of the district, as no announce­ dress, machine made apron, machine
in the city since that time, He Is
sum stopped to consider whether it. ment had been made even to his made dress, darning trimmings not
particularly pleased at the action of
would not have been better to have close friends. The Judge was hold-' to count in Judging best dressed
the City Council In securing the In­
used this money in subsidizing a fac­ ing court at Grants Pass at the tint« 1 dolt (open only to children under 12
stallattan of sixty add it Iona I hy-
tory that would employ 100 men' the resignation was accepted, which I years of age).
drants. As soon as theso are put in,
Which would have produced the oe.- is to take effect on February 1
Mr. Fortmann says, a general reduc-
ter results for the business man? Ii
Judge Hanna is 80 years old and
Best coop of spring chickens, best tion in insurance will be made.
it better to subscribe funds for ties gives his extreme age as the reason ’ pair of spring turkeys, best pair of
d«g|truction of a plant that has been for his action in resigning. His pres­ spring ducks.
The longest telephone wire span In
paying into (he pockets of the busi­ ent term would have expired January I
School Work
world crosses 1-ake Wallenstadt
ness men of this city nearly $700 a 2, 1911. He has been a Judge in th«-
Penmanship, pencil drawing, water in Switz« rland, the ste<-l towers sup­
month or to have them used for the * First District for the past twenty-fiv«* i
color, map of North America, pulp porting It. being nearly 8000 feet
founding of other revenue producing years. It is the second time that h<
relief map <>t Oregon.
enterpiises? These are questions has resigned during that period
Composition — Subject, Alfalfa
that the business interests of this city About ten years ago Judge Hanna re-.
Culture," limited to grammar grades
should stop and consider.
fused to obey a mandate of the Su-' over 12 years of age, not. to exceed
Among the more active in the ef­ preme Court and was on the verge i
250 words; under 12, not to exceed
fort to crush this paper the statement of being tried for contempt when he ■ 150 words.
has been made that “it Is about time resigned. At the election following i
High School stu­
to have a paper here that will pub­ he was renominated and elected.
Subject taken from some
lish the news.” This paper admits
Frank M. Calkins, who is appoint­ phase of physical geography of Klam­
in the Matter of the Estate of Thomas
it has not published ail of the news ed to fill the vacancy, i* well known
ath County.
Hodg««, Deceased Not Ice.
»—particularly about the men who arc in thi3 county, having attended court
Collective School Exhibit
is hereby given that John
using this as a slogan. There have here as official reporter when Klam-
Prizes will be given for the best
Administrator <>f
been many opportunities passed by ath and Lake Countles were in the
collective exhibit from (first.) high I Frederick Wilson,
when this paper could have publish­ First District, He afterward studied
schools, (second) more than one- the «-state of Thomas Hodge, de-
ed much that would be of unusual law and wa3 admitted to the bar an«l
one-room I ceased, has file«l his final account, of
interest, especially to these self-same has been practicing in Ashland for a
schools. Number of pupils enrolled the administration of said estate with
individuals. It could have toid of number of years.
'the Clerk of the County Court of
their gambling escapades, of their vis­
Klamath County, Oregon, and that
Cut Flowers
its and troubles in questionablemaces,
Finest bouquet of sw<***(. peas, dah­ said Court has appointed the hour of
of misapplications of funds, of drunk­
10 o’clock in the forenoon of Satur­
lias, roses.
en brawls, and numerous other af-
The Woodmen of the World initia­
This list may be revised in so.ne day, (he 5th day of February, 1910,
fatrr that would have made extremely ted thirty-five ned members Tuesday
particulars, but will likely have little as the time for hearing objections,
interesting reading for the general evening at the Redmen Hall. This
If any there be, to hitch final account
public. Instead of so doing it chose makes a total of eighty-three mem
and the settlement thereof.
to cover them over with the cloak of bers taken into the order in this city
In cutting glass for optical pur-
This notice Is published by order
charity, and bury them away with during the past six weeks, A ban-,1 poses a French manufacturer refrig
of said County Court, made and en­
the thousands of other secrets that quet was served after which dancln«' : orates it to prevent it chipping.
tered In the records thereof the 4th
are always to be found in the archives was enjoyed.
day of December, 1909.
of a newspaper.
The first pneumatic tires were
What has been our reward for this
Red meats are less liable to con- made of leather for a horse-drawn Administrator of the Estate of Thom­
generous consideration of the feel- lamination than fish or chicken.
vehicle in London in 1845 or 1846
as Hodge, Deceased.
No. 71(17
al Kliimnth F u II h , In tli<< Stnt«» <if Oo'gott, ni tini eiono «>f I iiih I ik * hm ,
Novumlwr 16, 1909.
■ 1
1 -J.'... JiE-«.y.* .■.. .¿=— 1 :.~a
RKHOt ltt ES
Louna and Discount*
Ovordtnfa. aecured and uiixecurctl
l' S. bunda t<> H«'«'iir<> cln uliitioii
Ronda, oocurltkm, ntc
Banking I iouhc , flirtili ili«« ami llxtunn
<>th«*r rasi ««stai«« ownod
l>in< (rotti nntlonal lianka (noi rvmirvu agoniaI
Duo from alata and privato bankH and tiankora, trust
coiupanles and savlnas batik*
Dito troni approvo«! rusurvo ag' iits
Notes of olitor nntlonal batik*
Fractlonal |>ap«*r curroncy, nlckela and conta
l.nwful money r«*.««'i vo in l>iink. via: apoda, $6.066.60;
li'gal t«*ndcr luitos, $xr5 OD
l{* <l**niptl<>n fund witb li. H. lr«’uaur<*r 1.« por ««*nt <>f « ir
10,462 114
1,020 00
149.4 I
li,SMI 50
:« "" " o
1 In
Surplus fund
Vmilvlded profila, lesi ««xiloli ■ « and taxea pnld
National batik noto* outatnnding
DUO !■' "i'«< i n.iiu'ii.il li.iiii* .
Duo lo aiata and privato batik* und banttara .
Individuai deposita aubject to cliock
Dt'lnalid corillliatos of doposlt
$ - «.<>*'<• 0
4,048 90
1,«.Oli 01
Stato of Oregon.
t'ounty <>f Klamath.laa.
1, XV. A Dvladl, caahler <>f thè nbova nanied bank, do ani-
««tunly a»«*ir thnt ilio attore statement l» truo tu thè beat of tuy ktiowl-
1 lEl./.EI ,L. « '.« «Ili* «
.1 A. MADDOX. Dtrectors.
Subst'tlt><*d ami sworn to beforo lite ibis I9th «la* of November. 1909,
1* 1, Fot NI'AIN, Nutary l’ubile.
f .
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